North Carolina Newspapers

    VOLUKT L. -3 _ LOl'LSBl'KG, S. C, FHIDAY, SOVEXBEB 25, 1M1
: ^
Dr AWMttllCTTlt
T? **w Presiding liters Appointed
K*t. H. 1. Hecth Belarus To Pas
torate u< Host To Heekj *o?at.
(By T.
New Barn, Nm. JO.?T be crowning
?sent of the North Carolina Conference
?et the Methodist Church. which baa
X>een In aeaaion since last Tuesday
night, took pUee tonight whan Bishop
Darlington read the appointments of
the preacher* for the Incoming year
and the CdUefenee adjourned to meet
in the city of Raleigh nan year.
Many of the appointments aa read by
the Bishop tonight (are a general sur
prise even to the kitchen cabinet which
worke* over Ume darter the entire
session,. . *
Rev. H. M. North, who haa bmed
ucational secretary for the paat year
?waaarwrRoeky Mount. Rev. N. H.
D. Wllaoau haa ?erred the Wash
ington dlatrlct tar tN- rr-t lliian jean
loTVM charch. Elisabeth City
IUt.S-^M. Bntpee, wrr?
district, la eeht to Oxfbrd; Reve.
A. Cotton and H. B- Mercer taking
tbe place of the two elder* wtnr
te the pastorate Bwv. W. V
P..-* waa transferred from Fayei
s.n.l becomes the new pastor of Cen
? ? rv.^few Barn. andTST H. A.
1 hi. Tl?~. -*?
1 ?. W. A. Royal goes from a pas
tor... .A (ire years at Banfortl to Laur
inburg am) Rev. W. Ai Cade to More
head City akd.Xar. V. P. Scoville la
transferred Iron Trinity to Greenville
Rev. L. P?Jones Is the new past?U
Sanford asdRtf. O. W. Dowd of
0r?^?'? -jh^aa 1?? u ?
immedlatey after the straw
I.arllegtS ordained to the'ol
deacons Rerrs. W. Q. Farrair
II.eft snmut J. Baeoomb " j
A clariC* C. Mfotua, J.'i
W. R. Hardest*
ffisl 1
of allegiance to the'policy
t rine? of the-.f" *?" Mfn
i-r.-.-iatlon yi U18 llllllUff WHO lUtH
died daring the past year. Iter. Si.'
1!. Turrentlne, D. D., of Greensboro,
prepared the memoir ofRev. T. V,
Bonner and It waa mad by Rev. G. B.
Starling. The memoir of Rev.
Robinson was read by Rev. A. 8.
Barnes and that of Rev. It. C. Craven
by Rev. H. M, North, This paper had
been prepared by Hon. T. G.' Stem,
of fhtford.
The conference held Its last session
at 7:30 tonight and completed all the
work of the conference and lyad the
appointments of the preachers for
next year. y ?.
Durham District
M. T. Plyler, Presiding Elder.
Burlington, Front Street, W. B.
North; East Burlington, N. E. COle
llnrlington cireult, D. A. Petty.
Brooksdale circuit, J. C. Wheedbee.
( ha pel Hill, Walter Patten.
Durham: Branson, H. C. Ewlng;
ralrary, L. E. Thompson; Carr, C.
H. Culbreth; Lakewood, W. C. Ball;
Memorial, M. Bradshaw. Pearl Mill,
ami Kno, D. M. Sharp?; Trinity, A;
D. Wilcox.
West Durham, J. W. Bradley.
Dnrham circuit, J. C. Humble.
Graham and Haw River, O. M. Dan
iel. t
Hillsboro circuit, J. B. Btalock and
one to be supplied.
I^esburg circuit, S. f. Nicks.
Mebane. N. C. Yearby.
Milton, A. J. Hobbe, Jr.
Mount Tlrsah circuit, J. C. Williams
Orange circuit, J. W. Autry.
Person circuit. B. C. Thompson.
Roxboro, Umg Memorial, J. B. Hur
Kast Roxboro and Longhurat, Star
nes. ??
Kongemont circuit, J. F. Starnes.
South Alamance, W. R. Hardesty.
Vanceyvllle circuit, J. T. Stanford.
Professor In Trinity College,- H. E.
Speuce. i>
conference Missionary Secretary, A.
p Wilcox.
Raleigh Dlstricl
presiding Rider, J. C. Wooten.
p-enson circuit, E. H. Hall.
C.,ry circuit. D. N. Cavtnesa.
riavton. C. T. Thrift.
i'reed moor circuit, V. A. Royal.
Koiir Oaks circuit, J. A. Russell.
Vrnnklinton, R. F. Bumpass.
Garner circuit. J, C. D. Stroud.
Granville circuit, F. B. Noblltt.
K. nlv circuit, J. E. Holden.
l^Milshnrg. O. F. Smitn.
Millhrook circuit, H. H. Mitchell.
, H ford. E. H. 8nlpes.
. oxford circuit, B. H. Black.
prin<etnn circuit, W. O. Farrar.
u ,i?ich: Central. 0. K. Proctor;
Kdenton Street, W. W. Peele; Epworth
U s Jackson; Jenkins Memorial! b.
P pntllshall.
Seima. Bdgerton Memorial, O. B.
^ siow coope&atite contract
Xbttui Tnmber orpoums cwraeu
?4 F?r In This IS tut* t A* mired of
Heading im Ct0f rh rough A?so
clatfMt jwwrf Aim t? Bes^OUter
- Mr. J. M. Galloway, of
MM, who grows 'moro
than any other man in tit*
haa signed up for
marketing, according to a tele
gram received laat night at Ral
eigh headquarters to the Tobacco
Growers Co-opera tire Association
from L. V. Morrill at Greensboro.
The contract signed by Mr.
Galloway, 'which is ldanilc?! with
that signals br-th*-- farmer?who
grows only a few haadreft pounds,
Jfalls for the delivery to the coop
erative association of ?60,000
pound?.. A number of Mr, Gallo
way's tenants have also signed the
marketing' contract bringing the
total amount a( tobacco from his
farm* to overa
?rs Co-operttive Association.
signed up their mlnhnotn number of
pounds lor the Tri-State Co-operative
Marketing Association, according to
an announcement from Raleigh head
quarters. Assured of handling the
erop of I91> through tbetr own asso
ciation, the growers are gplng to beat
|BH^I - the
fnal figures Kill show 76 per cent of
the 1920 production signed in the Old
North state.* ?" <rr:
tha Raleigh office of the
Tobacco Growers "Co-operative Asso
recelved the following tele
Aaron Saplro at Lexington,
"Burley tobacco growers association
'iuat formally atith
. authorised with over
forty^-twft thousand Contracts and over
three-fourtbe crop. Believe you will
.. -.T - ? jUjpbacco,
tobaceo growing
the same con
growers are de
termined to pass tke beet record made
any other i
men increases as'the campaign draws
to a close. Bankers and other busi
ness interest are greatly impressed by
the way farmers have shown their
confidence In the movement and there
1? no longer any'reason wliy business
men should hesitate to tfkc .in active
part in the wind-up campaign.
With new b&tchee of signed con
tracts coming in daily, Is impossi
ble to givs.flnai Ogufes in the cam
paign to date. Pj-oductloS for 1920
and present sign-up figures in mil
lions of pounds for some of the lead
ing counties follow:
Edgecombe, 1920 production 12,800,
t'i'0 pounds: sign-up 9,800,000 pounds.
Greene 10,?00,000 and 8,600,000 pounds
signed. Surry 11,500,000?8,000,000.
Caswell 11.000.000?6,000,000. Person
11,000.000?8.000.000. , Nash 17,000,
000?12,000,000. Lenoir 14,000,000i?
8.000,000. Wayne 14,404,000?8.300,
000. VAnee 9,000,000?6,000,000. Oran
ville 17,000,000?9,200.00,? News-Ob
Mrs. Eva "Perry has been appdwed
Postmaster at Maplevllle to sudSed
the late Mr. W. E. Ussell. Sincelhe
death of Mr. Utxell the office has been
conducted by Mr. Raymond HobgAod.
o .
Announcement was made Monday by
Mr. C. K. Cooke that he had sold the
Star Theatre to Mr. S'. T. Oreeham.
of Rendereon. who will continue to
operate this popular place of amuse
Smlthfleld, D. H. Tuttle.
Tar River circuit, W. J. Watson.
Youngsvllle circuit, T. S. Coble.
Zebulon circuit, W. L. Loy.
Superintendent Antl-fTaloon league.
R. L. Davis.
Business manager. N. C. Christian
Advocate, T. A. Slkee.
Editor Nashville Christian Advo
cate, T. N. Ivey.
President I?ulsburg College, L. 8.
Superintendent Methodist Orphan
age, A. S. Barnes.
Rev. E. R. CI egg goes to Oates cir
Nashville, H. C. Tew.
S]rlng Hope, W. P. Constable.
Rocky Mqjrnt: Clark St., L. T.
Singleton; South Rocky Mount, E. C.
Olenn; Rocky Mount circuit, H. B.
Strickland; First Church, H. M.
Wilson: Calvary, J. H. Miller, Jr.
Mrat church, J. 8. Love.
Conference Secretary of Education,
H. M. North.
Board ftedncr*
To 15 Centa?A^e?pt? Courts Ruling
As to Bandy Creek Township.
The Board of County Commissioner/
met In an adjourned session on Moo
It members pres
ent. ?
Upon motion of Hudson and second
ed by Wilder and Timbertake the gen
eral purpose fond was reduced to 15
cents straight?2 cents or this amount
to be for pensions for old Soldiers.
Upon motion of Hudson and second
ed by Wilder, the Board accepted the
rulings of the Court for Sandy Creek"
Mr. F, J. Basley, Cashier First Na
tional Batik, was before the Board ask
lng that the $26,000 note for the use
of the County and Board ot Education
jointly to be due December 6th, be re
newed. It wits ordered that the note
be renewed for three months
-On?mornsp "oT Hudson seconded by
J.' P. Tlmberlake, all the county offi
cers were required to turn o*er their
moneys to the County Treasurer ac
4orqtng to law. All txwunlsslonere"
voting aye.
Deputy Sheriff W. N. Puller, was
bafcre the Board and served an In
junction restraining the Board froift
collecting thurftoad taxes levied for
Cedar Rock township.' The complaint
?aa signed by W. O, Stone and T, P.
Dean and in to be heard at Raleigh on
December. Xfet .
On motion of Puller seconded by
Wilder the Auditor was instructed to
glTS G. S. Hale draw back for ^Ivent
credit which was listed and entitled to
off set on 1920 tax.
The Board took up the question of
appropriation for Franxlin County
vember 11 rat n^eetlng. On motion of
Wilder, seconded by Hudson it was
ordered that the County do not appro
priate anything tor the fair.
The Daaid lidjounied tu its next leg
ular meeting-.-' --.^ -it.-?i~
In a very strongly contested race.
Miss Emma Bartholomew, of Louis
burg, was voted the pt^ttiest young
hpfcrntu Fiuikllu Cuuiity^kt lire con
test held by the American, JifS?lon at
theFranklln County Fatr.-;^:
Tliuiu Wuiu liuuutltut glife-i
ers galore at this fair but none <
equal the rare loveliness of this young
lady. Owing to the fact that there
was no formal dance to close the Pair,
there was nO ceremony of Aptrnfng
the winner. But she needs no crown
?her own beauty crowns her where-,
ver she goes.
This should have been printed in
last week's issue but the editor' mis
placed the notice.
On Thursday, Nov. 16, the residence
of Mrs. D. F. McKlnne was the scene
of a.mpst delightful social event when
MlssNrafc. Mae Yow, assisted by Mrs.
McKlnn^; entertained the members of
the EdwmW-Puller Cluo and othor
guests. The evening was chilly but
Its chill was soon forgotten In -.he
warmth of the room, second only to
the warmth of the welcome extended
to each genet by the hostesses.
The rooms were attractively deco
rated in large cut chrysanthemums
and potted ferns.
-- When all the guests had assembled
the club wis called to m der by the
president, Mrs. O. A. Ricks It Is
Interesting to note that In so doing
the president used a gavel made of a
bit'of cherry weed that was a part of
a piece of furniture from the home of
Edwin Fuller. This gavel was pre
sented to the club by his slsttr In tok
en of her appreciation of the club's
honoring her brother's memory in the
select'.on of its name.
After the reading of the minutes and
roll call the program for the afternoon
was carried out as follows. Mrs. J,
A, Hodges opened the program with a
very Interring account of "Florence
Nightengale and her Wor*." A plant
solo. Heller's Tarantello, was sweetly
rendered by Miss 8. T. Williams.
This was followed by "The Story of
Jenny Lind." by Miss Annie Oreen.
Miss Ruth Allen and Mrs. Ilodges,
gave an Instrumental duet.
As Current Topic Mrs. Ricks read
"A Soldier Home from the War"; an
account of the Armistice Hay colebra
tlon In Washington City In honor of
the nation's unknown hem. A vocal
duet, The Carmina Arranged for two
voices, sung by Miss 8. T Williams
and Mrs. W. E. White closed whit
everyone considered had- been an in
teresting and Instructtve program.
Miss Yow, assisted by Miss Lillian
Howell, then served tnlcken salad on
crisp lettuce with the appropriate
accompaniment of mayonatse, beaten
biscuit, olives, cheese rosettes, cofloo
and salted almonds.
The club then adjourned to meet
next lime with Mrs. K. K. Allen.
- The standing armies mny soon take
a back seat.?Greenville Fledmont.
S*y? Judge Bond?S*ody Creek Wets
-fcenrf "From
Court Continues.
.In his ruling handed down on Fri
day morning Judge Bond held that the
<X>tMnl8sionera had levied a tax In ex
rqas of the limit allowed by the Con-"
sUtutlon and restrained them from col
lectins game. In the caae of -8andi_
Creek township Road Tax the Court
mm tint the Commi??loners could on
ly levy sufficient tax to pay the Inter
est on the bonds with no maintenance.
Following this Cedar Rock entered a
similar suit which will De heard at
Raleigh on December 1st.
Otherwise the Court Das proceeded
with the usual routine of a Civil court.
No eases of Importance have been
Our people regret the fact that this
is Judge Bond's last Oourt In this
County, as ha has ende^teiUilmeaU to
all tliiuiiKt! his fair and Impartial man
ner ot handling his Courts and his gen
ial and social disposition. It is to be
hoped that he may return again.
Dr. A. H. Fleming, Secretary of the
EMkgtn County Fair, has issued the
^.Slowing letter ot appreciation to the
directors and department heads and
"The 1921 Franklin Countf Fair Is
ions for the great success,
lile I appreciate the many nice
said to me about the Fair I fnl
llze that what la said is really
I meant for you, because the directors
land their assistants after all are the
ones who make the Franklin County
Fair and I want to thank you tor your
making it a success. I am writing
tWs letter to every director because it
{ft Just exactly what I want to say to
&ch one of them and I want you to
Imuw tU.11 iuh nwJDIti at l-VanklliTToun
ty an#" most especially myself appre
ciate your work and most ot all the
fine 'ft which ynn h??? m
wrtllfc- - ,-i ? - j, ?.-v.
?The Fair was a success, no one
csuld see those fine exhibits and those
three thousand-five hundred children
all from Franklin County and not fe?l
that your effort? hart h??n cmwn.?!
with success." r
? ? o
Mr. Orris Moseley, son of Mr. and
Mrs. N-..U, Moseley, who Is employed
by the JjTMer and Light department ot
l^oulsburg had the misfortune ot get
ii. gLhiSArm so bndly mangled from a
shot from a shot gun on Tuesday mor
ning that' It had to be amputated just
above the %lbow.
The best Information we can get Is
I that Orris took a shot gun that had
I been kept at the power house and1 start
jeri up the river hunting and In getting
'in the boat he either slipped and drop
ped the gun or struck It side of the
boat caiuilng It to discharge, the load
taking eWect in the left arm juat-be
low the elbow. He corded his arm
with a handkerchief and walked back
to the power house, where aid was
called. He was taken to Drs. Perry
g; Johnson office where medical atten
tion was given and later taken to a
hospital in Raleigh where his arm was
amputated. At last reports he was
testing well.
Wo are requested to state that the
Woman's Auxiliary ot the American
Legion wttl hold a bazaar at the Jam
bes Club Rooms on Thursday night,
Deeomber 18th.
The iiouisburg Tobacco Market,
which h?a been making Rood sales tor
the growers this week, closed on Wed
nesday evening tor Thanksgiving and
will open Monday.
We are In receipt of a communica
tion attacting the Midway of the recent
County Fair, with request for Its pub
lication In the next Issue or tne Times.
The article and request was also ac
companied by the request, "Do not
print my name In connection with It."
We are always glad to publish any
article, certainly those which are in
tended to better our social, religious '?
or business conditions, but having
learned long ago that It was absolute
ly necessary that these articles be
signed by the writer we have had to
adopt a rule for all articles to he sign
ed.In all cases where an article ap- j
pears In a paper, the paper Is res
ponsible for Its statements or * lows,
unless <44 Is signed by some person or
persons.V Therefore the paper cannot
publish articles that the writer hesi
tates to sign, because of the fact the
views contained therein Might he con
flicting. And it being a rule must be |
enforced with all alike.
Moat of those Far East problems are
Chinese puzzles.?Norfolk Virginian
Pilot. ---
? Mis*- Ben&le Stacey anu Miss Sarah
P/ ill* 1.1 M 0 f V| a I yi j|k ? L ? ? 1 t a i nlfir
?* ? ???ul, \7I lOO XlIgR UCDOvl 1&CUII7,
made a business trip to Raleigh Sat
Friday, Nov. 18, a basket ball game
was scheduled between ta? j rat t
and Wilton's boys. All
was excitement and anticipation at
Frank! In ton but, alas, the Wilton boys
did not appear on the bc?t?>_
A recent game played between first
team of Klttrell and FTanklinton re
sulted lna score of 14 to 2Jn favor nf
A teacher's meeting was held Not.
21 In (He Franklintfm school building
at 3.30. This gmnp nf tpurharw in
studying Dr. E. C. Brooks' 1919 vol
ume, "Education (or Democracy."
Supt. Taylor conducts these meet
ings in a very helpful manner and j
much good would bo.'derived from I
them If the teachers were not so worn
out from having taught all day that!
their minds can't take ?n very much
On account of teachers' meetings, i
athletic practice, and various other
conflicts with play practice, the Lanier |
postpone~v'Uncle Ephralm-s Summer
Boarders'', at-the Globe Theatre. nntll
the second Tuesday evening after
Thanksgiving Day. Admission 25c
anfl 35c. Miss Poole is preparing the
musical part of the program and of"
course TKSnn?#ns "excellence in en
tertainment." ?
The first edition of "The Red and
White", Franklinton's first school
newspaper appears this week. To the
high school student securing largest
number of subscriptions at fifty cents
will ba awarded the ij^er Society
prize. Miss Margaret Raye,of the
tenth grade, Mr. Sam Row? oC the
eighth grade, Miss Maurlne Blackley.
of ninth grade, and several others are
isa Rebec
working with diligence.
ca Pearce has charge of the contest.
On Friday, Nov. 18, the Preliminary
Declamation Contest/to "select the-best
I lege Contest on Thankagmns D*jr Was
I held under the auspices of the L*aier
Literary Society. Mr. CJlrtoa Mltch
iner of the eleventh gr*?e wca e?osen
the contestants received considersbl4
Supt. Taylor. Miss Plgg.
btacey aad.Qordun aj?:iha._
of the ficufty alluding tie Teachers'
Assembly at Raleigh.
Misses Brown and Joyner are spend
ing the Thankaglvlag Holiday at their
home in Northampton'County.
Miss Ridley Walker has been out~o?
school for two weeks on account of
illneaa. Miss Whitfield is supplying
M isb Poole, o I the Sixth Grade has
spent the jweek at hoine on account of
the illness Of her mother. The school
is very sorry to lose these two teach
Miss Mary Gordon's department,
grade 3, recently delighted the audi
ence at Chapel period with a very well
rendered morning exercise. The de
votional exerflse consisted of an adap.
tatlon of "The Return of Ruth," from
Ithe Bible. It was played as follows:
j Mary Elizabeth Cheatham, as Naomi;
Mary Powell, as Orpah. Eleanor Gracfr
Harper, as Ruth. The splendid ac
tion and the feeKng these children put
, this play made this an-exercise of
deep spiritual worth and reccftunends
I to teachers the great va:ua of the
drama as nn educational and splrl'ual
asset, If properly employ??!.
Miss Madge Wllkins. of the second
grade recently presenter a very at
tractive "home made" play at me Chap
el period. Henry Taylor, son of the
Superintendent created much amuse
ment by impersonating his father.
Wilson Kearney, of the ninth grade
recently broke his linger while scuf
fling with his younger brother. '? .
Mr. Fred MorrlKls of great value In
coaching the basJCP, ball Boys.
Mr. Allison hlig offered to coach
the debaters for the Trl-angular De
bates. The students are very much
pleased at this. Mr. Allison has the
Interest of the school at heart and is
especially adapted to thts kind of
work as evidenced by his offices, a^.
Scoutmaster add Sunday school teach
er of boys.
Some of the ladles of the town are
advocating the organisation of a Par
ent-Teacher Association or reorgani
zation of a Betterment School Club.
Honestly, don't you think It would be
ol as much (?) value to the community
as a Card Club? Teatoers and Par
ents, what Is our duty to the children
of Frankilnton? Is it to employ all of
our time outside of the hours of nine
t'. three-twenty In selfish indulgence?
Or do we owe it to the community to j
'>e*ore It high standards of useful
employment? Or, shall we next spring |
have to condemn ourselves In retros-'
pectlon. "Weighed In the Balance and
Found Wanting?" Small governmen
tal units all working with the same
aim, the same Ideals, ann tee samo as
pirations tend toward Americanism
and the fostering of democratic ideals.
Hut small aristocratic clubs, having
for their aim each to keep aloof from
another set, to Indulge themselves in
cards, to eat a few sweets and talk
about a few "Inferiors.' have a tenden
cy toward the very thing Dr. Brooks
Is fighting In "Education for Democra
cy." "in Union there Is strength."
A Community Club of Parent-Teach
er Association would afford a "Union".
"Waiting a more convenient season ?" 1
O. well! No, It Is the (superintend
IM mm IN 1
Declares Old ImperUlstJe .
??erinanj Covertly Teaehee
Of Wmx and Hop*? To
1 Advantage At Very Da
[ Sevea Million* of
"Tii of Arm?; | lliaaM
Britain, An?rln and
Support Should ClvtlbaUea
Be Threatened.
Washington, Not. 21,?In a? w
tional plea for national security 1
nouncod by Arlatlde Brland her
ler, France Informed Uie arms oum
ence today that however deeply
might. be moved by the <sill t?> (j
the hardens of armament she ?
not destroy the effectiveness of
army so long as the i- ?
remains what It is.
Summoning to the effort j
namic forceof SO eloqmeMe
"strong man of France" held the >
attention of tk* conferenca for ma i
>im 8? wwiinnd rtn* by one the aru,
that beset his people. Briefly, he de
clared the old Imperialistic party alt
Germany still was covertly MltTI#
the religion of war and ^j'^r to tan
to ft? advantage at thelerydeor*
France seven milUona of men trained
in the use of anna, white Tteiuuii w
Bolshevik Russia, with Ber milil?!
?UrrluH in an unresfwftoeelaal eeuE
no one could predict.
Clalats (*v*aaj Be?ev r*r Ws>, J
By one means or another, said Ifr.
Brlandr Germany fiSff-broiiiKt miiw
arms aad was maintaining in a state
of tnetaot preparedness at l<*Mt 2S4>,~
~uma mat lung luinfah*?'
Le-S^T-th* fi<rman nation should tt
decide to again make war. The
?at,Cerman government He
, S ?''
Artb"r J
tlon Of Europe he again threatened aa
Secretary Hashes daelared
of FYance never fell%n deaf
Amtrlctt and Italy 8n<J
Admiral Baron Kato. ape^klng i hte
turn, expressed the profound
thy of Japan for the declaration* 0*
Premier Br land, and asserted iii?t lar
themselves the Japanese desired to
maintain on land oalytaocn military
forces as seemed "necessary for na
tional security and the manuenance of
,order within." -
>o Limitation of Land Amameat.
Both Mr. Balfour and Baron
suggested that-?*? day's developments
seemed to indla|te that any limitation
of land armament wouid be difficult
to establish, and although the subject
was referred to a committee of the
whole for future consideration there
was apparent^ tncllnas.on to hasten
the discusslonof details. It would not
tvyrise some of the delegates if the
whole land armament negotiations
simmered Am to an effort merely to
agree on. a gaaml statement of pojtcy.
Detailed figures on the present aad
proposed mlMtfery strength of France
were not InchtMM In Premier Brian*?
address to the conttrenrv but tonMfe
?he explained IHat Ms allusions to dC
templafed reductions forecast a Wore
rn<wu?.th ?' regulars as against
jOO.OOO now under arms. Thin would
be accomplished. lie said, by teeplng
only one and a half "classes" fe train
whereas at present there are two
full "classes" and the ezlstlM law an
thorixes three. '?? ?" ...
any one asks us to
said the Premier in conclud*^
dress, "I shall have to answer nloalh
and definitely that It wourd be Impo-.
slhle for us to do It wit|p>ii; expoetag
offrselves to a most sen&s danger.**
| ?
Mr. P. J. King, Constable fttr Har
ris township, reports tne capture ot &
complete SO gallon copper still oetflt
near B. O. King's on Thursday ad lest
week and the destruction of about 1*0
gallons of beer and two gallona of
On Friday the 11th he captured an
So gallon still outfit on Cedar Creek
In Harris township.
ent's fault that we do not hate
He Is a "Hre wire." Bnx a H
tendent cab hot operate a Con
Club by himself, pre. Jim Puraell
and Mrs. Morris, two of oar leading
ladles say they woald be girt to ese
such an organisation la*
Miss Mary Gordon one ot'
skillful teachers says she ?
the erganiiatlon of such a elufc.
movement let? effect In a nom?a My.
We h?Te our three ladles. Next?
ot oer aaeat

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