North Carolina Newspapers

ACCIDENT occurred seu
ilmdneer li. W (iwoi. and Colored
Flremaa Deads E. J. Murphy, Brake
m*n> Prebahly Fatally injured?En
Rine Completely D?aellshed, f0?t
Freight Cars B??IM u4 Fifteen
Others Wrecked; Tram* Tnin nf
For Abo?t 100 Feotj Railroad Offic
ials Mill lavestlgattag^?^ Eng*.
?fer Uuuw and Flremaa J1? I.?
Both of Raleigh) Brakeun Sot Ex
pected To Lire.
Raleigh, Nov. 27.?'Tho three men
riding in the cab of the engine ver?
wmij . -yards, two of them being
killed Instantly and the other was
Probably fatulIyTHTOm. wheh the boll
?r of the locomotive on S?aboard Air
Line northbound freight tr?l? No. 86
exploded one mile south of Youngs
?ille last night from causes as yet un
known. Two hoboes who were rid
ing on the train were saved through
tho providence that Is supposed to
guard their kind.
Engineer Werow g Hied
The dead men are H. w. Oerow,
the engineer, and Jim Jonea,-4he col
ored fireman, both of Raleigh. They
appeared to have been BQalded to!
< fath. E. J. Murphy, of Mlddleburg
t o head brakeman waa taken to the
T 0 Forest College hospital, at Wake
?-Av;v-ii' wnira tt wfaiiMttifcMtii
this nwrngn tha* he U not .expected
IS Hwwiafacal^ed over almost
the eat'.re body, reoelve4 a broken
*ra and a severe fracture of the skull,
which Is believed to have affected tke.
brain. So badly were the m,eo dis
figured that for several hours after
?the Injury, the identity of Gerow aiwl
wi tsaiaw by t^iiwtg t-wr
ployes. ...
Kiigrlue Demolished,
.w7?le.1expl0Bk>n of ?"!?>?-violence
1 w ^ ?"Elna, waa completely de
Tnoliahed, the holier being completely
????red from the trucks, and the cab
thrown backwards about 100 feet.
i? wrecke
Track? Destroyed ^
" The track waa completely destroy
ed for about 100 (feet, the rails being
blown awHY and a nnrt of the mad h?,i
destroyed. Por the present, all trains
between Raleigh and Richmond are
being detoured by the Southern and
; Aftftntl/* PflBflt T.tnft Kur rnHrn. .1 r
? ?ni? v i VffiWhjnft nntrnaiL-ro^
nciais expect that the^nLinage will be
repaired in Ume to restore trains to
their regular runs before noon today.
Investigate Cause.
Railroad officials stated this morn
ing that further investigation would
be required to establish the cause of
the explosion. However, the two ho
boes, both of whom were white men,
who were riding upon the train, stat
ed that they became alarmed by'a pe
culiar noise the engine was making
about fifteen minutes before the acci
dent and walked back over the cars
to the rear of the train for safety.
The telegraph operator at Wake
Forest, three miles south of the spot
where the explosion occurred, stated
that when the train passed lta station,
the engine waa not pulling and seem
ed out of order.
!?: ??i
Circular letters relative to the Coun
ty Field Day have been sent to all the
teacher? of the county. field Day
will be held on the afternoon of th?
County Seventh Orad?
?T ""IfL01* of th? County
Thla event has b?en planned be
oaua? w? b?lt?v? that payncal educa
tion and properly dlrntfaiplaytoas
necessary to a child? growth and train
'?* "? W part of On r?gaiar currlo
ulum. So w? hop* that 'inrkirs and
parent? will eaoourag? Um boy? and
(drl? to ipMd a part oc each Lr in
?an>wt praotloe on the athletic ?v?nU
listed below, not oaly with tka hon*
of wfcuHhg nest spring bat ma
peclally to get the benefit ot dally
practice on health building ?Tiriilsss.
lh??Standing broad tump - u
yard dash; Basket ball throw; MO
yard relay 4 boys. ' """
90-111 Iba?8top - Hop Junta: M vd
dash; Ba?? Ball throw; M yd r?Uy.'
Ov?r 116 IM.?Running High Jam?
7# yd. daab; shot Put: mo yd. rata*
4 boy?; Pol? Vault.
. filr* Sfwta
10-H Years?Shuttle relay. ? gtrU)
All ?? relay, ? girl?; Baakat Ball
throw; 40 yard daab.
1W1 Twit BhotUs relay. | drl?;
All ? ?1? ! girl?; Basket n?li
throw; to yard daab.
It'll T ears and ov?r Potato? race
? (friar All up relay ? glHa;
Ball throw1; M yard daah.
Thar? will be a box party gtvaa at
-th? Mltehlner's School house. Satur
day night, Dtawtor th? 10th ~
body to oordlaUy InvKad to
The North Carolina Teachers' A?
semhTy~Wa? first organlied ?t W?y
neavlUe la 1884 and with the excep
tlon ot -two Tears has hold meetings
each rear since its organization. For
a great many rears the_ sessions were
held at Mumhuad CUj ill tlie suulTBHi; I
but fur the -past twn or twslv? years4
the meetings hare been held ?t the
Thanksgiving season In - Raleigh,
Charlotte, Greensboro and Ashevllie.
The attendance Is purely voluntary
but the numbers hare Increased to
such an extent that only two or three
cities In North Carolina are able to I
furnish the accommodations demand
ded. This year the sessions were held
in Kaielgh and there were not far
from 2500 progressive, daring, and en
thuslastlc school workers present. ^
The general sessions were ot i>ecu
Uar Interest this year. Instead of
classic music at the opening of each
session, community singing In which
the entire audience could participate
was the order ot the day. It was
worth the trip to Raleigh to hear, per
haps, 4000 people singing some of our
best known old time songs.
Onv Thursday evening we were fav- 1
ored with a chorus of school children
from t?u? Raleigh public schools. This
chorus^ was composed ot about 800
children from the grammar grades
and the singing was fine. The audT
toihiin was crowded troTTi~botTom~to
top and hundreds ot people were I
[ turned away for lack of even standing |
room. ~
There were three dominant ideas
stressed In the general sessions: Phy
sical training for all the children,
sight tinging as a regular public
(school study, and the question of
'whether Wurtli?Carolina sKSTI rS^~
. trench or go forward in her education
I al program.
[*^?n Wednesday eventng~HIg Excel
lency, Oov. Morrison, in his address
;af welcome took occasion to discuss
i at some length the educatl6nai situa
LUon In North Carolina, and with ajl
P pnwsr, Are, snrt alnquanoo ot whieh
| isiwer iii?, ??? . ..iij-j....,
Is master, he plecitgd his admdnls
uatlon to*a program of progress. Oh
Friday evening. Dr. AlphonBo Smith
J#oke .Ml the "CrMs in North Caro
, Una. Education,!! He dlsauose^ Uie
? material prosress the state has made
within the past decade and the growth
of the schools. In anorrcrtng those
I on waVd march, he called up in it
|spect some of North Carolina's grfcat
educational leaders who have finished
tueir earthly tasks and ri-celved their
promotion. He began witn D. Ar
chlbald Murpliy and malud unUealtat
lngly that this man was the first man
in America to work out a plan for the
|?a..r.n?n of -all the fftflT BCaC
KM H 8 argued further that If
North Carolina had carried out Judge
Murphy's plans, she would be tcday
J the leading state In the Union In point
at educational efficiency. He next
reviewed the work of Calvin H. Wiley
and his efforts to keep the schools go
ing during the trying days of the vrar
between the States, doming on to
men ot the present generation he re
called to the attention of the audience
the pleadings of Mclver, Aycoclte. and
Graham. With all thp^NNHK.0' which
he Is capable Dr. smith shouted,
"What would these all say to us If
they could speak In audible voice to
us tonightT" He sald there could be
but one answer. Worth Carolina
must go forward."
That la what you will see, children,
when you come to the Commonlty Cen
ter meetings this wees and next,
j Santa Clans In his shop on "The Night
Before Christmaa," Santa Clans In his
sleigh, Santa Claua coming down the
!chimney and filling the little boys
stocking. Come and see the pretty
snow Bake* come down and learn the
little story given In this picture.
Come and we a whole reel of fa
mous Flights and Fliers tripe in bal
loons, dirigibles, aeroplanes and sea
planes. Come and see Mutt and Jeff.
, Come and take a trip through the
1 Land of the Sky, our beautiful North
Carolina mountains. Visit the coon
try around Chimney Rook, and Me
; some of the wonders or our famous
Blue Ridge. In this picture you wtTT
see a well knows person from this
ooaaty. Can you guese who It IsT
Bring your friends with you and en
joy the g*mee after the plot urea.
Come aad have a good time!
Friday, Deo. I?Woo?.
Saturday, Deo. t. ? P. M.?IjouIs
Oraded School, Mlse Williams'
Saturday, Deo. I. .eight)?Royal.
Tuesday. Dec. ??Cedar Rock.
Wedaeeday. Deo. 7?Seven Paths.
Thursday, Deo. ft?Sandy Creek.
Friday, Deo. ??Bunn.-__
Saturday, Dec. 10?Roberts.
There are a ?uiSfir of cases o?
Smallpox aear Oak lUdte Softool In
CvpreM Creek township. - The child
ren at Ifcto school are In danger of
oatehtn the disease. ( am going
dowatmre prepared to vaccinate all
who ?111 submit to treatment. I am
also rea4y to vaoclnat* all who want
to b*' f. *. MALONB,
Health officer.
^ ?
Of The Bar of Franklin Cotinfrla Ap
Whereas, "tha^Hi&n. "W7^ M. Bond,
Judge of the Superior Court of North
<=rrmtfn-t-|im prtami-il inn i!iu Cuurte
of Franklin "County aufltg the FaH
Terms, 1921, and
Whereas, It has been the pleasure
of the Bar to conduct with, him said
term# w>t Court is that eteee- relatloft
ship which should exist Detween the
bench and .the bar as to give opportu
nity to measure the man, lawyer and
Jurist, and
Whereas, after so measuring Judo
Bona fflTcsirt to" express to him and"
to the public our estimate of him
Therefore, Be It Resolved that as a
Bar, In the estimate of lawyers of A
lawyer, who by virtue of his office
presides over the Courts, we esteem
and hold Judge Bond to be one oftha
ablest, most efficient, Impartial, learn,
ed, Industrious and courteous Judge*
that ever adorned the Superior Court
Liench of North Carolina; a judge, who
In the qpnduct of his courts presides
with an ease and dignity which itife
presses all people, and one who is-4f>
lng as much to stimulate and el
ape confidence ir. and a higher n _
and reverence for the Judicial depart
ment of our state in all Its function?
as any man in Nuith CaiuUua.?Tt*t=
we admire his clear cut ruling*, sup
ported always by reason and autl
itv In such convincing way and
iter as to take away the sting of 1
defeated before-ihe court, and we i
plaud bis clear, concise, plain and ;
thorough charge to a Jury, which
ways gives it a clear idea of Its dutl
and functions as well as trie law
pllcable to the Issues and enables It to
arrive at a verdict with intelligence
-end understanding.
Resolved Further, that we express
cur pleasure In having Judge Bond ft*
preside over our courts and look for?
v>Brd with pleasure to his return to
- Resolved Further, that these reso
lutions be spread on the minutes o t
the court and copies sent to the press*
The Clerk, Sheriff ana other offices
and the Co^t utemarapher desire td
join In these resolutions
???efuc^iatiu *" -T
Thirteen years old, and an all rounil
boy, Wilson Morton la the champion
speller of North Carolina Grammar
Grades* so declared after the contest
held In the Raleigh High School audi
torium November 23.
But Wilson isn't a spelling freak.
He Isn't a freak of any sort. He is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Mor
ton, of Loulsburg, and hts father is the
superintendent of the Duke Founda
tion for Loulsburg College. Wilson is
a boys' boy, generally good at all his
studies, with a particular aptitude for
Franklin County Is justly proud of
its young son, Mr. Wilson Morton,"1
who won the championship at spell
ing In Raleigh on Wednesday of last
week when he ou^spelled eighty-four
other?' In the seventh grade spelling
contest flnrfng the Teachers Assembly
The spelling was written and Wilson
stood alone in the eighth elimination
?spelling 270 words correctly with
out missing one. He was accompa
nied by Miss Oracle Hill, of the Royal
school who cam* within one rounds
Of winning the second prise. Both
are to be congratulated for their ex
cellent work In retaining Franklin's
reputation as the banner county In
all spelling contest?.
Both Loulsburg Graded School and
the Royal school are delighted, which
Is shared In by all the people In the
Oomyty, with the success of Its two,
well chosen representatives.
The annual meeting of the Jambes I
Post American Legion will be held.'
Wednesday, December 7th, at 7:30 p.
m. 1 h the-Club rooms. Election of
officers fe? 1?22 will be field. Each
membes^WIng every sz-servlce man
that they can. Oysters and coffee
will be served. t
Mr. 8. W. Purvis Mat to Salisbury
Mr. i S. Howell Makes Pryrewlic
?M9tt Mt iiwwiiini.
Mr. J. 8. Howell, one of Louls
burg's most progressive and. enter
jrjelag business men returned from.
JHUetgb 1*3L S?tuxii*y wlmre Ilb com
pl?te<l the necessary arrangements for
bonding his storage warehouse, and
It In full working shape for
the accommodation of all thepeople in
franklin coanly who wish to store cot
ton and hold for a-better price.
, Mr. Howell Informs as that his
house-will bold three thousand bales
of xotton and he now has above seven
fcn^rir?.? halo. affirflrf |U?U4
his storage feature since the 17th of
JimeflBar. His charges are only 50
c?fats a bale which provides against
loka of any kind. He expects to In
stall a complete sprinkler fire system
And hoist In a few weeks, and after the
Mteol tobacco season is uYpr he wit!
in readiness to store to the full ca
pacity of Ms house.
it Mr. Howell informed us that thru
^Is system money was especially easv
got. That it places hlmantl those
of hia patrons In direct connection
representatives of th?-_War
Board <ind has been assured
funds are limited only by the
ot %otton that is stored.
of Franklin ar? glad to
atTHr. ITowell Das taken this
Ive step for then- necomnioda
d will show their appreciations
him a full share of patron
l-Takcher Association, there was a
at, "'The Superintendent Is to
which should have read. "The
erintendent Is NOT to blame."
word was omitted thro a mistake
some one's part. We regret the
Hm-rah frrr Franklfn County! You
SHS'fi&Vfe heafa toe applause In the
litorium when little^ -Morton, of
juiaborg, the speller of 170 words,
^as InfffKl'ieed as the champion spell
of ffcrlh. Carolina, having spelled
|wit aJJ. ??BCCllehs trom ft CO nil -
are glad to hall J*Hrt?kHu
nar'lfoutity. President Latham
l~*~A ha.d caSised so ?tate
_ estthat he vrn?tM4^k spell
tewt owmHOTg agalirtufct ?tin,
The first issue of The Red and White
Franklinton's new sdh'ool paper has
arrived, to the delight of tie student
body. Elizabeth Pnrnell la FMitrr-ln.
chief, Clifto? Mltchlner.
ssea Bessy Stacey and Sarah Wll
jktos attended" the Football game
(Thanksgiving Day to see Carolina vic
torious .
Miss Ward, fifth grade teacher,
spent Thanksgiving Day at her home
in Durham.
We are very sorry Indeed to lose
from grade nine Ingraham Cotton,
whose father will become Presiding
Elder and move to Washington, N. C.
Messrs. Algernon Joyner and B.
Clarence Cooke, of grade eleven were
^visitors In Raleigh on Thanksgiving
Miss Mary Cordon witnessed "Rob
in Hood" at the Academy of Music
Nov. 24. She reports a very enter
taining evening.
"Uncle Ephraim's 'Summer Board
jers" at the Globe Theatre of Frank
| llnton, second Tuesday ntght after
i Thanksgiving Day. Proceeds for ben
jefit of school.
I Teachers' meeting at Frankllnton
{Graded school Oct. I. The Disarm
ament program will be discussed In
[Its various phases as supplementary
J work growing out of Dr. Brooks' "Ed
ucation for Dembcracy."
| The teachers who attended the
Teachers Assembly at Raleigh return
ed more than ever impressed with the
bigness of the teaching profession.
At a luncheon of the Administrative
Women Miss Mabell Cooper of Union
county discussed the question, "How
I long will It be before teaching becom
es a profession In North Carolina."
8be said she didn't know bow long It
"would be but not nntll second grade
certificates were eliminated. She
said in her country there are only
ifcur this year and she thinks they will
be eliminated by next year.
The big keynotes of the assembly
were the encouragement of religion
and music In the public schools. Dr.
Harry Clark told of one school man
ivhote system requires the reading the
F.ible. The fellow reads the required
amount, slaps the Bible together, and
says, "There It is, believe It If you
want to, I dont believe It, I read It be
cause I have to."
Drt 'Brooks brought down the house
by saying that the next oourse of stu
dy for N. Carolina will Include music
along with the other studies.
The assembly is delighted with Its
* m table and brainy president for next
year, Dr. Charles E. Brewer, presi
dent of Meredith certegs. and on# of
the most able school men of the south,
In the opinion of many the assembly
has never had hI? superior as presid
ing officer.
We are requested to state that there
will be a box party at Vedar Rock
scbo61 ne*t Tuesday night. Every
body I? Intited to go out.
The following letter from Dr. A.
H. Fluwiug, Secretary of the Frank
rece^rS^to :.Ucn ^a3 b??oii
Dear Str:?I read with mucd inter
est your reference to an unsigned let
ter wl?i:h /on had received in rot\>rd
l-> M Uj FfM>k'l,i ivil.'liy
Fair and \ra truly sorry ;h:it you
not pum?, it any way."
The Franklin County Fair Assocla
tlod welcomes-criticism. It wag built
on criticism not encouragement and
Is today the best County Fair In the
State. This Is not my opinion., It
Is the oponion of nearly all the ex
perts sent here by the State. A coun
ty lair la- ver? much like a. rhnrrh it
takes a lot ot line singing, good organ
playing and free acts, to get a lot of
people there, but once there they hear
the sermon and get a little out of It
after all.
There are two kinds of criticism;
honest and unfounded. The Fair is
always glad to hear honest criticism
and in every case makes an honest ef
fort to make things better, but un
founded crttielsm does not hurt the
Fair but on the other hand often shows
vhat kind of a person the "better than,
thou" critic is. A gentleman came to
me and .?aid he thought the dance in
the forty-nine camp should be stop
ped. I asked him had he seen it, he
told me. no. He was a liar because I
had seen him In there twice myself.
I told him the dance was just the same
that he saw when he went to a dance
in any home or public hall, except the
girls with the carnival were sober and
the men from home were half drunk
trying to make dates with every one
of them. Two days after this con
Yeraatlon One Of tha irtrla ram, to me
and showed me a note from the same
man, asking he? for a date. Another
man who does not believe m Fairs
takes himself and several of his fam
ily to the Fair Monday afternoon when
everything is all ready tp open Tues
A'ly, ?e?a It a 1L tree then stays away
j the remainder tfttST'ircck-and talks
A lady who fiad been trying to get
a $6.85 blanket for ten cents and fail
ed came to me and warned the little
stand closed. I went to see what was
I ill? truuliiu. iiiayea ture? ir&m, wmit
| ed at the man running the sand and
I made htin give her a blanket so she
mia Fays are not .ao had after all, I
do it understood that I am
mahfeffronv for an nacleaa
&re as necessary evil as alsnonest crib-"
ics. In defense of the Fair I have
this to sav that those whn have rrltl
ask the next person you hear cr
i the Fair what he has ever done to
| help It?
Probably the writer of your letter is
(a man who owns an automobile and
has money enough to go to Raleigh or
(other cities where the dances for
young men and ladies are run under
the direction of the Woman's Club,
the City PollS* or stopped entirely.
Perhaps he goes to the Academy of
Music or the Auditorium and sees a
Kusslan Shimmy Dancer. It he is at
tfta^^dance he stays reasonably sober
and if at the Theatre, he keeps his I
mouth shut. Were he to get as drunk
at the city dance and make the same
, Indecent proposals to the young dan- i
[ cers there that he does In the forty
nine dance he would adorn the lower, i
| knotted end of a well stretched hemp j
rope.. Were he to say the same things I
to the Russian Dancer that he does to )
th?, dancer In the glj-1 show at the Fair
he would be thrown out of tne Theatre, j
I am sorry but frank to admit that all
the trouble with the Midway Is right I
here at home. I?et these critics, if
tl.ey are henest. and want reform be
gin at home. I can give th m the j
names of many men an<f women to go
tc see. Perhaps they will find their
name at the head of the list.
Yours very truly,
A. H. FLEMING, Sec'y.
Franklin Co. Fair Association.
MH A. M. J05S8 DEAD.
Mr. A. M. Jones, one of Franklin
County's progressive planters, died at
bla home near Ingleelde on Monday
after a short illness. Re was 49
years old and leaves a wife and six
children and three sisters. Mrs. J. O.
Beasley, of this County. Mrs. Wash
ington and Mrs. FarrlDow, of Gran
ville county. Mr. Jones was a devout
Christian and a man of dne qualities,
being a neighbor who will be missed
In his community.
The funeral services were held on
nn?sday at Trinity church and were
rr-i-lncted by Rev. Mr. fx>y, after
virch the Interrment was made In thJ
beautiful little cemetery nearby.
The pallbearers were Messrs. Wll
ron Macon, John Reavls. O. M Man
tling, H. C. Dicker son. O. S. Macon
and A. W. Wilson
The floral tribute was profuse and
especially pretty and the large num
ber In attendance spoke tU? poputsrt
tv ot the deecased.
ir. d. c.
The Joseph J. Davis Chapter 17. D
C. Will meet with Miss Ballle Best at
Ixiulshurg College on Tuesday after
noon. December (th. 1>?1, at S o'clock.
All member* are urged to be present.
Mrs. 0. K. Cooke, Pre?.
Mis* L. B. Jarman, Sec. <. <-j
ciatiojts CKTTnr? n? sua re
Township Representatives to
Loalghnry f '
? The state office haSMnstructed eacn
county to elect Its township and coun
ty officers This la necessary so that
no time win be lost man the Ume ar
I rives for the election or the Board of
Directors, which will take place
j latter part of January and '
?? ? - ?? ?auuary sua roDTWv
Township representatives vrl! 1 meet
r? i MT' Ja to'tcwaer County
Chairman, Saturday, Dec. 2, whan
definite dates for the election of town
ship and county officers will be da
elded upon.
j T*1? membership Jn each township
win meet at some designated place
and elect the officers for the town
ship and elect delegates to the coon
|t> election. The township officer*.
(Will be as follows: President. Vice
president, Secretary-Treasurer and a
Membership Committee of ?re.
i township will be allowed one delegate
to the county electlqn for each 100,040
pounds of tobacco signed and one for
each 10? bales of cotton signed. ' '
The county officers will be aa (M
"lrrw^ riusioeiu, ffim-gjymuHu. ??
retary-Treaaurer and an executive
committee of three. '
Your attention la called to ???^ t?
pr-ta 'e ot ...alng ov.:ry f rower of
cotton and tobacco to sign the ' con
tracts forthe following important
L^..The. '^eer the amount-ttarA?
awiatton lian to B?ii7Uie gmaii?f^fe^
actual cost of selling win he to each
,2- TtreTntjrs. of Tire lirop the Aaao
clatlon has to handle the B?eater will
be its influence in .the market.
3. The jnore youc township haa
signed the greater will be wnr mm.
L Yn?" Vm" ?lgnlng~l? ~moat"un~
IXknit delay tUe matter tonaar. "Pro
crastination is the thief"of timet," tto
? lets aho* oth
mers are for a (air Dualuaea method
ot marketing farm crops. vT ' '
i Mm. E. a. Kbiup luturriad?tranw
|i?e PB*J week from an extended visit
Mrs. S. W. PurvlT'ie^WeSneSuaj
to be at the bedside of her grand
irother at Greenville, Tenn.
Mr. Herbert Alston, alisses I.aura
and Mana Alston and Miss Mbrla
Tarker of Warrenton. were gyesta of
Dr\ and Mrs. It. F. Varborongh Mon
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Blckett. ot Ral
Pi'fihH m"' W- Ballarrt' Kate
Ballard Misses Mary KHraboth Cheat
ham and Nellie Joyner, or Pranklln
ton, were guests of Dr. and Mrs. R.
J" . Yarborough this week.
. The home of Miss Jessie Taylor Har
ris was the scene of a delightful oc
casion on November 17th tut the meet
CIub?f the Tl'U^9<la5, Evening Book
Progressive Rook was played and
enjoyed by all. After several game?
delicious refreshments were served la
two courses. The Thanksgiving
scheme was carried out In favors and
bed, white" and BLCB.
Capt. E. N. Williams, of Sandy
Creek township was In Looisburg the
past week exhibiting an ear of corn
gathered from his fields that contain
ed a combination of colors represent
ing .our Natlonal/flag?red. white and
blue. Those who know Capt. M
are fully aware of his true spirit at
patriotism, but were surprised t? see
him spreading It to his corn crop.
bazaar TO BE UIVE.T by Tn
As announced earlier
will hold their B&uutr on
?th In the Clnb rooms of
can Leglo? Poet. They will he ready
to serve the public at 4 p. m. BhMm
fancy articles at many kind* and a
variety gmaa Cards, they >111 have
candle*, eyaters. salads and ioe cream
Ther hope that the VlitiU, will give
them the liberal patronage heretofore
accorded them.
The ladle* ot the ltiilhn Ml ebnrch
will hold their ?-T*** tk tka Janbee
Club Rooms, opening at T:M m tke
evening of December
?tag through Friday. _
served from 11 to 1 oa
Mh. "A ??? opportunity to
A cordial In

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