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? THE OOUHTY. THE STATE. THE UHI01V , _ __ _ ^ suBJ^KirnoH %ut? r?r 1am
? 1 ? " ' w ?? ? . ?
TOLim U LOmiDM !t-c, > UDAT, unruT Mt IW H??l tj
iTDinci or nciiiMUi wtu
That lucaaitlsrtea haw bwo at work
again la Louiabwrg On Seaboard
Air Lin* Stattmioa. tha H?th aide of
Saturday night la the ballet of the c
ixens here. The Are wtrthcoTwed
about >:4S only a tew minutes alter
aAd cone over town cm
the alarm Immediately trna? tm. Tka
reepoaae was TJatant and two ot our
reputable illl??ii aa ?a ulUrataad.
ver? poaltlre that thay mt oil on the
floor where the Ira had not teach?*
The treiaen ma a wonderful ?tec?
ot work and aa a result much ot the
charred trajne still ate arte and a por
tion of the waiting i iiiMw aea left al
most intact, hart*? holding the flam
es under each perfect controll that
they ware not allowed to spread to
the many buildings cn all sides. How
ever. from a practical standpoint the
entire station is a total Iocs, together
with a lot ot freight and equipment.
The loas is estimated to be about as
follows: Building $5.000. insured;
freight and efulpment $10.00?.
It is thought by some that the sta
tion was robbed and then set fire to
<-otot the theft. But many hold to
the idea that it was only an??her ball
?..r.g added to the list ot the mcendiar
!<s. who hare determined to burn oar
l Kis city.
This also brings to mind s?r*ra' or
?evrrences and circumstances that is
and has Been aiscnsN m the >?
It seems that recently a fortune
teller foretold that la the
mar future some parties who had
been run away from Lotusburg would
?--?* ? ? K..;i.?;nt |fr|
they would leave and return within
a week and burn another. And
again it i& stated that the watchman ;
in that part of town saw two persons
white man. he hailed them, they re
fused to answer and he shot in that:
ditectioa "-hen they iltiiu and.
Tan. Also It is stated that a few
Tughts "before the Texas OU Cto.L
s*K>rt orer a hundred gallons of oft
It is a pity that a country like this
can contain such men. and Its t*> be
hoped that the officers can get a clue
that will bring the guilty parties to
On Sanday. lu< 15. tke death anjrel
watered tke Mie ot Hn. Hunter Hilt
and bor? ant the Utile six year-old
daughter. StaT
All her life
i a great k(
her loved ones had al
ways known tkat tke bonds of leak
which bound her to this earth were so
feeble that at any monnu they might
break and release tke tittle son) to
?1st its way back to tae Bather who
Save N. Bat thai tacts oaty ? nd
more dear to
ed trea the koase Una day at foar y.
?. A crowd af ?MpttMl retail ?se
tka anraaoty was stirred by tka
Mrs. W. K. White. Has S. T. Win
llllll. H. L.
_ r Old
He bas |one I
ftrofaKk btkaklBitaatHaar
Ju. lit Um ncdar
moatta* O* tke Baptist Vobu i lda
sftonary Clrcl? vas puatma>d until
MTtt-tklrtr. as tka anal hoar oon
Uctad wttfc tka faaaral ot Itttl? StalU
Mrs W H. Allen vas oa
Oils occastoa and tka i
aaasaally |Mtr
trasa -A. Tustrlac Jew
ta o
as tke *wt of prayer with tka tolkjw
tn? places ot mMlst . 3*ond#y with
Mrs. B. C. Allan; Ta l? lay ?ttk Mrs.
R. A. Bobbttt; "Wogneaflhy wlU Kri
F. w. Wbaleas; Thursday wtth Mrs.
James Collier; Friday with Mrs. :ta(
thirty and will last only thirty min
ut?. Ali aro cordially artttd to at
_?US. J. W. Iltx HOSTESS.
On FVIdjLT. ]u. 13th O* Qrmbcri
at t)M Edwin Falter Clmb assembled;
at th? rgaidence of Mrs. J. W. Mann.
Her tiaikiae koHttalltf mw mad?,
ererr one feel that the ill-omen of the
date kad nnif been or?ruled for
good Instead of bad lack.
Ia tke abnence of the president, the
president. Mrs. Ben Hoiden. call
ed the ???ting to acdnr^ The satkiecl,
of the profrtm for the afternoon waa
"England's Two Greatest Queens."
Mrs. Wm Barrow had a Terr able pa
per on Elisabeth. and Mrs. Fred Hicks
one on Victoria. M6s Annie Green
"rend a i mi en t topit on Changing Wo
men into Htma Beings.
After the procna the ctnb went In
nicatkms from FXtnUon Headqoar-.
t trs were read. The clnb sabacribed
ten dollars to the Federation Endow
Mr^i. if A. Hod^fs rfported for the
jcrmmittee appointed to sestfi '
1 mas box to "oar soldier " at Oteen.
:Mrs. E. L. Beet wns appointed to
I write to htm daring the week Jan. ~I$-'
. a? -
A <?<>??? cake and cream snr
ironnted br whirped cream and
china cherries, was serve?: followed
bT cogee and dainty little jonquil ta
[rcrs tiled with salted abaonds.
|?The ctnh adjnarnul to meet next
time with Mrs. Wingate Underbill,
The Waaieyan Daaghters of the
Methodist Charch heln their regnlar
muting with Mrs. ?. E. White on
last Friday night. Miss Beatrice
'Tnrner was elected secretary, since
j ted to this oMce at the Jaaaary meet
, ing expects to ha oat of sown this win
The sucletji roted to spend one eren
ing a month to Bible stndy. aslng
-The Great Characters or the New
Testament**, hy Doremas A. Hayes.
There heiag an farther bastneos the
following Tery laterestlag
was taken ap:
Topic?Spying Oat The Land i
Congo Beige. -
Ryma "Sartor Thy Dytag Uon.*
Bible I<wCToa. The Report of The
Spina (Nam. Hi IT. sir. 1-?.- Mil
drad Scott.
JflMKM MKW? nm? w.!
Ta;l?r Ctoli ??? Fmi
Ui Caul).
?TWjtoftaof Lntobtri mad Frank
lta Oout; ?i nniiml?>rt (|?IH m treat
on Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock wS?T
Judge W. A. Darin will deliver an ad
dress on Ut* objects and lull nw 0L
the Wood row Wilson Foundation
MlWUfc which has proven to be by
tar the most popular of Us kind ever
?OOa la ills 1MW Olatee.?)?<??
DrTin 1(111 be followed by Mr. W. 11.
Yarborough and patriotic songs will
be rendered by a choir In charge of
Sal lie Taylor who has been ap- \
pointed Chairman for this campaii
for Franklin County ' fs responsible
tor this excellent arrangement for the
launching of the campaign here inm
so many of the late Preaidunts friends
and admirers and it la seed lees to say
that It will meet with much success.
Everybody In Franklin County la es
pecially urged to be present at the
Goart House at 2 o'clock Friday after
k.. been made that
the first game of the Basket Ball chain
pionship between the High Schools of
Franklin County will be played In
Loulsburg at the Planteis Warehouse
on Friday, January 30th. at 8 p. m.
bttwuu the Frankllnlon High fcfcotl
and the Louisburg High School.
The By-laws and regulations ot the
Imirliltar with ... ?IIVI.I
schedule of games for the series will
be published in a future Issue.
1US^18^ ll'TUS TTOBFW Sill* UlB UIPW1
leg game ot the 1822 basketball sea
son by a score of 13 to 11.
Bjwarda tor Inrlealde _ found thf
basket first, but was unable to score
again tpr his team until the scvacd
"TOT At the end ol the am halt l&e
score was 5 to I In favor ot Justk-r
The second half Ingleside led off by
shooting several goals from touts, af
ter which the Tisitors were unable to
obtain the lead.but lingered close he
hind. Zack Perry was the high man
for Justice. The playing of Hayes
and Stokes was also noticeable.
The line up:
Justice Ingleside
Right Forward
Hayes I H olden
Lett Forward
Perry Hold??
Wester j Dickerson
Right Guard
r ferry Edwards
Left Guard
Stokes Phelps
The Young Woman's Auxiliary ot
the Looisburg Baptist with
Mrs. J. S. Howell. Tuesday night.
January tenth. The following pro
gram was rendered:
Song?Help Somebody To-day.
The roll was called and the minutes
of the last meeting read and approw
Scripture lesson?by Miss Naaaie
Hall Hale.
Special Reading?by Miss Tiatbs
Prayer?Sentence prayer by
The study ot our hosne mission book
"Old Trails and New" was then takes
lup. the study was conducted by Stre.
J. 8. Howell.
9olo?hy Mrs. L. L. WhMaker.
Prayer?hy Mrs. J. S. Howell.
After the meting delicious retreat- [
The following ware present: Mm.
H. A. Kearney. Mrs. J. S. HowstL. |
Mrs. L. L. Whitaker. Misses Unthn
PWImes. May Cooper. Esther Andrew?
Wsutah Cooper. Vtrntaia Perry. Ljucy
Baker. Nannie Ball BUe. and a rti
tor. Mrs. Perrls.
social Ftsrnov
The Aietfca? Leglo? Auxiliary win!
hold -A Sociable Oatberta* la J sin
Club rooea. Wednesday evealag. Jaa.
Kth. 1IB. lteglanlng at I p. a.
Entertainment will kmhM ot Stav
ing and readings, bridge, whist, aat
hack. rook, carrosaa. checkers aat ?
Rwi i < atloaa tor tables tor dit
adTaac? M
you wish to be sure or a table. Get
your party up aad nsem your table
to ?l?|
ItT ot (tab Room. Bridge ?. Sxl
?, Rook 4. Gutoss ?. Cksckers 1 hal
French C Pool Straight 4.
Refreshment? will he sen id FKOt.
AdaM? K cents each fall PVee
in. Mta. O. A. Ricks. Aaxtnarr Oosa
k% tudUn Ur DlntUn for Tie
( ?It** isNd*U*i at CoBTFitioii In
It Will ba good BITI tO all the sign
ers of tbe Cotton contracts tn the Co
iwuihi Marketing Association In
r>ankltn County to know that Messrs.
Beet r. B. McKinne, M. M. Person,
I. H. Kearney, J. T. Inscoe delegat
es elected from Franklin County to at
tsnd the District PonvanMnn In Ral-j
elgh Wednesday succeeded tn secur
ing one of the places on tie ticket for
a Director from this District tor the
?niftfl Mr "n f'l
uary Slst, and named Mr. C. P. Har
ris, while the other vacancy was till
ed by Harnett County by naming Mr.
B. O. Townsend. Both of these gen
tlemen are among the oest in the
| State, and either will make the-Asso
ciation an efficient and capable offl
Icer. Mr. C. P. Harris being a Prank
;lin county man. is sufficient for the
signers In this county going out and
casting a solid Tote for nrm that the
firs* Director in the Association fronr
this district may go from among us.
The election to decide oetween Mr.
Harris and Mr. Townsend will be held
|on January Slst?that Is all the bal
'"1 imn ii !? Thi hsvM "**
mlttee in Raleigh not later than Tues
jday the 31st, The local committee in
i Franklin will announce a plan in a
| tew days that will insure a larger vote
[and a much more convenient ar
:Tartccment to tt.c members of Prank?
jlin county. In the meantime deter
mine in your own mind that you are
"?niug tu imp uu tliat day, aad vote for
? C. P. Harris. Everybody, who has
i signed the contracts, whether he has
j paid or not. is entit led to vote.
. *?? " ? am imi ?
j His many friends in Franklin Coun
.ty will learn ?n> miiri^ sorrow .if
~3eath of XTr. W. H. Hill, more famil
-Urty known -as "Tip", whlcn occurred
mt I)m> ?i.-.??, nt hig ?tai.p.htar, Mr? P
JA. Reavis yesterday morning at 7
,o ?~Kkx in his eighty second year. Mr.
1H111 arose apparently in hia usual
health, but after dressing suffered an
-uUuek <4 heart trouble and the end
soon caine in peace to another of
Franklin's honored Veterans of the
I Civil War. He was a man of a jovial
disposition that made friends of all
acquaintances and he always enjoyed
>looking upon the brighter side of life.
He leaves to mourn his departure
?>ur ?ns. K. P. Hill, J. P. Hill, T.
G. Hill. J. D J Hill, of Raleigh, and
three daughters, Mrs. P. A. Reavis,
Mrs. W. H. Yar bo rough. Mrs. J. S.
"Williams, all of Louisbui?.
The funeral services will be held
from the home of Mr. P. A. Reavis
J this morning at 10: SO o'clock and will
i be conducted by Rev. O. F. Smith,
"pastor of the Methodist church, after
which the remains will be taken to
Oak lawn cemetery where they will be
CUhtly laid to rest in the family plot.
I The bereaved family has the deep
eat sympathy of the entire community
tu their sadness.
For information of public there will
be ittnlir services at the Baptist
Church every Thursday evening, and
e>ery Sunday- morning and evening.
Aud It la hoped.that all the members
will be present at all these services.
Public always welcomed.
We wish to thank the people of
UtMutf tor the kindness shown us
*artac the sickness and death or our
Mrs. Hunter Hale and family.
'seaadur MNn Offers Amendment tu
Federal Reserve Art.
Waahlngton. Jan. If.?Creation ot
aa adttloaal director of the Federal
Ra?i i? Board so aa to pave the way
br the appointment ot a "dirt farmer"
by the PreeMeut ts proponed In a sub
stitute amendment to the federal re
uarv? ?rt offered today by Senator
Ketfan. Republican. Minnesota, au
thor of the original "farmer amond
| Uatm of the Senate agricultural
Mott tared today that the way had
bseai cleared |hr the terfalatlon which
ssuM result lu the naming of a far
mer to membership on the Federal
km it j Board.
| 9iaHiw Keuyoa. Republican, Iowa,
rue ot the bloc leaders after a confer
ence wKh President Harding, Indicat
ed thai the objections bad been with
Mr. Maury Cralle, of Richmond. Va.
?aa a visitor to lioulsburg this week.
Mrs C. W Bdwars was called to
hy the Illness of bar mother,
H. H Hilton left Wednesday
he will have h r
hiirlif Period From Ftb. C To 19 Jews
Of Htate Will Seek To Boise SUV
Governor Cameron Morrison yester
day Issued a proclamation setting
apart the week beginning Monday Feb
TXTary 6 and ending Sunday February
112 as Jewish Relief Week In North
Carolina. During this Ume, the Jew#
I of the State, through. the permanent
j relief organization perfected at a'meet
ling of prominent Jews of the State
I here last week, will put on a campaign
ror I15U.VU0 R> r6lldifc the?suffering
and aid In the rehabilitation of tha
Jews of Eastern Europe.
? Lionel Well, of Goldsboro, is head
f the.organization perfected In this
State and already the movement for
the relief of the suffering peoples of
Europe Is under way. It is not mere
Tyrellef tnar Is tnit rehabu
Here is the Governor's proclamation
Issued at the request of the Jewish
State. organization:
_ Whereas, there is a great suffering
among the Jewish people of Europe,
thousands of whom are reported as be
ing entirely destitute and In a dying
condition, due to the lack of food and
[cither necessities; and
"Whereas, our own land has been
blejfeed with a prosperity that not on
ly guarantees our own safety but which
enables us, and should impel us to
share our bounties with our less for
tunate fellow human beings in other
lands, now,
"Therefore, I, Cameron Morrison. I
Governor of North Carolina, do here-i
by set apart by this proclamation the
week beginning Monday, February 6th
and ending S?in<kv Fwhnury 12th. aa
Jewish Relief Week. I ask that all
newspapers of the State gtve wide
puhlirity?tn this w*^k Hovotert ti\
such a worthy cause; and I especially
ask that on Sunday. February 5th, no
tice be given in all the churches that
the following week will De observed
as Jewish Relief Week, and that the
TtttffTsTEra, smmji aunuui ?um.imiui'
dents and teachers, and others, urge
their people apj? HinH
or hetptngr thesufTerlng and contribute
to the relief of these wortny, distress
ed people so far as their means of re
lier whi permit.""
Mrs. F. B. McKinne has been ap
pointed Chairman for Franklin Coun
Ty and Mrs. Wr E. White, Treasurer,
who together with Mr. F. A. Roth,
fonp th* committee In charge oT the
1 drfve -
The Woman's Auxiliary of the Jam
bes Post held Its regular January
meeting in the club rooms on the af
ternoon of the seventeenth at three
thirty. The meeting was called to
order by the Commander. Mrs. G. A.
Ricks. Eight members were present.
The minutes of the previous meet
ing were read and "approved.
The Commander read a letter to the
Auxiliary from Miss Ida May Yow
thanking them for conferring upon
her the honor of electing her Adjutant
and Finance Officer, yet declining the
ofllce on account of prssure of other
work. Nominations to All the vacan
cy thus created Were called for and
Miss Mattie Allen was unanimously
elected Adjutant and Finance Officer.
The question of yearly dues was
brought up for discussion and it was
c'early shown that after tho general
and state dues had been paid the sum
of one dofTar per "member did not le i
sn amount sufficient for current ex
penses; consequently a motion was
made and carried that the yearly due?
be increased to one dollar and a half
(11.50) per member. It was also an
nounced that this year the member
cl ip cards will ke sent out from head
quarters when the annual report and
dues have been received. No mem
bership cards will be issue dy Individ
ual units as heretofore.
The financial report for the year
was read as follows: Total amount
received from all sources $458.30; to
tal paid out for all purposes )240.63;
cash "on hand towar I memorial fund
Some splendid suggestions were
made by the Commander for plans to
lenew or arouse fresh Interest In the
c'.nb. In accordance with these sug
gestions the Auxiliary will probably
at some future date put on a series of
roclal evenings planned to arouse the
community spirit.
| Mrs. Kicks read a very apprecla
jfive letttr of thanks for the Christmas
'box from Mr. Ralph Young, the sol
? iMer from Ward N-2 at Oteen whom
H e legion chose as secretary for the
Mrs. Beck suggested that all who
are Interested be requosted to (torate
books to send to the boys at oteen.
There are twenty-two patients In
Ward N-2 and the Auxiliary desires
that every woman's club, missionary
society. or similar organization adopt
one of these soldiers until all twenty
two names have been taken.
Will he the subject of the morning
sermon at the Methodist church next
Sunday by Pastor Q. F. Smith. At
clgTif Re wTTT pr*4*n [njB twtntu*
better to want what you have than to
have what yon want." IwjUhIj to
Invited to each of these service** f
JUKI K W A. Dr.T15
**BJ Cane* Disposed - Of?Seven*
Ko*d Heateaces?Will ('?atlase Next
- Pran i lil Superior Court for the rer
ular Janaury crlmlnaj Una convened
Monday morning with His Honor W
in'? ??' ?1 0ranTllle' Jua?e Preald
<ng.. His charge to the Oraad Jorr
was able, clear, and plain, lea Tiny no
question as to the duty of each mem
.. 1^,,L;'l?na -?<"7 was composed of
the following gentlemen. C. C Win
ston, Foreman; H. F Perrr "n n
Wheless, J. l! Cullfc.t^a
;A. F. viuk.. Arcfl Parmo. J. N Daj>
tholomew, M. L. Fowler, D. N. Smith
. E. Harris. O. W. Ayeecue, E. W
Furgurson. R. a. Pruitt, w. H Prl
vett. J. B. Horton. R. J, Upchurch.
James Upchurch.
After the charger with the aid of
.F' Norrla- 0Qr *b!e and ef
ficient Solicitor, and the attorneys of
the bar the docker was taken up and
cases disposed of as follows
State vs M. D. Refcms. c c w alia,
capias and continued.
State vs Ernest Hayman, alias Rod
White o c w nol pros with leave
State vs Frank Wall 1 and r contln
ueg under former order.
State vs MT5 Reams and f. B. Gard
ner alias sci fa and continued.
guilty ? VS Tr?y Arnold 1 and r not
State v| Louis Southall a d w pleads
guilty ludgment^uapentteri upon w
ment of rn?ra
ment of coats.
State vs Louis Southall appeal. Judg
ment suspended nnon navmonr ""vtn
v State vs Buck Perry c c w, pleads
guilty, judgrment suspended.
State vs Buck Perry, manslaughter
enters plea nolo contendere, two y?ar>4
on roads.
?nail. M hwmi Lavtoiri!T?E?inap
tyto forcible trespass. Judgment sus
TTnoed upon payment costs.
I 8t*te-vs Hqgh Freeman t and r, ?1111
|ty 12 months on roads. Defendant
j appealed.
,'H Ar'Uui' cappa a. a w. pleads"
guilty 12 months on roans,
i "?W"d 1 appa a d w. pleads
i State vs C. E. Capell assault guil
ty, prayer for Judgment continued up.
cn payment of costs.
State vs Buck Gill a d w? pleads guil
t> judgment suspended upon payment
of costs.
State vs Buck Perry, disturbing pub
lie wowrship pleads guilty judgment
State vs Ike Brodle disposing of
mortgaged property pleads guilty
Judgment suspended upon payment of
State vs Robert Long c cw, pleads
State vs Robert Long robbery, a d w
guilty of assault and battery.
State vs H. E. Dehart, gambling
State vs J. D. Winfree. c c w pleads
guilty fined $50 and costs.
State vs Claud Davis a d w, pleads
guilty judgment suspended upon pay
ment of costs and doctors bill.
State vs Ishmael Lancaster c c w
pleads glillty fined ?50 and costs.
State vs Isbmael Lancaster u p w for
sale not guilty.
State vs Ned Davis a * w. c c w.
guilty a d w, not gullfy 6 e~w.
. State vs Frank Perry abandon crops
motion to squash allow?*.
Court Is still In session as we go to
press with all probability that It will
continue through next week.
O : '
For the past six months the local
Red Cross Chapter tlas had a number
of medals for distribution to the men
from our county who served In the
army, navy or marine corps during
the world war. Through the TIMES
and by circulars we have urged you
ask for these medals that are award
ed by the-state as an expression of
appreciation for your services. All
you are asked to do Is present your
discharge to the Chairman of th*
l-ouisburg Chapter, A. R. C. All oat
! the blank which Is furnished by th<?
Adjutant General's department. an<t
receive your medal. There Is no de
lay as your discharge does not leav?
your possession. In the event It la
not possible to appear In person toe
the medal, application blanks will b?
furnished by mall upon request. No
application blanks submitted by mall
can be considered unle
led by d.silmrve certificate or
ropy of samo.
It Is n<H.etsai7 yon gift this yout
lr>mediato attention^ as lit medal?
cr.t claimed wltl soon have to be re
turned to Fuiielgh, sad then 4m only
be secure*! frutu the Adjutant Gener
al 8 office We cannot
Is a soldier or sailor la
* bo would nut nh?e tl
of Ma stmts'

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