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The Franklin
A. *. wnwiwiiM ?* m?>m THE COUNTY, THE STATE, THE UNION * ~ sCMCMFTioir ?j#lNr J
mm m
? ' ?
. J '
pickets Hut Be 1B Raleigh by Tues
day, Jtantf Ilit-liB Ik Ai Soon
Ai Yob Get It.
Eye 17 Cotton grower la?Franklin
County who signed the Coo per? tire
Marketing contract Is urged to mark
his ticket afrd mall It back to Raleigh
lost as soon as you reeerre It so that
it will be In Raleigh by Tuesday, Jan
nary 31st. You are also urged to see
that your ticket Is marked bo that
your vote will be cast tor C. P. Har
ris ^ Mr.' Harris Is a real farmer and
Is thoroughly capable ot holding this
position, and his?many friends in
TVankiln ar? ^nTlnim tfi ??? Mm elect
ed. After castig your vote see that
your neighbor casts his. It doesn't
make any difference whether you have
paid or not. You are entitled to vote.
If you fail to get a ticket by Saturday
come to Louisburg not later than Mon
-day and get a ticket. You are enti
tled to vote and we want every vote
*R. W. H. HILL.
i ll-. W. H. Hill whoa death occurred
on Thursday of Ias^W6?k was T>of5rnear
Forc^tvllle, Peij. 22, 1841. This was
the yesr in which William Henry Har
rison was elected president of the
United States. His father and moth
, tj called himjm''"^ ft>nrr ?ft?r {ftp
- preeMent-and other people went a step
farther and called him by the presi
dent's nlchimme. Tionec-iuioe. whiri>
in time became shortened to "Tip" by
which name he was known nil his life.
There seems to be a little uncertain
ty on the part of some or his contem
porary friends as to his school days,
1>ui awwtHug tu Hie ?Ml ttV.bitffnrion
available he was taught (tie first ele
ment? at hnnin hy hip mnthor nn wno
: tbp "iiatom with mostr small children
of that day. Later he was sent to a
private school In Richmond county
taught ny a Mrs. Lilttte. In his later
yfeaj*s he was fond ot entertaining his
grand children with tales of pranks
"and mischief tEaTTie~got Into at this
school. !
When he got too old for "petticoat
government" he was sent to Loulsburg
?fcbere he boarded in the home of Mi*.
* M. S. DaviB and went to his school
for several years; then he went to
school in Hillsboro for one year and
was there when the wcr broke out.
Not waiting to be drafted, nor even
Waiting tor his parents consent?for
he had not reached his majority?he
left Uie school with a lumber of his
mates and enlisted in Cotnpany E, 47th
Regiment, Pettigrew*s Brigade, and
Heath's Division of the Army of North
era Virginia.
He went .through the whole four
years pf tjie war, taking part in all the
battles iiw ^rhlch his company was en
gaged. wille he left many of his
comrades dead on the battlefields and
helped others off who were sorely
-wounded? he himself seemed prtfcected
.hy a special providence tor he did not
receive the slightest wound during the
.whole four years.
In 1867 he married Miss Temple Hil
Jiard Gee, ot this county.. Her people
.shortly afterwards moved to Mississ
ippi an? Mr. Hill and his wife went to
itfle old (Jew home place to live. To
gether they went through all the trou
bles and trials and Joys wnich are com
mon to all parents with a largfe family
of children to rear.
When the older children grew np
-the family moved .to Loulaburg in or
der to take advantage of better oppor
tunities offered by living In town.
In 1906 Mrs. Hill died leaving him
-?a wHewer, but with many homes In
which he was welcome. While he~ilk
ed to pastl back and forth and visit all
-his children he seemed to prefer to
call Mr. P. A. H ?avis' home.
He died-Jan. IS, 1922 and was laid
'to rest in his confederate uniform
which'he loved so well. It seems pe
culiarly fitting the birth and devh of
this patriotic cltlsen and good soldier
that he should have been born on the
anniversary of Washington's birthday
and died on the anniversary of I^ee i.
In spite ot the steady down pour of
rain there was a large gathering at
the funeral service which was held at
the home of Mr. P. A. Reavls, find a
long line of cars to follow the bier to
Its last, resting place In Oaklawn cem
etery. These with the abundance of
flowers sent by many friends born tes
timony to the feeUng of the commun
ity for this "father In Israel" who has
passed on over the river.
His grandsons acted aa pallbearers
and his grand-daughters placed the
flowers over his grave. The pallbear
krs were P. Jl. Roavis, Jr.,
Hill Yarborough, John Burt and Jim
Allen Hill, Speed Williams and James
Malone; Honorary: Messrs. T. N.
Bgerton. P. O. Alston, Frank Ballard,
J. J'. Allen, Adkln Jones aad Solicitor
'?orris. ? , , J
la addition to his patriotism ktndll
I? Franklin Superior Court Now C lot
Ik ( It* Seeond Week of the Ten?
Solicitor Norris Making Cl?u Sweep
The mlllB o f Justice continued to
grlncV la the Franklin Superior Court!
this W??k and Judge Darin has been
holding tuli sessions eacn dar. He
la weaving himself closely to our
people aa a moat fair and Impartial
Jurist, wh6ee desire la to deal ouT
has alftioat succeeded In hla determi
nation at the beginning or the term to
clear the docket. ?
8ince our report last week cases as
follow? have been disposed of: _
State rs D F McKlnne and 0 B. Ball
a d w, affray, nol pros as to a d w,
pleads giulty, judgment suspended up
on payment of one-half cost each.
State Ts O. B. Ball assault nol proB.
State vs Fred Leonard assault nol
State ts 0. B. Ball assault with ln
tent to kill, pleaded guilty to assault
Tn~which serious damage was done
One $200 and costs.
State ys Fred Leonard and O. B.
Ball affray, not guilty as. to Leonard,
ftullty as to Ball, prayer for judgment
continued upon payment at costs and
to appear at Oetober court and show
good behavior.
State vb Jim Allen, Will Wheeler,
Howard Barnett, Buddie Barnett, dls
I'fy as to all the defendants except
Buddie Barnette who wan found guil
ty of both charges.
State v^E. H. Moore forgery pleads
nolo contendere as to forcible trespass
judgment suspended after reparation
and payment of costs.
State vs J. A. Tlmberlake Indecent
I exposure pleads guilty prayer for judg
raent continued to October 1922 term
of Court to show good behavior and tw
pay coata.
State vs Bud Spivey fa?se pretense
not guilty.
"j state vs zeb Collins- unTawiul pos
i session of distilling outfit, called and
{failed Judgment nl si sci fa capias and
State vs George Barber disposing of
(liliaKn property nol ppoooeS.?
i State vs Oliver Cooper appeal nol
?crossed. 1?
. State vs Wilbur Hawkins R S L guil
jty 12 months on roads;
i State vs' Herman Davis resisting of
to hire out to pay costs.
Stale vt Richard Holding removing
crajisMJOt^KTrttty. - , - ?
State vs B. N. Wheeler set for
Thursday May term.
State vs Wilson Webb removing
; ci op? pleads prullty prayer continued
to October tcna upon payment of costs
State vs >'d Richai deou c c w culled
i and failed.
State ;b Ctilioo IHckerson a C v: not
guilty. -? ~
State vs Andrew Conn assault with
intent to commit rape continued. '
Slate vs ;,A.-nnr.1 Staunton I and r
not KO?'y.
The grand <?iy completed its work
cn last TEurtdsy. Their rfeporc will
he published next week.
; O
The first gamo of the Franklin Coun
ty Basketball Association, played on
the home grounds, came on Tuesday
afternoon, between Youngsville and
Bunn, in which the visiting team won,
in a score of 23 to 5.
The Bunn quint were tn; a playing
m and put up a spirited game
against the new and unexperienced
Youngsville team. The largest score
was made by Seymour of Bunn,'who
threw 5 field goals and 2 foul goals,
successfully. Following Is a summa
ry of game:
Bonn Youngsyillo
Seymour UndtfTwood
Right Forward
Shamley Pearce
Left Forward
Pergurson R. Winston
White A. Winston
9 Right Quard
kiagwood C. Winston
Left Guard
Field goals: Bunn 10, fouls 3, total
23; Fields Goals Youngsville 2, fouls
1, total 5.
Pastor G. F. Smith announces that
regular services will be held In the '
Methodist church both morning and I
evening 8unday. The morning ser
vice will be at the usual hour and the |
evening service will be at 7:80.
Everybody is invited to attend each I
service. ? -? -
rtess was the keynote of his character. .
He never was known to say narsh, bit
ter things to anyone or about anyone. I
If he knew anything to make a person !
feel good that was the thing he told ?
them, and when a name was brought
up In conversation It there was any
thing good to be said about the person
named that waa the thmg which he
He will be greatly missed In his
home and In th? community and above
all In tlia gatherings of the Confederate
veterans whose mnka Time more ro
lentless than Yankee bullets I? slow
ly and surely thinning oat.
With ? Beaatlful Trlhste U the Late
PreiMtal and H In Ideals?QmHe a
?>?<xl Subscription
According to the announcements ot
Miss Sallle Taylor. Chairman for
Franklin Cnnittv. for th? WnaJrow
Wilson Foundation Pumi, th? cam
palgn waa opened on last Friday af
ternoon in the Courthouse at tha noon
recess, when Judge W. A. Devln. ot
Orford, delivered one or the moat beau
tlful eulogies to our beloved exrPres
4dent that has been heard In this sec- |
tlon. Judge DeTin's remarka were
filled with the enderest feelings aad
deepest sympathy for one who h?d
given a life for the Peacs_and HapiH
nesa of the world and'truly struck a
responsive chord among hiB hearers.
Other addresses were made and a
subscription opened wnlch resulted
In the receipt of about one hundred
and twenty-five dollars, since ihen
the subscriptions have been sleadlly
coming In.
This Is truly one of the moat worthy
and patriotic causes our people' have
had opportunity to contribute lo" and
we are sure each one will taM-l>leas
vre In giving his mite.
We the undersigned dentists af
Franklin county heartily endorse the
work of the State Board of Health now
being done Jor the children of the
county. "Every child who can; should
avail themselves of th? splendid op
portunity now offered to have their
teeth put in proper condition. *
~ s. c Ford.?=
Near Collins Mill?Skeleton and Cloth
es About All Remaining.
I The remain sof Miss Terry, .who Ras
|beeir~missing from her home near,
!Wood since just about Thanksgiving
'was found Monday in the woods near
Collins Mill in Gold Mine township.
The Coroner wjis notified and went to
the scene to determine the necBssity |
of an inquest. The facts so far as:
we understand them seem to show
"that the lady was somewhat mentally
deficient and l^ft her hom4 one even
ing about Thanksgiving. Not return
ing that night a search was Instituted
by her family and neighbors which fall
ed to find any trace of her whereabout.
At this time a sewere cold wave vis
ited this section and R ts supposed
that she succumbed to exiSoMire. Fol
lowing this nothing else was' ever
heard from her until Monday evening
when the remains were found by some
one who was our hunting, with the re
sult that the Coroner visited the sceno.
Mr. Dwlght Parrish son of Mr. Ed
D. Parristi, of Cedar Rock township,
met an untimely death on Tuesday af
ternoon about two o'clock, while fell
ing a true, according to Information
received here Wednesday. The inti
mation stated that he had cut down
-an oak tree that lodged against anoth
er tree causing-? to twist and change
its course and killing on hts head kill
ing him Instanti/. Mr. Parrish was
nineteen years of age and was exceed
ingly popular in his community. Be
sides hie parents he leaves four broth
ersv Messrs. Kirby, Harvey. FYaator
and Jake Parrish. and one slater. Mia
Rachel. The funeral services was
held from his home on Wednesday af
ternoon and the interment made to
the family burying ground at the old
Jim Wood home place.
Deepest sympathy Is extended to tke
bereaved family.
Monday afternoon at three o'clock
little lAtrlyne Wlggs entertained on
of her friends at a Doll party. rTey
were met at the door by Master W. J.
Shearin. For about an bour the chil
dren played games, thou there waa k
vote for the prettiest doll. The vote?
were put into a basket and Master
Harold Williams drew little Haiel Al
len's name. She received the prise
for having the prettiest doll. Than
I refreshments were served by Mlaaen
jBeulah Lancaster and margearet In
gcoe. Those present Were Misses Beu
lah Lancaster. Hatel Allen. Mamie
fxmcaster. Haxel Collins. Lanra Wlgjj
Annie Blanche Weaver. Luclle t'?~son.
Francis Turner, Dorothy Page WIqi,
Louise Williams. Lurlyne Wlggs. Uacy
Herman, Margaret Inscoe. Masters W.
J. Shearin and Harold Williams.
Each child in their way expressed
their enjoyment and wished l.urlyne'
would have another Doll party ?na, I
A new book la called Out of No
where Into Nothing." Sounds lika?
trip on a branch line railroad.
" Pussyfoot" Johnson Says " Knglaad
will be dry soon." What most of as
would like to know, however. Is
America is going to be dry.
? *
In &n Interrlew with the Editor So
licitor Norrls ?Id: "I think It. dna
the Attorney? of fba District, who
may aspire to hold the office of Solic
itor. and who ha? n so cordially sup
ported me. that I should say: that It
is not my purpose, as heretofore stat
(llfislp fnr r? election.
Haring been honored hy the confi
dence and support of practically,?all
the people at the District for twelre
years, expiring January 1. 1923. T
think I should yield in faror of thoee
who have equally meritorious claims
to the office I hold. It the Bar of
Franklin County can agree on
dldate. I think, that person will have
? good chance to secure the nomina
tion. as the people generally recog
nize the light of Franklin to name one
of the Judicial Officer?.
Please conTey to the people my
gre&t appreciation and obligation for
their confidence and support.
ilsmpon rllag to ?jo_ Inaujry _ as to
whether he would be a eandidafe fof
Congress, Solicitor Norris said:
"Frankly, I may ask the Democrat? at
the Fourth Congressional District to
select me as their candidate tor Con
SoUiltur Norris has made quite an
enviable reputation during his official
stay In Franklin County as one ot the j
ablest lawyers In the State, and h?
Tag- many frien ds_la_Franklln County i
who will be glad of the opportunity
to support him for Congress to suc
ceed the present encumbent, Hon. E. i
As Centerrille 1a having so many
visitors I will let you hear from us
again. ~
?Maaara. Sid and Willie T^arUaster
And Billy Braswell, of CastaUa^Vere
pleasant callers to several nomes here
on last Sunday afternoon.
Miss Maggie Duke and Mr. Johnnie
Neal motored to Seven Paths to se*?
his sister Miss Lertha Neal on lasi
Sunday afternoon.
Messrs. Rochelle Allison and Lee
Harris, of Inez, were vtsltors here
Mr. Howard Griffin was a visitor
at Mr. Bill Gupton's of Sandy Creek
Messrs. Eunion and Jack Brewer
and Beach ie Dorsey motored through
our little town Sunday arternoon in
a hurry. It seemed as If they were
trying to join the bird gang.
We are very glad that Rev. G. W.
May and' family has moved into oar
community. We feel like he will be
a blessing to the church and commun
Our Sunday school Is progressing
nicely. If you don't believe we are
doing something at Centerville just
come out and see and don't forget to
come to Centerrille every first Sun
day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock to hear
Rer. G. W. May preach. Just Me.
The School Extension to hare North
Carolina Historical Picture. Frank
lin Cttapty people will hare an oppor
tunity for the next two weeks to see
-the North Carolina Historical Pageant
;Picture. This picture was made un
der the direction of the State DlrlsUm
ot School K i ten? ion last fall.
Monday Jan. 30?Popes.
Tuesday Jan. 31?New Hope.
Wednesday Feb. 1?Franklinton.
Thursday Feb. 2?Mt. Grove.
Friday Feb. 3- Wood.
Saturday Feb. 4- MapteYlile.
Not so many newspaper* refer to
Chicago as the "Windy City" since
both the disarmament conference and
Congress are in session in Waahing
ton at the same time.
Edison Is trying to make gold out
of other metala. Lots of people make
gold out of brass.
Dr. I?rens restored the npeeeh of
an actress, so has been asked to re
turn to Austria.
?On account of the rain Thursday
evening the children of the Sunbeam
t and had to postpone their missionary
exercises until Sunday taorning, Jan.
22. Anna Gray Watson took the part
of the old ifoman who lived in the
shoe, and her quaint old woman's dress
and specs added much to the realism
of the part.
Margaret Wilder, in appropriate cos
tume. represented one of the old wom
an's children from China. Kate Allen,
one from Japan; Arthur Ragland rep
resented a little negro boy; Eugenia
Perry i "HI gto Tli i mil were girls of
South *i mi i ii ii Hull i Leigh Flem
ing in the costume ofnajdco sang a
solo and Elisabeth Newell h^ithe part
of one of the starving childrefNef Eu
Every one enjoyed these exercises BV
the children and hope they will have
public exercises again soon.
? ?
While the Red Cross tit its inception
was Mf agency designed to function
only during war, the mercy thus ax
tended has not tailed of a strong re
action in the minds and theories of
those who have been most active in Its
One is probably safe in saying that
no one hates -war more than those
who have been most intimately engag
ed in it. It is Interesting, therefore,
that the International Committee ' of
the Red Cross and the League of Red
Cross Societies should have Joined in
such a proclamation as turn:
"The Red Cross owes it to all Its
many workers to proclaim as an ideal
and a practical Intention, a strugg.e
rcinst the horrors of war. an attempt
jhy -rorld-wlde help and unselflshWna
definitely to abolish war.
"The mere continuation of Red
Cross activity In time of peace will no
longer suffice. It is the wish of the
Red Cross to work in the Interest of
Therefore, the Red Cross calls up
on all whole-hearted citizens, irre.ipec
tlve of nationality, religious belief,
profession, or social rank, to Join, as
far as lies In their power, In a syste
matic campaign against, that spirit of
war. which Is % constant menace to
Iho world's pea1? "
Another funny thing Is that the
store that holds the most "Clean
Sweep" sales is not always the clean
est on? la town.
among the visitors
SO** TOUxElOW AW L j0fj
do hot:
_ N ?_ j?. ? .
Penoui Ittm iknt ftllit A?4
TtaJr FrfeMs Wke Travel
_3upt. O. C. Hill visited
Tuesday. " '
? ?"Uttor t?
icaieigh Tuesday. ?-r
t ? ?
Messrs. E. H. Malone af?4 p a
R??Ti? visited Raleigh Monday. *
Edens spent Monday in Raleigh!^'
Miss Birdie Richard?, of Lyachburg;
Va.. is visiting Mrs. E. C. Allen.
Miss Lucy Egerton. of Aihavllle, 1?
visiting her niece, Mrs. S. T. Wilder,
Mrs. M. C. Pleasants visited rela
tives In Wilson during the past week.
Toni Ogbum mit B.?P?
Jay 11133 were yls^ora to Raleigh Tue^
Mrs. O. Y. Yarboro went oyer to
Henderson on a brief trip one day last
Mrs. W. D. Egerton Is visiting her
mother, Mrs. J. a. White, of Waah
ington. D. C.
Messrs. W. H. Yarborough, G. M.
Beam and P. a. Reavls visited Ral
eigh Saturday.
Mr. H. A. Page, of Aberdeen, is a
v.sitor to Louisburg, guest of Mr. M.
C. Pleasants.
Messrs. C. P. HarAs, I. H. Kear
ney. J. A. Mitchiner and A. F. John
son visited Raleigh Saturday,
our former townsman, Mr. *j,-W Hoi
lingsworth, in the burg for the week
. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Brinkley, who
have been visiting their mother. Mrs.
E. C. Allen, returned to Elm City last
Mr. J. J. Barrow and Mrs. Julia
Swindell returned Wednesday from
HiailiowM'e.r where Mr Barrow ha?
bwi receiving treatment? *v
M^G- R- Mrfinuly, of?
and Mrs. N. B. Allabrook. of Mebane,
are visitors at the home or their par
ents Chief anil Mr. n p ?'gh
DL_S. P. liUrt and Alios Mallto it.
len accompanied Mrs. W. H Al
len to Richmond Tuesday, morning
where she will undergo an operation
for appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mills went to
Rocky Mount last Friday to take their
son- John. tq. the hospital where he
was operate^ on for appendicitis*
The operation was successful and ha
is doing very well.
P. A. Reayis Jr., and Hill Yarbor*
ough. of Chapel Hill. Miss Bettie HUt
Reavis, of Peace Institute, and Mis?
Mary Wiatt Yarborough, of St. Mary's
came home from school to attend the
funeral services of their grandfather.
Mr. Simpson and his sTster, Mrs.
S. A. Newell motored over to South
Boston. Va. Monday. The occasion
of this visit was the receipt Sunday
night of a wire announcing the birth
of a little son in the home of Mr. Simp
son. ' ?
On Januar^?19, the Edwin Fuller4
Club was entertained by Mrs. Wlngate
T'nderhlll. In the aosence of the pres
ident the club was called to order by
the rlce-presldenty Mr. B. T- Hotdeij.
Mrs.HOlden Announced Ui&t as
chairman of the commktes on pro
grams for next: year she would call for
a vote at the next meeting Oh the sub
ject for study for the year 1922-23.
The general subject Per the next
few meetings Is "Famous Northern
Women." The one for'the afternoon
was Harriet Beecher Stows^y?A
sketch of her life was written by Mrs.
E. H. Malone and read by Mrs. Hod
ges. Miss Ida Mae Yow rend several
selections from "Uncle "Tom's Cabin."
I quite lively discussion ensued as to
the merits and demerits of (his book.
Miss S. T. Williams played ? Po
lonaise from Chopin, and Mrs. 3. A.
NpwelJ closed the program with a cur
rent topic on Japan.
After the program the hostess as
sisted by little Dorothy Hicks servo?!
a sweet course followed by coffe* anil
The following Is an honor roll for
Sandy Creek school:
lit Grade-?Delta Allen, Eatelle Cash
Bill West. V
2nd Grade- Ncna Btiraette.
3rd Grade?Mack Harper.
4th Grade?Bland BurnesM.
5th Grade?Alice Allen. Xary Loo
Gup t on.
tith Grade- Marrln West, Graham
7th Orade?Alta Wett, Klrfcy flop
ton. ?

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