North Carolina Newspapers

IU* FIB nil
a A9U>CB
iu r. johnson, E4iur u4 Mau?er ( THE COUNTY, TB STATE, THE UHIOH
____ ?nr?.
8?nd? Srrrrml Convicts ?o BmIi?Co
operate* With State In Campaign
Against Dlptherla and Typhoid.
The Board of County Commission
ers met In regular session on Holiday
with all members present except Tlm
berlake. After reading and approv
ing minutes of last meeting business
was disposed of aa follows:
E. W Attorney forHBOard
of Education was before the Board
asking that the ten per cent tax In
Bunn grhivii h? rescinded.
E. H. Malone request ad the Board
to. consider getting a Farm Demonstra
tlon Agent familiar with the Boll We
ill conditions. No action was taken.
Report of J. C. Jones. Superintend
ent Public Welfare was received and
fltwh? t
It was ordered" that Agnes Kearney
be placed on outside pauper list 5T
?2 .00 per month.
Oil motloiT of Hudson seconded by
Fuller the county was authorized to
pay medicine bill of Charlie Medlln
at Winston-Blanks Drug Co.
On order of Hudson seconded by Ful
-4w~that-tha rnnntv pnhllaTi It? state
ment annually instead of quarterly.
The report of the Cypress Creek
Hoed Truateea-fnr January was re
ceived and filed.
Tile report of the Prankllnton Town
?); " Hoad Trustees was received and
?):i n-olion of Fuller .mi soejmlod
by-tiTrr^Tn'i that the County accept -Hre
contract from the State, agreeing to
8 1-3 cents for each dose given for [he
prevention of dlptherla and typhoid
Report of Jr. J. E. Malone, County
Health officer wast receives and tiled.
gimi mini"-ti<>n
Ol, lllutlun uf Fuller btiii nooomlud
by ltuuson tV.e county auditor was or
dered to figure, out the ?axes da- the
old Soyitis pensions and get names
tr- in Clerk r' Court and hav-i sm;e
Truly by I-,.-jib 1st.
The following hid? for the H. C._
Taylor shop were received: H. C.
Taylor. J.. _C. Tucker ?18.00.
Dr. W. R. Bass $18.50,. Dr. Bass
was declared the successful bidder
and was therefore awarded the con
tract. ???
Report of Youngsviile Township
Road Trustees'was received and filed.
Upon motion the Auditor was in
structed to write all school districts
and Road Boards to report to the Clerk
to the Board of County Commissioners
all bonds outstanding, to be reported
b> Februasr 25th.
The bid of Willis Cooke for shop
rent at $5.00 per month to be paid
monthly, was received ana filed.
On motion of Hudson seconded by
Wilder it was ordered that R\ Long
be assigned to work at the County
home for" twelve months by order of
Judge Devin.
C. E. Mitchell petitioned the Board
for rebate to correct eryor insolvent
credits. It appears from examination
ot P. R. MltcheU list taker of Youngs
ville township that C. te. Mitchell was
entitled to the relief petitioned for It
was ordered that Hugh W. Perry be
and he is hereby order and directed
to issue and deliver t?.C. E. Mitchell
a draw back for taxes erroneously as
sessed against splvent credits for
county purposes only. /
On motion It was ordered that the
Board go to the county home on Thurs
day, February 9th for their regular an
nual meeting.
On motion It was ordered that
Saddle Barnett, Willie Hawkins and
B^ck Perry be and they are hereby
each assigned to the Road Commission
of Loulsburg Township to be worked
on the Public roads and highway of
Loulsburg township and the ?aid Road
Commission la required to pay to the
County the costs in each case for the
labor and service to be obtained from
said convicts.
Upon motion of Hudson seconded
by Wlldef it was Ordered tjiat the sal
ary of Miss Pauline rimith, Home Dem
onstratlon Agent, be restored to $900
per year In cooperation with the State
making a total of $1,800.00. Unani
mously carried.
On motion of Hudson seconded by
Fuller that the Board approved the do
nation of $25.00 on the purchase of a
fire alarm.
Report of J J. Holden, Superinten
dent of County Home was received and
After allowing a nnmter of accounts
the Board adjourned to meet at the
County HVjiom on February 9th.
We kre requested to state that the
usual services will be held at the Meth
odlst church Sunday morning and
night. Everybody Is Invited to at
Rev. Oso: V. Tllley, of Btatesvtll*.
will preach at Baptist church Sunday,
morning and evening. Public cordial
ly Invited to hear him.
By Mkjor Agreements, (irent Powers
Skips, Abjure Submarine Warfare
?Aftttlt CtuiMeiue ??a I'olw? <??,
Glve China New BIB of Rights, and
Set Up Hew Coitort to Preserve
Peace In Pacific.
Washington. Feb. 6.?Six complet-.
ed treaties, two others agreed to In
substance, fourteen resolutions and
ten separate or Joint declarmons of na
tional policy, comprise the formal and
tangible contribution of the arms con
ference negotiations iu tintui> .
By the major agreements of the con
ference the great powerB put a llmW
on their naval strength In enpltal ghtpa
itojure submarine warfare against com
merce and use of poison gas. give Chi
na a new bill of rights based on terri
torial Integrity and the open door, and
set up a- new International concord to
preserve peace In thq Pacific.?In ad
dition, Great Britain declares her in
tention to raatore WtUil-Wel tn rhl
na, Japan handB back Shantung and
promises to withdraw from Siberia as
soon as conditions there are stabilized.
The Six Treaties
These are the six treaties which, dur
Ing the twelve weeks of negotiations
hare, have hepn brought to flzml .com^.
(1) These naval limitation treaty, by
which th?-United Stales. Great Britain,
Japan, Frantfc and Italy agree to scrap
or convert sixty-eigjit capital ships,
nnd so limit future construction that,
after a ten-year"building holiday, their
f rst line naval strength will remain at
525,000 turiH, S2S.00O to tin. SlftrffTO-tona.
175,000 tons, and 175,000 tons, respec
tively. The respective tonnage of air
plane carriers is limlten to 135,001
tons each for the United States and
Great Britain, 81,000 tons for Japan
;f*nd 60,000 tons eaoh for Prance and
utalJC IndividuaT capital snips are to
? ha nn Inrger lhan*2a,000 tona and oar
ly nu girth? In eAtess of 10 Im.hes. Air
craft carries are limited similarly to
27,000 tons and auxiliary craft to 10,
'000 tons, and neither can carry a gun
larger than eight inches. A fortifica
tions."status quo" is set up in the Pa
agrees not to further foctlfy the Phil
to observe the same restriction in For
mosa, the Bonlns and tTie Pescadores.
Poison (Jas Treaty
(2) The Submarine and poison gas
treaty, to which the same five powers
are signatories. By its terms the po
wers agree as among tnemselves not
to use submarines "as commerce'aea
troyer8." In all cases to observe the
rules of visit and search, and to regard
as.a pirate any submarine commander
?ho violates existing law. As among
themselves, they outlaw use of poison
gas altogether.
(3) The four-power Pacific treaty,
by which the United States, Great
Britain, Japan and France agree to
[respect one another's rights In rela
tion to their insular possessions in the
Pacific, and to meet in consultation
whenever those rights are threatened
The Anglo-Japanese alliance is auto
matically abrograted when the new
treaty finally is ratified.,
(4) The general Far Eastern treaty,
betdeen the United States, Groat
Britain, Japan, France, Italy, China,
Belgium, Portugal and The Nether
lands, binding each of them to respect
China's integrity, the open door poli
cy Is to be in detail, and every oppor
tunity Is to be given the Chinese peo
ple to develop a stable government.
It Is agreed that no treaty infringing
these pr^iiclples is to be concluded,
that bo/ contracts violating them are
tc be upheld, that discriminatory prac
tices In the Chinese railways Is to end,
and that China's rights as a neutral
jire to be respected in future wars.
Chinese Tariff ...
(5) The Chinese tariff treaty, adher
ed to by the same nine nations, provid
Ing International machinery for an lm
mediate revision of Chinese customs
duties on a basis of 6 per cent, effec
tive, and in periodical revisions there
after, together with changes whllh will
agreed to In substance during the con
ference Japan gives the United States
the long-sought cable and wireless
privileges on the Island of Yap. and by
the other the five principal powers and
the Netherlands allocate the former
Cerman-owned cables In the Pacific
so that one goes to the United States,
one to Japan and one to The Nether
(8) The Shantung treaty between
Japan and China, by which Shantung
Is restored to Chinese control.
By one of the uncompleted treaties
permit imposition of surtaxes.
Koarteen Resolutions
Briefly, the fourteen resolutions giv*.
en. conference approval embody the
Agreement for withdrawal of foreign
postotTlces from China on January 1.
1923, provided China maintains an ef
ficient postal service and continues In
office the present foreign co-director
Establishment of an International
commission to Investigate tne Chinese
Judicial system with a view to aboll
(Continued on Pair* Eight)
Mrs. F. B. McKinne, Chairman at
-tht? local comiJlTtree for the American
Jewish Relief, reports the receipt of
winy cont-lbutlons and
teno* the wpprMiattons or tne o
mlttee for the prompt and liberal rea
ponee made to this appeal
TYaSVX. K6th __ flOO.VO
L. KUne 60.??
flb. VT. Ford 1.00
>1|8S ?alile T. Williams 1.00
Miss Lola Jackson
W. D. Jacksan I 2.0?
Jas. 3. King 1.00
M. S. Clifton jf? 2.60
Dr. S. P. BurlT? S.OO
J. S. Williams l.OO.
K. P. Taylor l.OC
H?U : j 1.
S. P. Gupton .60
?efcy White- -- l.M
K. H. Allen 1.00
C. M. Gattls 1.00
Cary Howard 1.00
I. Merowltz 5.00
P. S. Allen 6.
Alex A. Clifton 2.50
Mrs. J. J. Barrow 1.00
L. E. googgln ?1.00
F. M. Fuller - 1.00
F. N. Egerton B.Ot
Mr. and Mrs. J oh n King l.M
Miss Mayme Williams 1.00
W. H. Rutfin 10.0?
C. K. Cooke 1.00
[Joe Mann
J. J. lluldci. ...... T
'ljr. MiirtiUi .... . l.o*'
(JR'm. B. Barrow
F. J. Beasley 5.
T._W. Watson 6.00
W. R. Mills 1.00
L'r. Bmlthwlek ?tr
Miss Ida Mae Yow II 1.00
E. P. Yarborough ? 1.00
R. H. Davis ? 1.00
Miss Edith Yarborough .60
K. K. Allen 2.50
Hubert Harris 1.00
mil imrns .
Farmers National Bank l.OO
O. H. Harris LM
H. F. Fuller 1.00
|W. E. White 5.00
Kev. G. F. Smith 2.00
jC. T. Stokes 2.00
A. W. Alston 1.00
IE. H. Ma'one C.OO
jjas. E. Malone
Carl Pearce
s Miaa Pauline Smith
Miss Eleanor Collie 1.00
-j? B. King ? 1-flO
T. J. Harris .... ?? 1.00
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. McKinne S.00
Miss Mollie Strickland 1.50
Farmers & Merchants Bank 10.00
M. C. Pleasanta 1.00
F. W. Hicks 1.00
L. P. Hicks and wife 6.10
F. R'. PleasantB 1.00
W. B. Cooke ?1 1.00
D. C. High -50
I H. C. Taylor 2.00
I J. Lehman E.85
|W. B. Tucker 1.00
'A. M. Hali 1.00
;E. T. Hall 1 00
Mlss Iantha Plttman 1.00
J.iss Nannie Hal! Hale 1.0?
Miss F. Purnell 1.00
O. C. Hill 1.00
L. W. Parrish 1.00
IM iss May Cooper 1 00
Mrs. S. S. Meadows t.00
i I.tcKlnne Bros. 5.00
Oscar Stegall 1.00
K. Earle . .25
Fred Leonard 1.00
C. W. Edwards 1.00
Miss J. T. Harris 1.00
Geo. Murphy 1.00
Jno. Hlnes 1.00
W. M. Person 5.00
L. L. Joyner 2.00
A. P. Johnson 1.00
W. R. Bass 1.00
W. N. Puller 1.00
Mrs. Clund 1.00
R. E. L. Lancaster ! 00
Mlss L. Hali 1.00
E. L. Green .25
J. B. Thomas 5.00
Dr. C. H. Banks 1.0?
C. C. Hudson 1 00
1J T. Carpenter 2 00
8, W. Purvis .50
Bob Malone .50
W. E. May 1.00
Mrs. Holmes -25
Mrs. Dennis 1.10
Mrs. Strickland 109
Mis? Jar man 1.00
fj. Xt, Aycock 1 00
Paul Smith ? 00
Mrs. Swindell 1
Mrs. C. A. Ragland 2 00
S. T. Wilder 1 00
S. 8. Meadows ?> n?
R. H. Bobbttt 1
B. B. Mnssenburg ? I "0
Mrs. Bryant - 1 ?0
M. S. Davis _ 10?
I Mlss B Hale 1
'Miss Leila Strlrl^^I ... I 00
| Wm. Edens .T 1 ' ?0
Arch Parrtsh :
J. H. Boone I 00
P. W. Wheless '? "0
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Perry ' M
W H. Yarborough ? 2.50
K. W Furguraon 1
Mlss Crater 50
Ethel Tucker 2*
Martha Morgan
Oma Bliss Lewis T
Hattle Miy Parker ' ? ?
Mrs. Southall 1
Miss Rosa Waddell 2.0C
Mlss StaQbury 6.00
<!?!? Urn Iota ?( Oimatb, Stlh
f Shoes u< HiU-Tkltin Lest*
Knife?>o Clin loui
On entoriTi^ the ntnre of F. W. Whe
less yesterday morning Mr. J. A.
Boone discovered that some one had
been in the (tore during t tie nii&
from finding the hat case standing
open and a number of hats gone. He
immediately Informed Mr > Wheless.
*ho accompanied him on an ezamina
^tlonof the store ^finding that the Uner
asing a ladder and had?carried off j
possibly thirty or thirty-live suits of |
Clothing, nine or ten overcoats, a big
lot of shirts, twenty-flve or thirty;
.palrs of shoes and many hats, and j
ties and just what else it was impos
sible at this time to ascertain. The j
Wram-e was marie hv removing a
pane of glass in the back window, and |
|i leaving the culprn left nts knife. -
There was evidently more than one]
In the crime and the plane were well
made and just as well executed. One;
peculiar fact was that all the articlesi
taken were of the best quality carried i
lu mik'k aiid the ~ other goods were'
left In the same orderly shape as they j
were found. Mr. Whereas estimates
hi.? loss at least one thousand dollars:
%nd possibly fifteen hundred.*
Although the officers are busy at
[found giving any information as
rwho the ttiww ar?
Faster and faster comes the snow
And how it gives us joy
Hov- we hate to see it go
Just us !iti:e boys".
W.. iiiiiy from pinrning till-night
I With snow and our toy?*
| Lets start ,a snow-Lali fight
i Just us little boys.
We can't see how it comes so fast
!_ And not make anv noise
-Tow wo hope It will last
little boys.
?A. H. FLKVn\G, JR
_s at the fifth ?ra_?ie thar oc- :
cur oil thp Homor RDTt TDrtlie month
of January are: Kittle Boddie and
W. N. Fuller.
The only way some peopte can keep
out of an argument is to talk to them-;
Mrs. R. Z. Egerton .15
F. W. Justice 3.0?
Frank Perry 1.00
Sheriff Kearney .50
S. C. Holden 1.00
E. S. Ford 1.00
B. T. Holden 5.00
Ernest Thomas 1.00
Joe C. Jones 2.00
Tom Ruffir. 5.00
E. Leigh Best : * J. 00
J. M. Allen 1 1.00
J. L. Palmer <1.00
Miss Betts 5.00
Miss Foy 3.00
Miss Onffy 1.47
Bill Pleasants 1.00
Edith Griffin j. .25
Ruti? Crowell .25
Jaanlta Wright .25
Nell Jones .25
Vernie Wheless .10
Sarah Johnson 25
Pauline Eason .25
Ila McNeal .25
Miss tiupton .25
Locile Holden .50
Elizabeth Wright .50
Etta Beal and room mina 1 00
R1na Galette .50
Katherine Melrin .25
Elisabeth Klttrell .25
Margaret Daris .25
ITrsie Blake -2S
Ntta Carr .25
Feyton Brown 1.00
W. H. Perdue .1 ? .25
T. P. Williams -IS
C. E. Edena -? 1*
W Td. Upehnrch ? 54*
0. R. Andrews 1 00
R. E. L. Lancaster -5*
Cash . 25
Dr. A. H. Fleming 1 00
8. P. Boddie J ?o
Clyde F. Collier .50
Dr. H. O. Perry 1 00
C. M. Ilobbs 2 00
F. W. Hicks 1 00
C. D. Elmore I 00
Mr?. D. F. McKinn- :.0?l
R. C. Beck 1 -*?!
A. W. Person 1.00
P. B. Griffin - I 00
W. O. Joyner SO
F. N. SpWey 1 *0
Geo, C. Pollard ?- 2 00 j
W. D. Egerton 1 00
1. Allen Harris . ? ? 1-00
B. N. Williamson : 00
Dr. J. O. Newell 1 00
J. W. Perry 2 00
*V. M Freeman 1 00
A. W. Wilder 1.
N. L. Moseley
Dr. H. H. John
J. R. Thomas 100
?? J 00 ,
Dr. George W. Tnwtl, pastor of the
First Baptist church. of Dslls?. T<
will conduct a two weeks evangelistic
meeting in the City Auditorium of
beginning Search 1. Rev.
the First Bap
lift eh arch of Mi. Airy, s lil lead -the
Widespread interest is being mani
fested already tn this mseOTg.- ITr.
Truett, who is a native of this State,
is regarded one of the foremost preach
era of the world. Wit host resorting
to sensational methods In the slight
est degree. Dr. True 11 attracts s mul
titade to hear him every time he
spealks. It is expected that thousands
of people living within 100 miles of
Raleigh will hear hhn daily In the big
Arrangements hare been made by
which the auditorium wijl be connect
ed with the wireless station al A. and ^
E. College by means ot traich mnltl-j
plied thousands living within a radius '
of 1.000 miles of Raleigh, who are j
equipped with a wireless telephone. I
may listen into Dr. TraettH sermons. .
This is a distinctly new feature in j
evangelistic efforts in North Carolina. '
Dr. Truett has a Tirol?? ?mflt in his
church at Dallas by which he is heard
every Sunday all over :n< Crfea; South
Chapel Hill. Feb. 3.?The high
schools of North Carolina will take
the center of the stage at the Univer- :
sity dyring the first week tn April.
Their representatives will meet here 1
in three great contests?debating.
track athletics and tennis.
The aaery, for the debate this year
1st?"Resolved that the Culled gLitt-r
should enter the League of Nations."
In order to give the debaters complete
information on i>och o ice o or %hi? qu?.-'
tKUi. the University distributed
fc?aoug the schools a wuiietin o i 75
foriflcf i'4*^.vifne wooarow.
v. lisoa is quo! ed at ieiig?^* in support
of the League. w are also gens tor?
lriuliccjch. lijiniltuii Hut? and Afthm
J. Balfour. Arguments against it are
quoted from the aptecnea of Senator
Lodge. James S. Beck and David"
Jayne Hill. {
To the winning team will t>e award
"ture ajV.VV.?. xnxxvnBZ luy.
The debates will take place at night
contests wi4l"be"heli^mora'n^ami^Lf
ternoon on the same days.
The following is the Honor Roll for
Cedar Rock school for Jan. l$-2.
1st Grade: Garland Strickland. Ada
Lou Sledge.
2nd Grade: Wood row Boooe.
3rd Grade: Margaret Smith. Mar
vin Sykes.
4 th Grade: Elizabeth Rowland.
Ciinton Glasgow.
5th Grade: Christine Sledge. FLlira
teth Glasgow. Joseph Inscoe.
7th Grade: Johnnie Ray Taylor.
8th Grade: Elizabeth Lone. Ber
nice Smith. Airaie West. Tommie Lay
10th Grade: Cornelia Boone. Boone
Sykes. Inez Sykes. Daisy Tharringron.
Lucy Tharrington.
Inglosid? won from Youngsville
High School Friday. February 3rd by
a score of S-7. Both teams appeared
to be pretty evenly matched. The
score was 5-4 at the end of the first
half. The last half the locajMOlned
the lead by ' ?> 1*1 \ III HsHil hini llllll
field goal. Underwooti was tbe high
man for Youngsville. while Edwards
was the individual star for Ingleside,
scoring all eight points for his team.
The line-up:
Icglesftde Position Youngsrille
i John Holden 1 nderwood
High Forward
I Hubert Hblden Pkrr?
Left Forward
Faulkner Winston
Edwards Winston
Right Guard
[Edwards. J. - Winston
* Lefl Guard
FraakHnton. Ffcfc. 4.?On Frtrur*
4th. Miss Marr Ktiaabefh Cheatham,
daughter of lir. J. B. Cheatham, or
XasliTille. Tenn.. celebrated her eighth
Mrthdar In a Valentine paity at the
borne of her grandparents^ Mr. and
::-x. ?. W Ballard. j
The znest *m Wwi Sarah and
Francis Vans. Camilla Cram. K'iu
Mh McGbea. and Vlrfmn Brown Af
cacti (uwt arrlrrd skr was pmrntnl
?ith a rrry attractive rein iu apron
and a tax with bar nam* oa it for Ik*
? Heart <x>ntaat.~
< rati Into tka dial
raleatlne srbetne was carriad oat In
?T?rr detail.
Tbe rpfrHkMla wan ica cms.
raka anil minis la haart ahapaa o* rad
and whit?. Tba hisn i u ?staled of
ml satin b?a boa boxca Iliad with j
fxnrT rindiM. Altar *m?ay Ramos ?
ware played tba gaaat laO. k?rtn*
spant a moat daHghtral altartwia. j
Ohio miners p tannine a strike for
April I don t saam to ha April footta?.
}?? toc now i? i
do iwrxsow.
im* There.
Mr. J. A. Mltchiner vtaited
Mrs. C. D. Elmore vtatted rtltllw
Id Raleigh this week.
Mrs. C. G. Bedford, of High Pol*,
is the guest of Mrs. E. f. Thomas.
Mr. John D. Hines. of Ra
was a visitor to Loulsburg
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Collie, of Ral
eigh, were visiters to Louis burg Mo%
Mr. Edwin Cooke, of Spartanburg.
S. C. is spending this week in Louis
Isurg. __
L Svutl. J. C.^Jbrceg. Meaais. J. Li.
Byron and J. B. Wilder, vtsited Hen
derson Tuesday.
Mrs. D. P. McKinne and Misses
I^onie and Suale Meadows visited Ral
eigh Wednesday. '
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Thomas were
anttm* thou? to witness Lorawardi, Ltd
at Raleigh, Monday nlgat.
Mr. W. H. Allen and children. Sam
and Kate, visited Mrs. Alien, who is
recuperating from an operation, in
<i ?h'- *-? ilt- :
Dr. A. H. Fleming. Messrs. R. G.
. Person ai)d J, E Thomas went to Rat-?
eigh Monday night to see ^Lombardi.
Ltd. at the Academy.
i Lie at- H. H. Harris is expected to
arrive In Louisburg today rrom Camp'
caaia, ria.. to which place he
been transferred.
Mrs. T. W. BIckett, who has bee*
visiting Dr. and Mrs. R. F. Yarbor
ough. returned to-her home In Raleigh
j^TrirUx "jl-* to *"-1?r-*~r
[for Burlington to visit Mrs. K- . a
: n->?* -
J1"111 - - - - . ? *1 *
1 Cv w?i omlM to Wsl
' don Saturday by the tragic death of
her nephew. Isaac Edward Green. The
young man was about seventeen and
was a junior Jn the Weldon High
(School. He went out on the river to
visit some traps which he had set along^
its bank. When he did not return at
a reasonable hour searching parties
went to look for him. They found his
boat floating upside down on the
stream and later found his body. It
is supposed that his boat was caught
and overturned in the rapids.
There will be a Music Recital and
other entertainments given at Center
Tille school building on Friday night.
Feb. 10th. 1922. The small adlgission
of 15 and 25 cents will for- cnarged. The
proceeds of this entertainment will go
to help build a Baptist church at this
The deepest sympathy of all goe?
out to Mr. and Mrs. Ea Parrish. liv
ing four miles from here ta Franklin
** hA t v. because of the sad And tragic
'de^h of their young son, Dwight, ag
Jed 18 yean. The young man with
jchers at his fathers mill were CelUnc
trees?, when a flying limb fen strtMag
him on the head and battering out him
trains from which he die? Instantly.
Last Monday four nilw from hern
in this county and one mil? from the
j borne wiere she had lived tor 75 yean
I the nude bones of Miss Temple Torry
j were found in a clump or asvH gr-rwth
j near a branch. She. tn a frail la
mented condition disappeared from
the Tarry home early In
aad large searching parties creat
through Che Woods for miles but no
trace of her whereabouts were ilhrov
cred. Rev. O. W. May conducted
tie service? and the remains were in
terred bealde her parents and sisters
in the family plot. Sbe had no ene
mies and had lived a pure life from
Mr W. R Coppedge an aged and
esteemed citizen and ? lanter, Is fals
ing vitality after being thrown tr*pn
a horse some time ago and Injured,
and will soon be able to return tn his
I? me at Cedar Rock His moat es
timable companion has been with him
at hla sons. Dr. T. O. Coppedge In
Nashville. His many friends will
learn with delight of Ills" I?liprailnn
After a mad dog had Mlin many
csora dogs here the post week he was
parsaed hv gup-men an T ws ta Asath.
(These items were Intended tor laat
weak hot were received too lata.?Ell
Me may be as homely aa a mod I
and have been passed ?9 by half the
other girls in town, bat thai doesn't
seam to keep the newly-engaged girl
from thinking that the rast oi the gtrla
are trying to steal him from h?.
. ?' IV. /iJif i

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