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A. F. J0HH80H, itiur ui imjer - THE COUNTY, THE STATE. THE UHIOH ?C*so*irno* ?u? rw t?
volcxj l. - WW???, *. c* f kidat. feiitiitt, im. n on ?i
Among tke Boys and Girls, the Grown
Up* ml?Little Tuts?Cuamltteeg
Appointed?Pinna and Objects Adop
ted In Meeting Saturday.
Quite a good number of Franklin
County's leading citizens enjoyed a
most Interesting discussion on boys
and girls poultry club work by Mr.
H. H. B. Mask, of the State Extensiea-J
Department on Saturday afternoon in
the Board'of education rooms at the
request of Miss Pauline Smith, Homej
L emonstratlon Agent, who is trying
to Interest the people of Franklin Coun
ty in raising more poultry. Mr. Mask
stated (hat the goneral providing .ipln
inn that poultry doesn't pay is a farce
and proceeded to prove that one hun
dred hens to'a farm would payhand
some returns. To substantiate hlB
position h? pointed to Catawba Coun
ty that is today operating one of the
most modern and successful Co-opera
tfve Creameries in thS World. This
he said was begun just a few years
ago with the poultry club work, which
developed into'the other branches.
This institution operates regular
routes through the country to receive
chickens, eggs and milk and mother
farm products which are prepared for
i be markets and shipped in large "quan
uties to the larger cities, returning a
vi~e profit .to the farmer^ But one of
-..V. Mask's strongest isasQUB for ad
voeitiag the boys and girls poultry
CJ'. is the great influence it develops
an. "-"' children, who are to be our
men nad women of the future. He
profits of the farm, it would increase
their interest, stimulate their efforts
end bi l:ig about an (dependence and
stability of character that is so neces
sarv in tnt modern busfnesti uiav. or
woman. His entire speech was logi
cal, practical ant1 plainly a champion
for the American hen and her products
and loir.tecTa" way to better living
"^na~nlci'g Ulll'-'puiHlmifM fur tlie ami
age farmer.
After the conclusion o* his remarks
it was unanimously dedded-to put on
a campaign for the organization of
poultry clubs in this county and the
following" objocts and plans of action
?wm adopted: -?'*?'?_?
poultryron every farm. ,2. To mgke
the poultry now on the la'rm more pro
fitable by grading and marketing co
operatively. 3. To know and improve
farm practices: to devciop the spirit
of cooperation: to encourage economy
and thrift; to more clearly unite the
home, school and community; to get
^better social and recreational advan
tages, and to help boys and girls to
"help themselves" in the building of
the four fold boy into the fourfold
man and woman. The noy and girl
who carries out a club project gets a
training which will be helpful in any
walk of life. The object >s to give the
club member a participation in the
actualities of life, so that the exper
ience will better fit him to meeit the
conditions and problems tn any walk
of life. Club work alms to build three
ships,?ownership, partnership and
citizen ship. Scope: Organized clubs
in rommunhiflR*
Club Requirements: 1. Teacher
leader. 2. Local leader. 3. Regular
club officers." 4. Five ?r more mem
bers. 5. A definite program for the
year. C. Monthly meetings. 7. Club
picnics. 8. Community Club Day.
9. Parents meeting to discuss the Ob
jects of club work. 10. 100 per cent
members reporting. 11. Conduct a
club demonstration on club day.
Membership Requirements: 1. Be
of club age, 10-18 (boys and girls un
der and o^ir this age may be honor
ary members). 2. To take part In
marketing the surplus otrga from the
farm flock. 3. Hatch M least three
settings of some standard breed.
4. To become partially or completely
owner of the pure bred poultry pro
duced. 5. Keep an accurate record
In club record book of the work.
8. Attend all meetings. T. Take part
In club meetings. 8. Mase an exhibit
at your school or club day. 9. Sub
mit complete report to club leader by
Oct. 1st. 10. Establish business re
lation with some bank. 11. To con
struct a model poultry house during
the fall of 1922.
Suggestions to leaders: 1. To as
sist club officers In making yearly
program. 2. To attend all club meet
lags. 3. To give club demonstrations
for lieneflt of members. 4. To visit
members, especially those In need of
encouragement. 5. To give them In
struction* In keeping their records.
There Should Re:
1. Conferences for local leaders.
2. Club news for local paper.
3. A Club Budget.
4. Club Loan Fund.
5. Contests (County, Community,
and Individual.)
6. Premiums: educational trips to
Contests held at State r>alr and Short
7. A County Committer to carry out
this vork.
In order to carry out the work It
was unanimously agreed that Miss
Pauline Smith, should Tie the County
Leader In this work, and an Executive
Committse composed as follows was
Loss and Dsmagp Estimated at About'
Origin Thought To Be Iarendlary. {
That the Are bug? hare ?rtrtari an- j
other buiiatng' Th T>oulsburg to their
list when the old Academy building
was burned on Saturday night. Is the
opinion of many of our citizens who
arrived at tho ncone ot the fire In time
?to ascertain that the Are was started
from the front porch and after it was
learned that two people haa been seen
prowling around Hhe building lees
than half an hour before.
The alarm was turned In about 9:45
and the Are- department made prompt
answer and through the qulek^nnd ef
flclent work ot the firemen the hlajg
was subdued before reaching the back
of the building. In fact before the en
tire UTTKe front part had ourned com
pletely away.
The estimated damafp to the bulld
lng was $3,000.00 with Insurance $2,
5UU. ou. Of the furniture and fixtures
$1,500.00, with insurance of $1,300.00.
This was one of the oldest buildings
In toulsburg, being over one hundred
years old and had been used as an
academy for a long number of years.
Many of Franklin's most prominent
citizens received their education Id 11^
and among some of the most noted pro
feasors Who have taught in tt are the
late Matthew S. Davis, and Mr. John
J. Allen, the World's champion spell
This Incident Is proof that the in
cendiaries are respecters or do bulld
ings and should more forcibly Impress
ou our minds the absolute necessity
of making proper arrangements for
the protection of the children In case
of fire during the school hours, and
"Ore catching and punishing the thugs.
As a temporary measure Supt. Mills
is using the Sunday School rooms oT
the Methodist church for the third and
upper second grades in order to make
brick building. '
Sheriff H. A. Kearney reports the
capture of a complete still outfit just
above Loym taut ? ana deatfoyia?
about three hundred gallons of beer
f He also report? the destruction of
?aoout three hundred gallons of beer on
the old Dent .place last Friday night.
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|selected to assist her: J. A. Mitch
iner. M. S. Clifton, O. J. Hale. A. F.
I Johnson, Mesdames W. E."Mullen, C.
iT. Dean, T. H. Dickens, Roger Moore,
[Misses Annie Dickerson, Clara Long,
Addle Bordeaux, Mr. E. J. Cheatham.
The Executive Committee will be ex
pected to keep the interest aroused in
the club work and to adopt plans to
put over the campaign.
Another committee was appointed
to draft a letter of approval of plans
adopted Saturday afternoon. Mr: M.
S. Clifton, Mrs. C. T. Dean and Miss
Pauline Smith compose this committee.
A committee on Budgeting, to se
cure funds, arrange encampments,
community shows, etc., waSappoint
ed as follows: 'Mr. O. J. Hale, M.
S. Clifton, J. A. Mitchlner, Mesdames
M. C. Pleasants, W. A. Mullen, Mr.
E. J. Cheatham.
The following community centers
have been selected for the probable
organization of Clubs. The teacher
leaders and community leaders for
each community were selected as fol
lows, the first named being the teach
er leader and the last named the com
munity leader for the Boys and Girls
Poultry Club work:
White Level?Miss Agnes Hunt, Mrs
T. H. Dickens.
Justice?Miss Clara Long, Miss Mary
Bunn?Mr. Herbert Randolph, Mrs.
W. E. Mullen.
Cedar Rock?Mrs. T. H. Sledge,
Mrs. C. T. Dean.
Seven Paths?Miss Lucille Powell.
Mrs. Roger Moore.
Franklinton?Miss Nannie Pigg.
Mrs. J. A. Mitchlner.
Louisburg?Teacher leader to be
named. Mr. O. J. Hale.
New Hope?Miss Annie DickersoJl
Moulton-Hayee?Miss Estelle Mc
Ghee, Mrs. D. T. Fuller.
Wood?Miss Eugenia Boone, Miss
j Pearl Oupton.
Pilot?Miss Addle Bordeaux, Miss
Ora Alford.
The entire meeting was enthusias
tic and offers and plans were made and
suggested whereby every one who
wishes can begin a poultry yard and
be a member of the club. Although
age limits are set older and younger
people may Join.
Full details of the work to be begun
will probably be given out by the com
raltee in the near future. And in the
mean time suffice It to say that the
rianpaign when properly put over,
which is an assured fact that it will
be, It will mean untold herteflts to the
farmer from a source that will not re
quire much more effort or axpense.
In the plan Is contained a method
marketing that will entirely eliminate
the greatest objection to the move
Shoitlng Anut Paid Oat k?4 Tk? ?mu > Fi*b WUe* Ik b D*rtT*4 latrr
fkim. '
The following table la mad* i,
the report? published by the Co?ty.
wnn in? *rrt,ju\nw, th.l all
are figured under the new bul. ud
will show to the rotera what the dif
ferent offices are coating me
tor seniles. These figure* do
Insofar as we hare been able to I
tain. Include any expena
either of the offices except for
power. From it you will notica
the Sheriff's office abowa a coat
$7,253.76, and bat for the credit Cor the
commissions for the collection of
taxes, which It ia entitled to hare, $7,
655.85, the credit column which con
tains figures of $1,822.68, would-be
come a debit column of $5,733.17.
The Register 67 Deeds office shows
ail 8XC8W salary BBTO TBOTW all IV
colptB of $606.30. and th? total
of $1,001.30 above receipts.
The Clerk of the Courts office
an excess cost in the salary
of $9.37 above receipts, and when
Jurenlle salary Is added which is
from another source it
excess cost to the county of $309.17.
The Auditor's office, whlcn has ?(
en over-some of the work
done by the Register of Deeds
and which expense has no receipts ?
offset shows a cost of $2.451.59, which
together with the other salaries wk)
im rut cipLii to rr ii*'- -* *- wn ZM
sen t s a total expense to tHe County
$4.551.59. It might be called to :
that in the Auditor's statement of the
Salary fund two weeks ago It ?ai
shown that the County was saTtnf
above the fee system ?4.5S57?C. stol
as t his table shows $3.510.77 the fif
I rernce being.Oie officers rrceired two
| months salaHea under the old law ftfid
icufation figures a full year under the
J new salary law. '
It will be seen that the amount paK
these offices that is offset trv the waM*
ary fund is $12.650.00. and the- anynart
paid the same three offices not offset
by the salary fund is $2.995.76, which
makes a total of irhilr
total receipts for the salary fund 1?
only $16,160.77, making a differ
in favor of salaries of $512.01. How
ever if you will add to the above sal
aries that are offset by the salary fiwl
the total salaries that have no fund
in offset them. $8-835.35- von will ha??
& C C* t of SH.4SS.35. This shows that '
tihaniHng the entire retdmij
Troja f?? and rommiaiotta tihe Coua- ]
ty has to call on the general fond for
. SS. This amount would have !
srles bill not been passed, by at least
Jo.200 tjO. which would hare represen
ted an excess cost to the county of less
than $200 00.
Before leaving this reature it will be
well to state, in Tiew at the fack. that
the voters of Franlftin County are to
vote on the question of whether or not
they shall keep their officers on sal
ame up it turn them to the fee basis
this fall, that in tkw of the tact that
the salary bill "only ejects three offi
ces. Sheriff. Register of Deeds and
Clerk of the Court, and tnat t?e~
cgtpa of these uffina situ* it lesst
S3.510.77 in favor of salaries, even
tfcou^h the Sheriff*s office bears the
'burden of the other two it Is evident
that If the offices are put bach on fees
it will cost the tax payers to be paid
or a total of SS.S29.15. less Qe allow
ance to the Sheriff for %se collection
of taxes tl^M.M. An you* giving
the least thought to the question will
'not hesitate to support the salary ques
tion when it is submitted at the gen
eral election. It is suggested to those
do am tike the fxrt am the -sat
aries were increased, that they take
special pains to see that men are
elected to the General Assembly who
will repeal the new salary law and pot
4z- hack to where tt-was when the peo
ple voted, the change, which coaiain
i ed the amount of salaries they wished
[to pay.
! At the conclusion of the table will"
| be found some figures on the School
fund of the County, which show a to
4-Wi receipt for of $1^4.44^.01
i*hich was handled at an expense of
[IT.134.10. tearing the?near?sum?
$117.2$7.?3 to go to the schools. The
| information that we have received
tT'TO the educatiocal department of
fuumi sliuss ?r.feia the
l.L ui le.i imi* t*ie ujlljIw-. i"f teaeh
ers and the amount of their salaries
have about doubled, and at the same
time the administration expense has
.increased only nominal.
| The table follows
t :
Salary , ! I
D?puiy 1-StW.tW
Allowance for collecting taxes : l.>5?>.^>
Capturing stills
Receipts other than Com. on Taxes 1.520.39
S 7.253-7% 1 .52? 5?
Excess cost a bore Receipts 5.753.17
Com. on taxes reported 1921 7.553.Si
Bal. in cxcess of salaries S UH.iS
Total ??1. In pxcess receipts J.37
Salary Juvenile Judge
Salary . V? 2.M0.>?
Salary of Deputy ^ 1 i?J iW
Receipts during year \ 2?3.70
3.*)* w> ZJft3 70
Amt in excess of receipts
Acct. for listing unlisted taxes 13*.?
Amt. Clerk Equalization Board ' 15.W
Computing tax receipts etc. ? St.W
Total Sal. in excess receipts t LW1.M
Salary S 2.W *?
Salary Deputy ljW *
Receipts reported 1921 ' " 4,*9*. (3
4.1M.M 1.IM \f
Total excess * 3*9.37
Salary * ljM M
Amt. receiTed as Supervisor of Tui aad help ?3 M
Amt. Pd. O. W. B. and M. H.. w-k on taxa 2SS 95
Total cost S 2.451 5?
Auditor and help S 3.451.59
Supt. Public Welfare. Covnty part M M
Home Demonstration Agent. Conntr put 9** ?*
Attorney 3** M
Total $ 4?
The I .Mowing table will show from what fund the tcaney is take* to pax the
Salary Pad Gew. Purpose
8-Jtry { 3.15* ??
Salary I>eputy 1>*? *4
Allowance for collecting uu-s 1_?S* 0*
Capturing Stills etc. _ Jil 7?
Sal ry ; iat *4
Salary Deputy 1.*** ?*
Fur listing nnlirted taxes . 13* *?
For Clerk to Board of Equrlntloa IS w
For computing taxes letmst- 25* M
Salary 2.?** **
Salary Depnty 1.5**.**
Salary Jnrenile Judge* JM M
She ll* other Source? 1.52* 5?
Sheriff Com. on taxea 7 1S& ?5
Register of Deeds _ 1.993.7*
I05 AniLiilT.
There was a call meeting of the Au
iliary of the American L^f .oo la the
t?dance *u annwalty Urf? o4 **t
eral Important mailers of bsi:rm
w^rf brought before the nwf-K.
The first qi?estk>n broa^ht np tor
discussion was as to which of the saay
club projects calling tor fund? the pro
?fits fri m The socials thomid he appro
priated. After an interesting disoas
*lpn of the re lat tre merits of tie va
' rious needs a motion was ma?V to as*
j the som under discussion for tie needs
; of the club rather than put tt in the
* general fund or add it to tie =eocnai
fundSince a seemed hat fair to use
the fund made by the social s for tie
reeds of the social committee this no
tiou prevailed, and the trrm^rer ? m
directed to pay the an:o*mt on hand
to Mrs. Adams, chairman or this com
mittee to use in repieaisitmg tie f.p
j uf siliei
-?The mili
meeting was the purrh&se- of a ~~ar>o
fcr the use of the cluh and isr'Mry.
especially for socials. It bemr the
opinion of the majority that ct wotald
not be right to use any of the ?<oor
ial fund in such a way nor was tt de
Tstrable to assess etch of tie
club and auxiliary s proportionate v?ri
.for this object it was decide*! to raise
"ihe money For the piato ^y Torstiary*
subscnptiocs. dances or other enter
Announcement was nsa*ie thai the
. anniianr dara bar* haess rn
fiom one dollar to one dollar an a
half. Prery member :s rvnaeste- to
bring or send her dues to the aer. reg
. aiAT?BOnthij meeting which wfll t?e
. held ia the el?k roee? T^escsy xf.?r
ut on. Feb. 20th
?rs. Ricks suggested t^a* stars ?r
memorial gun wnich ^e Irst trae*? to
was able p^T rh*r etrr :c grt a
l ?^fOVVr-S.rl ^.*. ? n.l.'-i ? i--? rt
tfce result of her in.jsiriew
Mrs. Beck sugg^steu tha: we >ead
s-jneN -'t r??> Ot-fer t.> ln?i ca~ what
\?i inn* r tub.* which aa e ?i t>*m*
ml-a.iHB?r3 w jc* Wu?1
N-. can do for th?m which, wiii r*
most needed and m>st appceenfctec. It
?as decided to *n*e to soaie p-?-rf**ns
'!??? Ash grille, personal frLec.Cs of sco*
of the auxiliary members and aak tbesn
_^g. nut t ?, rtr^T- - - ' ~ -?* -W
^??rs aad. ru^ort-te -.fc* iii -?rj
4 n
J? jgTiOiKT car mL
The S an dar nighc ?rrio? ar the
! Methodist r hare h vas or aa -x~ ?-??-*]
and impressive character. T^e tieaae
underlying the different puri os ihe
program was that differ^set persons
may hare different points of arxi
jet each mar be right ao.4 --ewssan
to make up the whoie.
j Mr. E. H. Maloa* read titas poraon
of the scripture which draws a a*z?
'parison between the interde^e&ednce
i of the members and t hie S>Jj ax-d of
? the Individual n?mlwre aa>i tie c?uihi
Miss Rentz gave a renrfrrg "Lrt >pe
. lire in a house by the sitfe of tie raad.**
_ She gate also the story of tie inspi
ration of the poem Miss l>rirrii:
piTf a reading which' was wt:Om as
a reply to the first pfreci- It was
called "Lrt me walk with tie szm ia
the rmuL^ ^nut fir??a .. r ^
which presented still a third t*w erf
life. Hers was "Let me *rre a my
place." Each of these tire? 5?c?ems
tat? p. different idea of tie kapfceutt
form of service, yet eweft portrayed tie
desire to serre.
Rpt. G. F. Smith care tie c>o*amg
reading in an imaginary icq wrmicn
between Brother Putaal. Brocier De
lay j Sister Prayerful. Sister
ana Sister Hotne.
his or her own Men of *rnc* fcr tie
Master and found it hart to realise
that the other was also *mf ia a
different way.
Tbe eiertise served tf? r*rr t?e mo
notony of tbe nsnal for La of
and conveyed the le
be taught quite as effeamrfy as a w
roon won Id have done. Tie rin^n
cation enjoyed it an
similar is in atom
MOB ?TIK Tf rffTT.
Wm. Branch was bon?? vnn
Court by "Squire A. nr. AMc? I
9^J. J E. Tbonni and Ckoef of fV \
lire D. C High. Dirk Sktnrt^c was j
bonnd over to conrt under m Vwd
by I>r W B. Morton for brwnkfetc a
to a box car of tbe ^nbwrj raOrajr j
Chief of Pt>Hr? D C. H ack *?d On '
stable J. R. Tkmn reyoi-r Tie am?l
c4 Miuuie Wright, a Han ?aa>r Te*
nertion ?Kij tke nM ury of tie Aacbar
Stores Co.. of Htn4?r n^n aa4
rred abn?t *25? t? worti of
were stolen fr?n tkat
were turned o*er ti
phr wbo took tktaa bnrk ta lliai
wberr a trial will be giien
day It is expected tiat
will follow.
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* This week we have cor- ?
* rected the date on all la- ?
* brfs. Read your label a ad
* see if it corresponds with *
: * your rekord. If not notify *
r* us at enee. If It la not *
p. r..arkr-il in send no *
j * a check for an amount snf- *
* fk-ienf to pay yon ahead at *
* oflce as we will have to dis- *
* continue all papers to sub- *
* bribers who are in arrears *
affer This^eefc. "
* Send in your remittance ?
* at once so you won't miss *
* an issue. ?
a rt vrrK*A^s
I Wf want every Confederate soldier
in Franklin County who is able to do
s*> to meet at the Court House at 11
[o'clock on Saturday the 4th of March.
Aat W* ma v PPt t ho nam* of ATgrynna
? who expects to go to the Reunion to
be had tn Richmond, Va.. 20th. 21st,
and 22nd of June. And every mem
ber of R. M McKInney Camp No.
, 1S27 is requested to be there, as all
officers for the camp will be elected
that day. There will be other bnsi
dont forget that we want to select
one of Franklin s lovely Daughters to
go with us as Sponsor and she will
Jbg enTiT 1 ed xg select three raai<ljL of =
bonor. We want to have as many of
tie Sons of Confederate Veterans to
co with us to the Reunion as possible.
And we hope that everyone of our U.
D C's ?ITI huuur ub ^itli tlielr p res
ewe?and s**e the Rattle Ahhey of tb*
South, the Confederate Memorial In
stitute. Comrades don't forget to
come to Lou is burg. March the 4th.
P. G. ALSTON. Cumnmnlur.
R. M. McKinnev Camp.
No. 1527. N-. C. Div.
ibrisBrm se?ro is
fcz>T?t> 1> wi*stoS-salf.jf
Brought back to this city firom Win
rtnn-Salem. where he was arrested for
the Wake County authorities. J. D.
Thomas, a negro who lives near
l^ouis'blirg. was ulitwl millet ^1,600
tcard Monday night by Justice J. E.
W MPW A dfl Uf tff>
to procure abortion. A colored
girl living near Zebulon ts the prose
m ting witness and the warrant waa
sworn out by her father.
Thomas furnished the bond and hia
hearing is set for February 20. He
was brought to Raleigh Monday after
noon by Deputy Sheriff E. G. Rich
ardson. He was at work in Winston
Salem when arrested there by Sheriff
[Flint.?Raleigh Times.
There have been reported to the Dis
trict office of the United States Veter
ans' Bureau a number of instances in
/which attorneys are ctuirgrng claim
ants who applied for compensation or
vocational training: fees in excess of
the amount allowed by law, which,
imoant is 13.40 for each rta ?m filed.
The Bureau has adopted the policy
oT prosecuting every attorney or other
person illegally charging fees in ex
cess of $3 00 for handling claims
against the Bureau. It Is not neces
isiry that a claimant take his case to
a lawyer, inasmuch as this Bureau
will assist him in the preparation of
his claim and inform him of the papers
necessary and will not recognize any
attorney in the presentation of any
claim against the Bureau.
Unfortunate and illiterate disabled
J ex-service men are being made the vtc
Itim* of unscrupulous attorneys, who
are defrauding them of a considerable
portion of the amount of money al
llnilji for compensation or training,
j All sach cases reported are being tm
iv^Migated through me Prosecution
Seetk* of this Bureau and U>o?e per
son* found guilty will be dealt with
Please give this item publicity so
t Hat It may be a warning to those per
son? who are violating the taw and de
frajKling disabled men by charging Il
legal fee* to which they are not enti
M Bryson. District Manager.
U. S Veterans* Bureau.
A report wa* received here yester
day from Henderson stating that sev
era! parties had been caught there for
barning baildinga. and that oae of
confessed to burning Hines-Hod
re* Motor Co.. garage here norm*
vmU ago They were all placed an
hsavj bond, so the reports say. and
to the State Prison for sa/e keep
is tbe event the bonds ware not
Mr. C. M. Wilson and Mrs. T:
IMt of .Wilson's Mills, were guests
of Mrs. Lelfta Williamson this week.
Doe to a shortage of aadarwaar.
Iota of people s knees are ?14.

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