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e?H8 CAKTA!?*
W? Imi Hwlla; at Fr*illlil?i
Starts r?(tH 8%i Of Drive.,
PriiDkllntobr> July 17. ? Business
stopped here this afternoon while the
whole town and all the country round
turned out to hear Banker E. B. Crow
of Raleigh, apeak on cooperative mar
keting of cbtton and tobaocb. Tbjs
was the opening mass meeting In the
sign-up drive of the North Carolina
Cotton Growers' Cooperative- Associa
tion, which will continue throughout
the cotton belt ot the State (on the
next two weeks.
Five hundred men aad women gath
ered In a cotton warehouse and gave
earnest attention to the Raleigh bank
er s exposition ot cooperation from a
scriptural and financial viewpoint .
TomoiroT^l the bualneaa booses
into the country to finish the sign up
in this section. The Frankllnton bus
iuess men are standing one hundred
per cent strong behind the movement
and the majority ot the cotton and to
bacco growers have already signed
Banker Ed Crow, wbose reputation
as a Bible teacher la State-wWe. ex-1
pounded scripture this afternoon with
the Bame earnestness that he teaches
a Sunday School on Sunday mornings,
and talked finances with the same
common sense that he does to Raleigh
i.usiness men every day. He aroused
ii s ;>.udlence to a high pttch of enthus
?-.i and wound up with an earnest
. all to Join In a movement
t :iliflk to take women and little
c.,.. u dv of the cotton fields ot the
Pu.l tg a ystament from his pocket
.vr. Crow read from the twelfth obap
ter of First (Jorinihians, stating that
in studying Vtie great cooperative
movement, hewought scripture light
and had found abundant evidence that
ii is in accord with the Bible.
"And wlietheAVne member shall
sutler, all the mypbers suffer with it
or one member M honored all the
members rejoice with it," said St.
Paul. "No banker or merchant or
manufacturer has a right to say that
because J am not a farmer I have no
interest in the farmer^ declared Mr.
Crow. "Nor has the farmerette right
to say that he' has no interest In the
banker or merchant," he added.
He dot A Vision
It was la edMMrjwr ago that
banker Crow first got the vision ot the
b?iefiis ot cooperation. He told
o. the thorough going investigation he
made and how he had become con
vinced ot the absolute soundness ot
the cooperative principle.
An outworn system ot selling and
of financing sales of cotton should
give way to one that is in accord with
the spirit of the times, Mr.' Crow con
tinued! Just as the horse and buggy
has given way to the automobile and
the airplane. He had great respect
for the past, but realized that the peo*.
l>le with no vision will perish. He
had a vision ot a greater State and he
wanted all the people to get behind
the cooperative movement and put it
across to the end that the means ot
making the southland blossom as the
rose may be realised.
it is a sound financial proposition,
he declared, and he could see no rea
son why any farmer should not sign
the contract. The goTCramen,t is
. backing it with loans running into
millions and if the government can
support why peed others hesitate, he
asked. . . '
Homer H. B. Mask, manager of the
field service department of the C XX ton
Association, followed Mr. Crow aad
explained that cooperative marketing
of cotton Is a reality in North Caro
lina. It la a dream ? true, a hope
realised and a tact that must be reck
oned with, he declared. Ho pat It in
squarely to all growera who had
Joined to come la had aha re ai^alp
In tta success. '
C. L.. McOhee. preside^T of the
FraakUntoa Merchants' aA Business
Men's club, presided pC the meting
and reported that Wtm nkllnton was
(.landtag solid to/ the miupwalNii
bankers would 2nd I? the ootlon
W. M. Person who In the Interest of
the- Kentucky Solvay Co.. la located In
Aahland with hie charming family for
a tew months Is enjoying a visit from
his brother. Senator W. M. Person of
Loulsburg. N. C.. who Is a distinguish
ed lawyer and politician of the South
ern State. Senator Person Is enronte
to California. He will Join In Chica
go. a party of 260 lawyers who will
enjoy. In the western state, a meeting
oLthe American Bar Association. ?
Aahland. (Ky.) Independent.
The following letter was received
from Mt Person which will be of In
terest to his many friends:
"I found soon after arriving hire,
which is In Boyd County, the corner
county In Kentucky that no tobacco
was raised in this county at all and
the farmers knew nothing about Co
operative Marketing Associations.
That the head and center of it In Ken
tucky Is at Lexington. 125 miles from
here. The strike has not affected the
yaiwewgwba a'ss
here and In Trenton, across the Ohio
river, are closed down. The Ken
tucky Solvay Company, where my
brother is employed, consumes 2000
tons per day and has only a tew days
supply on hand. I leave this after
noon tor Chicago, for the Special train
tomorrow for Frisco and the sights of
the great West. Will write you en
Members of Battery B aire-tot?ntr&ln
for Camp Bragg. Fayetteville, N. C.
Monday morning, August 7 . The boys
are to assemble Sunday afternoon on
the Court House Square at 6 o'clock.
The ladles of Loulsburg will serre
supper for them at six.
Rev. O. P. Smith of the Methodist
church. Rev. J, A. Mclver, of the
Baptist church, and Dr. Hartley the
Episcopal rector are invited to take
supper with the company and will ex
tend to the members oordial invita
tions to attend the evening services
at their respective churches.
The committee in charge of these ar
rangements consists of Mesd&mes J.
W. Mann, H. C. Taylor, J. M. Allen,
P. B. Griffin. S. A. NoweH, G. A.
Ricks and R. C. Beck. f
The soldier boys will sleep In tents
on the Court Square Sunday night and
will take the train for Fayetteville
Monday morning. Hot coffee and
sandwiches will be provided for their
Mrs. W. D. Egerton entertained
Friday afternoon, July 28, in honor of
Miss Banghart of Augusta, Oa., guest
of Miss Dorcaa McKinne. ">
The decorations were of pink crepe
myrtle. Bridge and Rook were play
ed. After the games a salad course
with punch was served.
Those present were Misses Josephine
Banghart, Dorcas McKinne, Mary Tur
ner, Mildred Scott, Mary Eium Burt,
Alice an* Jessie T. Harris, Sallie
Taylor, Lonle and Susie Meadows.
Maude Ashley, Katherine Pleasants,
Eleanor Yarbo rough, Mesd&mes Clar
ence Myrick and Robt. Smith wick.
The ordinance of Baptism was ad
ministered by Rev. J. A. Mclver Sun
day night to four young converts
Misses Esther and Essie Ayscue and
Messrs. Sam Wilder and A. H. Flem
ing, Jr. There are three others who
have been received Into the church as
candidates who will be baptised at a
later date. N
It la the doctrine of the pastor,
which he is putting into practice, that
only the growing church is a live
church, and that every service should
be a revival service, potentially at
JMf. V. d.Tollinn hoes to dc?.
Rev. and Mrs. T. D. Collins with
Fred and IAlllan, paid a farewell vis
it to Loolv&rg friend* last Thursday
before leaving for Durham. Mr. Col
lins has accepted a call from the Tem
ple Baptist church of that city, a
church with a membership of more
than a thousand members. His for
mer confiscation and other friends
here recret that he to gotof too tar
away for the frequent visits which he
paid to Loalsburg while la Wake Por
Guess everybody thinks that we are
dead but Jost to prove that we are still
alive, we will send just a short items.
Wish everybody could have been at
the ball game Saturday. 9andy Creek
Played White Level and won 17 to 6.
Miss Eula Gupton spent last week
at Wake Frest with her cousin. Miss
Delay Harper.
Mr. Willis Gupton, Mr. Jim Hamlet
and Misses Lets Williams, Temple
Bnrnette motored over to Wske Forest
Everybody oomo to Sandy Creek'
Sunday. Dimples.
Mrs. C. A. Ragland gave a mfift \
delightful Barbecue Picnic at Lovers
Leap Monday afternoon at ? o'clock to I
tier Mends and visiting relatives.
Every Cotton Grower
in Franklin County, who
can possibly make bis
arrangements to do ao,
is requested to meet at
the Court HflBSfl in
Louisburg, at 12 o'clock
Monday, August 7th, ?
first Monday. Mr. H.
JLJ. Mask, Manager of
the Field Department,
of the N. CI Cotton Grow
era Association will bo
present, and has a very
important message for
Prof. T. H. Sledge of Cedar Rock,
Sirea notice that a musical program,
will be siren in their school auditor
ium, by local talent, on Saturday JOgfet
Aug. 5. Admission free. Refresh
ments will be Bold, the proceeds of
which will be given to the base ball
team. ^1
Rer. John Hartley, D. D., will
preach at St. Paul's Church next Sun
day in the morning at 11 o'clock and
in the erening at 8 o'clock. A cordial
invitation is extended to all to at-i
tend. ;-'*2
Morning prayer and sermon and ad?
ministration of the Holy Communion
in the morning and Erening prayer
and sermon in the erening services. '
/= o
* ?. W. A. MREWft s
The Young Woman's Auxiliary oi
the Louiaburg Baptist Church met
jwitli Mrs. J. A. Mclver, Tuesday
rilght, July- twenty-lfth'. The roll
was called end the oanutes of the pre
vious meeting read ?intl approved, af
ter which the following program was
rendered :
Hymn? O. Zion Haste.
Prayer by Mrs. J. A. Mclrer.
Scripture Lesson, Matt. 6 ? by Mrs.
J. O. Newell.
Reading, "Hinderanees to Prayer ?
by Mrs. J. O. Newell.
Hymn ? Help Somebody Today.
Address. "Making a Home in the
New Land" ? by Mrs. Wingate Under
bill .
Solo, :'Pass It On" ? by Mrs. Mclrer.
Closing Prayer ? by Mrs. Newell.
After the adjournment of the meet
ing a delicious Ice course was served.
The following were present: Mrs.
J. O. Newell. Mrs. J. A. Mclrer.
MIbsss Virginia Perry, Lucy Baker,
Km m a Bartholomew, Beulah Cooper.
Iantha Pittman, Nannie Hall Hale,
Nellie Cyrus, Bessie Hale, Nena Cy
rus, Mrs. H. A. Kearney, Mrs. P. B.
Leonard. Misses Pauline Smith, Es
ther Andrews, Victoria Adcock, and
visitors Miss Hayes and Mrs. Win
gate Underhill.
The funeral services over the re
mains of K. P. Hill, Jr., who died in
a hospital in St. Louis. Mo., were
held at the grare in Oeklawn Ceme
tery on Moaday afternoon. Rev .. Q .
P. Smith, pastor of the Methodist
church conducting the servlcea, after
whlch.the Interment w as made and
the grare covered with beautiful flow,
era, gifts from loving friends and
relatives. The pall bearers were
Messrs. F. H. Allen, Malcolm Mc
Kinne. ft. 8. Clifton, B. B. Perry, Q.
C. Karris. O. Y. Yarboro.
The deceased was the second son
of Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Hill, formerly
of this County, bat now of Rfcleigh,
snd was 24 years old. The many
friends of the family extend the deep
est sympathy.
j The following la a report on the
condition of the City Water fqr Loul?
Received ? 7-21-22. .
Reported? 1 -24-22 .
Sediment ? 0.
Color ? Plattnum-oobalt standard ?
Turbidity ? Silica standard ? 0.
Odor, cold? 0.
Odor, hot ? 0.
Alkalinity (In terms of Calcium car
bonate!? 41.5.
Cokft bacilli In 1 c.c.? 0.
Colon bacilli In 1* c.o. ? 0.
Total number of bacteria at 88d C.
per c.c. ? 600.
Total number ofacld-produclng bac
teria ? 0.
J. W. K. Director.
iH^kmios to this city twenty two year*
ago vrith but atteen^undred cotton
IBli receipts to his crellt and sitting
* j today tn hts oBBfwMct 1? l?
d la one of the fin out buildings la
'Carollnans, with orer ten thous
?bale of cotton to his credit, bar
keen purchased off the street* on
local market this year. Is a part
he wonderful success of Mr. W.
Austin, of tils city. Yhe oltifc
I of the itfe and success of this
I. who. In his early days, taught
K>1 for a livelihood. Is that he Is
lldent of the North Carolina Cotton
wera Co-operative Association,
oh has recently been organised in
Btato. ? That part of his life, or
to still, that part of his work, re
f|* to be seen. It will, of conrse,
ft a success, for he attaluad ? a
nation early In his career as a man
i gets results. He has never en-]
It upon anything wU&l aa much In
Mt as he has this newly organized
lanrlouT'tc^gef Into . '-^=
rw men have done what W. H.
tin has for the town In which they
He has built up the. local cotton
et until It hasjmayno ens ot the
the cotton belt. There la
ig else about Willis Austin
any m?n lack and th*t Is that
more pep and enthusiasm than
three men In the city. Hie has
pride and is a tireless worker
e building of the town and coun
ts what caused the bring
>rth of tills article.
not an easy matter to gain ac
the office of W. H. Austin un
is to discuss farming or prob
that nature. Jt you Want to
corn or toTxicao, then he
to and waiting to talk to any
or blaok. That never
difference with this man.
A nsmor that the cotton
association is paying you the
" salary of $60,090 year
is also another rumor that
is just )15,000, but what
the people of this county
knovr it," we told him in open
at his desk as though he had
eard a word, Mr. Austin mov
and reached for an adver
which he had on tits desk.
1, "I have been here this
studying over this paper,"
back to us . ? 'It was
one ot the newspapers
and has caused me to
eratlon and I am
to atsvwer
JUst asked me.
' First, j do not draw one penny from
the North Carolina Cotton Growers'
Association. I have already spent
ever $1,000 of my own money on trips
(or the association and what Is more
I have just made arrangements with
my banker to finance the clerical
forces on my own credit. That is
ho* much I think of the organization.
"I know that there" has been a great
deal of Just such propoganda put out
about me in regard to high salary,
but I know well who Is spreading
these reports and so do you. I want
the people to decide which ot us to
I believe in a matter ot this kind. I
cm working for the mnsses ot the far
| mers and these people who are put
tins out this pro^ogaiida are working
I for themselves."
The Girls Auxiliary met at the home
of Mrs. John Howell, Monday at 3:00
P. M., July 31, 1922. The roll was
called fcnd the minutes of the last
meeting read and approved, after which
the following program wag rendered.
Hymn ? "O Zlon Haste."
Prayer ? by Mrs. John Howell.
Watchword? Dan . 12:3.
Bible Study? Zech. 9:9-17. by Ethel
Roll call and minutes ? by Sec. Wil
lie Mae Place. , - !
Subject ? Making a Home in the
New Land.
The Long, Long Trail of the Immi
grant ? by Nannie Perry.
What can one Person Do? ? Marion
Paper on Immigration ? Louise Gard
ner. -
Paper on Immigration ? Doxa Up
Special Music- -by Louise Cooper.
Personal Service Report ? by Jose
phine Aahley.
Hymn ? America.
Dismissed with Sentence Prayers.
The following prr? "lit: Josephine
Ashley, Jatmtta fiunu, Ethel Bartholo
mew, Louise Cooper, Mtlliie Mae Place,
Elsie Bttdson, Nannie* Perry, Maria
Perry, Doia Upchurcb, Bessie Young, |
Beulaik Lancaster. Louise Gardner,
Marion Gardner, Evelyn Hatton, Eu- i
genla Perry.
'? o
Attention Is called to the error ap
pearing In F. A. Roth Co. advertise
ment last week, wherein it was stated
? that 8tt!ta that formerly sold for 19 50
to 126.60 had been reduced to $9.95.
The figures should have read $19.50
to (2C.S0. This progressive establish
ment, as will be seen from its adver
tisement In another column, Is offer
ing some big bargains that you will
do well to see before making your
People who sit In the fro..t row at
church are seldom the ones who need
the sermon most.
among the visitors
Personal Item* About Folk* lad
Their Friend* Whe Travel H?rf
And There.
Mr. B. T. Hoi den was a visitor to I
Raleigh Tueadarry*
Mr. Edward Griffin was a visitor to
Raleigh Tuesday.
Mr. R. C. Beck and son, Rob, rl*v
lted Raleigh Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Yarborough
nsfrwr TtsTBTgh Tuesday.
Messrs. W. D. and Dayls Egertou
went la Raleigh Monday.
Miss Elisabeth Furgurson la vlalt
lnr friend^ in High Point.
Miss Cora D. Bagley, o( Jackaon, la
visiting Mrs. O. M. Beam.
Miss Aileen Webb, of Greensboro, Is
visiting hef sister, Mrs. J. M. Allen.
Mrs. A. W. Alston and Mr. T. C.
Alston were visitors to Raleigh Tues
Mrs'.- Gre&n. of Wilson, Is Waiting
her siater, Mrs. Lisles In South Louia
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Coppedge, ot
Nashville, are visiting relatives In
town .
Messrs. F. A. Roth. J. B? Timber
lake and A. B. Perry visited Norfolk,
Sunday. ?
Mrs. M. S. Blancbard, of Kansas
City, Mo., is the guest of Mrs. O. Y.
Yarboro .
Mr. and Mrs E. F. Thomas return
ed Monday from a visit to friends in
High Point.
j Sunt. E. C. Perry spent Friday ln
; Raleigh on business with the Welfare
' Department.
Mrs. C. M. Hobbs and Augusta
and June are visiting In Mt. Olive and
Mrs. Loyd Lyles with her daughter,
Josephine, is vlsltinng her father, Mr.
E. S. Green.
? . ? Josephine Brywt returned
I Thursday of last week from a visit to
Richmond, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. McKlnne and
Miss Susie Meadows were visitors to
Raleigh Monday.
Mrs. Julia Scott and daughter. Miss
Mildred, left Tuesday for a visit to
Wrightsville Beach.
Miss Daisy Simpson, of Wilson, ia
visiting at the home of Mr. W. C.
Holmes; near town.
| , Supt. W, R. Mills, who has been
teaching in the Greenville summer
^school returned today.
Messrs. T. W. Ruffin, C. F. Collier,
B. C. Shearin and George Holder
went to Raleigh Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. T. O. Coppedge and
children were guests of Mrs. J. O.
Newell during the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wagstalf. of
Roxboro, were guests ot their sister,
Mrs. G. C. Harris this week.
Miss Beatrice Turner is back home
from Richmond, where she has been
working fpr the past few months.
Misses Daisy Cooper, of Oxford, and
Louise Thlgpen, of Tarboro, are vis
iting Miss Mary Wlatt Yarborough.
Mrs. Matthew Davis went to Oxford
Wednesday to spend several we?*s
with her daughter, Mrs. Trey Allen.
Misses Nellie Martin and Annie Da
vis Crndup, of Wake Forest, spent one
day last week with Mrs. R. P. Tay
Miss Elisabeth Reavls is attending
house party given by one ot her
school trieads la Charlotte this week
Mr. and Mrs. R'. A. Bobbltt re
turned this week from a visit to her
brother. Mr. T. 8. Wilder, of Aber
Little Louise Fleming, of Warren
County, Is visiting her unclee Messrs.
S. T. and L. J. Pernell, here this
Vis. Robert W. Adcock, of Vlrgi
lina. Va., has returned home attar a
visit to her daughter, Mrs. F. B.
Mrs. W. D. Egerton has gone to j
Mohtreat to^ spend some time with
relatives who have taken a summer |
cottage there.
Mrs. T. W. Ruffin and little daugh
ter, Mary Leona. have returned from |
a visit to relatives In the western!
part of the state.
Miss Columbia Crudup, who has been j
spending some time with her sister, |
Mrs. R. P. Taylor, left Wednesday]
tor New York City.
Mrs. S. T. Freeman and daughter, I
I-oulse, of Windsor, and Miss Virginia |
sies a ririTiojf /r.,.
We. th?*aadaralgne<i nemtMrf ot t to
Frankllntoa Merchant'* and IhiitMM
Men's Association be Neve that co-op
eration by the grower* meaaa a twin
economical system ot marketing both
cotton and tobacco, a stronger II nip
clal intern, a better comioaaKy u<
more wealth In the hands at amr peo
ple who grow farm products. We,
therefore; enndorse Co-operative Mar
keting. _ **?
We pledge ourselves to asaltt tigSe
ers of contractu In y?my way la ov
power. By thla w? mean to look
money, extend credit, anad secure e*
lstlng Indebtedness, using the psrtlef
pa ting receipts of the Associations (W
both cotton and tobacco as collateral,
so far as Is consistent with aoaod bus
iness principles. r-f
The McQhee- Joyner Co., By C. h.
McGheo. Sec.-Treas.; K. J.
ham. Banker; P. P. Purnell;
&? Morris, Merchants ; The Frank!
News; G. R. Moye; J. T. Moss, J
S. A. L.; L. W. Henderson^
chant; M. L. Harper, K^tlr 8ho?a
G. L. Whitfield. Jeweler; K.
Collins, Merchant; C. G. Right, Jttft
chant; Hicks Supply Ca... MaPrtwHjfc..
[R. H. Utley, Farmer and CagttaHnjl
j Irving Supman, Merchant; J. O- Fur
nell; R. J. Rose; I. H. Kearney. Fa*^
mer ; A , B . Allen, Tailor ; A . B . Coofce
Furniture; The Sterling Store Co., A.
'K. Vann, President; Commercial
' Bank & Trust Co. ; The Citizens Bank;
B. F. Cooke Furniture Co.; S. C.
Ford, Mayor and Dentist; R. B. Hen
derson, M. D.; Geo. Gilliam, Supt.
Cotton Mills; Joyner, Cooke & Hen
derson. Insurance; J. R. Mltchlner,
Jr., Banker; J.. 0. Green. Ford Sales
Agency ; H. C. Kearney. Attorney ; A.
S. Joyner; A. 0. Perry; R. B. Pearco,
[Restaurant; W. W. Sherron, Merchant
and dumber; Mrs. M. C. Henley,
Millinery; S. H, McDaniels, Merchant,
j Frankliuton, N. C. July 21, 1922.
Thomas, of Greensboro, are visiting
their father, Mr", J. B. Thomas.
Mr. J. T. Carpenter, a member o?
last year's High School faculty, wtth
a party of friends from Durham. Wa
ited Louisburg one day this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence My rick, at
the Canal Zone, Panama, are spending
a part of their vacation with Mr?.
Myrick's mother, Mrs. R. Z. Egerton.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moore and
baby. and Ernest Winsiead. ot
i Wtii takers, spent the first uf-tWS WW*
With Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Edwards.
Supt. E. L. Best, Misses Mary Exum
Burt, Frances Barrow, Mary Turner,
and Elizabeth Manning returned last
j week from the summer school at Ral
Speed Williapia is spending thia
week in Harnett County accompany
ing his father on his travels in the
interest of the Cooperative Marketing
Misjlieire -^?441 n Mitchell, who haa
just completed two months work &
mong tile missionary societies of Tar
River Association is visiting Miss
Virginia Perry.
Mrs. Cartwright and children, of
Wilmington, visited Mrs. William
tarr<^v this week. The Barrows and
Cart^fchts became acquainted wlftle
in the Samoan Islands.
Miss Annie Lee Hoffman, of Rocky
Mount, spent Wednesday night with
Miss Jessie Taylor Harris. Thurs
day they left together for an extended
motor trip to Lenoir and Blowing
Mrs. Morris Kanixburg and Mr.
Louis Wexlar, of Baltimore, Md,. eaatyp
Monday afternoon, having best namr
moned by telegram to the bflMM* ft
their sister. Mrs. Julius Lehnuuk, Who
Is critically 111. '?> ^ .i
Mrs. F. A. Roth and little
ter, Dorothy, are 1 visiting friends 1
relatives at Baltimore, Atlantic -Citjr
and New York. WMle away
Roth Will purchase the tall out Wtstsr
lines of ladies wear for F. A. RMfc
Misses Emmy Lou Washington, at
Laurens, S. C. . Lillian Cunniwtnaai,
of Sanford, Sadie Hoicomb, of
ville, 8. C., and Harriet Mayor, a*
Newberry. S. C. . are guests ot MM#
Mattie Allen in a house patty tltl*
week." '
>? ' ; . ?
Mrs. R. W. Adcock and Mrs. Hugh N
P. Brawner, of Washington, D. flu
Mr). W. H. Puryear and daughter, ot
Alexandria. Va. . and Mr. Jamas W. ,
Adcock, of Oxford, visited Mrs. C. K.Ji
Rag I and apd Mrs. F. B. LeonnrdjkW
week . ^
When you wear a new hat and ??i
tier if it is going to rain the answer
Is usually "Yes.
? o
If you are well bred, you will bay
your new straw hat Instead of let
ting It In a restaurant.
Fashion says women will
fringes on the bottom of their drens*.
Men are already wearing them Ob
their tronser cuffs.
The biggest theater In Paris bsraed
the other day; bat the
have any show. _

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