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A. P. JOHJISON, Editor u4
HMcunwi ui
uuuwjM, a. c, nam AT, mt?u& n, lie
Co-operative M*rk?tl?g D?y Friday?
Introduced By Sr. T. W. KufThi, S?
retary Chamber o' Commerce.
In one of the strongest speeches de
livered In Loulsburg in the Interest
of Co-operative Marketing Senator J. j
A . Brown, of Chadburn, held quite a
big crowd of cooperatOrs and non
ccoperators at strict attention at tiff
Franklin County Pair on Friday, Co
operative Marketing Day. He told of
the success of. the associations In
every place that they be-1 been tried.
Told how the members of the Asso
ciation In the Mississippi Delta got
liom |28 to $30 more per bale for
their cotton last year than their neigh
bor who was on the outside and told
how tho Kentucky tobacco growers
had succeeded In spite of the big fight,
and also of the big success of the
South Carolina growers, whose ad.
vs.ncos this year practically equalled
their sales the year before, and who
wero receiving their additional pay
ments that made them glad they were
members. Being a Director of the
Tobacco Association he explained how
the advances had absolutely nothing
to do with the final sale price and
stated that they were now making
pales to manufacturers representing
prices far beyond the outside market
1 rices.
He paid his respects to <he fellow
v. ? had signed the contracts and was
man. enough to live up to it, say
iiik . at a man who would hide behind
his v,.fe's skirts to avoid the contract
was v. t rse than a coward, that if he
was a soldier In the World War and
did a crime like that he would be shot
before sunrise without the benefit of
clergy. And he branded the fellow
who would sell In his sons name as
bfing worse than the one who would
hide behind his wife's skirts. He
said that the Association had already
sold a lot of tobacco to manufacturers
at prices far above those being paid
or. the open market.
Senator Brown was Introduced by
Mr. Thomas W. Ruffln, Secretary of
the I.ouisburg Chamber of Commerce,
in a few short but spicy and to the
point remarks, in which he advised
the members of the cooperative asso
ciations to deliver their crops and to
do their trading at Louisburg, where
the bantfs and merchants were co-op
erating with them in building their
association, by making liberal advan,
ces on their receipts in addition to the
\ first advance by the Association.
At Wood Friday Nlifht, October 20th
All fiddlers, guitar, banjo and man
colin playorB together with clog dan
cirs are Invited to be present and take
part, in this Carnival. First, second
and third prizes will be given and all
will be entitled to contest. The pub
lic is invited to be present and spend
an evening of enjoyment. A small
admission of 25 and 60 cents will be
charged and used for benefit of Wood
High School.
SHOO-FLY to be restored
Capt. L. L. Joyner Informed the
TIMES man Tuesday that the Seaboard
would restore the on next
Sunday. This will begin service from
Loulsburg on Monday. It will run
on the same schedule as when discon
The Young Woman's Auxiliary will
have a Pie Party at Rock Spring
school house, Wednesday night, Octo.
ber 18th. Everybody come and have
a big time.
Rev. John Hartley, D. D., will
preach at St. Paul's Church next Sun
day at 11 A. M. and 7 ;80 P. M.
Morning Prayer and aemorn at 11
o'clock and Evening Prayer and ser
mon at evening service*.
A cordial welcome Is always extend.
ed to all who will attend.
? ? *
The Woman's Auxiliary of the Amer
an l-egion will meet at the home of
Mrs. R. C. Beck, Tuesday afternoon,
October 17th, at ? o'clock. This will
be a business meeting and all mem
bers are urged to be preeent.
Mrs. J. W. Mann, Com.
Mis? Mattle Allen, Adjutant.
Dr. J. C. Wooten, Presiding Elder
?[ i he Kalelgh District will preach at
ttio Methodist Church at the evening
hour next Sunday, and will hold the
fourth Quarterly Conference after the
service Pastor Smith will preach
Funday morning. Special music will
he had at both aerYlcee. The public]
is cordially invite*].
civilisation always haa had a hard
time getting along with the next-door
neighbor! ,?^T0le?O Blade.
? WEST *
+ **?? ? ???'?
When one comes In contact with the
people of California, ho is at once
struck with the fact that all of them
are educated, both men and women.
Last spring there were In attendance
In the University of California, In
Berkeley, across the bay from San
Francisco, over 14,000 students In the
regular academic courses, beside*
those in the special branches. We
also noticed that the men and women
were about the same slse, physically.
In the eastern statue, the men are
much larger than the women. A* to
politics, there were Repnblicans. In
dependents, Democrats and Socialists,
in the order named. The large Inde
pendent vote controls the result of
the elections. They elected Wood row
Wilson for his second term, and Sen
ator Hiram Johnson seems to be the
master political mind on the Pacific
slope. In 1916. Mr. Hughes and the
National Republican organisation
snubbed and ignored him. and as a re
sult lost the Presidency.
The same class of men that as a rule
are Democrats in the south are Republi
cans, .in the Great West. Everybody
seems to favor light wines arid beer
The great grape crop of California
would make wine enough to furnish
the world, and the demand for raisins
from the home brewers has increased
the price many times. Even the
mission figs have doubled in value, in
cne year, since they ferment them, and
make a "hooch" that rivals the choice
products of Crooked Creefc in this
rfttintv .
22,000 hotet^ an d boarding houses
are licensed In Satl Francisco, and 300
conventions met there this year, bring
ing visitors parte of the world.
Some one said that there would aver
age 50,000 visitors ard tourists per
day throughout the year.
The most prosperous people, I saw,
were the farmers and fruit growers.
Ten years ago they were as poor as
the farmers in North Carolina, who
raise their crops on a credit secured
by crop liens, and then sold to the ]
trusts at a price fixed by trust agents
themselves. Then they began to form
the Co-operative Marketing Associa
tions, with the result that every farm
in a veritable gold mine, and its own
er thrifty and happy. There are
enough automobiles in the State ot
California, for the whole population
to ride at the same time, as there is a
machine for every five persons. Your
scribe bought fruit in sight of the or
chards, paying 25 cents per pound,;
when he asked why the price was so
high, and the seller Baid, we don't fix
the price, it is fixed by the Association.
He asked, what did you get before you
had the associations, he said five cents
a pound, and the most of our crops rot
ted. _ Now we sell all we can raise, at
fr.ncy prices. The retailers and profi
teers fought the Co-operative Asaocia. ;
tions. Just like certain selfish interests
are fighting their establishment here.
But in the west everything the farm
makes is sold by the Co-operatives,
all the farmers belong to them, they
couldn't exist unless they did, E^gs,
poultry, pigs, stock of all kinds, wheat,
corn, oats and barley are all sold thru
their associations, besides fruits ot all
kinds . At one time last summer there
were en route to the East 6,000 car
loads of fruit at one time. Their roads
are the finest in the world, wide enough
for two autos abreast to pass two
likewise. Most of them hardsurfaced.
No summer heat to soften them, nor
winter's cold to freexe them, they seem
to be permanent and indestructible.
While we of the south have our burden
and shadow, that oft times make it dif
kcult tor us to BOlve the problems that
are presented to us So these tbrilty
people have an "Irresponsible conflict?
foreshadowing them, and that U the
Japanese question. Unless some dis
position is made them, in a hundred
years, the PaciOic slope from Seattle
to San Diego will be a nerw Japan,
The white races can't compete with
them. They already hare the control
and monopoly ot the fruit, truck and
fish trade. They work seven days In
the week, raise from ten to thirty chli
drou to a family. When they one** bay
a piece ot ret! estate. It la off ttta o?r
ket to:a??r. No asslmalation wi.h
| other races. The State passed law*
forbidding the Jape from owning rent
estate In California, then they began
I to form corporations to hold the title*
and Just kept on buying. Some day
the whites will rise np and extermi
nate them, or drive them hack to Nip
pon . The controlling native popula
tion are the descendants from every
state In the East . 1 met many Tar
Heels, who are still patriota In their
adopted home. The women have been
voting many years, California being
one of the first states that adopted
suffrage. They are Just as Industri
ous and Independent as the men.
Members of all the professions, law
yers, doctors and public officials ot
every character. She la not only an
addition tut an adommen'. ttt llieee
positions by reason of her Intellectual
attainments. All thru lite West they
have the community taw, ih.u h. on
the death of husband or wife, the sur.
vlvor Is entitled to one-halt of all the
property accumulated by theaa during
coverture In fee-simple.
t passed thru two states, where bas
tards sre treated like leglumste child
r?n, entitled to a support and educa
tion from their father, and at his
death participate In the distribution
I Continued on Pag* Eight)
The K. L. Clark ut 8tfi
Sk?in TO] ExIdMt ii
Friday, OrUVr
The big ikov will trrln here .
IU (pedal train of railroad cam with
all oi its magnitude and matoi. re
vealing a fairy Und ntr 90 tar to
childhood * happy days. !'?!?! tad
two fold of its former aiae. (W If. L.
Clark aad Sob's Shows has |i??i aad
prospered daring the past q<
a century, until today its ap,
Is hailed aa an annual festive .
Many ne* and unparalleled
of magnificence, novelty. dai~__
vastness will be displayed in this
sen's big show. Foremost ssnaf the
feature acta will be the Da Tea port ha
ily of equestrians and riders; the SB
rerton trio. Intrepid equilibrists: Ihi
Alpine Sisters, daring dancers tm a
lofty wire; the Apeda troupe of
nests and the Siegrist family at (
parable aerialists. A score of
headed by Arthur Berry. Ah Jc
1'ete Jenkins. Waggles aad Valdo. will
furnish fun for the little folks.
The meoaregie of the famcas Clark
ahow'contains many interesting sped
mens of wild animals, imosg tham
being Mena. an elephant IS feat sad
9 inches in height, the largest tini
animal in captivity, being X iarhws
taller than the famed Jumbo. A It
cage xoo contains African and NIMm
black mained lions, tigers, iiumai,
jaguars and leopards.
There will be two performances, the
doors opening 1 and 7 P. M. A
exhibition will be held on the
grounds preceding each perfo
In addition to a concert or _
sod operatic selections by Prof.
Norman and his military hand.
The town and surrounding country
is heavily billed for the appearaac* J 4
the big show and a record bretUtt
crowd is anticipated.
I A wedding of much interest in Wake
|and Franklin counties (xomd at
Hepxibah Baptist Church near Eagle
Rock Thursday eTenin^ at 5 o'clock
? ben Miss Miry Candue Scarfcorongh
became the bride of JohaoM Gray
Winston, of Franklin ton.
The ceremony was performed" before
| an altar of yellow and (rat dec or a
? tions which was carried ant in aa aa
itumnal effect, lighted candhs"82uikr^
fthe altar. Rer. A. A. Pippin, pasur
'of the ehnrch. pare the wedding tors
[and used the ring ceremony, the nrc
being of white'gold taken from the
wedding of the bride's grandmcKfcer:
It was borne in the heart of a yellow
chrysanthemum .
Music before the ceremony was fur
nished by Mrs. A. G. Scarborough at
the piano and O. C. Spaulding as r?
linist with Mrs. G. Haywood Sc-arbcr
ough singing "Until" and "The Dawi"
During the ceremony Mrs jk . (?
Scarborough softly played "Annie Iji.
The bride, who was given **?' in
marriage by her father. Eli T. Scar
borough. wore a wedding gown of
Spanish lace and white silk with wtl
caught up with orange Uossncs aad
ralley lilies. She carried a shower
bouquet of bride's roan.
The dame of honor was Mrs. W. T
Scarborough and her Iraa was of
Chantilly lace orer man satin. She
carried n shower of Killaraey rw?
Four maids of bon/or. Two of whoa
wore dresses of yellow Spanish lace
and two wore green Spanish lace, were
Misses Mary Plpptn. of Wakedeld
Mary Collier. Raleigh: Kama Robert
son. Spring Hope, and Eleanor Wia
btcn. Franklinton.
Little Miss Rath 8cnrhotongh was
ring benrer while Miss Gibson Scar
borough was Sower girl. They are
nieces of the bride.
Mr. Winston was accompanied b*
Us brother. P. D. Wiutoa. of Roan
oke. Vn.. aa his best nan and a.?
Groomsme^ be had Ibaghtoa Scar,
borongh. Engls Rock: Crawford Kear
ney. Walter Cooke and AraiMeei He- -
deraon. of FVank Union .
Miss Scarborough la the 4aaght*r of
hoard of coaty eomaiasm and
on* Wake's most laflassllal dUmj
She attended ndtnai nt Bmaa CMlewe
dalnasillli On., and Maredhh OsOege.
Kaleigh. where aka gradnated with
M?h honors She Is wMety knowr m
Wake and Franklin mantes.
ber Man and fai asai of Ftnnklia (*?*
ty. He la the son sf J. C. WmJ??n
r ad anw s? l ih.s In Ftnncn if IS
ar.gntha' shsia ha ? ? nd with the rsak
of 111 nil nant. At m* Itmi ks was
la'lltary Instrnrtor at Onh RUf la
After tk) wedding Mr. and Mr*.
Winston left tar nn ratenatre inp '?
New Tort and other northern pJta.-s
of Interest. The hrida wt< a
sway sntt of bstl Use Pniret tw II
with brown accessories Upon tkeir
reinrn frssa the trip, they will he at
koaae in Franklinton. ? BaMgh Tie? *
(?mi urin
The tabntatkm of the enrd repcc'S
shows that there wee* 1JM hnVe. d
eotioa. masthc mil an half -a
B>? d In Fraaklln Cnnnty. km ihe
crop of 1923 prior in giplinl i
IW. aa compared -*h r*m W. es
ginned to September IS. IR1 .
The tronMs ahont the pnkJtc debt is
that the prints hMtal has in raf
H . ? Washington fast. ^
?h- urnns or c*rro* fob
Raleigh. Oct. It.? While the rata
? u the cottar Mt up 4e*tr- .
?tea ot cotton by whin of the
Sorth "Vsliii Cotua Gnmn ? ??- '
Latins. General M? ft i C. B. BU
bet rtforu tku ISM kales vara rc
?I'liJ by I be CO niraLTit Jit Satar
Tb? daily average dariag tW past I
??t is reported as betas wall aboee
two Ikouud bales wfcB* ma Mrt ma I
? ***** 4a r.
Geaen; \li Hfyr Blilork has tee
kfa force ot gi iSi 1 i ta order to
take ear* of tie sampling. Tk* int.
? *r? reported ta be <tU ikon all
?=< as a geaeral ihmc the cat
tmft oevr U> the co-eperatiree
so be o( citcUtat (uttr . The
uoa -r ? ? * mw?
:<atioa orer the care tikn by
h Lbrtr cottoc tor
Earket. ?
L?irr?c- MacRae. sales aui^r
K latnawb Js <riU samples
this week u? left for a rislt to the
?riaetpai c\Xto? Bill cealers ta ves
tera Norri Carotins to show tbern ex
actly lie kot ot crXtoa they caa get
tie AgocuUob. Mr MacRu
reports ?-"? the mills practically witi_
are hospitable to tie
ot 'co-operatlTe selling ot cotttm.
Th-e Tar H-eet eo-operarres are pre
parer jr tr6r? aa tihibtt ot cottoa
pies frees all of the sfxty cotton
Krowiag coshties ta the Stats at the
Great State F*ir Lc Raleigh sext week.
'Ikes eiiitj! will also coataia a cm
ot other isterestimg f?arares ia
|cMiu samples ot the nriots rarte.
ties ot wtioa. tllastratkms ot proper
methois o> warehossiag. aad exhibits
?t it; biilt *?ri tit lis habits.
The Assocatks jxpects to more ia
i its permaseet qoaners within the
[aexx se*w?l weeks. The former Acad
ot Xt$K it Ri3^t has beea
ftraasfomed iat ?> 3 Barters especially
ini; ri to facilitate tte prompt but
i'?f ot tie Ss : n ^ c-t tie Assoctapoe .
lv-<ijrr :he csszpes that had to be
ce in its f^rauest qaarters. tie
Assccaiioc is kced ii a garage aa<i
this ts i>Mt tie bcsMK place it lie
State pest 3>o*. Every Brftber of
tie As?xijacc Us a separate "ac
cost oc tie Kxjks c; the Assocwioa
BE<! t^e rr?^ and sujile erf
mrr ca> d c^ooa be is ea
ktvc oc kts ?cccmai.
Tlw cal is ktp? b-isy
&2^ iiy tkf oftw wor*
ta - " Bsinzr a if* trail prctw
istery^iy v-xk. iri *b^ cltncil for
ces *iad it is
? AiKnacc'SU L- f.IkjtTS hi?
"Mrs- Mary Cb=X? Joi? la
:oik?s ifc* aeirrsm## ot Wr dmgi!
ter. Tirpaa Go-? xs - to Mr. Conor
E. Jcffrrrv en M?4i?. tie mialh of
Ocuttr. uku? kuM ud r*?tj
iwa. LMixtarr. NorU CaroU**-"
TVt will he at ksw Sm Toraprilk.
X. C. after Octoiwr Ikk.
TV brifc is cm of FmtliB 0 cani
ty's birM Ttmic bfiK. k?ar a d?sk
tcr of tV tur. Rer. J R Joe?s aad
Mrs. Mary C^ibNh Jones, uc a sfe
m of tW fonwr $i)vhi??d?t erf
Flktk W?B?r?. J. C. Jcms. ud is
as r?.?ps om
'??*? B*r.
LaM TkK Ott.
The ftood tun at Ctoopenuv Kir
kecug 09*=* a last wr-rt <b?
?W poeads o! uxiKo troa ite orgu
taad pwrs of Nortk Carolina ul
Virgtaia ?ww peered lilo the ^ obacco
Givhiii Co operative T mm II 1 1 >1 n I
Mi ait II I o? Or C'JmmUTf ia North
C&raiiu i.M4H pcmads of
tokectrt? ? iiMHI pouda to the aid
be* ud Ceatral urkni ud l.i*e ?S
p?M<i3 ia Eutnx North Caroi.aa
The Vutaa placed X.J54.
*? pc*?d? of tie ??f< oa IS cooper -
?Ut? iooo rttn fo*r dan tln?. All
the tobacco ot K grades delivered on
the Ofts'-af da; to M cwym.Tg u' |
keCa of tie c^d heil ?<rr moid to load j
im* maaafactzrers *fcr? the s?a had t
set oa tie irst Uj at ooa*eraure mar
ketiag *\i:erz Caretma and Vir
glaia Other be?tr orders kin nact
ed tke -Visocuxwc sac? th- opeciag
o* tke oad beit ~ .?-*?? c m-./<
to Richard K Piuencx ? -I - ? r?r ^
the Leaf IV?iTC?i. the Asaoctauoc I
ts seliiag at ?gir*s which are highly '
?grtsfx-torr as crdpared to the a-rer- J
*ge jnws oa the isomi Soon.
With eiaci day s o>7^rat^os the coop-.'
erative syssen rsts more ssaoochiy 1
aad the e=ti-ssraj=: c-f tic growers '
?kka aa-i wriott tie Assocaaco is j
prorec by tie fac. -ha: rf>0 contracts i
ot se* areE-Seri reaci-w; EaCetgh head |
liane"s *erisg the past T?rt atd '
| tke oz=her of local 'Ssrcar.ixati^s oi
I the asoccoca hai raei to SS ia '
1 Westers Nonk Oaro-Iir a .
I *:~t o< these locals sspplr thar ;
0*1 to waich for co-tract
j breaker.-. as y? toe a ?-r~? 1-. case j
jot nstnet is the oid belt j
has bee=. re?oc-ed -o be*?qaancrs - I
I L*X1. n-vv^ cvT tie Tobacco
Gro*iri CkVflencro Ai?c:\:? are j
ii-er^aii^g ^ ic=.iir t^rocci^oc. Eas
tern North Ciroi.ii. arl tit a ssrie-s ol
raeetiags ieie last weei tiroaghost the
*??era ben aast-fsauce ir-e?a>ers p*^;
?e? tietr si?^" it r*s>omng ihy
ctse; oi mktk'. fer=ai^? aa the parr
't t ?c*l ??iikuk 111 1 1 or growers in
their district.
I Oii**r J aAsas fcl<x -UTe ? .rarer
e* tie- T m.-vo Growers Coops-mure
Assccca:: w-il aocre=s aiis tseet
?ogs oi UVNK-Q- growers at Rocky
)bst: mt. WrtiesiiT. wtAer l?th_
at Gr**iiiaie ax-i Wish^gtoa aext
Tiir^*iiT Ortc-k* r litii. =a at Ki=
, st>.a ix-i Nt * 3^r= cc ts-? Kir=iBg
ltd if:fn>xc a* Fniiy. cVLobcr Sti.
FVUow^g tie r? ?.' riits asd the
higiS- sacoffssMI sa:-?s of EiSte-ra Cir
: c *iy i ;ok>.'<? large oe-irr>er;es are ex
I jectoi this *?i &?t -^e? t-^rs i- th?
es^ter^ beit. whi^ th* r?th<t5i^suc 1
support ui ieiTT !? ^ the
! great ^?y<? y o? growers i? VirgiaU
ud Westerx Ci^iai wh) T-.jke -? 1
tke 3se=rSfrsh;? o4 the ass&ciaticc: ts
! sere ns ssc-cess throaghoct
itte ciii beit.
j are becig forwarded trv?t the
' t JkhJ&oc-i office ctf the tobat >; o coop
entire to the fraecCy haxks oC So?ti ]
'Caroioa- whart hay* b?<c*>=se its fle
pcsKories. Bi the sMvcd cash ad- \
I wtll be paid to the Soath Carvj. ,
1 jnjwtrs ix rear Tercre ac- ^
ccriia? tc rwciT rivjeft? troa
RMaeoii oftw otf Assocuu:
Ib? IUMW$ t>TI ET 11 >S
1 Hiss ae2igbtf*ay *n
jtertaiaxd k?- Bricpe CTxH. Hoodiy
|fr?iVL Oft. it>4. *3 bM" beaatifu'
^cw w?r . Bmd? lit
[twrtr* r?*?lar mttJxrj sl? >?.i as
! her (wttx. Mrs. Pul J(?*. o i Ft>rt ?
: Brio. {??< <4 Mrs. Tees KifiL Hiss
' Mie Carr Tir>ir. of Oxford. 0?st of
! Kk Sal&f TayVw. ui Kiss )bOK
UW aH *35 Ida Tow,
Tfce rwm ?w? fc?tai:f?ry dfcon
ix OH i ? ? u< Ite ?corf cards j
Attn six !
*r> RoMmtt
SkrrtidTv r in rtM i: ? Hrl P?*t*
Sb*-K(^w t>? A?u>.
IVw H'lKM ?wt; WuMtllfiK H
[1 TJJW. E. A. BlM?n. W K fv?*
'l?*_ L ? PutiA. Puttr Parwaac ?
Fn4 Lkcii4 JSh
Jr?M dahtcls
Xashville, Oct. 11. ? Thousands of
a (ran all over eastern North Car
eiina ptteml here today tor the 1
ing la which the Tri .Slate
Growers* Co-operative At.
seehs to secure injunctions ? i? i
two men. who are alleged to have sold
their tobacco outside of the imocIi
uon. .
Judge Frank Daniels heard a loos
string of affidavits read this afternoon
?nd tomorrow he will listen to many
h<xr% of oratory by some leading Tar
Heel attorneys. The responsibility of
deciding the issue will rest solely up
on htm, but the attentive audience that
rammed and crammed Nash county's
handsome Df* court house today will
be on hand again tomorrow.
Indicative of the great interest In
these two civil cases that ordinarily
toold attract the attention 01 a mere
handful of interested lawyers was the
attendance at ecu n today.. For half
of today lawyers argued fraud, pain
fully amare of the fact that the big au.
dienee that kept vigil in the court
house, cared not a tinkers' dam about
what they were paying. and It is doubt
ful if a dozen of the men present could
till tonight * hat thut trial was about.
Only I Une> To Interest
Regularly -very fifteen minutes, the
beautiful chime j' that hare been in
stalled to the court house here would
ring out their notes. Then came the
hoar of noon and as the chimes were
jmr-'.mg their longest. Judge Daniels
concluded his charge and the* jury took
the case There was a perceptible
change in the audience. Now would
come the fireworks.
Aaron Sapiro. who came t- North
CaroUna as the apostle of co-operative
marketing of farm products scarcely
two years ago. was oa his feet reading
a long and formidable looking legal
document wherein it was alleged that
W . T. Jones s Nash county farmer,
and Z. A . * HarrelL an Edgecombe to.
Iscco farmer both claimed as mem
bers of the tobacco growers associa
tion. had broken their contract by sell
ing their tobacco on the local market,
and the court was asked to restrain
them from farther selling, and - for
sach other relief as the court might
Arrayed on either side of Mr. Sapiro
*as counsel tor and against the plain
1 tiff, which in this case is the tobacco
association . Appearing with him was
his assistant. Lawrence Levy, Burgess
and Joy-nCr. and James H. Pou. of RaL
e-gh. Henry C. Bourne, of Tarboro,,
land Archie D. Odom. of Nashville.
A rearing against him were such able
attorneys as H G Connie Jr.. of
T ;1soe : Prank Spruill. Jos. B. Ram
fey and L. V. Bassett. of Rocky Mount
Fin c h-a n d Yaughan. of Wilson; and
; C. Howard, of Tarboro.
Say*. Its I sronMitational
| Mr. Sapiro was willing to forego
'the reading of the contract which the
| two defendants in the action before the
! court are aleged to have signed, but
Mr Bassett. who may have found it
! -c>oyab>- thought '.be contract ought
to be read . It wastn*t the first time
Mr Sapiro had read it by anv means,
and he made a good job of it, getting
over it in record time . There were
| quite a few of his audience who had
[rever heard it read or had read it and
: the* found it very interesting.
TVe spok?asen for the defendants
| was H. G. Conror. Jr.. who after mak
i mg the formal denjsls for the defend
; ants, launched into a lengthy desserta
1 tjooi on the unconstitutionality of the
legislative act permitting the Incor
porating of the tobacco association .
Mr . Connor read the answer tor th?
defendants immediately attar Hutch.
Judge Daniels having ordered a short
"An unlawful combination in re
st rSXnt of trade, of competition and a
moaopotj was the way the aassrer
i rfn led to the tobacco giwsn.
That was a new kind of thrust aft to
bacco growers. Usually it Is MSd
with reference to some tobacco man -
i or used to be mom the gov -
t was supposed to
them, and the audience got
thrill. The answer went at
length into a bill particulars.
?? was made to the 8tato c <a*lt
tios wherein it is prohibited tor any
man or set of men to have nyecfel
pri-vilece and to the ((wrte?MV|Mn'
I meat to the Federal rontttriiNi
>U ail ethen axe promised Ik* OQnal
rrotertton of the laws.
wsi <n rrs ciarrs ko* swiars
FXyKteiill#. Oct . 11 Befoc* th?r
<v?M Wvr th? city last night tbo
h'umtxA-yiilOT drcu official.*
*?? to hi ap ? 17.5 ? tod as
? rosali of famacm don* at WOalii
??? fcr Tn^tr. ' (k? four ton thpkant
?W?t haa proven no elnaira teitr
?U pas* lw <an.
ArrarUsc to report* ratkfeg local
ultoWn, Top*y" almost ?mM
a i??ll laaodry. tor* off th* pocnh at
ca? loasr and then ?aM rt*ht
ikrea** a Bffro's bom*. Tt? total
ifniani i rblw4 thus far UMtotl to
fl.TM. to SHwrtft MtO?ekr.
<to wliH write* o* Ok* straw ntflc -
tola at mllwut tb? loal. Tk* aa?a
will to UM at Vllala|tat. i...
mora mx m.

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