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' At
PAPEK ? S*Dd ta Hnml
Before Time Expires.
A- F. JOHNSON, Editor ul
Crond Present ? Miuij Excellent
N'wchea ? Adopts Ringing Resolu.
lions ? To Organize Locals.
WiU^ quite a good crowd of Tobacco
Growers; Q;om all parts ot the county
present on Tuesday afternoon a most
interesting meeting in the Interest of
the Association was held in the Court
MHuse under the direction of Mr. L.
V. Morrell, who has charge of the
field work In this district. Fln?
f^e?ches -were made by Mr. W. .A.
Coanell. Jr., ot Warrea Plains, Mes
srs. W. M. Person, E. H. Malone
and other*.
It was desired to encourage the or.
Kanizatlon of community locals and
the following gentlemen promised to
organize locals In their respective
communities: J W. Bartholomew,
J- 1.. Dorsey, Cedar Rock; Milton
Strickland, Rock Spring; P. S. Fos
ter, lngleeide; John B. Parrish, San
dy Creek; W. T. J. Eaton and i. H.
Wilder, Frankllnton; Justice, Seven
laths and Pilot already have live lo
cals and are producing good results.
After the discussion ol contract
breaking and the many reports in re.
gtrd to misrepresentations in secur
ing signers to the contract th " mitr
ing passed the -following resolution
by a unanimous rising vote:
Ktsolved; That we members of the
Tobacco Growers Association of
i i.mklin County in convention as
> .uWed this 12th day ot December,
desire to go on record as em
1. ically denying the charge made
by : .?e of our opponents that there
1 ..s liCen'any fraud or misrepresenta
tion in the organization of our asso.
tlation in Franklin County.
Resolved, further; That we are deep
ly appreciative of the work of our Dl
leitors, we endorse their action and
j ledge them our continued 'loyalty
and support .
The meeting was a great success
fcnd will be of great benefit to the
r.i.tny members ot the Association in
Franklin County.
ingle side news
As you have not heard from our lit
tle town in quite a while we will write
to let you .know we are as lively as
> ever.
1 llllirlr every one is ready tor Xmas.
Mr. Best, the Couny Superintendent
paid our school a visit last Friday.
l.ittle Miss Grace Edwards left last
week for Gastonia, where ?? she will
take treatment.
Our Literary Society, that we organ
ized not long ago, is improving wry
fast. We hop? to have great su?oes?
with it. - ?
Mr. S. H. Dickerson's little daugh
ter. aged~two, got badly burned on
Tutsday before Thanksgiving but wo
are glad to know she is some better
We are having groat success In our
t IS, Y. P. U. at Corinth and every one
si cms to 7enjoy it bo mocu.
Miss Ora Holden spent last week
end with Mrs. W. T. Harris.
Mr. Sam Macon made a visit to
the school house last week to see the
Miss Emma Smith spent Thursday
r.isht with Miss Slssle Dlckerson.
Mrs W. T. Harris accompanied by
Mr. Alison Macon and sister. Miss
/.nnic I-aurle Macon motorsd over t6
Raleigh Friday.
>Miss Annie Laurie Macon spent last
week at home recuperating after an
automobile accident which she had
rear Nashville. We are' glad to
Know she Is rapidly improving.
Miss Mary Wilson, of Louisburg
College, spent last week ona with her
cowSfii, Miss Annie Laurie Macon.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Matthews and
? * children spent Saturday night with
lier sister, Mrs. W. T. Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Beasley and
ctild ren spent Sunday with her fath
er. Mr. W. J. Macon,
The G. A. girls ot Loulsburg Bap
tist church will give a play at Cor
inth Baptist church Sunday. The
j ulilic Is cordially Invited.
Bluo Eyes.
?/^ Oxford. Dec. 12. ? M. J. Council, a
I imminent merchant of Oxford, while
erf*sing College street on Saturday
pie lit. was struck by an automoble,
knitrkod down snd dragged over a
hi, If mile before the occupants knew
that he was under the car. When
tli*' occupants heard his calls, they
<it, i,ped lha car and removed him from
under It and after placing him on the
nearby sidewalk, left the injured man
I; i. ,no. The accident was observed
In i passer. hy on the street who has
tened to follow tho car In which Mr.
? oiincll was entangled and who car him to his home. When medical
,,i l was summoned it was found ny
i.snry lo take several sUtches In
vi, umled man's head and other reme
,j s to be given. It Ib a miracle that
Mr. council was not killed and that
did not receive more serious Injur
es. The occupants of the car who
v cr<> said to be speeding when the
nrrlilent occurred, are thought to be
nfiTocn and no clue can be found to
i,;rntl& them as they have cleared
r,,i rmm this vicinity entirely.
"Hie following cassa were disposed
of In Recorder's Court on last Mon
day: . " ....
State vs Corbln Blount, 1 and r, nolo
contendere, prayer for Judgment con
tinued upon payment of costs.
State vs Robert Skene*, aiding and
abetting In manufacturing whiskey,
guilty, 4 months on roads, appeal.
State vs Charlie Stone, adw, con
State vs Sol Wright, appeal, con
State vs Willie King, adw, continued.
State vs Charles Stone, ccw, contin
State vs Marcus Dunston, dispos
ing mortgage property guilt}-, prayer
for Judgment continued.
State vb Nora Mann, adw, guilty.
Judgment suspended upon payment of
State vs Corbln Blount, ccw, guilty,
PO days on roads, execution not to
Issue until December 26th.
State vs Troy Raines and Early
Mitchell, forgery, Raines called and
-failed, Judgment ni si scl fa capitis
ar&~?ontlnued.' Mitchell continued.
State vs Butlor Evans and Wash
Evansj adw, trial as to Butler Evins,
guilty Judgment suspended upon pay.
ment of. costs! capias and continued as
to Wash Evans.
State vs Butler Evans, ccw, guilty,
fned $100 and costs.
State vs Paul Harris, ccw, guilty,
prayer for Judgment continued upon
payment of costs.
State vs Paul Harris, adw, "guilty,
judgment suspended upon payment of
. State vs John Faulkner, ccw, adw,
Kuilty, 30 days in .'all In ccw, Judg
ment suspended upon . payment of
costs in adw.
T|ie following ca3es were disposed I
of in Recorder's Court on Monday,
December 4th:
State vs Corbln Blount, 1 and r, con
State vs Bill Smith and Robert j
iSkenes A and B distilling. Bill Smith]
trial guilty, 60 days on roads, coniln- j
ued as to Skenes. I
State vs Bill Smith ccw, guilty, 60
days on roads. , ?
State vs John W. Alston, 1 and r
not guilty.
? . State vs Zeb Collins 1 and r, guilty,
filed $15 and costs,
St&.te vs Charlie Stone adw, ccw,
State vs Sol Wright appeal from
Mayor, continued,.
o ?
Tlie Louisburg College students in
piano, voico and expression gave the
second recital of this semester in the
College auditorium? Friday evening,
December eighth. Each student did
credit to the department which sfie
represented. The following were on
the program: Misses Eliza Newell.
Margaret Holdcn, Marian Gardner, j
Louise Taylor, and Ora Holden, of
Louisburg; Miss Essie Llles, Little
ton; Mils Musette Winstead, Roxboro;
Miss Julia Daniels, Elm 64ty; Miss
Etta Beale Grant, Hookerton; Miss
Elizabeth Grant, Garysburg; MIbs
Hattle Mae Parker, Rich Square; Miss
Susie Crowell, Thomasville; Miss Mae
Campbell, Slier City.
The College Glee Club will present
"Cherry Blossom" a Japanese oper
etta, at the Star Theatre, December
Every member of the North Carolina
Cotton Growers Association is urged
to keep the Association informed of
hlB_correct address. If you have
changed your address since signing
the contract, or if you are not getting
jour mall properly kindly write the
Association at Raleigh and tell them
about it, giving them your propor ad.
dress. If you haven't gotten your
i check for your second advance on
your cotton or do not get It in tbe
next few days, you had better write
the Association giving It your correct
postofTlce address.
' o
The following big hogs killed the
past week, have been reported to the
Franklin Times:
A. J. Frazler, Hayesvllle township,
two weighing 493, 620.
W. D. Foster, Jr., Hayesvllle town
ship, one weighing 480.
R. H. Ayscue, Hayesvllle township, i
two weighing 440, 432.
'L. P. Hicks. Louisburg, four weigh
Ing 348, 340, 326, 320.
Zollle Mamenburg, of Cedar Rock
township, four weighing 215, 230, 297.
B. B. Fogg, of Cedar Rock town
ship, three weighing 368, 353, 215.
William Fogg, of Cedar Rock town
ship, two weighing 418, 315.
Haywood Bowden, ot Cedar Rock
township, four weighing 211, 228, 343,
Mrs. W. 0.\ Mitchell, Hayesvllle
township, three weighing 350, 820. 287.
Q. 8. Leonard, Louisburg, Ave
weighing 445, 440, 420, 160, 140.
| The Sophomore Class of Cedar Rock
High School will present their class
play "Unacquainted with Work" In,
the school auditorium next Thursday
evening, Dec. 21 at 7:80 p^ m. This
Is a cflmedy-drama lit five acts and
plays a full evening. Admission 25
and 35 cents.
On next Tuesday evening, Dec. 19th
"Miss Cherry Blossom" a musical
comedy will be presented by the Loula
Lurg College Glee Club at the Star
Theatre at 8; 00 o'clock. The cast of
characters are aa follows:
Cherry Blossom, brought up as th?
daughter of Kokemo, In reality Er?
lyn Barnes of New York, U. S. A.-*
Fiances Ft us so .
Kokemo, ? proprietor of a Tea Oar
den In Tokeo, Japan, comedy part
Margaret Ledbetter .
John Henry Smith, a New? Yorker,
on a visit to Japan as a guest of Mr.
Worthlngton ? Settle Holden.
" Henry Kcster Jones, Jack's pal, la
love with Jessica ? Ora Holdepu
Horace Worthlngtoi*1,- a New York
stock broker who is entertaining a
party of friends with a trip to Japan
on his private yacht ? Gradle Parker,
James Young, Worthlngton s private'
Btcretary ? Edythe Guffy.
Jessica Vanderpool, Worthlngtorfs
niece ? Josephine Bandy.
Togo, a Japanese politician of high
rank ? Genevieve Peltz.
The choruses are comprised of the
following Geisha Girls: Hattie Mae
I'arker, Etta Beale Grant, Susie Crow,
ell, Ruth Jones, Nolle Hunt, Ida
Eross, Hattie Real Congleten, Sarah
Johnson, Essie Llles, Mary Munden.
And- American girls and men who are:
Julia Daniels, Ruth Hopkins, Char
lotte Plttman, Katherine Melvfn, Xna
Fracey, Mary Wilson, Panllne Eason,
Mae Campbell .
Pianist ? Miss Ruth Hall,
Violinist ? Dr. H. H. Johnson, 'Mr.
S. B. Berkeley.
Director ? Mrs. A. W. Mohn.
The lovers of music in Loulsburg
will be delighted to know that one of
the principle attractions ot the even
ing will be the solos of Miss Russo,
who plays the part of Cherry Blos
som. She has had experience in
work of this kind, and has always
charmed her audience by her marvel
ous-voice. Miss Russo has a wonder
ful voice which is bering well devel.
nnpri under the excellent' Instruction
of "Mrs . A. W. Mohn. Those who
have already heard Miss Rhsso will
not miss this -epiSTSrffinlty of seeing
ier appear in the role of Cherry Blos
Youngsville, Route 2, Nov. 29 ? R.
R . Holmes, one ot Franklin County's
highly esteemed citizens, died this
morning at his home la the county
after ten days of Illness. His age was
S3 years. He is Survived by his wife,
two daughters and one son. Mrs. Will
Lawrence. Estel and Wade Holmes,
besides a number of grand children
and great grand children. ? Franklin,
ton News.
The Bazaar under th& uspiccs
ot the Auxiliary of St. Paul's
Church was one ot peculiar
interest and pleasure to Its workers.
From the beginning keen interest wa/
felt In It. All felt an especial pride
in its financial result, a clear profit
of over $200.00, including the Junior
Auxiliary's fund of $28.00.
I guess you think we are all dead
around Schloss but we are still alive.
We are having some cold rainy
weather, It Is almost like winter. I
guoss everybody is getting a little
wood up for Christmas.
Mr. J. W. Smith visited Mrr J. E.
Tharrlngton Sunday. ?
Mr. C. A. Hale visited his son near
Epsom the past week.
Mr. W. W. Smith and son. killed
two hogs the past week weighing 636
We are sorry to hear that Mr.'S.
G. Johnson is going to move from
If this escapes the was/e basket we
will call again soon. Btue Eyes.
The following honor roll is sent
from Laurel School:
lat Grade ? Bruce Gupton, Pearl
Champion, Bryan Harper. Lucy S.
Parrlsh, Elliot Breedlove, James
2nd Grade ? Elnora Champion, Es
ther Bailey, Maud Hayes, Sam Person
Newell Breedlove.
3rd Grade ? Myrtlce Upchurch, Bet
tie Bobbltt Marshall. Fred Merrltt,
Thomas Speed, Sue Egerton.
4th Grade ? Lucy Breedlove, Willie
Breedlove. Irma Gupton, Monnio Hay
es, Helen Parrlsh.
6th Grasle- Lessie Breedlove, Blount
Kgorton, Rachel Garbee. Ruff In Har
per, Bunnle Murphy.
6th Grade ? Eugene Harper.
7th tirade ? Alice Hayes. Claude
Hayes, Harold Garbee.
Mrs. M. K. Williams,
Mlssf "ETll lo Harper.
We wish to extend our most Sin
cere thanjtn and appreciations to our
many friends and neighbors for their
many kindnesses and expressions of
sympathy during the recent Illness
and death of our little son. Ernest.
They will be long and affectionately
remembered .
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Perry, Jr.
Senior Class of Bunn High
dI presented a pla#*4ji the audi
Jn df the school last Friday even
ithat would do credit to any com
nlty.. They presented "Bashful
Bobbs*' in a well selected and
iced cast. Not a character fell
In the presentation. Playing
fnusual hard part; Alma Gay per.
ted a country hotel mistress to a
degree, displaying a very unique
^*he caused the audience much en
ent throughout the comedy. An
outstanding feature was Wiliiard
: In the personage of a. "fresh
try guy," a porter, in the cast,
as the wltlcism of this character
kept splice In the production,
other outstanding features were
parts played by Frank Chamblee
Stantly Hagwood as "Bashful
" and the cOusin "Robt. Bobbs."*
whole cast was carried out - in
exceptionally flncmanner that
d speak well for older players,
e Dunn township group meeting
their bi-monthly "stunt" night
lot on Friday night. Each school
Uy of the different schools in the
ship presented a "stunt." The
house was over crowded in. at
ce. T^e stunts were well car
__ out and much merryment pre,
X?S?Kl. The feature of the stunts was
tbt minstrel given by the Bunn facul
ty^ Which was a "sft^eam" from be
ing to end. Refreshments we?
ed the visiting teaclrers by the
' faculty. t '
?g. Howell's Missionary class of
Lonisjjjirg presented a Tory unique
pKeant in the Baptist church -Sun
day. The pageant represented the
fullfillment of the Baptist ?5 Million
Campaign. The children carried out
parts with marked ability, and
?L unusual way, brought the im
Bpce of fulfilling the pledges made
to tlji campaign. A contribution was
taken and the proceeds given to the
young people.
The regular bi-montnly Stunt Night
Will be at Bunn Friday night at 7;30t
The public is cordially invited. No
admission fee.
The friends of Mr. W. E. Bedding,
field and Mrs. Mary White Mullen
were delightfully surprised to hear of
their wedding on Sunday morning of
last week. Mrs. Be'odlngfleld will
remain the music instructor of Bunn
School .
Mr., Best was a visitor at the school
His visits are always a
sduac* of much pleasure Jo both the
students and teachers.
T*he Bunn basketball team met its
first defeat at Spring Hope in a fast
and snappy game. The score was
17-12T? Basket ball will begin in ear
nest after the Christmas holidays.
^The Bunn High School will close
foil the holidays on Friday, December
the 22 instead of the 2\)tli because'' o#
the endfng of the month. Parents are
expected to send their children back
cn Monday, January Sth. prepared for
the days work. All recitations are
expected to be prepared by the stu
dents for that day.
Wendell, Dec. 12. ? Joseph Mitchell
a prominent business man of this town
was found dead in his place of busi
ness Monday morning. When found
he was sitting in an upright position
on a bor. He left his home Sunday
afternoon in companv^with some of
his friends. At a latewour, as he had
not returned, his wife became alarm
ed and commenced inquiry. Early on
the following morning his dead body
was discovered by a person .looking
throtigh the window of his store. The
store had to be broken In to reach
his body. The body is being held In
the Stell undertaking room, awaiting
a coroner's inquest to be held to de
termine the cause of h*s eeath.
He leaves a wife and two small
children and a host of friends to
mourn his death. His remains will
be laid to rest in the family cemetery
near Youngsvllle after the Inquest is I
Mr. Mitchell was a former Louis.!
burg resident an4 *te*-?~b?*ther to'
the late Mr. Kofcar 'Mitchell .
We are requested to announce ^hat |
there will be a Minstrel Show at Jus
tice next Tuesday night for the bene
fit of Ju9tice High School. Admission I
2.e and 35c. Tlie public js cordially)
The American I.?egion Auxiliary will ,
nioet next Tuesday, fhe nineteenth, at
three-thirty, with Mrs. E. W. Fur
son. All members are urged to be
present as this Is the meeting at
which officers will be elected for the
coming year.
Information has been given out that
Nash street will "be opened clear
through on the morning pf Dec. 22nd.
and also the fill will be Thado at the
bridge at 8ycamoro creek and the
I ridge opened at the same time. This
will be good nexrs to all those east of
Ixnilsburg who have been having to
ase the detour.
Wilson 9 Years
Ago and Now
TIIK Otrvw IN? aiiuvv
Of WoKlrriV Wttjwm w*r UJtPI
lately th?j t^prrD^'T* "*r o*<~,
on f>.?? fwirrh of hi? WH*ht>.tr'n*
hmi>?> The stii.iUi r o*?*? wv- ;??:
rurtnit m- Ural cHiurwl iuhoj;^ ti
The following is the' program for
the Frank'.in County Union meeting
which will be held with Cedar Rock
church, December 30 anil 31.
Saturday~3Xorning ?
10:00 J3ong Setvice.
10:30 Devotional exercise, Rev. W.
R. Wallace.
10 45 Organization for 1&X3.
I-. :00 A Retrospect, Rev. J. A. M
Iver. ' r
II-45 "erinon. Rev, Geo. W. May\
11:30 Dinner hour.
Saturday Afternoon
1:30 Song service.
i:4 5 ?? -thfi Horn*, Pujt.Ci.
2:30 Song by congregation.
2:35 Duct, Mi?s Ora Holden and
Miss Belvin Finch.
J 2:40 Christ in the Church, Dr. D.
B. Bryan.
Saturday Evening
7:00 B. Y. P. l>. Demonstration
program. Corinth B. Y. P. U.
S:3C B. Y. P. U. ? Study Course,
Rev. Hovt Blackwell.
Sunday Morning
10:00 Song service.
10:30 Christ in our National Life. Dr.
W. L. Efoteat.
11:30 Solo. Miss Claudilenij Sykes.
11:35 Dedicatory Sermon, Dr. J. H.
12:30 Dedication or Cedar Rock
Church" " -
Choir Leader, Rev. X. F. Britt.
Rev. Walter B. Clark, Rector. Ser
vices for the Third Sunday in Advent
Dec. 17th. -
Church Schpol 10:00 a. m. Mr.
Wm. H. Huff in. Superintendent.
Morning Prayer and wrmon 11:00
a. m. Sermon subject: j'The Mas
ter's Missicn."
Evening Prayer and sermcn 7:00 p.
m. Sermon subject: "Love Not the
Wednesday, Dec. 20, 7:30 p. m. ?
Vespers and choir rehearsal.
A cordial welcome to all services.
The members of the Thursday Even
Ing Book Club were delightfully en
tertained by Miss Tom Ogburn at the
Franklin Koter on the 23rd. Besides
the club memtxirs Miss Ogburn had as
her guests Mis^ Katheriqe Pleasants
and Mrs. F. B.V Leonard.
Miss Alice HaV*"i8 read the life of
Bellini the author of the Opera stud
ied. The story of Norma was given
by Miss Babbie Turner for Miss Maude
Ashley on account of her absence.
Miss Ruth Hall sang "Goodnight, little
Girl, Goodnight, by J-. C. Macey which
was enjoyed by ail present.
Very interesting current events
were given by Miss Ix>nie Meadows.
A (tor the programme. Miss Ogburn
served a most delicious sweet courso.
o ?
On Frldny night. December the 15th
Hickory Reek school will present the
t lay "Dot. the Miner's Daughter".
The Justice Orchestra has promised
to furnish the music. Como and
have a good time. Admission will be
15 and 25 cents. The*, proceeds will
bo used tp repair the sekool building.
On Tuesday nlfcht following, Dec.
19th a box party will be given for the
same purpose. We are expecting a
lerge crowd and a good time each
night. Be sure to come.
: o ?
Ten Gersha Girls, dainty and petite
fclve a decided Japanese flavor to
MIsr Cherry Blossom."
among tee visitors
Personal Items About Folks And
Their Frfeqds Who Travel Here
- And There
Mr. J. R. (collie, of Raleigh, was a
visitor to Louisburg Monday.
Mr. W. Frank Davis, of Richmond,
was a visitor to Louisburg this week.
Mr. W. M. Person visited Raleigh
^Ir. J. R. Williams and sons. H.
C. and Jim Williams left yesterday
for Florida to spend the winter.
Mr. W. J. Byerly. of Mt. Airy. was
a visitor to Loiflsburg Wednesday.
Mr. Paul Griffin who is stationed
In Raleigh was a visitor to Louisbun?
Sen. and -Mrs. C. P. Harris and
Mrs. S. T\ Wilder went to Raleigh
Mr. W. ' H. Yarborough visited
Richmond on business the p*st week.
Mr. W. H. Leonard, of Salisbury.
*as a visitor to Louisburg Wednes
day .
Messrs. J. A. Mitchiner aad-A. F.
Johnson visited Raleigh Tuesday.
Mrs. Fred Austin and little daugh
ter of Hickoryrare visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. C.'ranford.
for the holidays.
Ernest Wilson, the fifte ? months
old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Perry,
Jr., died alter a short illnecs on Fri
idsy of last week. The remains were
terred in Oaklawn cemetery on Satur
[day afternoon afaer a stior* but im
pressive ceremof!tv conducted by Revs.
I J. A. >fclver and L. E. Thompson.
! The pallbearers were Dr. H. G. Per
, ry. J. W. Perry, Malcolm McKinne
j&nd S. P. Boddie. The floral tribute
?was especially pretty.
Ernest was a bright little ehHd and
had woven himself into the closest
lajections of the family, who hav^e
uie sincere sympathy of tlie entire
llo-wu In their bereavement . He leaver
ra sister. M:ss Eugenia. an<? two little
jbibthers, Davis and Everard. '
| J6
h'peord Jfeetina> of Tobacco Growers
Mark rd by Flood Tide of Loyalty In
3 States. ?
Thousands of organized tobacco
growers of Eastern North Carolina will
double their cash receipts next Wed
n*?Sday. December 20th, when checks
for the second payment on all tobacco
delivered to the Tobacco Growers Co
operative Association up to December
laL. will* be paid at the cooperative
warehouses in the Eastern Beit.
A flood tide of enthusiasm marked
the twenty meetings throughout Cen
tral and Eastern Carolina held by the
I Association last week. At Henddr^
son. Roxboro. Oxford, Durham, and
' Raleigh great gatherings of gro^jrs
passed unanimous resolutions of ioy.
alty and confidence in thear Associa
tion and their directors.
More than 150 local associations of
the tobacco cocperative have been
formed in South Carolina during the
past two weeks. An active campaign
| for new members gives promise of a
sign-up that will include SO per cent
of the South Carolina crop of 1923,
according to the farmers, bankers and
merchants who are aldtng the associa
tion in its new drive for membership
in the Palmetto State.
In the-^outh Carolina Belt where
the markets are closed the Associa
tion handle^ 20.000,000 pounds of to
bacco and oVices receifed from actual
sales for substantially all the tobacco
averaged/521.54 per hundred pounds. J
I Following the second payment to the
| South Carolina growers, which equal
ed their first advance, preparations
are now being made to distribute a
third payment to these members.
A record-breakinr aeries of twenty
: three meetings in Virginia this week
will reach the growers of Pittsylvania*
| Halifax, Mecklenburg, Lunenburg.
iP.runswick and Amelia counties.
I Such state leaders as John R.
Hutchesoii. Director of Extension for
Virgina, F. S. Farrar. J. H. Quisen
berry and J. G. Bruce. State District
Agents, and directors of the associa^
tlon will address meetings which be
gin Wednesday In Pittsylvania Coun
ty, Thursday In Halifax County am!
continue Friday and Saturday; De
cember 15th and 16th at Chase City,
Clarksvllle, South Hill, 'Victoria, Ken
bridge. Lawrenceville, Alberta, and
Amelia .
The record of the cooperative asso
ciation in three months of active op
eration and the second cash payment
to be made to Virginia growers on all
tobacco delivered up to December 20th
will be discussed at these meetings,
which celebrste the success of the aa
r.ociattlon at the close of Its first year*
The International stock brokers.
Miss Parker and Miss Ouffy, will ap
pear In "Miss Cherry Blossom" T a? ?%
day night at Star Theatre, '

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