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PAPER?Seat to
Befara Tiaa EiA ta.
A. P. JOHSSOlf, E Altar ul JUaafar
L0UI8BUK6, II. Cm PWDAY, MAY 13, 1933
boswell case
George Jones Guilty Burning
Munjr Minor Cnttes Disced Of?Judge
Daniels Makes Fine Charge To
Grand Jury?Solicitor Evans Hold
tag Up States Interests.
Franklin Superior Court criminal
term convened Monday morning with
Hon. Frank A. Daniels presiding and
Solicitor W. F. Evans in charge of
the prosecution. After the usual for
malities of opening Judge Daniels
made a powerful and exceedingly
plain charge to the grand Jury, tell
ing them that the trial by Jury was
one of the fundamentals of liberty of
the citizens of this country, and that
the grand Jury is the only means we
have to Investigate the conduct of in
dividuals. He denounced strongly
the spirit of mob law and pointed out
that the man who allowed himself to
become a party to such was a crimi
nal himself. He instructed them to
make investigation of all criminal
matters within their knowledge and
make presentments of all violations.
This, he said, is the only proceedure
that will protect society. He spoke
particularly of the liquor traffic,
showing where it was at the bottom
of the majority of the crimes now be
fore the courts. He also instructed
them to look into the management of
t! e county's affairs and moke a full
ii.ort of their findings. His charge
v :.s In part a lecture that will reflect
a g. U influence over the large num
ber resent who heard him and en
Jcyed a most excellent charge.
The grand Jury 'is composed of the
following gentlemen; J. T. Baker,
Foreman, W. W. Tucker, W. J. Pearce,
H. B. Conyers, J. W. Bartholomew,
Matthew Gupton, J. B. Hunt, G. M.
Raynor, J. R. Minga, D. N. Nelms, A.
M Cooke, J. E. Pernell, H. L. Bur
nett?, J. W. Alford, B. B. Massenburg,
J. C. Nowell, S. F. Holden, S. B. Mul
len. J. I. Pleasants was sworn in as
officer to the grand Jury.
After the grand Jury had reUred
the docket was taken up and dispos
ed of as follows:
State vs Dock Young, distilling,
discharged he being in State Hospi
State vs Jack Harris, adw, alias,
capias and continued.
State vs Early Mitchell, forgery,
nol pros.
State vs Elijah Hargrove, illegal re
ceiving whiskey, continued.
. State vs Wm. B. Harris, vpl, alias,
capias and continued.
State vs Oscar Butler, adw, not a
true bill. _
State vs Oscar Butler, ccw, trial
guilty, 6 months on roads, hired to G.
B. H. Stailings at *20 per month, to
pay costs.
State vs Tom Green, upw, not gull
State vs Percy Foster, vpl, not gull
' State vs Louis Thorpe, Jr., false
pretense, motion to move to another
county dented.
State vs Richard Jeffreys, HB and L
pleads nolo contendere, prayer for
Judgment continued upon payment of
State vs Charlie Jeffreys, HB and L
pleads nolo contendere, 6 months on
roads, execution stayed for 2 years
upon payment of costs and *8.50 to
Beddingfleld tor ham, and upon good
State vs Robert Little, adw, with
intent to kill, continued.
State vs Clifton Dlckerson, distill
ing. called and failed, nisi sclfa, de
fendant having surrendered to the
sheriff and begun sentence, forfeiture
of bond was ordered stricken out.
State vs George Jones, house burn
ing, guilty, 8 to 14 years in State prls
State vs C. W. Boswell, fraudulent
kidnapping, pleads guilty, 2 years on
roads in addition to time already oon
flned in Jail, execution stayed for 2
years to show good behavior,. upon
payment of coats.
State v? C. W. Boswell, seduction.
nol pros.
State vs Manuel Mullen, house
breaking and larceny, pleads guilty,
I! months on roads, upon payment of
costs, sentence is stayed for 2 years,
conditioned on good behavior
State, vs J. H. Holden and Hubert
Holden, distilling, not guilty.
State vs Floyd Wood, wreckless
driving, not guilty.
The Grand Jury completed its work
Wedneeday and filed the following re
port* ?
To His Honor F. A. Daniels, Judge
presiding at May Term Superior
Court, Franklin County, North Car
We have passed on all bills present
ed to us to the best of our knowledge
and belief.
We have visited the various Ooun
tv offices and find them in good con
dition and Records well kept We
recommend two office chairs, center
filing desk and repairing old chairs
for Register of Deeds office.
We And the Jail in good condition
and sanitary. _
We visited the County Home and
find it kept as well as equipment will
allow and reoommend that
be built near enough to town to be
convenient to lights and water.
We riaited the stockade for Boad
The Louiaburg Klwanls Club en
joyed one of its best meetings of the
year as host to the business men of
Franklinton, Friday evening in the
domestic science room of the Frank
linton Qraded School. In music, food
and speeches everything was carried
out in the most pleasant manner.
The meeting was presided over by
Ai'ther Fleming who fulfilled the po
sition with dignity as well as wit. The
Klwanis orchestra furnished the mus
ic in conjunction with Mrs. Cooke and
Miss Cower of Franklinton.
The table was in the form of the let
ter "K" the emblem of the Club, and
the meal was delightfully served by
the Domestic science class of the
The program carried out, other than
musical numbers, included in a speech
by James Massenburg on the funda
mental principles of the club and
what the club stood for. He empha
sised the words "We Build." The
building of the community, the coop
erative spirit which all members
should hare relative to town and
county affairs, building of character
and other feature of building. Mayor
Joyner of Franklinton made a short
talk. He was followed by Mr. Buch
anan who explained the activities of
the excellent work shop in the hand
scme school building which was dona
ted to the boys and girls of Franklin
ton by Mr. Sam Vann?It, In itself
Illustrated a factor in Klwanis as it Is
an institution "To Build." The real
talk of the club was made by Hoy
Taylor who illustrated that such a
meeting was a beginning of closer
| contact between the business and pro
fessional men of the two towns; that
when such meetings bring to
gether men they would not be suspic
ious of one another and that each
I would realize that the best for build
ing can be obtained by all working
'together and knowing oue another
better. Ben Ballard talked for a few
minutes on how glad he was that we
were over in his town, and that he
surely was disappointed in the meet
ing since he thought the Loulsburg
men wanted to put over some propo
sition. In his usual good nature he
stated that he and the other men of
Franklinton were exceedingly happy
to have us over.
A1 Vann talked straight from the
shoulder about cotton mills and said
that the best way to succeed in busi
ness was to have a definite thing to
do in the respective business and do
that thing well.
All In all the sixty men and three
young ladies enjoyed themselves to
the fullest extent. There can be no
doubt that if many such meetings
should be held the business men of
these two towns would learn to know
and understand one another better
and pull together for their respective
towns and for the county. That is the
spirit of Klwanls. One for all and all
for one?To Build. The club is in
debted to the domestic science class
of Franklinton for the fine luncheon
and all were in for "congratulations
relative to their service.
All members ef the FraDklln
County Memorial Association,
and especially the Chairman of
each committee and officers, are
by this Informed that a meeting
of the Association has been call,
ed to meet In Lonlsburg at the
Court House at 1 P. X. on Wed
nesday, May 80, lHi, for tho
purpose of making the neees.
sary arrangements for the pro
per observ ance of Memorial Day.
Ton are especially urged to be *
N. P. BUDDIE, Pres.
A. F. JOHNSON, Sec'y.
in a very deplorable condition, poor
deeping quarters, no ventilation, and
no adequate comforts tor working
people. The prisoners report being
poorly fed. We recommend better
quarters and equipment at once.
Respectfully submitted.
J. T. BAKER, Foreman.
The Solicitor made tho following
report to the Court:
North Carolina, Franklin County, Su
perior Court, May Term, 1925.
To the Hon. F. A. Daniels, Judge Pre
The undersigned Solicitor of the
Seventh Judicial District respectfully
reports to the Court that he has ex
amined at this term of said Court in
to the condition of the office of J. J.
Young, the Clerk of the Superior
Court of said County, that he finds
said office well administered In all
respects, that said Clerk keeps in his
office all the books required by law,
properly indexed for speedy and con
venient reference.
He further reports to the Court that,
so tar as he can ascertain, the ac
counts of the said Clerk are regular
and correct.
Reepectfully submitted,
W. F. EVANS, Solicitor.
Seventh Judicial District
Examined, approved, and ordered
F. A. DANIELS, Judge Presiding.
Court adjourned on Wednesday
evening In order to allow the farmers
to take advantage of the spletdld sea
?A far Mttlnf tobacco.
Set Thn'SdH} Night ax Time to Elect
Officers find Appoint Committees.
The New Town officers took hold
of the City government formally
Tuesday at noon when the new May
or and Board of Commissioners were
sworn In by Clerk of the Court J. J.
Young. All were present except Dr.
A. H. Fleming, who was absent at
tending a Dental meeting at Pine
No business was transacted other
than setting Thursday evening at 7:30
o'clock as the time for the election of
the police force, eierk and Superin
tendent for the Light and Water plant,
and the appointment of committees
through which the business of the
Town will be transacted.
Each of the officials are free In
their statements that with the proper
cooperation of the people of the town
they hope to give a good progressive
and economical government.
Little Son of J. 0. Mill lams Gets
Extra Share?All Well Formed and
the Youngster Doing Well
A most peculiar freak of human na
ture was discovered Sunday morning
[when a little son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. J. O. Williams, of Dunns town
ship. The little fellow had five well
developed fingers, and a thumb on
each hand and six well developed toes
on each foot. He weighed nine pounds
and was well and perfectly formed,
and both he and his mother were do
ing welt. Mr. Williams informs the
TIMES that this instance is unlike
anything he has ever seen or heard
of In that each of the fingers and toes
ere perfectly formed and placed, the
same as any persons fingers and toes
who have only the right number.
Most other cases the extra member
shows decidely a deformity.
The little fellow is lively and do
ing as well as could be wished for
and Bhows every sign of growing up
to full maturity.
Mrs. Ida S. Pearce died at the home
of her son, Mr. R. A. Pearce, near
town, on Friday morning at 8:15
o'clock after a short illness.
Mrs. Pearce was 76 years of age and
leaves two sons, Messrs. R. A. Pearce
and D. G. Pearce, both of near Louis
burg, and one daughter, Mrs.' John A.
Tucker, of Klnston, all of whom were
present when the end came. She is
also survived by one sister, Mrs. T.
A. Sills, of Nashville, and two broth
ers, Mr. Scott Thompson, of Nashville,
and Dr. Baird Thompson, of Florida.
The deceased was the widow of the
late J. J. Pearce, and before her mar
riage was Miss Ida Outlaw and was a
grand daughter of Governor David
Stone. She had a large family con
nection and leaves many relatives
and friends who extend a deep sym
pathy to the bereaved.
She was a faithful and consistent
member of the Methodist church of
Loulsburg and always rejoiced in the
service of Christ. Her life was such
that made for her a noble character,
a friend to all and one loved by all
who knew her.
"God touched her with His finger,
and she slept" wrote the poet. So
may it be said of this grand woman?
"God touched her with His flngeV and
she slept," but not until a beautiful
life was lived, a noble example of pa
tience, fidelity to truth and faith were
given. Not until visions of a heaven
ly life, had cheered and illumined the
valley of the shadow. And now that
she sleeps, memory takes up the harp
of life, and smiting the strings, finds
that her virtues melt Into music. So
it ever is, when a life Is nobly and
divinely lived.
The funeral was held from the home
of her son near town, on Saturday
morning and was conducted by Rev.
,0. W. Dowd and was largely attend
ed. The interment was made at Oak
lawn cemetery. The pall bearers,
were as follows: Active?Dr. J. O.
Newell. S. C. Holden, S. P. Boddle, T.
W. Watson, D. F. McKlnne, W. T. J.
Baton. Honorary?Capt. P. G. Al
ston, W. E. Murphy, P. B. Griffin. N.
M. Perry. N. B. Tucker. M. 8. Clifton.
The floral tribute was profuse and
beautiful, speaking a silent message
ot love and esteem.
The Woman's Auxiliary of the Am
erican Legion will meet at the- home
of Mrs. El F. Thomas on Tuesday
May 19th, at 4 o'clock with Mesdames
8 C. Holden. H. H. Hilton and E. F.
Thomas as hostesses.
MRS. T. C. ALSTON, Sec'y.
Memorial Day was observed by the
Daughters of the Confederacy of the
Joseph J. Davis chapter and otho-t on
last Snuday, May 10th. All gathered
at the Monument at 9:90 o'clock In
th? afternoon and want to the ceme
tery in a body and decorated the
graves of the deceased soldiers and
members of the chapter with beauti
ful ' 1
Annual Meeting On May It To Hear |
Members from A11 Bel s In Three |
(S. D. Frissell)
Headquarters of the Tobacco Grow
ers Cooperative Association at Ral
eigh promises to be the Mecca for
members of the Association trom three
states next Tuesday, May 19, when
the annual meeting of the Association
will be held in Pullen Hall at the
North.Carolina State College.
Lively Interest has developed among
the tobacco farmers of Virginia and
Scuth Carolina in this annual meet
ing of the Tobacco Cooperative ow
ing to the fact that the directors have
urged attendance from every state and
it possible from every county of the
three states in which it operates.
The policy of wide-open publicity
whit h the Tobacco Association has
adopted since inviting and publishing
the report of public officials from
three states on its affairs and policies
wlR be the feature of the annual meet
ing next week, at that time a full
report by Richard R. Patterson, Man
ager of the Association is to be fol
lowed by a frank discussion from
members representing ever y tobacco
belt in the Carollnas and Virginia, as
to the plans and policies for the sea
son of 1925-1926.
It is expected that next week's
meeting will be the largest gathering
ol tobacco planters who have ever
met together as representatives of the
tobacco belts of the three states.. It
will unquestionably have much influ
ence in shaping the policies of the
new board whose election will be
confirmed at this meeting by the
This will be the first time in the
history of tobacco growing when farm
ers from the swamps of the Pee Dee
in South Carolina and mountaineers
from the dark fired tobacco district
of Virginia meet face to face with
North Carolina growers, in large num
bers to draw up plans for their mu
tual benefit.
It is known that members of dele
gations from Virginia and South Caro
lina are already being formed to at
tend Tuesday's meeting at State Col
lege. and as a majority of the To
bacco Co-ops live within less than a
hundred miles of -Raleigh there is
every reason to expect a record break
ing annual meeting as the association
I starts its fourth year of operation.
Miss Jessie Taylor Harris delight
fully entertained ten tables of bridge
and rook at her home Saturday even-s
ing, May 9th, in the honor of her sister
Miss Alice Harris.
The spacious rooms of her home
were thrown together and presented
a scene of loveliness with the soft
lights and beutlful flowers.
After five progression, Mrs. Bruce
Berkeley held top score and the prize
was presented to her. On opening the
boot containing the prize the guests
found a minature bride and groom and
on each was written ? Alice and
Walter 6-10-25. Miss Harris was pre
sented with a lovely Bride's Book.
Miss Harris was- immediately sur
tounded by the guests expressing
.their delight and showering good
| wishes upon her. _<
Delicious Neapolitan ice cream and
, Angel's food .cake was served decorat
ed with white wedding bells, followed
jty mints.
Miss Harris is the attractive daught
er of Mr. and Mr6. 0. H. Harris, of Ibis
city and is one of Loulsburg'B
prettiest and most popular young
Mr. Leonard is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Leonard of Salisburg and
tame to Louisburg three years ago.
He Is now one of Louisburg's most
popular and successful young buiness
Miss Harris and Mr. Leonard are
well known throughout North Carolina
and their wedding will be of state
wide Interest.
The trial of the mob tor the muti
lation of Joseph Needle man, at Wll
liamston this week resulted In a ver
dict of guilty by the Jury and prison
sentences and heavy lines for the par
ticipants. Judge Sinclair Imposed
sentences as follows:
Henry Orlffln. supposed leader, 30
E. C. Stone, 2 to 3 years.
John Ourkin, 18 months to 2 years.
T. W. Sparrow, Sr., 6 to 10 years.
T. W. Sparrow. Jr., 6 to 10 years.
Julian Bullock, 6 to 10 years.
Clayro Heath, 2 to 3 years.
Roy Gray, 1 year tb 2 years.
Alfred Orlffln, 1 year to 2 years.
Albert Ourkin. 1 year to 2 years.
Lester Edmundson, Tom Harrell
L. A. Croom, John Gray Cory, Jim
Horton Coltrane, Clarence Ourkin,
Hubert Orlffln. and A Wilson Orlffln
to pay a line of 8800 each and the
coats In the case and to be held in Jail
until the lines are paid.
Bnn Lilly and Johnnie Orlffln were
given suspended Judgment and requir
ed to give a 8200 bond each to show
good behavior for two years.
?Chief of Police J. ft Cooke, of
Prankltnton brought In a 80 gallon
still outfit yesterday sad a negro, cap
tured by himself and deputies near
Louisburg High School Closes
20th Year
Or. W. C. Wicker to Oellrer Annual
Address?Class Day Exercises In
Afternoon?1.? tie Folks Presented
Operetta Wednesday Mirlit.
The Commencement exercises of
Louisburg High School proper will
be held on next Friday, May 22nd,
l?2o, and will be held as follows:
The Class Day Exercises will be
held in the afternoon at 4 o'clock.
At 8 o'clock in the evening the an
nual address will be delivered by Dr.
W. C. Wicker, Educational Secretary
of the Grand Lodge of Masons of North
Carolina. Mr. Wicker is a former
faculty member of the summer school
at Columbia University, and his ad
dress promises to be of great interest
to our school people.
At the same hour the certificates of
Graduation will be presented to the
graduating class and the Seventh
Grade certificates will be presented
to a large number.
The first of the closing exercises
were given on Wednesday night of
this week when the little folks pre
sented a beautiful operetta entitled
"In a Flower Garden," given under
the direction of Mrs. S. B. Berkeley
and assisted by other members of the
faculty. All the characters, repre
senting flowers, grass, butterflies,
lightning bugs and many other in
sects, in their various costumes with
the many colored lights presented a
scene of beauty and the acting and
singing was fine. A large crowd
thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
On Thursday night of next week
Mrs. Berkeley's music class will give
their recital in the auditorium at 8
The exercises will mark the clos
ing of the school's twentieth success
ful year.
Southport, May 10.?St. Philip's
Episcopal church, here, vras the scene
oC a beautiful church wedding on Sat
urday, May 9, at 10:30 a. m., the par
ties being Miss Emma Lawrence
Joyner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.
L Joyner, of Louisburg, and Rev. Har
rtll Julian Lewis, rector of St. Philip's
this city, son of Mrs. Julian Lewis, of
Clinton. Miss Joyner has been a mem
ber of the high school faculty during
the past year, while Rey. Mr. Lewis
has served the church here, both be
ing well known to all of Southport.
At the hour given, the church was
filled with relatives and friends. As
the wedding march started, played by
Miss Louise Joyner, a sister of the
bride, the bride, on the arm of her
father, Mr. L. L. Joyner, came to the
chancel from the front, while the
groom, with his best man, Dr. M. B.
Mintz, stepped from the side door, and
joined the other two, taking their
places before Rev. Alexander Miller,
ot St. Paul's Church, Wilmington, who
with the Episcopal wedding service,
with ring ceremony, joined the two
in holy wedlock. During this service,
Mr. Maurice Joyner, brother of the
bride, eoftiy played a violin solo. The
newly-weds immediately after the
ceremony left for Lake WaccamaiR
The church was beautifully deco
rated with flowers, vines and palms,
by friends, and presented a most at
tractive sight. Those present from
the brides home, Louisburg, besides
her father, were: Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Yarborough, Mrs. B. B. Perry, Miss
Louise Joyner, Misses Annie Wilis
and Lucie Clifton Boddle, Mr. Maurice
Joyner, Mr. William Perry. From CltnJ
ton there were Misses Annie Aman
and Mildred Fleming, Messrs. Julian
Lewis, father of the groom; Howard
Hubbard, M. B. Fowler, Oscar Peter
son. and Wilton Boney. From Wllming
ton, Mrs. Alexander Miller and daugh
ter. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis carried with
them the sincere and most hearty best
wishes of this entire community.
A free baby clinic'sponsored by the
Woman's Club will be held on Tues
day, May 19th at '"the club rooms.
(Mrs. J. A. Turner's residence). Dr.
Aldert Smedes Root, baby specialist,
of Raleigh, will have charge of the
Clinic, assisted by the physicians oC j
the town and trained nurses.
Mothers ot Louisburg and Franklin
county, bring your babies up to two
years of age for this examination.
The Clinic will be from 11 a. m. to
12:30 p. m. from 1:30 p. m. to 3:00 p.
m. -Dr. Root will talk to the mothers
In the M. E. Sunday school room at
3:00 o'clock on the care and feeding
of children.
Attention la called to the large ad
vertisement of the Brown Furniture
Honse. of Youngsvllle, on another
page offering five cash prises for ad
vertisements for his line of goods. It
costs you not a cent to enter, and
only a little time to try your hand at
writing an advertisement, take a
chance, you might win. While Mr.
Brown advises a visit to his store to
see what he has for sale, this to not
required. Get in the game, there to
lots of sport In a chance of this kind
with nothing to loose and all togaln.
Read the advertisement
Personal Items About Felks And
Their Friends Wh# Travel Hera
And There.
Mr. ?. ?. Myers, of Enfleld, was la
Louisburg Monday.
? e
Mr. A. A. Hicks, of Oxford, was a
visitor to Louisburg Wednesday.
? ?
Mr. T. W. Ruff in. of Raleigh, was in
attendance upon court this week.
- m
Mrs. W. B. Cooke is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Geo. T. Andrews, at En
? ?
Ex-Judge E. W. Timberlake, of
Wake Forest, was in Louisburg Wed
| nesday.
? a
Editor R. T. Wade, of the Morehead
City Coaster, was in Louisburg Wed
? ?
Representative C. H. Chamblee. of
Wakefield, was a visitor to Louisburg
? ?
Among those who went to Charlotte
Monday to attend the Automobile
Races were Messrs. F. A. Roth and J.
P. Timberlake.
? ?
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Alston, of Hot
Springs, Va., spent a few days the
past week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. Alston.
? ?
Miss Sarah 'Leone Blackwell, of
Weaverville, N. C., sister of Mr. Earle
Murphy arrived Wednesday to make
her home with Mr. W. E. Murphy.
? ?
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Thomas spent
the past week-end with friends in
High Point and Lexington and attend
ed the Automobile Races held si Char
lotte Speedway as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. C. M. Wilkinson, of Lexington.
Rev. O. W. Dowd will preach a me
morial sermon in the Christian church
at Franklinton at 3 o'clock in the
afternoon of the third Sunday in May
1S25, according to announcement
made by Rev. D. A. Long, as tor of the
church at Franklinton. The public
is invited to attend. Immediately
after preaching "the people will march
to the nearby cemetery and decorate
with garlands the graves of our de
parted loved ones."
Louisburg College sends greetings
to all of her scattered daughters, and
a cordial invitation to visit their Alma
Mater at the approaching commence
The Alumnae will hold their an
nual banquet on Saturday evening May
23. To this banquet are invited, not
only all graduates of the institution,
but all former students, members of
classes which have finished, includ
ing ex-members of the class of '25;
all former faculty members, and even
such of her sons as attended the pri
mary department in the days before
Louisburg boasted a Graded School.
One dollar will pay the annual dues
and the cost of one cover at the ban
quet, dues alone fifty cents, which
should be sent not later than May 20,
to the treasurer, Mrs. J. O. Newell.
Louisburg, N. C.
Obviously notices cannot be sent to
every former student and faculty
members so please consider this no
tice your invitation, and indicate your
-acceptance by sending your name and
one dollar to Mrs. Newell at once.
Chairman Invitation Committee.
A most charming wedding event
was celebrated last Saturday. May 9,
1925, when Miss Ruby Williams, the
attractive young daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. O. W. Williams, of Wilson, be
came the bride of Mr. Matthew Beas
ley of this city. The wedding took
place at 2:30 o'clock at the home of
Mrs. J. G. Nelson. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Paul Southard.
Present for the wedding were a
number of friends and relatives of
the young couple. The bride entered
with her father, Mr. G. W. Williams,
who gave her in marriage, and was
met by Mr. Beasley, with his best
man, Mr. Paul Beasley. brother of the
The bride was lovely la a drees of
white with accessories to matfh She
carried a shower bouquet of roses and
lilies of the valley.
After the ceremony Mr. aad Mrs.
Beasley left for a bridal trip to the
Western part of the state, making the
trip in their car through the country.
Information reaching Louis burg
was to the effect that a Ford Coupe
turned completely over twice leading
oa the op near Cool Springs oa Tues
day. The ear was occupied by Mr.
P. J. Brown and a Mr. ?% ?? Swift,
neither of whom received any serious
Injuries. The ear cases out of the
ordeal without
Critic of the modem dance says It
looks more like a rase. Well, they
generally are neck and. i

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