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VOLUMN LTV- LOUISBURQ, N. 0., 7^y$LY, JANUARY 1, 1926 (1ft Pagea) NUMBER M
Thermometer Drops To Lowest
Reading Since Winter of
1917-18?Charlotte Has Cold
est December 28th In Forty
Seven Years
tt .
Not only the ooldest weather of thla
winter, but the coldest since the win
ter of 1917-18 when the thermometer
dropped to 10 depress below aero for
the first time on record In this sec
tion, visited Loulsbnrs and vicinity
Sunday and Monday. The government
thermometer registered 1\ Sunday night
and 8 Monday night Other Instru
ments not scientifically Installed reach
ed the sero point As a result many
are the water pipes that are bursted,
the cold ware taking our people by
surprise, they tailed to cut the water
off from exposed places.
North Carolina shivered under the
coldest weather of the winter Sunday
night and early Monday. One fatality
was reported. Capt C. K. Hancock, of
New Bern, being found dead in a ditch
where It la supposed he fell after los
ing his way while returning to his
lnuRhg lodge from the home of a near
by ; rrmtr.
Charlotte reported the coldest De
cember 28 in forty-evven years, the
mercury lulling to 91-2. Etgv de
grees was the minimum in UaUigh.
Askevtite waa the coldest city In
the Slate with a therm uuetev reading
sero--yesterday {mernng at 8 o'clock.
Hichjiry reported four degrees above
The reading a tWlmngton waa IX de
grees at minimum and great damage
to oabbaga and lettuce is reported.
Wiaeton-Salem reported a minimum
of 7-and BaUbury the same.
'? v- - ? '?
In announcing Sunday's serviced at
the Kethodls* church, Pastor O. W
Dowd says:
Wg are baring our tint communion
service next Sunday at- ll a. m.-?the
tlrst'tiuaday in the New Tear, 1916.
It is a fine time to rededicate your lite
to thb Chglst and Hla service. At this
service the pastor will apeak briefly
on God's beginnings, endings and Re
veladons. The communion service
will be conducted next Sunday morn
ing in the old fashioned way. We are
expecting the old the young, all
ngta to be preeent at this service.
"Sgnday night thdyM^oy will speak
on "Who is God's Kinsmen " God has
relatives, who are they? Come and
leaMurf this tine relationship.
"I wish I ooufld apeak to eTerrene
personally to tall thaag what a fine
Christmas we had at the parsonage
and especially thank those who re
m si tin i ml as th any war, some with
gift* and a goodly number with cards
We thank one and all.
ft* fear I do not get Una to apeak
the ^eraoaal word of thanks, and to
say the Happy New Toara message
to Is M s member, and friends of
mrfftnrefc: ' ? -
ad to ex pi sen my sincere
to you tor the fine aerv
the church the peat
year and for the loyal support you
, ( ^ of our
It was ? year ot
and Christian fellowship.
We are hoping for still greater things
lb the year lust ahead of us.
"We all doubtless made some mis
take*. We arc hot unmindful ot our
Aart-eomlnge. But we are coming
new to the end ot th* year IMS, and
we shall soon be privileged to begin
all over again. Next Friday we shall
Start the New Tear with the pagas of
the ysdf book IMS all fair end White.
What shall wa writs? What shall the
record be? Ton and I must determine
that individually.
"I am wishing for you-a Happy New
Tsdr. Hay peso* and prosperity be
youT portion."
The tabulation of the card report,
Shews that there wet* *9t# bales of
cotton, oo anting round is hntt ha lee,
giaund in Franklin County, from the
of IMS prior to December IS,
with 1S.M4 bales
toUs^HMf IS. 1SS4.
IOhm AhmMMi Receipts Ext.
reed (7 MlMon Pounds} CwMfit
Start Well
(8. D. Frleeell)
More than fifty-seven million pounds
of tobacco have been received by the
Tobacco Growers Cooperative Associa
tion during; the present season, ac
cording to the fall returns of deliveries
which followed the closing of the co
operative markets for the holidays.
Total deliveries to the association
from the 8outh Carolina belt exceeded
26,600,000 pounds, an amount of to
bacco which is practically double the
1024 deliveries of tobacco co-ops of
that area.
In the dark fired tobacco district
of Virginia a steady sign-up Is pro
gressing without any Intensive cam
paigning for new members. More than
a million pounds of the dark weed
were signed up during December tor
the new association which the growers
plan to operate from 1927 to 1931.
Following mass meetings in every
important tobacco county of the South
Carolina belt, the Sign-up of the new
contract began this week in a majority
of the 168 local units of the associa
tion. Results of the first day's cam
paign have not yet been reported to
the association's headquarters, but
the new contract is being discussed
in every tobacco town and cross-road,
store in the South Carolina belt and
there Is no doubt that the campaigns
for membership in the new and larger
association, by which the growers are
planning to protect their Industry for
another five years, will be off to a
good start by the early days of 1928.
The association warehouses which
will open after the holidays are to
begin receiving tobacco on Monday
January 4th, 1928.
The association will close down all
of its warehouses in Eastern North
Carolina except Rocky Mount, Golds -
boro, Washington and Wendell.
Only eight of th*.*M. bright belt
receiving points will shut down after
the holidays. Receipts from the old
bright belt growers exceeded a mil
lion pounds a day during the last de
livery days of 1926.
The association Is continuing Its
liberal <6 per cent cash advance In
1926 and large deliveries are looked
for durliqr the remainder of this sea
son. . ,
Dr. C. O. Hill, of Baltimore, has just
died In that city. A Loulaburg boy.
born and raised Id Loulsburg until he
reached manhood, then 11 red and died
in Baltimore, in which city his life waa
a success. Standing at the head
? I his profession Dr. Hill was
a son of Maj. D. 8. Hill of
Loulaburg and a first cousin o( Dr.
Malone aad brother of Mra M. 8. Darin
o.' this city.
The Loulaburg Dance Club we ?
most enjoyable danee on Tuesday
night in the large and spacious room
over Allen Brothers store. Mont ex
cellent music was furnished an^ unite
a large number Of couples participated
Many out of town guests were present
to take part in the dance.
"We hare been informed that n plan
is taking definite shape to bt|in the
operation of a bus line tram Rocky
Mount through Loulaburg to ?"-y*
at franklin ton with the bus Una tram
Henderson to Ralelgk. This Worms-,
tton says that the order for e Dumber
of large husoes has been placed aad
the arrangements tor a charter la be
and that as soon as the
arrtre the serrloe will begin.
It. Is understood the schedule will la
elude tour round tripe from. Rooky
Monet to franklintou eaoh day.
It Is also being ooatauiplofrd that
arry mail Wblc
these busses will carry mail Which. It
true, will be unite a great addition
to the mail aeoommodatlon and wv
?tnlesoee at Lentsburg. - xi.
Physlclau says he capt Dee w
girls went stfk boas. Hs must be bHi
..There are three women ip the
cop gross. Nothing equal abmit
i to please where you will I
Sty? Nntt fear
The New Year, with all Its real and imagi
nary problems, is upon as. What we do in the
nett twelve months depends to some extent upon
our individual initiative, but with the utmost
of individual enterprise, nothing of lasting value
is going to be accomplished unless a spirit of
oo-operation prevails.
Here in Louisbuxg, it will be necessary, if
sucoass is written across 1999, for every citizen
to join in one long, steady pall, unhampered by
petty jealousies. The work te be done is enough
to occupy the mind and utihfee the energy of
everyone, without the blighting effect of bicker
ing or qnibhHng over small things.
Co-operative effort is t% only thing that
will make a better commuzsmy. Oo-operation
means working together for the oommon
good and not permitting p^sonal ambitions
For proftw tatter,. T
Results will come only when every citizen
catches the spirit of oommfnity betterment.
This does not mean that business men or any
jther class alone can pnll us otft into larger fields.
Overcoming the obstacles that 1S?6 is
bound to offer and turning them to our own
good will be possible only Whth a united pull.
So it's up to every loyal citisaa to pulj his level
The 0. A's. of ibe Loulabur.t Bap
tist church met Monday evening, De
cember Hat, at 7 o'clock with Kate Al
The Mary Moffat Circle having
charge of the program. The meeting^
waa called to order by Kate Allen^apd
the following program waa rendered.^
Song, SUent Night.
Prayer, by Mrs. Howell.
Roll called, and circles were repre
sented as follows:
Settle Moon, number present, t;
Mary Moffat, number present, S; Ann
Pointer, number present, X.
Prayer, by Viola Blaqk.
Topic: Christmas in Many lends.
The Christmas Story, Kate Allen.
Instead of Christmas la Japan, 1
beth Newell.
Yuletlde in Sweden, Willie
Christmas In Mexico, Mary Leigh
One Christmas in China, Kate Al
8< ng. \'cy to the World.
We were dismissed with sentence
Prayers, Mildred Cone, beginning,
Willie Mae Place closing.
Then we were served with refresh
ments by the hostess, assisted by :
Lillington. Dec. ? ?A pretty thongh
quiet w?4ik| ?u solemnised at
home of Mr. an dMr* E. R
their daughter. Ml** Battle,
the bride of XT. md
of iMktari. The la
ring ceremony of the 1MMW church
was uaed. Rot. K. P. Daeal.
of the bride officiating.
The oeriatwy wu performed before
aa taproiM altar of green
white, apoa whieh whit* oaadles abed
a mellow glow over the krraly scene.
There war* no itteedwli and the
bride and groom entered to the etralhs
of (Lohengrin'* wedding march
dared by lflsi Ullla Rooks Stephen
eon, of Pmtthflsld. As the solemn
row* were being spoken -To a Wild
Rose- was played softly. The'reces
sional was Mendelssohn's March.
The hrida was attired la a going
away gown of ebeoa crops romaln,
with trtmmlags of gold lace and ao
ceesorlea to amtsh
Immediately after the oeremony the
bride aad g
trip, after which they srtll Pa at
any maa can he papalar bp
his optaloa to
Mr. A. H. Harris, Franklin County's
new term agent arrived Tuesday to
take M the duties of tike extension
work la Franklin county. He Is a
netfvaod fs?IWWi?Bty and is s
gsptuate 04. Worth Carolina College of
Agriculture awd Engineering receiving
Ills B 8 degree after four years study
After completing his "
returned home and
ledge on his tethers
then became the farm
taret county where he
years resigning to return to hte home
to assist his father in converting his
farm from cotton to livestock. lis was
raised on a term and is in every way
qualilMt : to know the farmers needs.
He comes to PYanklin County highly
recommended and with the qualifica
tions he poaseeees Franklin County
people may. expect splendid results.
| -9*
Mr*. W. W. Holme* died at the State
Hospital In Raleigh on Sat artier af
ternoon at S:S0 o'clock, after a ions
illaese. She wa? In the 75th rear r.f
her age and bealdes her hit*bead,
leaves one brother, Mr. J. & Bus
of Durham, and two alatera. Mr*. Bob
Holme*, of Henderson, and Mia* Vic
toria Bum*, of Rhlelgh Her remain*
were brought to Loaiabarf add the
funeral area held la the Uxuahurg I
thodlat church Sunday afternoon at
I:N o'clock, conducted by Bar. O. V.
BhvdxMMar, and the interment *
made at OhMawa camstsry. Quite
a large number of relative* aad frleada
attended both aarvtoas and the floral
tribute wae especially pretty spsaktag
a beautiful meaaas* of lor*. The paM
bearer* were O. OL Hill, f. J. B*i*l*y
E. H. Malone, O. W. Murphy, Hugh
W. Perry. F. N. Splrey.
Mr*. Holmes was a member of the
Loulsburg Method let church and waa
a devout aad faithful Christian. She
was unassuming and retired la nature
but among her neighbors, where she
wae heat known,-she was loved ami
admired for her beautiful Christian
character, and h?r devotion to bar
God, bar home aad her neighbors.
The bereaved husband and relatives
have the deepest sympathy of the sa
tire community.
li. D. C.
There will he a meeting of the
loeeph J. Devil Chapter tJ. B C. at
the home of Mr*. J. O.NeweU oa
ruertar January Ilk at t:30 p. m. All
a embers are urged to bO preatnt.
Louisburg Kiwanis Club Satur
day Night; Harry- Johnson,
Sid Holden, C. Hatton, David
Harris Win Prides; A Most
Enjoyable Occasion
-v _____
Member* of the Louisburg Kiwanis
Club were royally entertained oni last
Saturday ni?ght by their president,
Arthur Mohn at Louisburg College.
It was Christmas and everything was
nicely decorated In red and green with
a huge Christmas tree forming a back
ground, upon which had been placed
a present far every member.
The menu was most appetizing and
'.was served in Ore courses and the
way Bid Holden. Fred Hicks and Ed
ward Best made way with this was
[Sufficient evidence thdt it was great
ly enjoyed. *
Mnch time waa given over to stunts.
Mac Fergnrson, Perry Burt, Sid Hold
en and Louis Joyner did the broom
trick resulting in Bid Holden winning
the prig*. Edward Best, Rob Beck
and C. Hatton vied with each other
to see which could sit in a chair and
take a pin out of the back with their
.month first. C. Hatton did. the trick
and received the prise. The entire
club took part In a shooting contest
to see who could hit the bull's eye.
C. Hatton received the prise for the
best shot and David Harris was award
ed the booby. The game waa started
when Chief of Police Meadows took
a bottle from the pocket of A. Tonkel
However it was soon cleared up that
if it had been Tonkel's it would not
have been in his pocket
Jim Allen performed as Santa Claus
and distributed the presents from the
tree after which each member rose
displayed his present and thanked the
The Loulsburg Band interspersed
the entire program with most excel
lsfat music and by special request
rendered "Yes Sir She's My Baby" for
IB* special benefit of Orren Dowtf UM
Archie Mclver.
Harry Johnson won the prise of
fered by President Mohn for the best
letter telling of what benefit Kiwanis
has been to Louisburg and outlining
some matters of importance the club
could do In 1>M.
The entire meeting waa greatly en
Joyed by all present who were unani
mous In the opinion that Arthur Mohn
was a past master in entertaining as
well as getting sleeted.
Special New Veer services will be
conducted by the pastor on the Louis
bur* circuit January 3rd, 192?, as fol
Services at Buna Sunday morning
at 11 a. m. Subject: "A Good Begin
Services at Prospect at 1:20 Janu
ary Ird. Subject: "The Land of Be
at Leah's Chapel at < p. m.
bject: "The Race That Is Set Before
the New Tear right by going
to church While forming other hub
Ha fens the hafcit of going to church.
You wHl never regret it These
churches heed you this year, come an
he with them.
Franklin ton. Doc. M.?The marriage
of Miss Grace Prasad Wester to Do.
John Wesley WhHhsad teak place at
the home *< the bride la PraokMatoa.
December Mth. 1*21 at right o dock.
The mum nay was performed by Rev.
a L Blanton paster of the Fraaklln
ton Baptist church.
Mrs. Whithead ts the beauMfn: and
attractive daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Wester, Sr. She Is e graduate
of Bast Carolina College and hag re
presented Frankllntou twice la beau
ty contents one state sad the ether
Eastern Carolina.
Dr. Whithead is the
of the late A/*P gad Mia.
of Bachelor, North* Carotins. 1
calved his education at N. a
College sad the University of Mary
land and is bow praottttag
la Smtthflold. N. a
Altar January Mth. MM.
Mrs. WhHhsad will ha at lisma hi
? si a man a
\ i* > . i. *- bk* ? .
son tod now in m
do mot now.
Pars* Ml Item* lk**t Mi M
Their Friends Whe Travel Megs
led There.
fir E. H. Malone went to Raleigh
? *
Miss Louise Rice of Harrlsburg, Pa..
Is visiting Mrs. Julia P. Scott.
? ?
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Puller visited
relatives at Oibsonvllle the past week
? e
A. M. Massenburg, of Henderson, is
spending the holidays with his people
? *
Mrs. E. G. Ellington Is visiting re
latives and friends In Oxford during
the holidays.
* *
Miss Mary Spencer, Miss Sadie
Johnson and Mr. James Johnson went
to Raleigh Wednesday.
? *
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bryant, of Ox
ford, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
R. P. Taylor, the past week,
e *
Mis* Fannie Lillian Massenburg left
today for Chicago, where she will vis.
It her sister, Mrs. J. C. Robinson,
e ?
Mra E. M. Bragg and daughter.
Ernestine, of Oxford, visited her peo
ple In Loulsburg during the holidays
e e
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Gantt, of Go Ids
bo ro, spent the holidays with their
daughters Mesdames C. P. Collier and
H. P. Leonard.
? ?
Miss Louise Joyner and Mr. Maur
ice Joyner have returned home frost
Alexandria, Va., where they visited Mr.
and Mrs. Harrell J. Lewis.
* ?
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Austin and lit
tle daughter, Frances DeEtte, left
Friday to spend the Christmas half
days with relatives at Winston nsls"i>.
e ?
Mr. and Mra F. L. Edene and child
ren, of Washington, N. C.. and Mr.
and Mrs. D. O. Allen, o fFarmvllle.
visited their mother, Mra 3. J. Ed ens.
during the holidays.
? ?
Capt. Straus 3. Baker has taken the
run on the Loulsburg branch In place
of Capt. Holding, who has returned to
the main line. Capt. and Mr*,
are stopping for the present at
* e
Mr. J. F. Malone. of New Orb
is on a visit to his parenta Dr. and
Mrs. J. E Malone. Mr Malone has re
ceived a promotion with his company
and will sail soon for China to take
charge of their Interests In the Orient
It will b? gratifying to the
friends of the First National
of Loulsbarg la Franklin
observe the wonderful growth It hga
made In the past few years. The re
port at the close of baclases on Mon
day, December 28th, shnws total re
sources of t734.M3.S7, which is
excess of any torwsr report. The
U is entirely appropriate at this
son that they send forth aa
tlon, which wiH he
entlon is
high school to give a
it was a<

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