mm THE EAGLE FARM AND HOUSEHOLD. 'I ' .... 'Xvl'--. . 9 : : n iii.ism.n i.fTm.y A T HICK OR Y, X. C. JOiTN B. 'HUSSEY, Editor & Prop'r. -Jf- O S TrKNP-( a-li in A'l-; : One war ti'.iin. .v .Mouth-, ft t-Ciiv h-i-...i -.-t.dilii: tie? MlV"tTilhT ili re..-i- .; .ATl AIiV I KTII-IN'J. 1 .-. I ::io- esto- 1 r ; $11' 4 1 I " -? t 1" . - 4 ' li 1J Is ;( s V." I'! 4 7 10 H -i .-. 12 in -". "" : i" i; is : v. .1,. 1 !- ..1 . - in I."' :ii ''.i..- : FFiCFFSG SON.M CARDS. c. a. ci ij.kv. . TTC nT-""-Yr7 LAW, . ;. A j. ... v-. : ;i if ; 5 . -i : ' .--rio, Aucrr.ov at Law, ..v.-- '. Y. c. -.7 M if R. F. AFIELD, A T I C Fi 'i E Y & COUNSELLOR, v : '",'.' : .' .'.'. .v. '. ( . i .( . N . LK, M ;;;':.!; w ur Mi.ia. Auorncy and Counsellor, . !,;; a i .. .v. c; I it-1 tor 10rl Ju.ic: ! District. ' i r :: i.'.iv. . r,. ilc-COr.KLE, A 'i : ' V A" I. A V". -iv.. V 1 . i . i : ? " -. " y ,- f- -I I! U C pi 10 F , i ,. y. .v. i . , ;. , ii: :'.. :i..r c "!' ,' . I.. ''. It. I.:: C. 1 -,.:. -,: i M. ;'. . d. Ai- - ill the i. . C. , i N rH: C. r. bn : : is; .. , ,;. and Cileilit . ..r Iti' YV. -t. iii 1 i-t u- !. j.:,- J , ; 1 : J 1 1 ei.lleeo'il ill MIV I' e; !; ( dil'oiiil':. '( ii;'. i .ii the l a .: 1 1 . 1 vv L. '.';:. i Al : i l'l i!' ill ixl I 1 I illSi'. Er. Bhcknall, Proprietor, ;.; :.i:i;ii. s. '. . -. 7 -ti If i;ovi)i:N hoi Si:. L'ol. H'd!." Brown. PiMaiietor. s.i. ;.' A')'. A", r. r ; :" i;-: Class Hot, 1. N... 7 y "li tf Shiioiitcm 1 Iruse, Cdpt- PriGG, J'n.prutor. ta 77-' villi:, x. :. ' Lest Hotel in the Town. ,,v7 -li tf .Jones House. 1 1 r .j C Al.liWELL COCXTY. X. C. U A VI Vi 1,,,11'lit the Iicn-p and re fnrn -ii. 'I it. 1 inl.-li.l il -liatl lid he sinpas-ed l,y any in W'. -t.-rn Nerlli ( arolina. Persons ,j. -.ii.iis ..I v ;-.1iii t'.i.' aieuiitaiiis nr this see-ti.-ii i tin- Male v. ill Iiiul at the Junes House - i", ri'T aeeiiiiiiii.Mlatii'iis. From lliekury I' lV. rTi th' re is a daily line of Hacks to n.. r. I respectfully solicit the jiiitronaee of Sri 7 former friends iind tin- i.iihlic u.-iierally. ' Im. V. M EAHNHEAKT, June 27-tf Proprietor. Jhnmln vol.. II. '.V I.. ,1;. n W 111! II ft V III l'. Ml' l; .r w ii :n: ii t! li;4: r ''.; !(. 1 in s a'Vl tl-: w- w;i-j a T . SI.,- V,: -iv b. ) i.'ok 1 fa ,11 I s, of l! - t I, i 1- ii.!- i I, I.' W ( k.-d I, ;!.i that a:, - a h: ;.; ii. li'i-..l:ie lae.-. heis in til.' v 1' . : v, Y, : A- t j' a 1. 1-1 t. I. ic f:,l .I.e. lovec 111 , li her for t' if she left ii , h-'!lg 1'Csl 11 -ael iliee -!.K' li' V, ol I 1 ill W hid ne h nMy -! e. ( 'harlie was raking the 1 on -! j li-t tie. n. and loeki foita! Iv like a labon r. A.h'ii Wotild be worth to have such an anil s th. :iy Vi "1 Uhe. sonietii 'la .I to ta:: up. -n." shi' t'nought. Ih' ' y changed i't be a ilrea ry the , prad . iliouirh sue t reasiired it . hers which followed were more le, and less si ntiiin ntal. and I. -- favorable to the cause each had m i- w. Is ihi re a breifer period in flic lives of anv of us than a summer in wich love finds a place ? That summer flew on gohb n wings. aiyl hi '. one evening I. is found h .r se.'f i'hi in"- a f'arew. 11 song to Chai lie. and telliiiii him ol no ha;i iv IK Tel ai- be forirotten hours she had spent m his father's home, and loping that some time she could come again. It was a rery formal, cool conversa- , ' tion, but when Lois arose to go up , I airs, Charlie stopped her with a j strange earnesiiiess. ; Don't go' Lois. I can't bear to have von "-o until I have told you what has- been in mv heart so long. You will pardon me, i-ois. i k... w .. - I know you arn far above me. out 1 cannot ueip spean- . mine i z ueavy uaies oi coiion ana .jthi i ,. . , , ; , . t K A ll" ,u"u ' ,, 11 iii. n- i I ling under the sun's ravs and torminf conic whtn it was to be changed, be- in' 1 love you. ' bushels of corn. IIis cotton alone was b , c 6UU 8 6 allu lu""UJn ' . ' A warm, bright light flashed into ! worth over $S00. It is really aston-' a splendid bow ; wile from the other , ennse its provisions, framed m an ear eves. Then sbechecked it with an ex-' ishing with such facts before them that mouth rose thundering a cloud of , Ler day of narrower thought and ex pression so cold that Charlie drew ! young men should seek a clerkship in ! steam, whose misty column contrasted i perrcnee.had ceased to express the con hack, j town rather than the manly independ- j gt , with d f fc I viction8 and pnrp09es 0f the people UaL Slit .1"- Ci Rfit,. V.,lrt cho wnc lits in 1ifr i chamber, with a knowledge that she . had rejected Charlie Wood, and a feel-1 Caper, tlrbotrb to iJoIttics, jnrinilfttrt, fcromnurcf, anft ftiBcdlaiuous Stabing. IlICKOin", X. C. DKCEM HVAl 10 1872. ing that n':! i iierU' iviivw Ir.s of- ! i : r. Lariv oil the tv lit :.w:t-. ana Work, vv i! 'l a 1 1 Ml! f-llcviii lll' riling s!:e , k to his r-l 1 Li 11 LTl h' I' I1I11HHV lie Weill b I' :; l'l j v. :i Med in t!.,: ) I I) ; i . i . : r: !!y : , ,r isii. 'i V'lio -'K.lll.l kli.. li.ive an ii womlcr. l t. iim-ly n ' ivi- '''. Ill a LT'-H! ; I 1 '.:(' '!" Cliar'a- i iv w ho had ;thus bked oi the ii.l'i'i nied him. "Tliore sin' is losiiwtr ftwtfl: Dll'l'li. w:is foivi h- t'n u- i 'i in a I'M t i' lil: r (Jir-'clion. A !;;! v,;. :'lkii!2 slonlv l!(HVll Ihr hi:;,.;- v!- !!,-',''.tfI. '. 1.1 m:!i a grave, q. eyes, ., and he kt d biii: ps as s i : -iLsentlv t! tney were -- rv of that h.i : In t!:eir n.ini' :: i'. '.::":! v- th- I 1. IT A A c: -: - - : li ( 'i no v. - v. I i lis use u a mil : :,. I . ah.:, .' be the ill . !!b- :-t -.:-e;--f, h f V. :!;:' ."on. X -hed hi- l.iililant liiion ti.-khd hi- hat dr..liiijr "Ci C.. h .s Naut in- :t : i v I' V mM1 i ! 1 u- er!,a-p luced a captl'd r last Niu.'y li.iv- . C. IL 'A'i lev' and a: t-- i'.i ill li war. Lev. ei-nth man publi-hed each a t'.i ' al vonime. ir C h -loi.n-on. of i-igh. produced a work ( :i Medic risp-,uder.ce. Col. 'i! Rin i : 1 1 Ju rhani has won a distineu'-h. -1 nair.o among teachers by his (.'reek and Latin Cram rr-ars. If'C.R Claik should publish his exedh tit letters in hook. form, we will then have quite avaiiety of read:-.- i lllU Ydlow of tlie sulphur and the rich Me and plea-ing books. In five years ; gn en of the copper added to the b il we have had rr.orc contributions to our i liancv cf the et-lorin" native literature, and of a hirrher or der, than were published during all the year prior to the war. With tlie ex cept n of Jr Hak's History of North Carolina, and McRee's Life of James Iredell, we had scarce! v a book worth reading that was from the pen of a na- tive. - - - A Mat; mficent Crop Mr. T. Henry a tenant ot Mr. Starr Neeley. in Steel ( reek, this county, made w ith one .-i.-.a v ccia. u"i iuij. . --" -"-''" EjsLn'erpool is making a terrible over the Sunday liquor law. from tar X. V. Evt-ni: l'o-t. Entertaining Stories of Ad venture. I". (.'::i::.'H;;r .r, S'i n et.) I'l.'RT 1 1 A !.!.. I''A'.'M TKR., .n-v. i, lhT2. ) AVlion you 1 Ic.wX frcr.j our r-vr-vcy we were wanflcring n rn r cr t!i' (u v.cis flii.l lo.-t in .achiiiratio!) avi woinlcr of tLoir grent'oeauly an 1 Ut i ili c force, v'j up the valley of (he ?Ma:i; '-n to its ( l ren e source, r.rd wln-.-c ti: ;;u.-iu-- taut t, 'graphe : l d large 1: I has :.".w:; i .w ry w a.- i.,aoe a I ing the v .me been r-- -rit 1 I '! Madjii . 'ile , f kx b c:,:m,,s. !'.a! n:.U: !" be li.e heai": wa.. v il:v r. lies on the I! "ill I :!.- cf th.- I and i-. in i: ct. the e : ' k, I'.iv, ,. .: ( :;; i.e i f 1 1 1 1 1 : i i: I-: : ;. i- i . i to : ... ai.d " ;:-i.;i i i ; rpetu .:. aiu! I n. i ;:. li n:, ii- u identiiied with t! The travelling ( , , ' imtrv is the most 1 1 r the i i .ke :. lis1' h..t is :j I: f the have ; t enci.niiitr-red, as w- hav ' over the great divide . : ry. the Rocky Mountain, '.i.e perils to w hich the o(..e m exposed, and mcst 1; u I. er M.u.y are rnuhs o u are -hunting : i--:v r- h ir struggles and ,ig:.t? !"Udi fpiagmires vaini (; ' to gain a foti.i id on t! e ' ' ton, : at tinu.s wei'ed in ' . their . i.'v means of liter; iiy to kick them- : i ..i:th and pa...k, which, cui. 'inoiit.t of force we i-xpe-:n "-iiiching" tiieni tight, is j rv ; er ; aiei utu r rollinc; d .-. : an.! i.'V. r, nut'! tor. ' : fee or reeks am ;. ' l.elj s tl.ein a lTi; i.ulv i r AN f: AK I.Y WINir. s. the tii'iii day ' 1 oi me ami ( av .;.' smnr. aehed. but new diilic-uities D.!tci'7:d with storms. F. r f. :;. 1 f li wi re m 'W-bouni' tiug the . tl.e n-"i;ii' mih i i t hey f . nt in z :' fee s ..ere k !y bent very Ci -o early 1 burih. "aim and ' '': s w, iv : r. Many i.ile : w -. ." iirv. built were i... i b J in s'.oi ai.-i we IS .. ; ns -i ' i - f i ' . -i Vi ; . 1 ' if'' J t I 1 - -t.'ino i - el e f t: - 'iiiiiC f". turn i. our lirtb- he mat;:.; :' whole i: rh:g fo:-; . liew-fa:;, -nni le:i! id 1. I IT. it- ; v, i : i a 1: .' i ' I i. n;i l';e.-.", n- d'-i'el:t I..- F ).: I! on ihe !i;i: ptiNhy. : : de to So . FAsi;. our v.w I .". ti r Tn at snr:.;;- . ,v..s . :.-: v !e. '.v C'.yser ba.-in en'ir. "v .'.is . ' f: "1:1 ti.e (.lie on the ..tin r . , ie of . in- :::.:. ,:ns. and dilh ! i: : sonit wiiat m ! a: i o r. i-.ncarnpiiiiT on 'ee ,ef, el' -hole of the beautiful i; ke. we -pent -e i :a! dt'VR il.VeMiiatilli:' tlie t d -'i'he silieious formations o-"t,c craters vv. re even more beautiful il.aii ;, . .... in ihe "Fire Hole" bin. M.,v. which we uann il the "t nion (o -. UW- cu.ious p.'.ev.omenon of senemg water Irom one and suain from the other ruotith, resembling a great ,:e,1(, ne little industrious h-ilow.iu a eon- tinua! state of agitation, we dai bed the Minute Man," one minute never passing vit.ioiit an eimllition on its part. Some of the craters were most heautifully stair.e;! by the iron ,b heid in solution in the wafer-. j The whole bank of the strcf.m for a dishiiice of nearly two miles was lined springs and Geystrs flowing i into its current and raising the tc : iper- ! ature of the water mrnv deorees The j t.ffi.,t of Ule r, a.LhZ in UlJ'U - lion was most grand, the water shoot- ing to a height of seventy feet, when, breaking into spray, it fell to the earth ! in a shower of drops, each one spark- first. Indeed, thej action of the Basin j Neither ordinary means, nor the er was rendered morfe striking, situated i traordinary methods of amendments so close to the placid lake, whose sur - 4 fai-e was not disturbed bv to iiiul as !c. ' M'.'KE MicovERiES ani AKYESTt I'.k. Hut the course of explorers is ever "iiard. e S.i tiii-. in ver seeking nev discoveries. Ureslinjr localit v had to be irl''. ar.d we proceeded to a lake ten !::!!; beyond, which Mr. Stevenson 1 d-vf-ovcix-d wlii'e o'lt on a scout. Here a cair.p was finiKK while a :.: t v, consisting of the topographers, made a si'le trip up lud Hock Moun tain to locate the surrounding peaks . from its summit. From this point r-,Vr linn,! rort rtpots'pre venovtrd rU'- 1 i'hie to the naked eye, among them -n'eh landmarks as Vivm. nfs Teak i'nii.n l'as, all of v.hich were ac euiatelv located, making one .f the a.'-st im; "ortaut n;e"es of woik accom j hs!n; I ilunnii the summer. Fr .ni Tvler's Life of T.:n- y. Chief Justice Taney. Hi Judicial and Pi-r anial Character. Tar.ev a! ne of the public men liv-outbri-ak of the late war !.i"-i s of that Ions tpiar- , -1 di-cord at the very rr.-ui the Masaeh'i- ii.g at llie saw th' l'i 1 n h ; birth of im sells cii i ; : i : n of the light to se- cede r, i ; i tlie pure Teniti. '-y. and the (hiineev of duty t-' mse of Louisiana ' .,.vt :.,n i.v ' do so. at tlie ad- mis-ion ot that State eir!:i years la- ter. ti;rour;ii ihe times of the ford c'CiVeii'. ion. ai-euseii hv A Hart- ms of ( i.;;-i'i; o:u to (iloolve the Union t i v mi - : ;ii i.e.; s , f ! v : ; ' I II ' I .;.i. nr. er he , : lei,:; icatn-n auo ! lie ci mpro- i .-! -rig:. i,l N. ' '.ill's ra'. i kit- t a g sl.ih'. on bo o. '.i 1 he 1 ti ,i . s w:, s pro; Ull iite- I '-1. hi I 1 1 story 1 , .' .frai !' in t . ! '.- nth. i; !i blame . -nly It i not within th Us of this paper to Mirpose poinV ( nt his inaecur ie;(-s . state esMciaiiy with ri gard to the - M.d, L'Ca-ral iicitj of th:. nient fa i rue.---eoinpn Taney Ci:u il.e .'.-, ..f ls; U. At last, afier a- I t sill'. ' l the Suprene . r tv.mty yars. growing in f t and of tlie na- .oli. I...- en l.ape of a ;' i ! , r. t i : i r (.'oner. - ' ot th tn b ti.p . nst i : u: i' ' ipK s;i' in b( una!, and tiie issiie wheth- - could exclude slavery fi un th e fatri -ion l! i : : dories was p"c-e)t( d in lord Sett case, 'i he de it colli. 1 not. givii by six of !! 1 1 was d 'ivered by he Ciu-f ' n. It : i e- i i.-e ill an elaborate o Hi . r.t of !a i he re to ci n : s of that cent r .vi r-y. ii.te in the sub-eqiieiit h i the 'i... . 't Rut two p. ': vry of !':.. i '-raplu r dv i i .1. over (K i'i-''"ii on whieh the hi- .ii,, i , . at leneth. cannot be value to the people i.i whose interest . . . . i ...... islicc is lo oe (lone 10 o.c -l. -- ic .- of'V. Tn l!i ncces- r .. - .- r .1 -,'Y K-. .iw of the coin ii an of the . . Aincan race at ine tunc our l .cvern- nt was :Vnnel. Taney stated as a hisiorical fact, that t! J:out the . A '. e .. - 1 ,.,,vl,l iion-voe- "w'.-rf. TeT-iril ', .'.,,, . d as so interior, hut t;wy .had no t;ieyhad no ie'nts wLi.-h the white roan was bound to ie:'l el'i. .if his dec These ai-.- the very words , . ", , in. and some judgment J - 1,.-. ri-Tiinil nc to 1 1 . r. t.inii-vf-r of ilu's, when it is reineii.bered that they ' v,,iv si izi ,1 upon by partisans, falsi-- lied iino an utterance of his own pres- - lit Views upon tlie mills 01 tlie DlacKs, believed by thousands as such. -A urnver charge against Taney, and as fdse fi one. was uttered on the occa sion of that decision 1,- no less a per - son than Mr. Fc ward in the Si nate the charge of a corrupt arrangement betwe-n F.csident Buchanan .and the iudgi . oi t:ie supreme conrc to get ud a M"cK t'".a V t-i d on the hrcd Scott case, for a politic:'.! purpose. The bi- j ( grap! ,er shows conclusively, hy cor- ds for wasage and the'ret-remain ii'i,:t xm ' c'nt tfrc . meat from tire ident with the judges and by j sixty pounds of excellent offal and '.'ones 'n vei7 small pieces not excee , , . . ., . ., . u .! ...i iiii ..( :.f dine an inch: wash ana split two respoiK .-, n-.iinrison of dates, that there neith ,-.,viit0,i ,,r eonhl lure bepn son - -sed to exist a shadow of truth in the ; stoiy. Suc'n accusations, ' pestcritv -will be sure to dear him of j them. Taney could n.. at such a crisis, ' ; hope to escape. Not he, hut the Con- : stitution declared by Msrs'm.11 to be a ' superior, paramount law, uuchangea- ' Mv by ordinary means. The time had 1 provided by th iDtrumeBt itself were NO. 4t available. The s'ipreire remedy of civil war was close at hand. . 1 1 is a relief t" turn from this pub- lic prosecution on to the private life and character of the Chief Justice, as ; sketched in tiiis vofume. H's siinplic- i WW on topaiul cool it in.lars. Af- ;, i j i i ' ter veriiig th'-s'-j tightlv', set them it v and high honor impressed every I b , ,, p ' - ; awa, in a cool cellar, one who came into relations with him: ;,J . The fjceat men who have had been hist K -H Mirror. f-mear n dish with, political enemies in early life sought p0"1'''''--1 butk-r ; break some ' newly rcconci'iat'oh and asked counse him in his latter vears. The few char ming letters that are given bear wit ness to the tenderness of tii's affwtions all1 l!ic 1',':v oT his Social tS. iH' V bt" his influence. His religion was that quiet nnd constant force in lif..-of Which the Roman Catholic faith often oilers such beautiful examples, anil his charity in 1 act and an hon pcc-eli the ready expression of est, generous nature. As a trong calm and pure man, filling i lanie!es-!- the highest station in the , most troubled period of the national I :p. f": tn-ti,. t.. .-;ii i . j reiuain cue of the most venerable and interresting figures in the h'story of the country. TlIK RlCKXT MARttlAiiF. OF RorHK foht. A em-ieiis cercinonv was per formed :xce:,i!y at Versailh-s. in tlie convent of the Ihimes A ugustines. where the Marquis d f"v. f'l'meily tlie edit ioc:ietorl-l.u- r of the Paris Lnntrrnc, rave his hand to Mile. Re naut. who was pronounced in artk-vT, mortis. Mile. Kenatit was formerly in the service of I lent i KochefoiT. and a child having ln-en burn to t'leii), the prisoner of Saint Marin de P!f- oh I learring the approach!. ( ud of the mother. as''e'l j-ein.ision to marry her. so a t- h-ciiinjiz.- tlieir d.-i-'chter. The Freneli iroveriiuier.t conceded this rcqres1'. a:.d as iL was quite out ot tiiu question ;lr;t Al'l,. i, 0, be moved. li.nn Ibn-hefort was., taken to rsaiih s. M, bt,.e.efort. ' after ati int. rvi. '.v with Mai! re .Joly. and with Abl e Fo'.ei. tlie cliaplain of the prison to whi h he was conveyed, expressed the desie to have tiie relin- i ions as weil as the civil ..tvmoiiy per- i nunieil. Anions otner witnesses of this marriage .'i . .r'-' os was th" ron j of Victor Hnio. Henri Roehefoit is lenri itoeneioit isj i t sojourn at Ver-1 complaint of his said, during his short sanies, to nave no comn ainr. o nsii treatment, and to have asked for no alieviatlon eu h'.s captivity. Cor sty l'-APEi-.s. The followinc'W ! lhis nannor it should tw cut rather ..i ... t it - t.ti ll''nner according to the first what the ( mcmnatti 1 rade Inst thinks t , i y ... i r jtiiod: Or. lira. -our gridiron, of taose characters who complain O'U' We the Lars: season'vour fish with their county paper, and paper, and instead on belpinc to support it, send on tor large city papers and thus help to sus- j tain then: ? A gentleman wiles rs that his county paper is so poor that he hs stopped it. tlie-fore us tnree dollars for the 1 lade List, e repeat mat we uon.r want suuscriDers I on th lose terms. A man's county ria- pei is woiui moi e any other paper tn the world, or if it is not .1 is his own fault. If the county pa- per is properly encouraged, it may be reiici upon tor intormation oi more ; ... ..-.,.i 4 1..., v. r. ,.: u u.. o- i- is-nun, umn ou luiuiu in a", 'ue eu papeis iu iiie l niLen .laies. IT- 1.-.. ., . .1 nla" lan a.iora to stoptne paper mat , ,- , ., ,r,. , , ' : . publishes the official advertisements of - ;g cnunt y t!l0 -,ui,jic sacs mar. kets, court news and other local intel-' i licence. If the paper is poor, the peo- pie are more at tanlt than the publish- p, s. for liberal r,,tm' Ilow.vnr i ers for liberal patronage. However ' , ;. I ,nnp .,. . nnn(.P . . -t .,iwavs worth more than it costs t0 I -' " : those interested in the affairs ot its i,.i;,,. o . locality. ! - TV or at a v ii iTr, Virginia complain that 'millers return only a barrel of flour" for six bushels i ill Ull l 3 ill and a half of wheat. At sixty pounds f wheat. At sixty pounds : ou "ci, in guing oiny isi, . worti1 con ssi lerin Four bushels rind ' a third of plump dean wheat will' ma k. ! a barrel of flour, and yield bran and 1 middlings to pay handsomely for . gr n . . j lain thc truthofthis'statement : Four- ; bnsliels of wheat at 60 pounds to the .11.11. i ., , .,-4 ?. ousnei are zw pounns (a tiura or r i i ,N - - .., , . , . : uusnei ) gives ii.ii oi wneat trorn ..nicli to extract 1 tiC pounds of flonr. Thedif fereuce is fi4 pounds. Allow four stock feed for the E-mail labor of erind- ! ing 4i bushels of wheat. NaglniM ' Union and Amrrirnn. i How to make Pcantal jKjx'gf.r.- ! chicken together, put them in' a deep indeed, though I Take a era in of falsehood, i handful : Chrna dish, cover and set it away. I of Run about, the same quantity of Nimbletongue, a sprig of the herd ' i R.-H.1I- t, fl . n"4 e,,4 , . ' f ,. , -f drops of Envy. Stir well together and Srrnraer haff an horir. Add alitth j ? Discontent and Jealousy,- thenstfaij through a bag of Misconstiictforf,- corW tuiuugu a ua oi i.i iscoi lot iiy i (oi i, uoii j it up in a bottle of Malevolence, anOi 1 .-i j i t iiaiig il upon a SKein 01 sireeij aiw 1 e.:r-- - Shake it occasionally for a few dayi nhen add the yds of one raw egg, well and it will be fit for hse. Let a fe' j beaten, or one tabiespoonful of cream; drops be taken before walking out, an ' 3 mix all these ingredients thoroughly, the desired result will follow. ' ! stirring trjem. a bonf time, till quite ' '. j smooth.- After you pour it on the EgTWben you speak to a perslri' - chicken and celery, mix the wholtf look him m the fkee.- - wei togetiter with a silver forkv 1F6V to SYop a Pixholi in Lka PiM.- Take a ten-Hiiuy jiail, plnce tlie square end upon the bole, aiu hit it ffto or three slight blow with a ,hn iier, iind the orffice is closed as ; ' as thoiitr!) you eiiriployetl a iiliii tier tofo H a cost 1 dollar i s?'' t' fre. ' A.ferA6t .iVteiL To one taMe-'poci-fnl t dee boiled till oft and . Ttlr.iiPid, addra )iV;e lutter, tba i'dlt an .'egg. due taljlesoonful of Hatippj, a little white 1ier (,yenne', - pud 81, set on the 'fir''-', aVid stir ,w.ell j together; ald anv divssed fish tut in !fo wuiill iiit-fes, wa,rni i!i"adiiallT,,fthjl ? isend-to tahle. Haddock is excellent Ifvfciplv't Ili.NF.Y. To keep lioney allihe ' ear round, let it run through a fiTOCscr e t,o separate it frim partf- ; cleftf wax. then . bo:J it gently in an '. '.Jl. . i . . " ' . t - i earnn vess( un (': me iam wiiict r tiAUl- ;ggs. one at a time, into a teacup, :"jfiiu--i ii.ein in me oisu careuinv, - !.'l .v. - . i m n.r Mi- u ei inciii n iiuk' bait hiui eppr. and p'al.e them in U'p oven ui: ii th'ff Vvell set. Mate a small -itOiVil pan rnddipt, and Hold it over the-.iggs until they- are suHiciently cooked, and "Vve whi'.e liob i "Ai tiTKMNd F I.AN! El.'. Immerse i-tlie flannel for ah, hoi'r a diluted so- lu&ell of neid, suiphate . of soda, and tthePstir iii ad.lul:.'i':: or 'i vd rc'clboric a,.r, lho nmn,wti of 'on., n.rt of acft' to fitfv o! wa'Vr. The vessel is then to"' :::':v: d over ami allowed to re- f'"' a cpiarter of an. hohr. when the Viielps alp to, be removed and I thcUiili'v washed. amii.y Care. Twelve ounces e,ach of-uJ.ter. siigar and currants, two poj-id and half of flour, four ounces of t nd'ed Hfrori peel, two ounces of ca pvav, half an ounce of mixed sp ?s, four teaspoonfulls of bi-carbo-na-" (ifsoda, and a pint and a quarter of; aimed new milk. Melt the butter in. V milk, and woik in the rest of th im ,'edients. mixing well, liake slow ly -it buttered tinc- for two liours' , tTn.K Short Cake. To one quart. o& lifted flour add two teaspoonfAils of -''" vu-' ' - S(H,;l' "!UI lpa- R 'onfid of salt, quarter of a pound of b' .fer. sweet milk or Team enough to m'X it Have tlie dough rather stiff, ri) Ijand bake in a sheet. As soon as I . I: st 'it open the , wlic'le CakeJ spiad One qi.iekly .with oultei-. cover wi-'i w( 11 sweetened apple sauce' pour o'if some t'.iick sweet cream, grate on iiirtBeg : place the other half on this (cr 1st side down), spread with butter, cr the apjile sauce: c a hh'l hht- cTaliiht. Cut it in slices about a i-.u-irt. r oi an men tnicK j wasn ami 1 fj tliom. season with cayehhe pepper - 1,11" i...v fi" - 1 !!" sa't ! have ready a pan of hot lard if1! fi'.v yottr iish. (n It till of a delicate ''town 011 both sides .Sonie dip the inlets lealen . eg, and then iu ,':-aci c ru i nbs alid fi V'hen done c yc-njie pepper a.. d salt, and broil it t H oi a tine nrown co'or. ii en a alul ul,t-ter lC- ' KoTV TO MAKE iROWX I'rF.AP. I n called noon so often for mv receine j ,,V'brown b.ead. that I begin to think k , mm R. worfhv (if j)rp8eryin(. L. . , . , Twrt f . A ncil.l IL l''l ' l ' 'l lull 1.711. i " pilll.a. vf .. milk ,,ttpruliii-. on, nint of f,.,,',, f ,,i.,oC...' filesooonful of salt: one Writ off !t In- Jdl.;n me;ll am, cal)dl eno h t0 ? gliff ,)atu.rj one llcal,in teaspoonful f so,,a aissolved in water, and added if i.r..v', n;,d., tt iii., i,,.., 11... oc 10 1 e i 1 1 ih o. liii: i.i-u iiiuiutiu &9tin(T. RkJn a milk nan or d r - " ' ' ,yd( - dish, full two hours or more ;i. n,. p.t fn i,nt hi- . low hie is best to Uake Dy. ' Treatment of Coi.ts. Col. Col- n 01 ,w;i""!un"'MOln nli ',' L" " t" "would be no balky horses; advises that ; tl: the young colt be given over to a Ut: ' hoy of good temper. Let the chihl ' fJ.. -..ilk . l,-i,l Hd t.J iK!:,- ",ul u,uu '"' ", im with a halter : as soon as he is . . . , . JBionrr enourr h. pet unon mm. and eh -Nt'iTS- rotiV ,)l,nt of mill onrl tVi.f - ' , Ve wU1 ,eFd o "breaking, but 'vlU come t0,L,s W0,Tlt hke . ra!i10n1. rri'au,rf' as ,,e ,9' , D 1 w, , n f 18 . , ofMfi, Ue and bncile, is. terrified, unchangea- and frequently the f-breaking" re- ults m oreakipg his spin,,- his consti- JZ j0 force, remaining always balky an v':c'JS; -. - i i !ck r a i ii laKP a. oair 01 . , , :, : , . , . Toft s boil thorn (savni! the water tor ' , ' :- , - . , ,. S!"dJ "es-.:,- nB:'i L"". '.emore a.i tnesEin ana rai, ana a s- -4- .1. u i l: . llMS 111 ncii : nau large ueai!3 oi ceiery, hum cvn. ie ; white part into pieces' ,ari rnch long, and liavrng mied the celery and Just terore the salad is to be eaten . the dressing fs' to which is thus made: Take the' yelks of eight hard-boiled eggs, put them into a fiat dish, and mash to a paste with the back of a spoon ; add to the egg a tea spoonful of fine salt, do cayenne pep per, one-hair gill made fnrstard, one 4 -4 1 nd a half wine-glass" erf French vine- rrm r onrl t WfY wnfClr'?p f CVMt. l-il A

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