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I B tMW t rih for lliy mfiii bmiia ' K lh rtmlm'f ran wtin-W jliuliil ihr -ye Tat Wtm ahall W f pmnpiia't ato-ll, Willi rta form to firm and bri'il, IHhAM wt-rlwp-d and H""J - H d rhairtr a htm an lilit. VhIi rtir itvr ul m HV nad fna. Tsia'd w huail m( lai-ar a!rd pa Waal t ak ia, etM. of in . kiad bvo. -l' TW- 'n an r ur-i. Ui.hi iinJr aoy, M ith lar rMhtwi awl (uidra arad ' j TW ruW;-rr r.B4t af raim iawlra mate. " After a wliitc tlieycatue dasliing back, puniucd by a considerable force of Mexican horse men. Our. men ok shelter in an old Church, on the opposite1 side of the river from us, about six or seven hundred yards from Ust The men in the fort then turned out to their assistance to the number of 2U0. The Moxicans then tied, and our brave little squad of horsemen pursued them: When our men would turn to c6me buck lh Mexi cans "would pursue 'them until they would get within gun shot of our footmen, when tbey would turn und.our men then would pursue again. Thev kept alternately chasing and being chased until dusk, when (ho Mexicans left. Our men return ed into the fort, all having escaped without injury. What damage was done to the Mexicans we never learned. PreviVis to this time, for about a month. I had beeili' V' th Wrtital jnd had ".hfWarl-ttyafcA .aTaAia-rtlWfli.. of thne auk aAflrrm; wounded man. The latu-r had looked Iwhind and discovered him thev would w, ... u, uur gumij in me nigui, uo- nave lurnea upon nun and etit Jiim to pieces. Ue 4iw nuiim ni-o iwn ,is uiiisKct anu went to me siitiare. Tliere, was a -low tree, from 140 to 170 yards uiovom, micro me jnexicans wouiu creep up and shoot at us. :Hews killed two and wounded u third at that tree; I ; went and looked at them next morning. . . - The young Georgian and myself were- left, by ourselves. 1'he Mexicans came up tolerablv close and there was a fine drest fellow maneuvering as if urging his men on mightily. . Wc both agreed to take aim nt his head, as soon hs he would halt. We did so: or at least I know I did, and ii . r it .ii... ... ... jne lenow lumuieu irom his Horse. Ills men No. 20. hied down arid hid the catridges) they'crowded In with their scgars in their, mouths and. djrefttjy llio dry frrass took fire and the wind snrunw iin and iii about five minutes time the whole sqdaro was in a flame.2 Every moment there was a vol ley oi catnuges bursting. About this time you might have seen Mexicans and Americans at the (bp pf their srmcd leaving the square, expecting the wagon to blow up But it did not take fire. I here were some few of oiir men still in the mare. Two got badly burned by the bursting wi cBinugea. , ui nn uie mnd people ever I saw , p - .....v. rtujH. piu i Min turned mid retreated some distance. This during the .Mexicans Were the mosknriu;ed for thev ...Bu ... ummi.v iitiuisi. iuu "il uiiu Kt. v I lllllllHi llllll. nciliiuuuue II Oil pUmOSe and took from the dead Mexican a purse of tadSc- After the business was arianted. we ware al)Out Sevtfn or fliirlll. im-lie U . r-urr,- . shaking it. . told, liim that wmofool After he went to the squnrr am. I her rilleniau eame out to the wagiiii-nnd htuyed with nie a while. I think it was Doctor Bernard. If it was, I hope ha is still alivre. He is one of tin- four Doctors who were saved at the massacre. 1 then went into the square after some -more catridges cause he Would not answer, him Solomon Hamilton from ilaisippi. .The Kick turn were John McUuwan from Alabama, who had the dropsy McCoy from Mobile, who had the consumption, mid JX-busk from Alabama. 1 hud a young man lo help nve take care of these four men,, but that night, after this skirmish was over, the ollicer. of the guard came to the room that we made Usu of as a hospital and told me that I was. requested to stand guard 4hut night ind to take the lirsf watch on: the. Xoith Last bastion. Accordingly I went and took my sta tion. , . I St! mm in liluml rr li-n -fKJ L-.iniiiw miu v.api. .esner came-,10 m. .-oi. r aiming Captain ttestover said that the M.lunl. i rs did usk.-o what l lliouyht aboit retreating and leav-; n..t lik,- to und. rtak.; lo man 'them, and al ing-tlo fort, 1 told him thai my opinion was that ! lowed that thev could "do as inurli g.,.l w ith it was lou late ; f.r I made no doubt, from what their rilles. I suppose ii was soiii.Tl.in hke we had wen that W were entirely surroundixl ' 1 o'olirk wlun the wpiare was friii. d? and by the enemy, and that we had somethini like )u;r,tn in i..r.. I.m. .., o '.i ana ilarted back to Goliad. ' Jiow we had not hml nt waterier a m'WT!57i.m uit, ituu luis was MouUav evoiiini' du'lt we got thn chance to driokr for we had to i. l... u.. ..... i ....uo uic .-iiiiiiiin river ooui nrm-pii ueep, ana then lurched up Ulf the Church dripping wet lo sildiit-doiyn on a f tone floor., .One sat .and leaned on your back, 'you leaned on another's hack. There we, sat until next evening. AVe had thei been without food from Sundav morn, ing until Tuesday evening. We were taken oul d the cjureli and put into what might be called put us to sit facing them. The knapsack: that was. .in fronX.of.mu had the imnio of .Wingute on it. There Was a pile of boards In the calaboose, anu ono.-ol-our men by the. name of Voss' who Uttderstood Snanish. fiundi out. tiint il: Mexicans were about, to shoot us, and Im'hadhid himself under theboards. , At this time he came out. They cursedaw hihf at him and then brought' him nrtd sut him by us.- There as some soup brought to. soldiers in littlo-.woodeii Louis. They commenced eating, 'lint I noticed several oflicers who could not eat, but were shedding tears by which I was convinced tliat there were some human beings amU'iJjaavngeaj Jitmr where we sat therf p a lilih W'y.io - He , was about 7 or'8.oaHr ;f(Mi.-kJ nvuTTaJi J and lo see if Cash as dead, hut he had .revived a pen oecerUiin boundary with guards all around as uie mm oi me brain was not broken ; but I , -'I his evfimg we were to draw ration. 1 got a was much mortified lo see so many line fellows ! hit of flesh beef :1 NJI..I ii in ... i: ...... .j 0i?ilid me hif faiwl of soup i hho mjjbeudbut. he wouW u6Tdeiwt uuiu i loriH llireo spoonruW or, it. ami handed it to Shirloek. lie tookMio spoonful and shook his head. We handed it back to him. The lit-, tie fellow pointed al our forheads and shoojc his head to try to let us know that we were not to be shot. . ' ; ' ' After they were done eatiag tlCJ brougli an niierpreter an.l told me and Slarluek that j laid down . there w ith their blankets spread them. i At this time foUr of our cannon were idle, be- ause UU! rtVUTafs w ere w oijmted Or kill.-. t . and L'llD. when it, was done it waa not a hit' lar-'er than turkey gg, 1 had no salt, uo brend, nothing hut mi eai Uf ixi-i una urnik tlm broth Irom it Was first I 1. tliat iiiautil) Was what we all rt,i and on- e .1 d.iv until afler llin inaSsai re. ' Aere saved for the uurnose of waitintr on th "..'. 11 . "l "K'rl s Doctors that thev had saved to doctor their woun- ! l"":''. ' V? IMPORTANCE OF THE TEACHER'S .. " f - ; .CALLING. ... .Jv ; .' Is not a wrongly Jew taken by many of our young men in 'respect of what is called n profes sional life 1" . Are not too many -urged' to the study of law and physic ky i notions of honor1 which are emphatically fulafk; We have?, no con troversy Willi lawyers or physicians, for among lau our raoe may rank some of .its most valued " frieilds. But we have a controversy with that hurtful idea which would elevate either of their callings above that of the teacher." .And yet w hen .shall we see a change, in Ibis .respect f.j Or,, i plherwords, bow lonjj wil men wiikioro tfrupu-;' JrtuiJis to l,om. the eAwiiet, th. "ir1:rigiriioJi j r ''aaKiln r'TnriariiMiPJ? wrrSUriiii"' - o in wjirlct hi nvoi c, ibitti tiiejrne l wrrfr. J they ewuroitni'' traftiietr cTlite raimortal mmis cf heirchildrehT1; V'.''- .The lime is al band when the calling of tho , teacher of our Common School, shoulobe re garded in a more proper lilit than it.haa hither- " to been. It sIiouHIm; studied ivitli. as much de- -vol ion us that of the lawyer or physician. ' Few ( occupations, if anyf are of more importance i fetr oi; none-more responsible. ' ' - . , hy Is it that there is so. great a lack ol well- main reason we believe had eaten Irom SuniTav in not say that lnulfered with himgi-r ded. -Ve w as Vin to" tn oflle.-r tr, wait r,,, 1 u' corruption ot the i.uman heart, occause him: They then brought some bleached doms- oo.."tny love the pm.se ol men rather than the lie and to it intol?os about two inches w ide V "f C '4. Aird Xhus for the sake of a sma . That iin.l hIi.hii i..,.r...,i l . i.- i.i j -r a verv sma ineed ol human applause tney win mat ana about tw o feet Kug. Mini tied them round our , .' , , , , ,.Lj I . morning. Ml arms. Thev told us that it we lost them, 'L'tu "".", , .n'..tVt -7Z About the first soldier who saw uS would kill us. Then ' anu nieoie.i e, mow og vu...8, lhat hut I Uk-v .-.k us through the vurd of the Cul.boo t0 C'.",,"""i , i-lTf WhlTli' i i.. il. ..i.i r-i....Ai., T....I .. ' . iii. mumtv alreadv disgusted with it ? When will .... ..... . iiuii ii, nuu us we passed nionif 1 saw , . - . , , c. .. ., mir ...u.r .,i 1 i i ! i , Vounif men earn that to benefit their race by an our poor wounded' n en h ing dead, stripped of - . . , .. . , , ..tl il.... ,.l .1. Tk ... .i .i . oecunauou prooaoiy imciioi w nunc m ivauuvu. all tlieir elollies. . I hev were throwim? Iheni4nti '. " . ' . . .. . . n wagon to haul tin m out ol the fort, n hen Mm, Uaaa vwU'al MW UM akaataoi Fame, Na) AM Maa aad taktiiaa kfifht, A fcawi at away he al eawpir aaiaa . im aWaraa, Ua. aWa aUa M is IrftL Aaav lhaa aritfc aaa? erriag kieaV LA chaatrra, ax f uV maalaari fcy, Al dan ataJiiar if arbira Mil wa tmi, , 1 . . TWitnioj Uia iuraT.'lanl daa taatek aVay. ' i- O About this tune Hie MeJiiians liN.k Maior Ward and his imii and put I hem in prjsou with ... ii,.:.., m.ii... i.i... i. ..i ..l. i ... ' - . . . .... . - - . . - , o - , , .j.F. ..,,(. i.iiiu.-u iiii-Mii. tin- same wiii.r nccu ii.ui i.-.iin. H.i.i iii.i praHii7n i.r itiM.n w .. bunt ik... .. ..... .. . : . i . .1 , . .... .1 1 ( , . 1 I ' l""""ul" iinuor. . rroui ai mi-1. opino Willi aiioui men. 1 be .Mexiean wc iot to ihe i-liur.-h u.. r. I u,ma m..r,. ,.f uie enemy from breakiii"- in lor some tima,as w tlutt time until fi. retail ti 1I1 1U n t iiir inon tt ttia;a-aI i . .fti.w.raf t. X I . .1 L'. .. .1 i -..'.. I . - . j had then ahout 30 menV .Col. Fan.ii.ur aeemed in U iJ M'm'u .1 " iZ' J Z L .' ' " w. T l" i r comrades there still alive. suved to wait to have h., mind unsettled .bout ,t. C'aplain ihey had been at any other work, but it looked I Uer.e.,1 Was made but Miller and hi men Westover sj-ri-ed with me, and said if we al4lik.-ma.nti.ir't.x-'in. .-ar-.. , "'I - I!'?. "iVi . . . . " . " v. w ma.: ivmi llllll ill n III III; INlllll f I .1111' Ilk Iii I in in I ill 1 U .-r.. t.1 nt i, ii.u Tl 1 1 1 f. I I ll ..I . t ... .' - 11 "" - - , surrounded bv somelhinrr lik I uiMl. ...l 7 ,.,,. A,.,' . " ... -. 7 " . ""!:" ,"-" "V'.u. " . ul nllom Vu ,0Pes Mna a P tance is mo:e honorable than to be-pursuing a BALLAD Or TJfE TrpT. VSm saw araa-dae aa aW eaWaa, K a aaal waaaU aWa to air. It aw aaiaWifaS ttM arairta, -Ami a aaaaaa ajaa aa 4W aWf. Tm a aVaiM tiu!!f1IP&jrtr' - f.-V.dMil.d ia thr t4aM, . V - 1 Aaal a hrw tlx- ratttmf tratnfrt -TBawdrr V I'iil aaray tba anaat !" S;wr tidi,iv4 ih.-iv 10 iU-or, I t ih ui; ti.-Ul h hraaih, Wl-dr ih lidajrv . aaa ruanuf, . ud 1I1- brruk'-fa tatkrd with Ui-alli' tl ii.rkit-a, , II h uur tttiay iii k, j.ryrra, ft. a lu '" UV V.,frf4iii 4hiiI.I, A- ''''f (1.H lli Htaira. "A. .. some three or four days before, he thouclit w might have escaped ; but be made no doubt that we 'were surrounded Mr. Cant Wiwtover was Captain of the Regulars, and I belonirtd at that tune to bis company.. I had serred a rolunteer" tour previously. Capt Weslover told me be thought that if they attacked us tliat night that ioct wouia oe very apt to attack the place where I ai u there was a kind of a gully leading from Uie river to that point. I told bun if they un dertook it while I wan there I should turn loose the cannon on them for an alarm gun. He said il might take too much time to get the match. I told bim that 1 did not Want the match. I could tarn down the apron of the cannon, stand aside and turn the lock of mr musket ia it and ink oO. lie answered, "give me you yet,' They I left-mi. When l aw wa; 41 UVU -! the hospital. AH a before I was put wto Col. Fsnninif wr of them on liorseUick. But many were the Mex icans i saw leave their horse that day who nev er were to mount them again. , It was general ly supposed that we killed about 800 Mexicans that day.. , ' After sua down the Sfexicafns quit firing, re tired to a distance of about a mde, and struck f . m a ... earnp m we euge ot the timbers w went to work ditchmg. - Every animal we bad was killed or wounded except two of the oxen that I liad is the wagon. We took the dead mule and horses, and laid round and made breast work by ditching and threw ing dirt on them. Even our knapsacks were piled on to help, and some trunk. We soon had one sou are fortified and th w had to look to our dead and wounded. "Juihad iv aho reeeivnl a hall m t li alxi.unM innas were busy, and stated , near his hip in the early part of the engagement. wvundrd men were hauled in from the battle gruund'on Tuesday, to (ioliud, and were put into the old Church. Twelve of us were put in there to ait on them. We had (1 wounded men and the four that 1 had before in tho wgon made fij we had to wait on. On the next day the Mexicans hauled in their wounded.' How many there wer I cannot any, but tbey had two hos pitals out aide of .the fort, and they placed 67 in tli church where our were. The wounded American Cited one 'aide of the church and the Mexican tiled the other. Our men lay.quictly . ; It waa seldom that you would hear tbeV com plin; but as soon aa th Mexicans-came we had cnonen. 1o me U Was tiresome, for there wre rt !" the morning to leave the ! fie did not give up for il. but kept about most of I , . " - , mo mire, v-opi. n eniover, I'ocior nnaesii loru, i w vi.a w uic-iaaiaafc, itlHi uj ui-stroy our StOCK I of provisions. When we got to the ford of the j. river our largest cannon got into the river and we ,w ere detained perhaps an hour. , We had to haul and. several other officers walked around the square and attended to their business in a brave and honorable manner. Doctor Khaoklefojd wa " A..' V' j. . Bit I - "a aJ v Hjiuun m lilts Aiuintnu voliim rH. Me w&i our ennnon with oxen and thev were wild and lAFui nfiU lu.rt.r, tti. ..-. .1 " ' j i... A-i" vrt-n rtii.f rir; rt. HI IIIC llinvq- contrarvi and by the time we had gone .three of ere. I hope he w ill live to 'forget the trouble he four miles" we had to stop knd rest them. We I saw therci-for he is n brave, high minded, noble lost some time in .this way, when we got about j hearted man. We had 12 or 15 Mexican pri-on-seven cnih s from Goliad we eiifcred a prairie per ! era with us So am ih -. .1 holes 411 I fie The edife of tbeariver, it wa about ancle deeo. was red with blood lhat Jwd eorae out of Hhe clolhe of the dead men. We waded in about knee deep be fore we would put tho barrel down to get our water. While we were getting our water they were making signs that we ought to, be killed. T0 COKCWOkO KKXT WfcKK'. J EDUCATION-IN NOETlfcAROLINA. the buildinir before voiir "Yes.",. "Then eft. VI me il was bresome. for there i . uwai v m mj w, we ,i.uT....lr.U' ami lafc., Am d'mmeteror kii .o.l "ur Msier -iaie nave nil us behind, we i . r i ., , Yu .. bauble . . have no desire to degrade other occupa tions, but to elevate .that of the teacher lo its We seek not to tear dow n, but to ere is room' for improvement in all. . Cuinmon Schiyl Advocate. fall I ... VI .4 vn.iinu .i-i ..... ' '. . '. . . . I rrmrw.11 level Wu seek not to tear down, bl men I nev i eu un a liarn-l I nil I Biinnnu u-nn .1 r--r.-- . - . - ' i., :. TTTT.l .....r .. ....'.'. I...: i .r-r -i r -f . .. , rr Lhuiil.nn. And im ea w oross v err. the! j - "V ""'"OI..-U ouv uooui uuiu about lorty gallons, with ropes and a pole. . r , r -tr-f-.- a Huareroi a nine irom us and nad Uie privilege Klnrlock and ( were lent down to the river from of working abuul'for themselves.'. I think our 200 to COO yard distant, to packabarrel of wa ter. When we irot there I sudoosc there were 1 from 200 to 300 Mexicans strung along the river unna waauiuc; uie ctoincs tliat lliev had taken irom our murdered men. where t SCIENTIFICALLy OBSCURE - The Bite Dr. Wilson, Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, though a very, grave man him self, was fond of quizzing and puzzjing the coun try folks who came to inquire after their relatives and friends in the college. - On day, seeing a man sjanaing ui ,me court, mui m uo hand, gaping and staring about, and not knowing where to go, he walked to him gravely and in quired what be wanted. ; The man answered : Oir, can yuu msh uie wucici uuj ount " " Ves, said the doctor,-" do you ' u'1 1 .: IT -A , t . i . i I, ' - .ii'"!..k lim m Ii i.i.. ' i it Ii-! .:MII Mm t. .il, . . J..' ;li. t.n (.1, lan-i ' .W. liniiwi i tllii in i,l.m,.- :ui V' ui I, n, r i.l-rr, t .' ,.a ii.ibu VI ik -. I .. mm . u u-Ji-lni" haps from three to live .miles across and by the : they got .Jmvonets and began fo dig limir that wt; got - iilioui one mile into the prairie 1 grpqnd Jim ":. soon Ul. fl;.--M-e1v the whole Wetern border of the. prairie was lined w itfi M. ieaiis, and by the time that we got half, a mile l,irt,ber they broke in a cloud as it were ahead of us to tin-East; -. Vc bad nineah liOTTof dill'.-f.-iit sjes ul. n-' . ' W c hailed anil lin-d ...: . IJ . .. . . .. . tall ..f T..... ...Ti. M,.., I I n t if i !74Vr Zm,Q . V" . o lived 7.71.. J " .uen.,no ' and ascend the lieous trades : Then turn to " ln'n y tmug to eat if thev saw '.'" 8UTow- ". " however . ,, . ,, fi, ,lim ,ier nerina- . 1. Til.... .1 . II " . . ' Irt m-A mrv Irt flA..l.n ,f A I . aiiraa. Ml. little saucer, hangry and then soup in a InrL'ecopii I wis attending to it one day and a Mexican came to llie cooking plttce with a alf that , had 'been, t.d n out of a beef cow. lie hung' it up" mid skiiu'd il; and cut of! iiiie.iurirler, and their nio li'ii'.'.l l.j im- to put I In- t.iber tlii-e cpiarlers intu I .1 t r Mtn,T"Snt ? ike this jCrv . ',TP T i i Mi-j funding in his ciibWe, dorniiUtingm his lectory, I saw them give four b.U for a tortilla, a ! , V' i n'tL '""re or be. iTconoundin- through his fastra;' The cornk. .,t larger than the lop of a I ";. P ...l-.pl.ers t, n W that the ; " "d "oSd nothincr of all this, , ami not as thick us a knife blade. A..r,,m,W"e "' he i-truck bv a ham- l r" j . ' M': .....i v.... .1 ii oul man would have en a dozen of them ''. ' 7- Vl he" eirth to'be '.T 1 "JLTZ .." r. T. fn' not have had enough.. - We had to make ,nto l"o small lhalohe of the piecefl .; ' I'"?,- ' ? ' :! K-r boiler for all the wounded. " moved to a considerable dis- ' T. 'VZZL. " . W" Oh ! d.fl. - I v In M-kl Uincc, two of them with the simie force w ould be moved half the "di;lanee, four would be moved one fourth; and thus llni distance ' thmiiicL-which -.-I . i i : . ... . . . y- me wnoie eann wwna. be moved would be a fnitf-" tioja havinir J for. its numerator, and the numlmrl ttt rbr-"fe.-t (,tt aiiil -rot pHui-s for its denominator." What if t ,h J js the k.-tll.-"'and . t'""''' inappreciable to our senses? It ii.nol d up tlie f. ei. ,ni. -s 'eai.- J he laws ol motion and the rulei ediliee to admit luminous particles. thank you," said the poor fellow, and walked off more perplexed than before; I: 1 1 1. K !' i Ol.l A I), eier.ii ro'iu.ds with one i euniioiis. and then' if.-aied in agaiii, and went (-,tj jierliaps a .mile fur ther.' l!y tiii-. time the Mexicans had siirnninib-d -Us except ;ne; liltli- gap 'In llii; HotiTli, then we 'were ordered- in Lilt nuil .jirejiare fur a general', baiilc, 'Then- oi' fi-w-'-'iV-;yi.'-ii. lefi us with the e.vpi-etaVioi.di.f r-ttu.i uin' w it!i !t n.-infori.-i-ijieiit from , icton on thu.Warl.wjj. i i . -r w Iii. )i was near by. lint the Ti v.i-, fi,. ii, a ui-rc stationtMj there to exist. 8 HVMVliS MASSAI ItK, they at.l'v iT er I'cturiiei i'iare fnifiie M'..l, Mi.M VH-4T f l. S V MfH-K.-- In.... .1.. were lurnej ,)s 1'iL'lit V,ii .to: Jlie. tl ii. I hern, w as immed 1, and as llii-v' t'Hik the n. ii instead .of seeiirrng' I liem I lie and not. uwav.: lor lliev -weiu lex leans. I bail my .snk.ineii 4l-nvlfc'E t ll.;...r- M l.jV4l I .grxuuil and so .-,eap i l ing hurt. My um'-iui , iln-w t jn-nr d-.w n .1,, for iiHfiitioniiiglhis is that 1 h.u,,. n Iw'ieeask ol' jui linn 1,0,1, aiel ed bv men who have seen our bat 1 1.- ground, tt bit nr -t.-d th.-'m and ale thwii'hide aiid alt V' aiitbnieti,- janne it we uiig iii,-se roun.l bo.-s lor.- I his will explan, ( lut.k w,.-. Iit. at this Mamie- rale niiiil ilie "' . ellort, wys ever uii 1 in; wiioie pranne leMiuii'.d wi 1 I he .1,11111 - am 1 li.-il if in ,. .... .... .1... ....... ni.-i il bugles and 1 Ihm. ki j.t it up all ni-lit. Afn i- l.uly 'in ll,.- morViim,' tie Voni vas, -'thai all liiifht a wbiletlier'e vwisa v'..lc taken .w hi;thei we.. .0111 iii.u but a fi v , w.-r.- to lie senl'ilowu to the slroiild ii.-lr.-i.it.. and leae (an; woimded or stay ''ojino ,1 u'st . noiiii w en: t'be Jell to nur 'e' wild till-Ill. ,. il aw .11 pliNlhi! ijlll-lii.li to' IMV.M'.lt', (he w.ijuil,d.;ti Mini ilu-.' et--i re'lirVr,rto li.i? (;'.) il' I. had' an afm or leg broken Spd-my eomnides jn- lo build a .forit. The nien put 011 lli.;ir knap were to leal e.jue deli-nceless llmf I iiei .-r i-ould'-- sat Uk --siilv'w ..'ie i!us, r,., miisiile. ,1 ' supp-i'se forgive them." I told fh.-hi if ,,,t. (.,,1, not mail -- tlie.-e w.-re Jm,. tljii Id,.- tbr.-e hundred of them iige to. take the, wounded men wuli i'is that. ,1 was tak-n out llial line-. We w ho were a'tleniliii-r To-tjje iviilincl-'d were ci'l. ; red UH Hke theiiT ililt and liv'tliein in tl,.i- y;li, before tlie.door.' '11, .- said lliey u eie'e-ojipT (o'iut lliem i.n :inotln r loom. A O It IS III ; M inaile 1 a-i II iiiav aiiNiar to .Miine. we frnie I.. Ii. ve 111 Hi.- piouressioii ol the woi Id .-.that ii Hie mam t. grows .belter as it grows older. T ,tlii;.iTtij,r.iv tiei-d ye ',u.ie of flie bodies of ll,. soi.ii sysi.,111 111 41e.11.1ne appear to advance, at another to remain Maiioiiarv, and again to hetro . grade, w hilt; during die v. I,..!e lime.il., v are niov intr 'forward at" ii,.- r.il," of one' binulred I hiius.-iiiif r i 1 1 While Georje 111. was walkiiitr lh& qnarler- deck, a sailor asked inrt-of his ujesshiates " Who 'llyit lul.beilv felliew was that did not douse his! tllieieiis e 5lTpj,0-ei. as ' - forstnymg vvilli ll.e'ni. Ue I tv oil that side of I he uuesl'ioii par- of u ' kll.-l illUiat -d i7nv A-. 4 n f Ills wl i.i i-s.i.-tiY a in a be-lf-r eondrioi Li-eirkiure ll.al fat reeeiveif in inv so live at a great ill l rit!i-a' aeeouiil. or ll.-.lf Iroilad: vi 1 as in v.iiieniai.l.ii ieiUI.li llu f th I I Ii 1 il I fi'oin my mi im- to 1,,'ille f n I hi I mr-men and7 I had l wo yoke of oxen ami 'most tfeiMil..' So when., they hiilied a.siAiare, Jyw.'K h-ft forty or fiftv " I cu ;i. .I ,1 ii..- lit than H ' f te.'l ll 111 . and tin- .1 ij-pii- nt ;,their sa;;ks lill.-d it w 111) I 1 and lorined Vai;iN from the sipiare. to the l.vit i": 01. ijh; idiiixts lolu me. lo give him 111 v gun and he vvouhl put it. in the baejirai'e wagon, lor it would be as much as I could do to attend to ll,e i(;k. IJieie was-a Mexican einnloved to dine it largi' inajori . We then ine r-.e.ri.-,: in guard, atrainst eavalrv. Maifv , had two . milskei-r. W e wore down on one bebmd onr htlleenibanknieiit with one nius k t in oiur iaiiiln n rid hiaeed against our knees "".Hid the other leaning against the ehili.-inliiient , '.Tiii orders were il thev came locli irge on us I hat nigllt,' lo. let them come i-losi- enough so as to be sine to. kill one-out of .each lire, lor evei:v man On the vvav -and then to use the bayonet duv t lital; what I can- now rememU-r c'oni.eriiihg that ' the oxen, uihI as goon as he was ordered to halt TtTW"0!1-"'J. Z ". , V " " I c let tliewilrJ ca1foand raioirtoa,eM.cxi. .m.e time in March, 1n.II,, perhaps about the cans.- I was let to he-ad the oxen or let them ' 01. r 'Mining reeeiyca an express from lien. ', carry the sn k Ilouston, orUenng bun to evacuate Hhe fort at ! About the" ,.oli.-il and come on to hmi. Kut it. was report d th.it ul. Fanning said he would lake the Ii-. . ,.berU;to disobey the order, . and risk a battle, ax li hSMl s'jijj.'llnn!? like .rjiiJ nien at l ie t,m,. A We ri.-inained 111 thai po-ilion all ilii'bt. and the Mexieaiis coiitinued to blov their bugles About midnight-ui- -aiv and heard some nelsons' t,n the : one of !. Cag011. men niflit into the enein'v s ranks. time thai' 1 L'ot ahead of the oxv-ii. them' received a ball that Islotnied the '.Soon ai'tei anieTher one of the i.xen was erippkil 'sabail that 1 knew my wagon .was safe, I .looked arouiul unH" foi,i,J.'il,,.i j 1. rueiyvid 11H ex Men fi-ijin-clianei; f.ir' me ."to m-t wifcr for Tlw.-.i.ir-hwr Je Hexar from Col. Trav is, reoiiestiii.r saw that l could do them ii,. rui-iT.... ..'-..;..;.'" I knew we.hiul. , .North side of hc square perhaps KMJ yards or 4bv uioie -oil, 11111 llli'l CillUlt p.) n..fir,r I me,- ,lll'n,. fimj iye riiu n next morning eailv tlv-v a larg;- cannon-, ill us w hich made a wonderful thev 1 w hiz.ing over (iUr""Ti'ead's'; ' Dih;ctly .... . .1.. . , ''is iiu-mul' II oiiir 1 MKim.w here Uev . ' ' v I saw one ol ibeiu uttuig up ami saw the ieiir 'Iroj rpinoll'' hi-i-h'. ,-ks. . -1 itsked him wh; it' was the niatier. lb- said those men -'jbey hav.e earii. il out are to be shoCaiid wc all vv'ilj I,., shot in mi fionr... I w.-ul nut; and told ttie'Te"t"of the .Itlirses t hat we liad aw well ei'ase cam ing. mil I he' men, for we. were all lo be shot. W c lln-n ijiut About that, lime wc luard- Hie iMiiis- I ini.i-tlv the .Mexfcatis came to the hospital and took u-vi a- ten of the nnrs.-s and left ,n invscll and a'ni.in name, of W 111.. Mill lock. ' I lireetlv-Jin of our. s-i a- miles an h -tin' llali.ni ledge and v 11 tm vv hl!e o )rtA I'liri iriil. I broti few iv.hi-'n we hVok out upon ' I".'1 ear to nek itnee nr in tlevdust,- kiri''- 'he projil,' are moud fiillovvs of the ocean, eve can rest is stable,, tilings prove that ii!l J) he, fanner has bv and IV! I.'IS mrw iine as it wrth are stationarv:' 1 . 111 lo be growing more and .more falling, crow ns a re tram aie lleeing for their , sy t o a nd fro as tin' r.i Xoilimg. upon w hicli-tlie h it 1 I tin Do ,s, is" in "Vain" 'VSS A at all' eomillitled .his si-ediV) the groutidr -i-r-Thf'-H Touibr gal lier. i'Wiw ing . iirlenliioiis-.-1hr blast vw eeipov , said .lack Adf'iiiial " Why if: rt II, kin.f or no kinor ' 'the king," retorts the tier, " lie is an uiiinaiiuei I v' oog . vv Here should 'lie' learn manners rejoined Jjuk, " he. iu;i-r. was out of oight.uf land, in hii lil'v)."' A 1'tii K Nh.iiu vvini win 1.11 nr nu'!.-- . . I-mj. - rrryr:r1orrifT,T!Tit ah nililrcsp to tie- i-iiIhnmI .-iijiIi. ut ih; stale, in which lie, iii-'i-s itht-ui. ,11 view ul lln- civil tnul -kiiUicjiI otiiircssiiiii- tn w hii-li. Iiih raci- iK-yt,,..i,H1 to rt iiiovc lo I .ibtiria. - llimtK-li, -. .ainlsouui..ut his trtciiils arc lo emigrate m. October next : : iiiitf he il.-sircs In olitiun up inn'iiy as Hssil,le to accoiiipuny - I. an. lii!inn:titoti. the New Alhunv I"inocral savH.rau 'Ik- oliliiincit tv inliln'snii-. Kcv.'..L.- .Mitclicl. u-riiil ot tluf I oloinillliitl t-iK-icl'v. ul liidlaliiipolis. ' i. ' f - - - I ht- rattlnli tnul lllc llllll.-s.of the fToniloiulerrv stcHlLT. 011 IxHiril of vhi.-h in.niv wrsou wen; ,1,-s.i roved liv-suf- J fuvativ,., . I. .T j. a, ,w l......M r hi tin hold tlurini n'Htomi, haw fxn tin-l and aotjuitod. 1 Soiiu-of the niirviviug iminipriiiHs lind lufd pUfmff upon . llie uiviit'Vs of tiip i earner frf-thc fcfwry of-tluMr ws- fcfige nioiiev, which they iH'edi't lo cu:iblt' jliom to rouit; -! to America. i ' ". . ' . j Cm niKirv.-T-.Dut ing a fno wjucli occurod w ' rVl.iTv-in'AViiHlMjr;'' CanTii, tho tuvmei) on. tluw r '' 41 uf irwards ha .t dtl m-Ti in tint f iirl': . and moth.Wd to us (h hide bebiml 1I10 I f-Ku,a cnam siioi wnn t ..vui -.nuiti'rs. I he s lutfeis: ...r.. . t.,.. ' were pushed so close buck m'aiiist. the n:ill thev tiled . that when Sbn Itick sl.Mll il. ftrsl u.wl 1.1,1 ll .1 " 1.1 . ,...' ,.'.. . . V. I". uiu . ..ii, 11 er ano inen (put, anil lioistcu a while Hag. ; stuitti-w would not quite hide m. Th,' mart . CA. I-arming had one boijited, and the' interiire- 'who put us.'there went into town AfteV ilitth- xican vv line uie Mexicans came 111 ion In-omr hi ;..,( il... '1 Oil Jew h'.. Autetj home liins Irom him : ami 1 -swuiose ubonl. yon ; I vmlL,.l mm ii... t. - i . J I - -t- 1 : s H .....v.. !!.. O-JlllllL.. 01 .i,ii!iWriL soirieu anu oros-ed t ie river. ami Millie iievvmuskets in tlu- ju.uiiuniii.m ...u.-t.n 1 selected me one of them t.lnd catehed un two lers pa-vseil and repassed. At. length. uAIci l.'o!o!i"! I'lffCnl. 1' mining, nml tl.i.v i.ia.li mr. -rr .struck their camp in sight of us, remaining there the next evening, and then-returned, to us packs of cartridges and walked out lo my wagoii--.JjgHin, -within .the fort. -Jlj,' this time Cid. Fan- , agaiiL wbcre the balls w;ere whizzing about like 1 ....s nuu 1AJIH.1UUW i uuey.oraers ana leave uie : lmei swarming. About tliftt-stune afler I had t'Jrt, when lie received a petition from a man by; fired eight or ten times l)v myself there eitiue ' l'i-ne:o'Ave,' wlw lived at the -Mission, per- , out four more men, and we forined a jilatrn.n 0 haps 28 miles off, to send a guard to escort liRn , five, an Irishman by the name of -Cash was at and hi family to Goliad as ir wished to gowitti i tjie head of the platoon. . I wasiiext. A Dutch- . us. - Capt. King' went 'with his company.' Ar- j, nian by the name of linker next - A youno man riving there, he found about 200 Mexican soldiers. from Georgia next; A man by the rm'me of lie sent buck for help. Maj. Ward went to as- 1 Hews next.. "The last had a rille. f suppose he sist him with the Georgia battalion, and they had j is alivo yet an -he escaped the massacre. Jfe was a considerable battle. -Ward made out to retreat not soldier but a visitor And Jiad his horse and with hn men, but the Mexicans drove King and f.gig alopg. , After a few rounds Cash received a , Ais company inUi the old Church Tf.n. 1 hull in Ilia inrn.r of l.A r..ll 1 . - . - . " - ' - aawa ail UIIU vlll' l V ljB lTT-ni UIIU (19 1T H" 11 IIK spranf' (but if li6N;ain(r -'and his men bravely fought until they were jiU killed. Maj. Ward retreated jnto Warloop river brjttom. Two days after Fanning capitulation wiih tlie. Sfexiciins they took Ward and his men and put them ihto prison with ua. This left us but about 30 men. -JL think it was ort the 19th of March, in.Hbe evening, there was a emoke 'dis covered about two miles up the-river, on the Pinrt.h tide, in tho timber. We had but abou 40 uorsemen. J hey were volunteers from MaU gordaseiit out to ree what discovery' they cduld handed me his gun, paying " take this, she-won1! snap. " My gun -had got mucky with powder. anu missea lire, ana he had noticed it. 1 took it and kept it the balance of the day.; The ball cut the size of it out .of hi head but did not kill ;Ina short time Baker who stood at my tHiand, was shot down. He had his thie-h broken ; and beore he was carried into the square he got another ball in the body. .Then both' Were carried into the square, wbn Hews took advaritage-of the wagon to rest his rifle on. I 111. -II I Vi'ff,, ilii, i. . .......Tl I - 7 , , , . , . ...,.,, .,1. ..v,!.,,.,..!,.. j hi i ueiuoii, WW men ui'ti. i rrea w no was cuiitinaud- : lormei a, hue in front of ihe Calaboose As 'in er Of- the Mexican forces at' that -place agr I," ollicer passed he saw me., and stormed mil and 1 ' "' r ""mug upon-what conditions he -ntotumed timim-tirunni ,li,.Jint-S:Tw at once ".is ?o.surM'uuj,:riiis nuns, ltil.il.1 me that our. that then- was no elianee for ine and I mi's nuu our ornate iironcrtv were irnr.inl,.,.,! 1.. miiI u....i i.. i.i.vT t r...- . i 1 . (s : '. I . " UL lVr- ii."' ioi i.-.ii s . .h.u. we or(! , lvu lt) r, the .Mexicans all alt-T me he tniglijee Sliirloek. I was plaeed at tlie Texas iiropertvthnt was id oiir'nnssession. .the end of ll.C,.v C. il.... ........ ..'i....i ....... i a',n.,h.llt as s"yn as lhy WA ll'ir riisioris out ing m.Tli.oUjcer' v ho put me behind the door ijf their vessels that were, at the Copino, that all , shulK-rs ha,peneiljo be pasin into the fort and of us who belonged ilj the .States were lo bese.it saline. I suppose Te knew' me bv.my hat for to TSew Orleans : and that -what "few irTs',,n,nsO ad a 1i.it. mad.-'in Louisiana that was hilar,., they hud, that belonged tfi'Tjii color "of the flir retain lis p,i-iners of-vvaruntilfcxchanged. T1ial,i so that il was dilmri-ni 'from 'lh. liala-wm-ii bv 1 think, js about what he told me. -,. ' '. jm ronirades. In passing hi-turned around aid , As sfHin, as they. were, done writing we were i tlk,-jl a while w ith the'other onicer. Then he marched ont, ami laid our muskets in one pile, walk"il up i im? iind gave me a push and mo' i and then marched -4-liltlu-fiirlher and ordered ti- ti..ii.-il to we- too hir..k behind thr --yhiiltrsl jjui our. privaie properly m another pile:- 'J here again. I did o. I supiiose we staved tlfere I.h.I a..- 1 .l:i. ii-ii .i. . '. . . ' ... . . iuiu uui n-iu-15 nuu linns-- j lain uowna n.-mn utiuiii.iiu i,,ur r . . . . . . . . . B ..... t oi niiMi orass barrel pistols thal-J had belted ,' lu ing in the f. around me, and as I drew out my butcher knife Wounded men i opened my mouth nng showed the officer that- were killing the others. We did not see any of I had but two. or three Isrtrrr and molioneil to i it. After thev were done killin.r ih.-in' Hipi... into the Cnlohoose It was a lony; buildiBC and thenri amijn as many as could get in there, nndH set uow n nai on me noor, Inch was made of brick. There they lrtid down the bloody vclothes .and knapsacks that they had taken from our dead men, and tbey put a kind of a seat for me and Shirloek and took us from behind the door and - - " - ' ' ' , J '' ... 1.1. ,!,. . u ..,i win iionv, un; niiisi sw eeiif ov ur the drlls anil 1 1 ... il I-. thnuif'h the forests- ih..V, l" ed ..ikHHiig-; j,l ,v aiul lie: imillei ing thunders a,L- ln.aid lluxi-arth sh.ike.-i with the storm Hilt look, agio- t llied.uk eloiiiL Lave fl'rtl iii sun .-limes gloiiously li.uii n civur" Sky, tfie air js pure. and. the tender- herb, which the b usband -in in-lboiigbt was destroyed, is smiling in beau'tv, ;rf,l ere long it shall tand up laden with the guld en ear. , - - . ., ' .. ' The: enemy vv ith vv hich. w e' have "to c-nrite'iid is' tyiiiii. It-"i.s.feil (in li v sjn jind . ignorance Jnit fi-ue to !e,rr,',ai K'ev r ii- II. ll" tl'lli' and their 'eau-e, their viclol v is stiii," Willi . (.ouragejiftij-r 'han lhati-f Arnold i .CWinkeli eid- iheyhould -pre HH,,!, (he serried front, break pd(mrr;ucvrry bfirtier. and open a' w.lv for lliose who' may eome atter them. Aiidr-tmlika. Jimi, they should Vc no carnal w eapon, but those ouv which are of, heavenly mould "and' are might v" through (!oil 1 to the pulling down of strong hi'iKN, casting down imaginations mid ;cvcry high tljing that exalteth itse!f...ai)inst the" irtmvledge o? I (J.od, and .luinginir im,, c.ip'lrvitv ev-erv thoui'ht ' i.i i -..., .., .,: . ., ' , . ... ooyiiicn.u. Ol vuilsi; lof, tllllugll Wl "walk in.lhe llesh.' we 4o.n6t war iifti-i- tlie .Jloh ,..,. ', lommon tSiW A'mereiin-sliorii,i,'isi-st, nvr ami Hut gootTser-. vice, lo repav which the citi.i ns indsor hay, resnhed to nreseut the-Chiel nsfineer with a . , .silver trumpet. Liiii ii vi.. -The citizens of QuiiltL Florida, and 'vicinitv, have alreadv contrilUited -1,500 towards" . replacing the I'lesbvjelian eji.urch m that place. latelv consumed bv -tire. Tin-:' Piki v Tin; Wori.u Hatks, It is not true that the world hates pietv: The modest and e !'.,,,,. ,l,,,,;,-.,.n.oli- wlvlcli lille llio h,..-,",-!' villi .."11 .. nil, .on us. . --.u-.J ......y.. ...... ..... ....,.u I. Ml, 1,. ..liociliou anA mnl'oa a min hipnlln 1n ntlc. . , IIUIII.Ul l im, ...... . niiv v.y, '"N'' -. . i ers "and severe to himst-lfi. is 'm object of univer- - . I . . ' . i :. "-. I ', . . . ' i sal love anu veneration, mil mankinti nate ti,e '1'' , " S'C, - , , .. , . , - Sill ,,,- 1. 1, ,4 . . II. , i,.... lri.b ...u.in.i.u l.f,.- Iiik t i; i.k Ihe M:rssaebusetts Leirishilinii ., .- .... ..- ..i. .:. :i . I j ... it' ... i . ? , . ... , lusi oi nun 'b wuen it is vueu muuur ine cai" 'l " ,'"'lu,;?n aJi '".'"tf tJ p,o.nt-. of rietT? tbey iate cant" and hypisy'; tliey . report to llltt& advertisers and quackr in piety ;;4hcy do I 1111' l . .1. , . . I ' 1 . 1 r . . Ilrtlo" nil' ri lisei -mil uun a ill i. ,-. sw and adialf. - heard the g,.,Vs tho next legislature, a p an for ascertninin the ;not choose lo U insui,Hed . they love to W folly ort w b.-re- they were killing :ur ; valuation ol estajes m the comn.onwcallh; and , a,(d 'ropudence from hf altar, which should only ......1 out ,,, the praine, wheXe .hey j 'r obtaining such other stalisncal mfommrtmi-aBt h denary -for the wretched and tbe good. fiim that 1 could not ent without the knife. . Then be motioned to me to keep it. As soon an we bad given up tlie square to the Mexiins (our animation wagon was in about the centre of the square and wmhrwe had been fighting the day before there was hundreds of catridges droot and the dry grass was very bigh and it got trana- tliey may doettv -TTpetticnt ; and-to consiiler if any arrangement can be made to 'unite the labors of the Stale and Nation for taking ihe State cen -fus of 185.0.' ' - , ; A '.. , The Sisters of Mercy if ittsfeiirg, w e under stand, have not only offered their hospitals in "cases of cholera, but bIso their services, in any case, and in an nart nf tho eitr ' Sidney Smith ' - -' m : . . TheJ'olarization of Light is now used success fully s' a medium of analysis, and is applied""! ' the detection of ingredients for medical purposes ' Tot KionTUARi.In extra polite circles the night-mare ia n6.termed the noctnnial bors ti the feminine gender." . JO. . . ; A a " 1 v;. - . - -4 r ... j, 5 ' ; '. .-

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