, " - r -;. .V:--..':: : - -v.-: : - : - THE BATTLEB0110 : ADVAIICE; J r - - - scBScnimox eates i'pr onoYcar, in ad ranee. . -...,' -5ix Months... . . . ....... .$2.00 . 1.00 PEACH STONES. BY CLKrjIANE B1TC11IE. . Ho was brown and Btal wart, with merry, blue eyes and jovial, hearty voico ; she was a little chinsparrow o: a cirl. with wistfui look. and quiet tone and raovcmenL His name was Phil lip, it nd hcr's Jessie. -They Bat together on a rongh bench, 'oauide the door of her father's house, eatinrr Deachc5. and merrv wero.the wprds and laughter that passed be- ; tween them. ' ."Wilt kill thybelf catincr praclies, . Phillip?" asked theirL "The basket 1 : ia: nearly enspty shail I fill it again ?" . 'LrNftj, no more now, Jessie. These 5 may be? the last peaches X-shall eat for ..-JnuKJrt. dayrhere'nno fruit like ,"-v-theseJfor richness find flavor, and 'no brings them tome." " : "No flattery. Phillip.". : " "Sober truth, darling ; jdon't forget , ... the promise made so little time ago. Can any peach be sweeter to. me than these" with a playful kiss on the.red lips. "Who knows what may happen be fore the tune comes Co redeem it The cruel sea I dread it. Stay at : home with mo, Phillip." . Little prophetess of evil I what is . there to fear ? The sea is my mistress, next to von. . .My ship 13 stout and new; only one voyage more is need- fill ; then I shall como home to be with you always.' "Hut I dread it, Phillip." "Xo more, my darling. See, here are two peaches remaining1. I have a thought ; we will eat them to mv sure A WEEKLY REVIEW" OF NE WS:9J jAND IilTERATIJRE. AUGUST 18 , 18714 WO. 4 unworthy of him, and'resolred to look on the bright Bide, if only forJcssleV s:ike, faring the coming parting ; o putting on his sunniest look, he met her. y.: : , , - , ..'. . They Walked on for aiittle distance without Speaking, when Phillip broke the silence. -v - ... . A Pnny6r-joiTrUbo'aVhts, Jessie. Where are yourVgodd v wishes, for tho prosperity' my . voyage - , Sb Jpok ur and be sav Yh "was stm?gl"g .yitli.her tears;"-; 7 v "M y 1 0 v e. m v da r 1 i n r 1 m n rTii,' o you.fvi".y brave Jfttle eta maiden, why do Joa weep Jessie, I thought you wertf as brave .a fishei : ir.an's daughter as ever trod the thiniilc in a stoirv." Tbat was long- aero, Philli now I have such a drend cftho t the cruel, treacherous r ca. I fcnV lor long, night hours, shudderingly lis tening to the roar ot -Jhe surf,; and shriek ofthe wind, praying for the safety of Tthe-' vessel - which bore all that was dearest to her. upon earth. ' The days swelled into weeks, the weeks went swiftly by and .Phillip's arrival was daily- expected. J essia was scarcely ever absent from the cliff, and erery pecies of jsailmg-craft was closelV scrntinised. as if to ceter- mine. whether or ::ot it was the: sail 1 she looked for- - but her watch was fruitless. : -UneaHnens ripened into anxjety,and anxiety was me rge d . i n dien d- as t i mo passed, him! still he came' not.- Jf fieVcy. grew hollow, and hsjr cht ' I)alcv with veary waiting. "'JJut 'th' end . ' 'if, linrl 'One eVeriiher. as' she . lot au the sti onger for their years of Ei . luf': ana wasting never to part acu" ununney reached that countrv pc --wjr'ia yiamore seq. Liter ary, yirivamon. JOattleboro AclvfrtUements. GREA T SENSATION t jtBH. BUM, J -mV-UWY -A T-L A W, . Rocky Mount, N. C. hno: Saoaro 3 Months ; . 0:: T nr - - o oft One oquare, o zonula......... One Square 12 iuontns. :j: Liberal iledactiona i -maaeufarjargi space. : Transient! adv.crtiscmcOU'Axx- . . - ..w Una - P ertea at ten sara f,1""" iff f r 1 Miscellaneous. v i! SAIIUEL T. 'WILLIAMS. is.--..: .. .- - :i . ; . ' iY-AT-LiAW, 1 . i - rrturn, handinir her onc-as hi; snokp. Jyt as she s wallowed. thu ' golden fruit in siih nee, but as tdic misod her hand to cast away the Muiic, Phillip stopped her. 44 nit a moment, Jessie. I have .iut told you ull my thi. i?:ht. I will make a basket at eneh stone ; you yhal! wear oi.e, I tho other. They will be little mi mentoes of to day, and a seal t( my promise to return soon. What "say you, Aliuomie ?" ' 44lf it pleases you, Phillip, it will phrase-in o." 'So bo it, then, and to morrow, when I come to say goid bye,' 1 will bring them." v f T?.:r:.. ri.:i v o.xi cr ovi11 i v-, x iimij'f a. nil" WI thought you were a brave girl, Jessie; what dois this mean? You h:iveneer moaned olHut my o.yage before; and now this, the last, "my" darling, 1 hhould think smiles would lni more plentiful than lean. Come, cheer up. . 1 hii.k of ,vhat is coming in the future. L.t every thing be bright ami joyous against I come ' homer; and let the thought be-with miu, that it is mv last tovagu See, . the miiT is going down, and I must lcaic von. I ill conn tomorrow,! . early, and ' bring tho bakets. (Jood night, sweet one lie kicd her as he spoko, and rose. Jveepuig bravely back her tears, Jes Me returned his caress, and Klood "watching him er the hill, until he was out f - sight. Then she turned and entered her horn,' full of the sor row and dread of a coining separation. Phillip ami Jessie were iishermen's " children. They had played together in childhood, and as they grew older, shared mutual confidences until the friendship- had ripened into love. -Phillip was a successful and prosper ous voung counter, ami part owner of the vessel in which he sailed; but the prospect of still more advantageous employment on snore, coupieu wun Jessie it dread of tlicsca. decided mm to abandon a seafaring lile.1 Only one more voyage was necessa r ere he could take up his new em ployment in earnest ; and he was sur- priseu at jsmc expressed leeiing 111 regard t it, she. who had hitherto seen him depart, vilhqitt a word. Somewhat vexed at her snpefstilious folly, as he termed it, but not a whit daunted by her forebodings, he com piled his arrangements, and then set to work 011 the peach stones he had brought away with him. Using knife . and tile with dextrous fingers, he soon had the fairy baskets fashioned to his thought, mingling with the grating of fild the untutored thoughts and lov " ing wishes, brightened by the hopes of a roy future, of which the fragile toys were souvenir and token. Fiih ished at last, polished .with sand pa cr, uutil they shone again, and daiul, - ily.varnisljed, Philli laid, them eare . fully away, and sought his chambei. Jlis dreams were of Jessie and the sea. Tlie golden morning sun w oke huu betimes, and hurrying through his last preparations, grudging every moment with love's impatience, he was boon on his way to Jessie's home. The pet ite figuro whs "waiting for him at the Fivnmiit of the hill-path, tho sunlight 011 her hair, and the lovelight. iuLer eyes. Phillip thought, for the first time, almost w itli-a pang, of the long neoaration that must elapse, aul the to you from the last vovafre." ' : voices within, and lingering m the en- Distressed at the turn thft ronvor-1 deavor to recognise the tones, she salion had taken, and hardly knowing canght sounds of familiar words, Phil- now iu oeguiKJ ner rnino. irom the I "r 0 iiujc, aim mai, -y ui vrovi. idea that evidentlv nnssocsnl it Phil. Kooted to the spot, with straining lip endeavored to turn her attention I ears every syllable fell like knells up flcn .,,i Vv- l on her heait. she .heard the voice re uiau JUI IIIUV UUI I as he ad pose, produced tne baskets he, had made the evening before. Sheaittered a cry of delicrht placed them in her hands. They had brought about the diveision desired." "O, Phillip, how exquisite .'" she cried ; "and one is for me V 44 Yes, and the other is mine. Here, let me put it round your neck," he continued, drawing from his pocket, a fine, silver chain, on Vrliich he pro ceeded to string one of the baskets, she positively assenting. "Now, Jessie," said he, as he finish ed,"! will wear, miner in the same way, and they -shall be pledges of our love and faith in each other. I will replace, it, when I return, byla gold cross, if 1 do well."-. . : j - "Never mmd the gold, Phillip; so you come home safe, and unharmed from this hateful trip; O, I never so trembled to say cgood bye,' before.", VThat is because. 'your great Jove makes you selfish, sweet one. Cease ng up these gloomy fiincies, and'think ot the bright future in store for you and me. .Come, let us walk out to the cliff and look over the sea together : afterwards 1 will ay good-- bye to your father, and. mother. Come, - . . it will he our hist walk lor many a dav :" nuttiiur liis arm about her, they went over the familiar path to- TKe sun smiled do.wn on them be- ri!riio nt' Tho kItv vn nil pprone. and the blue waters of the bay were. b7 Jessie's vandering footsteps late- the intelligence of the wreck of Phillip's shij), and ihe- loss of all on board, with the exception of'cme man, who, after drifting about for many hours, was at lenoLh1 rescued lv a 0 . passing vessel. - Jessie listened to the end, all things growing darker as the tale proceeded then consciousness vanished, and she lav like a dead thing across lluj thresh old. ' - ' ' :- , They raised .her gently, and car ried her to her low bed, deeply griev ed to know she had been so rudely acquainted with the sad story they had intended to have broken to her gently by degrees. . . After a long swoon, Jessie opened her eyes, and returned to full realisa tion of her bereavement; but when her parents looked to see her break out into w:eeping and wild sorrow, they w;ere amazed to see her stony calmness, nnd still more so, when sho announced her intention of going in. to the world to seek Phillip. "He is not dead. I know he is not dead," was her reiterated reply to, all expostulation. "If one was saved, why not another? I am going forth to seek him," and seeing it was use less to reason with the. stricken mind, her parents acquiesced, and she star ted on her quest, only promising to re turn 11 it were lruitkss. So years went by. Every- seaport town on the coast had -been trodden In BATTLEBORO, N., C. actrces iu Edgecombe, Nash, Hal- : ATTQ RNE Y-A T-L A TF, J . Pocky iMount, K.'C. Jjattlehoro ' Advertisements. L1FB 1.. :rirEa;p3..-.; VSLRAXCE CO MliiM' OF 'VIRGINIA. '.' HEAD QUARTERS j PetersLurg, Va. BR AS WELL & jRAWUXGS, . ,: 1 ! 1 Having discontinued their former bttblTiess, and removed toj their new and splendid stand near the Depot, are IdAKINti i A RtTN in their; line which1 Jl comprises such articles of use and luxury as tuese : Confectioneries of emry kindi i Sugar and ' Coif eel I ! ; Medicines and f Drgsy . Stationery J Not forts, J onujf ana tooacco, v Good WigdrSj Poicder and ShoL Boots and Shoes," Hats and ... i ': 1 1 r f i ' j Gentlemen aad Boys. Besides fhese weijkeep cobstaritly oil hand a good stock of an numerable articles usually-kept ;m village stores, all of which we will sell loii the lowest Casji prices, guararitdeing; pattsf action to buyers m quahtyand price. j Give lis a trial 'and see ii Jwe do ho pertbrni wjiat ue prohiisei I j ! LIVE Caps for 1? A. G McILWAIXE. . . .Pkksident. SAML B. PAUL, 31 anagek & Sec'y COj OLD l.Sl:IIA.C I; ; KICII'MOND, VA- i . , ; ; - r i 1 Capital and Suwritrs 1 -j $217,459 55 Ulahis and Bosses ; - ; : f-: ! xs one r Among tlie Directors are A G. MgIlwaine, D'Argy Paul, R. A. 31 auxin, Jno, Arlington ; T. T. Broooks, ' and otltev leading capitalists and business men of Petersburg. B. II. NASlL 'Tnisldent. II. If. EIIYSVN,VicePi-edidenL J. B. 310 OHM SecfatCW j J . J. FRANK PITT, Act. : fnal6f;t ; I Uaitle))oi-o N. C.l i ll i n - I.- FOR leaping and dancing in thousands of every harbor.her thin, pale face, with tiny waves in the golden light. its wistful eyes, yas familiar to the snip masters, ana even tne sanors nau 1 tn.' Off 011 the horizon, white sails were seen, like minute dots on the broad e.ane. . Phillip and Jessie stood or. the cliff brow, looking silently over the water, each busied with thejr own thoughts, and fixed with mixed emotions of pleasure and pain. "Jc;:e,', said her lover, "I would like, you to come to the cliff -every morning, until I come home,and think of my return, and how happy we shall be together. I will think of you, and pray for your welfare at the same; hour, audit shall still be another. link to bind us to each other. You N will wear the basket al ways, love ? ' "Always, Philli). Your every wish Is a command to me. Every morn, ing 1 will come to the cliff' "Thanks, dearest, but I . would not be too exacting. I do not ask you to come in storms." t ' x "God grant there may be no storms until your return afe, Phillip." "Amen to the prayer j but come my time grows short .1 must see your father and mother a few moments.''- They turned toward thj' cottage, and Jessie ne.vci forgot how blue the sky was, that seemed to blend, so brightly above the sorrowful parting. It. was all ovci at last; the last words said, "tho lnt kisses nml caresses learned to look upon her with pity. Often she M ould visit her home and old haunts spending hours upon the clili. ' "Where her dim" eyes wistfully Chased the white sails o'er the' CAPITA I AM PI EBA TIS M ODER A TE POL ICIES NONFORFEITABLE AF 2 EH TWO TEARS PR UDENT, SAIE, RELIABLE. , Persons desirous of insuring can find no safer br v better Company in America.. x "' '' :. ' N. (J. WILLIA3LS : . ' ' Ihittleboro, N C,, (iea'l. Agent for North Carolina. , -it -- - ' ." . ' VALtABLB mmm FOR sale Ul If rrxn . n Tf IT I IT n Iff . TUB A V l AH 1 ii : r A WEEKLY BBYBW. 01 ' NEWS, P0LITICS& XmTU I ' r The AdVanck is a -rt- DEHOCR VTIO Satcli-v As; .Attorney' 'for Dr.! S. S. well. I offer ihv sale tile above Valua? propcrry, sitn-4 and beautifu buildings are sea. 5 The undersigned as Attorney offers for sale one -of the most desirable .res idne.is of the .Caue Fear section. lo cated in the handsome and quiet village But her fancies seemed all at once of Liltington, ;m the county of New to take a hew. turn. It was now the-i Hanover. I j - e - . . . i r marine hosoiinl Aiitl sailors honie she rnii improvements consist . ot a visited, and her sad slorv having pre- well arranged two story dwelling, cee!ed her, slie was received every in excellent order, handsome,' and where, her gentle ways and . loving -well-painted, with a large number of hands making her a welcome guest. ivoms alHve aivd blovv, situated in; a One day, the hospital which was lovely c've or elms, maple ; and oak ; her abode, received several inmates, also kitchen, outhouses and all nec some ot whom had been given, over kssary puildings,- with a new store- by medical authority, and brought to house admirably located,1 nearly fin- ihed. A V?AliL,ET ana iRriiAim are the hosnitai to end their trays 4 . m !, f ... Poor, -battered specimens of human- at tacliedto the premises. The proper ity they werex and Jessie felt her ty inelmles 2 acres ot laud iu the cor- "heart sink and. -rebel at thes thought, porate liuiits pt Lillington, and 30 liei Phillip, if living niight resemble acres gool fanning land adjacent, one of these poor wretches . As us- LiHin-OJi is at the head of tide was ual she assisted tlie nurses in caring ter o'ii -.a f-.Wdt streamy eight miles for the sufierers. and followed from from KocKy -t:oint on V. V. II. li, cot to cot in her kindly ministrations, and 16 nliles by; public Oi lyl of the road from )ne of the nurses asked particular-. WilmingtO", the chief commercial city :er aid in assisting hei to raise one otN6rth (iarohna. ' he patients, and Jessie' stood by This is a finef location for a physician in an instant, bending, over the br liierehaiif, ana the property will be her. iu an sufferer Nothing iu the attenuated figure, exchanged, and Jessie, from the sum- aPd drawn, pinched face seeded fa mit of the hiU path, had seen her lov er turn-to wave her a last good bve. With tear blinded eyes, the girl. grasping me mue trinket rhillip-s hands had placed round her neck, made her way to the cliff, and sat dumbly through the long bright hours, wjtchini, the mocking waters, dotted with white, uistant sails, thinking only th.at she M as alone, and wondcrV ing which of the far off specks was bearing her love from, his home and her. Only as .night ' came did she leave her post and "seek her father's cottage. Long and wearisome were the davs that followed, but in storm or sun shine, Jessie was always iu her place on the summit ot the cliff, -when the .a. X a. ' a si .first -lighted up the waters ot the bay, and when his broad disc dipped belo-v the wtsiern horizon. x . Her parents said but little to her on the subject, aware of her deep attach ment to the young sailor, and further - - more, enlig'upnea oy Jessie s reply when gently remonstrated with, bv -f lnr uit wit l,lnlli. 1 .r.l. days that mutt pays, ere he could greet amino more Mas said. again me suy, icnuer in.ueii, or read liis welcome iu her loving eyes. Uut he put away all these feeling as The days of storm' and wind were sore tnals to the loving girl, and of ten would she he awake through the miliar, but, as the nurse laid back the covering from his breast. Jessie caught sight of a .'.small eham suspended round his neck. - ith a low excla mation, she bent closer to examine it, and caught a -glimpse of a small, worn fragment attached, which bore no re semblance to anything the un rise' had ever seen, but Which Jessie's eyes recognised, and her partially darken ed" mind passing over the long years that had interxeued between her hap py, far off youth and the joyless prvs out, linked them together iu the joy ful light ot returning reason, her long, weary search was ended. Phillip, the loved and lost, lay. before her. The nurse looked, on in amazement; her companion had fallen on her kiiees iu a paroxysm of sobs. .-, V 4 "Her brother, maybe," she' thought. 4tl heard uho iiad lost somebody," and so stole awav. and left the two logeth er. : V ; ' ; " '.- . Contarr to all expectation, Phillip recovered, thanks to Jessie's unremit ing care and tender. uu'r&ing, recover ered to tell the sad story Ot his ship wreck arid rescue, and his weary years ot wandering. So these two,-reunited, went out into the world, no longer alone, their i sold very loic. ; ; . . , Address, ' SAML.' T. WILLT A MS, A l ty . JjATTLEIJOHO, N. C ble and mostfdesirable ated fin the thriving village 'of' Wilson. N.' 0.. aiid now oooupied by Piof.f J; -l)el3. llobperra a JC emaie oerninary. The lot on which the constructed embraces nearly and is most pleasantly situ.ated, con taining a beautiful lawn with a gradu al descent to jihestreet jinj front, the garden in the rear hal a soil sukceptij ble of the" highest! impioyeriientL The water is good no better can b0 found in the town. ' 1 ! .--j-i' p. . - ';" UUllUliJIX.. Will Ul IMIIii U Willi iX j .i i lopposed to the. violent infractio aod" shameless wrongs of tho -presen ladi- f cal party. It advocates broadly tho . - ' 1 -" a i - t - Graud Democratic rnncipies , Free Constitutional Government and : the inviolability of tha Personal and ' Political Rights of tho; Citizen. ' - It : .v v. - - - - - will sternly and porsi$tently denounco those bad men whoso unhallowed pro' ; judices and depraved appititcs havo led them into the commission'o&jrimes ( nainst the Constitution and tho Per- sonal Liberty of American Citizens.i; ( .'.; Situated in the If inest Agricultural : Section of the State, tho Advance is the Best Medium for advertisers. Our reasonable, as will bo seen J from an examination of. the following."! r t.-'. ' ' . sclicdulo : -! ' ' : rates i are 100 1 i l servants, of ki died j. r; TAYLOR, r. ii. - jonxspx, TAYLOR & JOIIXSOX, Batdeuora North Carolina. Gene ral Me rch a n'ts. received n large and n,.i- (iols. and We have jus com pit-10 tock; of . IJn' tiuod, Groceries, , . ' Hats, Cap, I Clothing, : ! Boots and Shoes, . CroeWy, . , ; Tin Vvare, : ; j ' Lrugs, ;: r i " . Motions, j I Etc.jJStc., Etc. In f' Cve?yj .artiele, staple or fail ed usually kept in a First Class Store. ' i-' ' ,..o'V .7.1 ..-U -t . . . . - (rooi ''i'l -1 eneap. -An examma- tion of stock by the public is res- pectiuiii iv ilea. DM 14. t. ' ! ' part of three stones and wings of two Stories, iiiaius jui .juio Mist- uooi a largo schoor room, I wp othefj large rooms suited toj reeiiationl, &c ., audi two small music l'oys'j oij.the- second j floor there aro hinie roouis aiid several closets, and on the. third i floor eight rooms suitable foil bed chambers. The House affords room for a large number of ounils and teachers after allbwing . . . . . if i due space for gejie ral plirnoses. Un the premises are foilnd the usu at-.out-houses ti smoke-hou.se, etc. 4 farther descrintion . : - Ti tyis deemed unnecessary, knwji in Eastern j N!6nh and strangers dtisirjng to will inspect for themselves. ' ; !i' l It is believed that there cannot be bund in North Carolina, perhaps not in ihe! "entire SoukhJ .'m nre eligible luuuiioii loi a iwswiass iiiaie ui luiimie . - -. - 1 ; I !a "! I I , .' , . mstitution or leqriiiiig. -toituaiea in th'e finest cotton growing region of the State, i containingfa mdral, eiiergeticl prosperous and ititelpgpnti community, making rapid stiidei idn a career of progress, improvibnieijt and wealth. Vilon is marcjnng ftpaduy ahead of ( flirt !- imrs r o v tuv 1 I as it is well Carolina, purchase 1870, her older sister, j tOWlns and j bids fail to become in ja few (years one os the most iinpotant ijilabd towns in North Carolina. J j j.. . j The f Deems'j Sipiiar Property, while Oi iginalfl . de?iyjned for cduca- tional imrposes niiyJ i desired, be - : t i; f . . . - palatial pri alterations, kill and taste. romluv convertearinto a iro reside nee "J bv Isliirh nm fiinder the hawrixf sj mi.riit be niade with, little ? expense one of the niost lovely and 1 hiagnifi-. eei it abodes to befnid any where. The property wil fpe most advantageous te For farther paHijcm SAM'LT.,W1JLL1 for 3tf- )a. ms. sold on the ars apply to VMS, Att'vV Sj'jSi pATClf WELL, f f j5atlcboro,Ki C. I . ; - u f J UST RECEI VlfDj dud ready ffor ( exhibition a fulll assortment of;11 ;' Ten lines first insertion 8 j " . each subsequent in . .l.f , . sertiou.1 . i 1 square 3 months X square 6, months .'' 1; square 12 months col. 5 months ' col. 6 months . , col. 12 months col. 3 months : . i col. 6 months, col. 12 months, 4 col. 3 months, 1 1 col. 6 months, 1 col. 12 months, ..:.. Ihe subscription pneo of the Ad- vance is $2 for one year; $1 for BiXi months; with reduction for clubs.---,;o Now fs the time to subscribe to a live, independent newspaper, , v CICERO W, HARRIS, Editor and Manager. i ... 60 : 5 oo 0 00 15i 00 15 00 25 00 40 00 25 '00 40 66r Co OO -40 00 05 00 j 100 00 i - ill ';lU 21 'v. CIL4J2LE3 A. DA27A, Ztltor. rtHtt ZlUUXt FTtm r: j Intended foir People Ifew on Krt3u . Inclndlnf ' Yumon. Mechnlc. Mercluuit, Frt ftnionAl Uta, Wprken. TUlslcrrt, pad U Um &er of Honest Polks. a4 tho WlTMf COSM, M4 . Pathterf of flJltncn. '! " :;i:. 4 ; -'; 0Sl.r ONE DOLXAIt A rEJLn f n.ljrr v.. , ONJE nUNDItED OOFZSS VQTLZS0 ' Or; less than Ona Cent oCoor Let there be 1 SJOClabetsreryPostOfloe. SEMI-WEEKLY BTffJI, ,C3 A TEAII, of the same eixe ,eod 'cenertt elWaeter oa THE "WEEKXr. bat witb tttitUr ytrUtf ot I ' 'J f DiUcelUueons readlnti end tnrnijbtag toe seve lr to 1M 8ntcrlbt wlta greeter fretluieee, eeeaOM it tow twice a eeek Instead oXoaof o&lj . -; ' J TIIE DAILY SUN, 00 A Y&AIZ preemlnentlr reMihle sevtpeper. vita to est circulaUIon in the world, rree. tsee. "'A fAir7eat pendent, na leexiessia politics. Jul tne aerra . frnm evATTWhera. Two fStsnta m. Aon! h na.ll. i.t fiOccctt smooth, or 80 jeer. . TERMS TO OLTma ; ; : laUJb W4XlaV JBa1kIaVaVl X , D V "a . 1 C '. Flreeoplos, one rear, sepejrselsxJ4refM . Ten copies, one yev, sevsntely Addressed &b4 saeztre copy to the setter m of elaD. i -r Elckt OelUn Twenty copies, one yesr, eepsrstelr eddressefl '''' wusiwuriporcinD). . rdtlf ,. loblu .1 U Lrtytfereeueiisn fifty eoplee. the I'or the Sp "I- " ,- ! 1 nair viTauel R. mooreJ ll'S Sycamore treel reterguurg, ya. a-a rA m r tM inf Ln t h a. . aktt A. n r al.h aVi r rt . i . - avtawva WUBia Fifty eopls. one year, to one address Bemi-Weekly one yer to getMr np of cli . Thlrty.three.Do copies, one year. Mparately addressed (tn' Semi-Weekly one yemr to cettr up off hi d, , .:',-... : XfclrtyflTO DoltMXaJl'j 10 One Tonndred copies, one year, to one address . r - ftnd the XMUy tot one year to the rrtter to ot : ; ( I hub). Fifty llallasrsv . tne handred copies, one year, separaulyr ad." Ii: "j drMed fend the OaUj for one rear to tbejreUea ; Bolelabi, v;. , .6lxsr Dallaxa joao ;np rj TUB BTmiiWEEKLT'aSTJXkT 'f f wswa vt1M ainsa ism air airtsi rsitnT-ar si A it i1" w- "ttiTtDiilmTm. t"l 5 Ten eoelea, one tbst, separately addressed (srtJrrr iia extra copy to seuer op or dab), - .T-rQ'jfj n TPrwxt' OfncArdars.ehActr. Arm1. ta. Torkv whereTer eonranlent.- if not. taeq rcrtia the tettera containing lxxmer. AOdLres . t, . eoaoOoet ew jor C$i J a 1 , 1 i : I i 1 '.i . a

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