" Aj ' .'' I j' L t - THE IUTTLKB0KO ADVANCE HL'DSCBimoX KATES For one Year, in advance. .... .12.00 it. Six Month . v". LOO : JMTaMil A WEEKLY REVIEW OF NEWS, POLlI AND LITERATURE. NO. 39 I Lore YouForew. , The years may I shall not forget you. be tender, feeble and slender To garland tlie grat e that is made in my heart. 1 oar image is crcr about rac before The lone: lashes drooped on BlanenVs fair cheek for she was Twell versed in the art ot coqnetry as she repfieoV I cannot keen yoar -company long were, Blanche I laugh ton and May Hunt. From that evening when he yielded to tlier voice of the tempter. at vain are their efforts to soften mr i i,,-- M Mif nf t.I . - . rv m.rr I ' . .. . I . - ' os-- 1 i W4 c -rnnvinr n i w - w nun m n mr a i ni chAf ...i a. : a And the strong hands ft Tim, s .i . AT- uHger,ngBieF, wouia y O t w vmwssv W m IUO . liAUUVlUC. T 1 1 - I m jiaj i nov naveiiic pieasnreoi iaic-1 mtur rank itrrence. of & fv intf yoti to supper?' Ulanchc bowed her I months hefoie. head in assent and merrily joined the I dead in the prid of his monhood, companions sue naa jeit . i aeaa in tne flasninsr hours of hw life. 'singing s weetly, that come call tliem, and that peace ot learcr than all. e. sweet iiome : e's no place like, home roftttional Card. mc. Fraok Liwrence went to the supper-1 killed by the demon that has killed I Attoi man, ere he learned iour voice noais aboard on tne voice I waoie,iuuy.rcsoiveu noiio toucn a drop oi wic wind: I oi wine. And the spell of your presence, in ab-1 shook sence, i o eriiit, IgeHtuii tor I - -1 www . " w J, . i -0 o vu IUB WtiOJ VSUUIU UJ blJ V7 cnt I find. I knew. her time she was then holding I street below, who- iiassed bv. little T '.J rt - t I V,ts : i iiin na waicning me I neeumg, or knowing. ,tho eorror so & W. L. THORP. e - . v . and Counsellors at .Law ICY MOUNT, N. C.) JJUctUancoiu. BOOKS ELL F R tSTA TIONFR Na C North Front Street, WI LM IN G TO N, N. a Prs com in theft iy ollDA "IB,. of m 19 LiJJ C I. bear; In the midnight ' have striven To crush in my heart the sweet image held there. To banish the beautiful dreams arc thronsintr The halls of tny memory dreams worm than vain; For theoi.u drop withheld, I am thirs ting and longing. For the one joy denied mc, I'm pining in pain. sorrow I vainlv that I would not forget you. member Tho beautiful hopes thai decay, - . And brighter than June grows the I revenge. uteakc&i iseceniucr "When peopled with ghosts of . the dreams passed away. Once loving yon tiuly, 1 lore you for- 'bead as K flo.itM th brim ; turning Is not tliat bea4itifnl, .will yoi not drink with mo ouce to night Frank; just once. I will onlvask that, I hear yu have feigned the I'ledge,r- but what hurt to just taste of this, look, see how lovingly the light lingers through "it V and ajrain she held the geblet up. Tho voice of the tempter whispered the same in his ear; Vhat hurt will a tittle do? ho yielded and lilted the goblet for a little taste, but that little t i was ioo raucn; mc cup was empty when he set it down, ?aying, that was well worth trymjr. A smile of triumph curled lilanchc llauhton's lips, as sho heard the words she knew for near them. r -' - ltr DCEAM OF T.. J lUTHOR. I live to re bloom?d 1 1 were tho beinnincr'of her longed Ah, poor Frank ! that glass was not his last, borne of his friends carried Ins senseless form home to his mother that evening, and if .Blanche llauc?b ever I I mourn not in weak, idle rifcf for tho ton could uavo seen the tears that she she rained dwn her pallid cheek as . i i t . waicnea ovei ncr arunken son. . John II. Payne, the author of the tauching and immortal song, llbme, .JSweet Home was not only poor in pocket, but a homeless wanderer. In conrersatian with a lnend, he once gave expression to the follow recital: IJow often said he, J.avo I been in the heait'of Paris, Utrlm, and Lon don, or sorao other city, and heard persons playing 'Sweet Home' without a shilling to buy the next meal or a place to lay y head. The world has literally ang my sang until every he irt is familiar wun us melody, l et I have been a poor wanderer from my bovhood. My coun: ry lias turned me mthlosslT irom uuee, ar.a in oia ajje I have to submit to humiliation lor m v dailv bread.' He had the mo8t exact and beauti- ful expression of ine neart s emotion rewarding home, and yet personally in the Counties of Kdge- hfax, Nash nd Wilson, an hmm Oourt of Nortli Ca; ftiso in- s:j ft Court K'H. BU 8A31L. T. WIlXlXli.au i . itockyhunt, ... Kateigh, li C N 0 BIN & WILLIAMS, ATjflNEYS AT LAW. Uoeky Mount, Nashville llocky Mount and Ual- all times ; at iSasliviIIe School JiOoJcSy and office Stationery, JlisceUaneotts Mooks, JPAoto- -LV tick &e Vvvfl - mh22-3m JAYLOU "OkficH and li:iki Office eiu opci on Monni be li wo a 8tramrer w au its tender Hat the love in my boom will never. I niight have thought her revenge fell I lovine influences. A wanderer, and . i .t ? . . i ,i i, , on. never. I on me innocent aiso; u she could have I sometimes a vaxaoouuj uc uas moveu I as out. or another nas in. fir-t nr I seen the auruish of irentle Mav as she 1 thA Imman heart to us very deptus by w - g f - - - vl - - O J -- , W last. THE BICOKEX VI&DGE. ture, carried home inebriate J. poihips LUncho IIau'liton . w'a Riandmrr I the iov tiiat tilled her' heart. mirht longur than uMial before her toilet- have lost some ot its gratification, but glass one evcuing, and the face and she did not sue this, and only thought form therein reflected -were fair in- of her triumph. Hut beware arid re- aeon, ior itiancne was a beauty saw her lover, so manly and hand I his exauisite lines. some, a few hours before, so full ,of I Disgusted with his treatment in his buoyant hopes, and plans for the.fu- own country, and still impelled by bis disposition to roam, ins ouiy wisn 10 dip in a foreign lmd. and to be buried bv strangers, aud sleep m obscurity. He obtained an appointment as uuuea States Consul at Tunis,. wnere lie died. VTe now turn to tho period an tece oi ins . I. t X.I . I 1 in one I nicmuer, iair, iai.e one, in at pnue ne, .ani in anotner well the sequel goeth before destruction and a naucrh- dent to the composition "is song. 'Will prove. It was the eventful eve of ty spirit before a fall.' Why was" it At times he was greatly depressed, KiLfl;A-4. va-ueJW-Js . I f . ; v t feel inost acutely his - ' Iaub4Vo ha,I called her maid an hour fvenge? simply this, she bad loveTT f'1" Tnlefm before her uml time, and now she Frank Lawrence and thought her called to see him, and o enttnu0 I stood bere the glass . - P apic- returned Ilun saul : V. Jr: was filled with jealousy knowing bis saw and realized her rlcss beauty ; weakness and al. that y had.a,gr.ed rep-J -,! S a dream that her dark hair falling hi saving curls the .TIcd-v. . shrf houghi if she could ostgl . J' from ho.- fair br'""l the hu-j of her cheeks glowing uko, roses .u no -' litrhL . " : tr.el must look mv very best to- . nmU. rerhaii Frauk Iawrenuo can the diflewncc, between May Hunt, - with her vellow curls, blue eves and half simpering ways, and Hlanch . Hsucrhtou. I have said I would have mr revenire and I wilL So Master Frank you have signed the 'Pledge hare you? because of May ,and you'll never touch the wine cup again land we'll seo how long your good resolves last;" and the spoi.'od beauty, giving one more look at the reflection in htr mirror swept haughtily away. It was at the lumcot l!anclu"that tho party wcro gathering and the gaslight, shoue brightly on lair forms, and faces witn not a mouunt oi care, nianuini; ncarouo of the window, eugaged in conversation, were a young lady and ntntteman: hu was a tall. haudsomH young man with clear, brown eyes and curling hair, while his compauiou was petite, iittie.iady, wun iair nair ami large, blue eyes . They were watch ing the guests, as they ra.ne with their merry laughter, aud pleasurable anticipation, -when euddvnly tho lady aid. 'Frank h wo you seen f&nche .Ua'JhU'a.VJ I.UT'Talway thought hr bcauiilul,but this evening she sur passes herself.' Vcs I.hayc tccn her, May,' replied the young man,' she is vcrv handsome, but her beauty is nothing to me now, if it was ouce :' aud the loving glaucc he gave fair ilay was enough tJ verily his word. Tho hours sped by as swiftly as the feet of tho rucrry .dancer?. Tired at last of tripping the "light fantastic toe Frauk Lawrence had wandered to the window where he and May Huut so lately stood together; busy with his own thoughts, he did .not hear the light footstep, or know that any. one was near, till he felt a soft touch ou his shoulder, and a sweet voice saying You look lonely Mr Lawrence he turned with the excitement of the evening. "Why arj you not with the dancers!' she cou turned; I have looked for you all the evening, au l now 1 find you standing so lonely here by the window gaxmg at the stars, a penny foryoar thoughts sir Tuank joa for-your kindness, Miss Blanche, but if you think mo loucly, you are much mistaken, for. the etars ! and tny thoughts are good companion, 1 and now that you have come, what raoro could I wi&h and he gave an admiring glaucv at the lascumiug girL . . . ... not win Ins love there would, ue some plcamre in knowing him lost to May;; she little cared for the sorrow '.ot his mother whose idol he was and when shs heard of her death, did not think she was half the cause of it. - Hardly had the events of the grand party" ceased to be talked of, when the news, came, that Mr. Ilaughton; the rich b.inker, 'had failed ; he had uoth ing left him, everything was swept away. Proud in spirit he could ill brook the cold stare' from those be once called his friends ; he died leav ing Blanche and her mother to battle along with the world. Never heal thy and long used to every ionn ot luxury, Mrs. Ilaughton soon follow ed her husband to I the - grave,, and Btauchc found herself alone in the great city,. with nothing but hor own hands to depend upon. What a change, from the belle of a fashionable ball room, courted and flattered .bv all, to the living reality of her utter loneliness: thoe whom she butaphort All lefcrs to the firm should addressed Kocky Mount. ,' Circuit pf ash, Edgecombe, Halifax and WilsL Claims collected in any part of Njth Carolina. Pjctice in the Supreme and Federal Cnrts.jSFI! Practic Edgecomli ties CICIKO AV. HARRIS, ATDKNEY AT LAW, iIttlkdoroK. C. in the Courts of Nash, , Halifax and Wilson coun- Jan 5tt- D .4 E. L HUNTER, time before termed friends, now pas cJ her coM!. is though sue were the veriest beggar in the streets. One evening -after a fruitless en deavor to find work, si e sat alone ' bv. her scanty fire, sorrowfully thinking of the pat, and the 'change in her life, when a slight tap on the door, broke litlfi e room ; rising fin: m a . the silence ot her to open it witli trembling lingers, Iilauchc lilted the latch, whem who but the former, hated nva!,May Hunt hould stand before her; Blanche was thorouhl v hnmbhd now and the sight of a friendly face, was what slic d. May told htr that she had searched all aver the city for her, and listened with tears in hereyei to the recital ot Blanche's troubles, and when Blanc! e begged her forgiveness u r the she had doneMay rcadily for- a . bitter win- of the wrong l.l , T . . gave ncr, auuougnj iw cow heart pang. s . .! It was a clear, brignc day in tor the. sunlnrht . suoae uri iliruh the window, ou. one -o" : - - i poorest streets ot mc eity, it laigerea lovingly over two kneeling . lornn there touching the! brown .:.a the golden curls with a halo of light, and shining on the pallid features of the corpse, lying on the little pallet-bed, by which the mourners ior sucn mey wcrcl knelt, twining their arms about one another; one spoke, saying.' . -w . " Un JU&v.-no w can you, ever ior- give mc: and oursiiuto a puis;oaaic fit of weeping. 1 j The comse on winch the sun snone r so uiT'lillV. imno omei man, Frank lawrcuee, atnl the mourner pvit nipt, mortal -eve. Ah, indeed; what .was it? 'Well, I will tell you. I suppose you think it is a scene of vast wealth, of a'palace, or something ehe of that kind that man's desires are set upon. It was nothing ot the kind. I don't often have dreams- but when I do they impress me greatly. In this dream I was in a home of most tran scendent rural peaceful. less and : beau? ty. Tt was all that poet and painter oould imagine. The landscape was composed of gentle, rolling hills, and sweet, still valleys with nuandering streams. There were flowers and birds; crops, flocks and herds. In the midst of this stood various habita tions ot men, women, and children, and 'I heard pleasant, voices, laughter, no eon Dentist. Will be at his office in Enfield, JM.G from the 1st to the 20thot each month. :in & GO Cor. "'Main st., anl Market Square, nov n-tf NORFOTAZf VA. - ...in Onn Siirum 3 MownA.TXSJ One Sqoare, 6 MonitK. . . . . One Square V2 Months. . , liaeduction mader j spice. - Transient ad vertuenssu - certed at tz ctxti per line:"rj j 1 4 m. -,- : j JTUccUantous. W1L T. BftitWXLL, :4 -.U: DltASWEIllV& RAJVMWCS.. r. M. uawuxua. Dealers in y. Boot Shots) Hatty Caps I nibrtuas, Aoltons, fancy Goods , lfiHs of Confccttontrus, Jru H AU SmaJking Tobacco and Vigors, These With many other articles form our well lelecled stock. i' ? t ' V ' BHASWELL cfc RAWLINGS, Fcbl-ly V Battlchobo, (. C. S. S. ALSOP, Jtt Battleboko, N. O. Dealer in Groceries and General Merchandise. j ; Sells at the lowest, rates and invites a share of public patronage. Jan 5-tt Stieff's Iianos. Upwards of fifty 1st. Premiums and Gold and Silver medals were awarded to Charles M. Stieff for best Piano in competition with the leading manu facturers of the country. NEW WAUEROOMS, Kb. 9 iV. Liberty St., JBtdtimore, Md The StiefF Pianos contain all the la test improvements to oe xoundi ml a first class Piano,1 with additional ira orovements of his own invention, riot tobAound in other instruments - The f t PUErCElLI. M01TBJ3 ! Attention and Local uie ciai THE and othe celled in POLITE Guests of Through Travclcri Visitors is requested to s of this Hotel lor patroeagej ILL OF FARE, OUTFIT ARE, appointments are not cx- he; Southern ' States. ! ATTENTION ASSUflElV have the same- Ordinary,' Tables arjd Honrs for meals.. RATES PER DAY If oA, $3 00, or'2 50; r ) i According to location of Rooms. Hotel Coaches and Baggare Wng- ons, alsbjthe City Street Cars meet all trains, j . J . 1 lk M. DA VIS, Proprietor. mh22 Cm n I i :vi Tfios. . h " : r . ..... j oct 0-1 y l National Hotel, j. corprew, wopi .Cor. Main and-Church StrtstSrm -V ft i.i.i :t i 'I NORFOLK, VA R. T. MBAbnj W.abttR. iOS. ancttcsfi 3lklAIR, OUR Sc. CO. .i-i i. - 1 iMPOKTKns !SD WllOLESALE DCILEUS I i ENGLISH, GERMAN and AMER. 1 i;i I - ican;' ".''t:f.. 'Ml'! Hardware, Catlcrj, and Carrico . ..... ... r Will berin ABattleboko, N. C. from the 20th U the 25th of each month. ; 1 Feb. 2-ti WALTEKtVUK ( J. M. MULLEN. t LARK & MULLEN, A T Oil N E Y S i A T L A W , HALIFAX, N. C. Pract.- in all the Courts of Hali fax, Northampton,' Edgecombe and Martin counties,' in the Supreme Oourt of North Carolina, and, in the Federal Courts. ollettions made in any part of Nortli Carolina. i mar 8-1 y music, and son ft Trulyf a beautiful picture of human contentment said the friend. Thc life long imagery of my brain,' cried the poet, 'of home, sweet home.' Ah, how my soul reveled in this pict ure ! Jt gradually it faded troiu-my sigliL I strained my vision to catch its 'outlines as they grew fainter and fainter; but at last it had faded away. Tthen looked up and saw adaik cloud gathering,-which. grew dark and ter rible. . . ' . 'Ah !said I, 'tliat cloud is signifi cant of my own lot. As I said these words I saw traced upon it. in burning letters those words of the Almighty to another miserable man : ' A fugitive and vagabond shalt thou be on earth !' In tenor, 1 recognized ray doom, and awoke to find it both a dream and a sad reality. The unhappy man buned his face in his hands, and for . sometime he seemed in the deepest misery. A very wonderful dream said his companion. 4 Well, do you know w hat I am go ing to do?' said Payne, looking up. I'll tell vou. I've been7 thinking a great dAaf over the matter, and I in tend to write a song called 'Home, Sweet Homo- The picture of my dream shall be my inspiration for the task, and my louely heart will give a touching pathos to lay words.' Not long after the song of 'Home, Sweet Home was given to the world by John Howard Payne. Tho dream is more specially recalled by the clos- i ing verse : " i W. J. BRANCH, Petersburg Va. c. K. BIStOP. Cash r. 0 m m c rcial Nationa? Bank. S. S. NOP3IAN tWITH BISHOP & BRANCH, I GUOCKRS JND COIMISSIOX MERCIIAXTS, 10S Sycamore St. PETERSBURG Ya. Consignments ot Produce respect fully solicited. Liberal. Advance ments made on produce in hand. -l genu.' ior the Vegetator, the best fertilizer in the market. - mar8-ly manufactured. . . V A large assortment of Second Hand Pianos always on hand, from $75 to $:J00. : v . . ' Parlor and .Church Organs, soma 20 different styles on 'hand from g50 and upwards. ; Send for Illustrated Catalogue con taining names of, over 1200 Southern ers, 500 of which" are Virginians, 200 North Carolinians, 150 E. leimefeans, and others throughout the South, who have bought the Stieff Piano since the close of the war. may.3-ly J. T. MORRIS, k CO. Manufacturer and Dealer in FURNITURE Of all descriptions; U A Y JIIOND'S M KTALIC And Wcoden Coffins of all Kinds, al- . ways on hand ; , No.' 60 Sycamore Street, i Petersburg, Yd. mh29.3m ! " A A n. g. wokth. WORTH &l J. T. STEWART & CJ' JiAnLEnonofTKT'Cy Have On hand a good stock ot Shot,' I'tt Cottfectionerit of all kind,' Gtnerul Notions. . Also All kinds of Liquors, Wines, Cider, etc., 'etc. ' Those wishing to buy by the barrel will do well to give us a call, as ! we sell on commission for parties in Balti more. , J. T. STEWART & CO. dec 1 tf ' ; t TiJOiaas Sailb, WHOLESALE pea leu ijr Domett ifi For eig n a n J DRY KGOODS. yOTIOXS ANL HOSIERY. An exile from home, pleasure daz- j Corncr- j;( zies in vain, Ah, give mc my. lonely, thatched cott-'e airaiu Street OVtE 1.EI m 1 i J f 3 Water and Commerce PSTAiEsNorfolk, Va. uuo- a ciielis. ai-iy.iy Coal, &c D. O. WOKTIL WORTH, GENERAL G & COMMISSION TER CHANTS. Jiingto.n: n. c. Lime, Hair, Cement, i , mh22 6m D. A. SMITH WHOLESALE, & RETA I L DEAL- ;j; erin' FURNITURE, CARPETS, MATTRESS- '..- ,.-, ES, v" v NEW BUILDING, NORTH FRONTS!: W I L 31 IN G T O N, N. C. . mh22-3m ; U KLLETR, - A. J. WATKIXS ELLETT ib WA THINS, j WIIOLKSALX DEALBES J.X DRY GOODS AND 1 No. 1211 Main Street, j RIGHMOND, Va. NS, Ordert prom ptiy executed apt2f RICIIi IL j KEEPS Zlsterisls, wMtrA. .V 80LK AOBKTS FOB & BURL IN GUAM'S Celebrated Cucumber Pump. j apr.20-.lm JBJ. T- FOOJL TTLEB OR 0, N cc 1 a si" ONSTANTIA' ON ITAND3 h ' i l. !o til 1 I ' i ; . 1 HE i CELEBRATED tUCUUBI2i 1 PUMP. AXwm ; Will fix them np for use, and'saiis faction guaranteed. DREWRY& BAIIKI-EYC fiUOCELS :ti COUMIKSI0X ItKBCtUKTir, PATIPSCO ylND EXGELSipjt w in i s K e Y1 s; tfr -DREWRYb OLD APPLE $ t Solicnt Consignments ot COlTON.,: TO IL1CCO and other Country Pro-, Keen on hand a full snppl oi' WWES AND LIQUORS, .Tr iDREWRY & 1L1RKLKV.LI,, Pctrsbnrg'Va.. mh15tf E. J. BEES' 'i PHOTOGRAPH FINE' AR1 GALLERY, . No iaSvcfAMoui: Stukk, Pktkrsbi'W, VaJ h I . ' , Atr) Every style piTictnr4nown to the I art, from card to life, size, cxeented to the very best style, and st rcasoAaU prices.) kmall pictures of-deceasf4y persons copied and enlarged toojr desire izc . . . - i 4 T! Gem ot Pearl Typi Ttitutt Is rosie to perfection at this tJi.ry1. Price (two tor 60 cents. lUtacsbT theptta .' I j J x ov l aycamore circct. ; tM an5.0ni . UltBENEWALD U CO WHOLESALE DEATXCS IX I ' ' BRANDIES, iriNES, uacgo, cigars; v KoJ 32 North TTatcr Street, YTtlndngton N. C, 1 4 GINS, TO i A' 1; Retail Dealers in fanoy arocertct Cor. Market and 2nd Btr ' Consignments Received Daily ot; thtf - i lint Goods in the Country,' ; T. (X nVNTlNG.-Salcsman. ; , apr.iu-eni .... 5 " 'Jf l. S !. IS :.. ) ; AAA'

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