Alrit"rl NVuhimrf ti 14 U have Irtn Iv'tlJciI lif a ahrH.-'. 'file ln f lit 'Mtt "m it tjriuu Litiira i re.retjtctl to Late bred towiparjflfelj 6!!i!U j - ItJ Rj'Us i unJf rtts4 U be f TriU t a Ud bombard meat, ia per ffwnce ta aa ituiliaf assaait Per contra, tKe Me-Weimer Lola ml publishes the following at trust, date J , iJiVabia. 25:1 Octwbcr; On the Jtk Gen. Lepatnli attacked the detached ramp of th Ec1iili, tuok fuar tftloabtt which protected their pv ailiim; also, took eleven gaa. At the Mine time a powerful attack by tan fionitlet a mule, which cost the Kn. Iih wie hair f their light raralrr, ami j Lord i'untthjau, who cnmtoiniltil, e taped with difficulty. Lord Dunkellio i taken prisoner" ' The Greek accounts front OJrusa con firm thia, and tar that the English cavalr? lost five hundred. It in certain that the Radian had receired considerable reinforcement, an. I rt'.'i .....- . . ... ...I ffiMii I'erekop.0- - - It I aaid that two Russian' men of t .a a wr, mat nan brru carrenea ever in the harbor to aerve a batlerie. had bern uuk ht the f re itf the alliea. - 'Hie supply f water is beginning to fail the besieged in Sebattopul. , " . ' Lord Raglan' chief interpreter, a Greek, bavins been detected at a Hu tian py, haa been tent tit tinstanti nople for trial. ; - - . - " ' ,.en6chikoSreportitn5cia!lr that (he In of the Ruisiatm at Alma was 4.500. - Fort Cmistantine wa much dama; eil, and bastion number three had thir ty-thrce tuna dismounted by the fire tf the, allies. . IVinrc GiM-tachaknff was apparently atrengthetiiit;; hi fortifications on the Danube. ; ,' ; . : There are contradictory rumors cur rent as to the progress of negotiations. The Paris correspondent of the !n- doti Tines savs he is informed that the v...,k n .1 t v... : :.. iiiivh uinriliiiicilt a til na nnmva- ion positive evidence of the participa (ion of Mr. Soule in some vast plan for revolutionizing nearly the whole of bumpe. it is even added that these ....... I ..:.. ..r .(. a inerican Diplomatic Congress lately .held at (Mend. Mr. Mason, United States Minister .at Paris, has had another interview with the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, who assuted him that there were pwd reasons lor the conduct of the French authorities in reference to Mr. Soule, and that they should be forthcoming at the proper time. In the mean time. Mr. Mason mioht run. . fer with his Government. ' . ... N . . M , r.very uunjj was quiet in npain. ue 'nerals Dulse, Concha ami Prim, have . been named deputies for Barcelona. The Clamor Publico, published at Madrid, says that Prance, like Enz lanu, ami acting in accoru w'ltn ner, ' is to send a strong squadron tn Cuba "to pretect it, if necessary, from any at- - - The cholera was raging fearfully at Corunna. ."; ' -i '- BY LAST NIGHT'S HAIL , ' TUe Iesllallire.Wa learn, through ' atag pasaengrra lat night, that both Houara of the Leff'iKlature were ftrganiceJ on Monday by tlie election of affirm. . . VVamMi Winalow, eqn of Cumlterland, waa etated Speaker of the 8niite, and lion. John Hill, of Stotcm, Prineipal Clerk, and Quinten Bunl, cikjV of Ralfigli, Afwistant. . All De ni'trrata. . t - -., . . . . , S.imucl P. Hill, eq of Caavrall, waa elected Speaker of the Houm and Mr. Marriott, of Ra leigh, Principul Olcrt. Wa did tnot hear whn had been elected Aiwstant Clerk. All the offi ce ra of the two Houses are Democrats, with the areption of an Aiwistant Doorkeeper. ;' It ia aaid that there are three candidatea for Comptroller, in place of Major Clark, who de cline! a re-election. -The contest, it waa mp poscd,' wonld be quite animated the. parties not agreeing to a decision in caucus. . NOVEMBER ELECTIONS. Naw VoiiK. The New York Evening Pott of Saturday lant publishes what purports to be ofli -ial returna of the election for Governor from all the counties in the State but two. Clark's ' majority over Seymour in these is put down at 953, which the Pot snys there ia no chance to overcome. ---i - .. - " , M.v4s cm asTTS-The election in Maaaachu . MU, which took place on the. 12th instant for Unvarnor, Lejrixliiture, and Members of Con gress, waa carried almost entirely by the Know Nutliiiu, in opposition to the Whigs and De mocrat.., " i' " .' ' ' ' ' Dklih ark. In Delaware, the election took place on the 14th. ; The Know Nothinga clcct ed the Governor, Legislature, and Members of ' Congress, by largo majorities. , : ; ' - Tkt French Interdict Ag-iinst Mr. Soukwifr- - WAfHisofbx, Nov, ir. Tlie Secre tary of State has received a telegraphic dexpatth from Sandy Hook, stating that the interdict upoii j Mr. Soule's .1 I. L" )..... ...UK. Dasttlil'T uiniiisu rraiitc hot utc ' drawn. The Kmpeior, in all proba v bility, only meant to give Mr. Soule a hint. -- Uoith. Carolini Annual Chafereace. This body convened in ljittsborougn "on the 1st instaittnd atljourtied, after m mi inusualljr protracted sesioli, on the 14t: ' The following is a list o( l!i ijipf.tnfrfients iY the iHfnti(rri far the RALEIGH DISTRICT. RuStKT O. Ik arcs, P. K. Ek:i dig Slm. X.r. Kd- " Lim. Hemrw Grv. Jfixatm Mii:m. Jaars - Ctrtmt. Joha W. Tiauin. MmmmU. U a. BarlteJ, N. A. H. GaJdio. HWjw, r L. I HeixW. ' - " Ut4 Km!. T. B. 8ka. J leader mmJ CtorLmHe. J, P. Maura. Qrvn tk. Alfrt Noraaan, ihm W. tV?A, I acperaaaaerary. - - - . " , ttrmm. lokm W. Ir;. . ' I KlMtrmmgL H. T. Haulaaaw Cirmit. T.W.Moore. Clipd H:!L Peu 1)oib. GRKhLSI.OR(JUCU DISTRICT.' Witu IUbkinoih, P. K. CrtemtLonmgh. .WaiUiN 1L UoUniU Vtulfurd. bolumoa 11. Heiaabedu JUmdutjA." Nathan A. Hooker. . iLmtgumery. Z. Rush, J. F. Keersns. , Hum Rlmr. P. W. Arrber, B. F. fMif. , ' FrmmkEmtUe. W. U. EkharJaoau A'mmaatt. U. M. WiUtama. JiatliiugktiM. LHaon tShefL "CJ "' .' Hewa. Jokbua Bctket, W. AwJerao, aap. '.," -... ' Deep JLVer. 8. D. Adama. William CIum, Agmt for GrenJrosh Fe aaJ College. SALISIUIRY, DISTKIirr. N.U. D Milsos, P.E. SoVdwf. i. L. Father. . v Ho. T. W. PrtelL - SLxknlUt A. 1L Johncoa. IrtdeU mmd Teytortti!lr. 1). W. Donh. M IrtdrU. C. M. Pepper. Witkn. W.A.Brame. , JtmuviUu B. B. Phelton. . ' Hurry. John W. Uunau . : Fimyke. C. M. Anderson. tvW. W. W. Altra. . D-imrn. R. P. Bibb. . WMlarria. ' Blue Hidjpc M'm-an. To be supplied. DANVILLK DISTRICT. JoHS TlLLKTT, P E. : Danrilfc J. M. Wtsthrooka. 1 one y Me. T. 8. Caftipliell. , . Lemtburg. P. II. Joyner. " llulfuX. J. P. Siuipson, M. 8. Davia. Halifax Miuiwt. Joseph Goodman. HtuuHlo. J. E. Manu. '.'fyroiu'tf. William Carter. Frv'ikli. S. J. Spotta, J. H. Jrffcrson. ; Alltghuvj M'.u'on. To be supplied. ' ' Tatritk. C. II. Phillipm ( Ctrmamlon. S. 8. Br) ant ' H' Hfg. T. B. James. James A. Dean, President of Danville Fe male Coltege. - " ' , .WASHINGTON DISTRICT. R. T. lUmx, P. E. Wiuhingfo. Joseph H. Wheeler. Tar Rittr Circuit. James Jameiaon. AVrr. Jeremiah Johnson. ' ' . . Plymouth. Abram Wearer. ' W illiamdm. J. 1). Haktead, and one to be supplied. - - , v- , ' " " Turlmrvugh. R.J. Caraon. Columbia. Isaac W. A vent. , Maltamutkrtl. W. W. Neabitt, C. W. King. B ith. t. B. Doaier. . ? Aruaf. II. H. Gibbous. . , NKWIJKRN DISTRICT. UaT. Wvciiit, P.K. Xtuflerm, Vtnlenary. J. W. Tucker. - Andrew Chnpeh W. Chafliu. , u Circuit. .John W.Pearaon. Sno o HUL W. M. Jordan. ' Wilitut., Alexander Gattia. Gofdxbitrough.' C. F. Deems. . Sm-lkfiM. P. J. Caraway. t : Duplin. M. L Douglas. . J - , Outlaw. D. C. Johnsou. : , " Tmit. W.F.CIeg. ' Jieaufurt, Ann SI. T. W. Guthrh. Colored Minion. To be aupplied. Kinnton Miviun. J. J. Hinea. ' Goldaborough Female College, J. II. Brent, President. " i ' '.' ' WILMINGTON DISTRICT. D. R. Nicholson-. P, K. Wilmington, Front St. S. M. Frost. . , . Fifth St. T. P. Ricaud. TupnaiL ! L. W. Martin. Knekv Mount and Scotf$ Hill Mission. A. F. Harris. Sampson. W. M. Walsh. ' W inoW. M. N. Tavlor. , Fuytllcxille. W. E. Pell. - Cirmit. Daniel Culbrcth. Bladen. C. P. Jones, 8. D. Peeler. Colored Mission. To le aupplied. ,.j " Cape Feir Mission. G. W. Farrabee. Smithrille. John N. Andrews. ! Wkiletviile. 1. B. Martin. W. J. Langdon appointed to labor for the bancfit of Seamen in Wilmington. . ATLANTIC DISTRICT. ' John Jonks, P. E. rnrltmnuth and Otratotkr. T. R. McRae. Cape H'ltttrns M'skum. To be supplied. Cape Lookmtt AWon. Z. F. Meckina. Straits. Ixham Hill. A. 8. Andrews and J. L. Cotton transferred to the Alabama Conference. .: Thonvis Jones left without appointment by vote of Conference. , ' - -: '" The next Conference will be held in Wilmington. The Alissionary CoHectiot.S anil be 'quests amountetl to upwards 'of f 9,000. : The collection at I'UlsDorougn was up wanls of $600. t For the Recorder. c' ' - APPOINTMENTS. . . " , Hillsborough, Nov. 15, 1854. , Mkssr Editors : Please publish the follow ing appointments for Hillsborough Circuit, and oblige. ,; Yours, T. W. MOORE. 1st Sunday in December, Orange Church. Tuesday after, Cole'a School Houae. ; Wednesday " Pleasant Grove. , 2d Sunday, New Sharon. " ' . Saturday after, Lebanon. 3d Sunday, JDedar Grove. s . Thursday after, Walnut Grove. , ' Friday u South Lowell. . . Saturday M Union Grove. , , 4th Sunday, Mount Hebron. . .Tuesday after,' Fletcher's ChapeL ' ' . Wcdneadajr " Orange Grove. . . . Thursday ' " Allison'a 8chool Houso, Weekly Message please copy. . THE MARKETS. ' ' - Pen;rsbuie. Nov. 17. Tobbacco Lugs $4:50 6:50; Leaf, co:ut t t( good, ,5U y; tofinei9 00 15 00. Corrox. Sales at 8 a 8 c. .. , ; WuKA r.--Salea at I 25 a I 75. " Cjiix.alcs at 80 a 8i c V. 1 ' . , Uc.m. S idea 9 a 9 ; &hftiUirrt S lit Va. I.i-r rmvd lll.iims 14c . tJro. rVrav.aa ISO; Mexican ' $33 2 Super Pliuphate bfLiane t46. Fayette ule r actory 1 8c. 0. Adamantine 28 3tc. Cettnn 8 a 8c. f lour Cross 7 25; fine 7 50 super fine 7 73 a 8 00. Feathers 40 45c, '. Cw rj 90c. a tl oo. Slolasses Cib 4J 6; N. Or- leans S7l 40c. ' ' Whiakev 70c. - ' -' - , NarSA. Jfe. 18. ; Fwr.--Soperfine 9 P tI0. j Sroaa Brawn. Purl a li'iru S I a CI . ' - - JS. Orleans Jioc, i MoutsaeawCuba 24 a 24 c. S.Oc leans 27 a 50 c. - - " CorrKKLaguira 11 a 1 1 1 c; Rio Grasou -Perutian t48. . la this inst, kj www ir. Brosrn, rN Mr. AiaT b. ' Sealed Proposals J PLiiaasra U MisaHaaaa Wabbex, daughter XT? ILL Ked a nut iU I8ih of Deeem of Mr. Charles H. Warren. . ' ' ' lrr. ( the Uri. k and Carfieaier'a Work ' In the vieiuit at m TkM. f the Waw of ibe i.nh Carolina Rail Road ell, TnoAS ebb, Eq, Attorney and Conn- aellor at Law.toMias Eoaisa Noawnoa, daugh- te of John V. .Xom oo.1. ean. t la Alamanra eountT. on the lath of June i M, by PatteraonTbon,,,,, SauiW bttabt to Mwa Eliiaktm Jass Bbaoshab-, wirfoiTtl; utL i thai In vt uniiiiffton, on l tie Htn instant, by the Rer. Dr. Drane, K.,EaTr.A$us.e1. to Misa Cabbib Wan;HT, daughter of Dr. Thomas II. a-;.ii Jiv:i,.,i-,. : ataja " IIIUlllkWIK i . r i Dicl. on tha 8th hist- at the familv reaidenra ia thi. county. Mrs. Dsua 8aira, widow of the ,v ' .... . . ute vt. James n. ctnitn, in ine own year oi heraaje. : -' , - 1 During her last illneaa, Mrs. Smith made a profraaloa of her faith in God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: and waa received into the communion tf the church, and partook of thej 8acrainent af tlie Lord's 8aniar. ailniiiiiaterril fcv Ih. af .h- Kin,l nt..,.h at f Mia. i ii iiiu. . - CoM-j Died, in this county, on the 18th instant, of Consumption, Mrs. Kbrrcca Jsk Cuambkbh, wife of Mr. E. P. Chanibers, in tha 30th year of her age. '., " '.".'::'.'. Died, in this county, on Saturday the 18th insUut, of Scarlet Fever. Alston Gray Nkuok, ton of CoL Taisley Nelson, aged 9 years and 3 montha. ' Alan, on Monday lant, of the Mine disease, Martha Jask, daughter of CoL Nelson, aged about 6 years. " , ' Died, in Aberdeen, Miss., on the 1 1 th of Oc tober, of cancerous affection on the face, CoL Nathasiei. L Kixg, in the 56th year of hia age. Mr. King wa a native of this county, and at one time waa elected to the House of Commons. TUe AliarJoco paper aaya he atood high in that community, where he had been living about ten yeare.1. " Female School at Graham. A SCHOOL for the thorough education of Younf Ladies, will be opened at Graham, Alamance county, N.C, on the first Tuesday in January next, under the instruction of the undersigned as Prineipal, and two competent Young AommIsiiU. A II letters ad dresaod to the Prineipal will receive prompt at tention. A pamphlet circular aent to thoae de airing it, artiing iorth the plan and pretentions oftba School. . . fj The Hillsboioogh Recorder, Greensho rough Patriot, Spirit of the Age, and Southern Argus, (Norfolk, Va) will please insert six ayeka and forwaid accounts. J. R. HOLT. . November 8, 1854. 63 6w South LoweU Academy. . rPHE 12th Sesvion of this institution will com- X nience on Wednesday the 10th of January next, and continue five months. The public may real assured that every posoible attention will be paid by the Trustees, tha Piincipul and his Assistant, to maintain the huh aland thia School has taken. It ia located eleven mile East , fundanl, in tnauuvr a by the statute in auch ca nt HilUhorouah. and fourteen miles North of Dor-' aes is leuuired. and the return thereon beine, Ex hnm'a Depot on the North Carolina Rail Road.'eculed on the aaid Mary E. Hastings, and that a The country ia remarkably healthy, there not second subpeena waa atao issued, and a like re ' .....- '. 1- 1 ....... I t. I a bating oeen a case oi prmracira su'ine among iurn maua, aim piuciaiuauun iicing uwuc at u the students for six years, nor a'death. We court hou.-e door by the Sheriff for the said de have no whiskey, no loafers, nor person ol -ques- tenilant to appear and answer, aa commanded by tianahU, character in the community. ParenU the ulina, and the defendant fuiline to appear: JDd Guardiuns who may choose to place their aon anu warus nere, may aasurcu mat vvctj attention will lie paid to advance them both men- tally and morally. . j English, from $10 to (13 50 , Languages, . IS 00 . The Kev. H. Arnold can accommodate from twenty to thirty boarders at the Hotel, at $6 50 ' .. .... -. .u . ner month uoani ill inn neior luornoou ui iuo same price. W ashing included, but ntt ugni. U. U. f AKKlSll. BeC')-. Nov. 18, 1854. ' " Ii3-4w rry- Spirit of the Age, Standard, and Weekly Pot, insert four times and forward bills. STOLEN, From the stable of the sub scriber, on Monday night the 20th instant, a grey Mare, about nine year old, heavy built,, dark man and tail, haa dark apofr on the left aide ot tier DacB. anu trots very .aau Tbe auspectedSthief m a negro hn-'g" mile. qm j defcdeu i this caae, re north cast of Hillsborough, who haa been lurking . . . , ... ,. , ... s T, . h. . a a a a auoui m mi : 7 " sul-criher will gira a l.beia reward tor me mir and thief, or for thei mare alone. ;T " , - UbUIiUh A. AUUKi' Melville, Alamance co., " '"" - TT ! " ', JN U 1 1 U Hi . ; ' ' ALL person indebted to the aubscriher.eitner answer or demur to said bill, trie same wilt be la hv note or account, for medical seivic or ken pro confesso and heard ex parte as to him. other wUr, are requested to make immediate pay - menl, aa he designs leaving Hill-borough in a short time. " - TIIOS." II. TURNER. Xoveuihei 13. . . ' 63 Swi FEIIALE ACAD EOT. " -. ; I"1 H 2 ti ul 1 tiu- ; umm 13 rw-i e - tWS.a aa SAU Dera)r atkirh tita iia a U a iaa.i km aa4 tb Mia- ru Mri( t cemBEW-aea aa iImi 44fe l JaMry jrfrt. suJ rotiUnua awnctiha, arIrf tiMt uariM(M ai Mr.Juaa P. Biin aaJ I-a. nr. asiiaieJ ly Mm. Lwcu F. Va. Tais ifMitutio W ioeatel Mev aailea sm a HitU twxoujh, ia tt rouoty aI rVaagr, the tesA kJioj frmoa Kalrigh to RuawMjga. Parents arJ w J ia a twiihy skikw of rouoiry, i ti uuM mt sa ioirnijrat and rrliuu roaimuuiiy, and etpenenred and e Ararat loacheta, ma m ch"! S they desire. , " : ' . rmn, . . Bfl-. per amonth, (Staeieett.) 00 i'.. j, , , , ... .. Lnnw, (UiclaJing F'rtu-t,) ft W 15 09 3 00 3 00 aiaatc, NreOle Work. Painiing sod EuilruiArrr, Ao.'Ea PAKKlK. tIER. "t .EM AN. I Es. Com li tKr. f miner. . t'lt.N. U.L.J 3 Am RiCH'O 1101 'JOHN LOCKH EICK'D BUt'KN Aavraibv SO. iu anKHinl u aUoul two Milli.M fi bunJml IhiHwaed brirka. PUn-.f the caa b seen in the Cmrineer .4Ta-e ia Kaleigh. - V Al 1 r',t u 1 III ff a a aa a a at m k .IZmt . , . RailioaJCom. J I.,-. ..$3-4 TwentFivtt Kcvvard- nm ... . . . .i nn-' Ll barouaii.a Pocket Uo,. rontaimna; 164 dulls rs one M dollar note mi tar bjnk of Vance villct " twe tO's. aeen 10'a. and I wo t'a. on banks not tolleced and ato a mwt with ralculationa on mill work. The alve reward of lwenty-fio dulUis will be aivrn U the reroverv of the po. k- - M ' "r" lh wUri bei oral the West P.ant Post Office. ; wm. November 31, 184. (i. DOLLAR. $3-9f Attention ! Company. . -j 'PRE Militia Company of ISu Mary'a District are hereby eomnwiutwl lu al lend at CaK. Joarh . Bacon's, oo Saturday the 13d of Dc reW,f MXX ,d VV " tar. 'rfS! CtS. AT LOW PRICES. tfE shall receive, during this and next V week, our entire atiM-k of i Fall and Winter GOODS, 1 '..jTiT'li-ZLy. ..TT-L viuinanvHia. an svrviaii iiuriut Maasasy of which will be auld al Reduced Pricee. Fleaw call and look for youna-lvea. , . 1 lA2sG Si Seple mler t5. '"' '".''. . Hunt for your Casii i 'PUE firm formeily known aa W.T. Caps . dt Co. haa been diaaolved bv mutual con. aeul. The business will be carried on hereafter bv War. Cape alone. i All persons indebted to the alove named firm a ropiested to come forwanl aJ aaiila. TKa books will m found in the hands of M. Miller to collect. TbiMe hidebletl will save cost and trou ble by attending to tbit notice. - t. ,i . a. ' ' ' ' 4W 'Ai ft. lw. November 8th, 1854. Carpets and Carpeting. : , PARLOR, Chamlier, and 8uir-cae Carpel iiig just received by . J. C. TUKRENTINE & SON. November 7. 61 - WANTED, TOW and Cotton Cloth, Plain and Striped, Linseya. Homespun Jeans, Dried Applet, Flu Seed. Feathers, and all other kinds of Country Produce, in exchange for Goods. J. C. TUKRENriNE dc SON. November 7. , 61 STA I K OF NORTH-CAROLINA, ,"V : . , URAN0K COUNTY. Superior Court of Law September v Term, 1854. ; Thomas Hastings jr. vs. Mary E. Hastings. . ' I'etUion for Divorce. . IN this case it appearing that a copy of the pe tition and subiKEiis wer isiued to tlie (le It ia ordered by the Cout that publication for mm iiimnua w unm m iw uonBjiapci., the aaid Mary E. Hastings to appear at the next term of thia Court, to be held in HilUboruugh, pn the second Monday in March next, then and there to plead, answer or demur to the said pe tition, otherwise the same will be heard ex parte as to her, and judgment pro confesso will be g'an eu agnmsi ner. . . ' Wilt...a JtiniA. I.ill l:lnrk rtf nut daul rTrtlirt- . .. . at office, the second Monday of September, A D. 1854. JAMES GILL, c. g c November 30. 63 3m STATE .OF NORTH CAROLINA, . . , OKASOE COUSTT. In Kquitj' September Termr 1854: John Berry, Administrator of Haugbawout, aaifWf , Jamee and Robert loan. and other. . Original Bill. . , William Blli- UVB wrvutj tQ huiim vi t taiaj ww a . fme. on snoUon. on ered bv the Court, that sd- teliemenl fof siJ nccetaiw wceka, in ! t,e Hillsborough Kecorder, notifying the aid Jefenjgutoftbefilingof ihi bill, and that un- eu he appear at the next term of thia Court, '. to be held at the court bouse in Hillsborough, j on the second Monday in March next, and plead. 1 Witness, O. F. Long, Clerk and Master of our said Court of Equity, at office in Hillsborough i the second Monday of September, 1854. 1 O. F. LONG. v. & st. e. November 10. . t Price adv. $l;5i.) 63 6w II AS kt fecrid i,.m JSear Vwi aJ PLi-! U'-'i' ia a r Vr. vaiw4 aoJ tLns' FALL & WINTER HOOIK 1 raaviauag of aw, U0g imI, ie,4 m a II J fW Dry Go!, and Grocerias ItT. HanJware aaJ fatlerr. JkmU, hhm, JW rireserVkilMv. aogbkMBa Hats, ami Caps, Qaeenswarr, .(fatUaiifs SaJdlerr, anl fach Material l Superior Frene fc KflNh- Ctfts? an iecriputni, I , aim a lot f Readr-JiaJe ('lotlia all mt wkirh ha la aWraaiaed ahsU he Irw aa they caa ha baagbt eWvhct. tO Thai hlrheat vim altl L. s Pm.! titans in airhaara t (iiaaJa. ' Thankful U Iha fcWrat tatmetjra t ha herrioUa iwitrd, b -OI prctfltj sit " "r1 mMm" . I ieniber T, 1854. TZ . . I A 1 1 rent Lliance fur a liaram! f 1 MI A LI. e&r lot aa la to the hiftbeat ( it Hoot rearm,) m Tuesday mt ICairafcr ! Court, ia the tew a of UiilaUr oogh, tay Cm . Jack, Bm.a. . . BaUaaa ia ail years ahl next May, waa aired . i hy UM larga Jack at Coi. Interiob. of Chat-jiJ ham, and caa xoi mm f tie rvha aa are la ha Trims arfMnaaodtiine. E. MALLETT. Noveaalaf 4. 1831. - CI NOTICE. afaam K Ial KkAfh S MtAM tt.aAatal. M WmmM iaOl avl t. a. tile their eeemnta b the end of th prearnt ; year. Thoae bo neglect this notice nj cx ned It La wailed en al their awa ei urn. A. C. MURDOCH. Naaember T, I84. , : ! CARRIAGE MAKING. Tlf.Xt " . , ' a. . ' . MUgSlCi, KOCkaiVOja, dona up in the beat manner, of tha beat msteri- aK by the be-4 of woikuieo, and at the lowest poasibla price. ' ' He ia prei-ered to execute all o tdera in bia tlL " "" " th' ahortcat notice. A. C. MURDOCH. November 7. 1854. . 60 Embroidery Patterns, &c. A NEW Lot of Embroidery Pal lei ns. Work- injf Cotton, Ac, juat receired by C TLttKE.Nl'INB at 80N. Nourmher 7. AND WINTKR GOODS. MKUCHANT TAILOfi, 117 OULD respectfultf lufarm bia friends and f pW".",neianne Stock of Goods ia his line, selected with great . a l4 . av a, . a ' k "in lIn ? of J"k .h taajily.laals nd axcellcnce, he tbmka will be ffAattil IasiahI afl I haatf alaa an a! aiiivnaiau msaaa aavli n'Tt 'have before been offered iothia place. Thayeon- aiat of every variety of articles usually kept ia a Merchant Tailor's Shop, uperior French and English Clolbsj Plain and Figured French Caaaimerst Satin and Silk Plush Vesting, both figured and plain; Shirta, with lba4alest French bosoms; Cravats, Neck Ties, dec. Also a well selected aasortnieul ot Head Made Clolhin. auch aa Ureas Coats, Over Coals, Vests, , t'autaloous, &o &.c. His frienda and he public generally, are lftvif !edtogivehiinacall,aahella please in tlyle,qmUty and p n eonudent be can rice. . (f The Latest Fashions are reported to hira monthly from two of the moat fashionabis Ciliea in the world: and hia Coats will be cut and made up so as to compare both in taste and beau ty with any made in any city in tha Union, ei ther North or South. He also promises tha public that he will take pleasure in Cutting and Making work in eveiy st vie that may be desired. October 24. 8 . BOOKS! BOOKS I ! UO I all ye that thirst for knowledge, come la the Urns Stare, and buv tha folhiwimr: The Old North State, Leila Ida, or tha Jewish Fein Leaves, (second Convert, acriee,) . The Waldensee, ; The Forest Sanctuary, fillers of the Madiai. The Siege of Valentia, Magdalen Hepburn, . Songs of the AlTecliona, Fashion and Famine, Songs of Life, - The Pilgtima of Wah Tles& Historic Scene, singhani, Sunny Side, Thrilling Adventures by Shady 8ide, Laud a nd Sea, City Side, Life and Sayings of Mrs. Lights and Shadowa of Partington, Scottish Life, ' ' Substance and 8hadowa, Party Leaders, . Mrs. Ieslie'e New Cook Leila in England, Hook, - Spencer's Fairy Queen, Fifty yeara in bath He- in various bindings. nii'pheres. The Covenant of the Daring Deeds of Ame- Manse.; ricsn Heioes, . Dovecot or the Heart Canadian Crusoes, of the hinnestead, Fixher a Catechism, Hspa and Mishaps, Virginia Comedian, Five years before tba Alone The great novel Mast, r ofthedHy, Journey to Central Af- Shakspear'a Work's. . rice, '. Maryait's " Memoir of M'Cheyne, Bulwer's Togethei with all the Annuals for 1855, a ' great variety of Juvenile Works, and the best aenortmcnt of Stationary ever offered in this market, &c &c ,t ' Octotwr 30th. 1 60 NOTICE. THE subscriber, having formed a copartner ship in the Drue- Trade, for the term of five yeara, under the style of Schoolfield & Co., it become necessary for all account on my booka to be settled immediately. I hope all in debted will attend to this notice at once, and save themselves cost and me trouble. S. D. SCHOOLFIELD. October 23, 1854. . 59- WANTEDr RIGHT AWAY, in exchange for new Soods, 500 yards of Woolen Jeans. ' 300 M colored plain wore Linsej. , - 300 " ' white Do. ' . 800 ' of Tow and Cotton Cloth. , . 400 M of Blue-atriped Cotton Cloth. . 200 pairs of Wool Socks. , . 200 lbs. home-spun Shoe Thread. - . i LONG 4- WEBB. nOTTON. eitherio the aeed or picked, bought J by LONG & WEBB. October 23. ' . - ' - v 59 A EpIcaUJ AtJ3rfrr.esf cf Yil ill -D mil 11 U j MESCHA.NT TiO0 ma rsini irrxt iiiwwtnnj, an.l Figured VeUet Vtat itiVcry rich; &.c. i.c. Ac. v - I Ha haa a bo terttW a Ijirja AaorUa mt ' I?iil if MmL. f'!.!,!! LL-fc iaui a U.i.ul.U ...1 .i ,.,u tlL U, fc,-- Baitt frata a tt.t.a .f al.l.lklJ ' rrpuUiioa. 7a trtakl mlnm aU iht a. trea tf a tmlravaa'a ar.rdrobt, fuat the Fba , art frhirt to tha ga. Ureaa CiaU H'DirtJaaBtlharl.ntir.n7.arsiail ed u ir him a oil ah ris twSdMiiui am ill ha a!4 ta ri aat-fankew OCT K haa mwed tlia Fait and Winlef Fash. d ia fwepared to rut and mU Gentle. aatne Clothtag ia tha twat atyto.- t gooit mwroout. I be M aCarurkiBea kept cvaatauU bis employ menu Ha Irndawe his warn thank to the BuMis) ta" the fitvral patioMjt hrreWore irreivtd. and hoia la aarrit sad receitc a conlinoaora of their taura. -'.-HilUborouEh, Octolr t. r " 17 LEATHER! ULVTIIER1 ' rHE Mbarrttiera reiecilvtty iubroi tha riti aeua of Uraage and Pctaoej countiea, thai tlaaa Tin Yard known as The 1 iddlctwst Tan Yurtl, i now ia full ojieraikta- , . lbey solicit a bbertl patronage, aad will e oVavor to 4eaaa all wba may ttvor them with a triaL , . W. II. PASS &. RURTOX. October 13. . 68 i JUST IIKCKIVED, . Wl'UAR House ttrarat Jas, Upuyra aa4 Rio Coilee. Ac, &c. Also, WeUh aa4 Shaker FUnael, alt wool ; by , av.i j c., , L80 a freah supply of CLUVEK tWd. b , . LL'CEBNE sad L.& VT. T October 10. ,, Ready-Made Clothing. 4 8 this haa become on branch of tba Dijr Gooda trade, you will find an assortment af Coats, (Frocks and Uacka.) Pants, VesU au4 Oveicoala, on reaaonsble lerma, at ' J. C. TL'KRENTINE & BON'S. October 16. , - fta. NOTICE. HESTER, ANTHONY, J08EPII AND JAMES DAl'GHERTV. for their heirs.) children of James Dauirherty, of Orange coua ty, INorUl Uaroliua, U. will hear aomethihff to their advantage by addressing THOMAS w. v, lown or ttiineoe, County of Norfolk, Canada Weat. HepU 18lh, 1H51. . . aioaa NEW GOODS! GOOD GOODS! AND PRETTY GOODS ! 111 E eut scribers are now receiving a larga and vaiied asaortment of new Fall and Winter Goods, . . selected w th great ear at lb low rottt near ruling in th Northern markets. Lailies will find, with other arllrlea, th foS lowing! " . . Plain. Brocade and Plaid Silki. . French ami English Merinos, . All-wool DeLaines, Raw Silks and DeBag Alpaeaa, " : Cash meres and Mouseliu DeLsin ' Also, French Embroideries and Embrohftrf ; Pattern, ' - Itigolrttea and Mohair Head Dresses, Ac. For Ueutleinea i v , , Plain and Fancy Casaimerea, ;. . Vestinga of all qualities and stjlea, ' . Fancy Tiea and Shut Collar, ' t Die and Hauling Boota, . " . Mtdeskin Dress Hata. new atyle, . Wide-A wake. Know Nothing, and New-. day Caps and Hata, Genie' Travelling Shawls, Ac. , ' " Tbey invite attention to their stock of Negr Clothing, Idnseys, Kerseys, Urogana, Leather, Blanketa and Flanneb. . , , . . The Ladie will find new Winter Bonnets, (Colored Straw and Lawns, and new sty I Rib. bona to dress the new or re-dress the old one. J. C. TURKENTINE & SON. October 16. ' ' 88 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. " . ; ORANQB COUNTY. ' ,' In Equity September Term, 1854. , 8juir D. Um.tead, Trustee, el al, ' ; '- against ' 1 Elijah Hester, Executor, el aL - ; . " Antended Bill .. : tT appearing to the Couit, that Thomaa t'aiy and hia wife Elizabeth, two of the defendant in thi cause, retid beyond the limit of thia State i It ia therefore, on motion, ordered by th Court, that advertisement b made for sis euc Ceeeive wecka, in Ibe HiQslwrough Recorder, no tifying the aaid defendant of the filing of thia bill, and that unless they appear at lb next term ol thia Court, to be held at the court hour . in Hillsborough, on the second Monday of March next, and plead, answer or demur to aaid bill, tba aame will be taken pro confesso and beard tx parte aa to ihem. - , " ' ' Witness, O. F. Long, Clerk and Master of. our aaid Court of Equity, at office in Hillsborough, " the second Monday of September, 1804. : -. O. F. LONG, c. & . k. November 10. (Price adv. f4:60 ) 62 6w STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. " ORANGE COVNTT. f In Equity September Term, 1834.. JainAa Vu'kara mn Tmfa anjl nlKar. against .... : '. Willi T. Hhode, and othem. , I f . l'elilion to telt Land. .. IT appearing to the Court, that Jamea W. Rhodes, Pleasant Rhode, and Zachary Rhodea, three of Ihe defendanU in thia cause, reside beyond the limits of thia State : It ia therefore, on motion! ordered by the Court, that advertisement be made lor six successive week, in Ihe Hillsborough Recorder, notifying th aaid defemlanta of the filing of thia petition, and thai unless tbey appear at th next term of thi voun, to or neiu at tne court noose In MilUbo-, rough, on the second Monday of March next, and nlpaJ. anawar a. il.mii, a eawl imiULar iK. . ama will b taken pro confesso and beard ex parte aa to them. . . . . . - Witneas, O. t . Iong, Clerk and Master of our aaid Court of Equity, at office in Hillsbotough the aecond Monday of September, 1854. . ' - O. F. LONG, c. & M. X. November 10 Pile adv. 1;50.J tJ-6w a a . a a . a . a -f. . ' a .a- . a . a , a a .. . ' . ' a - , IT a

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