North Carolina Newspapers

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Tfin.MS CArfll' IN aD VANCE
VOL. 2.
LOITISB URG, i N. C.( FEBRUARY 28, 1873.
NO. 18.
t nr
Tv4e month. ........... TL 0
t ontr-t tarjrr kt titH in .lrta
- Cix xaor h ..
Zwo month . J.
lkrce moilri.....
- . t ix.iunt!i;.MX
ur Sol liofK Graves.
ino lovily wrtatba to dick theliori-
rcd t;iaVc : I 1
cro ski jv tie a.luH ot pur coble
;Ui'; d rk laual, green as ocean
ied h'i3 care, are only remembered by
their greatf sufferings, and their heroic
endurance of them. Yet are they not
lens worthy of being cherished in the
grateful memories of their surviving
countrymen, because they fell by dis
ease before they were allowed an op
portunjty to face bayonets and bullets.
;fhey died in their ' country's service,
and at the post of duty, Let them
j atriot head
I-.; iiiir loved msign, o'er them let it
l.y dear ,lold flng," licneath whoso
:..'.! U.iy tell. , .
Miiny the nation live they died to
'k-i!:t bs. their memory who-drcd so j
the dcr BP.criGce so freely given ;
llrrc lit itlie nation Low itself and
jdctt'Jy 'let ' falling tcn'rs, .like dews. of
Loavtu, ' . . I ;
w'a.tVr each mound vhere our brave
.at riots slei-p. . ,
.o a white tablet, o'er each coble
breast, S .. ' . y. '
hA let tiueii jrlowinjj record tin ro be
tind : '
aUi be 'ou ,3Iiccaf where our s-ldiori
ret;- . .- j
f-'l.i;. 1 l fiom iir-i'lous hamls i;uh
. sacred, niouni'. - .
ali j :ju)ms rise, lth wrVs ot praise
'i! given,
l':i:: ' briiihUfct -larcb for tha
rut. known,'' ,t
not be forgotten.
The brother of Dr. Stalling?, was
the first of our bund that fell by a bul
let, he having been killed by the acci
dental discharge of his' own musket,
as was stated in a former article. His
i"te nu do a peculiarly sad impression
upoirh:. cumrades, from the circum
stances attending it. It was the first
viv W picture presented to our eyes of
tha blorxly horrors of war-startling and
shcekii g as by its suddenness and
uni npck:tedncs:. , lie was too young a
mai vpbilwps, to have given any Btrik.
iufc manit'estatious of IV'cidcd charac.
tcr- -hi
ing to cry about." "I don'4; mind
standing guard," ?aid he, "but I made
up my mind, when Ijolnad the army,
to do every duty faithfully and I
have tried my best to do it ; and now
I'm to be punisJted for not doinj my
duty. , I do hate it. ! I can' t help it !"
It turned out that the rascal wha
took his gua, was appointed Colonel's
orderly that day, a reward for the
neatest dress and cleanest gun at in
spection ; and he had the (not uncom
mon) assurance to return JNort s gun
to hini after guard-mounting. Yet
Green did not expose him, nor did he
recover! his good spirits until the adju
tant, having been informed by another
of his innocence, relieved him from
censure. ; '
lie toil tnat had strengthened thent
as tney strove, it could never have
been obtained.
Lbor-3avirg receip s for warm weath-
er. . somtD uy .yir- i.n.pv: "
lish a new Housekeeper's Guide, Bends
to the Boston Commercial BalUtin the
following ix'.rticts from the forlhc m
lng work t
TMain sauce an interview wi:h a
Saratoga hotel qUrk. ' .
To make a g od jam ask any horse
car conductor.
To boil a tongue driuk some raid
ing coffje,
To make a good broil leave a ktttcr
Worldly G kief It id said that the
following letter was writen to a lady by
a bereaved and stricken widow in
Detrest Louisa Darling John died
last night. Congestion ol tue ltmg
Our loss is bis gain. I il1 join him oo
theothtr. shore. I have ordered the
loveliest niohiir for the funeral mxde
with polonnise and trimmed with real
point lace. Loss covered by irsnrance
on the ten yeai plap; will bi pai. iu 8iX
ty dy. I know yoq Borrow with me.
Wc had four doctors, at f 2 a visit.
Aunt Maria will not go into mourning
be cause sue has just bought her Ull ud
Great Western Insurance
Company Of
Continues to make n speciality of
Farm property at equitable rates. All
leases occurring iu this department.
"V, If
winter thints. lltr bounet la straw,
rum one of yvur old sweethearts where There id a l)(llTO -lQ Gdead; but my heart I promptly a.ljusted and settled by the
rence, to tlio Home Office, as i " re-
your wife can find it.
Ilow to make an Indian loaf -give
him a gillunof wuiskay.
How to make "ood puffi send the
; . i ti
Poor Norf soon yielded to that tcr- pabTl!:her Sfty ctn 8 a uQe for them.
o.( records
! iiht. iu Ilthvtn
ibat to Iv.i'rth, arc
I' nirj hi.iiutc rtir.
I'.c watnora''rci is bn''over ar.ds:-,
r u'er tin ir gruvt'3 the v.iiiu--, that
igli arid s well, 1 ,
ni;urn!ul, rcq 'icm
T! ib soft! ".nd
Jlmll'bei v'-
s;.vi; r patriots, in your an: row'
i'e nil iabout Vftt Ni'ure'sl voices
iving Tarely attained to his ma-
an-d the accustomed reliance
ie counsel and cf his
elder brother so implicit so child-
likc- ru -doubt retarded the develop
ment i I the fuuilities that lay dormant -
in himV , Imt if lie more strongly
marked traits than I ascribe to him
my faik '.'.re to discover tliem'i is hardly
reniarka Ut certainly excusable;
obtrusive and retiring.
A 7 4 V. A r -
dispositii. 't .as his could make no 'prom
inent figQ. i'1 a merry, bustling, bois.
tei-juis c-Mv r of young volunteers. I
believe tt;t t.'iif, when be foil, instead
of that, 1-e i -V-l been discharged from
the '.service- r find sent home, I, for one,
should seal e( v3r Jlvc retained until now
any dirt i net i , ecoUection of his having
Wen in the company; but his shocking
ilea t!i revived j find fiKcd those impres
sions whic'.rm. Vit'otUcrwise have faded
vible scourge that visitod our camp at
Hobday's, and was carried to the hos
pital. I met him no more until it bo
came my duty to disinter his remains
to be brought home by his venerable
father. . j .
j Sergeant.
A plain loal a visit to the prairies
How to make pi j s.!o a printer
To "bone" a turkey-tske it when the
poulterer i3 not locking.
To corn beef !eed your cattle at a
is nearly brokeu. Sjud me a cut paper
pattern ot that atque oi yours. Your I quireii to be done, by local agencies
devoted oarau. I of Northern and EngiiIi Companies.
U. r. BontN' di iKi-itcd with fctate
Treasurers, of those t tat cs whuse law
require such a deposit made.
. J. B. Mautix,
100 Vain St. Norfolk Va, '
(rcn'l Agi'iit.
For Maryland, Delaware, DIt. Colum
A Popular Papsr. The way to
make a paper pjpular is to pitch in.
Bat it must be no weak, wishy-washy
pitching in. It mut be a furious, fiery,
roaring, tearing, rip-snorting. 8ky ca
vorting and earth-barstin?, pitching in. J LU, Yirginia, Xorth Cnroliua, South j caUimx all it attrtl af vuaite
For -wer T tt T I
lit Mti-ictsliiTi ! '
for I.lvKaCJfri.iyr l a p ill ff-,
sprint, lr-,'i " t w, Ja lie.
It llirWUck rk lchu. .U-
pre Jn f "p'.rs S-uf j Slacv. ITrt
bur1;U:t f rAp.. Ac .' . ' ' ' ;
After yr - r"innt, o
mrc a irro t an 1 nif H ril.
pridta) nomoir r k "aj 0umii TvWta
Tl IK 11 1 Kl -VIZKL
ttLtq-iii! foiiaof noi 1 1 !TRrL'T,
. . . ' . t m .
You must rant, roai, bow", bellow, and
fiuaily blow an awful, uncommon, ni-
rJ?lie Lori'i's Wall.
Somewhere about fifty years ago,
one bitter January night, tho inhabi- a good thir.g to dress beats, with, es-
, . . . ri 1 1 oirll f vli tt i k 1 .a 1 hoatc '
touts of the old town ot oieswicn were pcyanj i -
'thrown into the greatest distress and
terror. A hostile army- was march
b,r down unon them, and new and
... X
How to select a fowl ask the urn- j beading and exasperating blast. Yon
pi re ol a ba'C-ball ma'ch.
A plain stew a trip in an old iash
ioned street railw&v car on a watm day.
How to dres3 beati a hone-whip u
Wiiat is Life? Yhat is life but
a little crib beside the bed ; a little
tfn Hfnanth th nnrf a little frcck
tearful reports of -tlie conduct of lu'.v- door. ft 1;tUe upm
less seldicry were hourly reaciung floor a iule lxd with dark brown
hair; a little blue eyed face ..and fair;
tighter cro i. u j awaits your n;b'.o
111' ids'
l l i itlie tril utcs whivh we hi Wr
iklihs' Dead Soldiers.
r ,j;
U will be renieiubfrvl tbnt in tli.v
tii-lc" of rtlii.s. series, it was onlv
.pi1-.. .
ej to record 'such. impressions as
."',! . tcr retained of (lie eharacters of
V. ile-vas-id 'cimiradvs. '
(y ' :ouyse, jtlie fulness and aeanaey
'1 tJii.vM' impressions. mut ibipend upolt
i i"t I ;Aid"i!itiniaey of his ac.uain
: :n . i 1 1 1 1 the subject, and the oi.por-
5-.nuti.jh it presentej for . the develop-
i:d djsphiy of tlie trait that dia
led the individual. TLo oU.
f sev4al of those of whoin I am
t writ,w:i unknown to me'un
heeauie ine tubers of - our corn
is before itj .'left' home; and
iers, although known to me bv
from the mem
of .him as an h
tinct feature is
ch erfulness 1
manners, under
died with' a sniil
, A somewhat si
ilar character was
: - JJ(K1-'LE21'
. llc.vas not onH
Incept when on d j
dwelling place. . j
properly be said. .
'' Ile.itnWresiied
.stantly en guard ag
Izinu" and deduct ivo
: J
-uct.t ,
''ith ot
i:itu a
v. my rcconeetHiin
fviduril. the mot uis-
e habitual air of quiet
characterized his
circumstances, lie
ilar, vet very dlssim.
at of ' r
3f. GUEEX.
vetiring. but retired,
uty, his tent was his
lut .it might' more
c r.'((s v.lictijjj on da-'
uie as being cou
. liust the demoral-
, 'nfluences of camp
1 i f c. Punctilious au d prompt in his
military conduct, he . , cy relaxed his
vigilance .-aid diligerjc ' af a " s0'icr
i the "Cross."i The Employments . in
Htly, most inter
lb!e and singing
place. j.
In a largescommodious cottage dwelt
an.aed grandmother, with her widow
ed daughter and grandson. While all
i hearts quaked withj fear, this aged wo-'
Iman rasscd her time out iu crying out!
to God that.hc would "build a wall of
defence around abotit them," . .quoting
the words of an ancient hymn. !!
lief grandson asked ' her why she
prayed for a thing so entirely i.mpos-cU.I,-.
s fhnh i.nlmild a wall about
their- hose tbaij it should hid it, 'aut
she explained tlut the meanhr 1 was
that God should protect her. '
a little lane that leads to school; a
little pencil, slate and rule; a blithe
some, winsome maid; a bttla h.U.d
within his laid; a little cottage, hcrcs
four; a little old time fad.ioned iter. ;
a little family gMtheiing n uud: a 'itt'c
turft-hf aped, tear deved ranufl '; a
little added to the ! so; : a little rift
from hardist t i!;-a little silver iu his
hair, aliUle sfool m;d taiy chair; a littL
nijjht and carthht glooit; a lit. 1j cor
must shout, Jtocer, revue, calum -niutci
reruJiite, excoriate, castigate,
and even antedate. Kickiiarne, nasti"
lyt knock down, drag out, dig him in
th: ribs, anel hit hint in the ejebal!
Gouge him, grit your Ucth at him
whoever hs-rcay be, and at length do
bad to him unariimous'y. Above all
nar, ride, rip, 11 p' gnaib, gash, gander
pull, and gradually chaw up. pit out
ar.d etarop h m to death.
Carolina and Georgia,
Geo, S, Baker,
Local Agcct.
No, 13-.1m.
projeruw, anl cfTer i li
Henry T. Alley,
Wholesale & Retail
Coni'ec ti'oncr.
Fruits, Faxct Goods, Tots,
Weddings. & Parties
Sycamore 8trcet,Pitertburg,Ya.
No. 23 ly.
Tliroder(rlce k
st-nt bv mail SI 04 -
i-CACTI -St-J '
Bay n lotir or f'rA.ap fncoV
I.ivtn UittATo hIm( 1 1 r 'ntriTfci
wrpcr, w ui T U4 k. irUnip an4 Kx
nature natr-ik" n. . - o h rlt. gn.ii.f.
J. H.mi Lrt CO.,'
Mcon, Q . aU PillUill'a, 7
- j
tege to the tomb
Sweet : II iia Theadorc
pays: I never saw a garment too fine
for a .man- or maid ; there was never a
At midnight the dreaded trauip was chair t0 S(i,0;a ')or a ccbI r or COoper,
heard ; an enemy came pouring m ?a
every avenue, filling the houses to overt
flowing; but while the most fearful
sounds were heard on every side,? 'not
even a-knock came to her door, at
which Ibcy were greatly suprised. The
morning light made the matter clear;
for just WyonCl the hou le the drifted
snow had reached such a massive wall
that it was impossible to get over to
them. i J ' ' j
" There," said the old woman, tri
umphantly, ,;do you not see, my son
cr kirg to sit in ; never a hocsj too fiae
to seller the 'human head. Tin sc ele
ment? about us.the gorgeous sky,.'a in
peri-a1 not t( o good for the human
race. Elegance hta man. .But t!o we
not value these tools of house keepb g a
little more than- thev are worth, and
sometimes mortgage a home f r the ma
hogany we would bri)g into it? I had
lather eat my dinner off ti c h.-ad cf a
barrel, or dressaftcr the f ishion of John
the Baptist, m the wildcrnets,, on
a block all my life than consume alt
mv-iC'lf before I get to a home, nnd take
i.v a.srn
"HI w
' at
id by .sight, I k-jjd had searce.
'alxfngl aequaintrijiec ; and so
v.hich he took, appare1
ot v.-ere reading -his
Jiytnns the JilIe and
ing indispeirsablc furni
uud his i'n.separable cor.
.march.' His chief reeri
tendance on the mornin
' pray cvs.. and the Sunday
by the Chaplain or others
Green was as-good a chri-
as lie was in the army, the
re thev stricken down bv Mi l - ! 1 hcf Kv! rA i k rtr.
l . ' -. . . llii.'ll. ll.Ji (lpfc1 Jk.V.ii.t
d deatli, particularly those j death. A little eharacteris
'uu .)i ed in this article. that their
will well close this imperfc
In passing his tent otie moi
' Xorf," as wc - ca
flier live' presented n.v occa-
f rUhe exhibition of those quali-
'"'Vt ai attract .siireial obsrr.-itinn' t .1. ..'. W Mflin T
I . A , ........... V'VtH .il ! 1., . j A .1 1 I - . many of them would no i- hjs eves when he, looked up
ive become di.-tiliL'ui-hed had i J.-,-d h-if fhn maitor;
d lor.::e r.
I byniu-book bc-
Uire in Iris tent,
ipLinions on- the
ations were at-
V-aud evening
services, held
. It JSorileet
' 'ttan at home
j christian re.
ilar in his
Hie anecdote
! ct sketch :
! ning, I saw
that God could raise up a wall around so much pains with the ut.-l.le tht
tlio inside was as lioliow a? an empty
Truly, "with God all things arepoa
ible." I
nut.Bjiuty is a great tiiag.'ut bcai y
of garments house and iunitu c U a very
tawdry ornament compared wi ll i"o
'metic; lov. All the elegarcj in the
worl '. will lo a home, and I
would give moie lor a spoonful of iea".
hearty love than fer whole sh'ploa Is of
lVoplc who have "been bolstered up tuniture, and all the gorgcou-nes that
13e :oiii Own l-ifflit liaiicl
j 3Xan.
!? . THOMAS,
C o hi m i s s i o a M e r c h a n l s
No. 4, Martin Street,
ItALElGIl, X. C.
Opposite Citizens' Xational Bank.
Having completed our large
15 IU C K W A K K 1IOUS K,
along si. It- the Bailroad near the North
Carolina liailroad deiot, we are pre
pared to receive a;id store Cotton and
any other l'liom c i: or Goois, and
nnike liberal ca.-h advanees same
when desired. Part ies desiring to car-
rv t'o-ir cotton over until next Spring,
will find it to their intcrvst to corres
pond with us.
Wii. i, tampon, LrcnrKcirv 1 IIOMAS.
No. 14-t:'. Lommissiou Merchant?.
H. BO 11 ST,
F U 11 X I T U It E
No. Z 0
Boll Dg'Tdok
FALL 1872. j '
I ' '
De&lerin ry df-cripUoo cr Olatawara,
Lnrti Lookioe U1mm rUul I'll,
fcpoom aad' Cator-it- Wirljlll
now larciptc( bl Ul Mtock wkkbU.
0.ira:ecla to Uia mt uj (tUAf
Jwbbxg ba orib.
M4KhU.lT, ...
all 'their lives arc seldom good for any-thino-
in a crisis. I When misfortune
comes, they look around for somebody
to cling to or lean Upon. If the prop
is not there, dowiii they go, Once
down, they arc helpless as a capsized
all th'j Uph ds'crers of the wond could
gather together. !
The following is an order for tuppliif;
for a fishing party of two;
"Please to send by bearer the follow
ing ariicle1. which, if y u prefer it, you
turtle., anil thev cannot hnu their icet cancharjc to either ir. A. or
, I -c
nain without assistarce. Such per- B, E:.thiristhe sak6t; Four poundi
ailed lu .m, sitting
i : i . ; r
' Tin's
ut a lHiikot that he hat
s;are necessary to be Umd - a'sked me if 1 knew iwhc
in l!iM3
V"'-''1 grpater
""T than
mind to' understand whv It ii j supposed it -was 1
impeileet memoir.., so i'Vvoi". f,dbu- bad taken l:s
. r ; -
jspaei- is i.eeorded t.i koic ; j tent tl
to o hers, asr.otablv m.the'! M:i-in-r and left this c
,L r-. ... i ' - .
t't 1,'T. Miillin'-s"-ith( jijib-i-x'-t. ' . . h .K.,t
C- VI l,i lt .11111 liU-.l, HH H'lllltO
i i ... . ! f
irueu- ot whom 1 had sotne : iiispc'ftion. r put him on cxt
:! bejore. . the wivr, and wheae cause he Lad not a clean
forttrtio it V, be thrown ut i his own gun was alwavs
I hn.-'v to a a fact A
aiastance ucst. calculated tv v.-,ml.l i..iv. Mnr-d he m
coiisp'icioti.i -exerc"is3 tl'as"
!i'"ral at
1 nichtal qualities that een-f !
ituteM his excellence. Two months in :
('"t wroUedi ghostlcatup at Hob !
i'.i nt hi'iuIa 1imi 1-,...,. .. !
aw tears m
at me. I
' He held
n rubbing,
se it was?
lie said
from his
-Hilar d
i ' i
ra t. a "lJ
t lef,
i JU9Uli
'-ii'l i,
uetter Kuuwn
long ac-
i . . .
ia uill'erfiit situntion'
tWy have done ; r. while the
he knew uothintr of the ex!
til the drum beat for cua
I relied why he diel not telf the t
tat.t how it was. lie replid l that
knew it was some one of oie gua
that ha4 his gun, and that! he co
have found it on the spot ; lut he d
gens no more resemble uien. who have
.fought their wav to' position, making
difiiculties their Ftepping-stories and
deriviiig determination, from dcfe;it,
than vines re-eniblqoaks, or spulter-
in rushlights tire-stars of heaven.
Efforts pcrsb-ted into achievments
train a man to self-reliance ;and when
he has proven to the world that he can
trust himself, the world .will trust him...
One of the best lessons a father can
give his son i this : Work ; strengthen
vour moral and mental faculties as
vou would strengthen your muscles1-:
.id he by vigorous exercise. .Learn to con-
but quor circumstances ; you are then in
dependent of fortune. The men of
athletic minels, who: left their mark
on the years in which they lived, were
all trained in rough schools. They Jid
not mount to their 1 high position by
the help of leverage : they leaped the
Z'Y Toi; Iatapco Guano.
'2',) Vegetator, on hand
atid to arrive. solicit order
fur above and con:umeuts of Lotion
and othvr produce. '
No. i, ".lartm M, l-alfigh, N .
No U-:f
wntcn j
not wish to expose anybody
yZ p;itiotK who thero receiv- - iJnnent. r" Well,"; said lt
to pus
it & not'.i
of salt nd a sm ill cak of whiskey : one
pound of gn und bbii k pepper an 1 a
ib z -'n botths cf whbk-:. ; f ur p mads
of lsr ! a;:l a brg- jig wh'g'c y; 1- ur
C inv s-ed lia-ns and:xq url botllci f f
whiskey J ihrte stout filiing lines and
a quarter fa hundred weight ct biscuit
pocktt fl;-ks cf whiskey ; ore paper f.
arge L in r i k hook, aul a gabr.a of
whiskey iu an? od v. s yv.i d-i.'i u'e
!iio sen. I one p ud 'f xvhlle tus' r;
and a small juj: f whiskey. P. S. A
we shad be g -ne s veral d :y-, .. t.nd as
hwe miy get wet ftJiinj, my doctor,
who has just t pr-td ia s iirg'-sted th '.t
we hid Utter tskc a I tt.e whiskey.
Scud i and tntiriton jour bcoks
with other items abmvi
w UtUiU a
chasm, grappled with the opposing
r,-rdc. avoided avalanches, and when
the oal was reached felt that but for ' ie f the piper.
5iS 1
P. II, S M I T II,
Loi'iui'io X,C.
Cabinet miXln; of all ktml doc in Lest
rrnix.-r, aua ou crtottt re-ab'.d teria
Fariiitaie repaired id cloned.
" Tue best Walnut, Topltr Dd Fine C'dos
u vdo ontbe aborttst notioo aad Vmiy Cukajt,
Give tue a call, r. H. SillllL
Factory ba'ow Btrrow X rieaiiBt.
Ko. l ly
Wleelesalc Retail
VThiJw G!a,rxUct iled'i lift,
Si. 6 licao
ruraiar( Ta.
X . lt-!3fla. . 1 '
- . . . . if .
. A.
FAIL & Whim GDJb .
We are now receitfuj an uxiaallj
largo Stock ci od Wioti
gooils and we r prepared to iter
ar riends and iHiiioiii.ra.
What They Tiecd
at irtK LtDixi w rrm tcr iuaji
Taucy Dress Goods .and
O jr Stock ot ag it larr
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. Ain't it wicked to rob dU here ro',:
Jim? Dat i a great moral qiie-tib:it
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lumlK); we am't got time to argu? u.
iow - band me down another pullet.
lbe euitnss f a Western j ournal
ncect'y annt-nreod that the arrival of
ai extra male preveuttd the pri.nip:
rj!ii2 v.jl-'-n-J, h vl.ic y-urciiwd the
u-nt.-;' . I A o.iua rrrf' U or t -ain wj-U'j-.
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1 1 . tuvi eitt'jUaud.tiicir Man
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N 4 .:uut.- ii w prt'icurd t fnu.-'a tlie
v.a-he s ;'.c lu- t tvi'-', Hn-y have
M-'. c !l'"u l.e M . niirim -n. li'i
u-t'lif V'-iy o'Tt aateri aud evvry wuk-r
i -1 i ,v i t iK.rf rm v 1 , all orde
.u'ui.v nl t' t ' N. l I
',i.e iuue.inl at atei i . our Ik wiling
Aue t-wi I tak" jrre - p'5 tlrc bi wailing
ui i the t'J, e .eoerally, in theabove ie-li-j
ed coJ t
l.ait.i tomew 4 lta!l.
1 ourl r N. C.
J. J Ver on I nrtd A
Lv.uhniK X i'- ,
And all we aaV is'ty
to show. The LJies f inUel U cl
and xtmine our Stock! w gur-i
Wt lave mUn lrg aa-t 11 rti
Uki of Idj Marte Clbtning, Uts
unlal o.s, Uu a-gt-niWmensfurnUiBi
Towul.'i)j:x'iy; lor Sale
Having dictded to biaVc cp Knuc
kerpirg I now ft rmj ILmu and L t
1 r saie. The L. cotin IZ acre
located oo ilio :reet, ami acroatlrcet
thttpitirs ihe Pr-sbyterian Chnrcb,
and ac nvcai-nt tiiuce to "ths busi
ncH part of tnwu.
it. If t mn li-flipn i.irn'tnfr
will be cffernl at p i .iic ! (ecpt Full JUppU' alWaj'S OU
Leds ana tjeii-ciiuinj as iwo a iv
House and Li is h.
For paitku! ndddresi ra? at
lire. lilv
YAttUOJlUail & Co.
, - -
Groceries Groceries -A
pply ahv
hand at
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