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Mqry, I ltd I e veil TJtee True.
Miry, I believed tLce true, .
Au-1 1 m blet in thus believing ;'
feat now I mourn that e'er I knew '
A girl so fair and no deceiving.'
Few liave ever laved like me ; '
O, I Lave loved thee too niucerely 2 '
And few have e'er" deceived like thee,
Alan I dt'ceiv.?aic fot severely. -J,
Tare thee well! ' ,
Tarn tlice well PyJt think awhile
On one whoso bonom seems to doubt thee ;
Who now would rather trust that tjmile,
And die with thco than live without thee.
Fare thee well! I ll think on thee, 1
Thou leav't mo many a bitter token ; )
For bee, dihtracting woman, see,
My 'peaeb is gone, my heart w broken.
JFare thee well !
, Thoyuia Moore
x t: i r v- r jii ivh k ye
"What a dreary New .Year's Eve!"
exclaim ed Shol to Morton, as he pulled
the collar of his overcoat up around
hi t neck, and turned in his j solitary
promenade on the deck of the steamer.
Tho night was indeed very forlorn, the
rain swViping down with a steady, con
tinuous rush, the wind howling through
the 'rigging? and the sea heaving end
'dashing in black waves around the ves
sel. : It wa-'f only the -sound, J but the
weather was so rough, that half of the
passengers' Avere sea-sick, and, disgusted
with the cWho air below, Sholto had
come on deck for a breath of purer at-
Ho was on lm way from Newj York to
new liaven on nnsines3 lor tne nrm in
which he wai junior partner, . and as h4
I rayod the fitorm there, bethought rue
fully of lat New Year's Evja and how
different it had ben to this. Then he at a gay party, given to see( the .Old
Year out-and the New Year in. As the
clock struck twelve he had been seated
biide Lulu Grafton in the alcove
formed by a bow window,. j
-He remembered how the snow on the
window oufc-ide had sparkled in the
moonlight, how Lulu had complained of
bring c hilly, and ho hal drawn her pret
ty vi'hito cloak around hor; then, shielded
by the curtains, he had taken her hand
,iu hie, her pretty head haddrooped, and
he wiw jut about to avow the love he had
long folt for Iter when tho great elock
. struck twelve, midnight, and an instant
after Mrs. Grafton's ' voice demanded
sharply :;
44 Where is Lulu ?"
At this awful sound tne two young
poople came out from behind the cur
tains, looking, doubtless, foolish enough.
At least Mrs. Grafton, glared at them
sharply, art if sua suspected tlieir se
cret, and since that unlucky time Sholto
had) never been, invited to her house
again. '
Lulu was half orphan and an heiress,
and Mrs. Grafton no doubt thought that
Sholto Morton who was only a clerk
then and not even junior partner, was no
fit match for her handsome and wealthy
daughter. IJe was cut dead by not be
ing invited to the grand Grafton ball,
each was ' too much overcome -with the
suddenness of the encounter to easily
find words. At last Morton said : .
' This is a very unexpected pleasure,
Miss Grafton. I had no thought of find
ing you my fellow voyager." ,
t' No, I had no idea of being here till
this morning," replied LtdtL But mam
ma received a letter at breakfast time in
forming her tliat Frank is ilL You know
he is the cousin mamma has had charge'
of so long ; he is a freshman no V at Yale
College"; and so mamma at once decided
te go to him, and I of course came with
her." :' :v i X- - '
"And I am going to .New Haven on
business," explained Sholto. A little
while ago I was lamenting the necessity
that drove me out on such a night and in
such a storm; but now I bles3 it !" $
. Lulu did not reply, and Sholtg present
ly asked: .V? - ' i ' -
44 Where, is Mrs.; Grafton now ?" .
44 She is asleep. Poor mamma! she
has been dreadfully sick, -and indeed, it
was. so close inside, I feared I might be
ill ioo, and camoout here for pure air."
-The wa3i silence again for some mo
mit3, except for the angry rush of the
waves outside, thq dash- of tne rain on
the roof above, and the war of the wind.
Oh, Mr. Morton do you think there
is any danger ?" asked Lulu at last.
44 No, I believe hot ; but you are fright
ened," he said, looking at her pale face
earnestly." 44 No indeed, I don't think
there is any causa for alarai."
The desire to clasp the little trembling
pay $40,000,162 for wages, and 3103,343,-
430 for materials, and produce $210,159,
Their 327 annually. Six States have more than
rie 1 1,000 of these establishments each
77ie Nandtcich Ialandm anil
Discovery The I'coule and
It is a singular and hajpy circum
stance, says tne ew xorK iimc, tnat, . j. Pennsylvania, 3,739,
wmie ine uiscovery oi uie oanuwicn
llotv lie Tl on. j
Tom Sanders, of Buffalo, ovna u. littl !
lazy, slow mare, that ia the ridicule of
his friends. One recent evening he and
Maine, 1,099; Michigan; 1,571; Indiana, j some of these friends were talking of
1,8G1; Ohio, 2,230; New Yord, 3,510 ; j horses, when he astonished them by
figure in his arms was almost irresisti
ble. '; '
4 4 It is a horrible ni;ht !" she said,
with a shiver. ' ' '
,44 Yes, and you" are chilly. Let me
fasten your cloak better." As he put
out his hand to draw the warm folds
around her. he i reaollected, oh ! go
vividly, - the moment
clasped, the white operi
throat the vear before
when he had
cloak' about lier
an over-
you remember
I wras with you
Lulu!" he exclaimed,
whelmintr impulse, 44 do
a year ago to-night when
at that party i" ; . ;
44 Yes." Lulu . just
word, her fair head drooping as it
done a year ago. . - y .
A wild desire to know all to be re-i
fused if he must be, butjat least to learri
his fate from her lips overcame Sholto.
He felt himself in a position now where
he could honorably woo her the oppor
tunity might never come again-rand he
said, "suddenly: j 1
I 44 Can you guess what I should have
said last New Year's eve,1 if your mother
had not Called you?"
44 No, "faltered Lulu. But didn't she
1 really know, I wonder ? , if-
t "T alirml!' Kara fnlrl imii tViaf T 1 nvoil
you that I adored you, that I worshiped
you; but tken, if . you had heard me, I
should not have been nearly so worthy of
your acceptance as I am now, for I love
you a thousand times more now than I
did then; I believe I am a better man,
and, what your mother would regard, I
Islands is recalled to memory by the
erection of a monument to Capt. Ckk,
the reigning sovereign of that group
should be making a friendly visit to. the i
United States., Modem history has been
so crowded with 'adventure by sea and
land that' Cook " and his voyages seem as
far off as the exploits of.Hakluyt and
Mandeville. The boys of this genera
tion do not linger over the pages of
44 Cook's Veyages and Riley's Narrative "
as did their fathers and grandfathers.
Even the name of Owyhee has dis
appeared from modern maps, and no
longer marks the island that gives its
title to the Hawaiian kingdom. Yet it is
less than one hundred years since Cook
sighted those islands where he subse
quently lost his life: To be sure, the
Spaniards, whose adventurous galleons
were on every sea, . possessed some
knowledge of the group before the
tragical death of the great circumnavi
erator brought it into the notice of the
civilized world. But our
knowledge of . the so-called Sandwich
Islands begins with the' death of Cook.
When he landed there in 1778 the natives
were in a state of barbarism. The popu
lation was ruled by feudal chiefs, each
of whom had his small domain and hi3
special jealousies and quarrels with his
neighbors. Internecine wars were
common ; paganism and superstition
were supreme, and the social condition
of the people was as low as can possibly
be imagined. The delicious climate and
generous soil of the islands met every
wish. There was no necessity for exer
tion or for provident labor. The earth
yielded an 'abundance for the simple
wants of man ; and, but for the ambi
tions of warring chiefs,, the islands", girt
about with the warm waves of the Pacific,
, might have been an earthly paradise.
There is np need that, we should believe
the story that Cook and his companions
were devoured by the islanders. - The
people were bad enough,' but it is very
doubtful if they were cannibals.
This strange chapter in the history of
South sea adventure comes freshly back
to us as we read of a monument being
set up . on the : spot near which the fa
mous navigator fell. The change is
great in the condition of the islands
since the world first learned to know
them. Now the natives have not only a.
consolidated government, but one that
is largely elective. Indeed besides
choosing a Legislative Assembly, the
people have twice been called upon to
give their suffrages to determine who
These estab
lishments annually pay $28,000,000 for
the products of home manufacturers and
mechanics, and $35,000,000 for farm
produce ; and are intimately connected
with great investments in woodlands,
with railways and les interests. The
Dusiness is shown, by the fats given, to
extend along the whole line of Northern
offering to bet a hundred dollars that he
could ride his mare twentv miles in an
hour. He counted out the money In a
tantalizing way, remarking that bis mare
had been laughed at long enough, and he
had made up his mind to show what she
could do. It seemed like robbing Tom,
so they all said, to take his bet, but he
insisted, and the stakes were put . into
Jlaimino Orirlehe tn Africa.
A oorre-ppndent of the Loudon Field
1 it reels be Jlmffffcd.
The English papers record recent cases
of the uses of the lash in criminal punish- states " that domesticated bird have
ment, which was cruel but efficient. It j hatched their own eggs in the 1 loaufort
is. a great mistake to suppose that the land Oathorn districts for the last eight
whipping-post is obsolete in Great j years, and in the George district for four
States ; more than half of the whole ( trustworthy hands. A day was chosen
product $112,949,237, coming from
Maine. New York. Pennsvlvania. Michi
gan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, though
the Southern States, owing to their
wealth of pine, live oak, and other lum
ber, have a3 aaaterial concern as any.
Dismissing a. Tedious Visitor.
Gerrit Smith's house was seldom free
from visitors. Tha door was open
for the trial, and when it came Tom led
them to . the Central railroad depot,
where the hprnely little mare was found
aboard a baggage car Tom had ticketed
her for Rochester by express, and when
the train was ready to start he got on her
back smiling triumphantly. He said he
reckoned that he could ride that way
twenty miles in hour, unless the time
table lied. Away weut the train, with
the referee holding his watch, and the
'ail III 1 V - T I M I illlUf I K V T.I Wi V lL t W Cl i . -
, . i i - three fellows who had joined in the bet !
come. One day a middle-aged gentle- j . . '
pres3ion. About fifteen miles had been
run in about half an hour, and Tom was
grinning in anticipation of easy victory,
when the car bumped over something,'
and he was , thrown off the mare by
hastily applied air brakes, . An axle had
broken, and the train was stopped for
more than hour. And Tom was not so
rueful over the loss of the stakes and the
failure of his trick, as he was over his
tho cards for which were sent Out thej amvsurely a richer one. lell me, Liulu,
day after the New Year. . . . ' " do you like me well enough to take me
Of course he could not go to see Lulu j for Hfe V - ! 'j .
anymore. He could only catch a glimpse ; He had stolen his arm around her as
of her on rare occasions on the street jut j hefpoke, but she did not draw away, and I future good conduct of his subjects
as he finished
shoulder, with
words that Mor
at the theater, and vey soon'ehe, too,
lgan to look coldly at him;, so that he
despaired of ever winning, her .ud,
though he loved herstill, resigned him-'
wlf to tho hopelessness of his passion.
He walked oil now up and llown, up
and down, until he began to feel chilled,
and tho wet seemed to creep through
even his waterprodf overcoat. He had '. so miserable after last New Year !"
forgotten all about the discomfort of the j 44 Why? v
scene as he thought of how happy he 4 Because I
had been a year ago, until the going out more."
ofhis cigar recalled him to himself, and
should be their sovereign. Education is
widely diffused; there is an average of
one teacher for every twenty-seven chil
dren in the kingdom.. Voting is intelli
gently conducted, and the laws -are lib
eral and well enforced, and religious or
dinances and institutions are amply
maintained. Capt. Cook was murdered
while attempting to seize the person of
the island king as a hostage for the
iler head sank oh his
some faint murmured
:on certainly interpreted
i to signify consent, for he pressed a kiss
; on the lips that uttered them, and for a
j while there was between theni the silence
I of happiness, j
I 44 Oh, Lulu,"! ho said at last, 44 1 was
could not see' you any
lm awoke to the dreariness of the sur
roundings Iwith a shiver. He would seek j
some shelter.. lie could not go into the .
cabin,' but perhaps he could find a com
. fortablo place in the roofed deck in front
of tho laAies saloon. So thinking, Mor
ton went on till he reached a door which
; led . into this retreat. He looked in
through the "glass to'see if he should be
. intruding on any woman who might have
taken possession of it. The place was
entirely deserted, however, and he
stepped in.
It was a gloomy spot, lit only by a
swayinglantern that hung from the roof,
' and filled up on one' side "with piles .of
freight and luggage. Still, here Sholto
was sheltered. from the wind and rain,
and as there was a long settee each side
of the cabin door,, ho sat down on one of
them, took off his wet overcoat, and pre
pared to make himself as comfortable as
he could until he should be so sleepy as
to insuro repose even amid the disagree
ables below. '
lle had leen there but a few moments
' when the door beside him opened and, a
lady camo put. She was wrapped in a
largo, darkcloak, and hood.. I Morton
could not 'soe her face; but just as she
Btepped forth the. vessel gave a lurch.
The deck wxi slippery, and she would
have fallen had he not sprang up ahd
'.caught her in his arms. She uttered a
faint cry at the sudden clasp, v her hood
fell back, and he saw whit;was.
' 44 Muw Grafton !'" he gasped.
'. V Her ryes were not yet fAlly accustomed
to the light, but some subtle instinct
seemed to tell her who it was that held
her. . v , ''
4- Oh, Mr. Morton V she exclaimed.
I ' L4t me support you a moment till
. you aret seated," said Sholto, and so, still
with his arms about her, he guided her
to the sofa, and then could do no less
than sit down beside her.
44 But why couldn't you see me ? I'm
sure I thought; it very odd you never
came to the house 'again." j
44 How could I when you all cut me ?"
44 Cut you ! -I don't understand." .
44 Yes ; you sent me no card to your
ball. Of course, after that, I could not
come to your house" again, and then you
looked coldly at me, and I thought I had
lost your favor."
4 4 Of course I looked eoldly at you, sir.
I never knew you were not invited to the
ball. You ilid not call, and and I was
very unhappy."
4 Then vou loved me all the time ?"
cried Morton, j .
44 Certainly I did, ai refused two of
fers for your sake ; but I never meant to
tell you so !'-' she half pouted.
' ; 44 And I never hoped to tell you of my
love, darling, and probably never should
if I had not met you here. ' But what
will your mother say ?" ; ' .
44 1 don't think she'll oppose us much.
I was twenty -one last birthday and can
do as I please, j Besides,- she told me the
other day thVit she had heard you spoken
of very' highly lately, and there is a card
for you, I'm sure, for our next ball, if we
don't have to give - it up on account of
Frank's illness. I don't think we shall,
though. He is a sort of spoiled child,
and wanted mamma to come up and see
him more than anything else, I fancy."
44 Then, darling, this will, indeed fee a
happy New Year !"
day the lineal successor of that nionarcli,
so far as any line can exist, i j traveling
in the United States. He inspects our
system of material progress and manner
of life with the intelligence of an en
lightened ruler. His eager curiosity is
not that of an' unlettered barbarian, but
of an . educated, well-trained sovereign,
who visits for the first time a domain
greater than his own. And this man is
the cnief of a people wiio, ies3 tnan one
hundred years ago, were steeped in the
mere sensuous luxury of existence. To
day they export two or three millions of
products, are desirable customers in the
markets of the world, and rank .with civ
ilized nations. Vv ' j I
We do not forget that the introduc
tion of the Christian religion is chiefly
responsible for this remarkable change.
2 or need wo recall tne tact tnat even
this -conservative power with difficulty
holds back the native population from
that lapse into barbarism which is so
natural to the Polynesian race Nor
does it seem that the fading out of the
native population makes ' any argument
in the case. Coek estimated the popu
lation in 1778 to be 400,000 ; it wa3 esti
mated at 142,000 in 1822' ; but ; the . first
official census, taken in 1832, gave a sum
man rjaid Mr. Smith a visit. lie was a
perfect stranger, but he was received by
the host with his proverbial hospitality.
practical The visitor did not appear to have any
special reason for Honoring tne lamuj
with his presence. He was not a dis
tinguished man ; he was not a ltrilliant
man; in fact, he could properly be classed
with those individuals who bear the title
of 44 bores."
Day followed day, and each evening
the family retired with the hope that the
morrow would see the stranger gone.
But he came down to breakfast promptly
each morning, and got up from the sup
per each evening -with the evident intent
of filling the same chair at breakfast tht
I- next morning.
i, A wak passed by, and with all the
members of the family but Mr. bmith
hospitality had ceased to be a virtue.
They importuned lfiui to force into the
dull head of the guest, if possible, a hint
that he was not wanted any longer. The
hint was given in a way that nothing but
united charity and humor could have
At family worship Mr. Smith, as
usual, invoked the blessing of Heaven !
upon the different worshippers, closing
a3 follows : A 4 4 And, O Lord, wilt thou
vouchsafe thy fullest blessing to the dear
brother who is to depart from us thi3
day." At noonday meal there was a
vacant chair at the table, and more loaves
and fishes for the poor when tho repast
was over the dear brother: had de
parted. Lore in the rcnitentiary. .
A case of true love has come to light
in the Ohio State penitentiary that has a
romantic twinge to it. In IMay, 1873,
Thomas Miles and Anna McFarland were
sent to the prison from Licking county;
for burglary, under the same sentence.
Not long since the-oman asked a guard
about Thomas, wanting to know how
soon he would get out. On inquiry :of
her, it was learned that they were en-
S gaged to be married bef ore coming to the
prison, and that she was not really guilty
j of burglary, but pleaded guilty that 'she
might be allowed to suffer with her lover
Britain. It is not The "cat" still
plays its part in suppressing savagery. At
Manchester a reporter has interviewed a
man who was whipped for robbery with
"violence, and the proceeding was hot a
pleasant one, although calculated to in
spire a wholesome fear. The man him
self is the narrator: '( '
The first stroke went right across my
shoulders, and it was something awful" t
I'd never felt anything like it before,
and .1 howled out sharp, and roared as
loudas I could. Just where tho lash
went it seemed to burn right into me,
and the ssin felt as if it bad swelled up
and was going to burst. It went through
me like, and if a hot iron had scorched
me it wouldn't have been half as sharp.
It was slow time, for I counted thirty be
fore I got number two, and that came a$
sharp as the first. The doctor stood
close by, and pointed out where every
stroke was to drop, and the screw
(warder) put it down just where he
showed. He was a baA 'un. that doctor.
for every cut was as bad as the ethers, andl
the pain was just like dying over and
over again. -
The hardest pull was trying to make
out where the next would drop. The
doctor would point, and I waited till
heard the whip coming, and then I eried
ut louder every time. Sinetinie3 it
stupidity in not thinking of taking the j, would drop on one of the cuts that had
mare off the car and riding the rest of j gone before. I could have sworn my
the twenty miles, as there had been am-1 back was as big again as it should' be,
pie time to do within the hour. . for after the cat was pulled sharp back
the flesh went after it and rose up till I
years at least. Over one htjdml chicks
were brought, out, last, season with an
incubator known i as Dr. Laurence's, .
which' is very 'simple and easily worked;
the birds were healthy and strong. .It is
a mistake to imagine tiuU tb h n ostrich
does all the sitting; the truth is, that tho
father does most of the work, as he
takes his turn at 4P. x., or thereabouts.
and sits till about 8 o'clock next morn
ing, is far more jealous than the hen,
arid resents any intrusion in a very un
pleasant manner, by tatting but uif ; ;
right or 'left such Licks- (forwar; as " .
would send the strongest man spinning a
dozen yards, following up , the same if
the unlucky intruder should bo able to
get on his pins again; if not, .the bird
hammers him on the ground. Recently a
man near Cape Town got a kick in the
back which dislocated his shoulder. As
regards the statement that tho ostrich de
stroys the eggs if its nest is discovered.
this is entirely a mistake; in this and the
adjoining districts they frequently make
their nests near homesteads tn fact, in ,
view from fhe windows, The following
will show how little they care about be
ing found out: I was .yiftting a pair of
birds that were sitting; there had boen
some heavy rain, 'and, to my, surprise,
both birds were away from tho nest.
Thinking there, must Me something
wrong, I went to the nest, having,
previously given tho cock bird a gotxl
Itaisins in California.
vine growers, .-of California
; knew I was bleeding, and that the skin
8X0 S j1 Vmrf Tlift blood rnn down into tnv
yearly paying more uueuuuii iu prcjjiu'
ing raisins for market, and the raisin crop
of that State is likely to assume com
mercial importance Some f tho30 who
have gone into thi3 business have met
with remarkable success. A correspon
dent of the San Francisco Bulletin writes
from Yrolo county that he made last year
seventeen pounds of raisins from a vine
which at present prices will sell for two
dollars. Having 500 Vines to an acre, at
this rate the product of his vineyard
would realize $1,000 per acre. This cor
respondent raised last season
100 tons of grapes from twenty-six acres
of vine3 of different ages. His raisin
grapes are muscats, and he says some of
them actually measured five inches in
trousers thick, no cheese (mistake)
about it. How did it hurt me ? Why
every now and then the cat lapped
round my chest, and that was worst of
all. It knocked me out of wind,' my
breath went as if I'd jumped into cold
Vater, choking like, and my mouth as
dry as could be. I'd nothing to chew, so
I hung on to the rings with my hands as
hard as I could, and this only pulled my
chest across the Wood and made my back
tighter. The last was as bad a-J the first,
, t every bit of it, u not a trmo quicker,
about ! . . -r .i i iti i :.i 1 : :r 4i.M
UUb X BllOUlUXl b LUitW UllUUt'll Ik 11 111' ; U
laid it on quicker. It was the slow time
that licked me, and if I'd had the regula
tion three dozen I think it would have
done for me. It s all stupid alout not
eed of Indian corn at a distance - from
the nest to keep him employed. Tho
nest was full of water, and the eggs were
stuck fast in the mud I had just taken
them 'out when the cock perceived me,
and came down the field thirty miles an
hour, giving me just time to divj) into
the hedge, w.t?re I remained until ho
thought of his food again and went ofi;
the hen then came down, and the cock
seemed satisfied that she would look ;
after the business, and took little or
no notice of my Scooping out the mud
and water with my hands as best I could.
The hen seenled much interest! in the
proceedings, and when I had replaced
the eggs she at once sat upon them, and
the pair have been sitting alternately
.ever since.
- . rrM . A I - X
tneir largest circumierence. xms variety y th firfct fiye Qr Ybur
iv i j. . i : r . -
is me uesi grown in uiuuruui iui umimig
raisins. One man can pick and lay out
for drying 800 pounds of grapes per day,
while he can only pick 250 pounds for
packing in boxes fresh, as more care is
required in picking for the last named
purpose. A Mr. Briggs, of Davisville,
last year made 1,750 boxes of raisins con- j
taming twenty-five pounds each, and he
had 400 tons of grapes lying on the
ground nearly cured when the rains came
prematurely and spoiled them all. Mr. j
Davis has forty acres of vine3, ancVs
confident that he would have made last
year over $20,000 worth of raisins if the
rains had not come so much earlier than
usual. In ordinary years in the climate
of California vine growers can forecast
She told the guard that if Thomas wa3 i ith a near approach to certainty the be
still true she would marry him when they j gkuiing of the rainy season.
got out. Thomas was interviewed, and
he was still true to his Anna. The prison j Sad Story.
authorities were moved at the situation, j William Foxcraft, a young painter,
and allowed them an interview, which is j left Whitenville, R.. L, on a Monday
said to have been .quite an' affecting I morning, accompanied by his wife, with
scene. xneir terms expire on me same wi -
. -r.' i I J - i. 1. t Al. Vnnn I'.tt-rtn-m
day SaturdaVjjM-u 31, 187o. It has;
been arranged, at their request, to hold
the marriage ceremony in the prison
chapef on the day of their discharge, the
chaplain officiating. The twain will start
out with freedom again after two years'
confinement within the same walls, with
but one interview in that time. It may
be added that both have been exemplary
diys at his father s house in Putnam,
Conn. They stopped at Woonsocket,
and leaving his wife at the house of an
acquaintance, he strolled out ostensibly
to ascertain the chances for work. He
became helplessly intoxicated, was cart
ed to the lock-up, placed in a cell, and
before the . next day dawned he was a
dead man. And Tuesday morning, while
a jury of inquest was endeavoring to as- j
certain his identity and inquiring into
the circumstances of his death, his un
happy wie was not far from the scene,
awaiting his return, that they might con
i tinue their holiday journey to her early
back don't grow dead (numb) at all, but
only gets tender as you get more of it.
Is there anything else like a lashing?
Nothing that I know of. I've had incst
kinds of knocking about, but it lick all;
there's no punishment comes anywhere
near it. It's as bad while you're waiting
as when you're gettisg it, and both are
smart. '
77e faliie of Alaska.
. Henry W. Elliott, Bpctal Agent o;
the United States Treasury department,
reports in reference to Alaska that the
agricultural character of the Territory
might be truthfully summed up in say
ing that there are more acres of l tter
land now lying a wilderness and jungle
in sight of the car windows of the Penn
sylvania railroad while crossing the Alle-.
ghanies th"i can be found in all Alaska ;
44 and when it is remembered," he says,
"that this Pennsylvania land, in the
heart of one of our oldest and most
thickly populated State, will remain as
it now is, cheap and undisturbed, for an
indefinite-time, in spite of its"clo30 prox
imity to the homes of millions of ener
getic and enterprising men, it is not dif
ficult to estimate the value of the Alaska
acres, remote as they ar and Varred out
by, a most disagreeable seacoast china t,
leaving out altogether the great West
and vast'agricultural regions of Britbh
America. But then, directly to the con
trary, it would be wrong to hint by this
statement, true as it is, that the country
is worthless ; for in the Seal Islands
alone the Government possesses proper
ty which would not remain in the mar
ket many days unsold were it offered for
Englimh Military lints.
The huts in which thi lato outbreak of
diphtheria which has occurred in th mar- .
ried soldiers' quarters ut Woolwich, aro
described in the Ixinct t on th report of
its sanitary commission. They are fifty
in number, and " are built of brick, with
out foundations, and the floors only
raised seven inches atxjve ths soil. : Each
hut is divided into two rooms, the average
dimensions being 12 fewt by 14 i one.
room is allotted to each married soldier,
his wife and children ; the non-commissioned
. officers have two rooms. Tho
total population" of these huts is 370,
which gives 3-7 inhabitants to each room,
but as -the non-commisHioued officers
have two rooms it is calculated that ther
is an average of 4-8 to each allotted to
privates. There are many families con
sisting of livelind six persons. ilio
children of all ages sleep in tho same
room" as the father and mother, and in
the same apartment the cooking, washing,
and other domestic offices of tho famuy
are carried on. In some huts the damp
ness of th'i situation is so great, andtho
floors are laid in such close proximiry to
the wet ground, that Ihe floors have be
come rotten, and given "way altogfther.
In one loom in which this occurred six
persons were crowded, and three children
out of four died. ' "
fr s-rr r
upon' events like this. They preach $7,000,000, and from which tha annual
their own sermon teach their own im-
Senstble Parents.
A young lady of Ballarat,. England,
about contemplating, matrimony, was
asked by her friends what kind of bed
ding presents she would like, and replied
tnat sne would preier useim io oma- s ui" - j i - . , , , cn
a , . n.:.:: - Uw nwn Prmnnwh their own im-1 revenue is doubly sufficient to meet all
menones xxer j and me expenditures for the proper government
sisted in going from, the house of her pressive lessons, jwnj I TerritoTT. if the matter
parents to a cottage in the vicinity, and cnanic oi a country rr . - .
- it u . 1 u i iho, nftmfl late as tne arunKaru oi me , j 4
upon amYiug mere ona iuuuu a uaiitu ji j : . .
flnnr iar of butter, n. comnleteset of I" great city. And the wife, left to spend
t x ri - : ;
COO King utensil, a pioue ui uit-iuiu, a nri t
of crockery ware, knives, f
and elassware. enough household
oeries to last six months, and on
. i i nhr cTiffuTin(r unman npan uu .
will devfloTi into some ' -value. The
! value and probable yield of the cod
a r tgn owrr t iankn of Alasaa nave uecn grewj uui'
Jack and Jim Reynolds, cousins and rated, but he thinks it may be ravu-
total of only 130,313. In 1872, tho na
tive population had dwindled to 51,531.
Contact with foreigners has done this
work. , Foreign diseases are specially
fatal to the race. Living simply and in
the open air, they were .easily destroyed
by the influences which came with a
change of diet, dress, and other habits.
But the detrease is not so much due to
premature deaths as to the unfruitful-
ness of the race under its new conditions. ! limited means, about starting out upon
This fact has attracted the attention of j their matrimonial career, and was it not
the reigning sovereign, who has offered j more beautiful than duplicate plated fish-
I 1 1 - t l Al A 1 11 "
a premium to nauve ianxuies wnse j Knives,. ana omer xrusn usuauy given
healthy offspring replenish Lt gely the j upon like occasions
aboriginal element " Perhaps oviliza-
parlor table a receipt for the prepayment
of a year's rent for the cottage, with two
10 notes pinned to a paper, on which
was written, "To purchase something
useful." Was not this the right kind
of utiUtarianism for a young couple of
Moreover, beyond a few outcrops of
. - . f x 'A. I ..Tl 1 . ,1m K-fVfA
what was to have been a merry Chnst- mvory cut auu ;
a i mas holiday by the side of a dead bus- j oi goia ana surer, wim t -
"rrVl wfwt Tt is the old story, copper intitu, nothing is known oi me
lsenoia cto- i " . - : . , r rv:, n
i i;ra Kr! Tirwvt r Wot- i rninena weana bo
tl out. another suffering human heart lam. but he has reason to think that it
is broken.
Fight. In: the midst of a
loafers, were playing poker in a barroom
near Augusta, Me, Jack had a straight.
I with an ace at the head, and, to his in
tense delight, Jim put dow money as
fast as he raised until the pool amounted
to over ten dollars. Then Jim called,
and Jack threw down his straight. ,Thnj
Jim threw down four aces. This indi-
rsdjfA the miracle of five aces in one
ably anticipated that the success attend
ing tha canning of the salmon of the
Columbia river will stimulate the prose
cution of this industry at the mouths oi
a11 the IsriTA streams and nvers cl tut
Jlurned to DemttL
No doubt there are " occasions when
mothers who take case of therr luKlrcn
themselves feel obliged' to leave fcmall
children in a room alone. But the danger
of so . doing when there is a fire in tho
room is imminent. Within a few days
two fatal accidents occurred from this
practice, one in Jersey City, the other in
Babylon, Long -Island.. One mother
went out on an errand, leaving Her four-
year old son locked up in the rom by
himself. She had gone but a Jew ?ps
hen she heard frightful shrieks pro
ceeding from her apartments. Rushing
back, she discovered her son inflames. '
He Lad run against , the ptovo aid
elothes had ignited. He was so t-iril-ly
burned1 that he died a few hours UUr.
The other mother lighted a fire in an
open grate and left the room to ft seme
ooaL leaving a little boy about two years
old upon the floor. Attracted ty me
snapping of tha fire, the little fellow
crept toward it, when a jark ignited his
cloth, and when bis mother returned
die was horrified to find him euvtlcped
in flame. She seized him and roAhcd
out shrieking f or aid. Aiwighbor htlicd
lier to put the fire out, but not before the
child was so badly burned that he died
in three or four hours afterward.
To Make Appxe Bctteb. The best
apple butter is made by peeling, corning
j and slicing selected sweet apples and
stewing them in sweet cider. Very little
of this sort of apple butter, however,
comes to market. The bulk of that sold
is made from second-rate apples, peeled,
alieed and stewed, and sweetened with
brown sugar. A large quantity of such
butter is made and sold for. ships' stores,
tion miirht have done better for the Ha- i
Islands ; but it might have dope play in a Cninese tneatex in low, wi-- Jack expressed his Rtrall,,
i forma, two of the performers had a com-j P. was - shenanagi
Dat so reausnc ana vigorous as io iii. me
UtU OIV UU1U UCll .1
For a moment neither of them spoke, for use by the. sailors.
Food for Fire j attention of the previously listless audi-
A report published by the Lumber- i dence. The actors were armed with
man's Association,quoting the last census, j knive,.and while they struggled with
says that the 25,832 establishments for j each other on the stage, the spectators
sawing lumber in all of the United States yelled and stamped their approval. At
have 11,204 steam engines,! of 314,884 plast a stream of blood ran across the
horse power, im addition to 16,562 water beards, and one of the contestants fell
wheels, of 326,781 horse power ; that 1 1 ae'i dead. The fight had been genuine,
they run 63,197 saws, employ 149,957 j the actors having quarreled about a
hands,have $143,493,232 capital invested, j woman, who also played in the piece.
going on." He examined Jim's aces.
and found that one of them wms a tray, 1 ii.e mortal remains of Captain Jack,
with the end spots chalked out A fight j ahonchin, Black Jim and Boston Charley,
ensued for the stakes, in which Jim was I A pj, wnite board at the head of each
stabbed and Jack had his nose bitten, j with the name of its occupant
but neither got the money, because j ud cf execution (Oct. 30, 1873)
somebody stole it while they were fight- I mi th on. tells who lies beneath.
A short away stands-the scaffold
from which they swung from time lato
Thtji Gkatxs. A e eeponttefct
wntingom Ft KUmth : "I! A C-jj-J
over to the westward of tne was rommrBoui ""k - "
t a nM.iin.1l ril I l II n ifHTlfi V aa i M-. " o
guara-nou.-, a . - i.ftKirr,
rth. rianir above the sister soil, cover 4 - "
! " Bay Ridging" is the title now girm
j to the STxraraary rjcnl i burglars.
few months
rrt .rid roAAimended an action for di-
a 1 ? 1 - r
Torce, sue las mcaner-iu-iawt rs.
Mary Taggatt, for $10,000. . He alleges
the damag to have occurred- through
an alienation of his wife's; tffection, by
of constant, ateadyU'coiitrived
insinuations. A heavy force of lawyers
appear on each aide, and u the case ' will
be contested inch by inch.

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