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NO. 24.
The " Miyf of a Blumh.
Two maples ly the cotUge porck
(irew crimBon in the wnnsct light; ,
Vv'as it their leaves reflected glow
YTliich made her perfect face bo bright ?
I led her gently down the atep.
And down the pathway flickering (shade,
lint "till or tender rhek and brow
Tito name deep radiance warmly plajeJ.
" K iou ;U, oh BTeet !" I whispered low;
" That he irt i mine I yearned to win;
No Hunvet flnj-h, hnt love' pnre dawn,
IircaW from the kindled onl within !"
because Madge feared to make Urn vain,
they Lad grown very cold toward each
other, so cold that John began to think
the ale-house a more comfortable place
than his own fireside.
That night the rain fell in torrents, the
winds howled, and it was not until the
midnight hour had. arrived that Harley
left the public house and hastened to
ward his cottage. He was wet through
when he at length crossed the threshold ;
he was, a? he gruffly muttered, used to
that ;" but he was not " used " to the
11, then " faid Janet, speaking leaged , &t M
y and slowly, "I let my husband help it ne
I love him still, and that I learn r , , .
" Now this is wliat I call comfort,"
paid Madge Harley, as she sat down by
her neighbor's fire one evening; "here
you are; at your sewing, with the kettle
steaming on the hob, and the tea
things on the table, expecting every
minute to hear your husband's step,
and see bis kind face look in at the
door. Ah ! if my husband was but like
yours, Janet."
"Ho is like mine in many of his
ways," said Janet, with a smile, " and if
you will allow me to speak plainly, he
would bo still more like him if you
would take more pains to make him
comfortable." j . -
" What do you mean?" cried Madge.
44 Our house is as clean as yours; Imend
my husband's clothes, and cook his din
ner as carefully as any woman in the
pariah, and yet he never stays at home
of an evening, while yours sits here by
your eneermi are night alter night as
happy as can be." t
" As liappy as can be on earth," said
her, gravely; "yes, and shall I
tell you the secrot of it, Madge ?"
"I wish you would," said Madge, with
a deep sigh: "it's misery to live as I
do now."
see that
every day to love him more. J-iove is
the chain that binds him to his home,
The world may call it folly, but the world
ii not my lawgiver, f
" And do you really think," exclaimed
Madge in surprise, " that husbands care
for that sort of thing ?"
"For love, do you mean ?" asked
" Yes; they don't feel at all as we do,
Janet, and it don't take many years of
married life to make them i Uuuk oi a
wife as a sort of maid-of -all-work
"A libel, Madge," paid Mrs. Matson,
laughing: "1 won t allow you to sit in
William's chair and talk so." j
" No, because your husband is dif
ferent, and values his wifo's love, while
John cares for mo only as his house
' 1 don't think that," said Janet, " al
though I know that ho said to my hus
band the other day that courting time
was tho happiest of a man's Hfe. I
know John did not alter liis opinion,
but ho went away thinking of his
courting time as a joy too great to be
exceeded." .
" Dear fellow," cried Madge, smiling
through her tears, " I do believe he was
very 'liappy then. I remember I used
to listen for his steps as I sat with my
dear mother by the fire, longing for the
happiuess of seeing him."
"Just so," said Janet; "do you feel
kh t ink now?"' l.
Mndgo hesitated. y
"Well, no, not exactly
"And why not?" j
"Oh, I don't know," said: Madge,
"married people give Hp that sort of
' Love, do you mean i" asked Janet.
" No, but what people call being sen
timental," said Mrs. Harley.
" Longing to boo your husband is a
.proper sentiment," replied Janet.
"Hut some people aro ridiculously
foolish beforo others," reasoned
Madge. . 1
" That proves they want sense. I am
not likely to approve of that, as William
would soon tell you; all I want is that
. wives should let their husbands know
that they are loved." v ;
"But men aro so vain," said Madge,
"that it is dangerous to show them
much attention."
Her friend looked up. I
" Oh, Madge, what are you saying?
Have you then married with the notion
that it is not good for John to believe
you love him?" !
" No. but it is not wise to show that
you care too much for them."
" Sav I and liim; do not talk of hus-
bands in general, but of yours in par
" Ho thinks quite enough of himself
already, I assure you."
"My dear Madge," said Janet, smil
ing, " would it do you any harm to re
ceive a little moro attention from your
husband?" j '
"Of course not. I wish he'd try,
and Mrs. Harley laughed at the idea.
" Then , you don't- think enough of
yourself lUready? And nothing would
make you vain, I suppose I
Madge colored, and all the more when
she perceived that William Matson had
come in quietly, and was now standing
behind Janet s chair. This, of course,
put an end to the conversation. Madge
retired to her own home to think of
Janet's words and to confess
that they wero wise.
tone and look with which his wife drew
near to welcome him, nor to find dry
clothes by a cracking fire, and " slippers
on the hearth ; nor to hear no reproach
for late hours, and dirty footmarks as he
sat in nis arm-cnair. some change had
come td Madge he was very sure. She
'wore a dress he had bought her years
ago, with a neat linen collar around the
neck, and had a cap, trimmed with white
ribbons, on her head.
"You're smart, Madge," lie exclaimed,
at last, when he had stared at her for
some little time in silence. "Who has
been here worth dressing for to-night ?"
" No one until you came," said Madge,
half laughing.
"I? Nonsense; you didn't dress for
me!" cried John.
" Yon won't believe it, perhaps, but I
did. . I have been talkincr with Mrs.
Matson this evening, and she crave me
some very good advice. So now, John,
what would you like to have for your
supper?" ,' .
John, who was wont to steal to the
shelf a night and content himself with
anything he could find, thought Madge's
offer too excellent to be refused, and very
soon a large bowl of chocolate was
steaming on the table. Then his wife
sat down1, for a wonder, by his side, and
talked a little, and listened, and looked
if he could not
What they Say About their Dim
eoveriem and their Proapeetm of
Gordon, one of the Black Hills expedi
tion, who returned home to engage re
inforcements, has given a newspaper re
porter the following information : The
company immediately commenced erect
ing a stockade, eighty feet square, inside
of which they built a number of log
cabins, and were thus protected alik
from the weather and the Indians. Mr.
Gordon says that after erecting quarters
they commenced to prospect, though
necessarily on a small scale. They found
gold, just as Custer had stated, from
grass roots to bed-rock. Previous to
erecting their quarters the frost was but
a few inches below the surface, but by
the time they were completed, early in
January, the frost was from one to three
feet deep. Gold was found as high as
fifteen cents to the pan, and old miners
confidently state that with sluices from
610 to $25 could easily be made. In that
valley alone there were claims enough for
2,000 men, to say nothing of the im
mense country of which this is so small
a part. The numerous specimens of
gold brought home by Messrs. Gordon
and Witcher are very rich. Silver,
plumbago and iron were also found.
Experienced miners say there is every
indication of rich diggings there. Mr.
A GirVm Chaneem in Xeraaa.
We have before us, says the Virginia
(Nev.) Enterprise, a very pretty letter
from a lady in the Green Mountain
State, asking us to inform her what her
chances would be in Virginia City to
get a situation as a teacher, or, if pos-;
sible, what encouragement an accom
plished housekeeper would probably re
ceive in this city; one who could come
bringing the highest recommendations
as a lady and a scholar. As we are
frequently in receipt of such letters, we
have concluded to answer this through
the Enterprise :
Miss B. : Your note is under reply.
Teachers here command from $100 to
$200 per month, in gold coin. Board
costs about $35 per month, and lodging
'from $15 to $75, according to the caprice
of the lodger. Female domestics com
mand from $35 to $10 per month, with
board included, of course. Whether
yon could obtain a situation as teacher
or not we cannot say. It would de
pend on many things. In the first
Cutehtng the Turtle.
The turtle is the main source of food
supply to the Conibo of South America.
The forests and waters furnish him fish,
flesh, and fowl in great variety, but he
cares for little else besides the turtle
when he can procure it. Between August
15th and September 1st the waters of
Hmtf the Daily ITeaiher Reports
are Unite I at tho Washington
The signal service proper of tht United
States owes its existence to the Lite war,
at the close of which, like othr kindred
bodies, it survived only iu kuletou form.
the Ucayali, the affluent of the Amazon, It but five years ago that On. Myer,
on which the Conibos live, lxme less with a few eminent aid, acting uoder
impetuous, in consequence of snow hav- the authority of an act of Cougrtui and
ing ceased to fall on the summits of the the immediate orders of the Secret ay of
Andes. Vast spaces of sand aro left War, inaugurated the system of observa-
bare, and the turtle fishing at once com- tiona and reports by signal and tele-
In form at to a Comeemlng file:
Although the common bcu$e-fly i
closely allied to our social life, few peo
ple know its history. " Where does the
fly deposit its eggs, and why do we never
see them?"" is a question frequently
asked a question which this article is
designed to answer satisfactorily. The
mother fly never deposits her eggs in
the house; but if there are any old heaps
of rubbish in the form of decaying vege
tables about a place, she deposits her
eggs there. If you desire to see the en
tire operation and watch tho growth of
this insect from the egg to maturity.
place a quantity of grain and vegetables
together in a box. and put them where
mencea. On a fixed day, ssys Scribncr $ J graph which enables us daily to impart
magazine, the Combos embark in canoes I valuable and interesting information
furnished with all necessary utensils, I with regard to the weather, the rise and
and travel up and down the river for fall of all navigable rivers, and. generally they will be kept moist simply moiat.
from thirty to sixty or even one hundred I speaking, all unusual phenomena within J not wet and decay slowly. The fly will
miles. When they discover on the shore j the domain of meteorology. I seek this filthy mass, and deposit her
the claw-marked furrow made by the I The new branch of the service at I gK therein. By an occasional visit to
turtle when walking, they call a halt, first intended to benefit our lake navhra- this depository, one may find the fly lay-
tion only-soon extended its usefulness to
the Atlantic coast, then to the principal
inland cities down to the gulf, up the
and having built at some two hundred
yards from the water their ujoupa or
cabins, they patiently wait in ambush
the arrival of their amphibious prey. 1 Mississippi to its source, and across the
ing her eggs. Fifty to one hundred
eggs are frequently laid at one time, and
the old fly usually remains so quiet dar
ing the operation that a dose, and in-
place our present teachers are prob-1 Generally their instiuct is so unerring continent to the Pacific ocean, until as quisitive spectator is not likely to disturb
ably the best teachers in the world. If
you were to come you would have to
wait for a vacancy; and then if you are
not fine looking you could not pass the
examination of our superintendent (who
is a single man;; ana U you are very
beautiful, the apprehension would be
that you would get married before you
learned the names of your pupils. ' We
that their encamping hardly precedes La now the fact we can have daily re- I her. During warm weather these eggs
by more than a day or two the appear- I ports of the state of the weather at Port- j rill hatch in a very few days, each pro
anoe of the turtles. On a dark night, I land. Oregon, and San Francisco. Halifax I during a minute, cylindrical while grub.
ana auier x'oini, ivey est ana vnuves-
do not think a nrivate school wonM rtuv
Witcher says that when they first reached except behind it was the capital keeping
VUBM5t xux iUUUU a wmcu to build fine structures and furnish
some of Custer's men had dug. It was n.
school-room. About getting employ
ment in private families there is but one
difficulty. The confidence of our fami
lies has been so often abused that they
are demoralized, and have settled down
to believe there is nothing reliable but a
Chinaman, and he cannot be depended
upon about the time of the Chinese new
Dear old Madge.
That was enough; her elbow somehow
found its way then to the arm of his great
chair, and she sat quietly looking at the
fire. After awhile John spoke again:
" Madge j dear, do you remember the
old days when we used to sit side by side
in your mother's kitchen?"
" Yes."
" I was a younger man then, Madge,
and as they told me, handsome ; now I
am growing Older, plainer, duller. Then
you you loved me ; do you love me
She looked up in his face, and her
eyes answered him. It was like going
back to the old days to feel ' his arm
around her as her head lay on his shoul
der, and to hear once again the kind
words meant for her ears alone.
She never once nsked if this would
make him "vain." She know, as if by
instinct, that it was making him a wiser,
a more- thoughtful, more earnest-hearted
man. I And when, after a happy silence,
he took down the big Bible, and read a
chapte, as he had been wont to read to
her mother in former times, she bowed
her head and prayed.
Yes, prayed for strength to fulfill
every duty in the future, for blessings
on her husband evermore.
She prayed and not in vain.
three feet wide, eight feet long and eight
feet deep. Two men jumped into it and
shoveled out some dirt and found fifteen
cents' worth of gold the first panful
washed. The men then surrounded the
hole, took off their hats and gave three
rousing cheers for Custer. About twenty
five prospect holes were sunk, and in
every instance there was good color from
grass roots to bed-rock. The distance
they had to carry the frozen earth to
thaw it out before washing necessarily
made prospecting very slow, but in the
short time intervening between the fin
ishing of the stockades and the depar
ture of Messrs. Gordon and Witcher
they had obtained about $15 worth of
float and shot gold, which we saw on
exhibition in Sioux City. They have
likewise discovered some rich gold and
silver bearing quartz lodes, which old
miners believe to be as rich as any in
the country.
between midnight and two, oclocr, an
immense swell agitates the nver. its
waters fairly seem to boiL Thousands
ot turtles come clumsily tumbling out of
the river and spread themselves over the
shore. The Conibos, squatting, or
kneeling feeder their leafy sheds, and
profound silence, await the
moment for action. Tho turtles, who
separate themselves into detachments on
leaving the water, dig rapidly with their
fore feet a trench often two hundred
yards long, and always four feet broad
by two deep. They apply themselves to
their work with such zeal that the sand
flies about them and envelops them as
in a fog. As soon as they are satisfied
that their trench is large enough they j telegraphically
ton, and Pembina and Duluth, with as
much certainty and accuracy as could be
obtained from places within the range of
unaided vision.
- The sub-offices are officially known as
"stations," and are divided into two
classes, viz. : Stations of observation and
report, and stations of observation, re
port, and distribution. Bach class is
equally valuable and indispensable, and
bears the relation to each other and to
tho chief office, in Washington, that the
veins and arteries do to the heart. All
stations are known by numbers, whether
located in the United States or British
America, and in transmitting reports
year. The difficulty lies in the fact that deposit in it their soft-shelled eggs to
the several
of stations are
there are more of those brutes here call
ed men than there are of those angels
called women, and the men have a way
of coaxing which generally, in about
four weeks, transforms an Eastern girl
who came here with the best intentions
to work faithfully, lay up a great deal
of money, and go back and support her
mother into a wife, with her time di
vided between presiding over her own
home and hunting around town for a
Chinaman to do her housework. If this
the number of from forty to seventy.
and with their hind feet quickly fill up
the trench. In this contest of paddling
feet more than one turtle, tumbled over
by bis companions, rolls into the trench
and is buried alive. Half an hour is
enough for the accomplishment of this
task. The turtles them make a dis
orderly rush for the river. Now the
moment has arrived for which the Coni
bos have anxiously waited. At a given
signal the whole band suddenly rise from
"circuits the names
understood by figures.
Seven regular observations are made
divided into thirteen rings. This grub,
or, more properly, larva, devours the
surroundings- -that is, the decaying
vegetable matterand consumes any
filth which accumulates around the
premises. The grubs grow rapidly in
their luxurious surroundings, and are,
when fully grown, nearly or quite three
quarters of an inch long and abdut an
eighth in diameter. In a few days more
they assume what is termed the pupa
state, becoming shorter and thicker, the
outer skin assuming a brown color, and
becoming quite tough. In this state the
insect neither eats nor has the power of
locomotion; but it does not remain long
in this condition, and if it is examined
by holding it up to the light, the fly can
be distinctly seen within. To see a fly
born is an interesting spectacle. Tho
best method to observe this event in the
last suggestion is of any interest to you, thf lurking-places and dash off in pur- rule, the predictions are verified,
you may depend upon the miners living 8ult OI tne anrp&iDia, not to cut on tneir the signal service thus War do
daily, viz.: Three to be reported by hie of our great and ever-present domes
telegraph, three for local use, and a tio friend is to gather a few of the pupai
special noonday observation, telegraphed and put them in a small, clear vim!, wliich
must1 be placed where it can be fre
quently seen, for a dozen fli
may appear in a few seconds. In
emerging from the pupal case, the fly
separates a circular piece from the end,
leaving it attached at one aide, thereby
forming, as it were, a hinge to the door,
which is pushed open, and the fly crawls
out full grown and perfect. The wings
to aanington only in tne event ox a
sudden rise or fall of the barometer.
The " synopsis ' briefly recounts all that j
has occurred during the preceding day,
while the Probabilities announce the
meteoric condition to be expected for
Uio ensuing twenty-lour nours. As a
Mr. Witcher says that his companions here know ajvanco tliat anY retreat for they would themselves be claim to be infallible; they simply fore- may be a little lax at first, but they soon
T 1-1. - i. AT 1- i -l XT i I J J i . 1 i ..iii -.i I.. . .... . ....I . 1 m I - 1 J .
feel that they have struck their fortunes,
The return of the two gentlemen was
for the purpose of obtaining reinforce
ments. They left the little colony quite
well. Snow in the park and on the hills
is about six inches deep, but on the
plains below two feet deep. The cattle
and horses have thriven well, the grass
under the snow being perfectly cured
and very nutritious. They do not liave
to feed their stock anything else. Game
is found in great abundance, and there
is plenty of good timber and water.
' . Etiquette in iVatthitiffton.
The hardest thing for a daughter of
society visiting in Washington to learn,
says a letter writer, is said to be that
social rules here are as antipodal to fash
ion's fiats in other parts of the country
as tnougn tins were a city in Uoclun
China. Ladies come for a few days, and
almost crack their stays with spleen at
learning they must go around and do all
the initiatory calling. " She knows I
am here, and she ought to call first,"
said a Chicago society lady stopping
briefly at the Arlington House. It was
the wife of a Western Congressman to
whom she was referring, and all the ex
planation in the world could not con
vince the fair sojourner that she must
start out, find the Hon. Mrs. Blank, and
make the first courtesy. Why this should
be etiquette is more than I will agree to
tell, any more than why it shouldn't be
etiquette everywhere else. I am only
doing all possible to save feminine heart
burning by telling the dimity dears what
they must expect. When you come to
Washington, be prepared to hunt out
your society friends in person, or do not
tear your chignons in anguish at finding
yourself neglected.
A Prison Botnanee.
They had a little romance at Sing
Sing prison. Abont noon a pretty
young woman, with an infant in her
arms, was driven up to the prison and
asked to see one James Dolan, a con
vict, who was to give his name to her
child and to herself the title of a wife.
He was a rough, uncouth-looking fel
low, but the little woman loved him
dearer than all the world, she said, and
so the chaplain of the prison married
them, and, after a few brief words of
parting, the newly-made wife went out
into the sunshine and the convict
trudged gloomily back to his task. How
much of romance there is in this worka
day world of ours.
Cure for Diphtheria.
The Hamilton Spectator (South Aus
tralia) publishes details of the " Great
head " cure for diphtheria." This Idis
ease is declared by Mr. Greathead to be
of hydrated growth, and that the germs
of it floating about in certain impure
atmospheres are inhaled by human be
ings. For a grown person four drops
of sulphuric acid diluted in three-quarters
of a tumbler of water; with a smaller,
dose for children. The effect of this
treatment was said to be instantaneous ;
the acid at once destroying the parasites
and the patient coughing up the obstruc
tions. The papers have teemed with the
accounts of sufferers who had recovered
in a few minutes by adopting the "Great
head" treatment. Children, almost pre
viously, in a dying state, were declared
to be playing about within ten minutes,
and at a moderate computation some
forty or fifty of these sudden recoveries
have been placed on record with full
A Sunny Temper,
What a 'blessing to a household is a
merry, cheerful woman one whose
spirits are not affected by wet days, or
little disappointments, or whose milk
of human kindness does not sour in the
sunshine of prosperity. Such a woman
in the darkest hours brightens the house
like a little piece of sunshiny weather.
The magnetism of her smiles and electri
cal brightness of her looks and move
ments infect every one. The children
go to school with a sense of something
great to be achieved; her husband goes
into the world in a conqueror's spirit.
No matter how people annoy and worry
him all day, far off her presence shines,
and he whispers to himself, " At home I
shall find rest." So day by day she
literally renews his strength and energy,
! and if you know a man with a beaming
lace, a Kind neart, and a prosperous
business, in nine cases out of ten you
will find he has a wife of this kind.
one oi tnem nas more reverence lor an
appreciation of a worthy woman than a
thousand of the youths of Vermont,
who, being brought up among so many
women, never realize that they really
are angels in disguise.
A Model Juror.
A juror in Erie, Pa., who was unable
to follow the evidence sufficiently closely
to satisfy his own mind, last week sought
out the defendant in the case, and got
from him all the facts he deemed neces
sary. The result is thus set forth by the
Erie Dispatch :
When the Lehman vs. Hlig jury re
tired, upon the first vote cast, eleven
were in favor of a verdict for the plain
tiff, and one for defendant. This one is
a farmer, passing the prime of life, a
conscientious, dignified personage, a
pattern of probity and simplicity, who
wouldn't on any consideration have his
verdict influenced by improper mo
tives. After some persuasion' "he yield
ed to the very strong majority against
him, not because he thought them ex
actly right, but because the majority was
so overwhelming. After the verdict had
leen rendered he expressed his position
in this manner: During the trial he had
suffered considerably from rheumatism
and neuralgia, and the pain had attracted
so much more of his attention than had
the evidence, that he was not very clear
what the testimony had been, and so, to
enlighten himself upon it having a
passing acquaintance with the defendant
in that suit he sought him out on the
evening preceding the morning when the
jury retired for consultation, got from
the said defendant a full explanation of
his theory in the case, coincided heartily
in his views, and after an hour or so of
conversation with him in relation to it,
went to bed fully convinced that the suit
should never have been brought, and
that the defendant was entitled to a ver
dict, which impression he .carried unim
paired to the jury room.
trampled under foot by the resistless I shadow, from what is known to exist, the
squadrons but to rush upon their flanks, I character of the weather which will nat-
seize them by their tails, and throw them I urally follow.
over on their backs. Before the turtles
have disappeared, a thousand prisoners
often remain in the hands of the assailants.
With the appearance of daylight the
The instruments used and consulted
are: The barometer, standard ther
mometer (mercurial), hygrometer, ane-
dry, and our house-fly is ready to per
form his or her allotted labors in this
busy world. Now we wish the reader to
observe particularly that flies are born of
full size, and just as large as they ever
will be; in other words, flies do not
mometer (electro self-registering), ane- J grow as flies, but enlargement or growth
moscopc, rain-gauge, and maximum, I occurs in previous stages, and not in th
massacre begins; under tho axes of the minimum (spirit), and water thermonv perfect or winged state. Small flies aro
indigenes the shells of the amphibia fly
to splinters; their smoking intestines
are torn out and handed to the women,
who separate from them a fine yellow
fat, superior in delicacy to the fat of the
goose; and the disemboweled corpses
are left to the vultures. Before com
mencing the butchery, however, the
Conibos select two or three hundred
turtles for their own subsistence and for
traffic with the missions. Of these they
cut the sinews of the feet, tie them
together in pairs, tumble them into
trenches, and cover them up with rushes,
to prevent the sun from baking them to
death. After melting, skimming, and
depositing in jars the grease from the
dead turtles, the natives turn their at
tention to the eggs of the turtles which,
as well as the grease and flesh, is an arti
cle of commerce with the missions.
What Can You Dot
This is the question for every young
man to answer; and it is to be hoped all
who read this will be able to answer as
well as the gallant young officer of which
the following is told:
Since the marriage of Lieut. Fitch and
Minnie Sherman we have been let into
eters; in addition to which the several
atmospheric phenomena must be care
fully noted, as, for instance, name,
amount, and direction (moving from) of
upper and lower clouds; state or the
weather, amount of rain-fall, snow,
sleet, or hail in inches of water; all
electrical phenomena, halos, parhelia,
ana mirage. wnen auroras occur,
every phase of the display matt be
minutely and accurately recorded, in
cluding their duration, altitude, and
azimuth. On lake and coast stations
"cautionary signals,' or storm warn
ings, are displayed when danger to
shipping is apprehended. When obser
vations are reported by telegraph, the
signal service cipher is always employed.
The Atmomphere and Earthquake.
During the terrible typhoon which
occurred at Hong Kong in September
last it was observed that the clock upon
the clock tower at Peddar's wharf stop
ped shortly after two, and it is stated
upon good authority that five or six
other pendulum clocks stopped at the
same Hour, itow, mis was exactly tne
time when the most violent throe of wind
that was experienced throughout the cn
a distinct species iroxa ins large on-,
and always remain small. Millions of
the latter pass through the winter in a
perfect state, hiding in warm kitchens,
cellars, and similarfavorable situations.
The eggs laid in the fall remain cither as
deposited or in the larval ttata until
Sabbath Day Law.
In 1016 they made a law in Massachu
setts, that if any one "contemptuously
behaved towards ye word preached, or
ye messengers thereof. For 'ye flmt
scan dale, to be convented and reproved
openly by ye magistrate at some lc-
ture, and bound to good behavior; and
if a second time they break forth into ye .
like contemptible carriage, either to pay ,
5 into ye publick treasury, or to stand '
two hours openly upon a block four
feet high, on a Jscture day, with a pap r
affixed on their heart, with this, A Wan
ton Gospeller, written in capital letters;
yet others may fear and be ashamed of
breaking out into ye like wickednes."
In 1677 the general court ordered that
" a cage be set up in the market place of
Boston and in such other town as the
county courts shall appoint, wherein
OJ m m
a a . .
the secrets of the courtship a little. i The 1" : 7 . Tl" T P. remm uu examined ana
voun man waa not over samruine When - r-; ".T finished, any one breaking
the young lady referred him to her pa; .
and he approached the awful presence hehtf anock of earthquake probably
feeling uncertain whether he would sue- pointing to the conclusion that
ceed, or be tried by court-martiaL th .tmn.nvn rf;tnrb.n indn
However, he managed to ask for what he pbjBiaj urbance in the crust of the
wanted and stood waiting for the yer- poibility of the existence
diet. The general heard him, and then nf . itinn h mrtml at
All in Secret. Nothing was known
of the amendment to the new. United
secretly States postal law until it passed, and the
editor of the official postal paper was
Hours passed before John Harley re- not sure of its passage until a week after
turned home. He was a man of good it had become a law. The express corn
abilities, and well-to-do in the world ; panies whose business was injured by the
and having married .Madge because he law succeeded in getting the bill through
truly loved her, he had expected to have I secretly, and before the people knew
a happy homo. But partly because he what was being done the bill was a law
WMrsmved and sensitive, and partly I and in f oro
Smart Indians.
Several of the Modoc Indians attended
the Baptist church at Lexington, Ky.,
the other day. A gang of boys were
seated before them, who turned to stare
at them, and continued the staring pro
cess until it became unendurable. One
of the Tp'"i took the boy's head gently
An Ingenious Operator.
The Zanesville Courier tells how a
railroad telegraph operator contrives to
get bimaplf waked when a train passes':
When he gets ready to take's snooze he
takes a stout piece of twine, stretches it
across the track, one end tied to a tree
and the other to a coal bucket filled with
car links, coupling pins, old oyster cans
and such other xn3tallic substances as
come handy. The bucket is nicely ad
justed on top of a stool or bench, so that
a slight jerk on the string will pull it off,
and then the railroad employee stretches
himself out contentedly to await the com
ing of a train. He receives the first in
timation that his' services are needed by
a crash that would almost startle a dead
man, gets up, notifies the other offices
that such a train has 'passed " O. K.,'
fixes up his machine, and then relapses
into the arms of morpheus to await the
next call, and thus he stands guard all
... . .
night. In the morning the machine is
taken to pieces, distributed about the
turned upon him abruptly with the
"What can you do?"
" Do ! Why, I can build an engine,
put it up and run it.
Give me your hand. You are the
boy for me. Now go and ask Min what
she thinks about it."
That is the way the general got rid of
that application. It is almost too late in
the day to speculate as to what Min
thought about it.
So Far.
How near and yet how far! The
Columbia (Term.) Herald relates the
story of two brothers who were in that
city one day recently. It says: Cap
tain Hubbard, of this county, was in the
Confederate army. He had a brother,
from Misiouri, a captain in the Federal
army. They separated fifteen years sgp,
and fought on opposite aides in the late
They accidentally met here on the
length by Professor Lyell in his " Princi
ples, where he states that tho inhabi
tants of the Stromboli are said to make
use of the island ' as a weather-glass,
its volcanic disturbances "increasing
the Sab
bath. For the prevention of the pro
fanation of the Sabbath, and disordr
on Saturday nights, "by horses and
carts passing late out of ye town of Bo
ton, it .was ordered that there should
be a ward, " from sunset, on Saturday,
until nine of the clock after, and no
cart was to pass out of the town af Ur
sunset, nor any footman or horseman,
without good account of the necessity of
his business. Officers called tythingmen
enforced the observance of the Sabbath.
Tm law ravmiUI O.fei. AM M. mAtT (it
during tempeMuoua e-iher,"ao that "the .aUck of
two foots long, tir t at one end with
island seems to shake from its founda
tion. He considers that extreme
changes in the atmospheric pressure ex
erted upon a vast superficial area might
well be deemed to influence the confined
gases and liquids interposed between the
successive layers of strata. That earth
quakes are the result of movements
amongst these gases and liquids there
seems little reason to doubt.
A young man living near Spring Sta
tion, Ind., was cutting down a tree re
cently, when it fell unexpectedly, split
ting up the middle a short distance. His
right hand happened to get into the
brass, about three inches. This staff
soon came to have a feather stuck into
one end, with which to tickle the noses
of drowsy sinners, while the end tipt
with brass enforced order on the pates
of unruly boys. In this manner was the
congregation kepi attentive during the
sermon, which generally lasted about an
hour and a half, measured by an hour
glass standing on the plate.
in his hand and turned it toward the
minister, giving a significant gesture to f nobody i the wiser,
the other boys at the same time. : It was
enough, the boys listened to the pxeachsr It is a serious business to be 'funny;
and left off the staring operations. , Vat it Is not vary funny to be Mriouss
public square, and were within a few
feet of each other, but neither recognized !
the other, and so they separated again
without speaking. r
hung on the imprisoned member. His
cries fortunately brought friends to the '
Three witnesses in Lawrenoebuxg. spot, without whose assistance ha wouia
Ind., didn't know what year this is, and probably havs died U pain and ahaos-1
ther wars not allows to tssUr. I turn
Wax Ur. " Wake up judge, wake
up; there's a burglar ia the house,"
said a lady to her husband, the other
night. The judgs rolled out of bed.
split, which ot a sudden closed itself, at grasped his revolver, and opened the
the same moment his feet slipped on the joor to sally forth for the robber. Then
grass, and the whole weight of his body turning to his wife he said: " Come,
Sarah, and lead the way. Its an awful
mean man that will hurt a woman.
Dentist ballad Oh,
tht jsws wa fstl r

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