North Carolina Newspapers

    Franklin Coiirler
GEORGE S. liAKEU. -Editor
axd pRoriuEToir.
. All letters aJdfCNcJ to
Geo. S. TJakku,
Ai-iml, 9. 1875.
Good Navr .Faroi Cvxxtic-lt
The Democrat have, earrkil t' e
State by three or four ihousan I majori
ty. Democrntie tiigrcssuicii elected
in the find, second and fourth district.
Inacrsoll elected Governor.
Xovr let Gen. Grant dicj.ort him J
self. Let him sdntilon that third-term
nonsense. "L-'i Mm comvnit notonly
'thai particular treteiiei, lutWe'ch
ers in general,' to the cust-dy of the
sensation press, llv U rich, middle
aged and eelbr.'Md. Cong ejs has
adjourned. Th? .'"family w provided
for Let. Lira Uoy'wi to jure the verb
yo out-to go out; going-out. eono-out.
"I go out," is trie iiumxI, tonsM. gender
and number for him, over Ins spring
julep and his midday cigar, Gist, last
and all the time; Between this innd
the 5th of March "77, be can make
himself personally a popular favorite,
rctirir.g with a patriotic address and
a national sal uiQ. -Courier Juvvul.
For t lie I?op!.o-
The T.assage of tho Convention Hill
reudeM it necessary that htalljngaiu
measure steel with our t ohticnl oppo
nenta this summer. Ire would have
been pleased if the Convention cam
paign wAild have ben coiidui-ti-d with
out regard to party line s. It would
have afforded us pleasure to have joined
in with men of both politicul parties
in tho selection or the ucegatcs wd
ehall revise aiid adopt the Constitution
our State to the want of tho people
ThU state of thinga would have been in
the highest degree felicitous to us,
and we believe Unit it would have been
hailed by the great Lody of tlic Demo
cratic partv asn harbinger of a let iirn
to the good, honest and prospered times
enjoyed by the people of tins Common
wealth, under the old native North
Carolina Constitution. But from what
weeau gather, from the ltadkal Tress,
and the exponents of the party in their
speeches, we are satisfied that they will
resist with all their power the attempt
of the people, of iVorth Carolina, to di
vest themselves of the alien Constitu-.
lion, under the workings ofwhuhall
the industries of tic State have been
languishing for the past seven years.
This being the case, we accept the issue.
And the Democratic pnrty.assumes with
, l oldne s and a idor,and pride, the work
of ichabitation of bur good old State
to her forme? days of simplicity, and
honesty, whon we had prosperity and
happiness iri the land.
Tho Democratic party has so far
done all that has been done to evict the
alien cormcorants, and rntivc thieves
from the places of rower in North Caro
lina. Not wnce the Radical Legislature
of 1 8GW.70, 1 as the Capital build
ing been infested wi'h a corrupt swarm
of bribe givers and b.nbe takers, who
emitted a stench tl at aluiost suffoca
ted honestly im lined people. The
Temple Consecrated to law ai.d liberty
had been literally mad$ a du oftlne es.
Our j arty turned these .Robbers out of
the house, and now it proposes to rem
. tstatc the old family code of gvernmint
that was" so ruthlessly thrn tout bv
tliesc 'Tncn and trample! under fnt.
and scorned as an unholy thimr. ! hev
propose to ci tallidi wich a government
as liberty will flourish under They
propose to maugnra'e a system of
government under which- our whole
people,' white, black, rkhand poor alike
can prosper and live happy v.n h r.
To this end our tteoplo bhould be
thoroughly informed of, and aroused as
to the true condi' ion of thiusr. Thev
only need to be informcdthat a chanec
of bur Constitution is ne-ess;iiy in order
to do away with many of the new faJig
led measures oontuiued in this instru
mcrts to arouse them to their duty. -
Let them understand that this odious
and meddlesome township sysni Tnust
; Mcp . 8ido tor the old eeutral ' county
Uovcrument. and the old. Captain s dis
tricts, with tho justiee i f the Pea; to
in airy the young mcu a id young wome
and to be a geueral coiwervator of peace
lu tho neighborhood; h.t them know
that we will pay only three men to
ndjudieate causes on the Supreme Court
Uencu ; that e will cut down the num
bcr of district Judges to a rcaf onab!e
number; let them understand tliat a
pvstcm of Courts will be provided for
that will, bring the com nissum ofeviuie
and tho puuishment therefor uneoui-
lonitoiy near togetner tor th pcrpatra
j tors Uiereof; let theui kivw that all
useless officers ore to be dispoasod.with;
let them know that all offiw-holJers will
w lu , a bU aeeoumuoimy nr.
r ZZ rt y " . J r"WM
ltiriii. mini 1 11 nr n n rn ri a-
Carolina bbrdersVi and from the. Siim!
l.illa on the Atlantic to the uiouutaii:8
" nnu vale3 of the Tennessee line, as nc
wan with a trem mdous shout for 1 ihc. t y
anu iiuiicsv coveriuueiiu ino .n asses
v of the people ar nlv a;s honest; and
controlled iby a .-iicih spirit of inihlie
Airtue. , Nov U tlia , time to call for,tli
: .;theo grand oaditi. of the yeomanry
. oi siorux utrouna, who nave b;en lirmj
- u:ider tha heelcaud ojpressiou of tyran
nj, while thetr. 'Puhslancc liave been
stolen from them , by the th civet. , The
tyrants and theives have been evicted.
.Let us now. proceed with great state
- u out to the doK
the works of those who derised our dcr
radation and ruin? but .-which they were
impotent to aceonipUali. 5
".We republish by rrqncst the Usury
Bill, a? pasted by the IiSt Sessiorjf
Iv g:s!attre. The folio jving is the bu'.
Sjxtios 1. The General Assembly of
North Crohna do euacV Tbat the le
gal rate of interest sha'l be six per cent,
per annnrr, or lor encb time a interest
ma7 arcra'', and do mor ; Provided.
hw v- Tha u on epci 1 c ntract in
vnit1frprrnedHy--tHe-pM-ty to - le - 4 -
ebrperl- derewitbir'r.hia went, so
crent a ra'e as eiiiht oer cent may be
at owed.3 ... . .
8-c. 2. Tha n feron, banking
icstitntiop, corporation, or company,
upon any contraet ahall directly or in-
diree'ly take for loans of any monfy,
war s, merchamdee, real estate, or
commodities whatever; abov the ya'ue
of six dol'a's or eight doiUre as proyi
ded in section first of this act, by way
rf discount or interest for the forbear
ance of one hundred dollars for one
year, and so after the Irate as above
specified for a greater or le3s, sum, or j
f r a longer or shorter tim' . All binds ,
contracts, and assurances whatsoever,
for the payment , of - any principal r
money to be lent, or coyenauted to I e
pe forem'V upon or! cr any usury.
wheieupon or wlureby there r ahal .be'
reg'-rved or taken a'-ove the rate of r t'x
do lars on a Lund red as afotes 11 shall
be yoid.a d ev rj p- n ori b it king insti-
tion.or compjinjj Wh , bp m any cons
tr ct, shi.ll ttke, accept and receive,
by way :f any cpriupt J argaiD, loan
or oth r , means', jviiatsoevc r for tbe
lorbearwgnr giving, Tay of payment,
a ra e ol intirut g:e ti r than, here in
be fere specified, shall forfeit and lose
for every 6uch oft nee, the double val-r
ue ot the. moneys, wares, nv ichand se
or real estdte so lent, bargained or tiv
changed to any per sou wh . will eue
for the same. . 1 1
Sec. 3 Tbat every : person, panking
institu ion, corporation or c mpany,
and all officir- ,vid agents of at-y
banking lostifa ioe, c rp ration or ,
c mpany, who shall violate the provi,
ions of hia c , shill be gui ty of a
middeme&nor, aul, on conviction in
the Snpt rior Court, shall be fined not
less than one hundred dollars nor more
tv an one thousand dollars. i 1 -;
Sic. 4. That tie provisions of this
act eh all not be tonstroed to ' app'y to
any ix s'yig contmet mecL'ln Conform
ity with law, nor tto invalidate any
remedy or tigh snow exercised by any
Baiding and L 8n Association for the
redemption oi the r own irto k.
So. r. That j II laws or clausis o'
Uws in cocflict with thii acr are hertby
repeahd. -
Sec C. Uhat this act shall take effect
and be in force thirty days from and af
ter its ratification.
Ratified on the 22jd day of March,
A Fmall Hei.l in the West 1n-
diks. A man named Merrill from
Troy, N. Y.,ha3 leen prowling around
the ls-hnd of Dominica, in tne West
Indiis, and has discovered tomething
which very nearly resembles the Bible
defer' ption of bell. I ;s a bottomless
lake f red-hot water, boiling avagcly,
half a mile wide and twi miles in cir
cumferencc. In the center the seeth
ing mass shoots lar into the air, and
the arid, desolate shore is laved by
s'ram. Ibe wattr. is beavilr charffed
with sulphur. Merritt is the only
Amer.can who has visited the horrible
piace. An JStiigusn company is going
' -MB
o ty to manufactufa sulpnur at the
burniug ak-.
-A- JiUt ol""leatli.
Terror of this Geoboia. Tornado
1 11B W.iSUKK OF THK WlND iNa-
i-., 3 V (. , i -. .'
Onr Georgia exchanges bringi addw
tioual details of the terr.fic tornado t of
Saturday last. We extract aomo of the
most striking incideuta :
Mr. CrtDnon, of Ilurris Coaoty, lost
five children and bk wife, and tWo
other children were badlv hurt. Ha
was not at hia house at the time, bat
knowing that IU family wag m dan
ger he was straggling to g -t to tbem
-h n he met the bodies ot two of hi
little daughter being carried along -b.
the cyclone-
In, Talbot county Mrs. Culpe,. r
loutd h r bu&b.4n.l . crushed und r ' a
c 1-1 tv r K 1, W. n n4 . ' 1
" ii cniuuiuiu Bu;ui 1 sne
littea tne immense r puce not uuib?r
from his body only to finl him ciadi
ca to tieai b. no two rom in " the
coii r try c o'd lift the piece of timber
nndtr ordinrry r circumstanc?. M'
Clement-, when he saw the Ytorm corns
i;u, gather d Mi t.mily together in a
.corner ot one loom of his house and
btgan to pray. Ilia hous- was lifted
off . and utterly ruined, 4. but no one f
h 'a family was hmUt' ,
I u ; liild win ; county , the broad apex
- iiti ttt. fuoieNf. rtd.1denuB of the
i . i .
the rate of more than a hui dred miles -i'U
hour, and the nil row base which
to e I he irtl 1 Si up iic-tr.
e ' eveJhit g in ls pa h . T bin?
onae gothic cottage nceatL i c ,mm
j Sh, dwin Lane was u t. rly d m "-:
tflu-d inl tt.o(fu away. ".A shinj'e a
d iven icharp end ,'onm fevenil
inches into the body of a smill oak tree
i? bappnext to strike directly. A d'fe"
Us negro woman waa found lodged in
the f-rnnchi s of a lofty tree not exactly
ii the buricare'a path, and a child ol
the same race was bvown avay anl has
not been found at alC Dick Gonder'
j w8 Wld by having tha upper halt
his head cut off nn othly by 'a ph
driven with the ind, and tbe nrss'ng
p Sbf hi bead has not been foun-. ?
In Hancock? county " Mr. Masy
made a fraatrc eflort to save his?wife
aod chil f. He ran into the Vtfe and
re'zing I hem attempted to set them out
of doorr, t ut lfote he reached the
door the wal's were rrcsied in. He
tbru-t them towar l the dor and was
himself caugh; ia . t ho timber. Whn
the storm bad passed he discovered his
wife Win r ent hint with her "brains
cr8'e4iuIlis - xhil.sjLjnrJy line,.
C7 ...
about- two years jo'd, h$ (ound in tie
garden with a fearful hole, torn in its
a de. It wai dea. M s S Hie Beny
had: been vlova into the top of a j
pine tree, whhh had fallen near bj..
Her legs were broken in 8ev ml p'aces
acd she wfsotbrw:ae awfal'y man'ed.
She lived four hourT ' ; ' '
'in Glascock county the loss of l.fe
t-hd property was immense. It is re
ported that thirty-five 'p-rsons wen
killed. Mo'nnt Z:on T. Chun h,
t .ur n i'es below Gibso-, was struck by
tbe tornado about 1 o'clok, and o ally
demolished. Sunday while Dr. Burtcn
was preaching at Zhm Church, he re
cti ved a m ssage from J, D. Usry, seven
miles below Gibson, asking for btlp,
as sixty persons had been killed and
wonnded in that vicinity. .
When tho tornado swept over Wan cn
county Saturday evening the'
of the Baptist congregation were hold
ing their usual Saturday afternoon srr
vicei at ElarafChurc , a sho:t distance
from Camak.' Tbe" storm struck tbe
build;g before the people could , pr
ceive their danger and leve'e t it to tbe
earth. Three persons were f und dead
among the ruins, and many made nar
row t (capes from , death. . A .great
many were injured by the falling tim
bers, i . : ' ' , .
The list of dead foots cp 103 and of
wounded 133, as lar as receiveed. We
have already given a; description of
this feartul clou f, but the tcllowiug
graphic picture is full of interes: -
Those who ' viewed It from the
south describe it as being densely ' black
while all who viewed it from the oppo
site direction agree in dtscrihing it. as
being luminous as flame. It was fun
nel shpef', with the p int resting up
on the ground, and it3 broad top . melt
ing; in, the dietance where t the ey
could not reach It . moved with a
lumbering-sound, as ' if - Ihouean la of
puces of artilrry were pouring an . in
cessant cannonade upon the earth.' O .e
gentfeman says if : every cannon n the
world had 'been fired simultaneously
anel incessantly, the ro .r could not have
equaled that ot the wind,,t-
Never . was such a tornado felt': in
Georgia. The front cloud -was pitch
black, halt a mile high, and half.a
mile: wide. It . was" barrel shfpe at
time?, and at times it took the form t
a halt moon, revolving from north to
eonth. The rer was illuminated with
a lurid, phosphorescent, but wholly
unnatural ligV. It trave!ed at the
rU of seventy miles per hour. It was
fl inked on the north and south sides.
by dense clouds, but Stood out in bold
relief aloi.e. It demolishcd'eacii plan
tation in twenty , seconds. It was ac
companied by a soui.d as o' live hun
dred Cannon iu the decishe mo of
pitihed battle. . Not a dr. p of run itll
from it, but a great rair;B orm c me up
three boors afterward, and deluded t! e
earth, accompanied by :hai', wind,
thunder and lightning.
The Portsmouth Entekjtrise, in
speaking of GenRansoms speech, in
answer to tne infamous accusation of
Senator Logan of Iliinoip, 44that the
people of Virginia were mdiff rent to
the Constitution," says : 'had om of
Virginia's orators ol the past come
forth from the grave, he could not
h-v .answertd the charge moretfectu
ally than did this son of the tid North
State" , We make the . following ex
tract from the Senator's speech, thank
ing him forHtlie brave and eloquent
words in which iie defended Virginia,
and repelled the 6landeroirs ' charge 'of
hert Radical ass lilint: '
Virginia indifferent to the constitution,
while abe holds in her bosom the ashes
and cheiishes in her heart the memories
ot Madison and Marshall I th mother
o- Washington, Jefferson, Monroe,
Tyler; Taylor, Sco't, Mauy, Thomas,
the tlume for a jat, tbe subject .of-, a.
taunt! Wnen the Senator- or mj self or
thou ands like D3 shall have achieved
tor liberty and glory a fchidow ot what
Virginia hasi then a jeer or flar upon
hfr great name may have some grace.
Ifa3 the Senator forgotten how much
this nation owes to Virginia? He
mu t for -the moment have forgotten,
that she had given to the . Union the
States of Kentucky, Obi , Indiana, and
Iliino s. . , , , f
Had the Senator rtfl cted that ' his
own State waa one of the monnments of
Virgioii patriotism thes words could
never hara fallen from his lips. Nor
s'r, are these a tithe ol fcer coattibu
tiona 1 1 the republic. She has borne
a ven Pr aident?, who, at the head ot
the goverjmen", have , illustrated her
dsvodoo ia liberty, K She haa nurtured
on heireast the , soldiers who" have
covered your arms ; with renown, ' - the
sdlors who hare brightened your flag
with honor, the scholars' who have ea
'tendetl the conquest1 of science from
the bottom of the sea to the Terge --oi
the stars, ,ner trophies, her memories,
her great name?, her priceless rirtaes
are before the w rtd; thy , are the
brightest je w tis of the republic, they
the noblest heritages of humanity. '
pray tbeliy may never iojne when
the grVat spirit at Hount Vernon shall
nk n t -f roie'et V r trorn Instil t and aTtrt
he fn m error. Her proud sorr- wa are
scblim , an-f lik h-f glo ies-pwill be
immortal. iWben she beathedy-her
gr.tM idI returned V th-.i I'nion her
coast met t h r ntionl da:iea and
her loyly to"htT"i-ier""Stafe8 were
renewfrd with all tbe r -riinl vigor
aud truth. Br cate tor tbe Onstitn-
tion and h r dev tion to the rights ol
man have rever -dumber-". Gre-1
Statt! Whatever is grand an.l patrio-
o 'C nrd et lent should t compared
- . - . - .
to t ti Wlun th v n nae de not insyi e
the respect, excite the' almirition and
k ndl- the' affections d 'Amer'- an pa
trVt, ti e love of liberty and of coun
y will be expiring in our heatts.'
. "., Foil THE COLIJIEa.
I'm alon, I'm alone; ."
The wo'ld's all a doer t, thore'tJ none
but uie one, - ';-,
For everand ever as time drags along;
I'm aloheis my song." '
In my once happy home,
I'm alone, not a sound, not a shadow
or form, .
Of tie loving or loved comes to lighten
, , tho gloom.
: I'm ulono in my home.
So lonely, so lonely,
An this mad busy -world I've none bu
: ' one oidy, " -
All. have fled, though I've loved tbeui
' so fvindiv, ;
Aud le.t me so lonely.
41one, lone one ! -j!
Not the last leaf of Summer's so lorn
. and so lone, ;
Not Nouh's poor dove o'er the wide
'waters borne, '
Not a twig for its moani
' Was. ever so,
mv heart with it a' teudrili from
. even til morn,'.ehiii out forMMiio loved one. aud
oh ! f-o forloi n, '
oo June, nuuin!x none.
: ' All alo- e. all alone !
Let mo mourn : only teach me to ?ad
, ,, den my ton-,
Lonely" mc ! only
ino ! cir.e
ic day
"I wai b.m,
; To be L-ft thus alone.
L ftahme! left alou,
Ovctboinn with alone, and alne over
My hqa:t with the ghosts of irSNwaiits
- overtorn,
v - All alone. left abne !
H A li N i!. tt S
I ' v jt opened a lir-fte a" ft
-d;lie hop in L U'l-ur , J shall
keep hIwhv- on Iih l n en -I tock .t
coit e m de
I euip oy go d and xienVic d woik-
X erJ
in. , to 1 wHrr.viit nil the woik put up
'y op ; a i km 1 f r'pniri'g lu my
I ie doi e ou bhort 1.0 i c nnu ou very
r-Hs-ouab e 1. ro. Mi S .'U is over Mr.
T. '.
urlili' Sior
m M-in otreel.
CST I solicit thr
p op.ti . t; Friii' k I
patrouage ot the
At my Gallery over Mr.- T, X. Car-
'ili 'a Store c Ie lountl ni nil times,
fnnl, -qnve Hii'l tusrir "ram a. I am
ds- pieparcd to tnke Gem tvpes. Card
and aize'Photogrnpha.
When von wint a fijood picture of
yourself and fanvlr, call at mr Gallery.
' Very itesp ctiuUy,
August Doepp Manafacturer of PiaLO
Forte, i)ecs to annourc. Mint he is
nnpied wh new and secondhand
Pitno, f b:ch h rff n at low prices;
apoMmtins 'ty letter will reefire
prompt atteniiop. I AM PREPARED,
Hiien .;ly competett workmen to
rndnnke the mot -extensive repairs
of very decn- ion.1 tlJ
' R-frenc mae t the muflal rro-
fi ssi-m in geneia', and to my large unm.
ier. o: pa rrn. , .
Jn y 17-12-m. Raleigh, N. C
Whiielaw & Crowder,
. Cor. pf Blodnt and Morgan s rce'.s,
V- f Are Prepared to Furnish
Marble Tombstones
J Of all kinds
Keutly Curved and Engraved.
Also, all kinds of .
-.-. -,- .- ' - . . . '
. r .i-.i :i ' Sncb as .' r
Pust, Step, 8ills, WaterTablen. Street
uraTc yara twurostoQe, , t
f 'All orders from the country or city
-ammnt ttMil-t l. a.
r -vv Wf) ,.t . . . UK iIJ
Barrow &: Pleasants,
VuoLK&..i.VJb Retail Gnociors
1 f AND .i
Commission Merchants.
LouisBURr., x. a
WE take tlii mctbotl of infonnin
the p-opl- ff Frank in and adjoin ing-
omit iH that we hilt tid. after tbe tirst
of January. t87-, to conduct tlie
Otocery- antl--onmii'Uih -busio'--io
all Its various br uches. paving innde
all neeeMsary arraiirements with Man-
ufaetsirera lllers aud Pork Tackera
and bavins: made '
with the Pail Roads and Trarispotation
'.ompa Ie.. thereby Bee ring the very
t"Wi-sr rossinLB fkiigqt, and havlu?
ample means to .
for all of our goods, we Inte-d to cll
them much lower than they havj ever
been sold lu thU market befoi-c To
Merchants aud Farmers who desire to
buy lu pac' age, iulessq'iantitiei' tbau
a c-r load, we vi 1 guarantee to sell at
"Northern Prices Freight added"
We are now receiving the 'a'sr st lo
of Flour ever offered for sale In this
L.artet manufactured xpresly for
our Hoiiiip, wbicti we re offering at
greatly reduced prices. We warrant
every barrel to be represented.
We c ' 1 sHcial atte tion to the follow
ing fl and wide i cannot c had any
where elje.
:,: AT M .
Barrow & LMcasantS'
Whol e s ale House.
200 BA' RELS FU)U-t.
$11 Ff OUR AT $3 00
$ 0 FLOUR AT i 7.50
f 9 Fl .OUR AT 50
T VFnY flMl'-h h fl ur wa
lanu HCtuie ex T''ly f r tar
nd nhiped lo u-'y the ai lond, l
spt-cinl freilt a rir m nta. arl we
will iruHi-tnt. e to sell it raueh bilowt'. e
rank t p ic.
20 0OO !' UVD4 RACON
20 000 p UNO Bvro
2o0( IM'UND BVN"
20 COO TUU Db dAOO l
AT wijni K.ALK
a hi p d d-r c 'y 'r
o-ir pHckinif Huv.
I'triod xpr a y
r ur
AVIiolesalc Trade
ahi'-ped ' y sn p I -nrrurg n
mx'e wj li t e liiinr""H'ion C-'U.-
ranie-, nd e irf off rin n p
lfwet I osbt prior. D nt I tiv ltf ie
ex 'mini- r our p"ic a we re g nrig
tt at bo-t-i fiur-
A 'u'l l'n- if nrocer:P kept c"""-
atanMv u band, a 1 of r.b arc offered
at Norib""n pricn Fr-ifht ab-d.
Feb'y 1875.
In addition to our stock of Floor we
arc receiving many other good mak
ing our ftock f r superio to any oc
in the pl ce, and we desire oir fricds
to know that we bought tbem to SKLL
We shall keep cofstantly on hand a
large supply of meat of 411 kind a d
shall se'lat tbe 'owest lignres. I.ibe
al advancements made 011 cotton placed
iu our ha- da for sale or shipment.
Th ia no rnj fir ririlpmpnt
The burning no'iAe dtilji beard 14 can ed
hy the Inrge q
U4ntity of ttfjrirg
movfl at Rakrow
& Pleasants.
Wh. l.:a!e Grocerv
fcttre, nd tbe
Great Excitement
at their Retail Drv G od Store is cans d
liy the great tush to get goods at ihc
b'"' l" D,J GlKu'-
Their Stock, is the largest ia L -cis
burg. Laving arrived within the lat
week, lu addilr, they areiflf.-ring
Dollars worth of all kinds of Dry
Goods at gieady reduced p ice . Thy
li4T tLe largest Stock ot Quods m
LoaUburg, and ih-y intend to sell them
to make room "lor nbers to arrive.
Dou't buy any where, until our Stock
aud ptics hare Uea examined. .
t Xouitburg N. C.
Bo VOU take lorj": Professional Cards.
It is a 28 col
mini paper, devo
ted to the inter
est of Franklin
County and the
IPenio cratic Par
ty. It only cost
$2.00 per year.
.B0mT 900 C0LUMHS
It is a good A1D)
as it ch'culates in
Wake, Granville
Nash, Wilsonj
and Jo3i n st oh
every family in
Franldin. Katc
very moderate.
Saad us 0 and
get a EmSE C&iLSS
B'Be? tax a WIiqIc
yew. . ,
Wfi "WnTIT. PtV&Trr mnn
in r ran Kiin uonnxyxo
and stop reading his
neighbors paper.
PRICE only 2,00
perannnm. ;
We are now
prepared to do
job work. ;
Let us have your
orders, they sliall
be fuled- with
-, . ...
neatness and dis
patch. u ;;
Geo. S. Baker,
EditOr & Proprietor.
fe-trm5 :
vvjV -tv .yy
Dr. It. I-. IIJG '
Ofiaia bia .Proieaaiunai Scrvicea ta
be public io
Evtry depart mm t or
LoaUburg at Warrttton o y
Dent IIuUT, liorwooii A Doii'Strv. .
CTjOUISEUI-Q. F:l:iv CO. cta
tfill prictie in tU tvv-r f'wn -f Oi(
?U. F-atkliu, Nh, WrrD at ! Htk.
Pnnft a WbMOu 1 10 tk.
i"u il rnu c ol uca -.
Jalj i5, 1871. .1-
FBAMUS105, N. C.
Will practice in the cootta if tie I U
jid trial dtvtnct.
I'roiBpt atu ntioo given to th collet
lion of claioit. ' No R0 - if
C. H. Coole, . H. Stsctt
aJt law,
And Selicitcsa ia
V 1 ate -I thf'l'irjtUff N ,Frt. k.
lit U kiiv lb-. U Riien.nnd WW- C-uo.
t'tk. r it.e 81 pr-ihh t un ! N nU
Cui . N 7 -if
T- V fH t'l.P ! ru" 1
ths pexx mutual
ufe immis. COMPANY.
If. R-tnitt "m .r t ol 't
iuw -s- ? m nt r. ar.d iif fi
d r
It n - -fT io'Vt t Vr t
am n-' r t't -. 'ntrl ! i.
fY nr' p 1 tf . It-
ff r rf. !.; ft- fl. ' r
"tf ' 0n bi ko i flu ne in
' r"f. jr ni-
3 ' n f n - ' t r f rr.
n-iul fo' fi d r ny Tyle I rarr
t ;i ii t lw S V.
" 4 ' . Tt fnvfm 1. n rrdrl -Tt
'Z oi-n . 5 tin of riM rpninmKl
irc m i "r '"'(i H rer ot L'f
n.mrniea, (Ste 03 il Imurane
5. XI re itta drc'aed mre.
ditidn'U m rumt-er. and of a larprr
averaee r-errtaf e, than any Company .
In the TJitt.-! P'a'.
Pr xanplr: ro':.y No 14. f.r
I500O, haa 'rn paid to the wMow rf
a ph''l-ph mTchan, upon which
twenij- Urn: dividend bad len de'
cUrel ae. ajraj City aevrn i-ercen.
Had lb e dlvilTirfa l-een srd t pnr
ihae Iditi-.t a o thi pdlr. 5.04&
uiie winM have been rrxd- toak
ng Ibr mVcj worth f 11.046.
6 bi IV cnae it ialiUrMn mo
treme-', prompt in iti t e"tlniert.
sife tejood coollgtiry, ar c) its ra'M
are a -w s any first clas Compacy
in thr -TMinltT.
Pri t 'pal Feanre . - Small xrrt".
tSfcoin esernrityjareerotornpr mlam.
rtrm t py?r.ent of losses, and librrtl -ty
to fh loOrd.
W. !I FINCn, Gen'l. Harsgrr for
Novh CNnli.
W D. SPRUILL, Cen'i. A-rrt.
Ff)klintor, N. C.
Railroad Schedules.
Fxprr Train 8 30 a. a.
Mail Train .4 13 p.m.
AaaiTK at PrrewuvTW.
8 0-1 p m.
Mail.. 61 s n.
Expreae... 8.17 p.m.
. Mail.'..'.. 9 30 a. m
" Exprtti 7.00 p. m
Leave Petersburg 9 00 p. ra.
, Leave WVMon.... 8 30 p. ra.'
Arrive at WliLn S,0t a, ra.
Arrive at Pcttraburg.... 4.00 a. ra.
- - Gara-jr Txatx.
Lnre Penrsl.nrg C:33 a. ra.
- Lrve Ow oo 1.15 p. in.
Airive t Oaatoo ...13 30 p. ra.
Arrive t Pe!rburg .... 7J0O p. ra
lFieithtsfr G-:on Brrch ill be
nrceive at thPeterbofff depot ocly
The dep wdl becoed at 400 p. ra.
No goods will receited after that hoar.
i aad Geniial Manager.

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