SemsonaVlo Hiis for the Farm. -- .Cloyek and GbassSeed. There is no better crop to seed -with than barley, tho Agriculturist tells us. Six quarts of clover and four of timothy is tho quantity per acre. Sow before the land is rolled. We hare frequently sown a peck of clover seed per acre with oat "tfitb; 4uiv cess in every case, but never used more than two and one-half bushel oi oats for need. WhthUthin.Med&isdovW is not smothered, and in good ground the oaU will be heavy enough. Grass And flover mav be sown alone unoir fine mellow soil, and if the ground is rich, may yield acutUn$ of hay in i Jnne or July. Orchard grass succeeds wen in this way. Cahoon's broadcast sower will sow four acres with grass, clover, etc , in an hour. B ablet. A warm, dry, rich loam is the be3t barley soil, but a clay soil, if well will bring a KEWS OF, THE DAY. Interesting Item from Iloine and I Abroad. ' Dr. Henry Foerster, PrincE&hop of Bres an, has been MFweofte to resign bis bishopric becau Mf promnigated the Papal encyclical against the ecclesiastical laws In reply to a query of General Angor s, the commander of Fort Brown at Brownsville, Texas, states tnar. Mexicans have burned ranches and robbed and killed - Inhabitants nWjDprpna C!iristi,7snd that he half sent arfhlsmocnted force in pur suit TheParia Vni vers publirfiee a Papal encyclical renewing the excommunication pro- fcotmeed agaujtsC the old Catholics of Switzer land, and couboring the authorities for protect ing them ...,. For th year endir g December 31, 1874, ihe excess of exports over imports was $45,969,497, while for the corresponding period of 1873 the exports exceeded the im- iMtB by only emJ...... While Col. 8. C Holland, of Columbus, Ga., and Icte of Mobue and Newport, was talking to W. L. Cwh, cap tain of police, a difficulty arose, and Cash shot . . -i, 1 . . i i vwb -t t mellowed and dry, wm unng B.gww Wm. crop. Sow two bushels per ncrej with, jagi ot nlrjem, Ni Y., while intoxicated, the drill, as last as the land is plowed 1 'ciUDbed his wife to death Two grocers and harrowed, but if broadcast, use half a bushel more of seed, and harrow,- .Roll after sowing in either case, or when the barley is two inches hight "Either the two-rowed or to -rowed may be sown; tho first is the heavier, and the latter higherpriced in the market. Oats. Soils that areibist, or: newly plowed sod, should 1e Psown to oats in preference to barley. Sow two and pne- half bushels of seed as'early as possible, No crop needs a more frequent change of seed than oats if heavy grain is desired. New seed should be brought from a cold climate; that from 'Canada, New Bruns wick, or Scotland, is to be preferred. Todder Crops. -Barley and retches, or oats and peas, may be sown in succes sion every ten or fourteen days up to May, for cutting green. For the dairy there are no more valuable crops; two and one-half bushels of barley or oats, and one and one-half of vetches or peas, may be sown with' the drill or plowed in, with n three-incH ' furrow. 'It is" difficult .to were fined $o0 each in New York, for eeiling adulterated milk ...... W. G. Greaves and Dr. E. B. Sparhan, on trial at Brockville, Ontario, for murder in procuring the abortion of Miss Sophie j Burnham on December 28 last; hare been' sentenced to be hanged on Jone23. Greaves was the girl's seducer, and accom- pameu ncr to vr. tsparnam a omce r. x. Barnum, the ehowman, has receive the Be- m . . : : ajar' ' ' At v k publican nomination ior jnayor oi jjnugeiwi, Conn. ' . There are serious, differences between Don, Carloa and the Carlist council of the province of Navarre...... The Paris JBien Public says the Emperor of Brazil proposes to abdicate in favor of his daughter, the Countess d'Eu, and make his home in the United States. .... -.The trial of the Guikwar of Baroda, on the charge, of attempting to poison the, British resident at his court, has reaalted in the disagreement of the commission before which the case ,was tried.. .. .: Resolutions ordering three separate and dititinct inquiriesinto the canal frauds were passed by the Canal, board, the Senate and the Assembly of New York State. . . . i The Gov emor of Texas has appealed to the President for aid, to. euppresB the outrages perpetrated by number of Spanish soldiers shun by tho votr.Uo. f since the Cuban war began is twenty-fold that hich has fallen by native steel and lead Governor Porter, of Tennessee, has pardoned ex-State Senator McSenna, who was only a few weeks ago sentenced to fire . years in the peni tentiary for marrying his former wife grand daughter.. . . . .Many of the volunteers arriving in Cuba from Spain are Carlist prisoners tho, after being captured, prefer Cuba to home prisons.. 4. A destructive fire with loss of life occurred at Basalo, N. X.;.,JlcCartney, re cently arret) ted in Texas charged with' Counter feiting, has. been the ineans of sending over wo huhdred ponsr-io the penitentiary for disposing of his bogus money.. United States Minister Woodbiirne la tryinjtogetthe French people interested in the Centennial, but has hard work ef it, as ' Frenchmen do -not take to expositions to any great extent. . . .Since the issue of General Cabrera's manifesto t th Carlista 244 officers have left ths service of Don Carlos and entered France. Of these nine were 'generals. A terrible case of fanaticism is now under going; investigation in Cuba. A mother, be lieving she was acting by the orders of the spirits, tore out the eyes of her son, and after ward attempted to tear out her own. This she did opeidy, as a solemn sacrifice, in the presence of the other women of the family, who prayed in a lou4 voice while it was .going on. All the parties have been arrested, and are now on trial .A discussion between two miners on the labor question at PeckviUe (PaO resulted in a fight, in which one of them named Patrick Slavin' was killed.. ..V. In the Cincinnati charter election the Democrats were & 7 - m EKATTLEB'R5 W. & Tho Winter uoatn uaxm. Everywhere, from Shreveport, Lai, to Stockholm, in Northern Europe, a sud den-increase in the death rate marks the continuance, and follows in the wake of the . winter of , J874-5. Jr. lUisha Harris, registrar of vital statistics for Newr York' dty in" Speaking of the past winter in cities from '.which he re ceives Weekly return, oi .deaths, said : The mortality has been fearful in every section ion account of the great changes from the: normal ; state' of the weather. The onjy other winter which at all com- pares wita it lr toat or ltvso oo. ine past season has'been'' eepedally heavy in deaths from pneumonia and other pulmonary diseasefl. The weather has been Very cold, and also saturated with moisture at all times "When tho thermometer, did not Vindicate any spe cially low temperature, the skin and mucous membranes of the lungs, throat and other passages suffered ' on account of the humidity of the atmosphere. In New York city the total percentage of deaths will be from twelve to fifteen per cent, additional, , and in the special classes of diseases most fatal the ratio has been doubled. Fever, cases have been very rate. ' Typhoid ha3 been al most a matter of., ciioace In 4iphtheri. , the mortality has assumed the virulence of an epidemic Our reports from Edin- burg, Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Dublin, Vienna, and Hamburg all Bhow ' "We invite the attention of our readers to the advertbementof Dr. Langley's Boot and Herb Bitten, which have for more than twenty years been so favorably known and so extensively used as a spring and summer medi cine. Few preparations equal these bitters in purifying and cleansing the blocd of all in puriuea, and thu recovering the health and correcting all di&eeea of the stomach and bowels, i For the various complaints that are cured by this valuable medicine see the adver tisement headed "Day me and ill do you good, in to-day's paper. Com. A friend of ours, who is chief clerk in the government dispensary, eat that no medicine chest is now complete ixhout Jotut aont Anodyne Linimmh We always supposed it was prescribed bv lw ; if it is not, it ought to be. for certaiiJv ihere is nothing in the whole T,ialeria titedica of so much importance to the soldier and te sailor as Johnson's Anodyne liniment. Coin. "nrrv.MK. ami rii. do toc good." Or all th nodes of Mdiam lb bnmMm oMtltw- tiou of ImpuriLM 1 tb Mood. jrPPj lorpia um and its kiudrwd nimart, Bon ia so ofleessnU thm of Or. IXMihKV'.1 UOOT AND IIKIII! BITTEltH. They set at s potent tonio and csnti apotiant. sr mild ii their openUoas. ssis aodar any clrcamstanoxs, sad tboossd hav boras tMUmaaj to tha banafiU thrr hmrm daHred from tbalr osa. Thar ara tha aaiast aad baat sprtnc and samaasr nadietBa diaoorarad. Fjnily ptrtifliM Tajrolariv praao tham. GEO. OL OuOUWU A CXI.. Boto, WbotasaJa Aa-ania. Bucce8&f ul by majorities ranging from 1,000 to & (rr i 11 ai . ' k i. sir Li 1 riot took place, at which a number of persons , . ' . oeen specially laxai merer, 'jrans nas were uaujjr uurt. . . , i . x. XMiruum, moiuiuw' man, was elected mayor of Bridgeport (Conn.") at the late election The supposed yellow fever at Key West is believed by physicians to- have been another, disease, ....The . new Canadian postal law takes effect from the 1st of. May instead of the let of August as originally anticipated .The steam boiler of the Delano iron works, -Syracuse (N. Y.) exploded, killing one man and seriously injuring several others...:.. At a meeting of the etockholderu I p tne American Steamship Company at Phila delphia the annuaU jrepori was specially been more fortunatetIowiog .to- the ad mirable sanitary regulations in force there. The greatest percentage of iatal cases outside of those of children are of persona over sixty years of age and i hose who have been harp) drinkers. I do not mean drunkards alone, but those who have - been in the habit of taking strong liquors, and they are hot poor people alone. In these persons the mu-! readjthowhifc 'l9us membrane of the throat is weaken- The Markets, n voaa. " Beef CtiUlo Prtae to Extra BuUoclX 1) & H3 CotmaontoOoodTex&as...... HJti 11 Milch Cows ........CO OU 00 Hog Live m)i Dreasad.. ........ 10 10 Sheep 05 V4 Lambs..... tX4 07 Cotton MMdy dr.. 1S UX Tlour Extra Westrn..-. 5 00 t4 f SS BUta Extra IW MStf Wbeat Red Wcatern 1 37 Ko. 3 6pria. 4.... ......... 1 It Kya 8tt.- 1 CO Barley State .-. 1 11 Barley Malt 1 35 Oats Mixed Western Cora Mixed Western. Hay, per cwt. ............... ....... 55 Straw, per cwt...... 65 Hops ,.74, ;-3S8--otds 08 ?ork Mess , il 90 Lard IS Flan MacJerU No. 1, new 13 00 Xo. , uew lo Oil Pry Cod, per cwt 00 so Tne Host ltciisiTniAnufactory of Ite&l Organs In the World I . nr iLLUSTRXTEn CATALOaUES SENT FREE. &8 a Mexicans on the Texas border, and the Secre- "mcj 01 war naa -teiegrapneaxne commanaiag officer of the Department of Texas to use every effort to prevent farther raids. .Ex-State Senator Robert McKenna,' of Tennessee, has been sent to prison for five years for marrying his former wife's granddaughter. ,.V; Jul the ftro baaks and lottery and policy shops in Washington are to be closed by the police -pf.f?.o The Rev. J. L. Boss, of NJes, Mich., has been sentenced to six years in the State prison for the forgery of a deed on which he obtained $1,000...... The residence of Mr. Sedgway near Genoa, reyadav was, feujrned an4.the, owner's bodjfgimaiii the rnins-tl An ihgulry showed that the man had probably been mur dered by Indians, and the house afterward burned to cover the crime. . .The . epizootic has again appeared in Pictou county, 'N. S. A. nainber of valuable horses have fallen vic cime to it. J According to the treasury statement the public debt of the United States amounted to cover peas with uie harrow. , If allowed to ripen, the cured straw and grain makes excellent winter feed, when cut inw cuah, ior uorses, cows, sneep, or hogs. ; ; 7 ; - ? , , . Harrowtno 'WnrrER Wheat. -There is no harrow so well adapted to this use ful work as the Thomas harrow. The wheat is greatly benefited, and the grass and clover seed sown is, more likely to catch. ,;..,. -.; - j -, ARTmciaii Ibrtdlizers. We must 1 use more artificial fertilizers; ot farming cannot pay as it ought to do. . As farms become worth more, more working capi tal is required, and the chief need of this is to provide good fertilizers. '. The value of, fertilizers is ; now well understood, They must be applied early and with the BOed. For V)krlftV.n.t.a rlftvrr art A m-noa apply one1 hundred and fifty pounds 6t t2,265,11.92 less $123,332,933.38 cash in .,..-t,i.i.- i- " i , , , I the treasury. The decrease during the month STTT TUTe1 of March was $3,681,210.63, and since June of mttate of soda, per acre, Sow them, 30 .45362.62.".. A special dispatch finely powdered, tooadcaBthalf ;each frpm' Berlin reports that eighty ecclesiastics way, to get an eve spread as soon as are a"t present imprisoned in Posen alone. ' It me aeeu is covered. , ine nrst rain will j is rumored that the German government has carry them into the sod. Xet thpse who arrested the Papal delegate, who has been ad- tloubt, experiment upon one acre. I ministering the archbishop of Poaen since the PLASTEU. fiowona,lmar.ftl'-n arU Jatrest ,'pf the incumbent.... A telegram from r I Oa. T- i t J..- upon young clover or oats, as soon as the growth is started. Seymour's broad that the receipts for the. past year had exceed ed, the ordinary expenses' by $147.900.'. .... James H. Ingersoll, sentenced November 28, 1873. to five years imprisonment for f Teen in the second degree has been pardoned by Governor Tdden, of New York. Ingersoll was connected with the Tammany ring. , -. 0 - Spelling Hard Words. s 1 The spelling school business which started out West and has swept the United States like a base ball" match, reached New York, several matches having taken place? there. Atone of these, between teachers .and ,pupil,a of, schools,' the' director J gave J out the first word, 'dactyl.' TrwasJfir6t spelled ed and cannot resist jfh -a' double ; atUoV of a cold atmosphere heavily laden with moisture. The' effects 61fiB winter have not stopped ye by any nieans. I should estimate that about as many as have already succumbed will date "their death 6ickness from colds contracted daring the recent cold spell. For the next fifteen years consumption will carry oft persons whose lungs were first anected during tins winter. If every one of our readers would try Dobbins' Electric Soap (Cragin & Co., , Philadelphia), they would, like us, be come-, firm believers in ; its wonderful I xheni. - Have your grocer order it. dactile, and, thefirat. sohlier feUin the U- ,r A ' ' ' x- ' ' A t ' j j i A. Mrs. Osman of .Newport, Indiana, 1 m , ... set a kettle of boiling water on the floor laughter. The next word was t'hoepoe." , . 'ru1 ;i,oi- ' 'nV the other day, near where her little son, which slaughtered two more. "Alible . , , V " ? -i . 1 ... . two una a half years old," was playiuEr. came next, and was spelled with two jJ'," , A' J tiva o i 4. i i j Theboy stepped suddenly backwards XT UV WMl. I 1 T1 l .k it. i ill , , , , . , t uu icn luuicuKW xutiu nits tinuc, iius. Osman seized him and pulled him out, but he struggled and fell back again. Before he was finally rescued , he was so scalded that the akin all over his body flaked off ; and he survived the accident Eerrlnar. Scaled, per ho.. . Petroleum' rade ...7 47 i Wool California Fleece c , ! .Texaa Australian " Butter State , . Wentern Dairy ' ' t Western Yellow . i Western Ordinary.;... . , Pennsylvania Jtlne.... Cheese 8 te Factory . . ; bUmniaa. , , , Wt stern. TCgga StaU....... i i n ocat. .... . Uye State , Corn Mixed Barley State OaU State n BCTraLO Flour. Wheat Ko. S Spring Corn luxea. Oaxa.. Rve Barley.. BaLTTJtoax. - Cotton Low illddlingi Floor--Extra..... Wheat Bed Western. ..... Bye Corn xellow.. Oata Mlxad... Petroleum...,. rRnLDaxraia Flour Pennsylvania Extra. .... Wheat Wee tern Bid Bye... , Corn V allow. Qxed.. Oata Mixed... Petroleum Crude. 10 &IQ . ...... .. . .... 4 1 (A 1 CO 44 1 21 4 1 as 73 alio 4 9 IS 031 00 1SV 01 00 10 60 & M (4 88 w fax (4 S3 2a,d. iS 16 (4 35 (4 W 4 17 (4 . 2A 17 OS , 0 34 Baat Otrdaa Orapa kaowm. f: rraatod aouiaa. o-p t t"V ROWKU, A CXX. 41 Park Bow. !. .. for t MI A 8 T 1 I s4n5 -8 8 'irfiY 27 38 31 SO .14 34 183.(4 06 4 13 24 1 30 5 84 1 40 70 S 23 1 18 73 66 1 00 1 33 ft 1 30. (4 (4 84 4 1 40 O 70 T 00 4 1 17 (4 80 4 f 4 1 06 a 1 49 Tux EI.AKTtC THUSS as bUPPOBTKR M aow aaparadln all nUtara. b4a a4pwl arrwbra b tha iaadiAC phyLtaoaaiao ,drm iita, array aad aavy. bua trttala. pantilnmi, aia., ai. Tha ocji aad vntrar aal aatiatarUaa Uwl bava mtfa. aa wen tha raa aiunbar el raoxiaj -r. vow t- 1 i-i iMrrmi4 tha lact that rwftn caa be rr.'y rwl it boat taffaHna or annojaaea. aad ofian eitatml by the urmr prfwora of MvtvlTraaM and it uihannb urt aara lor Ilacnla, aa It la tw Li. Trau 1. amm that tU bold tha rnptara aamvhr to aU '.Uona ia which tha body caa ba pld- w'-f parforVa radical com wbao all othara tit H caa b- BtJ. VThaa otx-a adjattad. aa awUaa oi tha body or .i.i.t f.m iihTiliM it. Tbaaa loatraataata hara tha mmUH4 mrprutU a tha awat aoUaaat praBUUaaeta la tha prolawMoa. ... Fiobi tha unmnmi taatlmaalak ta aer J After tba axpartaaca of wiaotha, partaaa taatlfy atrooaly lo Ua wU aa W tha a aad trmjn from loSOBWUrnet WIVO WDtCO U unnani B -wvrm. With nnatni uIiuIim. (Aa ElmrtU TVaa Boaaeaaw M a hltcQ do (Tea ALL reqatauaa aaa qnauncauona for other torwaUoca. 1 hava ao baattatkm la racardlM it aa aa tmDortant maas for the relwif aad amre ef YtJZ,. J at. (J1MOCHAS. 11. D-. lU-nfajUi mroar oi ina ron oi rw . Chief of fiaw I ora aiate tioapnai,- ee aia. 7 00 t4 7 00 1 M 4 1 2S 1 (6 1 U SJ IT 68 4 61 : 07 6 ssr 1 36 1 06 83 87 es 0 6 00 (4 1 27 1 16 a 87 4 7 A 68 BefinKl. liV St. Tetereburg say a. that 'M.; Sphicbkim, the Rusaian diplomatic agent and consul general in, cast sower, costing aboulj seventy dollars, v United .States,...-.- Bpecial dispatch win sow a Dusnel.or less -uroon an nera t tjij - .:i s t M. ' ' I 1 1 Villi Wliui DOJ a n iinniiLiai widu la toiuou ui "iui-wi,.'irSuuiiuji it iuho bows an Germany, f Settlements on-the liouree are effected with great difficulty. .There have been other tine fertilizers broadcast. It always pays to uso plaster at ten dollars a ton, or forty cents a bushel.,, ? V r. t i r I'asttjbes. Harrow old pastures -with a sharp-toothed, heaw harrow. rn.ttT r "XxMrf FfinJ eaa' BIST XCeIS!orD0 Yonr Own Pri'ntin?: rXaDle CJ O fm J ijnxrt lor larrer work out. i "Abatable" sent another to the rear, baving been spelled "te " instead of "ta." The next three words were spelled correctly, amid applause; but "monetary" having- been converted inti (I .,:.n-i. ill J. walked to the rear. The word" sieve oidy eighteenrhijirfi T t'J .Q WHlSKKKSfi arfntin Jesses Biisi nMiM on (lot heir printing and advertising, ave money and increase trn-le. Amateur lrlntlnp,deli?ht fnlpastinwrfor spare hours. BOYS have great fnn and make money fast at printing. Send two stamp forfait catalornepreses typo etc to the Mfra c m v w., aieriaea, ton. GEO. V. HOC: lswur fit Parana at.D-.SaperUiteadaBt TCaatleTraaaOe. n ray rasa aro- . Hortx, M. D , RoparUiteo5ent KlaatMT fr .-Aiu-r eaffarinc for thirty year' In fnra tha oaa of every fona of J4tliio T; in try mnl,U la this aoontrr ad la Kamoe. I. two aera aro, applied your Hi-fi fnu, and atnee that ttraa 1 hra ainMrknneaxl eootfort and aatiafactka. aad beaa taacbt the truth, that the Flattie Trcaa la the ny loatrameot that mh'jnkl be aaea lor tae rauel aaa cure ot nenua aad aw after mora thaa thirty yoara' eootlaeona prae. tl 17- Uca. aad hartrui adjuated aaaay baaOraaa of xroeaae a rr-iua aaeiaairaur). t gratefully declare It to ba my deliberate optotoe, that (aad tr the lt twenty tamtha( mr M.imn. rrus m tne eox7 owe nuiag w hw uui deaee of the pabUe ; that alaaUctty la the only power at all adapted to the reqelrenteota of a Trees or Bopperter. and am eonvtaeed that jrewe Ataafie TYwm actoally earea a larra eropontnn of aU eaaea to which tt ta apphed. aot only emon- children, bat ta aamamu eaeaa wtthia aty owa kaow lodaa of patieaU f row eu t 7i rrt t e, II. tilv HI H A M. I. Prot of Anatomy aad Sorcary. 1. Y K. Medical OwQace. Beware of cheap aad worthier imttatloa Elaatia Troaeea. whirb aotae parttaa adrUBe aad aall. frada latiy repueaotlnit that they are maaulactared by the Klastie Trw Co. . . Tow Trow are emit by nan to aU parte of the ooaa- trr twtkfMtka roaraateed la all caeca, neiore per- chaaloy; any other, write for DeeonpUre Ciraalar Jrml to tba , , ELiiSTIC TRUSS CO., 683 D roadway, New York. dispbsedof two more. . "Iterate." was - jThe art of voicing reeds," the most dif ficult and important in the manufacture of cabinet or parlor organs, was invented by Mr. Emmons Hamlin, of the (Mason and Hatnlin "Organ 'Co., iii'lgi7. It bits been '.universally adopted by. American twenty-eifihttaUurea, and two. persons have committed; 8uiid?iu conqnerfce p "financial. rferBes.Tl.Phihp Gleason, a miner, while at tempting to etcp acrosB the ehaf t of the Kansas nrn7fr.aVriI Z ' iTl I , e, near Central aty,U-&Wfcotig WT.i "u ' - " some f roBh and twe htindred poinds t f ell iundxii ihe bottom. When manded lhat aU who lost theirl of flno bone-flour per'acre'ever them" or give them a dressing of fine, well-rotted vara manure. A"1 few bushels ' of lime and one of salt will be useful.- Potatoes. Earl v potatoes should 1a the occasion of another : taking a "back seat, and " aHegeable sent five' to aciW spectators. "Allocution" and "foliace-r ous" retired one contestant eachj "VionilonTin inn i T ,";tt?rv- eJL ldilargely by European makers, but "peroration", on6, "sentiehtw two, Zne have attained tht high standard of ; - - "v. i cAtciicuw: ixt aii nmw aa xctav;xicu 1 1 1 tuo Jaconet was spelled ten pr twelie I Jaspn & Hamlin Cabinet Organs., jThis diSerent, waysWverai ot which it was' I fe;.? universally . xeepgnize4 byimnsi-. The only Preparttion that ree perfect aattafacttna to thoae aishina to raise Beard or Mustache. Da Laaacpt VUtortna." Dreoarad only ia Parte. Rach Packare warranted and eent ty mall oa receipt of M I .(HI. Sample mailed fnr 1 5 era. Addreea J. P. FRANKLIN, Sole Importer, Jerwy City. X. J. TrTTT3"l7'Ta t Oor Clabe Uarner aad if it. more and b.tttr ligkt tbaa any other Keroaeae Horn er ia the world, and tua Chimney canol araoA under all teat, where other Chimaiea do. Tha earing U claaa will pay for on rry monlh. We want an Arent ia erary township In tba land. Any neraon can muJU 9 lO uaijy Dy sucd acency. unrner ana tjaunney aent any where eaat ef Allerbanire for 5 erata. expreaeaae pre paid, or two for gl.OU. Send for the aampUa and term to A rente. i . c;i.lHK nrilNEU Raala. MiM. Pfl I Th Pwople'a dollar peper.Tmt Ommi- WANTED! SOOO w I and apCHTC I niAoaat preminma. Dr. J. Walker's Calirornia m Cjrar Uittcrs aro a imrcly Vr?ctoLlrj W 1 1 . aJ af aM t l.A na tlm medicinal Droicrlics of which are extracted therefrom without the uso of Alcohol. Tho question U almost daily asked. "What is the cause of tho unparalleled success of Yinfjiak Hit ters P Oar answer U, that they rcmovo tho cause of disease, and tho patieut re covers his health. They are the prat blood puriner and a lire-giving principle. rrf.wt iienovator ana luviurutur Ui allV m 3 a, a . - e a. . . - ... 1 n,-.... in thn qualities oi ij.uak t tr. ick tf every dUae man 1 coir to. lney aa -. aa JTMTltTJ. I 'lirim.II VB kmJ 1 -" mm we-- reiinrin (!onircuua vr Inflauinatirn the liver and Yiaccral Orgain ia Uihoo Tho properties of Dr. Walkeu's YlKEOARlIITTKM an? ArHtient. Dianhoretic. Carminative, Xatritiou. Laxativr. Dmrrtie. Sedative, Connter-Irritant SudonLc, .Urt tire. auJ Anti-Ui'iut. n. it. rierxjvAir & co.. Prncrt aad (in. A rta, t" raae. CaJifnmla, rA opr. of Weahlarva aad frhartta J bolil or all liTxtfZl and Iraler-a. v.r.x.'v.-x. bCTOa. tnltxratd to Ui ttimmvu: rUrca alar. ra .ryuim. r Ira 1L KARLK Ssjnple. tho lH?rn remarkable f $20 JUST THK BOOK vou CAN SELL, MONEY IN IT KUUB! Jaatont LWf ol, Handwifbe, Cheap. Sella ere.y where. Ararachaace. Alao, NEW MAPS, CHARTS, Etc. Oar aew chart. CHRISTIAN ( ItA t " ES e a aplaed id aocceae. Cia elanatibrlcea umt ca New York. Sead for term to K.C. riKIIHiMAIf.ft Bare Uy hCiCV.. A niW. 4ih b..Cta... shown were correct according 'to differ- i tr. i n . ' jr- j. tui autuunueB, auu iiru auaience ue- cians. laces in found hi8;body was cnibhed to a Bhapelesa ma8a.4 This is tBe fiXth miner, killed within two ' months. . . .The Hon. A. &. Bonnatjme,' 1, has been elected, by acclamation to the Domin ' ion rarliament ifroii Itanitoba .fori the j Beat planted as soon as the bats and barley rendered acant by the expulsion of Kiel.... aro in. Cover not less than four inches The Canadian Parliament has voted $800,000 deep, and hturow the grountf as soon as tbr cb"sjng theTigdfcf the Ioter-Celdnial the smallest weed aDia. H.rr 1MUOWUUIU1 "n"vuu- i to ditsperae and retire i to . their reiterates the views expreesed by appears. arain, if the Thomas harrow is used. after they are up; 4he plants will not bel .wm up or tmnreu. juooK out for thfe Colorado potato beetle; hand-piek unless they are in too great force1;1 as a last re vsort, dust paris green mixed with twenty parts of flour from a flour dredger upon tho vines, keeping the wind always to the back so as to blow'tho dust from vou: or a tablespoon ful stirred in a pailful of water, applied with a sprinkler. Take them as soon as tho first one is seen, and give them no chance to midtiply. 17e . Fffeetst of roison. A man named Walker, livincr in Brook- lyn, suffered from a nervous disease, and was recommended by his physician to take a drug Hedid sor and noted theH iBS barred by the stu, of,. limitations effect as follows: coal miner holies.-"; li the Governor in his dispatch to the Susque hanna rioters that the laws must be upheld, .. i . the pubhd peace preserved and lire and pro perty made seeure at all hazards ; that the publks highway mast bo kept free and unob structed, and trade and travel unimpeded, and that parties having wrongs to be redressed must resort to the courts, and not, in contempt of law and authority, seek to right them by violence. '. ... t ' . . " It is reported that Spain has requested Ger many to order, its, war vessels, to bombard Zarauz for the GustaT outrage, but Germany has refused..... The 'Cuban government has abolished the 2 per cent, tax on capital and imposed an income tax of fifteen per cent.... Delegate Cannon, of Utah, was put on trial for polygamy and iliaeharged, the proeeoation be- Died! Suddenly f Heart iDiseale. J -..'. . - TTaw AArMVMAti in f V.M e w am J AM Aa- Tft . Art spelling j the Tward, should be restored,. J sands ar suddenly swept into eternity by this which was accordingly done. The, audi- . r . ence then demanded ihe different methods of spelling "rarify," "labeled and flome other words to show the differ ence between the orthography of Web ster and Worcester. . , A gentleman then suggested that as the two authorities differed in the spelling of these words, the Bame difference might exist in rela tion to other words, and moved that all who had retired take their seats again. This created considerable confusion, good-naiured badinage and laughter, and was ruled out if border. P f S V 1 The spelling then proceeded. ' Emana tion " retired one; ' mucilaginous," one: " synchronous." one:, "psvchol- , ar ' ja ar fatal malady. This dieeaBe generally has its origin iq impure blood filled with irritating, poisonous materials, which, chrcnlating throned the heart, irritates its delicate tissues. Though the irritation may at first be only flight, pro ducing a little palpitation or irregular action, or dull, keaw, or eharp darting pains, yet by-and-bye the disease becomes firmly seated, and imdammation or hypertrophy, or thickening of the lifting membrane or of the valve, ia pro duced, i How wke to give early attention, to a case oft this kind. JJnnatuxiJ throbbing! or pain in the region of the heart should ad monish one that all ia not right, and If yon would jw-eserve it from further diaease, you muft help it to beat rightly by the tne of each f a remedy as wiU- remove tho cause oitue trouble.. Use Drfliefoe8 iGoeleo. Medical LDiscovery before the dieeas has become too- seated, and it will, by its great blood H AM A It I T A N NE Jt VINE Ia a rare eare for Kpfleptte Fita. Conratatona aad Spaame. It ha beea tested bf thoaaaada aad tierer waa known f o in a etorle oaae. laclcae atanip for circular rlrlna eridroce of cores. Addraaa Da. S. A. EICHMOND, Dux 74 1. fit. Jawph, Mo. ) roir, imrtituui. Mm., r .- - e Xb1 hoaeaUr thlna roar Kr Fmm aaperior to all othar Itaktng f ow ner." Wrat. tew A. Ca Grrr. SpringJUM, llam aaw.- MSea' ruaui oornbloca aU toe qualities desired ta a first -claea liaklac rNjwder." Try it. " It Is jvt the tblnr for Dyspep tic and wo-.k peraooa, aad better ftiU for the atroait aad walL" Many Varaable oo tkioa: rectpea Mwt fre?. tvnd for t ircolar to (lEO. V. Caxtz A Co., 17U Daaae St. New York. I Cir Paltr la Areata. Ki aew artVUa aad the beat far- dj nv-T tn Ar-vra rW tee ! 1 A- W fNCU..:iM Brvad-aiJY. SOLD ON TRIAL. THE YORK MAMTFAC TUIIXNC C'03IPAMVa Builders - ef TaHer. 8taftiavK I and all ktad of Will Gear tn. are aoiUna- the Boixiuza Traarwa With Hfhu ruTcuarLi, thnn.h the beet ta ne. For d ftlT'ttre Panrphlere ad draaa . VUKIi JI'KMi CO Yerh, tr.TVTS WASTED rTVEKYWIlFTRK The 1 chotoeat la the worid beportera prteas lara. eat OnoipaaT tn America lapie arttcle pteeeee ererrbodr trade tBcraaaiajt beet taeowawnte nt wt time eead fnr Orcalar to ROHrKT W E.I JJ. 4 3 Veeey Street, New Yerh. P. O. Bea j tM. TEA: SIOPERDAYK. wit ViaitiTtf and Besioees Ceroa, the b reo'a. eaaraaalac eater OU-0rmU Lm( la tae wwi r. T ummmt urnole tn rwrtn work wltb reet for H eta. Addcwas H. C. ei AM.KY. Faehkaaahle ftacraeer. j S 1 0 Waaoinctoa .treet. ttoetoa. Maw. purifying and wonderful regulating properties. e fiect a - periect cure, it contains medicinal properties which ' act specifically upon the tissues of the heart, bringing about a healthy 0rv" two- " dplpblf " threp pmett--P0"00 ia Dy nrawuaea aruggwia. ogy, to,t aeiepie, tpree, emer-1 J ; hiaht msxAsr. cram. Asuv&rviiii1 upnn'wci Af.t iuii a r vu ion Dr. Ik V. Pierce, BaffIav M. I.: About two years ago JL waa amicted vltix a uwaa vuv; a guUWlaUV VAiU VtUVaUt one; "shampoos," three; ' deglutition," one; " philippic," one; " fricassee," At ten minutes past four in the after noon took fifty minims Squib Vs fluid extract of conium ; at twenty minutes to live, effectsvery decided dizziness, . re laxation of muscles and limbs ; fifty min ims moro then taken, difficulty of -walking immediately, and want of power to control more meats ; forced to lie down', but no mitigation of spasms J limbs 'and legs weak ; unable to hold up head : speech thickening some ; pain and heavi ness in top and back part, of head : pulse fifty-six; ai quarter pastl five took fifty drops ; some nausea, some tremor at base of collar-bone and in muscles across the chest," no diminution of w y ae about tha eyes, nor of photophobia (dis like of light) ; at twenty-five minutes past five, drowsiness, inclined to sleep ; at twenty minutosito six, eyea difficult to open, speech difficult, fullness in throat; prostration nearly complete, 'diplopia (double sight) vastly increased ; ,at ten minutes past six! nausea; twit cliings, on right side7' unable9 to ' articulate, eyes closed, fullness, almost to suffocation in the throat, pulse about sixty. 1 At this part of the narrative Mr. Walker cried out-frantically for- water, and his wiftfran pfr me dei ( ($1 UfeH return her husband was dead. He had died of paralysis of the spinal cord. -Lisn i or .turns A religious monthly of '.Chicago' Js edited by a mixed staff bl preachriaa' Independent, a Oongregationalist, an EplscofiUlwJ, a Methodist and a Baptist The New York S i ate Senate passed a resolution to investigate the tolb charged in Sew York on grain transfers .... .Andreas Egner and George Itufer, the murderers of Herman Schilling, will be hanged at Cincinnati : July 13... .John N. J. Menka'aJiwuse in Boardville, N. J., was burned. Two children "were Bared by being thrown from a wjndow..Two others were burned to ashes. : Mr. Monks was bo terribly burned that he died;, i. . .The mills of Natick, R. L, closed recently, owing to the strike of the operatiyes. ..... .The boiler in Tunnel's Mills, in Elliota- ville, Jefferson county, Ohio, exploded, killing three men ..... .The bodies of three men who had pern-lied with cold were found by hunters in i roofiees cabin in Ness oounty,Kansas Harry Brown, aged thirteen, son of a New York "custom house official, was found dead in his father's bam in Bloomin gburgh . Oran ge county, haYing aecidently hanged hiroeelf while pre paring a first of April trick Enoch Avery, of Farmington, Me., was attacked by his half crazy son, who severely wounded with m shot gun.; The lad then went into the barn. set it on fire, and perished in the flames Sylvanos Keller, his wife, and fivt children, were buried in the ruins of their house, which was blown down in Jasper -county, Mo. All were bared bat one daughter seven years old. The yellow lever; raging in Havana, On the Spanish iron-clada in the harbor much fatality exists .The government of Sanat 4 Domingo will make a demand' ot $5,000,000 of ttaTnltod States for the Utters armed inter. venUon in support of Baez.. It u claimed that Costino is at the head of the Mexicans en gaged in Raiding In Texas, and that his band of murderers numbsrs 1,5C0 men fully armed. . ... .The London Ti7W, reviewing the Moody and Santey revival, oonsiden the movement transitory, although long to be remembered as a curious feature cf religious life, .....The one; ," chastise," one; "5 chalybeate,' one; and " serviceable," one., , . ' . ... f . ; y ... , , .J - , ; 1 f : t I Co-operative Houses. The artisans of Philadelphia deserve the credit of a thoroughly practical and thoroughly successful scheme f for the benefit of their class. Some years &ctol the" firsl " Co-operative Bufldincr and Loan Association " was organized in the, city of brotherly love. . Since . then! the. work has gone quietly on, until now stu dents of social . science are amazed to hear that six hundred of r these societies exist iri Philadelphia alone; that their aggregate capital is4 $150,000,000 and j Brokchttis or that many, very many, 'of their mem- jr I ij a"6nd,? bers, who have always worked and still work for dajj wages, now, own houses disease ef the heart, which at times created a pressure aronnd it, almost causing suffocation. I saw an advertisement of your Golden Medi-. cal Diseorery, recommending the eame as a cure for disease of the heart. I then bought half a dozen bottles of it, and after using three bottles J was entirely relieved and am now enjoying good health. Grate fully yonrs. . t j i.rwi m rrrji iiXUJAX. 'J 1 vi ...i. .. . . m .-... TBE)Hi7aTAf Haxr.-Uow many per sona abuse this; delicate and beautiful orna ment, by burning it with alcoholic icashes amd plasteriag it with grease, which has no affinity for: the Bkin,' and is not absorbed. Burnett a Cooname, a compound of cocoanut oil, etc, is THE BEST Pral rie Lands IOWA AlfD NEBRASKA, FOB BALK BY Tte Enrli2liiH & feri Riixr B. H Co. Oa Ten Yeara' Credit at G per ccat. Interest I "" Hflf.I.ION A-atES ta IOWA aad SOUT11- EKN HKBRASKA. The finest enrntrr la the w-vrl .1 ia eoeabine FARM' UStJ aad (STOCK HAllti. Irodartt will pay for T.aad aad TiHsrtTN neuta I eaa be Tare taw friaripal a ' ctmca da. Lnrif JDiaraaats lor laki. -The so-calid destttatioa la Nebraaka ttes ta Use far western recioa. beroad tM Uaos of tae 1. A . V Iv. Co." , IV For circulars that will describe fal! three Uads UMl U terms ot sale, apply to or aearaea. , C03I3IISSIONKH, i ,' Batlicacton, leva, ler Iowa Laads. ' or Lieeotn. Keb , for Jiebraa Lend. unrivalled as a dressing far the hair is readily aosorned, ana w peculiarly aaapted to its various j conditions,' preventing its falling oft and promoting its healthy growth. Bee edv't. Corn.! ; SEEDS I RELIABLE SEEDS! 8Pooxrafi Bottom Miirlct Vegetable Seeds SiKxrner't Prize tlorrr Seeds. n Cboiea Varieties Asters, f . Cabbaxe. I'otlWt Kraaewkk. per es. itOt?. fnr lev fMl. Onr IUoetrte1 Ota Wis ae mi frm. V.HrtCMnH.Bosion.Mass. Burnetts Gocoaine rrevanU tho Hair frvru Ftllirc. Burnett's Cocoalne : rromotc iu Ileal Uiy Grow! a. Burnetts Cocoalne la not Greaay ncr Stkky. Burrietf s CocoTalne Leaves no lssaCTtaV.c CXlor. Burners Cocoalne BaVl-w Rtfrartory Hair. Burnett's Cocoalne 6b Um XrrUatfd ScArjwEkliu Burnett's Cocoalne Affords the Ulcbett Leatrc. Burnett's Cocoalne Li not aa AkuboUe VTaaU. Burnett's Cocoalne KSXs TDandra Burnett's Cocoalne Cnvea New life U the Hair. Burnetfs Cocoalne pt.iT Lcsrart La ZStcU N PTTEE COD LIVEE OIL AITD LUIE. 1 V XX Prt?trd only by Joseph bur::ett a co. 27 Central Street, Boston. And Cold Cvrywheres illbwre 'w4 IJver Oil aad IJaae Tae -iet pvdarttr vt tbts aafe aad e&ccVna rm-arat ewt faakioe attribwtatb tn haletrrnetc worth, lalaeewre erf Coodie. t 'oloa, AetAma. limacbl'J W txvio Coecb. hrrufokMia Hanaors,aad all CoaeaasptHre pt in. U '. U eqaak. L aa eaa aeaieca tne eenr at um kf Pnt.VOae. 31e-' S,) ar aad sUvw Va .tell wJ F 55 t S10 Mel f DAY at arw. T rneftwe. A4 rrtU4 ee aaa ao eopertor. ermfaoata rt on wbea an aeot ta ihra Chbojtio Bon Throat. with irritation 'of the bron chial tubes, which convey the air we breathe into the hings. This irritation produces sore i treat, . hoarreness, coughing, and sometime ma una worthfroli m ta &otf J-fi2BLlLSJ?Sri,,i.VSo,S Only a Small. per M of jlaesa 8S30Cia" lgnj and settles into confirmed consumption. a 7 .if . a i i - - . r j J miio Air mBtoi ai rbaaxa Darta mr Maae Perfrrt y Arrsmlr. Iieoommo mxI Ny rtorta nea aa4 Al Jitary aaea. Splead d rarior Anwomt Oaa tear ti . a Dead Kut by practlciaa; wi'h tt. Ta a Sotirta maa It la laraloabte. Prtea, tnalodiaar Darta, fUaira. Tarce'-a, and tioaatck. ZMO. ILarM)annelr wickle plated. UwOO. betkadjaatiae: ReU Tareet, 2JH. ror bate b price, aad ' far-tarera. sbkb wiU aUeriate ail spUrats es tae Cae-4, Inrs i 1 1. m Thn.t Uu.fu4.nt Milt b . A. H. WILJiUM-l I ' Cbetaiet. Beetno. aetq by all draarg lata. CTT4T)XC T? TT7T T7 PH L -L- OJLAXVAX tj AalAUU Wm Mi" Maaataetarera ef Tatmmt Bteeeb loedla. MQttary. I . 1" . ""TTT IMS Uf rttl Kerrd I r-i l- txwa r wi ' '.it . II fV" priiwapel aaatcaca at Or.xl fOUTIU to t iaeteU relara m X it a Limiaei for yaraa. ajias staa rVad tor lllaeirated Cataiucae. . Akvoii ku Orrrca. K. li. W tsTTXTTT. HTroap, ruattveiia UANJ. retMkOiaa(iaa: rteu laraea. aj, by (ina iMalrrs. or aent by mail oa r-p cf 1 i eaa. poatare. INIPK UKOfOMaaa. re, 4 II lab Hewet. Kelaii. Max QPIDLICUItE tions have failed. Uiih AOlfena Litms Jdalsani will Toe found a zno?t valuable remedy for oaring this . disease, and prevent its . nuinicg into ooneumption, For eale by allmedicice dealers. Com. ; Patented 1873.' The test TdaarUe Trnse. Made only by Potneroy ft Co., 744 B'dway, JJ.Y. Com. - .: ASTAJBTiixxa Tbuth. ThonsanJs die annually ' from neglected coughs and colds. which boon ripen into consumption, or other equally fatal ciFesso ofttie rnnrv r when bv the tiraely nse of a eingle botUe ot Jr. 1 ITw-i kit m xMixaorit vj n ua ,iucrry vueir uvea cotua have been preserved to a green old age. Fifty cents ana one aouar a bottle, large Dottles much the chaper.- Cpvn. . Veteriroary snrtreons all over the coun try are recommending Serbian Cavalry Oon amon fenxert lor the following" troubles in honest lam ot appeutev Tranghncae of tha nair, stoppage of bowels or water, thick water, coughs aud cold, swelling of tha clanda. wonaa, horse aa, thick wind and heave. Com. Modern Medieal Diseorery. It is claimed that disease, vritli a fer exceptions, has been conquered by the research and intellect of enlightened men; and yet a noted professor of New lork admits that "of all seiences, medi cine is the most uncertain." and that thousands are annually slaughtered in the sick room. Certain 44 schools" of medicine are in existence, one of which 44 makes the patient ill," in order to claim & cure; and another administers 44 sugar-coated bread pills," relying upon nature to effect her own cures. Dr. J. "Walker, of California, an old and re spected physician, tried both modes of treatment and both failed. He then, appealed to nature's curative -herbs ; and now enjoys rugged health. He has (riven the benefit of his iliamvprv tnlha world, m the shape f Vinegar OCiiUra, Eikrmcrnr xa IatnL-i-AIl nervous dis- and ainoe its introduction has sold a orders,! chronic ataae- of the chest, head. quantity almost large enough to make a I hver, atomach, kidneys and blood, aches sad smell Jiurhnr err i ' 4Va I pains, inervoos aukI . reneral debilitv. etc.. Easierri. Its criraH-ra rorwio- IT cura after Crep fan by vreartngTolU .....v. Q.BMvweeMue VJ t WUS Wv, VUlCUUiaQ, ViilOt VVTt Tae naoat soaeaaaf al reaaedy of Um prea- eataay. Send far Pa i r ob Oaiitn flat. 4n Frof. D. .tlf eker, T. O. Boa 475 lerta,Iad. PIERCE WELL AUGER Obsapaay offers tl jm ta aay aaa thai wiU suunifart oaapete wUH taeaa as omtibc a XHpea swl taroaca raiKtoa aad saadatoee. aad la taaina aa aad naealnaT bswkteis and Ime tooea. Anta wniH aa evarv State. PK11TAV GUAJtAJITKKZA, bead ot UAXAUnnrm. Addrna . C1IAS. 1. FIERC72, ElBeaiaild. lewa. DAY GUARANTEED Well Aacjcr aad OrfOs ta good tarrftorr. BWaest taatia alala faoatGoearaacsaf Iowa. Art aa sas aad Dakota. e A I eaw a o n s a we aaa the srtetaal W - J I I W I ll a reatura. parttes baying e anting aa Aaawr Vka owa. witaoot ear enaai at. wUl ba for tairUuraBaenU Aaawr twos tree. Slow oatlt to Adit ass -vd Areata. W. W. J LLA, Bos jK. St. Loaia. XIa. OK5 ft. C'baac Liaaac eeiia at swat K Goodatr . eaag tataaa: MT Cav. lioatoa. T?HKK A bnrm will OjUoaa Hat isg aat liranke awr eitra terras Ar-.' watioi at. rvnu'Mi.TQ no. rNTA't-t. Ta 2TTUXKnfrTrv.riST0Wr rcTOLTiw, S10 cataiusrae. pint nY- J. tLBL fTORITB 805S AraavaadarsrrUaa. 49 Fa ally saada water-tlcbA wtlb OSaee f4ate Pabst, wutcA aw. Tew saabtnaliac. snal las aa tar. hi estrwaawi i ap. awmrtfemijy Bra araef. eery OS aa aara-W aa4 laaerera as Pabtta 1 a leaoiaar an ta i Clrralar ef Ilwwae i. a. ni. I r. Himri.-iii a CVaar Mrrn, ew Vee-b ait all i. Crpe, aaaaawaa. hM law mis r srtieatasa. and fail t OOII.CHKOVtOMfe.fJlitwoloetie- A ' -m4 rWMd-inTrKVl.Rnl- IVwena A Cbcee. WAieTJLli ""oon Acrrn iy aba. fajabeass ff W lfS? l 4.aM tar, Sara fS ftartA a - 1 arm. im mt i awX as CIIAIKiE, a IVearrlarVv bat aay Fui a p. uui m a rnaifre Cara I a Addnea. Paor. J. T. V irw.l.t, rbarWiowa. alaaa. An.t a nix a,a -i OaWi Addrees FaraAa MT tL.Vacha 8200 k awwrtb b KXCKLblOK at 1VJ CO , Adi eaaaaaitra VA'TEO AflEVT rr-rrwbete.ta sf car tar " Lite ef Dr. L4.iijrtno." frvsa ata efalSdbtmd te Last JwIral." r. U. rwpJi- a wit-mn. A rm. PeoeV.'a : t.ti. K R. Rt NaKlX, Pab.. fvwAoa, ea. EVETIT FAMILT WANTH IT. afoaey ta K. h-A4 by Aienta, Addreaa M. X. LQVP.LU aW.Pa. (IOrf AM 0?TT 1 1 Aswta wealed every. aad Gawd, a si tea anS aaar aea eat, attwa ,y STr-iXlmm waa rood U-o las al B is W-ars. wna aeary awi r. ea4 ewterna al aik twees terwt eaa. AUawaa ey L a-at a - Aaeeas W-Ot r6rw tt. f . .)( r wees, at aa4 Ma re rfcUr f rus 1 S ta ta a d.y I S-it tmi as pti tttutas wvwwtrtawb adW-art as. :a veUwm.l wwtat CnarwiW lcin, U eerJk.s wi-e ewnmlera, t few, v. rm r as Si i i w A. IX ta aaraasaswa to. lirtlerd. tie XS.OOO ALREADY HOLD. rl COTS rATXTTCTJfrtbdae i un AtPiMurrcm or . i . ; "-rSODAFOUnTAIIIS 1 L fio, $w0,$;5,ii $ioo. GOOD. PTjEAtUr. A!TO CUXAF 1JV?S. JUdf foe Lee. ltata4 Try I1AP31A?C sV IU4 JlauSl .a, !. eitwtav.(.rwt.' i-u UA.wei fara 11 I ay aw. H, TafTniM4iintfntliWMVrt . i nxiMiicmiLitirriiLKOCT 1 . . . . - - u t ,ir,ii ilia m rvi hMww Ue wnkaa Ta rajt rr ,t. nOC.aad tae UOUOC Via. Aaa ws ef biI V l(M4ineWTlr a. ewe is iaii i a4 fclib. Vt(Ti SVtTlMt CiUiAJf 4 do vour? own pnirmnci I t 1 su U UA JSJf M WW 1 L Aawteer rnatrra, arHeeK aerlrtlra, A -('rvn. AA ere aetata, a-4 wa aa '4jrew!wniH."j - t iirt. - P-ri e aaa f C 5 UaMJ. O. WOO! 4ea -ere ta aU kadt af I as? M beiaWfaa) D ACO.rsewfwsaJ brl.tlKI r a:,",, tilbiaiU.aett1' I )

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