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GVEO. SI BJKEB, Editor, and Proprietor:
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f .
LOUISBUBG,. 2s. , C.. FRIDAY; MAY 14, 1875,
: f
' Ml ... . . - - ' - t - , . I m ! ' - ---S
" -" 1 - , , ,. .,.,---, ,---.-,,,- .i , i i.i. I . -I ., I . I I . " " , ' . I -... .. - ' '
V t: Clasp Llghtti). v -
WiJJ flowers di wben warm close bands
Their fragile feteuui tub eaer neize; 1
Hold loone'y child, fc'j- Jit lire wanda j
Of Joy, tha wonld wave free like theee. !
Tonnh gently the flue fairy thing . . ... .. I
Th-vt lean their sweet forms 'gaiobt the
One hTTh thought InlBbrer blootrf from
wina i
Tht coyly fan love's tUrer bower, 1
" ' r 1 j 1 4
Clap lightly what thy heart would keep ;
Iu dearent hope, in deareftt fearj
The ttof t wind woes the May from Bleep-? f
What haa rough March but April's teai? !
Clergyman r' WlTo giveCh this woman
to be married to this man?" 5
Mr. Lis! i man nodded his head at the
parson, and then winked one eye myste
riously several tiftles.
paraded the street the bride and the
groom leading the van. A tremendous
volley of old shoes, slippers, andiiether
besoms, was thrown after hex as slid left
her father's house. They now proceeded
up the ' row ", to see the uewly-f urnished
Last year, during
an extended ru-
The paptomic feat, was followed by house, preparatory to repairing to the
more coai-se-merrimeat, which was angri- "Cross-Keyd," where th weddidg lance
ly rebuked by the curate. The ring was
then demanded, Geordje producing it,4
neatly secured on the end of a brush
handle. At this, another guffaw was
evoked from the six men, ad convul
sive tjlfari JKoifi! jbix aaids. By
this time I could appreciate the clerk's
sagacity in keeping the other crowd outr
side. . . .
When the names had been registered
ual lee pad, the
: : ii, :u- i .-r i i-inu the -trv. and the usua
if riiir.iirii in Lim miiiiimr if ir it 1 1 iihii i . t j-j ? -i
pcnod into Burradon, England, onTa tfii
Baturday morning. Long before tile the newlymamed couple 'Oinkmg and
fi,k ,,.! hm.. wu, rAnw T Vnai leadu?g tjie van. The clerk then turned
by certain infallible signs, that it wis the f thf lo?k and Pfd.
"pay oaturuay.' ivo sucn' poiBteros
revelry characterizes txq' t 6ttt fa.ivu-
In addition to the fortnightly, pecuni
osity, there was to-day the additional
excitement of a weddintr. "Geolrdie' Fois-
foi" lin1 luin Tllrintr" TintKin? I and crroom emercred. In front of
LLslman six suocessivci " Sundavnee'ts." i1184 htside the porch door, the
Last "pay Baturday" he had bougnt ting-stones "bad. been ,
the ring at Newcastle,; an j&4ix the singuhprifof typim
, nuptials wre to be solemnized at the
parish church. Intthe lonr 'row" of
pit-cottages there was no difficulty in
discovering the residence of tlQ bride
Vu cp. A crowd of urchins surrounded
the door, and were glorying with all the
optical power at command. Finally,
about ten a. m., the procession emerged
seven couples, each lassie linking "
with her laddie, the . blushing young
bride linked " with the grDomsman
There was some brave cheering ! on ' thd
jiart of the miscellaneous mob when the
paudily-dres3ed party triumphantly
pranced up the middle pf thtf street
Parterres of orange-blossoms Mid1 fur
longs f)f white ribbon were flaunted in
the sunlight; and the silks that com
posed the dresses of the bride and her
maids were of wondrous sheen tnd bril
liant hues. There was more velvet about
the room and his men than I ever re
member to have seen on the backs ; of
seven persons before; and there was
more watch-chain distributed ;over the
ccven velvet vests than I ever expect to
hco again. Mr. Elijah Lishman the
brido's father, and an old acquaintance
of mine, was present in an official ca
pacity,, and it did not require a ivery
pressing invitation to induce me to
join him. "Old Lish," as he is famil
iarly termed, and I walked behind' and
aniilo from the hymeneal procession. We
were surrounded by a motley crowd of
; tag-rag-and-bobtail musketeers, armed
with shot-guns of every conceivable de
scription and'possiblo antiquity. The
pigeon-match gun of to-day marched
i-heek-by-jowl with the " Browa Bess "
t hat had lain beliind the linef pf Torres
Vedran, or banged away at Waterloo.
There were about fifty gunners, besides
fourteen .men," under the directions5 of
two major-domos, who wore white-satin
favors, largo as saucers, attached, to tieir
coat lappels. . T , . l - -i
Tlio genius of disorder seemed Iq per
meato every . individual , in that .cyowd.
The banter, tho yells, thie purposeless
profanitv entirely devoid of malioe
were absolutely astounding, 1 A etr4nger
out. Instantly the howls and yells of'
the outside crowd filled the air, and sug
gested the idea that it jyas a turbulent
riot, in8tea4tflatariihonial rite, that
had been celebrated. f
Through the church portals the bride
frected. This
iigjal antiquity" is
composed of three stone pillars, each
about thirty inches high. Two are
placed upright, about two feet apart,
while the third is placed as a cross-piece
connectinsrthe tons pf the two. As the
bride apiadaenei tftis ctirioas
die, the two favor-bedecked major-domos
darted from each side of the doorway,
and very unceremoniously clutched her
one by either arm and hoisted her clean
over the " petting-stones". Thence oil
fheeft lussejljei:, wfiile the folheri re
ceived ' firing-money " from the groom.
Simultaneously there was a deafening,
indiseriminating volley of jubilant
musketry outside the churchyard, that
vexed the nerves and the tympanum.
The bride and; groom then " linked "
and" marched toward the crowd. Two
other pit-laddies jumped at the first
bridesmaid, caracoled her over the
" petting-stones," kissed her, and black
mailed her partner as before. And so
the process was Repeated till r.all the
ladies had been hoisted oyer,' . Some of
was to be held. 1 There were about thirty
couples at the baHt. , The ladies, plied
their feet gayly. They double-shuffled;
they' one-two-three-and-hopped ; ' they
executed the ' high-cut;" and they ex-:
hibited the intricacies of the Highland
fling. The bonnie pit laddies r doffed
their coats and jumped and hallooed and
beat - time. Until the perspiration ran
from them in trickling streams. . :Thft
fiddler - scraped away ; at a breakneck
pace. Jlis body swayed to and fro,, and
his foot banged away, marking time as
if he meant to burst a hole in. the oor
and disappear through it, chair, and fid;
andalL... At the end oJL-eTexyaance,
there wara mad , cries oL "Squeak the
Decritttrfr Jleimrtu it Xntttr ml
tleaofCUutmte '
.J hare recently, says a resident of Ban
Bernardino tmty, ,Ca orrda, seen an
article from anta mrDara with tnia cap
tion: " Personal Experience1 of a! Cali
fornia P.riidise, on : Paper!"" I have also
read an article from the Los Angeles
Herald ' denouncing in" 'the -' strongest
language the foresaid letter, and prom
ising him; should he visit tho " Angel
ihty" a -ride on the ragged edge ol a
three-cornered rail to the . tone of ' the
VBoguea March." , , .....t ,
n , This we call strong language for 1875,
and has a strong savor of lawlessness, if
not of barbarism. I also consider it good
proof that you? correspondent told; the
exact fcrathi hit the hail .on 'the head;"
Slander never makes men wince after
Both cameo ax! chi"tnF aaa
Drrr(rtl f m Xt mUm net ! I pljujj are renve.L . ' iuivl
Xetr Tmrk Sprlt0r J -.- The fasiJoriAblo borjrrt tritftming U
rAll the tranweti'jas U Wll ;trcet, Tr gilk, rtllcrw and tPn rtU-
aays the Sun, are earned on without any J J ptrffr.' re agmin in favor.'eftcn rtrj
. TChmt. Xeekttief.w y.
We have no doubt the wife of Lieutrti
ant Fitch thinks it "a little manM that
she cannot have her necklace preeetited
by the Khedive. It if four months it
haa been at the custom house and .there &jnix3U:i excq)t the mere wonl of a man, f ;. f pMlly. t . nned by
n is uaeay w oe, uiueaa remoTeu uj mo j a case of a diTputr bronchi
payment ol regular aaues. me reborn- tore an arUtruUon rotrunitU in au ex-
tion merely authonzea the acceptance oi -MtuA tire ocwinvocft. . Tni,
tho present ffm a foreign potentate. It .j r fdthful
m mjl w c ii a &i arwii( w w-
s by tome anpposed; that ?thA'- treasury t for if ' formitJ ia the
i i . ,-i , . r T i ... . 1-- I " ' I
oia auow.ur ina. wngiw. praeu m i- h . contract had ben in-
InHm TWi-nmi ttinr 4 Via ilinmATfil TIIVMt liVSA I - :
4MMWU lAMUUfiaUH wm I w w !
to be delivered to Mrs.
I Jc.)UckfIlk! are rrefrrM fta blue
blacks thia seaaon, and t& .fie.rrpa are
in gmter favor than the t earyeoniA.
5.B0flaH-WOQldf trgWfUMUl larr.
m ahown in ronch aurtacea ua
f ":7V- f.,1 t mitr.
wauling . was produced, upon hearing"
which" every Jackey " kissed his ' Jemy;:
The wedding ball wound up with "Joan
And?rson7 or the cushion 7 dance ' Va
peciiliar pOTfo'rmahce, 'where there; is
alternate .kneeling by men before womenj
nd , womeiL- before ,Jhen, a&Jiifinitumt
ndktesihg-iadnataeiwL The poor
bride thus was compelled to kiss every
man in the room. 3 j
.i At eleven o'clock,. Mrs.' SallieTFoeter
oond necklace would not U able -r. poods. , Prk f roaVvrcty
iitcu ireo oi . trt.nwrl one-tenth ef Itha buaineaa - j. i 'm dnilir and twealHre cent.
.duty. Such is not the fact. It may seem lhrr tnast now . accardiiigry: - i whrf at! bf wkirboot di-
ahtaeodd.but jt ja neyerthelesa true K tUi kind of . honesty la j -rL-, ud toii.' with flO) fixing of
"TTiTn r, .7 r not ol a very tugu son, since peopio air? i prtIieJiJ kid, broo4 JTeoca wpo. fa u
VJ our ouuia , ox u ma vwua. eimply because they fannotaaora h
evince anv creat cnnositT to ascertain its , , ..- u n: - I
actual value. ; This is perhaps attributa-
ble to discretion, and calls to xrand the u ntM . hrotherhobd. ' Except tv7,'
1 x" I WW nm traonalfluamla Wyji VB 1 T.tri sk'
hibited in thepalaoeatJ-asbon., ihia , . . onril- , th-i.roV-r- ire all ! cm i ' . rt-1 kf.i.Wfc. ifcfcad net.
. 1 i . . .... . h ' i mim w 1 -a . ' l rrw ria . m w v "r-
such 'a manner; and we wish to say that diamond, though it ism largeas a lien a UsTma ot exceUent fellowship with .each I An,tJxA th tliit buttfn, and
olifown exenenco 'and.that of others egg and weighs over 800 karats, otLer; Tho youngest bf them look Tery . Tir on tha
hooIbW All aortsoftrac-l.- " .
Irish, lace made of puje CinHhread is
UwrWlor tHcnniE wtramA dr-
of Untrd, batiste,' tA -The Vre inacr
tiona to match. tuti Ja
w, tof. wearinff i th'. hair is to
Vlw J w -
i . . . I l . a a - - " f j
t lI V ) . t I i 1- a m.. Aavma VSA r 4 iM 1 f I I a - Mv wv I p i f w r A VLrVi A V MflT - ' 1 T a ji
nacue i wnen a noma Kina oi cater- wuo nave -iwu. owiud muo m u.t.u. , ,c Dc du.ujwcvi . .oy , .-j, i:vft Rrhcoibovs. Aiiaonaoiprac- i,- 4 ..,
. - 1 -.! ; . 11 i a: :! i. r i i,;l,- !, 1 . . - r ... . j - tcxuwv
1 that youir tmg and lishing , aimply ,'t ti fokk iu indulged
, .1-: ; is a doubt about it. For there are ex- . mr:, vr LT
. .. .. i . v . ...' ' -- .- I " O''
that cannot long De con- perts in me iraae wno pronounce wo oe by hi 1
le .world is being terribly merely a Very fine piece bf chrysolite, j j. ,4 j'
California goes to confirm all
Correspondent has said.
It is a truth
coaled that the
deceived in regard to southern Cali
fornia, both' as respects its. being a para
dise far invalids and for fruit arrowers. I
have sen many articles iu its praise. All'
the newspapers . here, ( . ioweyer t much
they differ on other points, agree in exr
tnllinir it in th utronffesl laniareas if
brides-, it were tho " heavenly country " itself ;
was' escorte'd home "by her 'six brides-, it were tho
. . .'. .
(me hur maids, undressed sewed in a sheet, put and every poor invalid who reaos tnm
'. U tdAlrft: After th'e bridesinaids 1 tliints that if he can only Teach 'here- he
left the bride, the irroom and his men 'will hardly fail of a speedy recovery.. As
came' along .With many , good wishes,
they left him .at the door. ; Tlien they
santr some ribald verses, and went honle
to bed. ' . ! t - .-; v . '
Half the charm' bf the Khedive's present
would ranih if this celebrated necklace
were tested br the appraiaer'a-art. -The
Jevxlery. Circular : Rtyeet an LXaeUnt,
drawing of the necklace, and says of it:
The estimates of i the yalue these jew-
elj have been exaggerations beyond all
precedent, and $40,000 really represent
the most , liberal valuation, .that ' etui be
put.upon.them, thei number ami, axe pf
the diamonds are 89 counterbalanced by
2 'Mnilli LL wUtjlb iSfearfullv different from that of New,England and
I . ir. t 1 fn
ototwI flci..tvof the Colorado river. wortnern otaies.. Jnere are no snow
This remarkable stream has terrors out storms, no days of pinching cold. There
01 sight more impressive than its canyon
Fatal "Swlrlijl
a ooDsequfence, 'many . are selling home
and homestead at ' a great sacrifice, and
arO coming to the " sunset land," and in
many if' not in a majority of instances
are coming! here to die. ..;: 1
The winter climate here is indeed very
in while bTluneas
seldom Will jotl ler
faixiily name; it xa
Ben," or Char-
- ' W i 1 1 -- w f .!-' ! -
era become weu aoquainwa, mere i
hairdl ' any service thAt they wduld re-'
fuse to each mother.
tTt .
I y- tijf iront,raw U, back to the nap
pf thTneik, 5 let it Jiang or -re
thick cui La. -,..
several "clerks, and 'always reqtliro from
a customer a -very heavy margin, while
the vagabond- boys do business in a free
lance kind of ptyle, and wilj satisfy them
i fV 1 ' J
ine luieuive nas prooaoiy never seen ft pjtee of $100, wherq a
the necklace, ana ne? wouia ruiTajy do ... . rtMtAvU'hrm would renuire
pleased to learn that thosd who were in-J fl1 ywy. - . vt. ,.- ;
walls, and more dangerous than; its
rapids :, , ,
The Colorado' liver is noted for
"swirls," so-called. They occur every
where,' but only at high stages of water.
A bubble rises -from the bottom, 'and
breaks.- with a slight sound.- on the sur-
the girls strtTjgled, some giggle'd and 'facei The4 rater at the- febint- begins a
inTTrfl. vcViilo thA RAvpntb. r VlnslT. rotary motion, so small that an inverted
naiad of two hundred pounds or j so,
stoodand submitted to be lifted with
sullen resignation. Coarse jokes circu
lated jjwhen two 'slender, pittden made a
frantictittftcipt to elevate her avoirdu
pois; but it was a signal failure. They
upset the stones, dropped her, took a
hearty smack at her lips, and the lifting
teacut) miiht cover 1 itl Lararer and
larger graws the circle, till a surface of
forty feet in diameter is is motion, spin
ning round a funnel-shaped hole in the
center, two or three" feet across at the
top, and coming to a point in the depths
below. '
Often a large tree, floating down the
is much beautiful weather. The beauti
ful perhaps predominates. ' But it is not
Eden, as many would have us believe.
The thermometer has quite a wide
range.' The nights are often very chilly,
while at midday the sun scorches. It is
a land of fogs and frosts, and what is
equally bad, of fierce " northers," which
are as bad to face as a driving storm,
raising, as they do, thick clouds of dust
that must be as damaging to a consump
tive as the worst jNew England damp
ness. .
. We say, therefore, to all invalids who
contemplate comincr to this "New
Italy," take
trusted with the order in Paris had an
eye to quantity rather than to fjuality, in
making the purchase, s Thia ornament
contains, it is said,4 about seven hundred
and seventy, brilliants of all sizecy from
a seven or eight karat stone to some as
small as one-twelfth pf a karat, The ag
gregate weight of , the diamonds as at
least three . hundred karats; but the
quality is what is known as Cape By wa
ter, a quality of diamonds technically
described as being " off color," and they
are well paid for at $100 per karat, oost
of setting and all included. 'The duty at
twenty five per cent, on the jewels would
at the utmost only be $10,000. -
What f JLorelln? I !
It is not in pearl powder, nor in gbl
den hair dye, nor in jewelry. 1 Jt cannot
all reports of its marvelous be got in a bottle- or in a box. It ia
healthfulness at a large discount; other- pleasant to be handsome; but all beauty
wise you will be sadly disappointed, as is not prettiness. There Ls a higher
like every .other, .iiaas.oX.iaen; Uie . .Im for vrtartig the hair U
brokers may be divided into respectable q,, ealffonv ith lhpso wave in
and vagabond classed ,The rctable ftmt . trapped-with MnpFT .Tct
ones have plenty of money, large offices, n v - behind.
ShirrB lit by no mean had it ly,
and appcT-on flounce, sleeve, waiU
and pvexakirta, after acrving.aa a mean
of draping the latter garments.
Tnint. tTlYn art Jxnor Wtiful Uian
even i Paie ailrcr; cream ielcf, delicate
piak, straw "color, light sblae apd green
are among tha jtpo a W;on.
Jet fringe re "alUl gTeat
variety, aS will UiX Osgood to
wHch they are knroriatr-oth wiUi
ind without thepaaaamttttrria.'to match.
Aaolty:jutintrodacsl4.u h
Uo ol blacker of white tullftyith nnre
or with pointed ends, rmbroidfred with ;
flos and dotted with tiny aile aiut uuv-
For summer traveling ootk-aoled boot
will be ahown, tha advaclftfa thre be
ing thai tha cork aolca are. wn-oondnc-tors
ol heaV a & thu are cwler for the
'Sixk'Uai percales wiCi'liaudnomo
'white lace border, will bS aaia worn
Ibis mmmer.i Bomb are bayiig thera in
profereac to the laoeKWiereand ether
Like the brokers themseWe,' o also
the stock may be' divided into jwpoc ta
ble and blackguard ones., The, respecta
ble stocka will allow you to sleep (quietly
at night, but, very seldom w thexo. any
profit or any fan in dealing in them.
while the blackguard stoc, tnougn dj
no means safe things to carry over night.
will' give you ample, chance to gain or
lose hundreds of dollars in a few hours.
All you can expect to make in specu
lating in Rock Island,' New York, Cen
tral, New Jersey Central, or any similar
concerns is about ono aoiiar a wee, un
less you lose that sum and have to ' pay
the commission besides; while vagabond
stocka will make you lose or win bun-
dreds possibly thousands of dollars in
the same period ol time ana wim tne
same amount of capitaL
. ...... . . I -J.; . 1. . 1 il-. .II.. . .1
was over. As each pair lett the churchy J tcviJI f?!" . K c "
yard, a handful of pennies was pitched tnrusi in tne air iweniy or uuny ieet
into theair,tofcj3 s5 rambled for by. the
boys, and the way these young ruffians
mauled and tore each other was a cau
tion to see.
Amid the firing of guns and the cheers
of therowd, the weuldng-jarty entered
the? v'Bhi Bell''? parlor, Tvhile j the
while the -olhf : losses underneath the
expose.d end .9 be slowly drawn dowh
againand- to disappear Three soldiers
deserters from Camp Mohave passing
through the ravine in a skiff, immediate
ly below the fork, suffered their craft5 to
run. into a rwirL
shooters ancT their friends entered j the
kitchen. Half a dozen lialf -gallon jugs
of ale were soon cir?ujating among! th:
uproarious fellows, and the noise, inter-M svanj ,awhy
- . 1 11 1 i
las uoas
Onb of the fcrewi at the: first intima
tion of danger, himself overboard
D.eyona ine cnarmea c",cie; auu w
sny .ILe-lurned. his he.i.inoiid.
as he
hundreds have already bean. Few can
afford to die here, and the best place in
which to die is home. Think twice be
fore you start for this new Eden. Con
sider every - laudatory account as rose-
colored. The probability that you will
not be benefited by coming is greater
than that you will be. , . .
, And that southern California is a para
dise for farmers and fruit growers is all
moonshine. Nine-tenths of . the land, if
not more, is mountain 9 nd desert. Next
to good society, the greatest want is
mingled with occasional musketry, grew"
fast and furious. ' ".
One endbein&
m M I v ,A -v - 4-VM.Tj.A 11V VMTI
spin rronnq aiia) reunq unui, l:ttWrri uu,l . UitiA,-c ,"
drawn into theVertex; and peacn or iruit 01 any, una can you nave
beauty that makes us love people ten-
. 1 'mm
derly. JKyes, nose, hair, or bkiu never
did that yet; though it is pleasing to see
fine features. What you are will make
your face ever for you in the end, whether
nature has made it' plain or pretty:
Good 1 people are never ' ill-looking,'
Whatever their faces may be, an amiable
expression atones for ' alL . If they can
be cheerful also no one will love them
1 . . '
the less because their featured are fiot
regular, or because they are, too fat tot
too thin, too pale, or t too dark. ChlU
vation of. the mind adds another: charm
to their faces, and, on the whole, if any
- i ? BTia. . . ; . -
The physiological and anatomical con-1 r-rojjercd buttona' andfancy cro-
of the-body of brokers u not a 1 v . .tv are ucd on Hk' and similar
1 . ..... r . . vlCAlc V . , ...... .
an1 smoked Yrl. mlJ. horn.
very easy suniect ior- iQveegau, wr 1
great brotherhood being, composed ci 1 torWUo shell air. nM oa eus-
membcrs ' very dulerenuy , conamuieu
and situated. Xhere are altogether alwui
1,300 brokers in the. Gold and Stock
Exchange, and of theee .barely COO arri
in'. Rtate to buy to-morrow new auit I
I tame matenai. ' .. j.j-i
-tmt costume for theprefnt ewon
are always, composed . of eitl-f r two ma
Uriala or twq'colors.'or ahidi4 of color.
t.,: f.ioV.ti fifTiiar rpfibte wear aro
A v 4B W W-M' w
of dothce: The vast aiajonry of . them 1 TmJontliy silk and eaihmjatte.
are muh like brv-fiess bartUtert or doc-1 ot IvCW shape pf linnet tluit
tor without practice, the only differtrncej ' w. JU that with a
' being that ,hfth and the Ooc- i.. . irim Unre'own. Tho
meeting Uie procession would have! as-
cscajoa. lunatics, vju iwo or uiree oc- ..7.,. v
casions Mr.. lislpaoan uttered Mfea):fi f i J-Ji
imprecation rat fu3 6wH es, ihd Hqujest- silken trophies.
nriiW .nmnoil m-. r tli TiA.ltyo nrniAr come for the bride s carters-i-an extra
thoimpe&sipntliathejBaw.companof pair, of blue-silk ribbon, worn in, the
escaped lunatics. On two ox three I oc- bosor for the potion. The men join-
ins, bearing aloft the
Before long thejp"ro-'
a.i iio rotrri tr ann thir " Vilfturih'-" cession was arain lormed. some or the
but tho ailmonitioh seemed to encotufage crowd following, others remaining to
rather Uian repress their vociferous make a day of it. ! h
merriment ... - 1 A i i
When wo reached the church, only home, a female relative met her'jvith a
the .sown'lcollplea of thIbldalj pai-ty, plate of bride-CalM cat JnM small
40ldLlsli'thdimyseU,VWrfeMited squares. A white napkin was then
toente. J. Thoitwo iqrTdoipoe wculd thrown over her hat to protect the
film linva . o. . o.Ityi itoV. lt tViA lol.l oranre-blossoms. and the plate and cAke
clerk w inexorable. Vtt6 Been 7OVL Lwer2 Pitcke- OYer her head, the jchil
i.,n. WfUJll.'l yXI isi. ol.mXil.vr.lii anrmmblinir for the Tiiecea of cakB.'
T -s ' -si. i i LUt ,'rf n A imratTTrA.n Kill IS UeSlXOUS OI Deinff Ukdl ,DT Ifl.B
tne otner upneavea in me air, . eiuwiy 1 i6vv. .uu c- w t , , , i" j . -
OT,v i-: h-WaI, SntA ' thA'-tirhit 'money and hard work, and the nxaii who rnany and loved by the one, it more l
UJaL. Uf AW AVVAW. A mmm mrv v&v - '. M , - . . I a I a
-pe ..n now enteral amiu of . .,ta himan Jreigh 'can purchase a good ' ranch h
great laughter and approval. They had f?m - mf T r? 7 TJ xr .1 mMJ.W comnlish that' ob ect.' Cosmetics: : will
nm for the hr.l'n rtera-an extra . De seen no more ; ;lor me . voiorauoi --- V-j rTTy tM.'.- V-Ji
t Tliw meh) aha i'hadi piciatel at the
'petting-stone " rites now entered amid
tnr Are tirettv wire to cro onward once
ihey"get a rtart, while tho broker aiion
Ktantlv 'cruititr up and' down hill, partly
In . nnnifin tt ; the - nature of his
1 Iwisinea ainl rrtly because easily-made
money is easily gone. . V ,
Tliero 1 a large numtx-r, 01 ueaier in
. '-. :, tl -i
river, does, not give, up the dead no
corpses lodge on its shores, vj. ! r? ,s :
SoM Jits Boa. , '
1 . i Dick Layboue was the pwner of a
large dog, which'' oosWs much to keep
as .two pigs; a tSeog waa yorse than
t-A1. nrtrl ' -Jn "huniviikil Tiilrt.
U& ."Etangft-he bog." cried fe.?
without conking here. The foothills and
plains are already beginning to turn
brown for the lack of ; moisture, and, re
member; that no rain .will fall until next
all or winter,!. S; ..j., .j, ;
This is also a terrible land Except a
few, cottonwoods found pn the river bot
toms there .are no trees but such as the
not accomplish iC however. ' Neither
will fine' drees; though a1 woman who
does not dress beOomihfcb wrongs her
self.' Forced Smiles and affected amia
bility will be of no-avail; but if she can
manage to feel - kindly to everybody, not
atocks aud gold who are married men of
the most quiet and dotrreaticatod dipo-
sitiotti ' The other Uay, far oLfcUnoe, on
seeing a man '.who had never before
touched any.yagabond stock, buj Tew
khares of a fjuctuathig. concJeyn, T asked
what was th matter with' lilm. j i- v-'1.
M Oh,4 springl tbmin; awl I iwat.
9 .-.
tho iron-studded door iu their faces andi
MnAVA1!t. " 51 -"'f
3 It1 was' almost' pimpo.!0. '9
silonco when -.the curate took. p ace
s behind the alter -tails. ' The bridessn lids
talked And l giggled; the 'gicssmen
' whispered and nhdged each1 5tfief and.
their partners. Iently3a,wliii3per ran
round, .QaU's,,bnbhiing;7! awi:8hc rtly
. after fa' murmured . imprecation fep ing
reference to .Atho. speaker's eyesy that
Sail's fainted. ' Sure eriougn.hjhe was
sprawling on thd pavemeht; but itVast
' transparent piece of ' acting that ; ;could
1 deceive nobody. Mr.' Lishmah watched
her contortions and
with much 1 satisfaction.
thought his daughter had. achieved a
triumph; for he remarked directly to his
eyes, and indirectly to me, that her poor
mother had " bubbled and fainted before
her" under like circumstances. ;
" Wilt thou have this woman to be thy
wedded wife, to live -together?" etc,
asked the clergyman. t H
Clerk (whispering in Geordie's ear)
" AjisW . I will.'"
Ger1ie (firmly)" Aw wull cer
tainly, sur; aw- cum here a-purpose."
Clergyman (to SalHe) " Wflt thou
have this man" .: t
1 Bailie (immediately mterrupting)
"Yes, sur."
.Clerk (raising his hand, imploringly)
" Hush-h-h 1"
' Clergyman (continuing)" to bo thy
' wadded husband!" etc. J
' Bailie (quickly)-" If ye ! please, sur,
Clerk (with an offended ' air)
"Answer 1'"
CAltCT thelsubstantial portion of the
wedding dinner had been dispatched,''
Mr. Lishman rose with a glass in his
hand, and said:
she. s f 1 Mr..IazyboneCl "j yu
would seli him, ot do something or other
with him. 1 1 .wonder you keep such a
nseless aniirud." Well, well, my 4ear,V
said Dick. y ' say no more about, it. ... I.
.will get rid of him one of these , daya.'!
This was intended waa a merft V- get off
on -the paxt-s of Dick ; but; as his wife
kept : daily dinning in his ears about Ifie
dog; he was af last ' fcompeHed Ho take"
'iMtiW' tn iTio Vn.tti.r 'iWpirr wife:!'
tentment, then something will come into
' .' . . . m a
therefore, comes here thinking to make a her lace that will . outlast youth s roses,
fMiTo iw i?T.y flATritrm.iil frnitq or 1 and train her not only a husband but a
." . 1' x- ' .' it 1 ' 1 1 "..-I. I 1i. 1.T.rr Inror
in any nonesi way wiuiuu. wuu wwi, i f ""t ,
and patient waitittg, is sure to be disap-
toibe jealous,, not to ; be , cross, to be gowrt- eed for my wife' rarden,
happy if possible, ami, to encourage con- J, aQgw(rvj fee, oTa Uring to' make a
. . , i ' rii i i '
ia tnrniHl nt Lroaoij aixjvo uw
fofeheaX'wiJ'! ttrrcT on the
tiaeaandUclf. 1 I 1
Fringe will be adiaffMjJ trim"
ming thiss-Bion, and is shown in every
gadef 'tfoahfy aii an rtidfci variety of
jtylee. -NbYtftle are numeroxi, among
which the Uk braid fringe are worthy
nf frrecikl Taeiiti6i I t i f
I EnglUh thread gkrrc axf Ininhed in
precisely the. same way a lf and have
the same numbe$ pt butlota, from two
t !flr. 'Tlu ' flt ''ncitaid smooth.
'T.rom'cighty-flTe'ccnWV ono dol-lar'aridtwrtry-flveeeiitJu
if -a
lw dollare to. oqverthe xpcn.M An
other will in the same waj buy a Te-w
shares of Atlantic and Pacific 1 telegraph la the inhabitant
J ' Tte' Ne wtirt miUr aart : The
&kct ht 'Cie- tt&ai id lai gely develo
A vr-l .Ivinlr oil rT rmda TAHVia QT.iT
SaUie's too, and may all her ducks, be saia ne aaj je souxpw
i !" This 1 you, ujuaeea i. , ane cneu, .-a m
dreadful glad .to hear it. , How much
geese and her chickens turkeys !
witticism was followed by uproarious ap
plause; but, UMortfcBat5 St reminded
Geordie Foster's tfclVof ysory, that
he proceeded to relate, accompanied by
much apparent disoemfitiiira onfhe part
Tf liof o(4o44gct Mr.'
Toster: "When 'Iijah Lish, there,
began to keep cocks and hens, he used
her S'brinngtVltwatehfemt thhufc
ion. He evidently f HaehnTiotight'abotir pfeultrf
did you sellhim-for!'! Five dollars, V
. Five dollars ! -What ! five -doHats . f or
one dog t How glad I ain I : Bnt wherej
the money,3ny-4ove? , "J&orxej r tre-
-. "' l . - ' I 9 m m
eiOed-DiclC tattngr ft lonK T1?0 laruj"
from his" mouth.: .'"I didn't tret any,
money ; X tqpk two puppies at two dollars
and ;a half Vpiece. '
Saida V loves me not. Oft
head to s lick ''my checia, I
but yen day he bought a deuk (duck) at
Newcastle market, and carried it home,
Tvond4& i pipers AIte Iputtinir the
new-arrival among his hens, he went and
got their bait out, and scattered a hand
ful of loat'i among them, nTho hens peck-
peckedbut the hungry deukTaid its flat
bill on the ground, ana, running n
along, scooped updts grub jiu the whole
sale falliion ot kltsH (general.; 1 Cum,
.?. r - a at . .
now,' said the lather, oauie, 10 ma new.
bird, ye munna slother it in like that,'
But still the hungry xlsnk ?went on.
Cum out wi ye,' ciiy6rMKer;;an
on like the hens none o yer filling yer
self wi a shovel like that' The deuk:
eat away, however, and 'Iijah he tucked!
it under his arm, took out his pocket-
knife, and cut its bill to a aharp point.
fillnlwthe,ieukt&wn, crying:
There, now, gan on, fair play,' one oattfl TZf
at atime,' " -f -d j Hxliagerist, whef has to be bolder than
After dinner the aeven couples again lion in his business. ,
ryX2P, v Tdtnier, ,
A Gallic herooljsrvea" the following
as the only way to deal with lions and
lionesses not to be afraid of theme
" Look here, I who speak to you I make
Saida fetch my whip or handker
chief like a dog; You have been her.
Don't believe she acta through affection.
Oft, raising her
my cheexs, l reaa inner
look a ooncealed wrath and an indecision
possibly fatal to me. It is in those mo
ments that I ponoentrate all ; my energy
in my eyes I cause all my i will to flow
into mi brain, and there emanates from
me a fascination that must be believed
irresistible irid--. Saida executes her
self. If, iu that saxind, X should have
the misfctsne, to exhibit .tho least ap
prehension I would bo "devoured." " So
Bibel, ihe'fihionablet Parisian
. V . !.; i " a . - 1 V..n
pointed Before, therefore, you sell your
,A paternal acres at a sacrifice and come to '
this famed land; think " twice or you will
repent but once. .- Hundreds already here
heartily wish that they had remained in
the States,;' and.'gladly would they
return j if they, could, - An acquaintance,
.past meridian, who left a good home in
the Et, .thinking from the glowing ao-
1 counts he had f ead of the couhtty that
he couiaoive, nere wiin less woijc
make more money, says : ' " Words will
not express the greatness of 'my disap
pointmeni" -IMany of thO people feel
that ' the country 'is actually ' imffering
from the : 1 shamefully false statements
that are circulated far and wide txmcern-
ing-it. "Water,- i. j indeed , scarce; but
truth kscaraer. ' . t , T '
We have said nothing in malice of this
RiaM of XaitirntUed Ctttten:
It may interest "our dennan citixeii, (
says a Boston paper, t6 know that a reqi
dence of two years In' the -mother coun
try invalidates their American jcitieft-
sip: under the. "present treaty; ,The
treaty which was made in 1868 between
the United Btatetl and thttoU orth
German Union provides that. eah coun
try will recognise the naturalization con
conferred by the other npoa resident 'oi
five, years. . A s naturalised citizen 'wf
tnrninr to his native oouniry. is Bable
kWJj.t cyoJaTr ot a ahawl
for his spouse. ! V
The youneer and as yet uam-trrjeu
Uoif 'of LroYefV Is, : perlip.
of cthrr aea-girt We,
aadw .tiebl4ad-,Ug?lVnd mall,
the son of ; the Ckmqurrtr and of Horw
are forced iopiqe4thj2Jffrable UtO.
foxe and timid harcwbci are au tne
ceneratioif of broJcl"fs, perUipa, not
quite rt trr)pe.y behAveS? rfledy of per- aiiisit AaataJSyCi. It aaratsxxing to note
sous. in1 tact, -snyouug . w au. jt the seal ana exon ur;
broW a1 k tot" -man ar-4fcnist syno- xliitlt. il maxh cdi tX women
nym - Dut fthis faatneaf U ikiir i and brave Uirtt; asd scUi landowners
gteatirattriboiaMe to the naUrp of their vh their dogC go -f ratlky scouring
occupation. it)kcrkgt lxlh. hi atotk OTCr country "aritJa IwCJ enthusiasm,
and gold-wa, ex?itiag. 3 J, man j mast: be f.jabwing alpoor litUe aairaajnot half so
very quick md n'rf,a?,.. af daagtuoua asa good-ilod totficaL Erg-
all here, and, the develprment oil bfctb Uahiowxwko: Lave beat,' itf ia true, go
theee. characteristic naturally influ- I r th world ILn Msicii wtnlhy rport,
i or4 the whole of hi Hf
for any punishable act committed befoifc f " " t ?
he immigrated; if he returns W hit bi- T I4f. CM '
tive country, without intending to'-ra- jt Lrrnddrf Kjirtsrrrwii telUng rather
mm a raidenoa in hi kdot.ted.lie i held ' twvirwOU.' wih7Qt rrsch t tlnt in
to' tiave : renounced his" natuftdiaation U t lr tbxswabirsoi iaUeorlpany
The intent not to return may; pe Wd
to exist when the person mturalired in
t the' one country resides more than two
wonderful country that has given tis so
much' grain and gold. We write to pre- j years in the other country.
yent multitudes from being deceived by
the too highly colored reports of the
climate, and the huge fortunes' to be
feeinbled far-the green' roOm.'
Their Jlmwev.
Writing about the medical profession
found in I nut raising, wnicn reporu are i 0f eir York; a correspondent says
beinj? scattered through all tho Eastern
and Northern States by interested
parties ; and if this article shall 'be the
means of preventing jUiy "'from coming
here, without proper consideration and
careful inquiry, we shall be glad.
fashionable practitioner ha diOcult
role to perform. Ue knows that sound
advice to his patient is useless. Were
lie to speak his mind ho would say:
You must stop this course of diampa-
from the bufZJo tf oar plain to the tiger
ia AU.'Btit thow rhi iy at hfme
mriat put up iti such pTJ a thy have,
and 'to "the fcaialognar C ick, hare and
m flldand doe'thi -tarer UUiy adJea
rptonL'rehieJ oe by ctocirom a trap,
YXcrtl bf I i. :i . m?Ju- irrt rn a
1 wuuo m lajwm i.i- -.- - -
them yeotihant,. . they - alt langhea J vj, tow. without UistmUngi to much a
loudly at the Xebe. jest I )x pardon, jk. fit '0f hit lid ftfovt. The kle
all but one. ,The dH dog who refused I Joubtkas originated with'some London
, to laugh, , and. who. ioob'xl. profoundly J1iberddcr' clerk who could not pre
miser&ble, wa at lat pnugea rry nx i for day sbootin, and wa eageT-
eompanion. , Why. don t , Un
Torn! why don't' you larigh I -.Dea't
you see the governor is iouxu-g ai yoa i
... i w' T .. U. .
up liini iooa, j uu ioj, w "An
swer, "don't you know 'I'm going to M digit lay; 1 indeed, ha become
leave on Saturday 1" '-,- !
tkm; go to -bed at ten, rise at six,' and
! ; ? t take a lwalkl before T breakfast,'-" etc
A Michigan paper says:: Tounginaa,
if you are looking for a wife come to
Michigan, the noble Peninsula State,
and we'll put you on the track of a young
lady who can husk her fifty, bushels of
corn per day, yoke oxen, drive horses, -j
- " . " 1 a I
teach school, aud saw wun . a cross-cut
saw.' She wants "to be loved for 'hsxaelf.
alone. ,
Such' language, I however, would be in
effectual. The patient likes a social
- .m . m .
chat, and -the elegant manners of the
physician make him a pleasant companion
for a. half hour.:. - A little: tepattee, j
little gossip and a.little allnjriontg Ql
health is' all .that is wanted;', and the
physician is entitled to charge f 10 for
such an interview ' '
ly welcomed by those wIkj would fain be
Niznroda la rrputiUcfa, -without the riak
r . a i i. : 2 i .! ' Li ." TV..
OI even m mtauio uwi m
Prince of Wale ha made it a specialty.
A Vrar Bix Cmxaxxx Jndge Wil
son had a case of "hrey ld Chinaman"
in his court at SaTLDLcgo. ; One Mccgo-
lian t -charged : another wih' steslifg
several hundred eigar from his store,
and denounced the accused ia terma
aomethirgjike three; "He, rery 14
Chinaman; he Jived iu my. house
woak: he et my grub," v y jae not
doll; he bummer", no good for wofk, all
- f ..:- -
rm n ITT m jwmwi
known to the world mainly through Li
oonquisst at Huiiirphaa 4 the Opera
Boue. But Ar "Kto not only
have the "instinct of the ehae,but
the most abundant and cheapest mode
of satisfying it in a manly way, are not
likely to adopt ray grnmlly this p"11"
beck imitation of gporl f t
rut tzi a aiaay ar.irx oa
gcnUemcu'a bocta, Uhutl ms eyes.
i j " ' .
t I ' BatlwUOT. OldUect-
r ri ... . -,,'!. i 'is.
one I wear them tcca i-r, tj t
I "Co I

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