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2Qr S. 'BAJKKIl, Editor and Proprietor. 1
TJETRMS : .92.00 per Bim,
' Tie- Singer.'
Bhe ftitfi snl ding in the room below
A tender ajaS of love w.d woe,
Wedded tontuld plaintive and slow.
' And who would dream tfhifct her heart is
While he uingeth bo nsds lay j "
Heemliig to poafhfir onl sway""? T
Why not ? Rhe doeth her heart no wrong f
liipw J7-ln the whole day lon
4 VeT1 can afford to Borrow in 'nbug ! j
( Bo keen lyr Heaven ! ; nor lei her know
Other mgUiugte than -thone that flow.
Jlhvttjinlo, through ' ballads of Jove "and
novel reader, and as that was t he hey
day of Mrs. Kadcliffe's popularity, her
brain was filled .'.with visions of the
mysterious and the terrible. .
Whe Mme.' Morin was cudgeling her
and the dictates of prudence. Although'
ill at the time, she hastened to Ragou-
leau's house ; he was not. at . home, but
enjoying the balmy days of early autumn
at his country seat. From this cozy nest
brains to devise 'some means of inducing he was soon roused by Jouard, wha sent
Ragouleau to sign the notes,' Angelique to him a trusty emissary with full details
' A Story of Crime 'in France.
One day in the month of September
an individual named Ragouleau, attorney
by profession, money-lender and reja.1
( ebtato speculator by , practice, presented
himself at the prefecture,; of ? police n
t ho city of Paris, with : the . statement
that ho was the destined victim of a plot
laid against his life by-a widow lady
named Morin, ana her daughter,, iAfc
glique Delaporto. Everything was pre
pared, he said, for the consummation hi
tho crime; a house had been rented
somo where in the jurisdiction of Paris j
he was to be. attracted thither on- some
pretense; once there, ho was to be de
coyed into a cellar, and j forced to sign
notes for an enormous amount; after
which he would bo assassinated, and his
body secreted. j -
Had Ragouleau any proofs ? Oh !
yos, he replied, producing an invitation
from Mmo.. Morin to take breakfast with
herself and her daughter on September
21th.... This was not much, - but the
frightened attorney went on to state that
-a-woman named Jouard bad warned
him that tho widow Morin had for a long
time vowed to have his life, and that
fci ptempter 21th had been fixed upon to
lure him into a deadly ambush.
Hero Avaa something more, tangible.
Mile. Jouard was an old friend of the
. police, and au officer was dispatched
post has to to bring her before the pre
. feet. This woman lived a dual sort of
existence, carrying on the professional
tiudo of an cngYavcr in the Rue Dau
)liine, and at tho same time keeping! a
, Kin.vll tobacco shop in tho Rue de Jui
' verie. j ftho had, however, some other
means' of obtaining a livelihood, while
iu order to pursue her various callings
without interference, she jotted down
ami reported whatever she thought
might provo of interest to the inspector
of tho police. Produced before tho pre
fect, fcho confirmed Ragouleau's .story,
mul gave fmther details .as to tho ;mo
tivea which had induced tho two wjmn
to undertake so strange a crime.' 1 Mme.
Morin, said the wituess, had had cor-
- I
. tain pecuniary transactions with Ragop
lenn, in which sho believed he had
cheated , her j Carefully , .qoncealing? her
iitititionj Kho a6xst-. Wfrfy tfa'WJ
t avengo herself. "With this object siie
eulled on Jouard, and begged the latter
to irocur9tto,ilpsperte rascals wto
migni nil ner oi ner enemy.
- Morin- secured f the services pf . ,o
named Xeiebvre and.a woman, known
. as Iiucie if "Jacotinfji tott whom - i she
confided' her project ' Mm 2 Morin
next rented a house in 15 the suburbs of
l'ari-s closed npr the cellar' openings, and
with tho aid of her two assistants placed
tliero a "stako with chains and ropes it
tached, in orde to bind .Ragouleau,
when, once- coaxed, was then,
paid Jouard, to bo forced Jto sign bills pf
excluuige to - the f amount o 300,000
francs, whereupon he would be strangled
and his body thrown into, the Seinp.
Witness also said she had realry seen the
was engrossed in the perusal of a book.
It was quite to her taste. OoL Wolmer,
the hero,t having learned the death of an
rnlcle of fabulous wealth, sets out to take
poaaession -of his unexpected heritage.
On his way, passing through the somber
shadows of a .-Bohemian forest, .. two
menacuig phantoms appeared to bar his
passage. , The intrepid tVolmer 'drew
his sword and chased them through the
underbrush. Suddenly a , trap-door
opened under his feet, and i swallowed
him up. When he came to his senses
he found himself chained to a t take in a
vast dungeon, beside a table illumined
by the light of flaring torches. ' Upon
the" table were writing materials and
promissory i notes j tor an enormous
amount.1, : ? Vxe.M : ft
This thrilling episode was a revelation
to the romantic Angelique; she had
found the means to persuade ' Ragouleau
to 4su3m means which her mother ap
proved. It was only necessary to pro
cure a dungeon and a 3 pair of muscular
phantoms, Jouard, who was let into the
secret, undertook to provide the latter,
hot forgetting meanwhile to collect the
money one ner lor ner various services
in the malterT v SHe took good '.care; to
natter ineir nopes wiin promises oi sue
of the plot. Ragouleau,' incredulous,
hastened to Paris, s He no a sooner
reached his house thanHh concierge
placed iu his hand the fatal invitation to
breakfast. With a single bound he 'was
at the prefecture in the Rue Jerusalem,
and the rest of the story has been already
t0ld. , , . i .,
The police were satisfied .that the plot
in all its details was to be carried out.
Upon the trial the mother and daughter
were found guilty of the attempt to ex
tort money by force and violence, ibut
innocent of the attempted murder, and
received the severe sentence of twenty
years hard labor and exposure in i the
pillory ? the two- accomplices were sen
tenced to five years' hard labor. On the
day of their exposure in the ; open square
in front of the Palais de Justice, much
pity was expressed by the crowd for these
poor women, . guilty, , it, is. true, but
hardly realizing what they were abput,
egged on by an emissary of the police,
and brought to the ', threshold . of crime
by terrible provocations. ' There was no
mitigation of their sentence, howetvers
and they suffered the full penalty' of I the
law irf the prison of St. liazare.'" 7-
- '- t-
The widow havinsr errown tired of
waiting, she and her daughter resolved
to act, and secured the services of Nicho
las Lef ebvre, a stout rascal ' of 5 thirty
seven, and Lucie Jacotin. They next
discovered at Olignancourt - a small
house quite hidden in the foliage of a
large garden; Mme. Morin hired it, os
tensibly for a dairy, and the two women
aided by their new .assistants set to work
The subterranean architecture , of 'Olig
nancourt consisted of one large and two
email cellars opening into the garden by
two large air-holes, flush with the
ground. One of these was covered with
a grating, the other was open and form
ed a dangerous trap for any one not
familiar with its situation. The widow,
on taking possession of the premises,
said she would have these walled up, as
she considered them dangerous and
likely to become a nuisance. t This was
accordingly done, and thus all connec
tion between the cellar and the outer
world, save by a door inside the house,
was effectually cut off.
The stage being thus arranged the
assistants planted in the cellar .floor a
stout post, which Mine. Morin, with her
own hands,, secured ; with plaster and
rubble; a chair wa3 placed with it3 back
resting against this post, to which was
also riveted a' chain "provided . with pad
locks at each end. A table was o placed
in front of tho chair with writing ma
terials, and, in places of the flaring torches
of the novel, two- candles, eight to the
pound, in;. iron candelabra, shed a dim,
quiet light on the scene. 'Angelique and
her mother next, purchased two rusty
dueling pistols, and' Lef ebvre instructed
Angelique in the use of them a neces
sary Vxiomplishraerit, as she i was to play
the leading part in the coming drama.
She practiced at a . mark, and her co-v
adjutors uttered dismal shrieks in the
cellar, while her mother, stationed in
the garden, discovered with delight that
eho could not hear a sound. ' V
,u The actors being now perfect in their
parts, a full-dress rehearsal was next on
the programme. Lef ebvre was seized
and-place'd in the chair by the three
Women, his hands were imprisoned in the
KlnderlAtohin For It.
" Do you answer to the name of Merri
field Scott ?" inquired the Detroit court.
"Yaas."- ; .
He was a young man of four and
twenty, and the "duds" on his back
weren't enough in bulk to make a gbod
sixed mop. His hair was down to his
eves, there was coal dust and dirt all
over him, and he moved around with
slow and solemn step.
' Well, sir," resumed the court, "you
are charged with vagrancy. The warrant
says you have no home, no occupation,
and that you couldn't buy a lemon if
they sold 'em at a 'cent a million.
Straighten up, look me in the eye, and j
give me your candid opinion about it."
" Ther' hain't no work," drawled the
" Have you sought for work ?"
"Yaas." :
' Wall,-I've been' kinder lookin all
around town."
" And your efforts have not been
crowned with the successf ulness of suc
cess?" "Naw."
" Mr. Scott," continued his honor, as
he fastened his teeth into an apple ; and
drew a whole side away at once, ' sup
pose that Daniel Boone had kinder look
ed around in his young days were
would Kentucky be now?" . . u
" I dunno," sighed the prisoner, j ?
' Suppose, Mr. Scott, that Storey, of
the Chicago Times, or Sam Bowles, of
the Springfield Republican, or Dana, of
the New York Sun, had spent their early
days in sitting on a hydrant and watch
ing the operations of ' a , pfle-driverrr-would
they have ever had ' half ' & dozen
libel suits at once, and been able to ; pay
a coal bill on sight ?" ' - j V
" I'tell you work is mighty skerce 1"
exclaimed the prisoner, seeming tp be
annoyed at the questioning. ? ; i
" Well, I'll put you where you'll have
a steady job for six . months. I make
your sentence for. that lime, and if they
are an economical set p there they Won't
try to wash you up, but will just take'
your hide off and raise a new man.
' - It may be asmmed, Bays the Herald
of Jfealthy without , hesitation, that,
whenever a pronounced case of typhoid
breaks out in an isolated country house,
or when any form oi low fever occurs,
though it may fail to assume a distinct
typhoid character, there is iu that house,
or 'about it, or in connection with its
supply of drinking water, some accumu
lation of neglectod filth, some pile of
rotten' vegetables in the cellar, some
overflow from a barnyard, some spot of
earth saturated with, the slops of the
kitchen or some othor form of impurity,
to which the origin of the disease may
be distinctly traced.
This being the case it lies perfectly
within the province of every household
to remove any source of infection to
which his house may be liable. Yege-
tables in any considerable amount should
not be kept in , the house cellar, and at
least once a week the floor of the cellar
should be swept ' and every shred of
waste vegetables removed. : Even when
this is done, the cellar should be venti
lated by a window or other small open
ing toward the quarter least exposed to
cold winds (and in summer on every
side), -
A , The privy t if a. privy is used, should
be well away.' from the house, and es
pecially far from the well, unless its con
tents are received in a tight box and en
tirely absorbed by dry earth or ashes,"
and even then frequently removed; the
chamber slops of the house should never,
under any circumstances, be thrown into
the privy vault, nor into a porous cess
pool, from which they can leach into the
j ground and through the ground for a
long distance into the well, or into and
around the foundation of the house.
The same disposal of the liquid wastes
of the kitchen is desirable, but not so
absolutely important. It is, however,
The Ftrut Cattle Itfught Imf Unl
tea 8t at em Territory. ,
The first animals that . arrived in any
part of. the . present territory f the
United States, says the SfaacAiuetl4
Ploughman; were probably thone taken
to the colony on the James river, in
Virginia, previous to the year 1600, the
exact date of their arrival noticing
known. Several: cows' are known, to
have been carried there in 1610; an
. A irorktmmm'm rry. j
Three yean ago," said a stoaa tut-'
ter telling his story to the New .York
Sun, there were 2,300 atone cuttcra ia
i " ' i A -IT" " t - . ...... - mJ - .
cuy wno were geiung nve uouaxm a i men, and include 'JUUUU Ckfwacza.
: Diligence CQTamrjl, veajya. Bat
doa not alwaya jpbcfef
, TL RusuAn acay nnmb r 2, 000,000
day and plenty of work." There wma no 1
need for aingU ooe to lid n&employed.
men and Englishmen whu had jwrred !
long apprenticeship of rlvt jmra in the j
old country, "and there many of them
An actma .said of.
a inaparer:
during the following year, , 1611, no lesrf baTe returned during Che past twii years.
than pne hundred head arrived itherei worn otxV by their' trouLloa here. To-
from abroad. "j t ... , s,. j i l' I day our uniona number laorinoro than
It is probable that those first .intro-1 1.000 xnembera. r and when the last
dnced ihere were brought over, by the I monthly record was made up, oclj SSt of
wuuwt auiuikiucia iuiu vuiuai uuuv I inrm vera IU PIUDlOTIIiruw UUknlUB Ki
the unions there are perhaps aeventy-nve
a on -society men. We get but four dol-
from the West Indies. It is well known
that some of their cattle came from Ireland-
Those from the West Indies were
the descendants of cattle brought to
America by Columbus in his second I times we can work but nine months in
voyage,' in 1493. We have seen' it as- the year. Three years go they paid os
serted that so important was it con- fire dollars' a day, but they have
aider ed that ' the cattle introduced into knocked it down fifty cents at a time to
the infant colony should be . preserved the present rates. " Fifty cents' a 'day
and allowed. to increase that an order I does not seem much, but it just pays the
was issued forbidding the killing of rent for ray home up' there, and he
domestic animals : of any kind, on pain pointed as be spoke to the story of a tall
of death to the principal, burning of the I tenement house " I would go back to
pea arcs better thaa any Vniger of the
time. .
We tris independent ana" rbn trolled by
UAbody ; ' yci tdwrs'ehould be a master
oorsalves.' ' - t'A r.xinlO
i The Cincinnati Times $?hlLdics a lUt
d aboat ts-ecij-rg jfflii for Gov
ernor, pf Ohio., jj
Aa'lxuliaBa. hirV-xecenUy n t urnod a
written Yerdid ct..Bl6d A pieces by a
bfler bursting. f t ; r yj I
A young fellow accused hli girl- of
lars a day. which is but small pay When J hrring trifled with his eelini and sho
you consider that in the most prosperous J promptly pleaded jury.
hand and cropping the ears of the acoes
sory, and a sound whipping of twenty
four hours for a concealer of a knowl
edge of the facts.- " Such encouragement
Debt is' the wont
Tliflpnt the tKivertv
man from getting ilo djeblj ,
- ArarthiaaBhaa.-4Ckt0w, I'm
leavin' of yar, mcra; I oayjo t-ll
ycr as the key of thokiloliolVloor' fiU
your storrrooxn I . .r t vi
Artists have adopted yzzz-t emblems
of charitr.1 We-wonder Tnjne of them
sent to New England.
The first cattle' that were introduced
into the Plymouth colony, and un
doubted the earliest brought into New
important that this should be led by an England, arrived at Plymouth, in the
impermeable drain to a point well away
from the house and from the well; swill
and all manner of nondescript refuse ma
terial, such as is sloughed . off by every
household in the ordinary course of its
living, should be removed at least daily
from the near vicinity of the dwelling,
and the vessels in which it- accumulates
should be frequently cleansed and aired;
manure heap3 should hot be left to fer
ment and send off their exhalations at a
point whence frequent winds waft them
toward and inio the dwelling, nor should
the barnyard be allowed to drain
(either over the surface or through a
porous sod) toward the house or well.
If all these precautions are taken, the
well will be tolerably safe, and in most
cases absolutely safe; but if there is any
doubt on the point, then let no water be
drank except after boiling; or the drink
ing witer of the house may be taken
entirely from a filtering
which the filtering bed is sufficient to
hold back all organic matter.
ill v-iTintrTr ' vn t ? rr1.1 t if T
could, but I have not the money to move I ever thought of a piece of Tiufla rubbrr.
my xamuy mere, inougn many a i ume x i xiiuu b1",. ."Y , T7 T-
Ham tmntk A Untm irk th iWUitii 1ml I stance. ' 4 r" .".
being given to the raising '6f stock,.itis good-bye to eom fellow workmsnV and ' The New Yorkoonl'acrested for
not surprising 10 nna me numoer oi cav- nave come back sad because I ootdd not I keeping open ounosya, ciiura xo open
go wiui uiem. x vnru so muo more j now jus p joea w? puajv?w
money for my little ones by going to j canaries are dvo feet odd. levies high,
Canada, where wages are good and work I and mostly, take whisky. T;ao
plenty, but I had to leave my: family J Two Irishmea trafAinr;oahe Balti
more' and Ohio railroad kraciCjme to a
that I was called back here again. , crile-post, when one;ol'.iixa said:
In midsummer, from all reports,, it "Tread aisy, Pat; hem lim si m&n IDS
looks as if the stone cutters, as many as rrarm old his . nam was &21ilrs. from
are left, will be nearly all at work. . j Baltimore." 4 t . ;eos9
If you ever feel uneeftalaCbout any
of the details of yoGfprivae affairs.
dmex (or the bedbug), says the So- consult your innuisInttrTriecas. Ibey
eniifia American, among other peculiar I always stand ready to gtre you p" points
tie in Virginia ' in 1C20 amounting to
about five hundred head; and in 1C39
to thirty thousand ; while, from the fact
that in 1613 the number had been re
duced to twenty thousand, we may infer I here, and the children all got rick, so
that the restrictions on killing them had
been removed. Many also had been
A Xotable rest.
d a a a , mmmm
snip unanty, in loz. lney were im
ported by Gov. Winslow for the colony,
and consisted of three heifers and a bull.
A division of the stock, which appears
to have been held in common, was made
in 1627, when one or two are described
as black and white, others brindle; an
evidence that there was no uniformity
of color. These animals were to re
main in the hands of individuals re
ceiving them for ten years, ther to have
tho produce, while' the old stock was
still to be owned by the colony ia com
mon. Twelve cows were sent to Cape
Ann in 1626, and in 1629 thirty jmore,
while in 1630 about a hundred animals
were imported for the .' Governor and
company of the Massachusetts Bay in
New England." These cattle were kept
at Salem. i
In the meantime the first importa
tion was made into New York from Hoi-
traits, hates horses . and wages deperate J about your own rmsiaessKiRrou never
war on fleas. He will not attack fowls, even dreamed of. ; r
but will 8 wallows and bats. Goeze has - There was once a legislator? who laid
kept him six years without food, and he by thirty thousand doUrta one ses-
has withstood a temperature of five de- aion. When he was iilVdho w he man-
grees below zero, Fah., without injury, aged this with a salary of 'oiie' thousand
The female deposits two hundred and dollars, he said thai he tared it by doing
nity eggs at a ume, wincn require inree i without a hired gu f -vt JT
rme doctors say uiaxnj-qfjaseieion
weeks to hatch. Against these thero is
practically no remedy save mercury ;
heat, cold, moisture and dryness being
alike destitute of effect. ' The insect is
possessed of keen: sight, and of . an ex
quisite sense of smell, by the latter of
were never so cheap. & Qf? A good
one can be had for tiod a;vrry fair
one for $30, But reaWew4 not bo
ia a hurry to buy theu 'lTFtatket,,?ul-
There is a prospect thalthej,wju be stui
which, nd not (as pop .laxly surposed) djcapej little hOer ia Ua sjbn.
by the etnsalion of heat, it is guided to
its prey. -
The arcn enemy or tne beunng is a
bug which rolls itself into a ball, covera
paper containin g the ,r terrible 1 threats padlocked , chain, his f eet were: fastened
which would bo used to extort his signa- in , the Yungs of Hh chair ; Angelique,
. Ragouleau was instructed to postpone
the projected breakfast till October 2,
and the intervening- time was employd
iu entangling the accused in the net pf
tho police. : t n cj j
Everything being at last satisfactorily
nrrATirroil - TlnrrniilMui .nre&ented himself
on - the . morninc oi the ?ad ol:.dciobeVtTwith these, words:
and presented his ' regrets,edlining to deathaadreiringto memy own; 200,-
accept mo invitation w ureaikAJWb. i wv . t
' Mme: ' Morin'. however insisted " that id f toris Write on each note, good for 20,-
" should tro with her to visit V country 000 francs,alue received in kind,' and
Aeeiijei Advertising.
Newspaper advertising is now recog
nized, by business men having faitii iri
their own wares, as the most effective
with a cocked pistol in each hand, ap- meana . for securing for their froods a
proacneu nim, anawitn a gesture, snow- wide recognition of their merits.
eu nim a paper containing tne iouowing
lines: "If ever "in my life -I have a
chance" to render Justice, you will' be the
first to it receive." Then followed along
recital of ; the many wrongs he had done the
Widow Morin,"and thewholei concluded
Choose between
t' house she thought , of buying, though
she would not close the bargain withoht
consulting her " dear friend IA
carriago was sent for and the trioTep
tered, . ll u I
" ' 3 The grounds of' tHeT animosity whieh
!Mjne. Morin felt toward vftagouleau
need not bo rehearsed 'in -'detail,. lA
widow with considerable means, and no
. the slightest knowledge of business, she
sign them. I give you a quarter of an
hour for decision. 'If r you prefer my
vengeance, I wiHcatwonco "execute jit.
You will understand it can only last half
a. second; . woulcL. that T could prolong
the pleasure, and. thus, repay, the horrible
injuries ypu have inflicted upon me and
mine 1 - ,
Mmej Morin, Jiaving completed her
arrangements, hurried to Jouard, to ask
: Newspaper 'advertising I compels; in
quiry, and when the article offered is of
good quality, and at a fair price, j the
natural result is increased sales. . j -
, Newspaper advertising is a perinanent
addition to the reputation of the goods I
aayenisea, Decause t xs a permanent
influence always at work I in their! in
terest. . ' ' '.' " j
Newspaper advertising is ' the most
energetic and vigilant of salesmen; ad
dressing thousands each day, always in
the adverstiser's interest, and ceaselessly
at - work seeking customers from f all
classes." .' : 1 ' ' - -. '- ,
- Newspaper advertising i promotes
trade, for even in the dullest times j ad
vertisers secure by t far the .largest share
of what is being done. . , .. - , I
While the advertiser eats and sleeps.
printers, steam-engines and printing
The Irish, Morally and, Physically.
Interesting statistical reports have
recently, been published which bring
into comparison the different nationali
ties composing the "United Kincdom
of Great Britain and Ireland. In this
the Irish appear to a great advantage on
two important points in respect to
morality in the relations between the
two sexes, and in respect to physical
health and mortality. Scotland is the
best educated of the three countries.
England occupies the second place in
that respect, and Ireland tae last. But
according to the reports for 1872, Scot
land has the greatest proportion of ille-
gitunate Dirtns, Jinglana less, but least
of all Ireland. Only two-fifths per cent,
of all the children born in Ireland i were
illegitimate. . The reputation of the
Irish as a moral people ia therefore' well
founded. .
The Irish, in spite of the poverty of
the masses, seem to be the healthiest
portion of the people of the United
Kingdom. In England the proportion
of the deaths of males under five years
in 1872 was 41.49 per cent., while in the
same year in Ireland it was 36.82 per
cent.' Of those who died during that year
in Ireland three hundred and sixty -eight
"were returned - as persons over ninetv
five years of age. The number of deaths
of males in England during the same
period was more than five times as large
as the total number of deaths in Ireland,
but only one hundred and ninety-five
were returned as being ninety-five years
old and upwards. This is a pretty good
showing for the Irish people, and a strong
testimony in their favor.
A burglar who visited Kh4 -rolling of
a woman in Union Cify.'TrwL, a few
nights since, armed wifh Virvol ret and
a set of brass knuckle 6ue in che
conflict,' if necessary,' wiJi pif to flight
itself with dirt and then lies motionless
tion wasmaue into new xorittroxn xioi- . . ... . ... I wumi-s n cwmj, tr "
Cistern, of Wb the Dnkh West India Com nan vJ pouaexng ou uxusg . mUtrmn of the boUsK'wbo cm
x I T1 ' I rimer, the moment tne latter I comes I . . w . .
within reach, and suckxcg"ita jcarcan
dry. The objection to training aid rear
ing' the hunter of bedbugs is that jit biton
the - human race with much mono spite
tnan it goes im natnrax prey.
and the foundation laid for a valuable
race pf animals. The number in jail in
troduced was one hundred and .three.
consisting of horses and cattle for breed-
ing. The company furnished each ten
ant with four cows, four JiorsesJ some v .iliJmJ ?f
sheep and pigs for the term of six years, , - Tfl t Jis,
when the number - of animals received
was to be returned, their increase 'being,,
left in the hands of each farmer, j Then ,
the cattle belonging to. tne company
were distributed among those who were
unable to buv stock. 1 -
have any, .beneficial to man in simply
to preach cleanliness ; xpr wbere toat xs
maintained, ho finds' no 'Testing place.
l I. 0
The indite JTonetH-
who. Uvea i in an
frouled him wIUTUieTeff ftta table.
mK Western editor appeals to his delin
quent subscribers by. saying : This wwk
we hire taken In'potAtbrJ sad pickles on
'subscription.- Now, If yCwia bring in
oma vinegar foe the picklcand some
wood to .roast the ? P9E,fS!ws can live
till artichokes gt .pig APg
rhil XL Buarwas UVeti task the
other day. by a aaloui brothe r cliurcli-
Ugloui serviee.3 -"tt rained sid he.
And so, for the settlements along the vT1 W ' bpdy.i'J think: W fTf , fiiatakm.-
Delaware, cattle were introduced ty the exrctedlrpoesW Zuej&tx. Toodr
Swedish West India Company ' inj 1627. "morxey ,wxth wbxclx prorvorty e . t.,
It will be seen, thereforethat before ch. troubled as "Captaxn .f ,mth : fP,. T y
the close of the year lbJU tne n
of horned cattle in all the colonic must
have risen by natural increase "and by
importations above named to seyera
thousands. .
rl" , I the' money which lie dared not Upend,
was airaia to suqw, ana coma not carry
about " him "for lact 'of pocicti. c She
would have taken it to the baik, but
ceuld not leave thkouee.-s J .f'-
At Last she akca 1 tne advlcb oi - a
French- 'CbsiMi.t
- 'A Prsneh fam3y earft5Vr4and live
well, on less Ihezx-WcxxkLis CdnaiderMl
audcient to save . f xynx rratioa an
American famUy pfjthefiamgumbers.
w i ---.- . - . ... 1 1 .
was: a pigeon nt lor ?piucjng7anai j-."!.i,fc t presses are at work lor nim, trams bear-
icked her unirierei- " Xour plan is au very weu, saia tne vr- worii
Jtagouleatt had plucked
fully. Ha was a shrewd man, a .lender
on usury, and had persuaded her to em
bark in sundry real estato speculations,
the issue of which he knew must be dfa
aHtrous. lie loaned her, on mortgage,
largo sums, which he knew she could not
repay, and then foreclosbg hislies,
bocamo possessed of the property jie)iad
latter, " but when Ragouleau has signed
the bills, what will yon do with him?
If -you let him go, he will at once inform
the police." Here was a serious and, to
the conspirators, iftu unforseen objection;
how did thev answer it ? That was never
known ; justice could obtain no certain
information; but after Jpuard's remark
lueod her to bnv. while she lost both there was added to the former accessories
IxniV tvn'a jUni'all this was done under a new and terrible - weapon in the shape
tho guise V friendship,. and' shad'e- of a silk cord with a.shp-noose-. ;The
ruiiuod upouieVnge , ,r s tit 24th of September, was fixed upon for
Angeli-juo Delaporte, -daughter xxt the the performance, and it was determined
widow Morin-: by her fii rnarriage, was to invite the leading actor to breakfast
now sixteen'' years dl Her ''xnother, at the,Tilla of Caignancourt. Allle.
whose education- wasabdutf Wtallpar Jouard. Ihereupou suddenly, awoke to a
withherbusiness captr, 1iojlli ip .V'?K$toUot 6iety expenses wi
the girl much' ' s she helf -had0lteen ia neral, and of M. ; Ragoulean ; in evening the.
, rouuiupAngellUd had a passion fpri pan-ioiuur. e u iv0 .""n""
rly fowaja$o &y n w r-
the stage, and looked eagerly 1
It .a - . .
me tune when she should appear as a
quota, of tragedy. 8h was a great
ing . nis woras to , inousanas . oi towns,
and hundreds of thousands' of readers,
all glancing with more or less interest at
the messages prepared for them in the
solitude of his office. No preacher ever
spoke to so larger an audience 't or with so
little effort or so' eloquently, as you may
do with" the newspaper ! man's assist
ance, - V
,.. r : 1 'i
A Good Place you TiTE3i.r-By a vote
of the majority of the taxpayera of Iprt
Jervis, Nt Y. most of thp tax "appropria
tions, including those "for salaries of
different officers,' policemen, lighting of
street lamps and gas, printing, and every
thing necessary for the ordinary village
were suspenuedi xne same
town was in complete dark
ness, and the board of trustees disci larged
men. ; . Almost h imtaedwtely
thieves from different sections of
Stcalloteed by a SJiark.
A sailor jras painting the sides of a
bark in the harbor of Matan7AS lately,
when suddenly the rope sustaining the
plank on which he was seated gave way.
and the man fell into the water. Being
a good swimmer he easily kept himself
afloat, shouting to his companions to
lower a boat for him. By this time he
had pushed his way . alongside of the
vessel,' when his companions flung him
a rope. At the moment of catching it,
and 'while thev were preparing' to haul
hjng up, the unfortunate man was heard
to give a terrible cry, while at the same
time the. sea was assuming a reddish
color, "and. the . body t of the man dis
appeared below the "waves. A few
seconds after the upper half of the body
Spread of the English Tongue.
Bayard Taylor, upon bis recent visit
to the city of Alexandria, in Egypt, says
ho noticed one striking change upon his
return there after twenty . yearat and
that is the astonishing spread of the
English language, in that time, result
ing, as he says, both from the numbers
of English and American, travelers who
visit the East, and the use " of the lan
guage by travelers of other nationalities.
French, which until the last term1 yearr
was indispensable, has been slowly fad
ing into the background, and is already
less available than English for Ital yand all
the Orient. I was not a little surprised
in Borne, he says, at being accosted by
a native bootblack with "Shine up your
boots?" In Naples, every peddler iu
canes, coral, photographs and shell-fish
knows at least enough to make a good
bargain; but this is nothing to what
one meets in Egypt. " The bright-witted
boys learn the language with amazing
butcher of her at-quairrfanc, telling him A.l1)
tu frLi i;n in th ome yean la France; Kail to me last
summer, in rpeaiicg or one eoonoxaxau
habits and akill in cookery af tle French
people,, that : XfenchrvillAfctiof a thou
sand .inhabitants . could, -be, appported
luxuriously ' on the waste of one of our
large American hotels. ' The remark was
not far from the truth.' 'TT the art of
cookery wers unJeratfod 3dpractioed
in the United States a it Is bi France ;
if our people knew a,well hg to make
most cf their provision as the French
do, the cost of living, as ,Urfood is
regarded,' in iuost'of tLe fiuibs would
be red need more tbaa'CTlyer orcL
Domestio economy, aa nid s neither
practioed nor understood by jAmericans
as it is in Francs. It msy jt be too
much to say thai the entire 'rxmlation
of Francs could be suppcrtCKf on food
which is litcrmUr waed Li tie UniUU
States.1 The nuinbaror pet7pi who lire
beyond their incomes'; i and the
number of those whp-n jai-m exceed
bouse with such a sum of money.
, "Never fear." said the butcheri "!
will leave my dog with you, and -Fll
warrant you that no one will dare . to
enter your house. So toward evening
the dog was brought, and chained up
close to the place where tho' money was
In the middle of ! the night 'a robber
made tus'wsy intd 'the houvid was
proceeding to carry off the tnoney, when
he was seized by the dog, who held him
a prisoner nnui assxstauce earae. ine
thief was the butcher himself, who
thought that be had made sure of the
money. He had not considered that his
dog was a better moralist than .himself,
and, instead of betraying a defenseless
woman, would even take her part against
his own master.
- Trrg Cruel Bey. !
The donkey boys of Smyrna are ex-
rapidity, and are so apt at gueaaingwhat ceedin ; tte . expenditure, u greaUra Franc
they do not literally understand, that
the traveler no longer requires an in
terpreter. At the base of Pompeya Pil
lar a ragged and dirty little girl came
out of a Fellah hut and followed us.
crying: "Give me a ha'penny!" All
the coachmen and most of the shop
keepers are familiar with tho words
necessary for their business, and prefer
to me them, even after they see you
are acquainted - with Italian or Arabic.
The simple, natural structurs of-, the
English language undoubtedly contrib
utes also to its. extensive' use. . It is al
ready the leading language of ,the
world, spoken by ninety millions of peo-
under their charge. A child five or sxx
years old will trot up to a great mule,
seize its fastening rope roughly, and
with a stick beat the animal to its prop
er plaos; if a horse is not feeding to suit
his infantine maiesty. ha arranges it
with the aid of a stick. Why does it
sever occur to these animals to aunihi
late all the children who torment ihrm 1
The only reason imaginable is that the
in proportion to populW;Lxa in any
other country.- "r1
.: , U
irorktmg Hen tr, Ke$e .JTork.
A recapitulation of t&ft K71J stories
told by bosses aal workmen in the city
of - New York to a reporsslhere shows
that since the proeperotJ fCajn of 18TJ v
folly twenty-five pt oeTrtcjJ e skilled
mechanics have beendpvfu away either
across the ocean or iito 'cii- 'r States,
sft'morsu-ia c
reappeared, the dorsal fin of an immense I p extending its conquests
millionaire from a violent death was to
f olloW at nee the instincts of humanity country began to visit the Tillage.
feet off. k The mate ordered a boat to be
loeredeo as to ret 7what remained of
the poor' 6ailor,' but the shark gave a
i ndden .lajn on his side and '. swallowed
the I the other half of poor Jack at asingls
year by year tnat its practical value is
far in advance of that of . any other
tongue, :.,.. . i
- t ---.
. Said 'a - justice to ' an obstrrperooi
prisoner on trial: We want nothing but
tilenoc, and but a little of that.
poor beasts are so beaten, hauled about
Anr tro.f,1 IU- it ttpt entn ana tn Ol UXOSS Kit BCTS OUe-nall
into their heads to re'sist any one with uothicg to CSdif the past
a stick. It is almost impossible to find J winder, ana iou oaet r.; r. ua to se-
and beast of burden ia this CDuntry j cure ezypiojrzrzx lV-v ccrj
that is not wounded ia some
hearVsickwiing to go near them
(j f i i . tr i prcnucevaip, xave UTti
!way, Ilia The uuemplcedmen Vr
jenC ; r of whora haveypasied Uirpuc. longap-
" pn;nticeiip, havp'JlTtv! ia"crowded
It must have been a woman, who com
piled .the table of fiurrs to ahow that
the sversje man who patrooxzes; ths bir.
ber spends for shaving ia forty ytars
ths ram of $t,C00.C7i
tenement' houses Ihxoua winter, ia
soma cases ia "the grcLUxt atitutiou, .
and glad to secure the poor i-paid work
which laborers have always dou cu ths
docks and ths boulevard.

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