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Memoible of dinpeik"iifieil -wera like this, wil such beaminj? eyesTaimv! aa1 relfiyfn "fexxtrx Geif Sherrn&iiV f
Ajd 9lubMM,wliit6 m enow j' -jijrff dnfl stm-tinted cheekanand as they rode perebhal Hfiiorrrffom hfdf a, 'qtiit:'!
AodTae-d i- th.tywinf day," n ,tcl alW he chatted pleasantly, just to "theb&ltf joibltoeifTOD;
evOmHrnt'smU'akairii HofreBHind lvrhp&jli$pjqvp(Xt&e-
uuwuuuuuibKU tuiu lull oi rare sweet- j kubuijihiu wuKrfWH;;puir)i
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up m.tper.'woods, ana breathing, in. i their, I (Oommaca xne rmj 5 lh& Kouta ur place
fclean clear air? He waa tired of Icity j:of Joe John ston,' because of Tdiabeinga
TkAnnla Pilfir i-kArkrtlA Vw-f Vi man anil
nadHbeex inutnB; eame ( class atwes
We tdd6')mYthibffWtr theJhamtialBoini4 ,todJ 'wlwnrit iiraaFaeed,,ihat
An'l We 'f' sewing dajST
To -e f UvWbW unneal f
Aud Tli'ireday ia a teinnre day.
;nd Friday ropnj be n ,
'Frirn Mnnf1. jmhArvd in
Pies, biddings, cakea and bread,
id the,' the we&r -week 'is d"on
-An wetnargS to'ted')
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" Antr Ka Teens, ilarjory, by tWt
time somelxjdy noaygtilsJUft. VA
Marjory shook her pretty head. She
had not just jqdw: her lavtr'a. hopeful-
- ii
rbmen-vereo opnYentamaliaipossi-
Dhtine imutTmttMMdWt
to do some good iiuthe world. .He had
oifen,mougait maajyw asruiaoui in
"ft ! new path, and break through old
usages. All tbmcijoldlUmily had
marridi fashionable .women; .they had;
weaitn.tney-nad'position; but not'one
HdDd hadV beengirdn ! th& command fi
t pe opposing army it was agreed thatw
ought to be mnhially'catftious aifdre-
p;ared at all timesrforsa3ii4 ad'.hard
4ghting, for Hood, though Oiot deemed
f much of a scholar or of. great tnejital thejCOUDArTltere were jOnf ,jcoUlipn
(japacity, was undoubtedly teaVf.' de- fiya hundred i and,,8iy-fivilhpnsaiui
of them had a amieik iht.j Now a tfcsrmined and rash naiuf'PItwti during threpJhune4.a?4 Bj7"JPC?yplU-I
urigub cntjery nuaxbu, wiui a pieasani i iie progress ui u saujr cuuueuiy uiaao
beinaftir VtTiaclanan -Tier- W' ihe
doederJn",e6uVt:1- Jl Lii;. ba
j Y6uJr narae-ia-! -ttiatt . M aalcad'
. UJaToriirHCieorge IJaTey.r't Ji y.T
jAiypwjktrrwhak!; J,f el
V.ino MSfruu wsbi nf yj
ibfc' sudden, intaresti. this ,i. worth
those men who stand on the edge of . the
waft at &?depota and shout Ha i
r . r . . .
" I have to gltassengerS, ar:M 'J "3
" DbVt Bass tfte, backi' ri'DaVey I
foow all Jiboub you if Only Ike ic tier J. jetnrned from jy-daj parfe
i...t ..1. :i i i i j 1 I o j -
77' a -TxXzr Z i " -SffiUAwe beside it-that might incite a man by Hood
at h fich acf,'ilancihn
ana tne. snaw, pi, M.wt lifeAtSich agMtMir ndwi ff $.
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.Four Aeaiha fronv diphtheria, eoentir
pecurrihg In tjrootklyn. KV "l hayeat
krctea the'attentiori "oT herJ health W
khonties of tliat bitj- tc the mditka of
Lhatoe-in which lliey. tookpi,. Xh
xeporthichv m Bacitarj mmiUMmade
Tipon. we p,weiun sonnoa a nove oi wtwti
fing 4 which is certainly unely at' thia
jespecial period when aaoying ii 'fevery-
ion was new. and.dP' A11 eTer7 room
from cellar to attic. or there LPEr3
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tiiaye Deei no euun maue. vu qxt uie
iwalli. This ia precisely the condition of
soorei" ol dwelhncfalhtowfucli families
lWaAhingWa, ppo 1 of the'
every txtef oetrrwaWsx aiieiXua-Ay nii
xaatf tzkckl id tbt xmjknojf lrr in (en
whrt wfl reoocfnizA the am I traMiUiliv.s
of this uW.hoTwas engJSVl t a ra.'4
ti.auiful larL'the'rride d'lddrfrii
all' wb taw bvoa Ti: hr rexte&al
In the conf erenoV on public charities
anl ltl'lCtSLlnl tS atfl-TubHo
Charitr, which " contained an elaborate
tatittiral rst Wm l ' thp prfrat itaU of
injMB ia,;thsix r. England
staves, jjJkint na nreiTB uaaaroa u-
even hundred kn2 iineiy-iwo witli bn
uo, jwu -b v u Bweepmg Biia uuw and fcying herself a lady riding into valkedto
oi xzmnear iT fAW Hdwn with, a eay eallant.beaidilier.7--
cottage was' Marjory's ttay-drealn a ;ilia Wiliily!! Wi&J UuMJ"'
i iuduoji. jtixoj i t miij ill a imreiy pwuuto w i am
ort 'distance,, and tnwtalteh!Jt!hea-cTiarge fHaVyBu
rca.'tree' V aiudjf a wrs ryingpb lie walk drtink.!''-M -s)
i" asked the squire, rousing from firing and artflleryV but suddenly Iri one Bide o house.7'i ! di 95otii -K-df lao
feHd -- And ?MaTjoiy told i him 'bt part of thdMii bcAsldhal.Hjotbega 2y ThM's'jtoojfine a .poixrtritoargae.
'tirtsitf(-'rmM ih 'ATinLtKflt to Jdg heard. . t.Sherman-JaskedJklcPher' ."Wot von drnnV l.'I. ... - .
Tl, ..A 11.-1.
V ":z:" W rode along, seeing aU.the homely
umU e f ..e.Ufaniiliar'tninW from, a 'Rmn 'distance, about the prospects' for the day. TW ttriWrV 1kletttftlaln
a road, a short
aatdbn at the f6at:6Tf3L"tr6d V studjf a wr ryinfirwa
There WO ah'6oasioh"al XhUSke'trr ) ffXw&snt. sirrTfWa aitfciria nri flVmiTv
uut, cozy, nower-ctaa uay-aream, wiin i i (
1 .f. 1 .!i!:y 1 t V. .'r1-- l-oout
a guou uo.iiani-iai waii ana a Tme-oqvr tx. j
ereu neuge aoout u. in ina; autant iu- iiA-mtlA
i f 1 gon -what it meantl i 't'Xvaxooki m-ftvll "fink mmnff. ? nnU a lltiu
- " . xT -i. -5 t I BVUtU Vlit) BLUUU. Lilt UUil V WXHilLUr V UI1L1 VM '"H V". W W y-"'"V.,yj;'m"'.Ti
the elm. Tho pjaehnigpd tq Squire hot-houses. glafeA'd6orseteopeh. facts,' and heiastily,caUed for. hia horer ! -6, xnobect Hfeu!wtoeep"ryoh
Acton upon the hiU, but the squire .was scent of ' rare eibticaflbatea HHlie hWstaflf and his orderl&s.'r McPheraoh in prison all ybur Bays. i,
irtlMft.? -4 .air, mingled with ,the.arihlf . odor fit Vaf.eninis prpeut'fly-fu i Oh,Het tirJ o& d fellttrT pleaded the
juarrjrwas at lunyervj, uerwurek 1 theardJ
laVelinets ahM fu!3MathonnaraJea4 rone'asrlxnn, aoeotiodxtiAg iocr hundml.
charms, wip& capture the errr-roYing ifn4enlla W whosa art isfnrabla., Ke's
fancT l lWtonKer. and 1 aadsl 1 acilo I IlaiiDeliirft , has about wtwi hnndrtyl
1 her lisP of IoVerm." althbuefi Se waairabtl I TnntHrta. . , , About threa-. hundred and
jhveWtefeoililhB nrst of 'thenbuth;; enough'lo facluiafrectiirtts ooc I ernty are in'he jaiylum'at Coneord.
ahlleBS'lo:treatlris betoScoLt to ricel tW retui3x,snd IhathU bworn tne hondred,fand "flnr1 ia1 tie eoufcty
f utthei c&W& of fUnesf hni Qdath -will- be ' Trieni rU thej ucoeaaiW ui tor. f Jra almaliouaea, ' one lunlred ia town abus-
thxJSttjfrJeilect: fct. UaooJi ' Pi74i.T.,Ji01r ?fn j8. fpftf' ViaasiV'Mdaini rt,;irhAiTfr. thir
If .ariyireadBrMl this foornalj sayathe, wayf "an he entreated' Sey"with lii axrnabaxeaay be, ara. lupported iapri-
&khtiJl&lAmerixxr7,thTefati c& farewell treatu tal ibblc alter-Ixrs iweet TattfAmiHea, XJf these cothing is own.
lnmsalf located. in.f a, dwelling, on. th& h'eart, tLnd toaeerinat V&e wanted BoC Yemont has Vitht hundred inaanai witli
11 1. : .l.'il. l4 1 J.J I tnrr Anting xm iiimtArrTrtmrw dtr. ... ! I nri '.Tlnm fVs-irA- irr4 f-i.rr '
Key obf Jfi his,4rien4 bejondholf Xr Curteea hundrea," ' witb 'two: Iu Rhode
tar: ior, more .uaivK awenuona, were i Laixna 1 Uirtrrac3iy- niairaanno
4 -4.
-wwff? fVi.Pt- siMorttr70riheisi jOTrsp r.jfflu'4?u;m'a
, or tito? Matties summer TO7Mda rowot toUDOBlaW. Near the aSthSgfffi faffi : "'(nff-bSi 'oo'utlip&
down at tne little crate under i thiJi.-' d 3 An. urt fA KAtiaoi Kv.Unm k.i i) ttuf :dm i miin.xen ici
1 garden mold.i -1 jThe; sun. was eettingr J
tenant it wjth a dream. ' She-nerer passj. 1 'v-h'inil
ed the cozy little nest without a longing
gianco tmtnerwaro. . . "Prettier than this?" asked the
The "by that tunor" of which Adaml D' .. tt, .ia i;
years old, pvef sir f eM high; and a.yery
V. 1
prisoner.', r This i the tfirfelr i time, and
12 .... x i r ti 1 11 i;j ii
the, poplars, fhiBhiBg every handsdme- man in every Vay, Kuniyef- it shall be thelasL iil'ye alarge.'family,
thrse-ct)lor4 r , Wy like4 aMd.jiiad, ng
1 tr-r .1 1 i a 1 ... '
walla of which, the no jstnre oondenaea in
neafv, aa qij Uie. oijisio 01 an loepincn
ouor o
aampjsensatiQu. witn a. strap."
plaster, or Jiy portion of which
not, .on waii, ceiling, or noor. xeei pcr
values nis'o wn "life 'and iha oihis fainiit
(or opel. 4es1apel'from3 Vh'eUaJ
ruhgitodlldnfedIseL7ana thVfike')
never bfote' any woman, an& i pcraonsvM ThaA parage prpvuion for the
as he suooeeded in' Intercepting' lettera I ehrm jpaaaa in this ctata is deeonring
u-1 .-... - . t. i ii a. .i ' I . ' ' LL'- r i?.r
Deiween ure lovcrB. ne-wonaaaeauae 1 epecay nouea as oompxrmuyriy a ucw
tolaaion'ofl eotoforUr ta ft is hthra UnUrs. j thing and aii experiment trhich has been
Dyj fdxcanc$).and -addrepMf . made called w qiistioit. 5 'TitHnleo hlV of
each believe the other faithless, and when '
tne seeds 01 aiatrust were naoes inorougn-1
start' tlre'f aV bnceV-'BetteVaste a-feV Hy sown, and- He f eeEn ' bf pTqW anft
tnaTavirlW-tlmes-''the reaentiieot crushed troe first-lhjoTjt of
the liopital.T24y-t! found aa urylura
oxa tanking largs. Innxaber : of, , patients
than the hofpitalitaalf has. by
the rmoral of chronic cases the truslei
ecLare that its result 'is to cnlargo the
- a'i .IK.'l IT "l V I .
. i - . . i : mw . . j a
ana won iao u-Vvng iM4 mj-ij-vxtii. j jpaoiy oi iao nospiuu ror vuq uwuaru.
bride, to -his .arms., effort, to kindle 1 of rCctuvi r0f iniaaitT.- knd thereby
osla&izi intdrincrtcs3J ita'bcocrijU .'agfOar a
spoke -ws
jory it seemed somehow this morning
further off than ever. J
AiUin. tU.e sturdy. QungS?otsman, , t
saw Ma;iuBei fori cptOrini this Uev; '
coimtry, with its fertile soil and sun
shine. He wclh a gardener known in all
the region for his skill- and thrift, and he
trusted to shape tho future with his own
strong hands. Yet'to be owner of a
pretty place like that, with its low eaves,
ita tidy shell-rbordered path; and its elm
ahadow, was- a r thing worth': dreaming
about, j and 'he let Marjory ' have . her
pretty dream. ' ,'" " '
'fit's not .unlike the.wea " bit i place" ai
hamef"said Adam, eyeing it with a lin-r
- . 1 . 1 M T A J 1 1
Kt'nu -KaHuc t as u tuniea vo ine roaar
".Well, well, go" your ways,' Adam,"
said Marjory.1' "It's long past' noon,
and I've to stop dbvn the lane with this
basket for Widow Gray."' "
And Adam, 111 ting, the basket over the
stile for her, went his way, whistling
Slyjj T Jlarj ory Paaedf P J 'the ian
with ' Iter! Ia5erfi. snmmer-'ooors 'about
her, and summer blossoms everywhere
shedding their ehelUiko r petals in a
fragrant snow-faU, 4iowhicer nor sweet
er than the clean linen she was carrying
to thelVidoGriypfor Marjory was -a
ties t He! had on hist booU i outside rhl4
pantalodas ganntletaot-his hands,-had
widow'$ gartie vith.U goodly, freight of
vegetabloar fqx the'housefulof youngsters;
for whotti thayojing girTwas purveyor,
and the afternoon shadows were length
ening as patient. Mor went bar wav
up the law onto1 nAjMAStfe1 ajweda 1
moment sd iho stmw est ver-tha
the meadows were golden ; a veil of im
palpable miatv iiung iMijthet; drowsy air.
M orjory lingered, with her red hood
ojead, ,-,1 tiuuicrsi kJ iu ? nAi
I His honor.took ja long-time, toA thinks
on his major eenerars uniform antrvbre and then renbedi. j
a sword belt but'iioUword! ' 1 'tie ' hastily1 It's wrong, to let you off. Tlia exu-1
a' gardener to work for you, and to bow
to the .dust aSrJouhtotfE "bKOujuet
of those wonderful flowers ! Mariorv
r - mi i. : i mm . . .j i ia, i . t r . . i t in: a ' . mt 1 . - ,i j 1 " " r aa,v . j ,a ? y :
didnot answer immediately,? for at that horp; saying he would, hurry, .dqw. his, slMl tkecp7 Watch 'tit 'touL' Yd feast 1 time,., for, sprjng locQupAncj, ,J4Many of
moment a man in a rat?i?ed straw hati at una andsend me bacK word X wnat tnia mend your waysnght,bI.v, Instead of, these have been frozen from, top to botJ-
r . r. . o i ..... .. . . .- i . - . . . . . i i . . ; . m . i .. i ...... .
noV pbssess,' into a 'bcketbook jrut ' it papers jWU''bljw at" mo'; iXi I believe I'll j
in breast ppckgt apjumpfe op'liis glveou'k" 8.' : Irbuinay 'gohiit i'
work in he beds,,:lif ted up7 his heated
face, and touched that ragged hat to the
squire. Hiseye lit 'lip ."when he saw
MarjoryV It wasAdam. I! It
"Thank ye, squire, for gieing tjie
lassie a Hf'V hesaid.cong Jorward.
" l U e'en tak' trie basket, and walk the
rest o tho way wi' her."
mi,'; 1 iZ .i-u r!H-rrrt' i.
; J.110 j-ullujj Bquira wuito up. vnab)
strange distinctions, there are in'life, to
be sure. Here was a girl whom he had
actually beeaoremplating in the light
of a wife. 4 lii his -musing he had dressed
her liko a queen, and had seen her sweep
gracefully, in , at ' he, de portal of f his
mansion." "But on th'e"' threshold1 of that
door her own familiar friend, it seemed,
must pause', trainble and hatless.' 'He
your ways- 'nglit
sound1 'taeant,''fi Ihi ai few : ininutes yeHiiig Hai !'. at a man; do
Sherman," -who'iri'-the -melntinie!'bad and softly whisper: '.'Sircan
i some oies-
this .":,
The. prisoner promised,, and was. al
lpwed to, disappear, limping , sadly with
''. Ztiiar iii Keuf j?6rk lCit y. J l!
amount f doctors' bilU' ar-A still greater sobwaadiH(ha!ja
vato';o( them&nsyfin hnScann Ik&d
&.!lir. rrra . .'4Vm nrtT cml r-irw jtvATf
crate. nd. kear iU arnii?litaaiid,-dayi ppe.srark pf xnterest pr enlhi
an1 if. Via vma thai . mlmi t. f Vl mw. nrtT J the breast of his- 'wife provinjar unifUi- cntaiive- lnsUtuUon..,MaasachuctU has
fjvfthe object of, Ihereajis, meni-neiajwrxns aa ruauoecn
dry put the KallsVnot spmuch'tyarci "ai.ri??--1
tnS i SnB for comfoU .Thenas thi tween herself and her only lover, that
wettnef rmeswann.ct 'anra'rjul had destroyed their mutual correapon
but the'ffunice: retainmlP flfcmfif W ence, and she had been fool cnAih
l . . a"' a m Ala . " j ff " . t mmt f a II . . a . .
iieve all ' tliat ' lrad leen told to ner.. I p4rtme?at was lgutia la&o, rjy ermg
ciTd LKa lia( of thi disclosure the I a lanr hniltlinirronnectad with' the
afWtnivii UfcT LttifivM) intii!-rfiw I leautif ulwoTnajj rt w whiter and mote fStaU almVibnWatTewkabury. In which
nobses but f clxkm it 'ta 'Anvcharwisel j Wiej'iXtH bl'Tk'(kErJiaaVIili
nat tIaiteawtalingthat isanphorl Mendei!lLiiW:t-3llclohep r--hlye bei EupaorUd at aa tsxpenae of
W4I.WI?f jxrrta fyvpfxa tie $2pch per i wcek,i ItTif g tlvvthjjrrt r
weary are at jej. ( ;1 ; r,, ) . fclWDQ annaUj .tothe, BUta.. In Ue
rmatcr of commuting persons in iLwaa-
?9"UZ TJLll'lJ chunStta h6rpiUlA, ;thaV proVidea
The X oilbwing is a summary pi - the
ult of tha Investigation iu regatd to
four nundred are in Statainfitutlons.
Qne of the mbat ' imporU&r kdei iaken
in legislation' UasachuAStU' is the
provision tuul - lor -thi ? sapport of the
chroaia insane ly themttirev, THf ex-
.exxteft awtallrig that mi npfcW-
ougblXejat5dnddi jJnaeitieBcJ)Vakof Qpatructedt i? Uo jflimsieet
motiino a in irvyi-nrli h ff ennrt . inail rw
gone back to the hbu'sti, alarmed by ths pHeasure of conveying you to
increase of tnemys"terious 'nrihg," niei ignated point Promise' too
ered with sweat", "who reported 4iat wthe
general was feitheu : killed Or a, prisoner.
McPhersorr had" ridden ahead, giving an
order to some troops to hurrv forward,
an disapp'e'ared in. the wools, doh.btle53
with a sense of absolute security.
'Instead "of , these ha vejbeenfrbzcn from top tb jbol
you : -smile, torn dumig tlie recent Be vere Vinter ; an
n I have the ! jnstead of ' tlie wat er ' 'drying out, J it " ha
feO,dOO gaHos of "ater"are absorbed toy
the brick ' and mortar 1 teed m 'the' fconj-
fttructionv and ! -this mmeobe qnantlti
must ail or -nearly allubei got ridLc&,t
fore they!ara safa As dwelHrigai i &iznhu'
FirsC86hcl-wor,tf, if - performed
ah ansuiXablt atradsphere) is.: per
T lhaill a?kne'a one liy rViendji; by Ocers
Tofcrtieahd ftfwnVami by tha' judges of .
ooarta. i 13at in all 'ctsfts a, certificate
ttojVb'igQ4.)b7 twa "persons, one of
whop should be tht family phyaician.
Complain it haVe'', been made that It waa
tboeany (o1 corInitrsolS,, TrmnlSiV)
fo loTO.Hhwj mur a deddftd incrcaao of
"1 V w
Bound of muskeiiy was there hsardiftnd
McPherserVs horWbamo baclf-'bleealng,
wounded and rideresa.
ward the body
A bullefe hadrehtorcd
heart, andMePhe
in a few seconds.;
i . Al
remains were sent
f 1 . y - . I . . '
Though' the 'New'1 Tbrk 'iherchanU
think they-see a oonfeiderable revival of JFtorefim Trade -at the I'nited Statu
Trftil u : tha mnrtvArg uvnantaM rui in I . ... ........
-r r-, . .-.-- v-k. j .'iajteport ot . in bureau j oi statuc
exs,, stone,, critters, brick layerstc I w
am At -arx . y r i
cbuld not make a place . for' A'dam' ; ! he remains were st
nUn.A na'Wi 'Aom in o Ar-r.rr. frjhl thenCO to
ttgAl erlnbt 'exactly tWl&Mt honor, and are now I
dreams were made of. And, as I have
said, the, sriuire jwjfke uj! olC
" We have "had a . very pleasant ride,"
4? he said, as, getting Marjory and her
I basket down,1 he bowed an'd drove pn
to the stable. And as he went li
thought that it was all well enough
wuen tnmgfM came tor tne praofacai test,
you must give day-dreams the go-by.
iBut when .Marjory'sT wedding day
came at - last and the little " cottage was
hers by his own gift it nluB4 have been
gratifying to him to know that he had
buried .in a small ths uncertainty of ri&transrfcji
cemetery close byJhis. mother a house, ara thpj niofet itQpartant : f acta
whkjlycejneteryiis mpoaed in. pari pf
the-of ehird tnV wMuA t hslused ItG 4y
when a boy.
27e G$rliniijbjtie.
fulfilled her day-drearna ft least, if not
l-kia nwn in " minnn Viai a lif r "
wistfully yet wearily at the scene. Her
iloetuiWul kUdJsUaiag shadow ecki
ing ,tlv?nv JIow distant .they .seemed,
yet horweW iifid faMfliar llllShead
never visited them, though they seemed
so near. AlJ3TOMal the
beaten track of liousehold ways the
eldexjjitepp'atieniry. chrlagior the old
follotiilA-tli&littrwhtkis? dt v.i r -
Never, in her,remenfaii'cefiad tnere
a hbluUy such' j ftVfWgin pft h ?i4
famSrutis aainflw,,whep, : setting
down hsr. laden basksti sha'lcaned upon
the stile, and shading her.eye with her
hand) 'fobied dbwh' Ihe wmagirWi; ' Jt
was 'alls3 baUmyr sJTuring''d 'qutet:
Now and thona laborer .withes rakd on
farmwagqn wjih4t eleepy oxen, Jtoiled
up the rise; and presently there CroflB-
sunlit ciodd of rlUstr a -litUo distance -off,
is a ) 'Zi i t ' -2 ' 1' "
, What One State Does.
Hon. S. R. f!ox. in an addreRa bp.fnrA
tie!AmericiurSilk jissbciatibn, said But
as we arQ apgroaching om centfinnjal, I
tiink a baby one hundred years old is of
pretty good size. X year or iwo ago I
vtfent to-Connecticut:'1 'The' purpose of
niy"trin is not worth mentioning, more
thai id sifp noto nuoh con-l
nbcted witn the moral condition of the
State as ipi13 JpjlpaiJhre the
I most wonderful varities-jof industries.
txney nave een two -nanaracT ana nity
years building hem. jUp, j And what
don.t tney make there f lie ginning with
the Charter Oak and working down to
tiievlas4 election, ihey have i every
.variety XbulTtfixuk - of 1 1 They :Wl
. andtthrougtij'ltf nWiwkTin bf
red-tpt)led,0sfeifder - VJieyspreftV
Mi inn i- : : 1. 1 r-ns i ' I svi . .
.nlinister i,pf itheGjOspeh Sirnefrmeft
5tW4n4PjXhrassware md-brains but
Ithoyj don't always go to Cangreas. ,i Thy
bliai eo ,in'e,JSSa ftpi . national '
Ot the twenty-four, lljoclpt'lldnl
one free from debt, and in only four
cities ithe debt less than fifty dollars
f A Wh,h;13 raii.!adla n iUl
tant. In three-fourths of the cities of
the State
State, l
lifty dollars, for each voter or head of a
family, andJmltalfiiiitJtftsxt it will
average more thanflne hundred. The
simple meaning of this in the cities of
iew xurii., nun uiuuppuiauun win njJij;
to the cities of other States, is high
rents and narrow accommodations for
he laKrfrHM3& ff ffcI0ii-
nesa- men, property -owners, manrjaf
turers andtthekko what- they ara now
Be marking, upon this the Tribwte
saysl Tftheievil3,Jf vi6tfcgurid
principles of fiilance"' iin d government
were matters of fancy and not of fact,
ben lna&a. PSlUVm&'l- the
weather, a return of confidence or a
tup of coTeAaar3Sem. TJnfor
tunaHy Kwagdppeerv tb- -a rETt
iervro' frcpntTacnng dems isN5f vet
little inpaymghfnvfIiajbondholders,
bffioe-holders, and others who draw their
frnra an article iaihn Jen York
JI'Hai : rj-ivTr latrara jwai vaf f irvyw fAM
per dayOOaut o,nthaV)OQ,iii "wa IniSr rnftfr:",Sl.:.nimfl
WWSPy Pifeo yeaH exporbwl 575,7t7,(ir5.o Of this gelS
ag9 Aey.Texargetting.$4, per, day. and vrifHf Mflitfc.iaVWai'aafli
t , , i -. - " ' it r - -" ot-
1 ?iTOT f i , memDers.: gw 4nd UterTportilexrini tkai
---To f, of a tba: aiaiavel -prodocti 6Xi- I
- ..v. --"-J . "J! I aaLWVr,rnlT. I-.' a't ... ''-iBa
producUToqfroua Afaawtb. ftW ihatcf
exhaiisUoUj ;.j , , I . : poprjeiidiv. amounting r to,
. CSZJ StlH" ?Th to. a certain ex-
meant close Afr W a5r Th'U hpf -f Kcw TgW KtaU-.
to chill tha faaVo, tbai ,V burn pr j.
I -r n I.-. or
LJimatrnrn in
and ona
man , will
atrcai. Sacra-
i T i
rt rnarm nrppa. i'iikk-.l BLrvrL. .j it 1 aua
ut hnw mnori l a't ttallr I ' ttJ
aohef bilf rrbnWi-tiMriMlat treeUand alloyn which lie between, ara
-:v lii.vI; ,,-.! V.. the Chineae quarters of San t nnciM.
bb ppi
in&inc.;Rp:ia-t2s mfdHat hMT. h """r1 "-""7"
.... , . I JVIPi-Wii-v aa, v- r-'-v
The amount bf strulf raulrfd f?W- -N "rj1
machine" tha men, I meaa ; lure, in
. .a. aaua.
TlfvMl fAL.t 1 iff i fbl a &hol bewailing ataiaida
dJ Sixth. Jaebax$wbi ZVesUei Wtrifo
' . a a a. a a a ' a
nd. ip rulo rflfh,ym pc aiaoai
oertaia , to bacrna aicklj ot to bcik
J ' Seventh; "Gymnastics "are peculixrjy
fabeded by g6B ia targe'' Catte Vtft wijh
have m4n and they hara 4mpor14!inf
'otot'of5 Ck)Mecticuis.tb-apitfioBUte:
ai 'the'Vafe of '10,000 or; 15,000 per aiv
man0drlxJP' CaMarjorycwpuderaa JbocJ JKefernng to an addrsa,s oiJ Judge
it wokW feeiio o sweeping 'along the klelley, in favor or protectton,MJJr Ubx
'saidr It-isrtr Judge -Keeyt fanrtrthat
ne is a protectionist ; iiis nis rnisrorrune.
There has beena recpgniripn to-night pi.
a!o rUauiOuii f ojMgiiet&f
equlpage'VaTwein .-vBIlir3giesito
little pony Btopd,8mpinjf wipatienUyi Cjairistoph Cklrimbus dpwn let
aiioLarrJeasini ttuc6iBaidi:ij-i.-'" .-ifd them cbme'here 'freely. Ihero is no
Vhll I gitayoti. a lif tl""-"iq ,!3 .i rk prohibitor
MaridrV-IckSI,Tft !!'ih tiiestlolier4rateaall
doulfftalsKdi'noiftyiydre 'told by, physiologists, is .made up of
ing. There .rsat the.visioxi pproca, every article subject to our tariff. We
nuUiig aud M aU the gausaa, and "iron is in our
han'ds to : hefp Jez4u4 ttitl Jxerr basiek 4 bloody So ,theref m enough jLron comes
Marjory felt herself dusty and nntiuy m vin ai ue ,aeaaownaere every
the cbntrast.2-Tui might b4 the youngimouukw mane atamsnip.
squire, who .was coming hbrnb "ta liye,"r M !r V"r ... i-'i-:.I4s
she' Tiad'heard;' Wtsha syiied 1 Settu Green's little tOiad i plan ted j ih
smile as she found herself actually lifted the upper Mississippi three years - ago,
to tha vacant seat, and tha young man I are beginning to coma up.
, and. what they receive .those.. who
tna taxes must Jieoessamy ao witn-
put. osjolhelpsaya
the' ciues.1 by-, tha owners., i land. and
btiildirigs, -whaiaf ?Dnrae ehanotf pay
thme tWreirb'MffbWnbJitn
ihey are vmable to get high rents- they
atop butoc)I5asi1rWAfkeps to
make business dull and ia creases stagna
TTnrsifTTOT.T. Woaxs.&torj tout noise I
Shufup tlna minu "111 box your
ears ! Hold your tongua La Let me be I
Get out! Behave yourself ! I won't!
You shall ! Never mind ! Youll f calch
it! Put awaya&oaai-Cainggl Youll
kill yourself! Mind your own business !
Ill tell mi1f v?Ybu mean thing! There,
JTtoldydct o! I did! I will have it!
JST WWt:H imports for 1874, it wmarbWaee:
M.fTi tt day TliPrnftM 1 101 in. thaw L f- j, . - - -
-l. r ... . -- v .'-f awv twi i p f '7 wrr.ry mor tti... ya ar."m .
od "f a JA ",- II "CIO TI(Uall IU icm uuu iui aUllt aui
".Yiy00 m fVYloJ?- 3 auAVJ1 xpbtta ' SI iC0,f42h vtrt taafln-i
2? 3? 4 fflVS, 'W73 What-is dmetihiea alld't
UilUU ttUU iW AlUU-lLUlUaall3. : . A j ,
.a- .:-a -.a V OO..Vli. r-!ir --".a yi 't
T IV; r Z?7iT 1 -The repprt of Grxat . Britain jshowk
'i I LliAa X1ILUAU CA UUI LH 1UI AO J K WffX3 w fc
ptetarerat mdfiiiitaia diaasii !. eiirtelT. Vralicisr Wjwkjai Hi
wuilixupraEi axajuj.r.iugiier.i ing-ao- ercss rof'iibports of -f!28;9OTl. I bil fea. amvlrtlotf thaT thatoa
wageaoaiqtt situs i.w'i Ti .tttl i 237. - Thesfe tiMt :vmiOt aholrlthe was created loz tho rurpoae of dri
laai x-J LySifJ jtwr.Hry.; -i-w.'t:J ' ttofeMelatof goldlaiaaeariaoai oiw
taiyprcKsut fjuvhkxi'lol ' Itaiia gyfemaUiM
aro impract icablfi for largry feirl a'H
:?mightlaw rTfjealOitxf girls a thpbJ
nod of .the devalopraent of the mntrti
al function ought to .be waiclieu ov
wtK uiusual CJiebyyxoaapc4ieim
Of tai'gbod'jafliinftit; cadtviMaozial
knbwladga ofT tbaii eharacierxj xt I '
, .2inth-.Pnf -ci tha taatcstaquroef bf
harm is Jound in, sircuanataows lyiag
ouUide of school Ufa. The social lib it
bf many older" cJifidrca'afe eqialfy fsBob-j
uskiii ittu a'. ia. ha ibi vum
afT'rau ji Jaudiia L t'. t ar
TleygraniersJbi Burlfctinry.! 1 n
I7a -T.V' tS, a f rnW aWrl; j fca f
J , 0 Q " 1 1
ness on their own account, not ottlV fni
a x a- ; I
pWvait can be frea froa' thapc&t.' lie
iwfW TTfrian will riot rtfaftlr&e warn-
ihajSUfitnit4 tji4cti i JlskJXSictfbi
little linuid which answrrt iwo trarpoaea
first, to render tha blood kin. enough.
to oe orawn . up -iuroui?a ua luue, aaa
CiafTirlct4Wofainiaa. cr?
prirftaplea of d
Tb.'dii2ealty with I Ilia, rofieati eV
Dhy )Vwh&tfda thvB''d0c tTwas
in v house! Who s afraid of you! Get
a 'A XabflrrUo 'bcAavaJaXsraJa
agricu2turaJ,tels5-iiTrM2aaepa lastratticail ata cilai aajt n onuft tha
ranta.-eJU Medlortl they bava piirefelsed atkiring Kiucajaiaaj Da lMerfSjingj
alargabuildiag.1 srhacUJ tbey. an eiabo-! uyeTf w writ a fejlra Ji-Aays
ratflji fittings nr4 S Oa JJiee iarsjflporj ftjaost jnueiarae r. cj
rhcyA will ba mt Rtran. .ilayrRTTiirlj . dum ' I fail to -do this, as . VOnr. SllCgC 3ft dftJCTai
. .a . . II . 11 a T -al Ja
P-1 rW- fefJrtWijJ 1116111 conditional- :,,hav tem
tne second, oor there will be the band sign your canvassing book, even on cor-
onoi.tne ptate urange, bank,' aiuon tnatuiey may uute uie Dooa
rertransTOiUtJncceriaW Wh'ehbm cwntodeer.'ftiO
offlces, etc.'The'thrrd ' story Vffl'bo giUg:f leadlfsg-naxaea. U ihtv
uforlcTooia; MUixtadTtg- sax
i ar . a
1 lPtp-Ccrt,t i thakiirbf.ttev' peoplf arte unablfcti) I ttiha X4auau raalt aadlsihy.
tratvTaifri?rWt9-M nW iTTa u . TSa I bny-aj&l ax - a hlner theoaak. lot I lnaJUitlJW, iiirorjpac ro-aea
tendancy toMaTUgar-.-Miaiiingi
torKpical rdaadittinrm,..wt)nkl , dia-j Uaka Ujt iafhynca the ixmditijtlttusftugiy uie jTf-V
Pope'mrn''iheri Wottrur
Pauketn. rbbrkanr Paiaii
xfet1 rrr.a:s '-"t) ti-n ra 1 J deviled an atonihinj oarlane for cab-
'pMba?""ika 5ifcImnvJnto H
Cify ,T which-will M l.'-VrryprCi.jl 'roama Becrc tiiry-'lMWJTtJse" A rio I TrottmAt -2dayet. h foarul. oat tilt
to pet ii osryhaTi U ii dose, dlaf are
fcVn:; bet, ; whera s tmokc , dnckt,
piga head. liTers and gizzards pf fowl,
whole "chicken's 'cooked la' oil,' abddm
pork and aaus2;es are soldr' He is ihir
f chttic3i, or tanrple.'-wilSr Ie-w llnagas of
wood and Xinarl;btiaia whliia&dal.
'wood is l) or .taiaU:,&rvackera
H .Well, on "bunday H u all juat as It was
on tiirdy ptJy all.tla xioreaoJ",,Tha
2abp' afe" ill -tjpi,- shd-tha rrv ac-
binlinlaC' cn a.ltingrp H&xxcm ad thi
abacaavAr tootica j theis fJffTs,'Tba
pallars are aa fall as ever cf djr-makers;
the, eatmg bouaea are xolier than, ever ; .
and ft evi-CT eatail!Lcra aie at
least's 'doin (raUlng LbtifcaO f-
J A Caiaaaa gaiialilhj hrll cchxiita bf a
xuurfrr jrhiicTMhed cctry ai tha, end of
which Jiariy? a flap cf c'th, . .The play
room lies' at n'jht ajl-rwitBthe -ntry,
asil"!. of course, 'but It rii if. r Zii tha
retry' s2a st rh43,',srTrecl!y or
raia2ir4gJKear tail head yon will p-r-
bapa tAic 4i roy.b;Jayad ta hook.
This rope lrada taa door, If you a
whiia pan and ncta rlkyraan . ahould
Vtimpt lb enter tha narrow" rjaaaaee. tha
witditauS wbnia pell t rbpe the top
TOlI -ptaU Io-Cjo dooi;-aM as' that
cloGcs-viS OpSs lock, you wonli bo
I. I counted a dotra of these plaofa ia a
aingle Lloci ; fofty-fiye, or lh"eta" jrera
bpcif biTfianalay "Lighi ; Wt police
aiytlit'f i If not ary to prove that th-y
of ha -noaq fiVjiha if-rrW w' g-g dgna;tor. no Chfnarnan
.a I a. I -T m . A. . A a I a t
pon thercjKindrr ,lDftt
eiDlxininor whv it ia that, in hundreds
A t&Jrfeaiy tealtSy'locailtleaUe'liaiaaa
TTUm tiiAiM. ammJn mA hiiiaIfla. T aTTWST tH tTTaCnna: aZAXWalT XIl XCtOaaf
r-'- : I r . . a. . . .. . i tt
b2aadtatasnd0 :ti caarnaarn tit -) j taataea ua tzutp, (
..vt. u i r. f hai aT.inmi jnf t tti- -ifi ahy. y
in all my born days.
tima in having iirectifLeUL
they hear with their antennax
wiU bear.witcasa tgvc? them aad they
uxejBo xarx.troia s wjuta man. ,
U'' VWr'4n' 4V.' af VMM
III., aa'iu A .11 limiatf mtmmw . v . .la
willi tacir g,4ba only' erne e3aaIon has ha
been tespted to mala a -bet. TTbao on
a to WhitciaU to aa his t2f Qaeea
Irtha, he f ked lira. Scott, wia cf tha
tzcrwhat wcc!Xarin lha Oaka. She
xezLBt'' QscLa IUrihaiii:yl3rd,''
Lqx' J-raf-v bttrhea aixpaaoa that
this would not baao. Ilialoidahip had
th'bftcf tha l'Ito'3:',:1 -I19 V
wag-r, as the Lily won.' Oa thday af
ter ther "he obtained troni'tLd Mint a
Ira'xcwruc'wluih hi LaJ set
ut rubies and diamonds and presented

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