:tywBH' THUii I .A I. HI i"-wy mm -xjittm " . ...s,-- - : : '.ntf1 o- Sj --TaaaiaiaaaaaAaBaaAaaaBfiaBaBaaaaaaaajaBMaaas a 1 - . -- - - m , ... w m 9 am i i. i 1 T I I ... ' ' f . . . Detroit Free Pressing '- Cincinnati is going to have a statue of Cincinnatos, and we want to offer a sug gestion now. Put trowsers on him. A Kansas farmer has discovered a new remedy for potato bugs. It's to mort- ! IrriLli 77 Inthe rear of the hotel in Marlbor ough, Ulster county, New York, is a gorge tWffr&&&l f eet'deep. Imme cely Thihd Ine hotel the bank elopes down about one hundred and twenty-five gage the farm-: The rate ot interest wjU Ueet .ledg;pf;r9imd front there lift every blessed ug over on to the highway. A Virginia widow rides.lirctlija leg- an. cither side of the horse. People used to stop and gaze at her before she killed John Cass, but now her mode of - riding is uncommented on. When three hundred, men out to ride aff!erVpoor, sickly hurrah and yell wad jump fences and break suspender buttons, Dio Lewis needn't, be blowing around that Ameri cans are a melancholy race. - A blunt old lady of fifty attended an auction sale at a private house, and when a bedstead was put up she feeling of awe-in the entire to the bottom of the gorge the bank is almost perpendicular, , and Jus "covered water oozinz from the crevices of the " v rocks. j A I few daysTago 7 a geaitlemaD,- while standing on the piazza in the rear of the I. . . 1-1 l-.l.-A't- ' -t. 1 i -n Hotels wincn.QYeriQoas tun cuubui, va fox and!80 teeth, and alter several pe arsons had discussed the possibility of getting down to this ledge of rocks, two men by securing a rope (hi the building lowered themselves to the ledcre. but without i " al t i any success' in nnding tne teetn. On returning they spoke of the rm- rreatetf a FY Ui T .TT , XJUwJ tw gorgfjon aeoountj pi tno aorupiness CIUWLjt AJJ ' -t 11ra nwi wliATl Interesting Item frtn Home ami j ibrMa. As Jacob lOatman was retnjeoing from a funeral in TreirtN-CJiis liotaes bo aay and be was killed. . ..A terrible tornado passed over portion of Ohio, demolishing exerytliing n its route. ! Three hoosee wereblown down has existed! in fcetllnd f Cab an armed reeistanee t9 Bpaniah aothority which has beea yn;nira Kid a repabaC4 form of prrenunsQl established thai the time has armed when it im the dntr at- tka-Uaited SUtee eoTenuaen 4- 1 - " WT i 1 to terminate the war in Cuba, and secareto the people of Cuba the adraataf es pffree gOTara ment ; that the senators and repreeentatiTes of at Green Springs and two ehildraa crashed to L2yBW York State in Congrees be reauestedto VLia UJ-UK ia auo lour va. iuo uvuog Miu ma- I , . t r tL t T 'J inff Did this bedstead ever have anv ft ab fifteen yeara f DaVld HAijalimiiiiaflXty, ied o 1 woman i bugs in it?" she d keep her tongue stuL So she did, ... . , , i , ' u'unxXi.s iJi diately began to descend, reaching the uut nucu icu xuw t4Ji7 npu uuu tcucvi 1 , . , - : himself hoarse trying to make her. hear, he wished that she, (had ear a pot 4ong and could hear, a whisper a mile away. Sunday, as a citizetf entered the post-: office, hat ruined, coat 4rrijJging -wet, and the water running; dowii the back of ' hla rocky ledge with little trouble, when, to the horror of those who were watching him, ho deliberately jumped rom its brink!,, knd disappeared from sight. I Everybody j supposed that he Vas in stantly killed, but in a moment they saw pleasantly remarked:; .Beautifui ir0, Vr ZST - T ' .isn't iir "No.'sir-aot by. a Hi" " 1 DM1UCS , UU' KiUTCl i mv tui uvtww m landed on his feet j but the momentum neck, he was met by another et ' V who shower. i i t . . . sir !" wM th rnnlv. - - -Vmded oahis feet " Tlicr Jitlr.J't.h T)Wwb1a ?lrrVoi ;w. caused bim jto turn a complete Bomer to a, Michiganjiyeiue,S4looawh?r ftf iJfW standing in ibror..; ouil about Mventy:five feet, and the leap " There's n womatf here whwantsXfTrT , tT?.V:TXJt f .teroa erenKuiierent mai horus.'iind "they tumbled put dooflnbrthe kney'as if ,car- pertainly'sd whervsof little injury was sustained. I ijj Very "painful is the situation of a cer tain clerk In a grocery store near the i9 ftny one remember tne' oo. aniffinif wleasantlv the odor of dried of the chqfcfi sesoi I'Vt 'U ca hemnm ana keroaene- and cheese which in half an. haur replied a zoan hhalw:' Km Qh CnUX ai a n see a feller named 1'6 That'a- my wife 1" mattered iveti different'' indi viduals in chorus of the back nea in tne arms 01 a tornado. v niie some Jaen on tm street car were town pf StainfordKy. &e was standing reviving old -wollectionj 'of; thehf ma ' tlie IcoNrnW but 4 lew niorninga' mquirea: date find out who had hihtftrp?eflerredtCiiltnce. tomer, -when there ran in, in a great 44 I've got a note ok sixty dollars lirned WniW' a rgotten the flour needed i in pnnrQH nf nTonarniinn feVtnertaftiboutad eu uays. .tjcit J I is,i taking out of a bureau drawer and as iwo scnooiatsjere ..posting, a bringing ovfer what sha supBoseLto be a . , . i clean puiow-snp to serve as a img. ne are going to the Mountains; S gone ail summer. 1 m gojngi.to hare dipping Mm the flotu? barrel' a scoop gray uress ana aeeii arpss ana a Dlue. beRan mbxg the bag. The -firs ureas ana a new nat ami new snoes, ana, seoopftd .went nothonly in,: but through ma says I'll probably find a beau; and the receptacle, and the astonished clerk she says Tve gottoj cm b Buiueu, ujniy-am-aB nomei a bf, two parts with fringed outlets suan t chew another bit nor carry.! f thTBottom, through which the flour UOre jaw-tec&Se.lo i3l0ot iSA tA the floor. Tbi'.irM saw the r . i . i -i o - ) . o V-I-,. , . ' fthmg 'at the same time, and with a shriek n ""KWi- U J tlmi I Wnthont A J word jxraiv' hom.i The At a, brilliant balLjsja sto:e clerk carefully dusted the once saw a young lady ,whq was , so ex-, gannents. and laid them away to be re- traorilinarily lovely that T could scarcely turned whejx caUed for, bt&they haven' uiy eyes irom nerjiaoa ana yet been called ffor yet. And so, because of ttlU R 11 HKH I III ILL Kim. rAnoi VA 1 aoo nt I wjunuu imia auTDOuv -in tne room, ami ' r : ' , . . . j ' ' turaiociciji us ui a puiuxiu biiiiuiULju, iuiu employed has dreadfulaffairr death. Not ja chimney ftt standing in the place, passing northward throagh Clyde and Bellevne, much damage was done. Along the liue of the Lake Shore railroad scarcely a building escaped injury. The track of the tornado was two miles wide... . . .Two masons fcad'a fight on a scaffold three" stories high hrt New York, and on the euMRajtnipCSgfq separate them, all three were precipitated ta the ground,! carrying with them eight feet of wall, which partly covered them. The men were excavated in a mangled condition Dan Bryants household goods were sold at publi-i auction at his residence! realizing the sum of t2,Q00 Thfr4ie7aathc26aM at Washington naving aiacorerea immenbe frauds, seized over thirty large distilleries and rectifying establishments in the West le porta received in Washington from 330 coun ties indicate .that the winter wheat will not be mm . m l vexAv-ights oi tne usuu avers g. .... A coroner's jury sat on twetftjjf OJxKliai recovered ' from the Bchuier, ana returned a verdict of found drowned...... Two brothers were drowned in New Tork harbor by the cap sizing of their boat. . . . . . John Best, of Stone- ham, Mass., a member of the House of Repre sentatives, Commander pfyPoat 7$f collector of taxes snd assessor, was; detected J in the act and Arrested for stealing f 1,500 from the safe of 4.aron Hiil, a prominent merchant. Money had !been taken previously The centennial celebration of the captuure of Fort Ticonderog by Ethan Allen was participated in by a large concourse of people. The ... recent developments tin the; Internal Revenue department of the tjtated States ire most astonishing. For several years a ring all over the country has existed, yearly growing stronger and increasing its ability to defraud the government. It had soma of its members in the department, and is breaking up he ring theJ&Solali wjfr6fcllgyd to use the greatest secreoy.' i&very year tne government has been defrauded out of over f 1,250,000, and without a word of warning the government seized distilleries lb all the Western cities in St. -Louis. 11 : in Milwaukee. 13 : in Qhicag4 8, etc Th fletelOpfaientsjaf thoase pass such measures as will secure to the repub lic or Cuba all the rights and privilege be longing to belligerents in this'war. As a gang of convicts were working on the grounds of the Sing SmgaMFnePfhcaIl- and any more the government had received the most satis factory assurances from Berlin of the main tenance of the peace oflurQpepJf.. lEuy of the principal merchantawof ewilorkvisifek the' dentehnial grounds at the invitation of Philadelphia' merchants. The railroad time between the two cities was one hour and f orry eighf minutes the quickest trip ever made over the road Three sisters, daughters of Peter Hannin, of. JTpper 'SanduskyjOhio, were drowned while, attempting.' to crosa, fhs San dusky river in a wagon. ....A delegation of Catholics from Mayence presented to the Pope an address signed by one million names, on the occasion of his eighty-third birthday.: . . The principal conspirator in the plot to assas sinate Prince Bismarck, has ieen arrested ;rhe is said to be tela ted tot Arehbi&hop Led oc how- ski.'. Advices to the St. Louis Republican frnm St JnHnh Mn. ntjLtA thftt IVia In at four received less at- I n rjrrplpRsnfq not, hi mm. that nnfortn- vim Aa-v Vm ofv. rtf nxrii nt the. room, and I etate' cletk fa in a riaitif ul 1 situation.- and I hoppers, and iris feared the plaerue will be as serious as last year. ' I Six hundred of the workiien oil tb Bergen f T T V i . , 1 , 1 . . . 1 - . n. 3.j tunnei, wno sirucjt coma, sme sjaca, have resumed work at A crowd of I women mobbed an Old Catholic schoplhouse in Konigshute, Silesia, declaring a rush past the unaxfhed keeper for -a freight train which was pjceeding at a very Uow rate If .there are any of our readers who have not trie4 X)obbina: Jlectrie, Sosp (made by Cragin Jk Co.,-Fhila., we ad-J viae themi Ib crreit'-cme trial fo-CeIr 3HW e.' Hav voirr crtDcex irctiL Dr. Pieree'i TTorlte Prescription . is very strocely reoommended W 'the medial taculty and ia iartaly prMcribed ameegi thmr female pauenls. It is worthy of au eonnaeoce, as may b4 aeeo- front the 'fo!Kmiax: testi monials: J , i., . a . . f - ...r3 VH . Dr. a. B, Chapman, or Tlattsmooth, Neb., writes: I have tidar, iraUaht f lad who$ for the past seven vears has beeji alicted,and. after trying several k.Uciaflwtthat rslvi ing bene U is gaining rapidly on your Favorite .FrescriDUom. road track, five of Uieet Searwate 'xaadlT , tr , AnxjrtV IJQ. , a rush past the unarmed keeper for freight vf Tr.rtaie'lWffaloVS Y.r Io iXr f iAve xtoc words jtqpxess my'rratitnde to on xor yotar aavice ana aesistanos n my cmae. and jumping onfthe engine droyt cS 6ar ! There is not na who baa asd yotxr medlci&M eineer and tximxar with""' loaded' revclrer. I eiQoe"rhev iiave , been branehk here, - hut that i eta hv wita m unr nm wen mujy new wiil be rooked forward td with nolittle mtereft. Mrs. Cronk, who has been on trial for the killing of James Luke, near Paterson, N. J has baen discharged. The jury found a verdict of not guilty 'immediately after retiring. Luke m l , :u i. r i - nnmber of 1 lga& fwlsLAtk oif HfegVte ia long required by last occasion wm threatened with a gun which 1 government. .L. Alfred Speer, of: Beckl he disregarded, when Mrs. Cronk shot him in self "defense .. . .The British under-secretary for foreign affairs stated in Parliament that fStedl BineeIhae4een ao:betoedbTttsBse -Six or aetea around me have left off all doctors sod otfclr mekneB.:&d urn eaess iatheu f nmiliAJ tftttr Kaid c rmrA at the same rtiafiase as'Mfie? on do not know what a wonder it created in our citv bv it resterinr nay sister I f wrftte you about, for she had" been under the evxear three ejfcur best doctorB, oaoouanoi Bitmap but 'for a few. minutes at one time. begged of her to try yosr medicineA, and tefove ahe had used. half the hoUlea she could go ui around the yard and has noW'jusC come from a vnufinve miles away. .'si1 Ji ) Mas. Thoxas McFaaxAwn. -Xr. Pierce's Favorite; rsaeeriptioa pr fold by. dealers in medicines generally. jCom. 1 t . i -. ...j. i : ... XiHj J- Tnnit OwLdmlf, SrV mt- All IHI, nT, hMBn 3 ' v i i n r tj , 111 -'T I 1 Bh A dB ' V 1 Thev then uncounted train, and pulnthe throtfowide opehaUnsiil engineer stepped off, howc serreftajrn e Ihf fumps on fall Vhcktllng perceived bjjhe convicts in hope vt hooding the boiler aad so stopping the engiaeo IIisticipati-rs were fully realized, for tike enin haBOt proceeded far when she blew ouV3uS--cjlLnleV head.' and txpiration of tfeiajjiuW the" Otkr at the expiration r'elmder gave way and the engine stopped, the ammcts taking to the woods. The pursuing parties hadj hot been7 success! nf at last ac counts ....tThe divers xamined thehuliof the Schiller forfoMiouxi3Ttiey CaondLier broken up confused mass of irpnand tim ber. . Her lower deck rested on the' rocks, and her botHom was cone, havinsr been torn off by the rocva rone of the specie was recovered, and no cargo was, visible.. rajt The Hhswllers lately arrested by thVretenue trtrtrrtlesiave joined together for carrying this matter into iuo couru ana tesung' uie eonsmauonaniy or the internal ravanna lurtj r Thiw t hva ratainarl ..f- n I:.--, 'xtt: 1 WJTv. f Tjaina, nenroas ' and tenerardebflity eta.; ,,T ,rr";T;';; 7t fail by wearing .Volt'. - ---- ,y . ..1,. y Tt'. I ,iwecFJ ueits sua ianas. vaiuauie duuk ues, r ;A3 digressing couh cause,the friends. or the buaerer almost as tnncn pam as we sufferer himself r;,Z''3 jWUtr JfrUan f Wild Chetry peedily cures coughs colds, in fluenza, som throat, teJ ril wfil always Ttneve oonenrmptioti, and. in jntasy well-attested cases it has effected a' perfect cure. Fifty cents and onadollar)a libtUe, rdargej bottlet jouck, the cheaper. Com. ' !TJ?;.uSr nr. Ji TTalter'a California Tin- tSeJi: ear CUtCrt w6 purely Ve-tUUa ; t fcSSfcTiii I prfiiaraqon, maao xaicjy uuu u u-- 1 r V , 7 Elastic Iru JS (So, 1 tire herbs found n tho lower ranges ci Ni. Bnaiwtf, N. T Cltv. . . ULOXiCrr - ----- vr -u rwi for oww. CU; the podAClnai properties oi wmsa -) Ti"'- 1 0 Alcohol . The uestionls almost nnparalleled auccesa of Yixzqae ,Brr TKRsr' Our answer U, that they remove the cause ef dise&tej and the patient re covers 'hia health. .They are thepat blood pea fier and a Ufe-glTinp: principle, a perfw Kenorator and Inrigorator of the rstem-. Never before in the history 4 the world has a medicine been tTTT compouni id poaManr-j , XI rtoAarkaUo i- -r ' j:.... ninli KwrtA. TnT erv uiscwn - t iTirruve as weu u iumc, lnnaismauon vi i 1 1 . nr boms1i;UN fli A )alJr hr. Karks T W , 1 f i mm ti aU FaaJS ta 1 Ptxrdvr Oar 1 MM enMIdDAll.w I-'-;;- ;re.IMOaili A: iv.. U-ti, s i . tu ' mmi k " yr Hm Fna ta atMdllt rais in ta f nr All vU 'It U ltw twt Know' ptiawi ted Kv Vbrk UIUnU by ISm r1 T II a4 - Pt. Ksb4 t"t ftM'it tr . 1 ." ' . I 1 I. miTrt Te Axwta'u addltlesi M 1 Bck of ft er 'fl II ffl IT i -t-1 1 art a re Ue nflT-TIt I.TJC KrtTTYialarilrraos ta iWioa " urn art t ! fi I TV. a t over $100,000 is bequeathed to charitable in stitutions ...... Josh Frazer, colored, was hanged in Camden, 8. a, for murder in the presence of six thousand people JHe was aon victed on ctroumstantial evidence, but con fessed his -crime on the scaffoIdTHe also acknowledged murdering his wifeand ehild, as well as another woman, besides burning several barns and ginhouses, U tr.xt, i-.tTs?! d The poetnWateivgeneral has Jeduoeoi thslpos- (Age w ioretgn countries irom ten( vq nve cents fOCAclalf ounceto take effeot tTuly ls't.,',V Tea! aiaiiies lost their' homes in Springfield, Masa, by an incendiary fire.-.. .-The priests imprisened in Posent Germany, n the neigh boring towns, have been released and .in-, formed thai evidence with regard to Mis al leged secret: admrnistratioar tf the diocese by a the BecklandV Me., while intoxicated, shot his wife" id the face. As she was ruaning frofax the rofimfith her Infant m her arms anethex ahp;wa "fired. the ball entering her shoulder. Speer then shot himself throrigh thd'head.'1 His wife will i im . i ' ' ' , i' . ... wcoTer.. .. j.xnree men were pxunea in the housefr dermalijJohuMei Houston, Texas A. terrible tracedy a few miles f roinTenrir Taj4 Kew TorkV the re sult of a though dees loke. It appears that 7 TT f . .e1 ?1 owl ?ex. the. store H which he is uiWuy uc, anuinquinng lo8t a customer.; It was a mo reason oi ica i-was miormed that Miss ,, , 4 in TT'emen the' Grange. M. was a victin t6 Ma singular disease of kleptomania ; that - ehe never left' 5 -l It is somewhat sinffular that the'f emale store without slyly, faking, with her some Buffrairista" at their, late nnvmifcion in articlo unlawf uUy.phtaiaed-said article New tYork ity, the World says made they m)inld ntever aUow tbehr children to become being invariably placed on .her father's m mmt.itm'kr fb r,rrvl Tn rthoi. Pld Catholic,. After much excitement the account by the watchful clerks, who of Patrons Husbandry there are some wore warnd WotlM ' ihA ntta Khh v.L-f tJi Jtail 11 V whlch re ;f ull ofspecJatorsi ..TwenV par- 0,. uv. uuivnuuare JJU,tAWiWUmeU, WHO USUI I1U1U IU1U young lady, and that 'it was 'only owing 1 vote as well as the men? and are really Tf rim WAA th fin.i inHnnMr 11 ' . r . I , . ... . . "" iiixiu.Duwc ux illl. i.u.. i acauinnf? an eaacauon in tnose rariia- v vn -th a riio-in rrir -hiv. fv. BtatA that his daughter cteebped the hand'' of mentary f orias .of-which, all .women are 1 tolerates,be.ing unwilling to see them subjected , luubuiwn u I so lunoranL iob so recKiess. Lnus i&vinfir a i to. me i Buueivuaiou oi tne government ' ..' .'. . I ,. , . 1 . , . ,1 m,..i n - t J i, j. sons were arrested. ...... The lloman Catholic bishops of Prussia have decided to dissolve consider her a thief. -Sinee then, I tiave practical foundation: fortheir claim to Charles B. Lawrence, the great silk smuggler, heard many stdrfes'-'or ladk'similarlv Ulio alfAi iTt. m VniaraMnn '.r who' was extradited Irom Ielaif irrfvedTm afflicted, and am inclined ft IhrnM witli 1 flatterinc to add that at the recent session New York- P operations wentin"to the mil- the -rt-T f , EiBcjrEicnr is Lite. All nervous dia- ' nbhthniico 'KKJ't ffwBrrTMaraAperi brders, chronie Ziu4 trf fche chet"eadv V Qfl U AU U UO Q,j J Carminative, JJutrWoie L4 Uver, stomach, kidneys and blood, aches And J . buxat,. , V T Sedativt i Counter-lmtaatTa by Volt Beit Co. Cyiciwati. OtncvCoe. r , , J - There bjj several -kinds - of which tr6utle horses ; the pin wqrms (pointed at both ends) are the most common and most dangerous. I Sheridan' Cavairy CondttionPow dert will, n"a"few days, eject" the Worms, and the horse will begia to thrivcn-rCona.,, , j o " i 4 i . . lactones end machine hopa -ahoald not be alleged to run Anodyn iAnimtru. dent,- an' immediate laee ?4 at, Pans. j r Thb properties of D.?: Waltxr's eat, uiapnorsus, Lxstim Diurttlc. I mtaat"Budoriie, Alterv ' BaerViad Ikseei UiitTMiriiilw I ' w , - . i" JJai 'Jilt I J riu. . . . Tow anM kur b urw) bv tuw tfu On r Tv 4ot rUt: Sidi for irata otete fmU pMtlMtaje. cenUwviexllnfT7 Mtt 114 Vkxaif . Attar. ST V. BBOAPPUS. i 8tf LnwrU Sv,CUtaa,Q. tire; aaVAnti-Bilious. .r , ) HOI? nrntfnl Thonsands proclaim Vix. ka jji TUttzu thfl .most wonderful In riyoraat thatjevx.suitainedtha ai&Ltag i j item. -Ko Person can Uld tnesc Bitten according to fllrectiont, aad remain onz I.?bm?5 .TT,..r.!r' I imell. toUDylded their bones are not ds- , ooMi.hnau. ix;rvyai py -cimerj ' poisoa w omei BUiT 1 0 ett ittt t t fas fv J Q aw dOoMts a day , wUhout oAiwos FERRY OQ . P Oftoat iWgf p Brwr.w.T. .i-m m. limh nr avAn 1i f Caj nil. ftmm MS te SIS tr t)r. la nrr f tr OSrd Oil and'yoo -cin save it by buying a sewing ma ehiae, aad get one of the best aiKTtoost twrf eef macbiaes pt existence. The Wilson . shuttle, sowing; machine has 'reached a point or excel lence ana perfeemees equaled ey no mactiae hY use. aad the, constaotly and rapidly in- cseafJng fiemandV which la almost beyced their 1 manufacturing capacity to supply, ia convincing evidence, that the mefets of this'machme are appreciated. .':alachmes .willr U6 defivsxee. at any'raiifoad station jn the county, ree of transportation charges," If ordered through the eempany's branch house at 827 aury829 Broad way, N. Y. 'Tfay todiaiedmtitaldru and chrome circnlar free. on application. -.This company want a few more ageuM. Com. t BtrViMB AND I'lX JQ YOU -GOO IV" uoa of ttapariUM oi tn blood, ajspe Md tt k kri red dlmm, none ta so ax -ftf Tr. 'L.AM;L.KY& ROOT AJi BITTKKJ Tlr eot.is a. poteak ted An4 aO aperient, r snlld M tbalr oparauons. nit andac say MMiaitaKM, mai thouunai hav bonM taatirnoaj to hav deriTed from tbalr aa. Tbay w lddraa. W. J. PETTI R, I. ( r- POPE'S 3IlmdIrkEttcnt"6sd Inter- fiUent Foienv which are to preva il In he. yaUevs of our great riven fbughtmt the United State, especially ' traae ofjthe Mississippi, umoy Misaoon, JUinoU, Tenneasee, Cumberland, Arkan aaa, Red, Colorado. Brazos, Rio Grande, Pe ar I,' Alabama, If obi! e. Savannah, Ro aaoiev Taea; aryf rt4ir cUierx, lth - i - - - I LOfir tmi inonunex. xnronsnious oux f W -UfaIfO'riaHacfortWnt I ukuo VT uuw wm fwuuw.4ur f sn4h!,m 0 tWoadiury TiAa." I 'Auttxmn, and rCTnarViabfy ao during aea- ions ef' unusual beat and dryness, are inyariably accompanied by extensive de ranfcemcnU-tsfytheAStopacband-llrer, , and ether abtiotnitfal yfceera. Iri their'; treatment, a purgative, axcrtjai? pow erful Influence upon three ratkxis or anl,lls essentially Docesiary. ..There u no cathartic for the purpose equal to DR. J. WlUXR'l VIJIOIR uXTTXKS, f -I Vrtrtm M-iHac of tb ovdiaary vtaa.n I .1 W. T "5tM. (lnrU , , , V J MOPE ifiKOMjKMvrwefwcnJ Z 4- Utah HlfVpt. lif mt M-. i,i- I' It'.' SFBifi ALCreat'OfferlFH lIifV(7ATSIVV'SkV colored ylscl(f matter with which the . VATERST Concerts ORG ANSI ftiorii Qf tUa digeatlre organs. The Slarkcts. r "i fieef Cattle Prime to Extra Bullocks Oomtooa to Good Texaas.. ...... Mllca Cows 4 Jiog uve.i... , , t DrosKl Baeep.. Umb,;.u.: wwwu1 aiuvuiun . . .... .,.. .. Flour-rExtrS Western.'..'. " ' BUt- Extra MM 09 IS X& 11 . in ca t?a in 07Ji es (4 i t?!&lN.e by purifjiall Its flaldtwith Vixegak Cr4Th?-8r2 Brnro.-Ko cpidemlcrcan take hold da cemfu.u.rra..iiu aniiir fliajUA.1 f a svstenJ thus' fore-armed.: IGENTMlWANtP.llVnili l.HVW HlUIM. I .. TlwrM3la lrA Ifrod f na TTaa ,4 r 'Jttn.im vt auuikloviuiu iiwu- PKESEUT ICONPIjICT fam'la the Shoulders, Coujrns, OS 14! house with mabrothef-in-iaQeofge pierce, J aa.- .."SJ WATERS', New Scalo. Pianos timjilaUng the scrtfIon ot the liver; tnougnt o give-tne latter a scare by assuming umm. gko. a goodwui a uo..Boiios. 1 at-T..r i ' T" , 1 aoQ gCBerauy rcsionnrr Luo neaitny -but iguuracter oi a ourgiar. lie rapnpe m ine aoor and in answer to a reply said in an as sumed voiie : rXdur noniy jor yJQTe'' Hf then took off his bootB, and climbing upXn story window.fl, Pierce, who "was down stairs. inongnt ne wa.s, a aesperaao, andcnedoutj not ; ojDome in or ne would be lolled, and a&izm a carving knife ran up stairs, .Ibajnet. Pole ai the head of theetairr and immediately grappled with him, hi the. struggle catting his jugular vein. Cole, instantly fell, exclaiming :! Tott. have killed Edwiid'. CoIeT My poor wife, add children." Pielrce was thunder struck on find ing that he had killed "his wife's brother, nrrr "Albert Young, son offitate SefiatoJ Toung ef laconsin, unoc ms xatnerand tnenr committed suicide. .The father will survive. It is thought that the sop had corruaitJtaMlf.Qgery. t and reported to fhis means of conceang'it., w ' 1 .. J '10! 4 i 5 35 (at 5 40 5 23 iA S 40 . 1 S5 a 131 1 cs aici l ao l 1 43 1 48 . Tt (4 TT " Corn 3He4 Western,.,.,....... 8 , ? 89 , BWw, per owt 50 (4 80 Hbps J ,.J1,S6(A40 old 08 9 IS rorx uees.v..... 0 4S.oa t Xrd... . . . . v..,..,..,.. .....m. 141(e l4k h Mackerel Wo; 1, new. v;iS oo -al4 44 I Ne. 1. nmr in (in in . " J Sffiat f- w w w OF SCIENCE WITH TUTLIQIOW t cm Modarn Sospt ilim Mat en Its On OfovD. A hook tor thai Utaaai Tha rLI otMMtlaa) ft? A anbiaf. of th ioat !ntna aj4 tUwymt IntaraaC . Tba d ami oon WheaWRed "Western. . i.12tipnng,M,.i.i..ay. Itye State. 4. Brley State Barley Malt; , inal eontMt. Ttia Bihla hrlamiiha rlorlooalr. Addraaa P.W..'glKQT,KR a CO.. SIM Area SC. PtaOarfalfua,. EFKRY FA.MII.T WANT? ITMoaj la n. Sold by AltfOU. Addreaa M. ff. Kria.Pa. u : -i-i : ' j'. ''. :;:i ?n "ea. r flatterincr suffering raerchants, . that Idepto- of the-National QrihtTB 1 innrA nam hon, , and.it is beheved compromises many maniacs are ia reality t. thieves ;. ' cto rii inyolyinina ifeTcussirin a1 Wt fhaifeand officials .he attorney-general i - a v i anwrsaa lr ma nia nruninn rnar tt-.i imanr vrovi a atlUU A WIJ 11 VUtLUVU VAJl Villi VUVUVUU A'A W V 1VUO clamation for volunteers, does not flattery Itetcar Fredericjk 3SVllliani; father dfTrederick the Great tf Prussia, painted, or fancied he painted,! 'hnt l&is ; worts, -were mere daubs, uch , hoeyerv was' ' riot ' ihe language of hMjeourtiers, Vhea descant- in-ua ma menia oi ine royal Apeiiesv yjix one occaaion nis ma lest r HerriSjf. freWsd; Mf t... 49 , f... ,40 , retioujm cs-naa. ....0608 Se&ned, Wool 3aUfcrnla Fleece.. .....4J-.f SS41J i V I tMxtth to' aota nwwlawb' Ad4rm CFX8IQK M 0 CX bfhawaa.al tea POU. AGENTS ..WANTED i Tightness of. the CLest, DUziness, Sour Erne tat Ions ox the stomach. Bad Taste la the 11 oat b, Bpioos Attacks, Palpita- tation oi tiie-Jieart, laiummation or tne Lungs, PaUrin. the region of the Kid neys, and a hundred other painful aymp tomJL.are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. On bottlo will proTe a better guarantee .of its, merits than a lengtlry adrcruse- "TELL; IJRW. SSfSifii.,' or Kins' EtII, vrffib lro4arUoa br Mrk Kcawa. lluil nrw ttt.' Rnlln tirrtfu Vina. T k unmillAtil InAtant ijtanaa, McntdaeMcfi uxkonMu J. iDC&mniiuoDi, Aierconai uv wmammmu mn SAansa-" sirAt i c u. x." r a . cli- A 1 A 1 I uiai, nowever, mere are many orjiniofna tL-mnnntTnt sti?TfiSTit ni ; i it. 'A Ae?vr t tlmt it 11 M .n iJ,. iliV.n1 7r7r- 1 -jr-my , " -r .-r.rri to the!Ptc " . "V " - ij Itt.V'!? . loraaiy an egregious aeparture irom preclude a. claii 01 tue doubt. Apropos of this subtectl r n to bounty where the company .X.?2.'2;J. a IJiKj a a dismal scandal 1tlyahocked,- matrons yot4 first, and all but one voted United stateJ prior Wjuly 22. isci. The ques the American cpwyj m-.fans,: it being for the job. j Then the husbands voted; tion grew out of a claim for bounty where the me arrest oi a weaUUy j Ameucan lady of I and word enabled to hedge on most favor- claimant was enrolled in the Fire Zouaves, or .xiawo Buuiumg .uie -non. Aiarcne able terms, since," by counting in las liotn jN.ew jcoric volunteers, on Apni, 20, isgj. for stealing. Tfitfjeaa appears to have't'feMach member.wis On the reeord as Precisely Affairs "tpriTiTd estaDiisnment, an unfounded and alan-J ensue in dailv life if the Fallot vera eon-: .1 i . i'rLf"iiM . - - -, - , uerouscnarge; xor tne errm ilasM,' bij 1 f erred on lwxnenV:the advocates of being searched, was found , to Mve HUe4 1 female snffrage must inquire and de- her was Guatemala has recognized the indepen dence of the republic of Cuba Five houses, one church, and three sables wexmbured in Boyentown, Bucks county, Fa., involving a loss of f 10,000...... A man without legs or fingers was found dead among the baggage on a North river packet. From his neck was sus- a large card, inscribed thus : " My pockets with jaiiroles for .which she termineifor themselves, but experience pended unable to account. As the smallest wo v.o fcU'w : f . -o.v r-r 1 T r."TL . trine parchased at 4h Bon Marche has woma a ..voie-'ts 'I one time.' in four to eighf chiWrea ia feeeha, N. f . t lost my legs w uo paia ior a one oj tne desics, where, disfranchise the purchase is "ribubiy entered, first by the salesman, who files a bill for it',' and iehisfil hr" hnabftTifT onH " ' thrsri ine purchase is "aoubiy entered, firstby 1 times ia foui to make him a repeater. . u the salesman, who files a bill for it" and ' " ?T "!"T - secondly by the cashier. wnd'reeeiveA Ttte First oi CaliToriitn aidf the payment, makes dat the change, and I - Gen. Sherlnan, in his personal history: enters a full, detailed record of the trails 1 referring to Ithe7discovry jof 'cold in action in his becfc. viistake in regard 1 .California,1 Saysl " As 'ebon ' as the ex- and sogers- in a railroad accident and cannot vrork...,..The steamer City of New York made a trip from Bavana to New Tork in three daya and- tea hours being the fastest time ever recorded." I The National Society of Cincinnati held its triennial dhinor in New York, Hamilton Fish to the ownershrpf the articles is hardly citement broke' Wil and it -was known i F' : new m bnde tlfereted rwru.Wft Tn,- r. -! . ti l f O :lj i it 1 otm WM XJie, canai iew mues aoove bj ga.ro wy, carrying with it a team of horiee, men. The men were serioualv them withi the ight of a new specimen. ReSrtsf"i""7I.7ir XX I ".. JUUQf UUCV OMLUm I Wi AM .... Texaal 44 Aurtithan ' Tcnt-tAavt-Mf-ai r fa j , . , Weatern Dairy.." ..!!!:;?" '94 i SS - ,, lWeaieraewT..-. M-4- 3S (it iilWeatera Ordinai-r:.. 1 n a i'1 i , i PenMylvanUyine........ S v 0eae-SUte factory 18Q IT ;uriuii"i 8ktnQdfT..,p.t .0S 11 Vetern.... -,4U a 14 gjgya 8utel.. .. , . . .- is is nnw, -.., I w 1 n 1 Ot 49 1 00 ilar war kooka fArat'.f a4 Oaad. wt WUJa rood thbira far alL It ta x rteSTia frarrWy. axfaiMiia CSataat kool etMiorw it. CwtWi rtnti Ul aa4 amoan hum 4acai IO te S a mT f Ath iaii Mt a raa7 "''"' ' - i -Vfft Biiirmn vU a a -mS a mail it mi a r. . a m . miti . . v . kfspMrta viajnl aarttrvlara. lama. frm tm2i WANTED AOENTr-rr-TTbara V aniM fcr l rarrai iMiteaial Haat. viaa oi aipa)riaoe th pohllabot. R, B Uf A44raa ot r- 5 rrj-r- -tjrea.v iuafAHkaiAM.i.... 7 9 instance, had painted this picture, do I botfai. you think it would feahlalcciisidir v .L- ..... I fVa-kVlaaJ price I . 'pire," replied the Baron de I 6VutT 4, .V.V.T.C Polnitz, who9 passed f .'fhe most pfai-4 T.TX.i.....'.".. . .... I to 1U 84 -T5 ST15 4 1 14 armta. for DArtlea orojfc ooaxaay, aaa. ; t . laoioia UBt rw rca mn.A!1a PH1I.A TXTBLIRtilil ttnaatk UAdalc AGMTgfVVANTMr ilinm Book m voUahed.ravSlA tyajamjUa fat I in r- r- r- i a -fT rr i s t vtxx-is , ' A in ticed and most obsequious of his majesty's Courtiers, "I assure .ytoulthat a connoisSeurj cpuld, t no , offer less, fox . such a picture than twerrtv-flvd theiiRa.nd kdrin-t t f'TVell;"' then, " baron;-'cried L fiie "gratified raonareh you shall ; re 1 Birley......T. I BALTIXOaS jriour Extra .... Wheat Bed WMtAffti. 5r. j ... .... . worn ruow OatawMlxed, f I j - - mumnu nourw-Penntyl va ni 1 07 (4 1 07 T"r-t I 40 S 00 4 S 00 140 1 40 1 if ei 1 is . 0 vo 3 Atoti. 0.X-O- -A-'S ceive a proof of my munificence; take wt p '. ' 1 StSIS wchPy1 1 HTi and. as I wisli to render vona MrrW 2?TiMdI? to Ti - - -. . . r ,7 . I-?.-- jou nave ui y. pBrmisHion to sen agauu Ah, sire,f ' Icried the ' rrbii, who was fairly caughl rit inTiia',owri! snaf e, I can ;M2 advaritage bf .ypur1 possible. The unforiauT woman was f thatold waff ;tb' be; found, there wasj in prison for ov a-week before. h,er re txeai troubli in keeping 4H sailers aod i godt iMfla lvCl uvnl.I lu AT. .i - 3 Tl 1 II.' . ill . i "jf : . 1 T . I ' v" 4J" vwhvi w,cm wju. . tiCiVi- I Boiuioro oa uie camp ijeven ine servants t tninrA ' Avnt it. ...o. . tk dently, Farisiaoa4iaiaUl)eIieve -in klepi J ei7UdyUran." xna' cvithil-tiie) vd11 I hoaM!t7bole&pCIl Batersefi, 1 X are on i.3 tDmania as adiseaseZ 0J.8 ...... V ;' Ifever: There appeared also a singular ( a trik, Thef eompUin tha the apeeJ and r s, V- " ti character. called Barpn, $teinberger, w$o t material furaiabed them do not give them a ?5fa a i ihU; helrSF to break the' Pft wereaon. w4 Great The work has continued during the this immense work, nil) be Ji,92Dmi6ter8, first limich jn an, rancisco,, or n altitude Ooeschenen ft-- Z I wMijr umo taau cau xuuea. ' xna maoe a trre&i aeai xa;inonev and. rjeeame i 1 lt . . ir-Jr- . . . . .. . ui uurvaeru enirance,. at one qi ine Ticnest and most lnnuenual -aa.h.2l.AnU':iiri' -l.'t -ai. ..a . ' l - , win ue- o.rjus ieei anore men in iiaiif ornia ? w&a finAii-r c-nrrht r of the Mexi now to the stars and stripes as they were zealous and brave in defense of their first flag. Dr. Waxker tried VARHrairRArri V U J l l-JiYri t 4 the l4Wel-ol-lKe-aiW,.I.Vl L-TT ZlTOf WlTSLr.W W alcohol, that - - ..tj - .-7 r. -r5r ivy iiuujjax iui- i hmuhwhu.. j-6 vu ujjui nan w tie numaa never col majesty's benerosity o 'j rejprjc.,;l said tne Kitig. 'l Jknowthat X njakf yoa, a V.t -n .1 1. ' X 1 lft I a. uauuouuitl Xrrseul , WIUOU yOS Will gain fifteen thoqea&d fiprins tor 'morel aBuy your seal for my interest h Bmd I oweydasdSere'cbr kweBaeaaaai ar ia a l i c To eonriaai'. fM Ha4 'tPTHl'1 1 f th C A B I. f fCKKVV. iVIUR yo ad only tha baaa Imitation, and vaia irtarapta a rat nawaldii UniUr. Uantina Uooda kara Uu Tor lb It aaav ! I bay A boa atUwat Tipa. bat to Utoo wix ar bimii with lttUa BOMf t4 Bur cbll draa fa 1. niaau to aar f iiF?t!yrtft;n t7a . l i.i i i . , i . I alL f.lL " wrftaaWa ll.WI II I I -A S -7 1 A'Aasa aaBaTBaV. avBT"Taa rMBaaV a M l T m . W lam 4l,a aMa aTAAwaA a ay IT u I a ' i ojbv oaw av. mjr r - ou u v I h h rm a m w W-i iib . k. ak. vajuaru a, wm npense, BXTia 1UIXS T0B CXOa. 1X0TO 4 TUB. QjlO FIK'IXV.Y - i tv Uod tmrt, aad the beafih of the sjaua siidycr-attal f )Z-,jZT?;-?r 7Ari. L M(5'..TTJ. TrfXi J-C f J ' . I ; f t riJA?? rU,'- 1 r; lii C r .Ta JrAVaZ t 5? 4r W JL afAXlVtTirr-TZ. WWi,u a of New Jersey;r(&JV 'jgPJ b U O kli L- ' L?. I' - t the J?urn nnxe oatAr axacaml nunal rpltticaa. WtlamJi f,i, P. IL i-inikiji, aaA a. A. iAfci tw fcwinU aiiw t-'n mL 1 -rufiltMU f Caa Bain I r. 1 '- ria bwt ff ua Mack Hia var ptZ rotarta 4 Lnrrxri ertptlea of taa i anaiDrnaxinna, tnuoien affections. Old Sore Eyes etc. In these, as In alt ether oonatlutkxial Dia- ases. av'AtsiE's TiscoAa Dtrrtas hart sheep tseir rreat curative powers In the most obatineie and IntraetaUe eases. 4For Ijilbixirnaitorj and Chronic Rhmm.ltiim. .Gout, , Bilious. RemlU tcn.t Ki Intermittent Ferers, Diseases of the Blood, Lircr, id Deri aad 'Bladder, fhe Bitters have po eavaL- 6aeh XHseases t eaaaed byjnuated Blood. ' KefanlHTDIscasogsrsas en framed In Paints and illairalaUaaeh as Plumbersl Type-aetters, Gold-beaXertt, and If faers, al they advance In life, are satjeet tf ipenJyaU 'of Ur Bowels.' T ' gaard against this, take a dose of WAXfcxa's Tl OAa Drrxaao?caaia)Da?7. , h ,ForS'in Dliittea,ilrcpfiocs,i- tst, BalV-FJisun, CicOehea, Spot. Pimple, Paatcles,! Boils, faVbmncUs, -liicr-worm. f eaW-tad, bore ye. Erjaipeixa. . Itch. Sextrfa, l)acoloratuma o( tbt Skin, Ilamor axJ Diieiaea of the FIa of whatever name PX nature, are lite'ralTy da4; up and raTried eat oi the rystsna ia a tahert umt vj ui aae f thesaj Bittsrsv. lorxist: iq tne aytieraoi se many laosaaaca, M4 f Ctcallr destwred and rrmoVecL . Ho trttept ' of c.eIkine,- Det 'vermifofrea, co aa- uniiucs Hviirte the fritexa frvo warns these Bitten. lw Fcr-FctaaldlrapTafnllayorrng or old, mtrtSeJ aw-ic-lav at thetiiwa ot w Tianhood.' er the ten f life- theaa Tonie BilUrs ditlr o decided7 ia ingaeace that ipToyiaecils sort Ptrctrwtia,. a ararlsfitheYiUated Blood wbea- ever joe frj lis l.npsri;iriarUzi thrvagh tai aklnjia Ptc!ea. Errytiars, er Sorts; s!ftne it wbia yei .nd it ebstroeted aad Your love fori the srtA ment to my1 person, ent iuiirii o my esxeem. A suburban resident w keepa few chickens, casually re- epwarO lUmusox Stir iiarr.! ml Ciaflcs that' ltwonderfuL howIdaTLens T"r We coWencel febVWr4d0L girl went off last Sunday for a week's -vT r wawntreat thtm o beasllti. ? ' -.a: ..J7H.5. , kJ , " - . .;- - - - I - Jt . Z ,J" ' . " r soutnern entrance, ( 6 feeti WWghr ioiruig Ifsnpi Maes., and when their preparation, khd hVdetermined est point in the interior of the tunnel J andaooa. after died a pauper in one of j hiSg&X mother interfered he turned upon exclude the poison entirely from, his own and it will be'raaehed vr,Ar,.r, . Kti .r'k- I ,1. t vT j ", xv.. 1 He i2ieh attacked his father, and would have shotdd never lie at his door. The Al ZZ77iri 1 killed him but for the interference of neich- i mighty blessed Jii exnerimcnia. and in SJT llT raYeJmen borSrbx,, the murferer after a .tthe.yinegar Bittern .he, has prodaceda a,KaAP wh4rea4ers,and prof esspra. f orge giu a, younger brother was fatally u.ja iVe. 1 (health-restoring geSt,., which Airolo. The rock ip fee. traversed ia for, ihext creeds Jto lake ;tc trade, even to aid the father wis seriously wounded, but win banisheirdisease in. every Zona, reinvjgo- the most part mica gneiss and mica- keening? pLmblin jumsei The frnPTfil rates the system, and restores strenirth schist. The rebfenV aual'reporl rjindnld in a UtUe 'land ijt spectmg the progress of this important 1 which broughfrhM.irofii 'of ISS.fJ00;tHe wMtate4A telegram has been re- " V rtflTillff afrr eenioUars "" A , - IBittera will not find him and pnthimtoj wairea.Tm. tg that the (WJ Trrrinll!; s Trnnnr:br nfTO-CT.Ai 1 n rrf Vi rf tnnnol . iQ rai . f.t . it.i I 'l ' s ii.--.. I that cortdliaAorv sentiments of a nature to ji t:iyi7f V-TV-rT4! - o v.,z ,yMW i JfJiiiu xiugiiuiwi vaifta IVUXUJK .ores Uie mOUn- 1 - . . i pucumi miraBe, uie 11TCT, uie uomaco. length driven up October 31, 8,661 tains, and wire fromajarvationby I,6,. nerT aV cfgnn leet, while that remaining to be driven the provident forethought of the com- w York Iu. LZ Z Zll"1.11 Uuue u 30 000 fact. I , A 7Ti. ww j w lork: State AaeemLly and uiianiinoaly 1 and in this direction the iatHv Bitters - m m a nk jaav MWI rmdertaking states "thaVfhe work tins Jloor was 8) bjh tliataiiteen dollars a ITd at this Bacaiaa Embasey In Waahlngtoa ' vwfam awwu I wv tmm m kvaaa Vaa LAAaycrx a 1 : nr: What axr rianrT A A I ff?5w 4-. f Ara V W tnlf irrr f a wm we earaw A 4 v 4 W. T ; . v w .i not uxa eh 1 u I It li thA baa WVaal la (Ik. aa- 'a - Mi V ..v I s-:- v it -fnaB 4h aaalA iea DM aa A4jialailafcaa, . ' TOSH Jl' Ct T-rk. r-A-' to tlA-h kl j in ii j ot brafraUcitjr tb bowaJa ia nr ja roD: a4 Is m4 R iM u4 ,lna awr at-aw r-taa. th mm tUmm mmmUml la Tttr rant'a.JGelUcf Aperient. soitv nr AripBCGarrTS. . . 1 1 S10. to:S50QrrilA, i .mi TB fmm h .Was Sanaa A tA fortaa. A UrTfl i . . facta with maginel inflyfgt ttibvn cvrj pnirm?:m 4 r LW1 -raAAAt llliLj Jfiii-L rraalail mmt , At j Vs--" "'p-i-inii.rsini imi i v "'.'" rrwtwraa, " i A AtCAoab.aa ftt.a. , AAaaaaa. fcAM3 lw ar POHXATilVEr, 17 U AJkD cnZAW 111 ( 1 III Ff II Hlt4af-all-r. ' V ' I kmc 1-ra.l. D. llarkrr. T. U. a . AWSl4 ACttaA-v A J I r J-ta I Jr-rtatAMVAai . I "lT7',rer AAJtAtA. a4 xW i V -X't?."t7 T-itaa frwi t OOf AiAO-OO I SiOS25ri&; AaTc VvAaAjA aiiaAAJAVr. I MMtMiUli.l i ii aa in 1 1 I waaw a4 aara aaA aaaaaaaf Mm aaA . . , .mmmrmm ' , . I a mi aa -III I -m -a I iii r a mX-a f L - xt a M4 aa aa I i V:-?:r:

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