Vseful Reclpee for the Sliop, Household and the Farm the In using paris green to exterminate the potato bugs, the poison should be mixed with the cheapest grade of flror, one pound of green to ten of flour. A gool ray of applying it to the plants is to tike an old two quart tin fruit can, melt off the top, and put in a wooden head, also, to pour the powder in, and then punch the bottom full of holes about the size of No. 6 shot. "Walk alongside the rows, when the vines are wet with the dew or rain, and make one ehoot at each hill. In some parts of the country, there Lave been largo numbers of the orchard or tent caterpillars which have left their riDgs of eggs on the young twigs. If these are now cut off with a clipping TflE BATTLE OF WATERLOO. A Iter tew of it JUanv Tearf After Fought -An Interesting. it tram Sketch, pole, it will prevent in every instance largo nest of caterpillars, and be much more easily done than after the latter havo grown. . Equal proportions of turpentine, linseed oil, and vinegar, thoroughly ap plied and then rubbed with flannel, is an excellent furniture polish. Tin can te removed from copper ves Bf-ls very thoroughly by immersing the objects in a solution of blue vitriol. The German washerwomen use a mix turo or two ounces turpentine ana one ounce spirits o? ammonia well mixed to gether. This is put into a bucket of warm water, in which half a pound of Boap has s been dissolved. The clothes are immersed for twenty-four hours and then washed. The cleansing is said to le greatly quickened, and two or three riuftiDgi in cold water removes the tur pentine smell. j Five parts of sifted whiting mixed with a solution of one part glue, together with a little Venico turpentine to obvi nte the brittlenes. makes a good plactic material which may be kneaded into figures or( any desired shape. It should bo kept warm while being worked. It becomes as hard Btono when dry. Artificial malachite which is suscepti ble to a fine polish is make by precipi tating a solution or sulphate of copper in tho cold by carbonate of soda or of pot fwh. The precipitate, which is volum inous, shbuld be allowed first to co here, and is then dried and washed. Water containing about seven grains of salt in each pint, is, when used con tinuously, a poison to the weaker forms of vegetation. The alley popularly known as oroide, from which a large number of cheap watches, chains, and trinkets are now manufactured, is made of pure copper ono hundred parts, tin seventeen parts, magnesia sixteen . part?, sal ammoniac . one-half part, quicklime one-eighth part, tartar of commerce nine parts. The cop peris first melted, then the magnesia, sal ammoniac, lime, and tartar in pow dor aro added little by little and briskly stirred for half an hour. The tin is lastly mixed in in grains until all is fused. Tho crucible is covered, and the fusion maintained for thirty-five minutes, when tho dross is skimmed off and the alloy is ready for 'use. Sandaraq varnish is the best material for mending plaster models. Saturate tho broken surfaco thoroughly, press them well together, and allow tliem to dry, Kilverwaro may be kept bright and clean by coating the articles (warmed) with a solution of collodion diluted with alcohol. ' Dampness will cauRe honey to become thin and watery. fyientijlc American. The plan of the Campaign which ended in the battle of Waterloo, says a review, has been pronounced sublime in its simplicity. A million of troops were swarming from all parts of Europe to overwhelm Napoleon. He could only muster 125,000 to meet the Anglo-Belgic army of 85,000, tinder Wellington and 65,000 Prussians, unde? Blucher. Had Wellington retreated to Antwerp, as all military critics unite in thinking he ousrht to have done, time would have enabled the rapidly approaehmgmillions to arrive, and Napoleon could not have had a chance. His strategy was, there fore, to, surprise them, cut in between and separate them, turn on Blttcher and defeat him , and throwing him into re treat, send Grouchy, with 32,000, to complete his rout, and then turn, with all his remaining 95,000 a numerical. superiority on Wellington's 85,000. The defeat of Wellington "would have upset the tory government of Castle reagh in England, would have installed a liberal cabinet ana compeiiea tne KE1YS0F THE DAT. ------ . MCCm ftMBti latere ixwbi borne tMAbrnd. A collision occurred on the fourth of April Off tie coast of China between the Chinee steamship Fu-eing and the British steamship Ocean. The Id-ing founded almost instantly, etoejhg a low of fifty Eves. . .The striking miners held a grand labor parade in Wilkee barre in which some three thousand men Joined. Everything was orderly ...... The Jury in the rasa of father Gerdeman, the Catholic priest of , Philadelphia charged with embezzling church funds, have failed to agree on a verdict lien. Kevin, who lived on a farm near Lexington, Mo., was called to the door On a Saturday night recently by a band of masked men and riddled with buskshot, thirty two entering, his head..,...Alonzo Jackson and Albert Smith, with their drives and two children each, went over a dam at Zanesville, Ohio.j Both women, with one child each,-were drowned The Papal Nuncio made a formal demand for the restoration of Catholic unity in Spain, and the government has replied that it is resolved to maintain liberty of worship. ... . .The Governor ptr Missouri ,hae issued .. ' - . .. , . ..... a proclamation appointing une o a jaes day. He states that information is received 'rom all parts of the State indicating the grass hopper plague, causing lots of crops and possi bly famine, and so calls on the people to unite fit. Aogustine, fl. The train was stopped, . Forest FtrtM. when Gray Beard; got up from the ground and The forest fires in Pennsylvania and ran, The guard shot at and killed him.... New Jersey are of the most serious char- Jceiah Mower, of Jaffrey, H. H., ninety-five j and embrace many miles of terri- years old and deacon of the iJaptiet church, property of immense value rose in the night andset lire to hi house, then the of destruction. The called his wife and idiotie so the cy co- of fitobe found in the pants, who went to general inattention to forts culture in meanwhile went to an unoccupied house ball f . . . a mile distant, where he committed suicide by country. Where woodlands eiist at cutting his throat Ik is thought he was in sane It is estimated that Abraham Jack- Evil communication corrupts gtfcd mm .Mill,- 11 Te thowiaay ayoataood M)); uaraom . ThU y aod V mJTZ hr baytac Mm TiPW boot As toe rrl ooattac to b I , . , - i; Atloatt Cabl. aoar pair I x Ii -i- V. CABLE SCREW WIRE Hiz Boots or Sl to the ft. A .J t . . , - ox protorttno 1mm tOtlwih. I'lr'.." 'TL Brtt.wt4lT' - a in calling for divide relief. . ..John C. Breckin- withdrawal of England from the-ccf8' -8 ., .... i i dead Tr e Pope has resolved to convoke the Vatican council again at an early date .4 Colorado Jtoy. In September, 1860, the first babe saw tho blue i Idaho firmament and breathed tho .; crisp mountain atmos phere, under circumstances little less primitive than thoso which attended its Savior's birth1- David Cartwright and wife were the parents who were render ed happy , by the little fellow's appear ance, and the boy was born under the ppreading branches of a pine tree, which is yet standing, near the center of the village. 'This specimen nugget soon lecamo th'j',' pet and, it is said,. the somewhat ilemoralised pet of the rough miners, and, catching their rov ing disposition, ' he rambled around the confines of -the camp, at the rather youthiul age'ftf two years, with the ap parent ease of an Arab. He was called Rock," on account of hia wonderful hardness, and often showed his appre- ciation of the" honor conferred upon him. Tho crowning act of Rock's life so far as known was just before he discarded his waddling, garments, at the age of nental coalition, the conquering a peace and the establishment of Napoleon on the throne. He defeated Efucher and the Prussians on the 16th of J une, at Ligny, and separated him entirely from Wellington and placed himself between them. " z The question that has occupied so many minds and created so much dis cussion is why did not Grouchy, with his 32,000 troops, fresh from the victory of the 16th, press so hard upon the dis ordered and demoralized Prussians in their retreat as to prevent their joining Wellington on the 18th at Waterloo? The French and Prussians agree that the battle of" Waterloo was going against the English when the Prussians arrived at eight o'clock in the evening, on the field. Napoleon said -l at St. Helena: '"Had Grouchy been at Wareson the night of the 17th, as he ought to have been, Blu cher would not have dared to divide his army "and send off all but a rear guard to Wellington's assistance,". Feeling the exigency of the . crisis, Napoleon's dis patches not only are explicit, and were reiterated to avoid the possibility of misunderstanding or mistake, but he illustrated them by explanation in per son. But for some reason which is un explained, Grouchy had no heart in the enterprise. An angry discussion took place between the emperor and Grouchy on the morning of the 17th. This re futes entirely Grouchy's assertions that he did not receive tho order to Tursue he Prussians until noon on the 17th. On page 105, Vol. IV., of the memoirs of Marshal Grouchy, just published, we read : " Plodding slowly through a beautiful rain, after coming out qf- the barrack where the imperial headquarters - had been established, the emperor, seeing that Grouchy continued suggesting ob stacles to his plans, put a stop to the in terview with: Ehough said; obey by serving aa a shield for me against the Prussians, and don't busy yourself with the English."' On the morning of the. 17th of June Napoleon drove in his carriage to the field of battle of the day before. He was suffering so intensely with hemor rhoids that he could not sit on his horse. He pointed with his finger in the direc tion of the retreating Prussians and said to Grouchy what he thought had but one meaning : m Pursue the Prussians ; com plete their defeat as soon as you over take them, and don't lo3e sigh of them." Grouchy says this was at twelve o'clock.' He did not set his troops in motion to obey this earnest injunction until four o'clock, and urges the usual excuses that "it was. raining hard," "the men had not cooked their dinners," ". that the muskets were foul and required clean ing," " that the saddles had been taken off the cavalry hor3es," eto. The conse quence was that he did not find out the route which the beaten and retreating1 army of Prussians had taken. He came up with a small rearguard on midday of the 18th, which old Blucher had left at Wares as a screen, while the whole Prus sian army, augmented by. 30,000 under Bulon, slipped away to join Wellington at Waterloo. . . At midday of the 18th the fearful can nonade of Waterloo was distinctly heard by Grouchy. , His staff . urged him to march to the cannon; that it was plain the emperor was engaged ,in a decisive battle with the English. General Girard was importunate, Grouchy says, "even to insubordination, to march to to discuss ecclesiastical reforms. A young girl named Whitby was the victim of outrage and murder near Trappe, Pa. Her body was found under a table with both ears torn aft, ind her. head terribly bruieed. A tramp is suspected of the crime. . . .The board of health of Hudson county, N J., continues to revoke the license of physicians who cannot tthow proper credentials In an.ineuracce suit in Jersey City, it was decided that where premium had been paid to an accredited agent of a. company, the company was responsible for the insurance, whether the agent had made returns to the company or not The pris oners in - the county Jail at Glen Cove Springs, 'Fli.',- bored through the floor with an auger, and digging underneath, all but one made their escape . ..While one McPherson and his wife, living bight miles t pf Cojrunbua, Neb., were visiting on Sunday1 nighty leaving their four children, one boy and three girls, at home, the house took fire. The boy, aged fourteen, and a girl, aged twelve years, got out of the house, but the girl afterward returned to res cue her two little sisters, and all three perished in the flamesf The fire wns evidently the work of ' an incendiary John Dolan, formerly tax collector of Kline township, Pa., who is a defaulter in the amount of $4,000, was arrested Iowa and brought back for trial. . . .Parties of men are arriving at Cheyenne daily towait until the government- throws open the Black Hills to settlers. son, the defaulting lawyer of Boeton, got away with $300.000. . . .A fire in South Norwalk. CL, destroyed property to the amount of J '.23,000, on which there was an insurance of $75,000. . . . The1 notorious counterfeiter, Pete McCaxty, has again escaped from custody while being conveyed by United 8:atea Marshal Furhell from Tyler to Austin The Italian govern ment has ordered the removal of all bishops who have not received the royal exequatur approving their appointments. The archbishop of Palermo has already been warned to leave his pee President Grant and family will leave for Long Branch about the third or fourth of June, having abandoned the idea of vbiting his farm near St. Louis for the present. '..The St. Paul Iieneer Press publishes dispatches from all parts of Minnesota show ing that there are grasshoppers in only a very small portion of the State A case has jufit been decided by a New York court which settles a long-veied question iu regard to" eav ings banks. Isaao Allen, of Brooklyn, had S4.C00 in a f avines bank. In his absence his wife took his book from a chest by means of I the increased heat of the sun develops a miasma wnicn pervades tne air. xno evil is inextinguishable; our duty to DEND 3 CENT Sump. JTT? .7 w!?!?? to Av-n'm. crTfcT. ATIO Al. A(it.NT.-' K.iroull'jl. tOTOt MAfcJl Turner Hrd IUbe fwus Ml a oeifKtM. from mil mmr, tmy. cbA P- - M lore t Up cr f ad K-lt by VM4 lilTLTIilVH i I ll 1 ll IIW1 Yocfc- Swit by BMil or t all they are utterly neglected, and among the mountains of the two States now suffering from forest fires whole townships and even whole counties are as inflammable 3 a Western city, in til the laws provide for the preservation and protection of forests we may expect these ever-recurring disasters, and it seems it Is only while the fires are raging that anybody thinks the subject worthy of consideration. We trust the matter will not be much longer neglected, for until there is some practical legislation on this question, applicable aliko to all the wood-growing States, there will not be even so mucji as an attempt at mak ing.these terrible visitations impossible. A Word in Seaon, Health is a blessine which compara- wvriY lew cujuy m i 110 iiu.ucon. I K 1 (. T niWfrrfiiiai.bUMM endowed bv nature wit -.cbust frames vX k V io fto om mi m Prr-"4 and vigorous constitutio: should be careful not to trifle with them. When we enter the seasons of periodic fevers, r; . - - ln.oee h Tentyl. Prle from SiOJ0 BENJ.O.WDODSVUiHMni J d)en ts U kiotlJ of Prlntlrac Material, itec-.ttor. il 6. homtem The Boston Journal reports the absconding of Abraham Jackson, one of the most honored of Boston's lawyers. Investigations show that for a number of years past he has been untrue to the many interests confided to his care. He is charged with being in default of $35,000 in the accounts of the old Franklin Insurance Company, of which he was receiver; also, $24,000 private funds for which he was trustee, The -American Steam Safe Company, of which he was president,, was, it is alleged, compelled to suspend owing to a deficit of $50,000, which he was unable to explain. It is further claimed that another paity has lost $50,000 by his operations. . . . .. John H. Comer, secretary and treasurer of the National Stock Yard Com pany of New York, who disappeared in April, leaving a deficit of $96,000, has returned and made a satisfactory settlement through h s attorney By the capsizing of the yacht Cora Mattie, near the limekiln crossing,. De troit river, K. CBarker, Fred DugeonJ Frank Trebb, and a boy named Miller were drowned. Four prisoners in the county jail at Newburgh, N. Y., threw a handful of pepper in the turnkey's eyes and escaped. They are James Nichols, indicted for highway robbery ; James Smith and Barney Kilduff, indicted for burglary; Samuel Johnson, colored, charged with burglary. All have served terms in State prison... ...One Senor Trevino, living near Reynoea, Mexico, had 6ome cattle stolen, and on following the thieves, found some of them to be Gen. Cortina'a men. He told them they aiust go before theAlcalde with han, when they fired upo hiav ;J he returned the fire, killing one and wounding another. He after ward captured one of them and took him to the Alcalde, when Cortina, with 135 men, went to the Alcalde and demanded the prisoner's release. I The demand was refused, whereupon Cortina hanged the Alcalde and afterward shot Senor Trevino. Cortina received an order to report to the city of Mexico for duty. "He de clined to obey the order, saying that his resig nation nad been forwarded to the proper authorities. . . .A fire in Osceola, Pa., destroyed two hundred aouses and fifteen million feet of lumber. Twelve hundred peopla are by this disaster rendered homeless .THe people false keys, and drawing a check for $2,950, took it to the bank, where it was cashed. When Mr. Allen subsequently took his book to be written up the cashier announced that his wife had drawn the above amount. Mr. Allen denied their right to pay the money and brought suit against the bank to recover. The jury gave the full amount claimed. A notorious character known as Chicken Forbes." of Rochester, N. Y., beat his wife severely, and when he saw an officer approach ing to arrest him, he struck his wife a last blow and started to run from the house. Be fore he had proceeded far, however, he buret a blood vessel and fell dead Rev. J. J. Eain was consecrated as bishop of the Roman Catholic dioceBe of Wheeliug, Ya A fire at Lexington, Ky., destroyed property valued at $100,000 Patrick Kehoe, a blacksmith of Jersey City, brutally kicked his wife to death . . . .The sheriff of Hickory county, Mo., has called on the Governor of the State for aid in preserving order, there being an armed re&ist- a-jca to his authority. The trouble grew out of a deputy-sheriff shooting a man who re sisted arrest Another of those horrible murders for which Boston secors noted is now reported. A little girl five years of age, named Mabel H. Young, attended a Sanday-echool anniversary at the Warren avenue Baptist church in that city, and . after leaving the church was missed by her attendants, who thought she had preceded them home. Not finding her there they became alarmed, and search was made. Some ladies living opposite tho church at this time heard screams coming rom the belfry, and on the searchers going there they found Mabel's body covered with blood, and her head crashed in from two blows. The sexton was arrested on suspicion. i of advertisments," f,r''uPlU i. If all our mer- 5r as the old . lady, on , two and a half. While on his way to superintend the working of some exr Waterloo with the whole army, to disre- tensive crulch dictrintrs. one da v. he tumbled head foremost into a well, where the bottom could only be found at a depth of thirty foet, Upon striking he fouudonly six inches of water, and didn't propose to be worried much by such a fall, so immediately commenced calling gard the Prussian rearguard, and that if he (Grouchy) would not go to let Girard go. Grouchy said his orders were, when he overtook the Prussians not to lose sight of them. His fatal error was that bv i Prussians" every one but himself un derstood the available and whole armv of for help. It was his sad fate, however, the Prussians against which he was to house to start it. The coal slipped to remain there fix long hours before " shield " Napoleon, and not a small tonga in which he held it, and fallj being discovered, but when men finally rear guard. In fact, with " the Pros cam o to the .rescue his pent-up wrath sians " he had never overtaken or even knew no bounds. There was no crying had sight of them at all. The French about it, but such a volley of invectives, and Prussian authorities unite, in saying upon the toads of neglectful parents that until the Prussians appeared on the never befoo - fell ' from childish lips, field at half -past seven in the evening Ilere is a saipple : You fink I kin tay the battle was decidedly against the m aweuau,aay wuout numn t eat like Jingush. It is certain that the dead of jlecklinburg, K. C, celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of the declaration of independence made at that place. ' The Hon. D. A. Mac Don aid, Postmaster General of Canada, has been appointed Lieu- tenan Governor of Ontario. . . . government has received advi of Blackf eet Indians made a raid from the United States into Canada, recently, and stole large numbers of horses. The Canadian au thorities call upon the United States to pre serve the camew order south, of the line that is maintained Ttortht of U J. '. i While two brothers. John and Thomas Kadien were digging a well in Parksville, N. Y., they came across a large e tone which it wai necessary to blast. It was ..... . . r . f drilled, and a heavy charge of powderlnserted, when it was discovered they had ' no fuse. They improvised one of twine ; but as it was difficult to ignite, John got a live coal from the from the falling on the powder, a deafening explosion followed, kill ing John instantly, and severely wounding Thomas. John was blown to pieces, his head being picked, up forty yards away...The Philadelphia Press published two hundred dis patches from wheat-growing districts of New York, to show that the wheat crop will not be more than half the average, on account of cold Fashion Chit-Cluit. Large bead necklaces are in fashion again. . Ladies' collars are getting higher and higher. Matelas, as a fashionable material, is very popular. Basque waist are made with revere, faced with silk; The ladies are wearing very long scarfs now of fine white tulle. The new bustle extends from the waist to the bottom of tho skirt. The new seaside sunshades are re markably large and showy. It is no longer the fashion to have scant and skimpy walking skirts. No black silk costume is complete nowadays without at least a pound of bugles. Nearly all the light summer silks are in checks and plaids. Dotted materials are also in high favor. Children's sashes have gotten to be so wide that it is difficult to tell where the child's waist really is. Twenty silk dresses were among the articles enumerated in the trousseau of & Brooklyn bride last -week. Black, grenadine suits, trimmed with beads and insertions of velvet, are des tined to be very fashionable. Guipure lace overdresses, which were so fashionable last year, will be quite as much so this year, no doubt. Russia leather fans come in new shapes and designs this season, some of which are exceedingly handsome. There is quite a mania for old lace now, and old ladies are ransacking their trunks for their granddaughters. The handsomest sunshades are. of i.:a ' i,i l. l . : v. 1 v:i - The Canadian "JMW ur uuo, iiu ucaj nuiva that a antf stick, with coral or gold handle. White chip bonnets are among the most elegant of the season; they require very little face or other trimming. Palais royal jewelry is shown in all its glory for the summer season. The ear rings are very long, with ball pendants. All white dresses are embroidered. The Hamburg embroidery is as much in favor as ever. Nothing could be prettier. Ball fringe is going out of fashion, as it was only suitable for winter garments. Grass fringe is revived for the summer. Sleeveless jackets will be as fashionable cruard against it is imperative ! Fortu nately for those whose lot is teast in low marshy districts or new clearings, na ture provides a cure and preventive. Dr. Walker's California Vinecrar Bitters are endowed with rare prophylactic or disease-preventing powers, and as 44 an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," Bhould be taken in the full vigor of health, so as to fortify the system aeainst the assault of summer disease, and thus secure by their life-giving, strengthening, restorative, and antiseptic virtues, a defense against atmospheric poison. . . 4 'Sweet are the uses says alts. J. Arlington. chants were, as wise as this question, they would not be com- piaimng oi auu ume. . Ah to.otL Ifinrn how true economv it is to use Dobbins' Electric Soap (made by Cragin & Co., Phila,), the common, Adulterated, dishonest soaps are being driven out of the market Try it, Symptoms of Liver Complaint, and of Some of the Diseases Produced by it. A sallow or vellow color of skin, or yellowish brown spots on face and other parts of body ; dullness aod drowsiness with frequent head ache ; dizziness, bitter or bad taste in mouth, dryness of throat and internal heat ; palpita tion ; in many cases a dry, teasing cough, with sore throat ; unsteady appetite, raiting food, choking sensation in throat ; distress, heavi ness, bloated or full feeling about stomach and sides, pain in sides, back or breast, or shoulders ; colic, pain and soreness through bowels, with heat, constipation, alternating with frequent attacks of diarrhoea, piles, flatu lence, nervousness, coldness of extremities; rush of blood to head, with symptoms of apo piexy, numbness of limbs, especially at night ; cold chills alternating with hot flashes, kidney 1 : , i- j.ii. i : : . unsociability and gloomy forebodings. Only j few of above symptoms likely to be present a one time. All who nee Dr. Pierce's Alt. Ext. or Golden Medical Discovery and Pleasant Purgative Pellets for liver complaint and its complications, are lond in their praise of them. They are sold by all dealers in medicines. Com. WYm t AVnll-f'a rnlirhriil.a Yin. td.i-.7 BBwaRK I pjjp Bitters are a pnrtlyA cgctabla Uto herbs found oa the lower ronpes of C : XTAvn.Yt mnnnfnir.l nf f!nliffr DO YOUR OVfJ PnilTiriOI X medicinal properties of bkli TVSf O U 22 JLm T i are extracted thcrtfrora without the use ll I &"DT?4TmTfl T5TTTR? of Alcohol. The tiuestiou is almost rirr.i Am-t dally asked. " What is tho cause of the iters Oar answer is, tuat mej remove the cause of disease, and the patient re covers his health. They aro tho Treat blood pra" fierand a lifc-girinc principle, a penec Renovator and Inviporator of th3 J rstem. Never lcfore in tho history o the world baa a medietas bwa com poui id po&cjnjc the reniarkablo nuaiiuri i i ijkuab Uiin .u.b tick of c ery disease) man is heir to. They , are a ge tie PuiratiTe as well as a Tonic. I relieving ConrtMion or Inflammation o the Liver rd VUccral Organ ia B.liou Diseases Th t OTvrtIca of Dn. WALKrn's f WSOAaEiTTias are Aperient, D anhoreta. (nninat" e, Nutrition, Laxative. Uiareiie, Sedative Counter-irritant Sudorific, Altera tive, UJ- Anti-Bilious. - It, II. HeDOXALTJ C CO.. Drarrfrts and O. A ru, Sa ?- ciaoo. C!'.fnU, Ad ear. ot Wathirruia aad Caarttoe M, X. T. Sld my rn.il urmsjUt Bd ItomJmn. i.. i . .L. 11) natrLka. KWaato T.1 dJIkl i nnl. nrlMl ( MITT Ml'f . A B. T. bJUUKR A CO.. 7 Iff Sw KM PtUxlitU. SOOO Aii ILT? VBte4 fr CSeaalae IUtU. ivr. and i ahor or LlVIN GSTONE. BAUD liKvtK. FoMMw.7;a Btf . PhlU. MA.VIPLK Kr aad BWr Parte $3 THE UNION PPB. CXX. Ktrot. W. J. 1A t IVLl iO ion, IauailtirtUTT. tl. rB E.'lrr dcttx Addr P. O. Boa IQ37tC PIANOFORTES . t. . v.-n. ta at oar Wjroonut. 3D Lain H"'1,'1' 7, m A a xi & Tf n m v--f. 1 b EUtrtte Tt. mtd 1T1 u4 IT, wlta IM Y-.i' txxlrtor pf ftx-t In mlTinl work- lad. lor S 4 , "TTTiTTTTTTiT 'Ji. Habit Cured a hi aad smrm cere, vl&oot toonre&leac. aad at bome. Aa aaUJote Uat atandt pwtlj oa Iti m menu. bn4 tut tof Qrtf"T bwmu or ffS W kott aide., mounted dortpt Ppei cmU ro noUUMgi, eoataiaiarwawcw u nn iju airCTou. ires. iw r . I jjiuti McnDcmiGrKui fstl to -nd lor tX. AdJri mttoalnf law PCt'J-. 1 . . ..Vimtui- ll -Jt4 .(rriRthM lb I nxT nm CtU FOB OTITV aATTXe. . u. i ' .w . v . -- - . I w - m m jil A ST I CY Ha tmrltt icht uJ day. tanlf to twtj Ltim bodv.rattal tar B4r tho bardcot Boretao or T tnUa od!! pomBatb rarod. 8oM hop try Lbo Elastic Truss Co., M. 683 Broo.dwy. N. T. CltT. oad toot by irfcll. nrHl4T Citron lr nA ht tmrA. PORTABLE sodafodhtaius $10, $50. $75, k $100. GOOD. DURA. BUR. AJTD CHJL1P Bhlppod Body for Uao. UaanfaerorMl by CHAPMAN oV CO. .llallMB, lad. rtf Bood lor a Cotaloc. Geo, p. Rovell & Co. m ISIISIiflTH ORGffl CO. TJotoziL TUTrLsmm. These Standard Inrntrutnentm Sold by Music Dealers Everwhere. AgenU Wanted in Every oxt. Bold Ibroacbont ta Uoitod Stat oa tb IN.1TAI.I.3IEVT PIAN That la. oa a Sratooi of Uo&UUy PjtooU. fintiiiiinSwiM t fnr IS Srm ArmiAii Ouix. Ctlna wm aod fall o rtirilr m arttrntoa. 5Mtm. Of the Prettiest lrdri oPa. It T with yoar Baro ba4awiv rrtrrt! a II I tbMH.ovnt, po.tM. opon r.r4 o4 lit KJI msU. Yoar frtoda oaat Mm W. a CAXXOM. 411 K U4 Ktrw. 1 I f ovtAt Ue. Km i Vt nv. lsam. Otto S10JS25I . II. Br Bond for Chromo CaUWit. rvroKti'a Ikwtom. Maar. The Family Sewixo Machixx.- The inyention of tbo Vilson eLuttle fewing ma chine exerts a influence over domestic com fort nri equaled by any inrention of the laat hundrel yeais. Aa an economical arrange ment it enables ono person to do the woikof ten in a superior manner, and with unspeak ably more comfort. Madhiuen will be delivered at any railroad ftation in' this county, free of transportation charge, if ordered thrnucU the company's branch hou?o at 827 and 829 Broad way, acw kork. Tbey end an elegant cU locuo and chromo circular free on appUcaUon, This company want a few more good agenU. Com. An eminent divine ray 3 : I hare been using the Peruvian 8yrup. It gives me new vigor, buoyancy of spirits, elasticity of muscle. Seth W. Fowle & Sons, Boeton. wul eend free a pamphlet of thirty-two rage, containing a full account of this remarkable medicine, to any one sending them their address. Ccm. John&on'a Anodyne Liniment will give more relief in caeee of chrooic rheuma tiem, do matter how severe, than any other article known to medical men. Used internally and externally. Com. It is often remnrkej by strangers Tw it ing our Btate that we show a larger propor tion of good hones than any other btate in the Union. This, we tell them, is owing to two principal reasons. In the first place, we breed from the very beet stock ; and in the second place, our people use Sheridan's Cavalry fAm dUion Powders, which, in our Judgment are of Incalculable advantage. Com. or Mir, ir-"r in wna. It ;rvw UolrMl battafaolloo. UinilElU'l 1j howoaav. 40 IS, nuf Brvad to bbL Moor. MAVK-S MII.K, I'.iHiX, dee. On rvar aaLnra rtU wr a Cw. no 5ioitKN)ru iihf.au. Whh-. l.l(hltr,BHif, Kobor. KVfcKYItOUV Pptle It. Tb lA ara all ta t with H. fKI.I,H Like IIOT4 AKLM. iClynd al nrtr-m for UtrenUr to nt n. k. taT k co- 17U UnaacMNcwYark. Tlie IsrytroTrtf Hmcrr Woahloc Irklae. ft I 4(,000 -n,th ta 3 yaara. aad S oaivaaJ aaUaiao Umi. It mM alt eiwo of clblic. and Lar Culiora, wh ol lijary. Half am iitrta a.a danal to H anto at, amivl fmUuill ta cIoUmL air-iM POWFB MaeblBa for t.mmm4rlm bm! 5Und or fawvta t. Aonrra WiMtn ra " tra. Yrt MT ,Yrm.Pa. o -sr mil tnvtJ W. r. BURN HAM'S S TTT n f or WT Vino I water wneei f V. to work ll Palait 0c. V - 1 I no. i. U . aod haa aravra to ! 1 tbo tx-al. IU ! anad. Prfc- mtf oibor Uiwrr tHaa haal r-f K. P. BURXUAaftToaa.Pa. IPILEPSY , ak(3i or t TH ard tbtwf Roaa Km ir rtc ktwrt'tK. Trial i-oa. a- r. T ritnUia. ortdoao of KtN3 tK v , Kiuoood. lod. S250: itti to a-ki aad faalo aoaU ry Faraa M f Co.. bMaUU,Ma ATI narnoir. A ar.d (KmM Oou Rtoiow, eoataintn tho vacw ut Oaoctuaptit A romtb and Unrr.-Oc. aerlKion of thm aatna and f . ii it. ii i i . i i - Uatef IirtuDInrun of to rarrrC boirur ths r-n) rvlixbl mD of Itym black lltli hbaL rtrafdith'i of fc)JU Qi'paaa aold aa two wpota. Hoontid oditknai of bOSVO ojHa mnm roady. Price, Hi Cenfa TwCtl. 4UH'm. AdJn UUHALE XSKA I.r. T St UU-. roMatWI, U Monro aC. dxicMtn.UL oimrrta op ltonnr.. IN f th tic colhh pin. ' 1 1 lTr aO Varr tilled t- or aro MMOt of Qa BUa tULXS I I awo mrrm. w".r ( Oootax'a necial ropnvt f I I HirnonrTmrau.ii ipoHttkmTWttor lmna Uoa. IV prlotrd trtUa ar f i- . Y. H. hstKiDAK. aod a a. I w - W v.oc xra , . icrtairri-. eoantryby black wall and M I r.oO-ilr Pad Ca, 4-nacai a omoo, I . "nin ME. AND It ia iotly conceded by our I'l.l. DO YOU coon." IDfMy ooDeroro fy ror laior Tantly Dbtalciana thit fK. l.NliLtY'H ltOOT AND MbUU DITTKKm ar the bat.aait and aoroat atwina- and iummer mdlctn. Tby tboruachly pvitfy aad eioaoa tti blood of a l bapartUoa, nnma and onaataract dya pepaia, Urar complaint. cotMtipatioa, pUaa, jaanHica, TertUro. fooi aUnraca. iooa of alD Aad aooatlto. an fa. Ion oorea, cartmocln. akia diaoaoaa, piioploa ajtd aar otia debility. Tbey or in tho troeat aad docat onaa iBonoBparably at or copnlar aa a family nvadieio tbaa hnr yet tliacoearod. Hold by all draa-isa. GtU. iwut 4 uu.. Bono. aa aoT ot C GOOD rholaaai AgaaU. The MirteU. VI JTVl C - ton PEMDAYtt dfaaatiao-HTUraoa A Co.. Portiaod, hta OOU AGENTS WASTED KtwEooTELL IT 111 By Mil ftfiknaM of Salt Lac CT. or ft rev Ut Ui ol a Kuan Hr rnmt. Ia tfodoettos ty M ra. Ka atory of . oataa'a a-pcrWoc lay kar th " ktddtm a. I aad Goad. M la' U 'sZTvw book oat. aca.c lor AA. U m Booviar j-aiV i al atrer UwAa taroa " .r MH at. Uauvoat arron .L. rearrbaalr vl t I aad MfM r Mary I rat lIOBa7l umj m an a o prmi rult)amtrMrfMuNMHr-anarMa; 4 ra tol1l Frr v. ISaaa arSo w.l caaax. iJm j a-cphWta anU faB atrtae, rm. rr. m fnm 1 JI a 'p i I - to ' " ' . !' ' ' III a T ft 8laa, S feat dJ t " o a ......... 0 y IS 7S) Boat Material. Resdf foV ". all !. Prtoo LUU lew te Trad td fr Price lAaia. JtLLKjLTli GUM CO.. at. XeaU, Uo. TUtablUhed 1SZS. onrr v.w vita rood fiiacs far bA rUttt Vita ovaryboay. aad ootarDa oa. Jaiaiatr-o aay Gm-4 mmt4 a as ever tins reason: tnoso ox uine or gray silk, trimmed 'with lace, aro the prettiest. s- Ladies neckties have heavily embroi dered ends, in fancy colors. Those of white have brilliant flowers embroidered on the end. Velvet will be generally used to trim summer silks ot dark materials. Many aw Toax. Beef Cattlo-Prtme to Extra Bullocka 11X9 19V Common to oooa Texan. .,...... . 11X MUcn Oowa ,.,......40 CO T5 00m Hogs Lire W4 ofy Dreaaed ("V4 f Sheep 0S4 04 Lamb 11 t 11 Oottoa Mlddhnff ... iA 18 . Floor Extra Wasters, S ! & ao Stat Extra S 10 44 25 Waeat Eed Wentern .VI U g 1 IT No. 1 Spring.....: 1 IT 1 J8 By State 11) 1 10 barley BUte..... 1 30 ( 1 SO Barley Malt 1 llJ 1 60 . Oat Mixed Weate.ra : 1X uortt auxm wostern..... ei v n Hay, per ewt M 44 1 10 Straw, per ewt...M 40 64 1 00 Bops..... T4a3&&40 oids 0 (A 1 Pork Kess. ........... ..21 AS a IH Lard 1V 1X run iiacsere. no. l, ne.........ix on Mit ro M Xo. X new 9 SO 4410 W Dry Cod, rer ewt.. ..( 44 f M To Xtmts la MLSdowl lareoot sank oooioia. Ari ILLUSTRATCO WCEJU.V wit fAki ftmUt mA oafayarf. aaaa mm wmmmfcVmammm mma drcjavar trOO ALXsJi, haoJJ 4 CsX, 72S tmisi tt, Paata. 20000 GOIiB! I iaraW' -rrz? 'i TO CTT It K - Com, IToeraicia, TllSI SCAXZ. TA7XJIA3. Tax beat msxA ekpt Plit l World far Iron. Tl rr XVwa.l. r FAIXT CO. VwtffTrre, K- Ur ft . h k. rjrCAUTIOK.-nrtzjjz aai r-icae ao that oar cam aad trade mufc art on eacli ut' ttt pefcae. rVn frr a f't-nl-f. Fn'l 1 0 onto for Mttymr PERKY A OO ocoor. noooataaa. Tn r a w w Eaa. Kmta Watarproof. TmoA. tbav r-r.c4 oa tho lOtoAUJoaai PO hos or Kit Broodooy.W.T. AENTS WAMKD IUU A KENT MOOai. PRESENT CONFLICT Or SCIENCE WITH ItEXIGIOWi dm Alt oa Mo Oom araod." A 1 bo Tilol BOaaftoo Of 1 1 v'l? iflia iaaaaao f or " Modorm book tat tbo tti aabtact of tb tat t1anii At oowtaaa. 1To K-ttm tBL)!a WjVj I '. till m. f. VT. ZlK'iUa A (O., 6 I H Are K4.. PblUdoar-kOo. at Vtoa weather and wet BDrin!?. ' Tk riorM Ifmu a fog f 'Fy.jrasn't no better f adder'n bodies of manv TYpnoVi mirtr!r vom I -month wan the bra arx) rtnaWMrilh mito tja I t V f .V : i. J vi. -i. , , , , . I ' v.w nva i o - I v uw UauuaUiUCSt Ui U1D UUUUIIOU UUaCAV milllnprn Vn T'H Hn anfnnt Ailla.. t' I J iL. ll I 4V- T miimH. t ,.mi s v.: tv. I ... . . .. . - nuuua uuuout I iUUUU VU UIO mOITling OI LHQ liftn on. tirely in the rear of the English lines. The Cabinet Ofjicerm. as me lxmiavuie races in 3:x uig me ailks are trimmed with velvet. "T; ; u V -D Sandal wood jewelry is, to a certain extent, fashionable; it is appropriate for Errrtna-. Scaled, wr boa . Petrolanm Crad. .M...0S 4aOSt Wool California )Wctn Tax Australian Butter State....: Western P!ry. . wostera Teuow Western Ordinary., Feeasytvanla Hoe. . 0oa Cute r-ctorv oV SkuviBed...... Beports from Spain saj thai small-pox prevails In the Car list camp... . .oThe total profits of a fair held in Jsew York city for the benefit of the Homeopathic hospital, amounted to C27,- 152.. . .Mayor Traphagen, of Jersey City, fixe the city indebtedness at 13,830,485.. .. . .The sidee of ths wrecked steamship Schiller have Egg buu 41 4 atefLaed, W tt 49 l ( a M (A 4 10, r 54 44 ixa OS 44 4 40 M n si i st 9) 14 M 14 CT 11 IT UTEKI KAJIIII.T WAJtT4 IX. SSmtty sl o vr mwrn. .iOToa m. n. lu a w. Tm.fm, 9imfiww lt r-oaierfol. yf mmdm. Onn - to or-taar. Addnesl VATlII.G, Concerto UI.CAria OawUll KLTilOKkTaOD.bi'ko-a - - I r . - '- e irciled V. laaa ar oty 1 4y A Great Offer !fv!J? WATCl.GM.cw Cca to Planes avo I l mm i a-aawur, a . mrm mm Wat I. taU.i-a-4 aa IT f Cxf ft Kta u a Save 1 aai. -loaoo mtrm. Airalt t otoaU it M Trwarn. Itaiotcrw. , Lotra. Ho-tal ta- a, rvraooia, Lav era. ot. faoria t taitrodo. liiU otalawrooo UmlW sw W Simple Barometer. A story of the Concord celebration Take a common wide monthed bottle has just been bronght to the surface by such as ia used for pickles; fill it to with a Washington correspondent Secretary in.a few inches of the top with water. Belknap and three of the cabinet ofS- Then take a common, loner-necked fWk. ccrs became separated from the Presi- and plunge the neck of it into the pickle fallen in, covering the specie, the erealer part UUiti "" iviujr urieu mj pierce aense I uuiue as lar as u win go, ana tne Darome- j ot the cargo, and probably a number of bodies, crowd. Approaching an officer who 1 ter is made. In fine wMlhr IVia vat. I Blastine will be commenced immealiatelT seemed in charge one of the quartet in- j will rise into the neck of the flask even quirea wnero tlie nreadent was, adding: higher than in the pickle bottK In wet We are members of the cabinet" .land windy weather it will fall to within That descendant of Concord sires was an inch of the mouth of the flask. Be- not to be beguiled. Gazing with lofty fore a' heavy gale of wind the water has membec of th for aenonncins him to I The New York Tribune editorial rooms incredulity at ' the matmates he drawled been seen ta We the flask eJtootW -f congregation on account of his nurriage are on the ninth floor, and when a man out, "X6j6ultirtlto trick's I least eight hour, before th. ralTcame to i Zl mj:;GZ! L I f?l S.f?., t.n played out two hur, .go I" Xancy it. Wght This U th. eau. priadpl. m t7Ttr 7 BrT2 rl inos. CADinet XocI thsl of th. mercury barometer. I twnt.io i.-vn. ..o. 1 mV h f wt, . Mrs. Abraham Uncola has been declared in sane, and confined in a private asylum. , rather HoGlew, ef the Catholic church in Chelsea, Kaaa., has been sued for f20,000 by a member of the church for denouncing hirri to mots troublstoxne of ths Indian prUonera. the season and some of the designs are both very norel and very pretty. A bride's dress the other day was em broidered in floss, to represent a rpe of orange blossoms. The dress was of white silk, and the imitation was perfect All outdoor or evening wraps, for full dress or . ordinary occassions, are cut rery long at the sides and short in front and at the back. The style is said to be Grecian. " 4 0O Bafct. o o o 4444 Bje State. ... Con Hlxod , Darter 6tte. Oata State. ..m.... ...... VCTWAUO. rioBr...... Wnet Se. aBprtns Corn IClxed... Oats M ..... ir. . . .... . .. ... . . . . . .. ... fayy.......,!..... ..... . ... BAX-nWOBB. Oottoo Xrv lilddllncs. IToiiT Kxrs. ..... ...... I as 4 1 H 1 4 44 1 f N M IT 1 ItXiA 1 17X . TS M 1 10 M TO 1 Vt X 40 4S TSS 44 1 10 44 St 44 44 1 OT 4 1 40 Wat aire y?r ry" 9 tbo rlbA aid, yoauowi of arratralartry of tbo Wwal aa Ur la wros: aod to a4 at raxbs Titrtr o jomi ajata aa. thm ooo thla aoodial la Tarrant's Ccltzcr Aperient SOLD BT ALL DRUGGISTS Aro tboy Aa ka Maaa,AbCttf, S10. to S500. lamtil ta Wall Stroot Ky Om m) 11 YvtaoVwooseeeeeeeeeee alCrisaiee)e444 aPvCfOsCeUn) eea44 ev o rmrLaxaxrBiA. sTowi liiiiaytlitia Kzlra.aMM, St . ..... ...y. . .. ... . . . .. , . . COIB TkleW..M,,.. aaaa... i'd.M.a,, aaM Oata -Lod. , , iwwhi Cvaaa.t fi$ 4) of to 44 s 00 1 tS 44 1 X 1 IS 44 1 1 si 44 as TJ 44 -M a;, a os re 4 ) 1 4 4A 1 42 1 11 Mill tHS t 14 4 4 ifltM. aad -. W lao 4 oil tT9wt ItoTarw OIV'P fntr'T' JowslUcatJoOoLj&oTs QL,HX IXCaXja A Sroaoao.'lat Br 4-.3L T r . rr "rrrn " L-aJJ A al. J tk)ak 3 ZJ a.k4.U a f - m w ! i a awav m awua . n VI w TK. I VT w-a- n aaaa ai gAaVwl 4MI, ll

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