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"Where the wood-pathH Jrok in twain,
Doubtin'lbony ctjocVWl ber rein.
"If I take tbt jithf ? pjnued hbe,
"I f na 'I rawt with Homebody.
Nay. but that woul-l never do :
Jlafi iiu Kh-mld tie wboel, not wdo fM
Bo )b.oJi'7 "at! fhfi Trended, " 1
Wli f- tbat with Dollr there?
."VIit b-.ta& J ber rid r f.r?
1 k1 the Hn!f-mme wiy to-day ;
And tb're, aroon S he green wood8Tdim,
!Mly told her ;hoioto him. :nmvs IW4I
Wb wjwlng wbi t her heart conf essed,
' Trill' H.Of1 A tl.rtll rr V. aoV'
The Open Polar Sen.
wuFuu oams some ume lo-nicni. increased thflv sAnt nn flmA
ITO. 1 . i i , .rf .1 4 ; r ' 1L
J3 -Vr" w P,wenm OPP. tnougb, making the dreary nicht and the dark. L. Two vesseh of JbA ISAlvCIT navv-lhe
so yop abetter keep well in shore, till rushing waters more hideous than any Alvandlh Dtyverjhave left
you get nearly there. Go, Jim. go. . imagination could picture. - Mrs. ,Rost Vortmoutfi, TliiglanJ, 6n a Voyage of
The boy hal not answered her when sfnoned down tnnvflr TiPr r.n1 A Arrtic exnloration. the nhief n,l of
H she fiifct spokej jn fact, he did noieeem almost shrieked as her hand tonfrhd hiR I which " is the diacovexv .of .the North
to takeffa.metngL of her words. jfeoldJ "claiarayrorebetdlh'hol felt his tPblifIt Vaf safely be asserted that no
I,uiha' 5el.raIto Us feet pulse. It was feeble-and flnttecin. expedition has" ever stirCeit ona similar
. u.iMt .. a , nuiw., ow . mw wwu !" Kn tnr Tir uta .11,1 ' c 10 mri rnu wi TVriMt v mnin!Mii tnr t ia t&qr
" Yonr father is wnnw. Wtcli ifnr setrlfarft.V Th fofiijfers and crew.'
Go rhcHedl'-i'Rid vori mean I v. v ; : : I .tJr,. r, r .UTr,.t wu
Jrasto gplbjnam,!likeft sneak, and leave fofydti khowSanilivd& just opposite it" man the two vessels, have been carefully
you ana aaa to ue swept awaj? is o, you Ifwas long pait midnight when ; the selected for their mental and physical
Jf.vvY j,.,a aui i,,x jiwu. on was jeacnecu, xne ..'water tnere -was nmess ior tne worK. ine oroinary sea
tt f you did; at'a all the same Ihing, calm, taid the -current comparatively J men are all between the ages of twenty
Wl0?6!-1 stays;- and ef youind dad weak. Mrs. Rost laid down her oars 'and r four and thirty-one, and 'have been
"llio home of Jim stood on the left
bank of thp Mississippi river, Surrounded
on tlirco sides by a low, swampy cotton
wood forefit.; When the stream was hrh
the forest was a great lake of watert and
o.wn when it was low there were every
where green, estering pools, and a rank
growth of fan palmetto and briers.. No
neighbors lived within five miles . of the
hut, for it is not for the interest of the
woodehoppers to be near "each oilier.
4rhy locate- far apart, so that a boat
woodtug at one pilamny .findHtnecegi
nary to take in a' fresh supply of fuel by
the time the next is reached. ; ?r T t
I lie hut had f two robms meanly
furuished, but very r clean. It was
drviiry,.deaolaUspot enouglifcbut marks
of thrift' were everywhere visible. The
yard was full of turkeys 'and "chickens
Titss where you would, Simon Rost, the
owner, was eithor hiuling his wood, or
piling it on ine lower oanic, to be con
von tent to the boats, and Mrs. Host
might bo seen spinning, knitting or sew'
' , iug. .,. , " ;'.:'..'j' .." ' '" ' ' . -?
Jim, too, their only child, a sturdy,
. briLxht-eyvd, freckle-faced boy of about
itwolve, took his part in the general in
dustry, lie cut and dried the palmetto
'-'fi'om thf swamp, junf braided ififtolth
oeswhy,! reckon yon treedn't leave
te iehind. - Don't, get downhearted,
maav VVny, we ve gotr loti chances
yet."NJjJi4 " '
The woman signed and looked hope-i
essly , around, but to her more experi
enced eyes, the chances of escape were
sUm, indeed. - - " "
"First and foremost,' cried " Jim,
cheerily, unhooking the chain of the
A Jtito$try at sen. i
We. were in the Gulf stream, knocking
about in t pretty rough s-a.' The effect
on a missionary stomach was the same as
that' upon the stomach ' of all landsmen.
I remember one 'morning when the
decks were in a very disagreeable condi
tion in conseqnenee.' After repeatedly
cleansing them, the patience .of, old
Pease, the first mate was exhausted. He
accordingly .wrote with a piece of chalk
on, the companion-way:
Passengers feeling sea-sick will
please go to leeward., , ' . , '
. Soon Brother Bradley emerged from
the cabin with a rising breakfast. The
6tooped over her husband. It only
needed a touch to assure the poor woman
that never more .would that still pulse
thrill with the, pains or pleasures of life.
lie was dead. , She covered her face with
her hands, and tearless and silent, sank
beside him. ' ' 'v-y ' s ' I .
At any other time," Jim would have
wept and moaned like other children at
the loss of a good father whom he loved.
The SUtlng Xulmnnee,
. With th return of suuun ir days and
singing birl.,? naes that chronic nuitance,
the callow jorjTn in with dog; aud gun,
io ; hunt birds and iitu&4 lb" natives
with his prowess' and Ui? prnfll Af guu-
ptnader. He ha nrni of th inincta
Item Interest,
The estimated vnla$ of the last French
rintage is $100,000,000.
. 7 0re arc ninj nra wao cmreaoi wu
fights the battles of a country so long as
they are allowed to be iU ratlcr.
As mga as ci,vaxi naa uwn pa iur
of sportsman, to wh wn wo are iudi'bted 1 front scat at a performance of JnJie, tho
skiff from its staple on the levee, first, But now, with the whole responsibility
moost kind of hats and baskets.
. drove tho wagoafand helped to cord
wood. To him, that great dreary swampV
i aJtrotehct for '. miles back, ; was a
erfoct" paradise. Such a quantity of
fish and crawfish in the pools; such lots
of Hqiiirrchjand rabbits to be snared, and
ho many birds to bo Ehot !
Hti had a gun of his own that he had
Thought from tho sale of his hat3 and
. , .baskets, ajul wai a.very good ma?ksmajo
i, llien' tuoixj were hickory nuts, tchuv
y rquapiiyi ami wtdnuts to be gathered iu the
" antnnm on a riiige about four miles from
tho hnt; ho; 'take it altogether, though
Von uxjiy wonder how a boy could lire in
. , iic-h a desolaty place, without any play-
iuatc-3, it is certain that Jim thought Ms
home Lho uwwt delightful in .the. .world.
; i To bo sure, ho was often sick with!
chills and fevers. ' The long, gray moas
which only grows on malarious spots
hung thick on the trees around the hut.'
WWcvcx, ypiij see that'ephytes,-"; or
ai fiCiinfc vtn may linldeTrstand that ilfis
. . ,b;umer liat disea Jiangs puticare
One morning everything in and arognd
tho hutwprv s 'etrnuge, dull look. The
i Mmiyiippi had been slowly and steadily
rising- for' many weeks, and the forest
Nvaa one sheet of water. Mr. Rost had
thrown up a leveo around liis yard and
hoiiso, ami they were comparatively dry;
imt tho water "had now nearly risen to
t tho tcp of tho lqvoo; a few.nioro inches,'
and it would bo over. at l. ..'I
you re to nelp ;me, mam, to haul this
skiff up to thediouse, and tie it to the
doorposts. - I heard dad say that was to
be , done, so ii the water come , witlCa
rush," the boat would bo handy to step
right in." i : . ,'
f-o they pulled and tugged at the skiff quaver ; in his voice,
until itadbaged-to the doorsteps and left, and I'll be a goo
securely fastened by a rope which ex
tended within the house, and which was
tied to one of the rafters. j
By this time the sick man had awak
ened from his restless sleet. and Mrs.
Boat's heart sank within her when she
perceived that his fever and delirium
had increased within the last hour. She
knew something of the treatment of this
disease in its ' early stages, but it had
now passed beyond, her knowledge of its
proper treatment' She could only watch
and pray by the bedside, and 1 wet his
pafched lrps-with' water, :" r ;
X Meantime,! Jim was as busy as a bee,
preparing the boat, The., boat was too
small to hold any cumbrous articles, and
their valuables did not make a. large
package ; so there- was quite room
enough.' Mrs. Rost watched her son's
labors with silent interest, but when he
concluded by fastening in the bow of the
boat a large fire-pan used in deer hunt-
ing at night, and .filled it with split pine
knots, her astonishment was great. -?
What fori earth are you doing with
"that fire-pan,' sonny Vr ";' 1 ' ! "
" Why, jou , see, mam" (nodding his
head . knowingly), "-if we're obliged to
start at night, it'll be handy to have a
light, on dad's account, you know and
of the situation thrust upon him, unable
to leave his oars for a minute, or they
would have drifted down the tide, the
brave boy choked down his grief, though
his heart seemed breaking. . !
O mam," and there was a pitiful
J you've got me
good son ty you al
ways.-: jJOHi't gojon'so mam, please
don't. Help me to cross the river to
Uncle S&m's, for you know I can't pull
across myself." , , j
He knew right well" this cry for help
would rouse his mother. She rose, and
still mute, took her oars,ancLthey turned
the bow of tho boat td thel opposite
shore. ' ; '
Then commenced a struggle against
the strong, rapid current, to which all
their previous efforts had been child's
play. They were dashed against snags,
and whirled in the roots of floating trees.
The torch in the bow only threw' its
light on dang3rs when they were upon
them, and they were conscious that in
stead of crossing where they had intend
ed, the tide was bearing them far below.
chosen out of several hundred candidates I notice caught his . eve. but 'notT under-
fches of the Berviee. J No standing its significance'he siaggered
about for a moment, and then gave oc
casion . for another application 'of . the
swab to the decks. .This done, he look
ed meekly into the face of Mr. Pease,
who was regarding him with a mingled
expression of pity and contempt.
I noticed the direction," blandly ob
served the divine, "but I am not aware
what leeward means."
"Why, it means the lee side of the
ship, of course,' replied the ' second
mate. ,
"And which is the lee side I' ;
"Which is the lee side? Well, it'a
t'other side of the weather.side.' , .
"And which is the weather side ?
"The weather side t Sometimes its
the starboard and sometimes it's the lar
board (for the term larboard was then in
use). It's the starboard, now we are on
this tack.' !
"Really, said .brother liradley, "you
must excuse me. I don't understand
theso vaiious terms. What's a star
board ? What's a larboard t WhidVa
tack?" , ?
Placing his arms a-kimbo, while the
tottering missionary steadied himself by
the - belaying-pin, . Pease regarded " him
for a moment as an object beneath the
from all branches
one has been passed; who exceeded the
maximum height 6f five feet nine inches,
or who was under the minimum of five
feet six inches, whose character and in
telligence were not above the average,
or whose teeth were not sound enough
to enable him to support life for a
lengthened period on hard biscuit. This
careful and minute attention to details
has been carried into every department
of the expedition. The special feature
of the equipment . is the unrivaled per
fection to which the construction of the
sledges and the general organization of
that mode - of travel have, been carried.
One ship will probably proceed as far
north as eighty-two deg. before winter
ing. jsFronv that point the, journey to.
Jae Pole-by sledge is calculated to be
ebout six - hundred miles, and the ' most
elaborate preparations have been made
for enabling this part of the enterprise
to command -success. Commodore
Markham sails in the Alert as the chief
of the expedition, with Capt. Nares as
the navigator who is to guide the vessels
through the Polar sea, f
- - : ; L
mainly for rtnr trui Kt. and for the
fines and penaltl lliat are laid upon
their, willful violators. The' chap, we
have in mind is generally an idle, igno
rant vagabond from the city, who wants
the fame of' a -mighty hunter, and so
dresses fn sporting jacket and long-leg-boot,
invests in shotguns and metal lio
powder fiaaks, in setter dogs and whisky.
He can hardly tell one bird from another,
and is more "likely to shoot domestic
ducks and ceese. than the wild water-
owl that visit secluded rpots at this
season, lie shoots birds upon the nests,
birds feeding their young, and all birds
alike, whether they are the farmer s
friends or not. This great nuisance.
-which was formerly confined mainly to
the suburban districts, is now , widely
scattered almost everywhere, like thistle
down , along the lines of our railroads.
Every depot far inland is haunted with
thesa verdant and downy youth, who
come to kill and to destroy. They by
no means confine ' their destruction to
wild auimals.. They stroll over your
farm with as , much freedom as if Jhey
owned it, shoot chickens in the absence
of woodcock and quail, and broil them
under your nose, worrying, witii! their
dogs your . sheep and poultry,' throw
down your-fences in digging out rabbits
and woodchocks, shoot into your notices
-A Heavy Loss.
Intense excitement and consternation
was caused in the United States Treasury Pl47 J contempt that he had at first be
department, by- the discovery of a theft 8Jed npon m ..
of -a package": containrng - $47,098.52, PlehJe earnestness, he '
mostly in $500 notes." Gen Spinner
immediately called on Major Washburn,
chief of the secret service division of the
Poor Jim's little arms ached as if they Treasury, and had all the clerks in the
Parisian comedian, at St. rctrrsburg.
Politicians occupy a perilous position,
morally. To make their public clirac
ters bright they generally kill their pri
vate virtues.
There is said to be less drunkenness
among the colored people of the South
than among tho white inhabitants of
New York. ;
When you see a lot of laundry girl at
work, how natural it is to cjcc'aixa, in
the words of England's poct-Iaurcato :
" Wring out, wild belles P
A 8L Louis attorney has recovered
one eent damages for harirg been called
"shyster." . Tho jury explained that
they could do to less for him.
The death-rate of St. Louis in 1871
was only 14.15 in 1,000, and iU health
officer claims that it is the healthiest
city of its size in the world. '
Graham bread is said to be 'excellent
food for the children on account of its
superior bone-giving qualities. ' You can
feed a child on that bread until he is all
A little'pet dog of jsiagnolla, N. C,
died all of a sudden recctrtly, and a
stinging' snake four f long, and a rat
tlesnake a fool long, were found in Lis
intestines. , ,
It is the sagacious remark of a kcn
to, sportsmen, or tear ;ahem down, run 0b?rvcr that you can generally toll a
over me growing crops, ana u injeriereu newly married couple at the dinner tabl
with, treaE-yott to the foulest slang and by the indignation 1 of the fcroom whe:
wouia arop irom nis snouiders ; out in
spite of the ache he would manage to
say, at intervals :
" Cheer up, mam, I reckon we'll be
at Uncle Sam's pretty soounow." ,
Suddenly a sound smote upon. the
boy's quick ears which froze the blood
in his i veins. In spite of the driving
rain and the muffled ' sound, he recog-
cash room and the employees in the
branch office' of the Adams Express
Company, " immediately ufider the cash
room, examined, but at last accounts no
trace of the package or the thief had
been, discovered, though Major Wash
burn feels confident that he will be able
to secure both. Gen. Spinner is much
depressed by the loss of such a large
missionary? Going to "convert the
heathen, and don't know two sides of a
ship twenty-five feet apart ! You'd bet
ter go home in the first vessel we speak,
and make two or three coasting voyages,
and then try it again; perhaps you'll
learn something."
Desperate auietde, j
The body of a man was discovered
floating in tue Heine, and from all . ap
pearances the police concluded that some
curses ox the J grog anops.. in is is a
great evil and extends much beyond the
personal, inconvenience of( the farmers,
that. are. most' exposed to thetlepreda
tibns'pf these vagabonds. " They greatly
mlucethe number "01 birds", :and so
multiply insects that prey upon our
crops, and reduce the profit of pur gar
dens and fields. It is settled, to far as
anything can be, by the studies of roea
best acquainted with the habits of these
birds, that almost all of them at some
season of the year live largely upon in
sects.. . They are the conservative force
iu nature, designed to keep insect life in
check. If the birds eat some fruit, they
save a great d al more, by, devouring
the ? various f caterpillars and t worms"
,hat prey upon the b'ark and leaves of
fruit trees, and tfpoa thV fruit themt
nized the puffing of a low pressure boat, sum of money at a time when he is pre-
by the indignation1 of the groom when
a fly alights on the bride's butter.
It is said than an onion grower, in
Massachusetts, who refused three dollars
a barrel f cr his , crop, . lately; sold two
hundred and twelve barrels for fifty
dollars, the best offer he could get.
. The omission of a comma once gave a
very awkward meaning to the inscrip
tion on a tombstone: Erected to tho
memory of John Phillips, accidentally
shot as a mark of affection by his
brother. 1 .
r . " Come, come, my dear," . said an in
dulgent mother to her eldest hojn,
'tho sun has been up theso two hours,
and here you'ro not yet out of bed."
" Oh, well, the sun goes to bed at dark,
and I'm up till midnight," was the reply.
Mr. aB. Deuio, of Vallejo, CaL, lias
had presented to him a brick "from tho
,sa as .the steamboats. won't run us down
in ine aaxK. y "--'
jgMra.i Rost looked upprbvinglv at her
uvj. auu uiia reminas me. ,vny not
nail the first boat that goes up, and then
we can takeyour father comfortable like
to Sam's? I reckon it won't cost much."
The puffing of a boat just round the
point below took Jim in hot haste to the
levee. The boat, 1 however. kept near
the opposite bank, -arid the Mississippi
in high water is a mile wide in many
places. Jim's shouts did not reach the
Eieri on the boat, nor did they see the
handkerchief he waved at the end of a
long pole. ; I Even had the officers on
board the" Steamer heard or seen them,
they would probably not have heeded,
for there were several ugly snags on the
side of the river where Mr. Rost lived.
1 Were they in its line of way ?
In answer to the agonized question, a
dull, red eye, not a hundred yards from
them in the mist, seemed driving full
upon them.
He gave one, cry of warning to his
mother. " Pull to the right, mam, a
steamboat's on us," and put forth all J aileged this money was taken make it a
iiib sbrangMi in a uiai, enperauinan enorc
J Either Jim's torch' was "seen: or his omcials and the "secret service officers al
mother's despairing cry? when she re- contend that the robbery must haye been
cognized the danger, ,was heard on the committed by some one inside, but it is
believed by others that it was done by a
sneak thief, just as $20,000 was stolen by
Chauncey Johnson, a famous New York
thief, four years ago this month.
mnrdw had been committed. - He' was selves. ' It isonrv in exceptional vears
dressed very poorly, and although that we are able td gd fair fruit in the great wall of China, and proposes to giro
no marks of violence were found on his older' parts oi tns conntry, wncro mere
person, his legs had been lashed together has been the greatest destruction of birds
and his arms were tied down to his sides and where inects most abound. Our finest
so as almost to exclude any possibility displays pf fruit come from the newer
that a suicide had been oommitted; An S tides, where there are 'ewer insects.
inquest was opened, and the result was j The promiscuous slaughter of birds, so 1 up right, appeal to his patriotic feelings.
that the identity of the body was eetab-i prevalent in tho early . summer, is a I There is a lad in this town whose mother
very! "mysterious lease fthe J treasury lished beyond all doubt, as also the fact nuisance 4 that ought .to, be abated. 'We I cured him of a bad habit Jurt by saying
paring nis accounts to turn over lus
office to his successor. If the money is
not recovered Gen. Spinner will have to
make the amount good unless Congress
should come to his relief as it has done
in several previous instances.
ine circumstances under wnicn it is
it to the Odd Fellows. The bnck is
fourteen and a half inch? long, seven
and a half wide and two and a half
thick. . . '? ,
If you want to bring an American boy
iiw IWUIU WUC1. t.,. . jiei 'U IV., i,L TT
lint , this : was not the worst calamity I easily avoided when the -river was lowf
..... i - , 1 l.- J t 1 - 1 IV
but very dangerous when hidden by the
water. ' -
Vt Boat after boat passed that day. Poor
Jim shouted until his voice failed, und to no
avail. Dusk came on, misty, rainy, and
Jim crept disconsolately within.
j'fTauit nolusejjmam;" he i said,
shaking the fahTfrom nisdripping hat.
" ThK iboats! -won't stop, nohow, and
we've just got one inch and a half of
ofc eveu. a- neighbor s.couiiTbe tlMmkabefore the river cpxaes oyer.'' ?
to assist tlie "iinha'priv wife in " Can't be helped," answered his
mother, with a deep sigh. " Seems to
msVs Jim, your father is easier and
quieter like now. Come and. look at
,S Oni iiptpoi the, , boy ( epproached the
bed. Jle had hardly reached it when
his FwQh$jf sprung Jto her Teet and
shrieked aloud-" 0 4
r 'f O merciful Pod, it's : come l"r
a Jim did not need to, ask what had
come. The levee had broken, and a
great wall of water hurled itself against
the hut, staying in tlio ffputd lifting
the boy offjais feet. ' j Ha was prepared.
..a j c uiowever,' lor tiie emergency..
srTit:'' au-'i ii 5Uan't bo scared. maml
. tliat Liy iu their path. Ia trying to save
....."l5me of his wood, Simon Rost had placed.
V A Vu.'n clujy 'Pf H 3J119 luicl gone
1 I A pfcee3f'aiu -'ttiernau harjjrely es-
!iiped with hi3 life. Ho swam ashore,:
but tlnj exposure and grief at his losses
brought ou an attack of "pernicious
. J j f rver.'he mot fatal diseas bf Ciq Mis-
nissippi coast. - " i
i., Holay.mosnia and tossiny with de-
llrhrra. It was impossible to tiret a! doe-
tor, and no
called in
her ministrations. !
.ttHiKi4ifWconia. j He
cooked their simple meals, and swept
nitd;cfojuicd iitf h'ttffeaFas-fS1 savo his
luothci' as rartcfi tlronblVas pJbssible Th
...wutiot. mak, tha,t he had rut out th(
dputly. the river must hav been, rising
I mow rapidly within the last .few t hours,
c and ho ran down- to' the levee to sep if
this wai true. , As ho stood there look1'
' " iug o'ver tiie dreary gray waste of . water.
steamboat, for a signal was given, and
the engine was stopped.- It was too late,
however, for ttiei little skiff , was ; swept
against the sides of the huge vessel.
Jim threw one arm around his mother,
and dropping his oars,- cast the' other
against the side of steamer, asj if to
shield her. , One moment of intense
agony, arid he lost consciousness.
When lie recovere4 ifcjtras to find kind
faces bending over . him, and his poor
mother weeping beside him. He' strove
to utter the usual formal, ."Cheer- up
mam, but when he . tried to raise his
arm. and put it around her, he fainted
again from the pain. His arm had been
j crushed in the collision, and he : would
never be able to use it again.
" It was the most wonderful escape I
ever did see, gentlemen," said the cap
tain of tiie boatalfew hours afterwards,
when the-boy's arm - hail ;been dressed,
and he was laid in a comfortable berth.
A Woman's Fight W ith a Snake.
A foimidable rattlesnake was killed re
centiy on Mir. Klingle's farm, on Rock
creek, near this city, says the Washington
Chronicle, . under circumstances evincing
rare courage on the part of a lady. The
reptile was first seen by Mr. Klingle's
manager, while driving . the j farm-wagon
loaded with sod. Battle was imme
diately offered, but the snake declined
and retreated with the utmost celerity in
the'directioni as it happened, of a colored
youth, who, believing himself attacked,
in turn precipitately made off. At
tracted by the cries of the youth, Mrs.
KHngie,' who was near by, struck at the
snake with a croquet mallet, but failing
to inflict any material injury, the reptile
that a suicide had been committed. It
appears that the man's name was. Gara-j
pin, and there is every reason to, sup
pose, as it is known that he was an ex
cellent swimmer, that he had tied him
self up as he did for fear that his instinct
of self-preservation .should (prove 'more
powerful thao bid fofcerminatson to ' fin
ish his life.. Poverty is supposed to have
been the cause which jtempted him to
commit the act. At one time he was a
man in a good position, with an income
of 1,000 a year; but he squandered
his money and lost it at the gambling
table, falling lower and lower, until he
was at last obliged to work on ths roads
for tho parish. . , 's:
A' CJtlll Dtater. ' .
need '. mova stringent legislation, and a 1 to Mrn one day, when s4io Mt very ncr
better enforcement of the laws against vous : Willie, Gaorgei Washington
'TV at - - - a? I
transgressors. nn very lewexcepuons
the birds should be "protected from early
spring to autumn."
farmer s best friends.
They are the
The German Oeemn Onem Dry Land,
"" The German ocean ,ror North sea, like
the EbgUsh channel, is supposod to have
been once an inland plain1 or valley
raised far above the sea level. The sea
has but recently invaded' Uus pressing
plain, submerged its forests,11 and super
seded its river J course: , , -The buried
trees oi -its sunk forests arc still stand
ing, rooted in their own vegetable noil,'
although beneath the .waves. ' Cromer
forest, which dips into the waters from j treal, has twenty-fiTe chudron.
. ... ?t t?
never cracaea ntcaoryirai wuu u
teeth I" . f ... t
He leaned on the. fence pouring out
warm vows of love and admiration to the
lovely being on the other side. It was
dark. We could not see her face ; but
ahe said: "Pray desist. You are too
vacillating. Only a week ago you told
the same story throe doors below here.'
They parted.
There is a family al work' in a cotton
mill in New Brunswick, Me., which con
sists of father and mother and twenty
four children, " all tho. children large
enough being at work." The woman is.
the fourth wife; a lrotbexOof tho hus
band, living with his fifth wife in Mon-
As the skiff was almost swept under witn ligntning-nJce speed coiled nimsell two thousand of all classes, it is esti- lot oai; alder,
side that boy threw the rope up, and around the mallet to within a foot of her mated, being present. Tho interior'was been standing u
sailoiscauffhtit. tit was more than hand. To the surprise and horror of the i :t,i tr -V Vcondition of-
' a iniM ii nan a iui w n il ta a.Liiui nva a s a a r:z a. i
touch and go with him, I: can- tell joui fann,hanils nows gatherednear,' Mrs.
The boat 'swamped; almost beforegotTKlmglfdid not drerthe inallet and run,
the woman up, arid 4 she isrys' her dead but seizing the horses by the bridle as
husband was in it. Now, look here, she turned, placed the mallet and snake
under . the ponderous wheel,
which at
once killed the reptile. The rattle has
been extracted, and will become an heir
loom in the family.
Ills mother joiuod lumlf" t
. .1 1A 1
'Ctrx : A a yxo maxKf . ene as&eo,
uiJ 'a 'VXherivtt'aHris.doiuxoy be 5aeed,mam,I,hei
tho boyj. 'Ijook hereJ tnaih, out, cheerily,' l"? got the ropainmvj
-.- swored
(for mammy),, we can't stah'd fotti irichea hand, ,au,d iho skiirs safe."
10ianior of water inthotft iin'toeri Arid TheterVas rushing U
like amilldam
W !
gentlemen, l vo iwooded witn Rosl
two years, and I know he and his
to be good, honest, industrious folks,
and Jim,' there arfioj in) ten thousand.
They've lost their all Rost is dead, and
Jim's . arm broken, or worse. Let us
take up a collection for thenu'.-
The response was unanimous. ...In a
few minutes two hundred dollars were
collected ambric'; ,1.he nasseneers. " and i Wasliington big talk, "what security
placed in Mrs. Rost's hand. In aniwer I would we have that the whita men would
to her tearful thanks and expressions of 1 not come in a few moons and dnveie
up in the recollection of those who have the'ooast of Norfolk, is the mot famous A remarkable Verdict was returned at
lately been in Santiago de Chili'a comer of the submerged forefdV of the Ger- Cheahire quarter sessions at KnuU-
plot of sodded ground, with a monument man ocean. This ancient woodland has fnj-j ia England, the other day. Two
in its center, marking the spot of the been traced, 'at low tide for 'more than neD who were accused of dstroying
dreadful disaster in 1862.1 A Roman, forty mile? 'Alcertaia aeasonsand e- flgU by putting chloride of lime into a
Catholic catliedral-was full of women peciany after great " storms, the stamps I stream at WcodlDTd, were, alter a long:
yew, and'l-iktrlv arelUbeTatioA by the . jory, found not
pright ia thewater, Ths pjfljj 0( the offwsce with which they
At . 1 a ' a1 ISI . -
and liffht cloth, and ffluminated with t cones somo -t ioc
lanterns.: Twentv thoatand candles audi bitten PTrnals)tiliia that thesink- fnp"" with which thfr wore not charged,
camDhena lamps were buminz. 'A breeze I io g of thf had hera-'srxtrnd at nVidia- The ebairman, Eirllrarr Main waring,
swung a flame against the alUr drape ry",T taut' period 'ia tie pkyical history U charuicriiW .the verdict as the silliest '
nil lb a nrtno rT!tti'on vu almost i rattan-1 our. noantrr is 1. ,',-. I he had ever heard ia his lue. ine cr-n
:Ibe resiaina of Und ,AnirosI too, as I were, of course, discharge!.'
well aa oi. ths .fureaU, they! Inhabited.
An Indian's Idea.
"If we give up our barren Black HiH
country; and gqj south to 'thi strange
land," said theehif Spotted-Tail, at the
The rig and the Ventrilmmimt,
At Macon fair, France, a ventriloquist,
named Comte," saw a countrywoman
driving t? pig' before her, which could
hardly move, so Ladea was it with fat.
What's th rrca,ox jour pig, my
good woraaa V..m . -
, ."A hundred francs, ray good looking
k ' . , . a. T a i i
. ,l.TV;sftc.iefeVt amlMridereltietoJtoB.cert poor -Indians .ontl. If we canft
EoicVr feckoh-uT tlie- levee. M!ihe1Bosl, waistMee hi it; was holding on to Capt. B. answered : land that has belonged to ouf
vJl water's seepin through 'cm, . I'm a-goiri' T the floating bed' on which 'her husband I f ' His no more than our right, rndamt where wewere bornand where
a plug. 'em right np. So down on his toy. " u , V' 1 to assist you in your present trouble, and Ldrtn' weiff, brojqg&h ut what
' '-i knioetfNvaht Jim. Bcraping rip' mud eridl---ShAcoald.swim-asLjweH'M Jim him- no more than yours to accept it without have we that we will be suffered
nrirt, arid pfehing it in the holea.
' ; .f Nooda do that ". Faid ;the
.i 'with a tsit
seif arjirianaged to keep from
being swept away, "intd tiie skiff into
: mother, being swept away, until the skiff into ward be my care. I like the boy.
;!u " You cau't keep the river j which Jim had scrambled was pushed to I honor him, madam. Mot rd pluck, and
iram.coinin' over, to night or, to-niorrow, her, imd Mr.- Bxt lif ted carefully ta. he :shan!t Jwant Jui ardacaiioji if I can
and itM boiind to do it unless God; helps She got in then, and, taking up an oar, give it to him.
ns. If it won't break through, and will Jim 'and she --managed to push away
only come over gradual Jiite, -it mignt irom cue nut ust as it was
? h Hvo uVaaucc." , fS;ftfrIMCMe.lTAnfT
I Then' why not start right off; mam ?" " Keep the skiff well
fhy not start rign
. haaske!. MsrrW. ' " We can take the said his rriother; "the
skiff here and ptU np ta Uncle Sam's byi ning ,too strong here
..1 V A Tl a. . Al. .il. - I Ti'fi?l'ifrriVr4-V ' Viii
Auiik. , j. AU muru lyuau avajl wik-o.
in ehore, Jim,
current is run
' So, -with all
theif strength,' the boat 'wals propelled
to keep
As for Jim, he will hbneef or-1 that which you give us again !' When
tney were told ina mere was no money
to give them for their country, Spotted
Tail said: '"When, I came here I ex
pected to find everybody rich. ! All the
people yeu send out to us have heaps of
big pockets, tod jthey -keepf on filling
them tiu tney am satisaeit, aaa tnenmey
go away. 1 1 thought everybody got rich
, For more than , a year, now, Jim has
borne down been to school, and from'what one pf his
teachers told me, he has grappled with
the difficulties of learning" very much
with the same cheerful resolution with
which he met all the troubles of his past
life. He shows a decided talent for
" It would kill youf fflther.'tan I th4f near the Bhorett Jeast,;.aear the trees anything connected yuUx fthe exact
womatl's Voicd shoolt. " Me Hwhicn grew.on tne Daaic, aor tne.rjvei: i saenqes, auoju -auyoi ouryopig reaaers.
t be, takfinlont'lnall this rain, had covered the land for miles back of in years to come, should hear ofa James
r Rott who has distminii&hed hi
6, we muaC tkepuf cesl but you, IWbanksf s. l s f
Jim, you had better go rigiit off. . You I Jim now lighted the pine knots in the
ain't very strong, but I reckon you can ' fire-pan.. In spite of the rain, which had
taneously enveloped with fire.' As-at
Holyoke. the single doorway was soou
blocked, and e cress rendered impossible. I are discovered in, the bed pf the German
Only a few of the . women ' escaped, , oceaa. t Ia hi ;.rbjsical Geography of
Nearly every household lost a member, NoifoU" Mr. Woodward tlls n that
and the city has not .yet recovered from than "fifteen years' the fishermen
'!"' I of the villaicre of HappLdmrgh dredged
! t , . lap from "their trystcr lcdslas many as
Baggagis Ma?r. The 1 tell a lorjghTtwo tnousaca- -xctta Of mammouiv
story about a new baggagw man'oii one j Boiies knx! taskt k)! fftarSmoCrs liavo
oi our xocai sraina, says ane xajb Angeies L" iw. at' Totrr rrric if von wiak
AS-tVxr. He was told topile up the tnrrika ToVpths. lrtafcesMis mXa1o te Xaam 1 . nw tjj
Of course Iwiahto bay, but it's a
great deal too much. - lean offer you ten
crowns. v
"I want one hundred franc, no more
and no less ; take it or leave it.
" Stay, said Comte, aprroaching tho
animal; I am sere yocr' pig ismoro
reasonable than you Tell me, on your
eoriscicaoe, xay n fallow, are yon worth
one hundred sous . j
' I am meaaled. "and my pierces is
ia a baggage car, and be sufe! io"' txang-iwhea tha Europoaa miinlAnd, instead of
. . .... .1. . .. . A - t Ta1 At
the checks on the outside..' The literal
minded youth piled up the trunks, and
then took off the checks, with the leather
straps attached, and hung them up on
the outside of the car.' Ths baggag
matter at the depot was rrvea nearly
frantic by the passengers per the Orizaba
attempting to identify their poxes.
nself inn-rmi iset the secrtarr of the mtrioxsn
any walk of itfev&ey twill rememhy rj. ix-xaiaple in Iwif h be-.pifght
ittle true tale.
HsLm. A man at "a hotel sat down
at the breakfast table andr speedily de-
in WasijicgtprjL.i 1 fiud everybody is I molishedabearty meaL -He then ordered
poor so poor that they want to take the I another beefsteak,-nd on ita peipx
poor Indian's land and give him nothing I placed before him, he suddenly covered
in return." Spotted Tail is a very' re- his nasal organ with his hands andstarted
markabk looking Indian, and in dignity I for the door, ippsrently taken L with.
and true native breeding has more than bleeding of the-j. Uobol rHoa j AS9e1
through.. Uie uotet )aa4. nc acrosstne
street to a pump, from whenei Te soon
bolted down the track and xaaoe cZf'H
I have i
terminating, as it does . to-day, with the
isoasts of. Norway and France, stretched
far westward ia, one unbroken area, be
yond the-present, coast of Ireland.
These, were i.ths flouriuiing.days of the
forests of oak, chestnut, alder and yew,
which are now submerged ia the Ger
man ocean and 1 tile Erlish AaaneL
Lciturt Jfour: -1 i - - t ! 1 -
, ...v f!;,.-' j . . .J . ;
t id; j
Xacst-CbULoney. of the Fifth Mary-! trying to take you fn.-
land regimenW while, addressing lis sol- .The crowd that had assembled around
diers the other night about their partid- do woman and 'pig Id back ia terror,
patioa'ia the Bunker Hil oeuranial, fancying them boli .bcwiicheJ, while
told them that thir "Wdquarters'woald Comte retrrrned to Lis botf 1, where the
bo lhe-llcetoa lnstituteof Technolo- story was told with sundry addition, and
gr, and be wanted tLtra all to kerp in h learned tLat sorce couragwoj persons
Isucix'a condllioa during their" sojourn j had gone up to the woman, begged her
thAr'they- would hate ToodiScuixy la to be exorcised, and thus drive the
i prcaos03 th rtne cf tlcix b&rracki. I wicked spirit out ox the yz-

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