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I, TISRMS: S2.00 por AiTTiuin.
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"let f'-f vs . yscr.VHT! -in 1 -ttcrfT no ,TJ3J7r "s )j p-cr fjv? f
"m -r lilt: -1 ' . ..... i-.,. . ti ' I t -HJI
- iaitu-i-j i t- L-ru! nmImji j Ufit! ii uw.lal fbna
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tHMAa'"V ! .f TJ" jfA f fit" TIti :
wcr ana over. '. t t I HMM VcAik Kf&if JyfUh so t?
sing, you can't think, for the teacher
saitfel aTJ)Kf the last time I
went J ana he patted me on the! head,
m&i fiaHiJ i F I getUaffi cn ,Tery well.
rhat;iwa&my iavonte that il sang just
5 I now! ' 'Bnt-ther'' nnthr-nnATI Vnnw
yaa like- better ihan that.- 1 Now, I'll
sincr your favorite, mother, dear I I M
An lift wa Rinnrinrr flta fiptnrnr1i TIa
Joyful groe:ing from ead fareweUa. and the doctor entered. wHis faoe was
,' rt.r -IV l4Vf th tranquil buu,
ruvortars when d.y u done. i
AfMr the now thecrneraldleaTW,
v'Aflf harveut, golden nheaves." '
- '! . J' - ' f "- 7. ; ..j-'iH fcVfI ? .,,
.niiBimccwucw, me violet fclty,
p -v-J!e wini when tb. winds go byj
fic- to tempent, a loll of waves,:
-After the btfle, peaceful graves, j
After the bud, the radiant roee.
After onr weepbig,' sweet repose.
After the. flight, the dowify TJeet,,
Ovr the" ehady river- rest, s ill
' Tere iwmethingrmnatural in the
fioatuof a child. It is like the blight
that .withers. .younfp buds thp un-?
'j in.iug iwwn- me green
corn.- ?Ilmt,th' reta1.q M tha t ,4ti.w.
x w v uu viunu
tff 7 if C VJ4
llowera .riioiild fall; 's4pnts onlyVto follow
iti thft i-ighi Wdcr otAhingii iWr mis-
bright and anxious, but .at the Hr3fc'
gianeg upon ots Jpasient msicountenancopt
fell, and the wretched mother read the'
deali'irtfrrnt Ju;hfdjm'med and sor
rowful eyo.
'Therer that's all," said the
I while the .poor rwomau lipid, her
Kercniel over ner moutn to i suae lier
sobs ; V I shall go to sleep, now, mother;
mwte dark, .fiire meW ;Good,
mgai.? i j ti jc i i in I .-111
He kissed Jher, turned on his' pill Jw
Near the town of Carnac, in Brittany,
X&c&f (iyerA is j anextensive plain
several miles wide, with a flat and, barren 1
Buriace, n is ine last place ja tne worjil
a tourist' would care about Visiting, it lie.,
were simply traveling in 'search 'of
beautiinL objects, r In winter the coldest 1
w&dtWbveMt-witllkl forbe;Vhd
in sum
the Rim.
biiqjk vial to u. i i r ai jln
"We wilTsuppose, then, that yoa ftad J
-A a m . -m . 1
l TUm" leaning rM?r,(Ja.' .u
,Charles arreu'StoddariLirrites from
PiSi to the San, Erancisco Chrdnicle 9f
Iheleani," ' tower, and says' The tower
i rra
envci upon you. .xou
noil is iiiiniieu, their odor is confl. th
joy of their existence is nastlf 1 V? cmiM
rt desire to detain t themj, excepiingS I
un umes we may nave extracted
, .Jirom'tnentlseuUCtli m:
of our poets, and artists, and sculptbn
: a,.,-'',v'-. uui iuiik.auu'oiyeflirs ; is
for tho sifckle, like a field of ripe corn.
ani.rpot,ihowfverthe death of
child mav bo recrarded
r . w w kJr V4
Horravf uU a ila ji?: fnrr J1A rnA will
dmiy, that tho fate of a rose-bud is much
r xaltpal.rpplace(r in the bosom nt
xy, bo, if we couL
uld sihcerelv believe
thaUS?rovidmcj iakesQiur' human ! bfda
- ' X ho JUOndou, newspapers prA t co ridus
acjountsilt crossiugf of th.4 channel
on ytfay 29. p. A- bnofrreport ol the-feat
appears lnW tiOmlotfi&j&o. " LA.! corre-
)urnaijisiting irom
fjIJHKtmej- B&ys : yxhepi ietesrinipft-;
lion aud ttstonishing, power of endur-
iwjyiroiignoujixn(r journey were
aj of Tflaf yi-ra the par. c ogg
who wancnea . mm irom tne steamer.
jTyjUn he, immersed iron. j-the water 'hU
exniDitea very siignt symptoms of dis
W ol tfieMiihlfb'f
r, aftd'rprbpW thil we sllall bake a
has a( fcti'iui
bogiii' well' 4 enough ; you ""see that 'the
iairs are very Bleep in some places, ami
tliat the in'neP Va!l crowds' down.' upon
jon iDnii napiTOwiTii "way. . xiie cui3C uy
a, little lik'beii)gi iitlHl caUn of a fhip
at sea yttreallz kind f- undulaliiig
BtiraiTtwitllont:f : bavin Ulae Visible
eft'ose "otiX before you yeaa 5Be pteppetl rlliey dLt"wIt!ioiifr' Ubledotji or! napkin
uut'givayoa, todry-Tom wngrK, mue
Qquarapf ejbrpidrfdmuluij Inngd
There hrel
ginaiiy tney were piacea apart at regular.
1 A.M. rf-w . . I i -
w nen you come nearer to tnem
presk,tigjgV(Jhefteryture of
Horns to place them jn'a region of per- the body, taken at once by the mediaaV Eighteen huadred veafs they haye.eiang:
Ust blfss," ' wo' J should-1 ' ilio less retrret &entlemen(iiiitendance, showed it ftb ' Jo thfe miage grouhd'aAdtHstooiLthe.
tlir loss. , ' Yet tallis , w Will upon the.
abstract; iuostipi tV strong instincts of
our, nature will triumph oyer fait
Ihilosophy when the time of trial
but one degree in excess of the arverage
temptefattrre 5 of avman:iii full health.
faith 40OK(?fPf ..ic
ial comes coplaiea was a shght s
ujthe captaiu
welling of the
resigned as to shed no tear over the cof- paddling," and Ins face was likewise
vfcomewim sore'dute td-tne'action! of the
uiwdlrwAterjdririiig- m immersion
of nearly twenty-Tour hours. Withi4
lin of bor chfy we involuntarily slirink'
irom her as an unnatural monster. f
An anxious mother, who sits by a little
.Iw'il. on av14(J, her youngest child" is
lying. TJio doctor, Avith his kindgrave
faw, sits on tho Jopposite' side, and on
him her tyes are fixed. , ,
"limr fears aro too well foundedi"
, ,lioiud, as he aid .the littlo femaciated
; lumd gently upon tliQ coverlet "ifcwiU
useless ! for me to7 call . agLiu ; but I
will do so if it will givd you 'anv satiAf an-1
tion." " ' : :
"Oh, yes! , pray ; come
, ftuhbed the poor woman, i ;
: ''I warn ytrti that nothihg more can be
' miiiio ifr ziiai, saiii tuouoctor,
liyi?g paaBed.awaj,,, fJtlA
How did they come there ? The aim
pie, credulous people of old. to irlioml
all fairy storioo-were the truest Mstoftes,Y
believed that giants brought thematm$x
plantedjthem ; buLwe lmowetteihan-T
4.1. i rni ' O-i.J a j:
half an hour after his arrival - in "Foikelimen. ndfvou mityjimagiJlow much'
stdneOapt Boyjiton preseniodmself at
the breakfast, table qf the Pavilion Hotel,
where he was enthusiastically received
by a4arge body of gentlemen who had
withessea 'wonderf ul !pferf ormance
froM'th feteamet.1 1 In acknowledgement
1 of TmeeomplimentTjaid'nim. S Ca-nt.
?;i I, .l.i Till,..' ITUJirn' ! - r-
Joynton, saitl ; :.',J, thinkfaye: fairly
: aad. squarely ..crossedt th,chaunel from.,
t France to England, ,Jind thei channel . can
I . v . - vi - i , a
therefore no longer bo said-' td -be mas
ter of the5 siM4tion.M 'Ho then retired
neyiWasuwthVntbeafe-bynhftlfreast, and
tbat l canrgivo' you nolhopoof idS're-fc ney1rTasuWfa.-nwpueasi-Dyr4Wtast, ana
ivovrry. However, Twill look" iri ' emost
tho morning, or, if you wish to see me
during tho night, send for me, and I will
''dod bless you,' sir' said the woman,
' No, uo ; io not stir, " ho said, putting
hor geiitly1 back into her chair, " there is
ah'ghinithe passage. lean find-'my
, waj'down," t -.ji
' For half ,' the night the'.' .wretched
mother cJctinued to,,. watch by the bed-
sido of hex dying chud; and: though
already, nearly i worn out,- how gladly
i would she have hailed the5 rospe
sitting up with him 1 for twenty nigh
long , wi th ' th6 ceitaintyof his benV)
. tlieu restored to health and strength I
For a short time, the hope of such a
tediduS'-'part-6f' the'56urney -sWas the
latter portion. -Tllea was then exceed
5lHilA .11. i
lugiy -camr, ami we hub w tsuccas was
certain', ?bo strong did" ihe swiminer ap
peaar, AudiSCvganguiueiTTaa thy , steamer's
captainias to taenright -bourse! nvio were
,goilig.' tiiav'df .rr iH
f Thef -vvhole :timoi''that apt. oyntqil
anct thjirty-'eightlnimu greatest
speed was a mijle and three; quarterpjwj
an: hour. On the first trip ifc ivill be ' TH
membered that he remained in the waters
for fifteen' iours- The doctors aOTee
fthatjtWpAtiwn pulMilsebm
r-seveilty-bhe deg:, wlii'Kselfa strong
rthaldHphysi o44Sus were
not much , disturbed , by i his-exertions.
to rest amaU wjndow-was a iiind;
ked.ownin.the.Jprirl plitt
err i It .wiia like aeep .round shaft
in CWnae, and hae WBn'dered jtqwajdjhtl I??6 sWwif.ivtllertTas,
ne piain:ior a..wauci JUsVxjujslde , the Ljus- ,enougn siant po ij to pe.UDpieasani.
town a' bit of a hiU?riseslugil6ugn to trutlged on and on, and. looked
8bxJWus the surrounding country; '. " Cagaiii. The tower ,was beginjiriig"t&
j-iicio nit) lew nuiiseu UT iree ion tne I a uiwc, o uvm naw lb auuiquiib
l:. u j .i-a Li-iiLLi tHKJi4Ay IkrnirU,;)U i,n m'ik
iwxu, uuu ib 13 luiiucu zmu iBevtiiii
aveQleferkVlonrfVoRra ofisaAsvfi ut)K(ffiF
Bioues, which, as iar as me eye CAir Bee; 1 P1JJ& wui -tiiw -vitnar-ic-vci wiuu-uio
are ranged in almost perfect orderjfeeistalrdMltol thiJtO we Dell:oTer bnToUr
aide: 'riwoidei5tbxltreidtbe courage
an arn3rPTP?Taor battle.
over a4 thousamiof them, andathd toi jabmpioethffiiiwcu
' W I Ik
stretch across the cenntry from easif t& iaiibefevfiieaaiaX kJSrs arftrutj
vest for nearly jseven milesp tThe laraejrt jjeTpected jtandnyM Jftfigeraan, they
j"ire twenty-twb'fe'et hfohVandHbe smaiW bPjH100? F.Pis. ertk..haa.sttnk bbiU
eirfrHenfeet:" AfewlmVefaUenjuitL the PiBatower. so .that you ffftdoWy sev-
J 11 -JAM X 1 1 AAlitJUJflUt Jill LACniAI7T9A 1
others have been carted sva'yfl but .onr lend; steps.. to .cei to,.tho door4 ony the
the roofs oi the city xfty far beiby we
you caugnt giddy glimpses or ine worJa
i . w. via jck. . . & . i mi r. .
from the"btJeWgs-1JUb1re vfaU th
11 m m
wiu see many signs oi age upoa tnem. j irom tne opeiiings n " tire wau tnei
Aajjjif PQwjfljafy, aiiu uaixereir.r bempimguoors inai mviieu u." w step
How old doyott guess they are? &to&eMtyTw!fl
bodi isquiteisurenot eye the -wfcesV F&f :nis tim' the? hbevofHletoterXi
, out we may sa
Qeicribef a !
I JLtrxvrUr in Turkey thas
dinner he aieaded .in Constantinople:
they rranged different meat in y6tc-
laih diahf&n Ths diak-v auppbrted ' by
o.qif fpqt, jse bleSfcAad three
modated around one 4 of themJ Table
rtn'eii tilk rulArTlnktiown' In'' tb'EasL1
iiyu J aav auvua Tf" - j a a-aMw
youatHhcee Wpasta; tn iv'es t
fotki fthcMkrxkhn4d Father
Of m mstbriaWbtft' e'fdayliafelvJBay:
hat they lirf 4 held their present poai-
. r t i 4
ions ior over eignieen nunoreq. yeaxB
combined assaults of time and stornj.
while genlraiiin Jlfter generation of j the
looked like; a "monstrbui- fuUneV!'iiWe
-were 'stumbling over tHtt'stone itajLis, jaj
iSjxii lunpleaUy-dsgestiYA manner:
waga w tnje.nqwpjwrjerwnere j
Doubtless, intihe, eatimation of , the I
I ----- - Z . m . - ' - - ' ' k ' A
me XTtriasn conaiuon ana si vie oi cul
inary 'art VoAdpeMterry barbarous
ttrAl TtrlicllMP btrt tLfl Uvshes are not
Adevc4dfjfckiU in) prparotidni jdor,' t j
anjipjeans made .srgndofPni f?y..f
tne ringers, two mouimpu irom eacn !
disiTbVnmek'mfefUls A mat-
dfl?Icbctimlt;i.inLTariiavT: faahioas;
balla : olj xidai Wxppl iDinTiue-JAa'Via,
sprinaiea wiinrosa .ivajcr.i migatiy
dashed with! mint and aroma
orsoriAc 'Bherj.a.
syrnp'C'f "fcoert ,a wnich 5 List' e dippM
Mwaidifthvianika itnrioMe-aln pobn
fnjhediwit1,au3!WWWiWt "cftrml (
ine meainaetu ine urazeu wuie.was
: The notM utock farm of Mr. Hobert
Bormer. of- tb X Yoik Iscdgcr. lies
I three mllrt eat of Tarryiwa, on s plain.
more loan htb nunoreu im auore mr
lercl of th Hnd.on.r It can tje reached
from' thaf Tarrytowri Iyit: only by a
rough ' drive brer the ; stony hillside
which stretches all the' way from. the
river to the boundirirt of tb Urm. The
farm ,is devoted atdrly to the rast inter
edta of the horv that lire on it moat
of U lying In broad 'grarlng I pastures.
from which the tones that used to cover
the fields have been carefully moved and
Ued in the shapo of solid fences to pro-
aa " fin a .
uie paaaocKS. , me luxi is an sou
sad as rprmgy , as t that of the prairie,
so that , the horses con b turned out
shoeless, to gallop about without danger
of bruising their, tender hoofs; and an
unstinted use of fertilizers ha irsulted
jin faxly and heavy crdpa i of ricliherb-
tower, tp, windward,1, as. lj werj , th
seemed as stupendous as
the'FJast river bridge'
labor the work cost at a time when there
fwere no carts or wheelbarrows imiich
lB8Trialroadsoriaaaeive cranes. t Xears,
'perhaps centuries; were occupied, andjio
the builders the undertaking must have
the erection of
seems to us.
Similar stones are found at othej places
rK'llWr.i8 col
lection is oh a plain near the town1 l'6f
S'alikbur,mJFmgW'd'., This is called
Stonehensre. and consists 6F one.; hnn-
totoM fottjjje smallest "j 9f
which weigh ten tons and the , largest
seventy tons Tho remains of men" aha
animals have been also found i in fhe'
vicinif, aHd thfeda have given tlie anli
quaries a clew as to the object fot hich,
the stones were 'raised. , .
Nothing positive, .is Jaiawn about
them, but it is supposed that they mart
the temples of ..the, Druids, a rkUgftua
order which' possessed great powiarXra
Aftncq ana Ji.ngiana during tne century
afte the coming of Christ. Tney( ,pb
tamed., a cpmplete masw
limont aua superstitioua
Vxjeupygt those xsountriesi" by tliB prac
ties of mysterious artafwbichl often HreiQ
'extremfelyi cmeL, :,,Thy' professed to
kndVthe'hiddetf nalur66i
little suuerer opened his : large . J.
opened' his large
languid eyes and asked for something tq
drink.-1 "Tno'cooling beverage refieshed
vl . lib IsuiiMd, adf-phcieredhril his thin
lips once so full and pouting asking
was on tliia . oosion ninEiysnitie! deg.,
-seyen,iiasf onTte last
tripv when heNvtw bbEged id 'MihquisM
nm niirr i i. iniiti'ii i i in u i,- i
terthntlief, I '
stars ; but in reality they
wise as the . children in
w4.'atsothe 'facti thatylustimpratoo, anithg vM tri2jo argood
were I not
our primary
l a ..II -
take tueir chances on the
1 -VH 'Ji
the un-
smaller belli
Pdowi graiie. h u?tie,ufac'
steadiness f6f the !6ABral ataixwky:
While 6 looaing3!? Hipon -'tbe
country from the turrets above the; belli.
chamber ,'4o t all-tKe, bells-began! ringing
right undo out feeiTlie sensation was
it the tower were about to rbe snaken
. .i.i.i..
to pieeesy every ,stone i trembled percep-
ibly; .tbaici wa wjisng jjbout ou
ears. UnwnaD aid it ail i lie sprang
onlto one f thebccls and del it swing
ing, theleaped gayly on to another,
and at last caught the big bell to wind
ward and go its .thick, black tongue in
motion : so:1ie sldppW lightly from one
to the other, dodging -the roaring moa-
stera as theyj heaved about, him. ; Escape
In a well-sheltered part Qf the farm are
ha commodious atsblea, largo enough to
accommodate the eighty horses owned by
lis. Bonner; , fox sometimes nearly all foj
. 1 . ' . r . ' . JIM
Utepi are.w .vjjjrtowu. ms. once, lue
stablea.are, of ..wood,, are thoroughly
warmed in winter, and .well lighted, diy
land. Airy.' The. borate ars ) kept in hand
tome condition by; the grooms, aod ax
fed regularly .'st :six in ihA
nbodi andabout leiht-ia; tho cTexnsg
The ayerao alio wan ca oli grain is abou
' 1 at a aa .'"'f!'?
niae-qnarta aauy uougaviae quanuiyt
snssiaooarcling lo thelsgsxlf the horse
and tb smodntof . wwk which it is fall-
removed 2nd water brotigTil tbi wfthlpg
(an indapeiisarAe cerernorry; ihert 'one
has diedd witlii no X)tllr- Hlaie " than'
stem oi
jgues a superb pipe, vithan
moumpiece oi amper ana a
pipe bving supplied thr a tuft! of Mace
donian.' tobiaaco and placed npoh a
plsta of . metal, laicj patlte .flpol-j pre
serve the pat fronv th . f parks or . AfljQs
which might fall from the lighted bowL
oir r.untoer t lnrocupeu-M l -i
twenty to forty men, and theixwcrK be-j
nns'ihiHe' fallf al bodiJ asLtte swamps
are:solidIy froie'oef.JThe rproa
fronit mvili.Toni-te '-thaifcamp',wt,
made. i.TJ force isldiFidedinto .filip?
was impossible whije tlis concert pers, jvho -fell tjitrees ;pawyetSj i who
progress. . "We .had only, to wait and stop 1 cut the. trunks into therquisite! h3ngtbs,
'..y. . i,J liM'l.,-.i IIUI- , i.'r, I ' Jt -l I.1T 14 B Nviil i jl J 9J J ... -
Aoicfl t I trnraiYtnAM nrhw wtrh -rirfc iMwl InaJArfV
anauiiO u v nxvu vr.Ai.xx uAttni v. . j
ur ears.
TloiT;O.MSatI Iwi TrLmir nri VrtVit,h fM.l'u ""Tile
i logs'arn: put on, Lthe icv-with. the, marks
iiurftft fel RWffi J0!. ft9P?. 1 9f ft?perftcu .injpm, wWe .they
a only pneei a year, remain nntil the nrirnr brp.aknn. Men
ax ArrALLia cm Jiii.
.Vff fVrse.
A terrible story has just been unfolded
at the asmze court at Ximc, Franot. A
SpaniarvL called -Jairae ancho had for
many years uyed with his wife st itrau
caire. ' Tne htfebkad was,tS chijimirr,
sad, as the couple were laborious and
toneat, they enjoyed an excellent rrpuu-
tion, and were eatbemod by. all who knew
them. By dint of f hard work they had
rnanaged to save a sura of ticAily 8,000
,a??vea,rd. nly. Pnc ? y1 I remain irmtiltuepJig1,,
Thls-baPerVinteiided'especiaUy'to be r. V mV.lnVLT'JntWla
VeVtte'publiwas known by the j the" Buyers ah'sefhe lumber, '
titla Anndles JfdtimL The 'editor of tbeirilnrnVXtoitMnto each loi?'
this paper the Pqutrifex ; Maximus figures dfinotingi its-available ' size," for
r36 Jfi Fl -fa iShr1on.i0e tte squared luipIrU:.Campi Ufeis rude and
omporianj. events oi tne year. , x ue news i laborious, and. aHorda .the lumbermen
was written on wuite wooueu lauieisauu littlA time to eniov the nastime of hrmt-
'' Vtll" I'LL rt
ing, wiucu me cooks f muss, newwaruy
indulge in. Upon -the first : indications
attacHed1 to4he residences of the citizens.
fit '-must havi been a Very i curious sight
Jqeathie' old'BomanSiCrow.dlng , round
t)ie, .tablets to gety look ti the, latest
i w. r ij ii' . a; -i w j ti -
Uiefprmfj ap4 meyemts of the feun and news. ;But the hirst after jknowledge
u ine curiOHiiy oi me yeouie grew
rdpioly'atf A in-sucb ' measure that
i m r i i i i ui
l)o you feel better, darling?" asked
tjie; 'mother, Avith'Ahopto and despair
struggling iu her heart.
1 1 . jyi 'ii vo' .V J wther ; I haU , bo well '
enough to go to tho ningiagJ class ' nn -1
v: tiHiB ihothaTYmt hw haikl tdher throat,'
"J "'aait pressed it aidWall5ed fts if Bomfe"
'! 1 thing vwcrol'6kiug 'he4 'before iie
' " ""'i,Ttlont tliiuk you wl b.WeUcpo
IThGii I twill practice a.t bomei" he
repliod. "Jive nie ! tbeTwot.'will you,
mother.-'dear fTherIt isbnthe shelf,
has, in a yevj greaVmeasure, established
the character and reputation he has-
:ess since its
the pubblc
cMnyed7bi fis lifeiving; jdxe
'intrqductiono the notfee of
on this side of the water.
l 1 Ferita of the Sea.
dead of the Schiller has not died j urafj'
)tndthe''lek&'nsbf that disaster ore not
a in L
ra -j '
of a thaw tin the springt the camps are
hurriedly abandoned, because the swamps
are not inhabitable, .when, not - solidly
frozen. -JiJrisina " the loss to market
th0.f fioiihlr&fl4nfifercaftui is tlin next ml
jrovenliitent. thcUnly ' ' issuer t of the 0
A A it i i ' " - v i av i wi au xaMAAa tuw u
moaern (xnjurerwoma surpass tneij;xaqst3t'jc4irjiaIr fo issue a irf iam.? the ' lualbermGii have'
wonaenui ones, xney were astrologers, I daily.?, .-tfcoie. of ..these journals -4 U4U to Bteo from Jojt to loe in tha. swiffenr-
J . ..... . . T - l , ..x-V I . . -1 " - - ' . V". " 1 I C -Ufa. 1 .HJFJI -TTTT.- f , . " 7 I T T ' . -, .
Caa cwo aoctors aswteu'a prieet3 ana years alter, are still in existence. 'ine rnt At . rnt Hr f f,r iwu
name of this iournal was .acta, PorTirti "Ar,alia"'XAt-.i ' ftm I ty,Li
PowiaTir jurjft.-auq appeareammiy the toir? and snanties'are built on thera
n either tablets hung em? in jmbUeor tnej
franca, with which they r?xopoed to re
turn to their native' place, Tarragona,
and there boy- "back Utile property
which bad formerly belonged to tho
zamuy. iasi wciout r, uucm, n
made a ' journey with thia pbject, but,
not being able to come to terms with tha
proprietor; they had retttroed to Boau-
eaire, . TTbile wajtina for acme good in
vestment for their earnings they hid tho
money in the bdosn where they lived
alone, in the Grande Rne. On the 27th
of November, l 1 rllheb dock in U10
H9rai, hf3 VfVfTil trom
low countryman, who announced himself
M one Jpae.Vaqua, and said he was wat
by Sancbb's IroUi'cr-in law, &amel
Ptatty, la announce his arrival at
Uarseilka, and Wasy tUtt his son hal
ten :arteted xbyiorftor ttche 8panLU
epnfuld as rwialripg teToid the cxm
scripUpn Vaqua further prolncsl a
letter riurportlng lobe from rrstty, re
questing hr TJrofWlaV to come t
once to hia alarca atdariicilUA, ana
d .upon to perform- The extreme limit, I aaking hina to z&detre VaqtM as a friend.
though; seldom 'exceeds' 'twelve quarts. Sancho, thcrefiJCf , at oqoaleparted for
Once a week; on Sstnfday night, the Jlarseillca, and left, bis oountrj raaiTin
oountry howea srto given a feed of boiled stalled in Jiia houWI Yaque went out
oata aiid-bran had ' twice a! week the twice daring tie cT(Llnj and ten
horsey stalled in tho eily get a rimflar rninuteV after hit' Htutn'cn the second
diet1 l -1 !s '' - . occaaion,'at hAlf-caxt fire, tbe door-Wll
Close by the'italjlea 5 is a three-quarter 1 rang. Mip- 8"tV wasiaToirg down
mile track, inclosing one hundred and I stairs to answer it, Khca a rhick woolen
.-r ii! -.. 1 . : 1 . - -
irr ueaa irom
e aame time
exit, ana gra-
eaMest of curvesr and the greatest attain-1 ruahed toward tW 1 onf ortlnrte woman
able' exactness iiijlengtfc The bed of And commenced beating her slout tho
Oie track is twenty-five feet wide, and head and body with a,bludgeon. Tho
v., ' ,- . ?',... - . m - -l 1 ! a
aiiuougu oniy a year oia, it ia in excel- 1 two rumans next garroieu icr uau ui
icnv .conamon, navmg Deen rcnaerea 1 ner nanas togeuicr wim rope, wm
fbmi and clean . by, the use of suitable then her" keys'' wwraUlum from brr
composts. ' Ilere jhe.yquDg trotters are pocket, the new-teoaer sayirg to Vaqu
reueniJy exercised and I know
cd.. Tho time 'Is 'taken and recorded, where the mosey, is.M. hat aas tho
and.thpngb two or more corses arc um- poor woman a horror, to recognize tho
'driYeQ,fidebj't'aide Voice; of 'hpr :n'tkbactr'r,tiwn brother,
juiciicmept ."which, racing' lends to their Franciscc fianehi'f CaJ-etti, whom aho
efforts, ibfi track jy, (07 training alone, had left ii Spain.' a taonlb before, and
and betting on ,rs,ulU; is strictly, pro- supposed- a til to bo. hcx?f Evidently
hibited. I .j i luni ,; - t he knew of their money, sad she remem-
' Promment amotegbi'irtock are the liered that he' bad itfiinl tbom to lend
foil owing "well :kntr-il 'boTses: Edward him 2,000 francs) ana1 ha.Veven struck
Fexctt, Startle, Dextev Joe Elliott, her ' on the ' rrfttfrJJ- Bbe'atoure iuw
Bruno, Mambrioo'BHie,' Lady Palmer, her terribla positisi,Jiad (hat there was
peerless land,, J?'cpfut3-.! The total only one JiaocofeepSr-naxm ly, to
ralna of his stock is said to exceed half a remain pericctly.atilU .,TJiirtrhs dLl with
'' I ' 1 .:'.' t. T
stiB lield ber aod ?PraiicUAF Sancho was
rifling the drawer wbf re Hhb money wa
kept. Not a wtril,ir 'Sroan eacaprd
her lips, though , She. mott Jisve been in
fearful pain, .At jlaat jjrfnciaco said:
The wtc teli
ruccefwiTcly.' ' Still :thir'?feally heroic
woman c laved her dliHcnU tarL Not a
nraie tracK, inclosing one uunorea ana stain to answer it, Ucn.a-t
fdtxrteen ycrea 'of fine pasture, and sur- covering was thrown over hri
rouiiul)VaaercgBtoniwall. Ihfehape behind by Vsqueana shh
Tadd4 "witn he ' trueV and I cran ' entered. The- toev-eomer st onco
it -1
- . . 1 I Im I - I , I i 1
Mr. George Gaskell, the artist author,
thus' describes the fortified, city of Al
geria, with its mountain -bound pano
rama: Soon after we had passed the
Ham ma station some Cheika, who were
in the carriago witli us, called our atten
tion to a citywhich stood on a lofty rock
We have what we .want.: .
then drew' a' long CAtalonian knife
stabbed Ids iustir-in-lawwilli it six ti
historians, and they- attributed
wcUlearnedwhen there comes! tor ustl
e jUes of ' inother qar fi 'calamity- cm
jrocks in blindly drifting through ; a fog
in the English channeU -The Vicksburg
met her fate nearer borne, fighjing her
way among the fields ofvieo ff the
American coast.. . Qn the. Schiller there
w a ,?i ,B-faw 1
,-&r tlrtfhinAredjtaffLty-fifQpfr-,
- . r-
sons,. or, hqm only r Jorty-threfi !wexa.
savbtf. Of 4 feign ry- men,lpassengers. -and n
Human sacrifices formed ona Of the
r raosb terribleT 'jf eaturei of Ctheir religioni.
The victims usually were criminals e or.
prisoners of war-but when thereawere
none of these, innocent and .imofiendim?
riMlwAria w-"y tsn sv-wt fi I fc w km
.Tbevorite0resqrt 9A tll)rujdf &
an' islai;d-opposite theimobthot the river i
djoirei vaS : France'i wUere'Jc'tidcfe.ftyiJ
year, Detween STmrisc ana srmset, ,uaey,
MkLu?u uuwu nuwaeLMLiOk iijp ijcji ui Weir
t&nbesfcAand aa pde&vbo silowed'tKe
siaalljeatmrt pJhe jKiped materials to
fall tlfyV txt litfrto piecei by his
The only traces oY the order left1 terns
are the ' rudeitone buildings ai Stoie-
henge and Carnac Ketreating bflfere
-' wVarpedinp iri paper." ,? ,i' " j
-' ' A 1 ' Bhe iraVe iiim the rJodl1 raised hi
i;"s:::tit. .jnu .L v.-ifitt'- ei-j k1 more than lorn
to-lU,-n.teb.AmprireV:fnT the xo ieen brought to' Wi
t -a -w 1 - T a m.
' i 1 crewi on ine.vioKSDura. 11 isrfcearea'Uia'C
5 man lony were rost, "wane omy
the Jlomans, the pruidwent to
of Anglesey, in ; Wales : and .
f little fell6W' was sibgingf in t weak
' very sWeet 'yoioeVdne of thesonjlsi from
- 7 liis. -angmg-bif
, k1 duly about niras aua.uuerB.
' nate Imans who Should be left after the
r wouia
to flomcKliie the raftsmen I At'' the"
ootrtents-writtea witir redi balk , W thei boom' -jeaii QahkoHh, Ahe . logs are as'-' I g ' . wiU
walk )f, tie brasft-The MMta weret aortfrt.M14i. toha. o"'!, t country in singular
umplyiiews; f rpm eant. ole, neces- and there is paid; to bep a jvast amount t A town. f iaecn or
saryWtermlsx)olitical articles -fere not 0f '3ishonesf "dealing by 'men who ob- cities 1. on.her rocky height,'
wueuau, xieytrmeiess, ucwiumg wj iuc nterate Or CuaUge Xne DranclS. ,,1 .... 1 Jiiu;.v..ft,iWiiii,o.vv-iiijv.o
eVofrlfe'Ttomari gefverumentj itiwa8"a.jLi1iii iiniIiJ ici vr-oon "-;. j 1U 5 The rock. on a nearer
commanding every side from the finest cry did she utter por T8 any sign of
position jn the world. " That," said the life not even wlcather bpther-in-law
Arabs, as we caught sight of it, between put hand to lier LArtnd said to
the hills, f ia Co na tan tine this is Africa yque: She Is ' dead.i-'''frbe ruCiAna
those who have seen only Algiers and then enveloped their vfHIfci in all the
the littoral have not been in Africa!' iinen they could Cnd, aral turriedly left
Grand ( and impressive is indeed the tha bos.u Bj tairaclc.nftt one of the
first view of Con tan tine, pUccl an by knite-thrusta Jiai1touchjedK vital jart.
eucuaiibiuKiifc iu. miguij, iu-nuM v thougn tliey were, au imri ixiruuu iua
stone, in the xnidst of ,a vast mountain- eorering at the heart.' Th" Kor woman,
bound panorama, where a treeless vege faint4 and bleodingrftinagld by means
appearanos U the ct her teeth -tliesuliscailf from tho
harmony with; the Uaea, the woolesi siou& the cord.
incturesque crawled., tajta ybed where her
towering in crtn brought ,no aAgiUnc, for tho
1 .11 Awvnn.f ... . i. 1 - .1 1
x . f
room did not
trttef 'journal; pnd! intettdbdi 4b readingL
jriatter j&dr. tbe-publiej .tvjiicK might alsa
mwm iWOhijfafAt that Ahe
1 11 ni.i. . 4B 1
arpnjves. 01 iqe j ppte were carrvu in
bronze and inaccessible" to tbe pubKdi 41
thanfc Tn f 'cir.V a Vfce 'ZTrir:'
DI1 y fc. I A- JB ' . .
is stated that.lhe transacliorisof
1 the Britisli Royal
. It u
over 'two rjudretli!
approach seems to xr arrony thaf Vi!gbthu?t have been
have been rent asunder by jme cootuI- i iWfnl."' Aflas'ih -"CSi .taXrniiJg, aiwi
akm of nature, leaving 1 a fearful chasm 1 taooo- arrived life aiarnlwas given, and
stance of any sa&lerjohk&gH rn'the color.
ox us numanj nair a circumMtaae? ro-i
: . - 1 1 j , J : I . . 1
garded as conclusive that no sucn cltacga
Watching the. tJiaahtff of Hit Oku,
i. . Cirave,
' ' 'A Chinaman ' living 'with a family atlris,efc?r,ocurVe,d,,oi had it ever been
Wells's Station1 !dd thePacfflc slope, undoubtedly witnessed, it is not likely
was -left" iA cbjh'ge'":of the bduso ia thf jthitwjroldlv
i hrincM in fh-&rtHbe bt tberiarnilv. And The most eminent medical writers con-
i bad been alouqbut,a, dqy two when J fess themselves unaware that j irra?tpecf 1 scene ry,jiil the etillnea and, solitude of ! eems Vti) cillo-i-xtenuatmg
lapouple of men rodev np. to the station j tovHy bf tecordetT eyldealcesjry Uicg in i nature it aauea i irom unoer tne aara 1 crcmnatanccain,vcertiaque.
r rwrw wm i
i battle.' bat ' f ot what they 'ep4ctod
.1 .1 . i -.-l 1 na KLoriea 01 uie tiiirvivurs are mriuiuif.i.r r: ..... . ....... t ,,,.r---
4U iioctor, as tuero waai ivi greav .cnauei
4.K1 wlil'lr aha hohiui rt.u fnr bmt bettek I
wnensneTeturnea 10 ner rooni tne r . . r " TTT. wtib, . Thv were nnite wnr thy
Ln-, vl'Sl LSLSS- w one hundredtenty miles from' 'ery. reason to believe in a
Va-fiMlldirikQj outward bound ous .triumph' otJheiF armV i But the
-r 1 . it; -i.t.-: j.i TiafiKftc.' 1 na'tiem irom. icenoea BeemaJ.,,"i ur-.-o , ; ,-VT
. . . 1 uniu) . Tnnvjtmr . . in fiiuu..wiirii liir i r o t . x ; .... . .. i .
vDgwasenaoav a .nopfleUiAjamLrX T TTt: ' Utnfi.A. XicTisJax.
I- Bhall bebnti H as
undetthefbtue-tadheredbirW of ,v . IrAefrerMarire
' 'U'n ynftir-arnt-Tne.11 I-':anotildaotbtb captain, and other pffiftBra. . ; . rw "erwce.
"; 'liko to WpWwtjpna bf io&9doiiHi V I .-iijdui I I An old rmm was leading , a do aIdng
; ' 'cSS-'. aqoa KiswaU fcfif Wfa i n raMWld- street the other VUy.Jwbetf i
1 " Vnn 1 At "be. -nut 'io ;in? W stnraio -alrtootf r wfaUtbe rope- bootblack.topk a fancy to the cauina.mid
'fcwfclkw-was Vdinigtnroufrh his perform-
lUtyUl, -.HIV- . . wr f
tho Isle
wbkn thew
sawthair, ,conquarers..,follqwang they
1 mailA r)rfirwm.tioiiR for m baltln. 1 ASrtrtnct
r ' i 1 r , 1 - f Q 1 luivi ucuihiwicu uuujci ,
.thear.preTrataons-4.not xactly for-the fcbmbHedSrith thfetwjueslwhen.thaJ subieet can be. adduced on physiological
cteaitwi hnen5i9cm9tedthafche abbald feed grounds. It is
and demanded dinner
nowbath deplpeathVow5 bidden' described the mliiutlt'MUils of tho
$XaielTg'r9ca'agait4 tben tetribte'ane'ich"iSria undergone,
losing itaff or a moment, ia cavern oua He,' appearanos 'ia eot.fnat orally ex
opening, abxm itself once more before cited tha greatest fjmpathjj M. Millet,
it dashes down the 'precipice and forms E doctor, deppecd; that llzzy Sancho bad
the falls of KoumeL '. A fall of water is Qjj- escaped by -Viawla. The jury
beautifuP .'.when, " amidst ' mountain 1 faanJ. both nriaoaeri cuilW. witk why.
The' CHiinanian V'sappcrt oIih:pap4ilacr tvitioa 10a this I foliage of trees and, leaping overperpen
adduced on physiological I dicular: socks, is tbrovn foaming' from
is 'well known
udr!horses.vTha Ofainaiiaa webt to-'ffig 1 haicanriof be fnj'eAeViaa
r9VJistalde..anairaft (Jwuiniria acl of bar- fluid, such as a eolation,
j.iii.:r. .: . . : ... 1 . .1 j.Liti ::. j:.ii::j ij 1
ley. wnen tnermen cr"ft ur banind nun suver ana a solution 01 ioainet aoe noi roii iui ruBs sunua tn je jjnuwn
and fired their revolvers, bitting mm in I proauce any cnange 01 coior except in scene, iiigu awre 114 wKtr-wptiw
Tbe Chinaman fell and 're-1 the portidna actually iuimersed. .T Uethj I ed la midau-a natural . bridge,
er it owealta.' colon to a: fixed oil, to a crom
that ' numan crag to crag uu, wtin 00a last Dounu, au
ttsini foforing' Wiled ,in' sjiray3ttfssfis ground
of mfrate of i'wilh a pnwsh of .tnupdqr J"; The , lioumel
dfngtnrough his perform-
.Z'iseji'?,P3Iaou'' twelve years old urn-
-' ' "Thardt ybuf tfeM'tfnkminW ?
4 , :tI ,hqpe potdarUnaf she repUed, ly v&if&Xqw trLkJSjipVafeme
nstTr.t belied her go to scbool and. are,Ueternueaitnat x.
but hr heart-broken i
" No, I think I must be getting much
shan't never be nobody I" Detroit Free
wanted to purchase him. "QhiJPJh
cQuldn!t raise a dollar,' replied, the man, J assistance- . A. t
fstartintr on. " I couldn't, eh ft yelled. I izedl'and th
L tKxx.linvr orpll vnm-inair uni'L HTlursa rwmit
the lieiul. T"he China'
'inarned 'insensible for a fe'w minutes, and
bn'ehrrning to cdnsousness,.knw.
jebangfa to krjepocnie rrilbfl. would-be
murderers ; were, feeling, his ptu md
ona asked, the other : . Shall we shoot
again T . Oh, hell be dead enough m
time, was the answer.' Then the ruf
fians wenf into thehouse, fcad, securing
Ika pickax-ad abiiiek began .digging- V
-grave io theiirietim"iit tUeiclIaf.J Tne
Obinaman, quietly r eecaped . and i ratf for
party, wns at onceirrgaiP4
wuo naacsaaen
9 m
m -
-V ia an
jt ior aaqripiis'irgot-qtjDme wJiiinrf bagdui,7vili aavaa fctexy.tq telJJf be.lble mstaneea oxCVgl t,white
1 il bust tnat t""" nigner a al 11 Deny ever goes dock u Asia, ana a story 01 toe
pole 1" Detroit Free Pretty most thrilling kind.
tbercXofn. conderaned to death
aiid-Vaque! topWaunritude for life.
No ona whdrjrad:Ur Uxiea will aa
auTadry wiili thAiilber tllhc sentences
should ba eomrtttW.! ! t ci
actronxf acids and'alkaliejC' 'except, the
strongest, which dissolves' It': i ii resist
ferLocTaliorland evenv bconrjg water un
leas'Ior'a lbrlg'iime 'applied 1 and "under
pressure wherj it auffer ul'iategrarion
enll 9botsp0itldni I-xTbcure'; to tie
can ev31 bkaillar'Jtbls wiQ not
tiadouiit fox aayJvwrysaialen iiaj?ge . of
coIonJi Tbepopcl tr txionw boweTeria
iafdtorif. JltfH rrtrtbrof thxaque-
3u -1
the gorge epa&s tha aljyas from 1 r According fq p.TV. P Curtis's recol-
peculiar arxaneeatQfU cortikition-5 1 kills to aide, whikt kigher up atill rises tectiona, Ua groormng oIY aslungton a
af molecules, or to both, It resisislecay the steep wall of rock, on whose aaramit white horses , -raa aoraetjig aurprvdng.
Ina remarkable manner ; it resi he j slanoa an unseen city. Wild birds soar
i. .-. ; .1.. , t , i- -r - ft
aoovr, ana ieiow . smiies a ioveiy vmiicy,
which owea ia rich vegetation to the im
petuous torrent, now a gentla river
calmly flowing between its banks Bat
ire bavebeeri carried away with tha cur
rent,' for .wu Trere rpariDg of tha great
cleft round IConstantlne. ' .In this tefri-
bloopaiiDgtagltssf aiiJ rultxirea fly mad
acxeam, whilst vn ,U rool of the old
tooUsca1 ; w Inch; merlian ila. precipitocs j
1 M njwr. 1 . 1 . . . . - . 1 - . . u . . ....... '1
a ten tlpusand..dpllAr feUer overtfrufsiie nieirr-
or cray in tne cass oz persona cnoar
strong emotions of grief or terror.
on 'thjtir, long "1?gs on ''the iop of the
building," they look like sculptured fig
ures on tha superstructure.
Tba night btfara lbn4oree were ex
pected to be. Tittden tlis j-were covered
entirely over ilh a psre, pf which whit
ing was tbe- frrindpal aponnt part;
then tt afciufcj VMfTried in body
c!othA, and Wt loi tlr7& clean straw.
Ia tha morninj tlil coijition bad be-
cocaaliard, as trrUrslii34 and curried
and bruab avhicii prxT'tUa gave to the
cots a "beatitif ul I plasty nand satin-lika
arearaaeeu i.TLa I boci were then
LLickebed- and Taiiall sr the mouths
wkshed, teetb picked' and 'cleaned, and
the lecpard-!ua hoaalngs being proper
ly adjusted, tha-' white -ibargers were
lad out fcr acrvicei

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