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    The . Framkmn
GEO. S. BjOCEIt, Editor and Proprietor.
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L0UISBU11G, ;N. C, FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1875,
NO. 40.
II read and CJieene.
I met my lore in the summer ;
The freeze blew from tlio south,
Sweot with the breath of the clover ;
' I kiKeed her little mouth. . .
Cut I told my pet sq plaiuly,
Ah I gave her harid a equeoze,
' I'vo lot f love for yon, darling.
But not much bread and cheese." ,
But then Hhe thawed her dimplea ;
The bloe eyee seemed td shiuo ;
Her bead wan on my uhonlder ; V .
The littl lips sought mine. .
fcho said : I am not hungry;
And Bummer thno U here.
Who car en for bread and cheese, lore?
I want the kiases, dear."
The firelight made fantastic shadows
in old Farmer Dobson's kitchen -it
flickered up and down on the huge
brown rafters, and 'on'the great dresser
whero the quaint willowware dishes were
arrangod, and , where , MnC' Dobsorii
wonderful wealth of tinware was arrayed
m smning ranKs. , a great far-cornered,
sliadow haunted kitchen of the old-fashioned
type, one of the generous, provi
dent, open-hearted kind that is passing
away witlftho. woods it helped to devour.
Wo have moro economical arrange
ments coming in fashion, even in the old
country Jiouses, now, but thero are none
so full of evening witchery, so care-beguiling
and heartsomo, as tho old wood
lire. '
What elfish pranks it played that
night! How it reddened old Farmer
Dobson's smoking cap, and shono on
'his good wife's spectacles, and tinted
Job's high cheek bones and sleek black
hair, as ho sat in tho off corner bending
obtusely over his look, utterly absorbed,
an a man might be who had so little
titno to cxploro the mysteries of Webster,
and who was to tako part in tho spelling
match that night.
J ub was Farmer Dobson's farm hand
a tall, strong, patient fellow, who had
b;(on so quietly the butt of us all this
winter that wo had got to using him like
a big mastiff, who might be dangerous,
but under ordinary circumstances could
bo safely teased and tormented to the
tjpof our be at. A mist gathered in
mastiff was shaking himself up, and I
trembled for Abijah.
." Order!" said the schoolmaster, and
gave out the word again.
It was my turn. I don't know, as
I say, what imp possessed me this even
ing, but I stood tip and spelledlhe word
with vim; just as if I didn't care one jot
for Job's defeat, and before I knew it
the blue-and-gold prize was put into my
hands. Then I looked at Job, and could
have cried.
But every one was merry, and all were
talking and chatting and Janghing as we
broke up and said good-night. I wanted
to speak to Job, but there stood Abijah
xn the doorway with my shawl in his
hands, waiting to see me home, and
lloic Can the G ramnhovperm
j utauer '
The Minnesota State authorities have
hit upon a way of clearing the four coun
ties to which the grasshoppers have con
fined their ravages, which certainly de
serves credit. It is praiseworthy for
several reasons, for it has set the people
inventing, i provided them with lucrative
work at a time when the destruction of
their crops threatened to cut off all in
come, and actually put the grasshopper
The Opium Smolcer.
A Ban Francisco writer in Scrtbncr't
Monthly says : , Not altogether uninter
esting is an opium den. ' ' Under the es
cort of a police officer, we grope our way
through a dismal court, pass throngs of
Chinese of both sexes the men mostly
gamblers, the women all prostitutes ;
stumble over heaps of t rubbish, cooking
utensils, etc ; squeeze through a narrow
entry, open a door, and are in the den.
The reek of the place is horrible. The
Hou to Eat.
Before a man becomes hungry, watch-
It etna f Inter.
A Kentucky girl of thirteen is an ap-
much nutriment the body nreds, and J Yirc members of the Olympic club, of
provides as much of a liquid subfrt&nce I gaa Francisco, walked from that city to
at a premium. The plan is simply ta I air is thick with the fumes of the deadly
only nodded to Job as ho stood at the
gate with his lantern to show us "the
path. jne alter another tne merry
party disappeared down the snowy road
and the winding lanes. Abijah and I were
the last.
" 1 11 see you down to tne creek, said
Job, humbly ; "it's a rough road to
night." And without another word he
stalked on ahead, his' lantern gleaming
after him.
Wo did not say much either, Abijah
and I, for we were floundering through
the soft, thickf ailing snow, and somehow
it seemed awkward to be walking in
Job's lantern-light. ' ' '
Presently wo came down to the creek,
where every angle of rock and every el
bow of gnarled tree was flecked softly
with snow, and the creek, which 1 had
buy the grasshoppers from the farmers
at ten cents a quart. .The people have
fairly jumped at the offer, and it is said
that, in every town in the four counties,
wagon load after wagon load of the hop
pers is arriving, until the pest is almost
exterminated. In one , county. 1,000
bushels were paid for, and this was one
day's catchj One farmer made fifty-"
five dollars for the labor of his family for
twenty-four hours.'5 Another has driven
drug. r. At first,' all is nebulous and in
distinct, but in' a few moments the eye
takes in tho outlines of the room. It is
filled with men, all lying down on mats,
on benches, on the floor ; some on their
sides ; some on their backs. They are
in every stage of narcotism from tho
dreamy languor induced by the first few
whiffs of the opium pipe to soggy insen
sibility, i Some are hilarious ; some are
sullen and scowl viciously at us ; some
War oh Christ Inn. Principle.
One of the.ncondition3 of a treaty with
Mexico, it is said, was that any future J fnj nature has calculated in her way how j plicant for a diTOrcc,
war whicn migut Drcax out between tne
two countries should be conducted on
Christian principles. Now, wo all know
that this is an age of progress, and that
all sorts of improvements are con
stantly taking place in all sorts of mat
ters; but war on Christian principles is
entirely the latest, and, if earned out,
will, wo think, prove the greatest of them
Just imagine it. We think we can see
two armies drawn out in battle array.
A fair: field is before thcm,t The ranks
formed, . tho positions taken, the
parties off his farm with a pitchfork since are given to the most seductive reveries ;
the bounty 'system has been adopted, j some are murmuring incoherent word3
great guns unlimbcred. The . general is
just about to givej the order to fire,
when an aid comes up and respectfully
reminds him that the war is to be con
ducted on Christian principles, and it
will not do to fire. . ' Very true, Tery
true," says the 'commander-in-chief;
but what are they ? I have read Van-
ban, and Schelter, and Turenne. I have
as will be necessary to prepare from the
food to be eaten that amount of suste
nance which the system mvr require.
When this is stored up and all is ready.
the sensation of hunger commences, and
increases with the steadily increasing
amount of the digesting material just re
ferred to, and the very instant the first
mouthful of food is swallowed, this
" gastric juico " is poured out into the
stomach, through a thousand sluices ?
but no more has been prepared than was
necessary, lor nature does nothing in
vain ; so thaLif a single mouthful more
of food has been swallowed than the un-
tempted or unstimulated appetite would
have called for, there is no gastric juice
for its solution,' and it remains but to
fret and worry and irritate for hours to
gether. If the amount eaten is much in
excess, tne stomacn, as u in utter uis-
Saa Jose, accomplishing- the fifty-two
miles in thirteen hours and fifteen min
utes. , i
A Parisian druggist prescribes , as an
infalliblo means of extinguishing in
flamed petroleum tho throwing of a
small quantity of chloroform upon tho
fame, .
It is said that dry rot in cellar timlxrs
can be prevented by coating the wood
with whitewash to which has been added
enough copperas to givo tho
pale yellow hue. , .
A Chinese cook in a Columbus family
made a rat pie for dinner, and tho family
ate every scrap of it before they' knew
what it was. Then they discharged him
and called in a doctor. '
Peter McXamara, of -Rochester, who
thought ho could mesmerize ajtmll by
mixturo a
claiming the grasshoppers as his, and in their dreams ; one or two are sleeping wad the Uves of old conquerors, and couragement at the magnitudo of its looking him in the eyesthaiiged his
that he alone had a right to catch theml the heavy death -like sleep of souls utter-
Still another individual, who refused to
aid in burning the hoppers, on tho
ground that they were a dispensation of
Providence and should not be interfered
with, as soon as the reward was offered
1 subjugated by the insidious poison.
One old fellow raises himself up on his
, haunches, extends a withered hand in
token of friendly greeting; and offers us
hia pipe" with You sriokee ? " Him
crossed a day or two before on pry visit wbich from five to twenty bushels of the
set his entire family to work, and added bejly fine." We decline and pass. on.
his own labor all day Sunday, making a Another stares at us with glazed eyes,
nice sum by bis endeavors.
Several ingenious traps have appeared,
propelled by horse power, by means of
to- Farmer Dobson's, ran low, cray and
far, an unfamiliar stream, with downy,
treacherous banks shutting it in a
strange white fantasy. Over it two
stout planks, crossing a few inches apart,
served as a bridge. They were rounded
and slippery-looking to-night, and one of
them had a slight warp, as if weather
strained. Abijah , stood a moment on tho bank
surveying it. " '
,rIts dangerous crossing that, he
said. ! "I declare, Jennie, I don't like
the looks of it." .
The night was gray and soft and still,
and all about us ; fell the snow,? which results ? Scientific American.
insects are easily taken in a day. When
brought to tho 4 designated treceiving
places, they are immediately paid for
and buried in a deep trench. Blue
Earth county has already bought fifteen
thousand dollars' worth. fy-
Now, who will invent a use for these
millions of collected insects? There is
an enormous fortune in the invention,
and it seems a waste to dispose of them
by simple bnriaL Will they not yield a
coloring matter, or an oil ? Dessicated
looking the picture of hopeless imbecili
ty. Our guide says: ' John, you smokeo
too much opium; by'ru-byo you go jo
mission "'(you die). . " Me no care," re?
sponded the wretch ; " me likee hei"
pointing to his little opium box, "me
smokee all same." Many of these crea
tures live in these dons. They have
their bunks, for which they pay so much
rent, and in which they keep their world
ly possessions. They do their cooking
in a little court outside, pass the few
waking hours of their existence in list
less misery, seldom go out on the street,
and long for the night, when they may
repeat the Lethean debauch. Others
have studied the campaixrns of the
greatest soldiers; but I ' never happened
to come across those principles in any
work upon the military art. Do you
know anything about it, colonel t"
" " Nor youj major!" ' ".
' "-NO."
"Nor I, either. I really don't know
how to bctrin. I suppose it would not
do to shoot.
The chaplain arrives. ! . ;
" Do you know anything about this
fighting on Christian principles J"
" Oh, yes; it is tho easiest thing In tho
world. ' ! '
' , Where are your books !' ; .
"Here ;" and tho chaplain takes out
tho Bible." - "
"Eeallv." says the general, "we
ought to have thought of that before.
task, ceases its attempts at digestion, and
forthwith commences ' the process . of
ejecting tho unnatural load by means of
nausea and vomiting in some cases ; in
others it remains for an hour or more
like a weight, a hard round ball, or a
lump of lead, an uneasy heaviness ; then
it begins to " sour," that is, to decom
pose, to rot, and the disgusting gas or
liquid comes up into theHhroat, causing
Supposo we Ecnd for the I moro or less of a scalding sensation from
the pit of the stomach to tho throat;
this is called ' Heart-burn."
At length the half -rotted mixture is
forced out of the mouth by the outraged
stomach with that horrible odor and
taste with which every glutton is fa
miliar. In some cases the stenchy mass
is passed out of the stomach downward,
causing in its progress a gush of liquid
from all parts of the intestinal canal to
wash it with a flood out of the system;
and ground, would they bo of any use as work a part of the day, and repair to the
a fertilizer ? Cannot some of our chemi
cal readers experiment and favor us with
my eyes as I looked across the great
kitchen to whero Uie sat unconscious,
plodding away at his task. I thought of
our glib an (I easily acquirod learning,
and of poor Job's hard struggle for life,
ami I pitied Job. -
" Yes, I pitied. him; but yet, never
theless, as I saw him stooping so pro
foundly by tho light of that witching
lire, heedless of the shadow and shine
of tho room, an imp of mischief per
haps one of tho pranksome elves gesti
culating in tho chimney corner got
possession of me. 1 arose softly, and
gliding over to whero ho sat, sprinkled
tho absorbed student with a shower of
cau-do-cologne, and putting the vial
quickly in my pocket, walked demurely
back to my seat. The start Job gave,
, and tho flush on his faco as he returned
to his book, wero comical. That cologne
was Abijah Plummor's present, and I
shouldn't have wasted it, perhaps, and
perliaps Job didn't like cologne. He
shut the book presently, and sat with
hia shoulders stooped,, and his head
drooping, looking into tho fire.
Well, aI have said, we were to have
-A- a spelling match that night, not our
first ono by any means; but tho old folks
had put their heads together to give us
a prize this tinio, a; beautiful set of gold-and-bluo
poots, six dainty little volumes
that stood gleaming in the firelight on
tho round table, in the place of honor
along with tho great gilt-odgad family
Bibl- ' - r'-i Ud ;
Tho young peoplb dropped in one by
ouo, shaking off the snow as they came
in, for there had been a light snowfall
that even hig, which made us jail' thQ
laerrirr. , By-ond-bye , the great kitchen
wits . filled up, Iho candles were lit.
Farmer Dobson laid aside his pipe, the
schoolmaster straightened his necktie,
and grabbed tho big Webster before
him, and wo all became properly im
pressed with the importance of the occa
sion, though there was a general nudg
ing of elbowai and a sly grimace as big-,
tJiy Job joined-' tho clas. But Job was
used to . our "merrymaking, and took no
notico of it.
; Hound and round went the spelling
big words and little words, words with
treacherous o's and a's lying in wait in
"unexpected places, and words without
u'h, and words with odd h's, and all the
. dooeitf ul dictionary drcadf ulness j that
liea in wait to trip up tho unwary. -And
one after another our champions were
spelled down, and Job actually stood his
ground against half a dozen well school
ed fellows. All his face was kindled
with eagerness, and tho dull and plod
diug look habitual to him had disap
peared. Tho spelling was waking him
lip. But thero sat Abijah Plumraer, who
didn't join in tho match Abijah Plum
nier, the. well-to-do beau of the village,
who had no lioed, mayhap, of book
learning. Thero he sat and laughed at
Job's excitement. I saw an uneasy light
in Job's eyes, as if ho were being severe
ly tried. Tho spelling match was . kin-
i tiling him to tho center, it seemed.
I A few more words were yet on the list,
and there lay the beautiful books smil
ing and shining on us.
" Beautiful," gave out the schoolmas
ter ; and Abijah laughed as Job got up
to spell it. Job looked at Abijah, and
1 began. "B-e-u" and there was a gen
eral scream of laughter. - v
"Darn itj" said Job between ,his
teeth ; ".whatcan a fellow do' with a
fool like that grinning at him" Ths
seemed to be creating itself out of the
feathered and shadowy underbrush and
tho white quiet atmosphere. The scene
was so strange and weird that I felt a
moment's hesitation; the next instant
the imp which had possessed me all the
evening set my blood-dancing with mis
chief. "I promised to be home to-night,"
said I, eluding Abijah's detaining hand;
and with a mocking, dancing step I
slcipped upon the plank. j
Abijah stood still on tho margin and
looked at me. Job stood still also one
moment, and, holding up bis lantern,
looked at Abijah. -
Then he said, sarcastically : " By your
leave, Mr. Plummer; this is a bridge for
two, and if you've no mind to be getting
over, I'll step along myself.!' '
And it was Job's hand that, touching
me timidly, steadied my foolhardy steps,
and Job's lantern that flickered over the
phantom banks beyond and the deep
creek below that treacherous plank.
Half-way across I felt a strange quiver,
as if the heart of the thing were being
broken, and my own heart leaped up
with sudden terror, a despairing cry, a
whirl of darkness and chaos, and I felt
tho bridge totter and crash; and thought
I was being swept;awayjtpannihila
tion. Some strong arm grasped me
then, not tenderly, but with a clutch that
roused ee very v faculty, and, trembling,
cOAsclotrfr Btruggling for life, I found
myself clinging to the slippery edge of
tho other plank, with Job holding me
fast by my raiment, as wo hung for a
moment in peril together, while the
lantern floated awayTjolow id the debris.
Job speedily regained -ctfme "sort of
footing, and slipping, sliding, by slow
and painful effort we reached tho other
sido. ' .
I believe I laughed then when I came
to. myself shook out. my nowrencum
bered garments, and looking down, saw
Job's faithless lantern gleaming like a
fitful firefly away out of reach,, and ielt
sure that Abijah iPlummer vas; "still
watching on the other sido.
Job stretched out over the brink,
looked down at the useless lantern, and
shook his fist, perhaps at the- invisible
AlHjah. - - , i ... ; : . r ' A K , ,
"Job, oh, Job," I said, taking his
liand, " I'm sorry I spelled ' beautiful '
to-night." I did not laugh now. I was
full of a strango excitement. !
I Who had n right to spell f such a
word but you, Jeiinio?" answered Job,
V But I I'vo lost the books, Job." .
i I'vo lost something' too," said Job. ; .
' Wo stood still for a moment and looked
at each other. .And thero was that in
Job's face which never shone but once
in any human face, and which all men
and all women know when they see it.
Then Job roused up and said, lightly:
"Will you get along the rest of the
way without Abijah Plummer 1" ,
"All the rest of my life," I replied.:
Since then Job has often said to me',
softly, as we'sat in the twilight: "They
can't say I didn't win a 'prize at the
spelling match." '
Tlie Golden Rule.
" What's this boy doing here this
innocent-looking, white-haired boy ?"
asked his honor.
"Gittin' up a dog fight," exclaimed
"My son, is this true V
" I never said a word tho other boys
got up the fight I" wailed tho lad.
"I do not know what I can do with
you. Wo keep a cross cut saw hero to
saw boys in . two, but it . is Saturday
morning and I don't, want to muss up
the station house, I suppose we "
" The boys lied on me !" exclaimed
the boy, trembling all over;
" They did, eh ? , Now, boy, tell me
the solemn truth did you havo hold of
either dog ?"
" No, sir you may kill me if I did 1"
" Did you say sickem ?"
"No, sir no!"
" Didn't you bet five marbles against
three, .jaw-breakers that the red dog
would win?" i
- "No no!" . ! .
" Well, boy, this is a serious case, but
I am goingto overlook it. ""I think you
have told tho truth, but you had no
business there. In the distant future
you' want to remember that it is four
times better to pull weeds' in the garden
than to attend a dog fight." j
"I will, sir." t ;
" And remember to keep truth in your
handkerchief -pocket- all through life.
One ounco of truth is worth moro in tho
wholesale market than forty tons of lies."
opium den at night, where they spend
all their earnings. The amount con
sumed varies from a few grains to an
ounce anight. The opium is not fur
nished by the keeper, but is brought in
by the consumer.
The opium pipo consists of a straight,
or slightly curved stem, about eighteen
inches long, with a bowl three inches
round, in the center of which is a small
circular hole. This leads to a smaller
reservoir in the center of the bowl, and
a channel runs from this to the end of
the pipe, which the smoker places in his
mouth. He takes a bit of wiro and dips
the end into prepared opium, which is
about the consistency of mucilage. The
drop of tho drug that adheres to the wire
is held in the flame of a lamp, and, under
the influence of the heat, it bubbles and
changes color like boiling molasses. It
is now smoking hot, and upon being
placed in the hole of the bowl, will yield
the smoker several whiffs. He easily
draws tho smoke from the stem, sends it
into his lungs, and finally discharges it
through his nostrils.
It is a bad time to commence tho study
of tactics when the enemy is right be
fore us: but I supposo wo are bound
by the treaty. What is the first thing,
Mr. Chaplain!". . .
- TVinn nVinlf. Tint Vill. Thrvn fiholfc
love thy neighbor as thyself."
" But these are not neighbors. They
are Mexicans." '
" The same book tells us, a little
further on. that the opportunity to do
good to a man makes him our neighbor."
" Will you go on, Mr. Chaplain."
"'Love your enemies. Do good to
them that hate you. Pnay for them
who despitefully use you. If a man
smite you on one check, turn to him tho
other.' "
this is the " diarrhea " whirli surprises
the gourmand at midnight or in tho early
morning hours, when a late or over
hearty meal has been eaten. When
sufficient food has been taken for the
amount of gastric juico supplied, hunger
ceases, and every mouthful swallowed
after that, no gas trio juice, having been
prepared for its dissolution, remains
without any healthful change, inflaming
and irritating, and exhausting the
stomach by its efforts to get rid of it,
and this is the first step toward forming
"dyspepsia," which becomes more and
more deeply fixed by every repeated out
rage, until at length it remains a life
time worry to the mind, filling it with
horrible imaginings, and a weary watting
" But while we are praying for the torture of the body, until it passes into
Mexicans they will bo firing into us. " the grave. The moral of this article is,
". No ; they are bound by the treaty
also. It works both ways."
that tho man who forces his food, he
who eats without an inclination, and he
"Then, what is the uso of our arms!" I who strives by tonics, or bitters, or wine,
" This is also provided for in the samo Kr other alcoholic b'nuors, to get up an
book. Bend your swords .into plow- appetite, is a sinner against body and
shares, and your spears into pruning-1 soul a virtual suicide. Dr. JlalL
hooks." , .1 -
" Then I do not see as thero is any
thing for us to do here."
" Nothing, unless you send and ask
the Mexican general if he needs any
thing in the way of medicines or provi
sions, or clothing. - I rather think tho
treaty requires this of us.. And I don't !
know but we ought to send them a few
schoolmasters, for I understand they are
a shockingly ignorant people."
Struck by Lightning.
Mr. A. Castle, of Whitewater, Wis.,
who was struck by lightning, has told tho
Register all about it, and we are content
to take his word for it. ' As the storm
camo up he put "his team in 'the barn
. and eat down in tho door facing the in
side. The stroke of lightning which I A correspondent, in speaking of the
killed his horses and prostrated him did j reception of the American team in Ire-
Atneriea and Ireland.
you can go." Detroit Free
its work too swiftly to give him the
slightest warning, of its coming. His j
first remembrance upon returning to
consciousness was of hearing his daugh
ter, who had run down from tho house,
about twenty -five rods distant, exclaim:
land, gives an incident which occurred at
a reception. He says : It would appear
tedious and incredible if I dwelt upon
the enthusiasm of the reception. The
Americans, men not easily disturbed,
appeared surprised at the magnificent
"Oh! father is dead 1" Upon opening I welcome accorded them; and as .tho
his eyes, the whole air and sky seemed to I cheers died away, only to bo renewed at I achromatism.
A Refrigerator Car.
A widow lady residing in Wilton, N.
H., and worth from $7,000 to $10,000,
instead of hiring her road tax worked
, out, grasped the implements of labor
and worked it out herself. The amount
was &Z.VQ. one worxea six nours one
day, and four hours the next, with th&
thermometer among tho nineties. .
An improved refrigerating car has
been invented abroad, its body consisting
of a double paneling of galvanized iron
network, with the ' spaco between filled
with -two couches of inodorous! absor
bent felt the outer one four layers thick,
and the inner one an inch apart from it,
but a single layer. The mesh of the ex
ternal panel is ' much larger than tho
corresponding mesh inside, in order to
permit free ingress to tho heat and at-'
mosphere. The inner panel alone f orrns
a ceilmg, to; tho chamber, and is covered
with tho felt, but with an interval of a
couple oi inches between its surface and
tho arched outer roof. The object of
this arrangement is to admit .the passage
of a current of air when the car is iii
motion. Underneath is a tank, from
which water is driven by a forcing pump
to a covered galvanized gutter, running
round tho edge of the roof, between tho
panels; the outer felt is lipped in this
gutter, so that the water is bound to per
colate through it to a metal-lined groove
below, which returns the drip to tho
tank. The . atmosphere, coming in con
tact with tho . saturated felt, causes
evaporation,- and lowers the temperature
within, while the single inner layer of peeled off as though it had been scalded.
dry leis insures against moisture, xne
warmer the weather is the quicker is the
AvTWYrtinri- urn! rnsinritlv tk cooler I : JFMttl Xfm.
the interior.
be in a blaze. He also became con-
scions of intense suffering, and espe
cially in bis lower limbs. Ho says the
pain was like that of a burn, and that he
could not have suffered more for the hour
that followed if he had been held in the
flames. His wife and daughter, upon
seeing that he was still alive, desired to
remove him to the house, but he begged
to be left where he was and not
disturbed, as he felt that he could live
but a few minutes and that ho might
well die there as to bo put' to the need
less torture of removal. As he seemed
to gain strength, however, he was soon
taken to tho house and made as com
fortable . as possible, but eight or ten
hours ' elapsed before he was ablo to
move either of his lower limbs. - The
left hip and leg seemed to bo more af
fected than the right, and tho symptoms
for a time indicated that tho bones were
injured. But these have passed away
and only a slight Lameness now remains.
The right lung has been very sore ever
since the occurrence, but this may have
been caused by an injury received in
xauing. .ine maric oi tno ugntning is
apparent from the shoulders to tho calf
of the right leg, in tho shape, a brood
irregular strip from which tho skin has
Imperfection of the Human Eye.
Professor McLeod, in lecturing on this
subject at the Physical Society, spoke of
the chromaticity of the eye, and said
there was abundant evidence of tho de
fects of the organ in this respect. For
instance, to fhert -sighted persons the
moon appears to have a blue fringe. In
using the spectroscope the red and blue
ends of the spectrum cannot be seen
with equal distinctness without adjust
ing the focussing glass. A black patch
of 'paper on a blue ground appears to
have a fringed edge if viewed from even
a short distance; while a black patch on
a red ground, when observed under
similar conditions, has a perfectly dis
tinct margin. Professor McLeod then
explained that the overlapping of
images in the eye produces the mental
impression that there is no want oi
It is interesting to note
that Wallas ton considered that tho color
mind when he found; tho
woodshed roof a moment afterward.
The Wisconsin girl who killed nino
wolves last summer has thrown , herself
away, on a man who daren't help her
take the clothes off the lino at night
without a slung shot fastened to his
wrist. ;
A town in Hungary has been taxed aa
follows by a contractor tcr tx debt duo
him for pavements: Each "of its 1,000
inhabitants is to givo him an egg daily
during six years, paying him In all
1,161,000 eggs. ' -
"For want of water I am forced to
drink water; if I had water, I would
drink wine." This speech is a riddle,
and here is tho solution. It was tho
complaint of an Italian vineyard man,
after a long drought and an extremely
hot summer that had parched up all his
"William," observed, a Danbury wo
man to her husband, "Mrs. Holcomb
feels pretty badly sinco the lossbf her
child, and I wish you would drop over
there and seo her. You might 'say to
her that all flash is grass that wo'vo all
got to go tho samo way ; and soo.if sho
is going to uso her dripping pan this
In some ginseng root received at a
store in Nashville, Tcnn., a piece .was
found that had a bullet embodded en
tirely in it. It had either been shot into
it whilo growing, or tho plant had grown
near tho bullet and enveloped it as it
grew, completely covering and hiding it.
Tho ball was not discovered till tho root
was broken in two.
The Baptists of Massachusetts will
raise $350,000 for centenary purposed
Of this sum $100,000 will bo ajipropri
ated to Newton Theological Institution,
$G0,000 to Webster Academy, $50000 to
Brown University, $50,000 to ; Colby
University, $50,000 to' the : Missionary
Union, to bo uvxl in promoting educa
tion, and $40,000 to tho Baptist Homo
Missionary Society. j
the command of a solitary stentor, who
cried for " one cheer more," you would
have thought that our party wero com-1 divided by the black (Fraunhof cx) lines,
posed of conquerors who had swept I and his statement that the red end of
tho Irish seas of piratic hosts or de- the spectrum does not appear to have a
feated the enemies of Erin on some boundary lino "because the eyo is not
llliere Xlekel i Ftottnd.
It may not bo generally known that
tho nickel deposit near the Gap, Lan
caster county, Pa., is considered tho
largest in tho world yet discovered, and
tho only deposit' of tho ore worked in
America. Tho mine is on tho high di
viding line between Chester and Pcquea
valleys. licsides nicfccl, copper, iron
and limestone aro found' In" tbe samo
locality. Nickel was discovered in Penn
sylvania about tho year 1558, .though
copper, wnicu is taken irora mo same
mine, was known inPcnnsyrrahia seventy
years ago. The ore has a gray, color.
is very heavy and so liard that it is
mined entirely by blasting. ' "l
After the ore has' been broken into
small fragment, . it is put f into kilns
holding eighty to ninety tons each, and
bloody field. Unquestionably nothing
that occurred last year in New York
could compare for an instant with the
warmth, tho droll earnestness, the vig
orous lung power which celebrated the
occasion. When the music and cheering
had subsided and the Americans had
taken their scats and the audience . had
settled down to something like the
dignity of an audience, the curtain
rose, ' ; '.'
ed bands of tho spectrum were really subjected to, heat produced' t first by
uio onrning oi a sraau quaupiy ox
wood, and continued by the conversion
of the expelled gas.' ' It Is then put
into a smelting f arnaco and undergoes
a treatment similar to that of. iron ore
Tho product resulting from this treat
ment is reduced to powder by pausing
it between iron rollers, and tlicn lhipped
to Camden, New Jersey, 'where a com
plete separation is made of the nickel
and copper. . The price of pure nickel
averages over two dollars a pound.
From four hundred to five hundred tons
of the ere are taken from the mine prr
competent to converge the red rays
properly," shows that he had very near
ly, if not quite, discovered the achro
matic defects of the eye. Dr. Young
ascribes to Wollaston the merit of hav
ing observed that when a luminous point
is viewed through a prism, the blue end
appears to be wider than tho red, the
eyo being incapable of recognizing that
tho spectrum has the same width
throughout its entire length. An cxperi-1 month, and the mining and working of
At a recent meeting of the Anthropo
logical Society of Paris, M. Bctrand pre
sented a cast of a reindeer's horn, on
which is distinctly traced with a flint in
strument the figure of a reindeer graz
ing. ' It I was found at Thaingen, near
I Lake Constance.
To Fickle Cucumbers.
Place a layer of cucumbers in a crock
or tub and sprinkle with salt ; then add
other layers until the tub . is fulL Pour,
over boiling water until they are covered.
This- makes a brine, which, for three
successive days, scald, skim, and pour
over again. The fourth day pour off
the brine and prepare a bag of spices as
follows: Ono pound each of whole
cloves, cinnamon, allspice, black pepper,
mustard and brown sugar, a piece of
alum the size of a butternut ; put these
into vinegar enough to cover the cucum
bers, . boil ten minutes, and pour over
them hot. After three or four days add
a quart of nasturtions, six large green
peppers, a few pieces of horseradish,
and a quart or small whito onions, scald
ed to make them more tender. If the
ment was exhibited to show the relative
distinctiveness of a dark line on grounds
of various colors. , A string or wire was
so arranged that its shadow traversed the
entire length of tho spectrum, which
was thrown on a screen by an electric
lamp. When viewed from a short dis-
this requires the labor of one hundred
and seventy-fire hands; a few Cornish
and the rest Axncricaa miners.
AnimaleuUe and Dltemme,
Tho theory that disease is originated
and propagated by independent 'organic
tance the edges of the shadow appeared germs, appears to receive additional con
to be sharp at the rear end, but gradu- firmation by the experiments recently
ally became leas ditinct, until at the made by a German professor, in nfiT-
blue end nothing but a blurred lino remained.
In Keokuk, Iowa, recently, a woman
was giving testimony in a case of coun
terfeiting, and upon being asked if she
thought she could identify tho man who I vinegar is pure cider vingar these pickles
m-n v mt a .
gave tne spurious oui, sue, aii-cx scan- i are warranicu to seep a year or more.
ning carefully all the jurors present,
ence to hay fever. The investigator
has, it appears, been subject himnrU to
the malady in question, and has pursued
his researches for a number of years. On
examining tho nasal secretions with a
powerful immersion lens, bo found the
organisms to be absent, except when tho
disease attacked him during spring.
Then the parasitical bodies were chiefly
suddenly pointed to one of them, a gen:
tleman from Muscatine, and said:
Yes, I think that's the man." '
Bah, said John Henry's hopeful to
a Email boy who wanted to whip him,
you couldn't lick a postage lUmp,"
Figure of Speech
There is a popular superstition about
tho figure of t even seven wonders of
the world, seven days of the week,
seventh son of seven sons, etc ; but
cigns mazes a much more conspicuous
figure in the EngluJi language, as, for I ecen in motion, vibrating on the slide,
instance, to illuxtr-8 how one may dis- I and increasing in size after several days.
semin-8 or decor-8 in first-r-8 style with I By mring a neutral solution of sulphate
this figure ; and diwemin-8 its portr-8 I of quinine, applied by the nasal douxne,
and not exiccer-8 ai vou renetr-S before I the ammalculjo were found to be corn-
too 1 8 to termin-8 what we have begun
to coll-3, lest we aro culled upca to sliisr
ia-5 we nvw tcraia 8.
plctcly destroyed, and subsequent ex
aminstion also f a2ed to show thtir ea-
Istenes in tht tzzzz'J.zzs .

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