North Carolina Newspapers

GEO. S. BAXEE, Editor and Proprietor.
TEJRMS: 32.00 per Annum,
NO. 43.
I wore your roses yesterday ;
Abont this light rebe'e foWn of white,
Wherein their gathered sweetness lay,
Still clings their, perfume of d light.
And all in rain the warm wind sweep
These airy folds like vapor line,
Among them still the odor sleeps,
And haunts me with a dream divine. '
Bo to my heart your memory clings,
Bo sweet, so rich, so delicate :
Eternal summer-time it brings,
Defying all the storms of fate ;
A power to tnro the darkness bright,
Till life with matchless beauty glows ;
Each moment touched with tender light,
, And every thought of yon rose I
Louise followed him to the door.
" Have yon been quarreling with
Eliza?" she asked.
" And if I have, little Lou?"
Dhe4 is so sensitive, she will not
brook complaint. Don't toll the death
knell to your own happiness."
Eliza looked into the hall undecided
ly, and then came swiftly towards them.
"liet us part friends," she said, ex
tending her hand. 14 I could not sleep
to-night if I thought you had gone way
"Forgive me if I judged you rashly,
Stoneleigh Hall lifted itself a huge
pile of gray, uncompromising masonry
against a dull sky. On the right, bare
hills arose, their ruggedness scarcely
mellowed by distance; and on the left
a wido stretch of marshy flats, with the
river crawling sluggishly through. For
the rest, there was only the broad turn
pike road, narrowing in gray perspective,
and ft smoky cloud with a tongue of
flame visible here'and there where the
tallest chimneys pierced it, to indicate
the position of the town.
Ilenry Lawrence, riding slowly along
the road, gazed wistfully towards the
Ilall, and half checked his horse as he
camo opposite the avenue gates. Re
turning a few hours later, through the
duskiness of early night, he found the
. windows of the Ilall all aglow with ruddy
light. There was lio hesitation in his
manner now, as he rode immediately to
the stables, and himself attondod to the
comfort of his horse. Evidently he was
perfectly at homo with the place and its
Having accomplished this task, he
tinned towards the house, but stopped
midway up the path. A tiny red spark
gleamed at him from the midst of the
d ii) d leaves strewn in sodden heaps ; and,
stooping, "ho assured himself of the
netuality of the thing which struck him
with a sudden chill. Only a cigar, yet
holding its heart of fire, which told that
'f it had but a moment before left the lips
of the smoker. In an instant he had
received the evidence of this mute wit
ness, and shut his heart against the
reasonings and palliations a less jealous
naturo might have entertained. Captain
. Stoneleigh never smoked. Therefore an
intruder had been upon the grounds;
and who so likely as the man on whom
ho lavished all tho bitterness of his hate,
George St. Mark ? '
' Into a spacious room, with a great fire
- . .blazing on the hearth, cumbered with
, heavy old furnituro, and occupied by two
persons Captain Stoneleigh dozing in
' his great chair, and Louise, his youngest
daughter, crouched upon an ottoman,
building up air -castles and fancying their
outlines pictured in the glowing embers.
They both started as Henry Lawrence
i entered, And gave him cordial welcome.
' 1 V Where is Eliza?" he asked.
At the instant she appeared upon the
threshold, rendering a reply superfluous.
" Henry ! I scarcely expected you to
night. Tho wind has risen almost to a
' " galo, papa. I pity any poor creature
obliged to be out."
i " Necessity, which knows no law, can
lMbo expected to flinch where inclina
i. tion delights to venture. Even this
( ' seatching blast does not preclude the
possibility of clandestine amours, I
" You are tired and chilled, and conse
VrAumtly cross, "Louise announced. "Yon
shall have mulled wine and sponge cake
to put you in good humor." And, on
hospitablo thoughts intent, she flitted
A Away.
Y f Captain Stoneleigh was dozing again,
. wid Henry drew Eliza imperatively
" Are you doceiving me again ? He
has been hero to-night, I know."
" Who has been here, Mr. Lawrence?
and in what manner have I ever de-
ceived you ?"
; George St. Mark, " he said, ignoring
tho latter part of hor query. "You will
''not deny it?"
"v. "I never deny tho truth," she said,
n, ' coldly.
"Aud this is woman's? faith !" he said.
"Man's injustice, rather," she re
,1torted. " nenry, will you never trust
we? Must you always imagine moun
tains of intrigue wBere not a shadow of
actual intercourse exists ?"
. " What; can I think ?" he demanded.
-i.;" You assured me yesterday that you
wore scarcely acquainted with that man,
and I believed you in the face of direct
5 evidence. - This evening I have discovered
what a credulous ninny I have been."
Louise coming in with the wine and
wuako put an end to this uncomfortable
tete-a-tete. Almost simultaneously Miss
' Gresham entered, and, after passing
salutations with Henry, took a seat near
"Eliza. They were cousins, and, in
point of general resemblance, enough
aliko to have been mistaken for twin
-iiisisters. Their forms and features were
.' almost identical, and both possessed
' abundant blonde hair ; but Eliza's
y' waved and glinted, while Miss Gresham 's
.m was straight, and of dead, changeless
,m hue, '
In By-and-bye, Henry rose to depart,
and the captain came out of his nap to
' see him drawing on his gloves.
' You are not going away to-night ?"
' he cried out, in astonishment. "Don't
think of it 1" ' S
" I regret , t lie .necessity which will
not permit of my encroaching upon your
hospitality this time."
" This once, yes. But you must trust
me fully."
He stooped over the hand he held,
and doing so, noted the bracelet on her
wrist. A coiled serpent, with quivering,
golden scales, and emerald eyes. He
had seen her wear, it a hundred times
before, but to-night it impressed him
" What an ugly ornament, Eliza! I
don't like it."
" Then, in token of future submission,
I will not wear it again.
The holidays were celebrated with all
manner of festivities at Stoneleigh Hall.
Henry Lawrence had been urged to take
up his abode there for the time, but de
clined, preferring to ride to and fro
from his own place, situated in the vi
They had been having tableaux at
the Hall, and Henry's part in the per
formance ending, he made preparations
for a quiet withdrawal. The next night
was to witness the conclusion of these
gayeties, which were to culminate in a
masquerade ball, and he wisely resolved
to preserve all surplus animation for that'
occasion. He looked about him for
Eliza to utter a parting word, but not
seeing her, he went disappointed out
into the moonlit night. There was a
light snow on the ground, and between
the interstices of. the shrubbery he
have ready wit, little mouse."
;he necessity does not exist in
your case. It will never do.
" Listen to me. Lou. I cannot bear
that Eliza shall triumph over the wound
she will suppose her faithlessness has in
flicted. 1 1 will be true and tender toward
you, if you will trust your future with
me. Think of my humiliation other
wise, and consent."
" It is eleven now. Give me an hour
to think of it."
Midnight came, and with it a general
rush for the supper rooms. Louise
Sto'neleigh and Henry Lawrence were
alone in the deserted salepn.
"Well?" he asked. !
44 If you do not retract within five
minutes, I shall comply with your re
quest." L
He had it on his hps to assure her of
his inflexible resolve, but the expression
was checked unuttered.
There' was the slight bustle of an ar
rival, and a second later he faced his
enemy, George St. Mark. Clinging to
his arm his new made bride, was not
Eliza, but Miss Gresham.
The news flew through the house with
A Defaulter icith Tiro Families.
The publication, some days since, of a
heavy defalcation in San Francisco, CaL,
by a man passing under the name of
John Miller, but whose real name was
ascertained to be Woodroof, created
much excitement here, says the Lynch
At Abducted Girl Hunting Vp Iter
Itelattrem after an Absence mf
Ttrenty three Year,
Many of our. older citizens, says the
Providence (It. I.) Journal, will readily
recall the excitement that was created
burg (Ya.) Aetrs, many persons belie v- twenty-three years ago at the mysterious
ing that the party was none otner man disappearance of Mr. Jeremiah Perce,
electric speed, and instant confusion
"Do you wish your answer now?"
whispered Louise, mischievously, in
Henry's ear. "
"For Heaven's sake, don't betray my
folly. It was all owing to the bracelet."
" The bracelets, you mean. They
were facsimiles.
Ambrose R. Woodroof, whose "opera
tions " in this city four years ago are
well remembered. Nothing definite,
however, was known until the arrival
here of an attorney from California, Mr.
Brown, who came armed with a power
of attornev from A. It. Woodroof to
draw from the banking house of Wood
roof & S pence whatever amount might
be there to his credit, he (Woodroof)
having previously sent to this firm money
to pay certain mentioned debts contract
ed before his hurried flight from this
place in 18G9. .
Miller, alias Woodroof, was the secre
tary, and virtually (though not nomi
nally") the treasurer of the Western De
velopment Company of San Francisco,
which is a combination of four of the
largest railroad companies, and through
his hands there passed yearly some five
or six niillons of dollars. Unable to re
sist the temptation, though receiving an
annually salary of $10,000 in gold, he
commenced his peculations, and con
tinued, them until his ill-gotten gains
amounted to nearly $1,000,000, the
greater part of which he invested in
landed property, and under his assumed
Henry's mistake was' productive of at 1 name of Miller transferred it to Wood
! 1 11 Tl 1 1 1 H 1' ? 5 A. 1 1
least one cood rosult. It cured him of
his groundless jealousy, and moreover
proved tho contested point that a woman
can keep a t secret, for Louise did not
divulge I her knowledge until his own and
Eliza's wedding-day.
A Suicide's Zetter.
George Fredericks, who committed
roof, an alleged resident of Australia,
intending when he was sufiiciently
gorged to flee to that country, and under
his real name realize upon his landed
estates thus acquired. He was detected,
however, about the first of July, and is
now reported to be in the custody of the
company which he defrauded,
Woodroof married in California sev
eral years ago, notwithstanding he had a
a well-to-do grocer of Sabin street, leav
ing a wife and two children (all of whom
are now living), and at about the same
time the sudden disappearance of Mrs.
Harrington, wife of Thomas M. Har
rington. A short time afterward about
six months Mrs. Harrington returned
in an apparently penitent mood, and
had an interview with her husband, at
which she received permission to take
one of her children, named Mary, five
years of age (there were three children
in all, a sister older and a brother young
er than Mary), down the stieet with her
to purchase for her some needed articles
of apparel, and was to return with her
by six o'clock that evening. -From that
time the father heard nothing more from
either child or the mother until within a
few .weeks, and they have long been
supposed to be dead. Nor did the
family and friends of Mr. Perce hear
anything from him. - In the Evening
Bulletin of May 21 last, appeared the'
"Wanted To know the whereabouts
of any person by the name of Harding,
Studley, or Harrington, who has resided
in Providence for the last twelve or four
teen years, or of any persons who are
akin to any family of this name. A lady
in this city who has relatives with these
names is desirous of hearing from them.
Address Nat. G. Barter, Business Man
ager, Sentinel and Pioneer, Fort Scott,
This was seen the same evening by
Mr. Harrington, the brother of the girl
who had been so long missing, and he
at once forwarded a telecram to the
The Swim for tho Championship.
An international swimming match was
held on the Delaware for $1,000 a side
and the championship of the world, be
tween J. B, Johnson, of England, and
ThonAs Coyle, of Chester, Pa. The
course was from Chester, Pa., to Glouces
ter, N. J. In case one became exhaust
ed before reaching the goal, the other
was to be considered tho winner,
wheiher he swam the entire distance or
not. At 1:45 r. m., the sign was given
and both men dove into tho water.
Johnson took the load at the beginning
of the race, but Coyle passed him in
two minutes, and steadily drew ahead of
him. Each man had a guido-boat to
keep beside him and carry a pilot to di
rect his course. There were four judges
of the race, two following one of the
contestants .and two the other, and a
referee, who, with a boat-load of news
paper men, kept close to the rearmost
swimmer. The tide was running strong
ly up stream, and was therefore in favor
of the men. Tho weather was charming,
and the water would have been unusually
Item of Interest.
There is a growing Mormon colony at
CLuksburg, W. Ya.
The great fishway at Holyoko dam.
Mans., which cost $30,000, has proved a
complete failure.
Mr. J. Murray, while pitching hay at
Basing Sun, Ind., pitched out $3,520
that some one had concealed.
General Joseph E. Johnson, of
Georgia, has been elected president of
the Arkansas industrial university.
In soma portions of Nebraska the
people are suffering from a malaria left
in the air by the flying grasshoppers.
Galvanized clothes lines have becomo
popular in Tp' for the simple reason
that lightning ran along one of them tho
other day and killed a life insurance
The Duke D'Aumale has proclaimed
that if France wishes sincerely to be
come a republic, he, for his port, is per
fectly willing to bow down to that kind
of sovereignty.
The department of Stale has received
smooth had it not been sd churned by I information that counterfeit noti on tho
tho steamers. Johnson began the race I Bank of France and on the Bank of
in rather a leisurely way, knowing that I p,pCUnd are being prepared ' In Europe
a swim of thirteen miles is an affair not I to send to America. 1
of speed but of endurance. He swam
constantly upon his right side, making
about twenty-five strokes a minute. He
submerged his head at each stroke,
coming up barely high enough to bring
bis mouth into open air. Mr. Cojle
swam much higher in the water. He
had a quicker stroke, from thirty to
thirty-five a minute, and frequently
changed his position. He steadily in
creased the distance he had gained.
Four miles from Chester Coyle was
about half a mile in advance, and when
eight miles were completed led John
son by a mile.
Johnson swam steadily on without
much apparent effort, stopping oc
casionallv to drink a small class of
The Nova Scotia coal operators arc
about to invoke the aid of the Britiah
government in an effort to secure tho
repeal of the American tariff touching '
the importation of that commodity.
Ten Clydesdale horses, valued at 25, !
000, were recently brought to this coun
try from Europe. They aro designed
for draft purposes, and are magnificent
specimens of the purest blood, weighing
about 2500 pounds each.
The New York Clipjxr charges that
no report has ever been made of tho
fund raised for Dan Bryant's family, and
adds that some of the money obtained by
caught the flutter of a lady's garment. suicide r New York dty, left the follow- wife living in Amherst county, Virgin aboye there were
' . J. . . inr Ipffr? "Tdr tins thine with mv I Some time aero his virenma wife, with . .,
" " " O I -
Two figures paced across his view to
and fro along the half -obscured path.
He drew back into the denser shadow.
A moment morOj and the two parted,
the lady coming hurriedly towards the
house. There was no mistaking that
figure, the blonde hair floating loosely
about her neck as he had seen her a few
moments ago in the tableaux. As if to
dispel any lingering doubt he might en
tertain, she paused a second .to make
sure she was not observed from the win
dows; a gust of wind tore at her mantle,
and on the bare arm disclosed he caught
the glint of the golden scales and gleam
of the green eyes belonging to the ser
pent bracelet J y '
This, then, was the regard of a woman
for her voluntarily given promise I He
strodo fiercely down the garden path,
hoping to overtake her companion and
make sure of his identity also.. In this
he was disappointed, but by the gate
picked up a scrap of paper,-twisted and
half burned, and smoothing it out, read
in the moonlight," rge St. Mark."
There was little rest for nenry Lawrence
that night. The jealous fiend held pos
session over him again, and every nerve
and sinew quivered beneath his acute
With the early dawning he went out
upon the downs, at first walking with all
the impetus given by his restless spirit,
and afterwards more steadily as he
brought himself to calmly survey his
position. Out of the chaos of his tumul
tuous impulses he deduced but one de
cision. He would never succumb, the
crushed victim of a designing coquette.
Lawrence was late at the ball that
night. Passing up tho avenue, he
fancied that a shadow flitted across his
path ; but a close investigation of sur
rounding shrubbery revealed nothing..
The moon, just rising, threw anuncer,
tain light as he stood gazing at the hall,
from which the sounds of merriment
were distinctly wafted to him. Below,
every windbw gave forth & volume of re
flected light; and above, a single rush
light burned steadily behind a gable
pane. Suddenly this last was removed,
but after a moment replaced; this was
repeated three successive times, and then
Henry's . jealous intuitions received
tliis phenomenon as a token intended
for other eyes than his, and remember
ing his resolution, he passed in. The
ante-room was quite dark, and as he en
tered, he heard, the rustle of garments,
and felt some one brush swiftly past him.
A second later, Louise appeared in the
doorway with a light, and carrying her
domino in her hand.
"Ah, little Lou," he said, sorrowfully,
"are you, too, leagued in this deceit?"
V You know, then? Bo generous do
not expose them I"
" Do not fear," ho answered, bitterly.
" If a word could chango the fact, I
. ll :i
wuiuu uut utwv 1U -t
1 He drew her hand through his arm,
And went below, where the crowd in its
mingling of grotesque costumes carried
him forcibly on its tide as it ebbed and
flowed through the wide drawing-rooms.
He was surprised at his own fortitude in
bearing the blow, and philosophically
calculated his chance of dealing a coun
ter thrust. Why not use the same
weapon as a foil?
Louise had left him, but he sought
her out again.
44 Were you ever in love, Lou?"
44 Not seriously," she laughed!
44 How much do you care for me?"
44 More than for any other man 1
know except papa." She had caught
his drift already. " You are not plotting
another elopement for to-night I" '.
ing letter: "lao.uus tning witn my
eyes wide open, and all my senses about wnom, it is said, ne regularly corre
me. I !do it simply to avoid starvation, I sponded, visited him in San Francisco,
which X believe is inevitable if I stay in and there she remained two months, his
the world. Since Monday noon I have California wife living in Sacramento
eaten but one meal. 1 have taken near
ly grai118 morphine in the form
of pills inade by myself some years ago.
Let no 'one persuade you I am insane.
On the contrary I never had my senses
more perfectly in my life. I d6 this act
for the buroose of pleasincr my oldest
brother,' who, as president and treasurer
of this company, owes me a large amount
of money which he ioes not wish to pay.
There need be no post mortem, as I
have fully explained the cause of my
death." The brother referred to, Chas.
D.. Fredericks, is a noted photographer
of New York city, and states that he had
been supporting the deceased for some
timeand put him in the position which
he held at the time of his death. The
suicide was of a morbid disposition, and
imagined himself abused by every one.
City, where he had erected a palatial
residence, costing $150,000. Each of
these ladies was in entire ignorance of
Woodroof 's illegal second marriage.
Matrimonial Infelicity.
Mary Terrell, the young wife of John
Terrell, a laborer, was brought before
Justice Riley in Brooklyn, N. Y., on a
persons of all these names living in this
city, and that one of them had a daugh
ter stolen about twenty-three years ago,
who had never been heard from. This
was received at Fort Scott at eight
o'clock the next morning, and by noon
a dispatch in answer was received here
which brought young Mr. Harrington
and his father the joyful news. that their
long-lost sister and daughter was still
theatrical performances to aid the suf
ferers by tho Chicago flro is still on do-
brandy, which he took down at a swallow, I"1 a ln me Tork'
standing up in the water. Coyle A degree long ueierrea was inai givcu
was now looking fagged out, and a by Yale College at the last commenco-
glance at his face caused the conviction ment to T. Tread well, a prominent citi-
that he could not last much longer. In sen of Toledo, Ohio, who was concerned '
answer to a question from his pilot,, he in the 44 bread and butter rebellion" in
said he 44 felt bad." They gave him 1828, when the Students protested against
some brandy, and just then a large pro- the food provided in commons and was
peller, crowded with people, came near expelled in his sophomore year,
him. A band on board began to play, . The following advertisement appeared
and tho crowd cheered vociferously, in an English newspaper : 44 Wanted,
Tho poor fellow took heart again, and immediately, for spring planting, 10,000
swam on lor two or inree minutes, i uoca ana iu,wu vmsuo seeus, w cuauio
The girl, now married and the mother TLen he u np jg hand m0 .to leAve my farm as I would wish,
as a signal of distress, he was quickly and according to the provisions of tho
of two children, yet remembered enough
.of early life to assure her relatives in
charge of attempting to poison her hus- the city of this, had not her mother, who
band by putting ratsbane in his tea at
supper the night before. Terrell lived
a drunken life with his wife, and their
quarrels ended in fights almost every
day. They had parted one morning
after a quarrel, and when he returned at
evening he found his wife cross. He
took up a pewter cup filled with tea,
and detecting a strange flavor in it, ac-
is still living, put her in possession of
other facts. As soon as she could make
arrangements she came from her home in
Fort Scott to visit her relatives, and ar
rived in this city a few days aero. She
distinctly remembers her mother promis
ing her lather to take her back at six
o'clock on the day on which she wa
stolen. She says she was with her
seized by the men in the guide-boat.
It was a quarter-past four o'clock. He
had been in the water two hours and a
half, and had swam about ten and a half
miles. Johnson, at this time, was three-
quarters of a mile way. He was swim
ming a little faster than before, and was
much elacted by the news. He pro
ceeded to show tho spectators that he
new tenant ngni uui, as urawn up vj
tho chamlcr of commerce, to cnablo
tenant farmers to do justice to their
44 1 trust," said the Archbishop of
Cantertrary to the Sultan 'of Zanzibar,
44 that your highness will not object to
British missionaries having access to
vour dominions." ' 44 (Certainly not," tho
A Xciv Confidence Game.
The newest scheme developed in cities
to catch gulls and obtain money without
equivalents is under the guise of loan
and real estate business. A place is se
lected in a respectable neighborhood,
and an advertisement is published, offer
ing to loan money at low rates, and to
transact real estate business. When ap
plication' is made, "the low rate of inter
est (four per cent.) is the decoy by
which the gull is made anxious to nego
tiate. The lender proposes a payment
of $20 to $40 to indemnify for the in
vestigation of titles. A receipt for this
money is given, returnable when the
question of title is settled. By various
devices the report on titles is deferred
until the1 game bag is filled. Then they
change their quarters and advertise un
der a new name.
cused his wife of putting poison into the mother two or three days before she re
cup. Before Justice Riley it was made I alized that she was being taken away
known that Mrs. Terrell first sent her
boy to get some arsenio from a druggist
and he returned without it. She sent
him back, and he returned with a box of
rats' paste. Mrs. Terrell denied the at
tempt to poison her husband, and told
the justice of the harsh treatment she
received. She rolled up her sleeve and
showed black and blue marks on her
arm. ne justice asked Terrell wnetner
he beat her. 4 Certainly, " he said. 4 I
gave her four or five welts with a strap;
and if she had treated any other man as
she did mo he would have killed her."
The justice committed her on a short
imprisonment, and as Terrell passed by
her going out, he said: " If I had been
found dead this morning you would
have had a worse punishment."
from home. She remembers Mr. Perco
joining them, but does not know where.
He had changed his name to Charles
Pierce, and they taught her to call her
self 44 Mary Pierce." They spent about
a year in Dubuque and St. Paul, and
then went to ;Texas, where Mr. Perce
was engaged in raising cattle and sheep,
at times doing very well, and at times
not so welL They remained in Texas
for some years, and then removed to
near Baxter Springs, Kansas, where Mr.
was capable of better work than lie had sultan replied. I MnV that no ol-
done at any time during the race. He gdo should be placed in the way of so
swam on to a point half a mile beyond I great an event as I ha English being
where Coyle gave out, afd after alfojjght knowledge of the trno
variety of diverting antics, was taken I faith.. Let them come, and my learned
aboard his pilot boat at five o'clock. .
Johnson, who showed such great en
durance being comparatively fresh
after having been in the water over three
hours is the man who has been travel-!
ing about the country giving perf orm-
sneefl as the 44 man fish." Uoylo is an
Paper Patterns
The trade in. tissue paper patterns is
enormous. - One house recently ordered
5,000 reams of paper and two millions of
envelopes in which to place the patterns.
These patterns are so perfect that dress
es for costume parties are easily made,
and are fast becoming popular. These
patterns are a real boon to the mother of
a familyl living far from any village or
A Mercenary Ghost.
Shortly after the death of an Irish
farmer, his credulous widow received a
visit from his ghost, which was dressed
simply in a shroud, with white stockings
and gloves. The unquiet spirit stated
that since his death, some months back,
although he ought to be in heaven, he
was detained elsewhere on account ol
owing a sum of 15 to friends of his,
and he begged of his wife to give him the
money. woman in mil iaitn Handed
settlement. : Every garment worn by him 10, and promised to give him the
men, women, or cniidren can De made
from them: they are notched at the
places to! join them; the number of yards
for each; garment and its trimming is
faithfully given, ingenuity is fostered,
comfort is promoted, an 4, in fine, we
aro inclined to class paper patterns a3
among the great inventions of the age.
A Novel Idea.
Daniel C. Haynes, of Winn, Me.,
will shortly have a queer steam mill in
operation. It is constructed by fasten
ing a steamboat to an old-fashioned saw
milL Mr. Haynes has for a number of
years been engaged In manufacturing
lumber by means of an ordinary water
power mill, but this spring, he leased
the steamer which has been running be
tween Medway and Winn, backed it np
the stream, and taking off the paddle
wheel, bolted the boat firmly to the
framework of his rni.lL The boat is on
strong blockings, and its engine will
furnish the power for running all the
machinery Mr. Haynes may wish to use.
rest in a few days if he came for it.
Meanwhile she went and told the priest
the circumstances of the case, and this
gentleman, seeing the fraud, ' made
proper .preparations to receive the
poacher of the ecclesiastical manor,
When the ghost, in complete burial cos
tume, arrived for the bank note, he was
at once received by a couple of police,
and proved, as ghosts do in our day, to
be a mere pretender.
Western Courtship.
men shall instruct them."
Several ladies were sitting
on the balcony f the Clifton, Niagara,
the other night, when the moon, al
though 4fuU,'' was not demonstrative.
A natty little fellow approached tho
group and softly said : 44 Pussie, dar
ling," whereupon all the young Lulir
jumped up and came toward him eager
ly. He selected one and walked away
with her. The other brides sat down.
Pfrffl who had teen failincr in health for
f CJ I - ! 1 I ....... ti m
two vears. died about fourteen vears tuzo. AO xner is ine nad wors oi sceu- and told their respective uomeos axwr
leaving three sons by Mrs. Harrington, time over than their play hour super- wards that it was 41 too ridiculous for
all of whom are living. She says he was venes, tne time looked lorward to uy an anything," and tnai uiey "never were so
at one time a Universaust clergyman, and
at another a Spiritualist.
In all her-wanderings she never forgot
that her name was Harrington. She as
sumed her own name as soon as Mr.
Perce died, and at once set herself to
work to learn if possible the whereabouts
mm mm A M - 11 11. . T ,
as tne " merriest time oi au uie giau
newvear." when the whole household
mav be seen with a few staves where-
with to erect a roof to their sheiling, a
creel or two of peats, and a few unten-
sils, driving their cattlo and sheep to
the distant moor. Here they have erect-
embarrassed in the whole course of their
Merits of the Rifle Teams.
A critical analysis of the shooting for
the Elcho shield at Wimbledon, where .
the Irish team repeated its victory of
of her father andother relatives, .should od small dome-shaped dwellings, about 1873 after a contest as close and exating
n v tt nr uam K oiiVn Ti'mn naMAii nn six feet in diameter, lney are zormea
I . . .. ... . m
oi low stone-walls, wiin a tun rooi vn
a framework of sticks, and two oppos
intr doors, where vou have almost to
creep in order to enter, resembling noth-
she grew to womanhood, and married
Mr. Nat. G. Barter, business-manager of
the Sentinel and Pioneer, Fort Scott.
Kansas, where she now lives.
as was mat ai ureeumoor. ias year,
shows that our British cousins were
probably wiser in their generation than
the children of light who proposed a
grand open rrny1 to test the relativo
ing so much as Esquimaux snow huts, qualities of the American and three old
A Jay's Baa Work.
Forged checks were unearthed in
one day at Newark, N. J., to the amount
of 110,000, says the Commercial Ad
vertiser. Valuable horses, whose price
represents over 50,000, were stolen in
Westchester county. Raids more or less
successful were made in the New Eng
land States and New York by the armies
of tramps who are taking their vacation
in the rural districts. Half a dozen
large fires and nearly as many murder
our quarrels disfigure the morning
papers, and complete the account of
crime. Yet America is not grown worse.
When vou hear a crood story from the It is only the telegraph that brings to
lips of a stupid man, and see a silk um- J one focus the evil deeds for forty mil-
brella in the hands of a man who does J lions of people, lTeacners wnetner in
not nav for a nAvimaner. von mav know I the rmlrnt or the press should never
that both have been borrowed, 1 let this vital fact escape their notice.
A Luna Disease Year.
Thus far this year has been signalized
as a great lung disease year. The mor
tality from bronchial and pneumonial
attacks since the first of January has
been very great, at least in the northern
hemisphere, i It would appear that such
attacks have been proportionately both
more numerous and more fatal iluring
January and February of this year than
during corresponding months for many
years past These facts have been
brought out very clearly by the reports
oi the register of vital statistics of the
city of New York. The unusual fre
quency and fatality of lung complaints
thus far this year are attributed in par)
to the severity of the season, but still
more to the extreme fluctuations of tem
perature which have characterized the
period named. Childhood and old age
and feebleness generally have suffered
much this season, but a large number of
young and strong men have fallen vic
tims to pneumonia, which has proved
more destructive in its ravages this win
ter than bronchitis. Let us hope that
the latter months of the year may re
dress the balance disbursed by the
The Marquis d'HautpouL who sacri
ficed his life in tho French inundations
was found naked, with one finger out
off. On that finger he always wer
valuable ring.
One of these doors is turfed np when
the wind blows in that direction, and as
soon as it changes to the other side the
turfs are taken down and the other door
way filled up. In the thick walls are
openings in which the milk dishes are
placed, and sometimes' also an opening
next the floor for the head of a sleeper,
the feet of any ordinary sized mortal
reaching the opposing walL In these
primitive' hovels do the ghls of the
family spend six weeks or two months
gypsying during June and July. The
men take every opportunity to go court
ing them, as their sweethearts on those
occasions always deluge them with the
richest of milk and sweetest of butter.
country teams, when they discouraged
the idea, Though the winners far out
stripped any previous record in that
match, their average shooting fell below
their achievements at Dollymount and
Creedmoor, and consequently very farN
below the American average. It is
thus some consolation to know that
though our representatives have been
denied an opportunity to compare their
skill with the British teams in public, on
paper at least, as well as by their double
defeat of the Irish team, their superiority
lias been sufficiently proven.
The Wheat Crop.
The returns to the department of agri
rnltnre of the United States for July
It is almost impossible to get girls to go J Bnoir condition of spring and winter
to service at una uroe, mxivg it , together at about eiehty-two per
ed forward to
courting time.
as par excellence the
A Child's Tzkkxbxjc Lzar. Mrs.
Charles Cooper, reeiding in the fourth
story of the double tenement in Hobo-
ken, N. J., having occasion to be ab
sent for a few moments, locked in her
two. children, a little girl of four years
and a babe, who was sleeping in the
apartments. The little girl, -Mary,
rhmfWI into tho window and over a
pair of bars to the tratrr edge, whence
she jumped to the vnrd below, over
fifty feet, and strange to aay m ol m
lured in the least.
cent, of an average ; winter wheat, in
cluding California, averaging seventy-
four and spring wheat ninety-six. The
spring wheat States in the Northcat and
. .. . ifiL ir
Northwest axe generally in ruga cuaui-
tion. Of the winter wheat area, tho
South Atlantic and Gulf States are
above the average, but in the Middle
States the condition is very low, New
York ranging down to forty-five. West
of tho AUeghanies the prospect is bet
ter, the State averages being between
seventy-one in Ohio and ninety-five in
Iowa. California reports winter wheat
at seventy-si aud spring wheat at

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