FranMinCoisrierl- Ioeal; "Items.- IkwSSrx londay evening, thl Vl Tl A hi, .co-rnnv-ol H - ;-!! ?,-! ' " 'fi-Lir? -- .- Kad ci August, a ncrro boy, aged i1" - Vi c w 0 ; jLv GEO. S. BAKER, PitfrniErroR. an-. call , the attention cf ycaiB Uving on tlTo-pbxteaoa ofil -. ' ' . V a- oa ir-i CcffimilSS10ncrs 10 thc lilrs- Mnburg. near Franklin, Vajxi ' ? -1 - A LOUISBUnO AUGUST 20, 18J.ljf goniGf.f olir cJnV ctrfW F. , , ,. , V . V5 -V J t ...-I-;..-- - fc0mG00ursiJtrcgt3- y being left as hi little brother In aach CoTO?y Orclcn hav X" PrtUcmtty fc. cni,nHr itfw IS? We call attention to the caid 0mz years, lot ail patience withrglMicn altered, thereby practicing a fraud In ii ac'ins aJvltfcSo:. f. M luCIAl liAJib. iXsT wm n i o llib cliare T-ho.he-n rrvin" f-r V,1 b"QPn the Count the B--vrd of'-Coa-t IV lessrs. Whitelaw. & Crowdcr. Stonefe ff ben crying fit tothg.j;j dirtct the C!eri t TM2 ls capbatally an r-c of prcr Wrt -i, cor-,(v llo CWttvt ",n;ife3l Marble Cutters. ' Mine little villian, took up his matlerssae a public notice throaga the COU-: rt-ss. The world moves apace, but wul :.' i . T u; 7, , r . W brother and . slammed him against lbcfcBlER aa Postfcrs ia caca Towwliipu, pui.t!.y of tie tith, Uacrvfe CMcy & Ut'ly 8 hook, vuth bcautiiojf New the election is over, we wiliP,,,,- 't-nntlv:nfl, i,:m i,TmuL, .requesting all persons holding COUH-'-lr-because lacking a prc;: Oil chromo Rescue,'' 12 montla foro our readers a greater variety cMT F S 7 , ' . f1T OIlDEIlS 13ued ?ricr to l3t' l5 cf tbT- i :icJp.e :.rn ' 6lr-' , , o C ana c'pthentLreT7 him out the door breaking 1S73, to present tbeia to the Ilegister'Pnnar to oat grasd eld ordtr. Ouiff 'o0m - tjLocal and State news. Hfhb neck, from which he died Instaatly p.Dccd3 Registration. j rcthrcn of etber more leered ecctics!; rcrHon, going to and from Franklin. Mr. B. P. CUaorf. ne residence on Brother number one then left for p4rtsl . Cw"SoIr?n. oS Inn. Will do Well to taUC tne iiau llACKfevJr; f f, ,. ?.i unknown. A mrc nf mrinof. hrTr1-M -T, II. TTiCKKR. i?f 1 xt.t'v in1 Nfcr . - r A of Mr. II. 0. Jones. He ' is kind linclccc an courteous and obll-'ing, and leaves ins undone tliat viil add to the comfort of the travel er. .Iindcecl an' ornament in that part of thcfetIlc noxt -J wtic1 rendered avcrdiet- noth-eiltnwp In wliw.l, if w ir..,f.-,.i Ntin accordance with the above facta. r ;i M DEBTEDN Clerk. Loui&burg, Jaly Cth 1875. :-V TLcrc arc ia thj Couth n.'irlj 2C0,CCOr-J ;'jFrce;zrons, and rccogaiiir.gjttc icptrl M Watcr-llclons are more pleutiiul than we ever knew , them in this inar-b t'-Uoanoke Nttcs. t 4 . fthan we ever knew .them in this inar-ETj Wny ouu 'SudschieehS SnouLDl My Stock .of spring and Buimncrket, and strange to y the price ktcpsNpEUUSE Ad VEiiTis EiiEKT3. A paiVm gOOUB, 1 pw, 1.U X piUUilC "VfcSup high. clf to sell as cheap as any one in Jjouis-gy 1 iiiirf. 1 have a irood stoes ol Uon-fcti ?.t- t? t v. -::..r--.. t..t3 fectionancs, Groceries &c. all afi, i " " i i ,t r.i ivi i tleapabilitias ia life. W the lowest market price for Cash. " . J 7 . . 7 V W plat 3 doing business ENT COUNTIES, TOWKS OP THIS hen we con tern -p in a distant tovnf ASCERTAIN TIIE Iiv rOrKan peculiarly suited to tic ESS OP THE DIFFER -Lftlda vast number wLo tie hak'edl , CITIES ANDftr?el5itr by as indissoluble chain oiri BTATU AD4sltct'rc IiCcCtio:I,' wc uaTC tlctcrtalacdW CTmTl, u--10 establish hi the city oi Greensboro. siattjTe of: (1aCfat ciai3 $ J.. ai. VJ.JjLJj1j.kH ... riwft t.itA nn th nnwr nf thif tnwn nt,' b .Kjrranffcr r.rice. lie oiilv asks nowfSi ........ . fc-; .. ri-inuiu its iocai auvcnesiiur columns vcc -i Mr. E. D. Watson, is agent for the ;nety D0nars. Wheeler & Wilson Sowing ilachinc.t'J - see a true picture of the men we have tf;Pty C lie also repairs and puts in good work ?y -UiubBoloubucribcra to luc UUUlil-Kucai wun, a compute reeoru ot .t. in- ordor, machines of "other patents l11'1"-10 evcry wpek. hut wctown, its commerce, tfs.homo trade akn on hand noodlna Ac. &cjve a large mailing book and havethe facilities of its storekeepers, its Section 1. The General Assembly WCCiil y MaSOlliC of North Carolina do enact, Tbat ali' J claims against the several counties, cityjf DCF i ies and town3 of of thid Stat;f whetheiK5! 1 5 M " iby bond or otherwise, shall oe prcnentod!' ? . , ! ! '.a the chairmen of il.e Rniinl of fnMn iWL- iuc aoove lame, BUCU as aigCHVf-'.: ommUsionersor to the chief oCi-tO;:ntl aaccement ot tne fraternity r,f taid ritiM anil Inmia no tTi''-iJr'I'Iuvi I-S -13 '1 ItS TlTTTTtATT'Tl'J! rrfll !"f TTTTT7 fttlfl n!r3l -itsu uaj ue, vnuia iwo years mer-rs,. : , . ' , ; mofrifrrf c.., zvin; i.,:-. .i.ue uifrneit order: rnamr.rr W A. li 3D & BEO. Franklinton, J C, Are determined to dese out Uicir LAItQS and AiSOHTED STO CX cl GENERAL MERCHANDISE, " AX. TIIE LOWEST TOSSIBLS FiaUKES. . . . II you want goods CHEAP CALL ON TI1231. Aaj kind of prodae I Ukcn tt tut price, AT WARD & 6 R, 0. Farnlklinton, N. C. MACHINERY FOR hf TTrnrr. r.nrl t'.' . trto JotrnNALV which be will furnibh at tbo lowestfe;roora for raorc- Friend dont cease yourfbank, and m almost every cane we can xicjLI is -pui ini3.i"iai tue cuaracier anu ieiincrs oit i Tim hftnlth nF fnwrmr'lmq bAr. , . .. .. January, Anno Domini one thousand P:he holders ot sneh claim or claims shall1 Ct LOmPon lor the most cultivated Hl'e forever barred from a recovery tnere-ac( refined, and a welcome visitor toY- SALE. price, he warrants all l,ia work. Call811;11,0 COURIER is put hM on bim at the Eagle Hotel. every family in the county. St. Paul's Paroohiali School. V !raa!ignant;fevcr, and no chills, that we gatcd p:oduction of 'Sfc. raulVl avc heard of, freighted with the li estimate the character and f clings oi' PuovmrD, That claims which . havcp?h 'jthe men who arc soliciting public trade. ?1ilready matured and become due jshall;?-' iThe advertising page is a ma? of Preeend onorbefore the first of 3STOTTCE O :0 TIIE PHYSICIANS OF FRANK. LIN AND VAKE COUNTIES. p IJavias? lieen appointed Apnt for tno "Kentucky Jlutual Lcncut Ao f Relation of I'liyjlcLins,' for Franklla fand Wake dun tics, Ile?pcctfully informs tho Pin sicLms of said countlea ccntown, a record of its municipal charac - freight hundred and seventy -i asPter, a business confession of the citi-ltl;116 holders thereof . ehall b as good during tho . whole summer. So ever' knew it, not a single case of d,Aa ,n,i ;n,uP u gilrred of a recovery thereof, one man it 1 life-thoughts of : e? ra, r P! noun Ann owl- n. f r um, irft,. iUUnUrea. 1-4 " 1 1 M. 11. VAUOIIAN, Principal. 4 . . ' - 5.ITcil itlxic for Fiu-mcrs Tim Rorrnd RfKion of Pttroehial School will open September l.'Uh 1875, and continue twenty weeks. Ratified the 22nd dav 3r 1C7 Julia 0. Hamme Assist..pames tho request. It thete are any fVwho have- not settled for their 'sub4 1. Take irood TaTer3 and rcat tvjal 3 Wany household. In this connection wcij . ave engaged the services of able and?.! opular writers whose hearts glow withpj tuuu utbiru ior iuc perpeiuuy oi uu'. Luju ir.ijj iiuui i nuiiu i j ,.-;hat they can procure Certificate of indent Landmarks of onr "MysticMER PorUblo Stem Saw Hill, used eisirjf Mm'w.Ki.h .r-.r,r.T!.,. t- CiTi-.t l l . ;ii :.v ii 'Z .v. ..j i : r 1 .-t- j i I 'J '"f ""i rforevcr00'"061?' oew 0 3,750 eah.-U- . . nrrt, w ". CLIFTON, M.IX of March, A. Wth a journalistic experience ci scv-.j W ELATCULtyfl : crf I lears, and a detcrmiotioa to givcit UORSE TO WEK-POIiV II IS CT mproTCtl Oucna- m!Ww ff11 .wti?Malent and energy to the proU-1. V 1 1 Xli i UAl 1 j - Si V.'ocd PnmpU vn7tTY7 V imotion of tbia important enterprise, vre! I r U VAh. Vn-Tii i I libope to rtteire from our Masonic breth-i i m TIT X1 wnit' feiVen tbat liberal confidence and supportf'! AAHliti XUAUUj, IN FIRST CLASS ORDER. pi yen mat iiocral coosdence and support: . . I . cess, w hope to merit. til be an ci?!'t rir-r. fbirtv-.irrn'irl 4 - - -; 3 i -a . .a . a v li If . X7il : : : t Kr-v ni.inn. wr w nn fi n m rn rnpm n r i 1 - o -.. i U c would, rcspccuui y call your at-icfcr if no longer, but settle at once., W ' f r, Ordered by ; the Board ot Couoty paper, and iuxniahed weekly attho low iciinon iu w new imju, auu ..a...-? Kyi . v, v vyim pjUomraissioncrs, tnat tue aoove rewarcipnco ct 53 per year. The first cumber Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Bilvcri "Get out of the way! what are you rations ; . " . feof $5000 will be paid to any personfe'will be issued on Wednesdav. the 15th W arc, Clocks and fancy goods, atL,,00(i for ?" said a cross old man to a ?,. Do not leave implements scaUer Hwho wlIifarms tuflicient toof fceptcmbcr, and regularly oaWcdnee-1 YounrH. Marble Front Jewelry StorcX?:.,,, , .,, i iwl , . 1 . ' 1-ccure the conviction of tho parvy par-siday ot each week thereafter. :1 . . : mnV f.f 5iltt3c "Sht-eyed Urchin, wo happened jged over the faira, exposed to snow, .air.tfjriea ' guilty of changing or altering hr All mencv should -ba aent b': i ft CLiV 6TANDARU U P tfS he market, by popuUr vtr . f J 0ic thn Ust purap lor tb tt J . .'. !ast rnocey. Attention it la f . ',V1 v"tctl.t. lr.a!chlcv, IisproTtd ; r. ' V J Bracket, the Drop Check . li l (Hi 'iiJ iSECOND-HAND ANDpi0 and the wp psr CAiui.Lcr wuicu acvtr cricti, scaica rjor rests and will last a lita time. .tilIl'A iiClll. J one side, replied very 3 4. Repair tools aud buildincrs at : M of such proper ti:uc, aud do not suffer subse quent threelold expenditure of Uragg al vt..vanT. Va,. Solid 18kt. T.lain&ty 8iaaJ 111 his way. The little fHow,Mand heat (iold Rings for engagement and wed fc&8 he stepped one side, rc hing purposes.: Youngs, Celebratcilfently,1 ''They make men Perfected Pei-iscopic Spectaclss ' anfcthingtfs wc are.' l.'.i. f!1.ioC.u Will ! in nm nnA itniftl-A - your eye-sight. Hi Stakbed. Jesse Flood was scverclv ' Cull aud see them when you visitf;pnot fat;llly stabbed by "Mae hmv, oney judiciously, and n i : ; -r:(e ..!.) last Frikiy m iSash couiily near-- - - - i- lr,u ' '" vi i . , ' ' r .'.kindri of truuipevy beeauso it i.3 cheny- 1T A T 1 ? !f -itiin hope. v. liiikey wa3 lue cause oi . j JlW.I -V-tX-iVr X Ot-i .c J ,i - G. Scetbnt fen-iv are well rer-ahc . (.:. the dnncuHy, if wo ave cornK.-My.r.i'b: 1 ( Cr a. cv'r,v rTiTr4 Tt " H"f." i1 i, m . -Vi - Xand cattlo' not frrazin in the meadv liCA tHvfl ; ;;uiriixl. . i)t..;er is in-jail ta await, bis;5 . . , n I'A trial, Rocky Mount 51ul. 1 T' T"?TT' 7" T :-TT " Two soles 'that .beat as' one," rc'Ayxj-rinienls, iu way of maii . ( i.-;i j-K'd a youth m tho. neigl.bvi'--o--::.:n--w -ird'.vjfi. GUAF'sU 'f our fcilire one day last week 'to l.w;,'i 3 Oheck, Post-effico Order or Registered j v " v vrrcensooro. jm. u. k. y try unui ?cpi. 1st address us at AlvlKSTON, JN. U. "M1?X7 1?MP nVT7?C! t: 'l cr Mcby ucficrs ana the trade geo. INJCiW , Jliiljii l!0 ycrally. In order .to bo sure thit jo 2c; uidicuicT i 1-ciap. ee careiuiana of various Uorse-Po Brers, UUICU'.CJ t i CUD, ec car CI 111 I 'jee that it has my trade-mark asap rIf you do not know when to boy, lscriptive circular, together with apora. tha ceareat Marble & Stone "W O R K S , IOUTREUN aIce! .-f - IJ f w 1 " f- JrJrin.n Tni,M tirti- l-Joarae and address of the agent cearea kGUlIl and Leather Bclt-Iou, will be promptly iarnihedbj ad -4 M ing, Steam Pumps, Charles E. Biatchley, BaM-h N C. I tW.Vll. Ki;;r;;;. vSClKCULAU SAWS, EtCV :f.C.n? rtiWphU, p. pi 0. i;.?cclums Containing mora rcadin-; mat. f. ;Ar1 Lj Pcrooni within io nnvrh TTr" l ? -j,"'cr than.&ay. m-tkly .publishcl ia tbc t . .' V '-' hu&?tL$ cr-i tsrs.adtod-aipaT.cta.u,. LpiANOS! PIANOS ! ! f;-dviit wiMi our Mr. Whit. T.- r -i;0 t-'O Jrx:r.tix ILLLblxtiTD agj 1 '. ww 4, AtonloSing ' M -O- W AyorsxDe Manufacturer of PJo Ml i-ifnr. ,wlvl L & erica, Le-a to tnnounce, that he'U A- Aug.13.12sm. ;rtaxw,?.ta t-y of jno,iCvj ; ; f urn!ird with new. and iccond haad reel, froiii (luVtUtr.i ! V for i!::..-h. . Plant; fruit troes vJl, rare fo,P-:l . : ; ' - :' - TLePuu::iht.r ialonds nakinj; it Cn2j nmM: v a it r nj'f,H ; lent v.Mivhou::e lJuar-5,"u'- auu J1 J,i' .i. racuvje e.:nony i -.ivni- a i U U JtO II ii UUi-l. literd-y, tJcitatilir, which 13; unadultciated. Yevytv.r-1513 'JtJi lKtl1' .ppenv,at once. - 'i belter duanp; t?io Win"er ; n so 0O: ; ty . i,., ana - riv the I.-cst p- . 1 n i:;i:'d, takinu out alt that is unsoun-i.iu fyr,,ir,i . i-.i . ihcre are two bundle curs, m'ourvs in '3 . o.iir.i o. Oi'.i-;a. . i t, ,ri,,,ir; :l '.,,,'', ' 1 r .'. half rotten or-mouldy. . Ut-i . !J The GOUTHIS ILLU3TR4Ti:D S.MALLOUY, K;town,-.-that meet every day on .dau, lv;4 '.,' ri':AGE v.-ill be nrtfTtci on " tvr.r. rml1 IMCTTT) A iWTlTi' I r Y, 1 w .. ' ;-W REFEriENCE3. t . PiAno:, which ho olTorj at low price; ,1 ptieations by letter will recelv t'r-prompt attention. I All PREPARED. We mention a few to whom we have,- Agisted bv coiarwteat workmen to sold second handed Engines : f-i.freo and have a - regular r roll and tum-j t T ( H FrankiMdoi), N. ('.t 1 i . ,i ' a t .suariio doi?s around your -prenitsei-rfl 1 idiiM inui), r-.iio imht. - to the great amusement of -- j " 0 . J 1 : " t'-l-t i ' ' ix . '-' ??i who cat mrr m one month than thcT ti 1 innvii f i v r"o -srV.!. I'.e boys and to some of the grown up,.,-; . . ' IT VtOAllltlAU AlXjJAli& t $ - . . aro worth m a lifetime. Sli T ftsfiien too. . IJioro is. largo work lurtue A j-, ; On its hs; of contributors will bel tvi-'or.nd the names of many of tho be-.t : ..writers in tbc Souih. Lrial cr.d fchorlfd II. J. Gnums, Lcxicgton, IT. C J. A. Buxto3& Co., Jackson, II. C undertake the most cxlcnilro repairs 'of every dcfecriition. rrr -c , . v iT 5 Rif Tcsce made, to tho ran leal pro TV. 3. Halloby, Franklinton, In. Cv;fc?llca in cc:;cla,i lo my argf fiber of tutrrn. hi July 17-12-m. Raleigh, N. O Railroad Schedules- t (- j'.onauctcd editorial nepartmcnts givingU ttbe latest personal literary, scienllfic.'ij tpciitierd rciidou nuvl commercial in-6-! your property Insured in fjoodieligence, will fnrnish every tial, first class Bouthern Comsamount of reading matter " uns week an; SBMINAEYM ., J r j ;iu uwi. L uuivgiupuiair ivu Mign 3 ;r t -J XIaVC J.UUlbliUUu, iN. u. Kis Jir. 1. u. umton. . 1113 gallery nn IT U? I H fvja ubstautial, first class Southern Uomsamount oi readiog matter - unsurpassed t fjover 3fr. T, N. Carlilos. store. He al-'fl v IJpanie?. other papers, in excellence and uari. I lie rail roMOu m i-iiimihih;-j . 5 e are iJit'jaruii vo jiivu you xusur-i js ii.iL-uiicu 10 raaKC inc V.lnesday July Uth and contiiuu 0 -Keeps a large scock ox giio mou-u-j aq. ftTJIJiniJ. fcein jast such Companies, and etJsSoUTIIERN rull ( A.i...U- t, win ry tiii' tmmo rnrl i nrrTn von miinfvl llall I 9: Ii is i z-tra . j.... .v. . " r 1 nil II E II 1 1 I f EUa TERM?. " a!l orders for framing pictures. CVdfei . & PutAsaim, Loulsburg, 6 2rMv , m; "l c a . .r nY'? I tr fir. f Vi. Rtfitfitvilio. V J ILLUSTRATED AGE at4 Fi4on him and have your photoarih'si Tl.n1 t.t1 nliii-in li ! t1ih1 1 4 'ill M till u Hi,, im ui - ivi 'rooms and English Tuition, $90.00ftakcn, and also have your pictures r-j We have added to ou stock a splen Liingna-'es Latin and French t5:Vitno.l fMdid JOB PRESS, with an elegant '-each, G.Ofy1;1 ' . s lection of type of tho latest styles Music, on Piano with use of fej aq ,rrtf .vA ,,11 ,lf aad we are now prepared to do Z3 F tps J' low as nan n numincd nnv .-iourDai lor rue iircsiur? sr.vMii rn nmntvi whcre. Consult tec beforo taking outwill be specially dovotcd to all sutjects sa Policy with any one else, Lcertaininff todomesticand social Hie. I p-i No family should ba without it. Subscription prico only $2 per an- L'-num. i'O3ia?0 iree. R.T. FULGHTM, Editor. Raleigh, N, C. Barrow T. A. Piucs & Co., Statcsrilic, V. Stirbwalt, Usppy Home RA.RM & HUNTER, Richmond, Va. Jan.-2QsCm pa Watson's . Wauon. has not been found i Tcmi or twelve voun. ladies ic;iii5 . . . . . . , . !- tind board with tho Principal. l$ont- But we hope yet to see him JJ Urcid ir? ent on upplieation . J(brbi;'4ht to- justice, . for this piece of ' ia the neatest and best manner. SItEAD THE LIST 0i j " ' is .. .. . r -mr . w- ( A, Ml.C 'i.T,T T V A I' K' i'.M A W lii, . 1a1, . tr.ustuiii-y, wiuuu weiu-aiuas luiiw.i- gn you iysed not send vonr JOBpinATVTT) A XTTTTa - rrhlclP;U-rVest, most devilish conduct that ever WORK North, for we will do it hist a;LVV-LyX JT XJliOrrJ June 25th 1875, lKwa3 committed in our town, and wewf11 and chP M Jou ttn it clse-t . & YLi where I 1 HolIcQto rilGrohanls'andiShoi m m, a.. i4 r. ' F;s'our town tnat tue citizens wilt not re",-t pfpTP'R TTPADS 4 - pi WILLLVilSON, UPCUURCU THOMAS, Wholesale Oitoccns AND iJUaiCld -..- tmlv thoir offbrtJi to find onfc. and 1 .... i-A ENVELOPES, T3 t a. t t J You arc herebv notified to come for-C5hrin? him to iustiee ward immediately, and give in thej amount of your vurciiases to tne isii a Solid Vote. Twenty-five white U r T..I.. Tim law poninrs; vrim'.l J u.j, ... ..-:, j r ai,a t Jir..i. iti;na .t'l Clay OI ul n.V' xwvivjf iiiuuut iumo iuiwij, phthe straight Democratic tiekct on , S 1 pi N. C Home Insurance Co., Baleigh j jf osters, jtieaas. should have done so 011 the 1st July. J. B.TUCKEU, Register of Deeds la Your Life worth 10 Cents? Sickness every durin EThursday tho day of election. Not; a dbinglo white man on the Hill voted for '3nf P.irmvillp Vs. CA.RDS, -ft ' jti musfonilcrcAant s,t No. 53. Fayettcville Street, RALEIGH, N. C. Opposite Metropolitan Hall. ft Kj PEET & ATKINSON. til i TTll . TTA "1 Hiioicsaiciiry uoous Merchants. No. 45 Roanoke Avenue NORFOLK, Va. Sept. 18 ly N SEABOARD & R O ANOK RAttROAD COilPANY. 1'ctUxaoaUi. iidx l.t, 13. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. Oa ani alter PrfHT. Jamurr lit ln rr!n will leave SUloa dUt l&antlay ax. ocpd) a foilowt; Jlau truu Uiy a..... 4 p. m. No. 1. Trb'Ll- trxia dtdlj at 4 a. K, No. 2 freit trala at 8 a. . AH2nE at ronrsnoum ESTABLISHED 1847. JN.C. aSharp and negro supremacy, altliongh JC0URT BLANKS ;i Radical avu rirhters worked unceas-fjited neatly and qui nsa prevails everv where. ' andf- ,ri n ..f aX. pi Give ua a tfiai .r.,l r.u; r.f srtina rlif-easel I' 1 ... - .. . rA satisfaction both as . v 4 '., . r ; t f i it was no go, All- were iound to be ;J0 Z their life. IK hen sick, the ob-P i b ' fr01 HHalcSsh & Gaston B, 11. Co,?,- ii? nmr7 fJw . Pass fr. Trnrrrr Arrr lialeigh, H. U. Aug.SrH 15oi. J ow Rates good for the Round Trip! NM!1 t?Jn daily at 7 IS p. s No. L Krtltt triln iiilj t 1 3 CO J Na.2.lYtfnlit Trria Bt 4 CO r.K. t "J Krtst uau htvc a Car aU U J t-teatacT tor EJcrton, rijrnortlj A Laai f'rj on Jllekvater, aud Chowan Ulna jrjc yrrtkA.. et 74o a. x. cn UondsnL h 'j rt'cdncwli; ft asd I'rWaj. E d. GEIO. I oi TtTfatwrtoTtiHoa -i Trinity College. THE BZSSIOn C0HHENCL3 Well done ccntlomen unt Mail. 11 t E3 t.1 TV t T r T:T. Ui AAi i iiawiui WUIUHHn. . irr . 'r- f wvwvJ fcHU 1UI Ul cujT V,IU i'uUUuu AUiiiujfcAi vu., AAitu-?. ''itjcnueraon anu iiaxrenum, vo nic.-i and we uarantet-b smond, Va. BJfollowlng polnU In Western Iortbt Fun FiCUitr; t-irt build bl to price and oualit rDTTHK Fsrmr: yfn arriina : viz ii.citor, ioiguion,j , xcx citr: ecccmceu.tuna. bcrenty !5-3 t- ' . . tI4rprinirs.Llncolntonr and Chcrrjrille.t.-jicscs for t:rc no-tls Via ofTcr tia r1. r ' XX1 XAUl-Xi b viVa. . r good to return untU Hovembcr It.t Aid Ritea to jouog nca of TV Lis. , .I..V. Ja JklU(LX . 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Passenger & Ticket Agent, lief and cure, If you doubt this, go toV-5 T T, ... , cA your Druggist DR. J. B. CLIfc y tLkct-ff J ifa -a i i rr- ' 'J E'.iZash liis done better than anv other j -and try it. Regular eizj 7o ccnts- . Q . . v - - i V & . r ft,.,uiity in the btate except r ran kan. A t Two doses will volicve yoa. Kr J . i 4- t , t p.nn the nest election we witl step ahead ; v.itii -; TAailZS I. T1IOTT, WHOLESALE DEALEtS IN Bowing MaMnc. t' OTJISBURG, N. C. F-.f Franklin, for white .Radicals injjj VW Omoe at "Eagle Hotel." c3Naih are sick and will go -with us. ' !:J ! - aLis irienua. ,1.5 i l"! ..1 a-a : T7MV - :Iin, (ve are proud of tho white people t fM .'"."i'ranklin, who so uobh' did their duly f;:i i f in t1:f hit nhv-tirm. SliAiihVr fn" ' J ... IT . d;-IIorso Tower Cotton Gins. ?:r: t-o.-;j re:.:cr Trcca Ar:,'1 , ' f.. M f:ri Oa Cotton in Store, ' Oa ' Etcrc-,.' V'L'Ulo I.uucy 1 her rjts&adXJ TllC Fall SCSSlOIl fc-tllouses anti Stoekf of Goods. OrJ" -tha preiy i-Jr, i;TL Liuuw, andL'3 " I I Halted P. O. Tiiaily CoUcge, IL 0." B. CHAVES. Jnly C0-1873 EAGLE HOTEL JLa.lUuAUSo M Dwellings." Furniture, Out IIousas;:: :h. 'i'iit-vj picture cjc wxrtli)vTrfT T itxtiic VTTT V lonr'-is-' M .failing &c. . ;::u,fupk .or.iy Koca and iaex-l,iW,LL JU 18,4l " f i .., . : , i -1 . 'J I 'VJ . " ' 1-1;.:.:' r.'y gooJ r.-roi:u?,t:5 . f.L '7 Loulsburg, H. C. T.-r-L::::f. - u : r,. r-d :.?-.:.a.r : r;-s. Ay active perFCii;! JJiS i?v3r OUaUii - - 'V ,: VJ r'! rre hell can ruakc a iia.d '4 ,y i.rt) i-. nu...Ur of " r-'sueulder the v.- mnrehed un to mxi theH ' i . O Ic-r.d for oirr ln?.tf-ura st. .v t s-t t. : 1 "c '" w aocjiii To euemy;cnlysixtndestftingthb .! . . f. .f. r- . j cius toce. fi Rg, Rghta and tomcb not in- v r rcW ; i-'''T a'-J JTO..-?.., - , . .. , . . I 1 rcspcctfullv annoncce to the citi-t TA Kl PT.w X-- J. E. CRT i CO- F.--1 ;6'. 7v :' re.r.. , ... i. ........ i a..j ? in tne recora wluth i 17 I'-:k Plrxe. II. . Y. f.-L. r?aea) ' . 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Ij4 n , . .,. , I -tc! r.'.V,r.:t will i. uf no palaa t;i pnn'.-f ii'n " Board nm3tberid m alranee.' x uM...; hi b .r.'cri romfortable, ?- Ui.L-.U;5i Jm Li . uid Tuition at tLo close cf the teicn ' WA !wi s l.c w:u rt h a Ehcr&l V; -.r'JT-' t..,,.; ... ' . JLS.D.WIS, .tvr;:e;.

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