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NO. 45:
0 thon to-morrow !' Mye'ery !
O day that ever mrm befoie !
What haat thine hidden hand in store
For mine, to-morrow, and for me ?
O thou to morrow ! what hat thon
In store to make me bear the now ?
0 day in which we shall forget
The tangled troublen of to-day ! ; "
() day that langhu at dans, at debt !
O day of promises to pay !
O (shelter from all present storm ! ' '
O day in which wo shall reform.
- i
O safest, best day for reform !
Oonrenient day for promises !
Hold baok the shadow of the storm.
O blessed to-morrow ! Chief est friend,
Let not thy mystery be less, C U
Bat lead us blindfold to the end. -. ,
. Joaquin Miller. ,
on the stairs, accidentally, for the pur
pose." i That was how your mother and I
got acquainted.", ! ''"-' -
'.' I did not know that, father." : ' 1
: "Will spoke with an , air of regretful
apology that was understood and ac
cepted, but silently. ;
Dreamily, in the hush of old memo
ries,- the father .walked away to his
"Will sat down before the window, to
finish some drawings, but the thick
square pencil made idle marks, while
the eyes that should have guided "jt
soiight theonly bit 'of riatuTetMtr
sight the strip of changing sky be
tween the housetops. , Many a bold de-
1 -
"They are of no use; I don't
them." I;
7 M They seem wonderful to .roe' she
said, looking up frankly. , ;
- ' Ah ! just as women's' 'work does to
us. put l a ''utiori'n cay ' iruff this
mornings is off already. , , , I
. " Let .me sew it, I have a needle here."
: Will - muttered , . .something ; . about
troubling her bit she answered : . I
ought to do anyfmng I can ;! you don't
know what good the change of rooms has
done me. I suppose like rich ladies
:1 1. " I
going out oi wwau so, an pm j .
- Yoir barre ;mado a grand; m proves
meni lieic'VaiO-Y111. lgpkiQ4xQuntl;
the same room, the same furniturb ;
but what had been a dreary confusipn
, a : " it. ;i Hwai now tirVyeace.? !
cloud-koleidoscooes. None came now. WAO" JULL wwuiu. ucic uj,
Will was musing. How could a man
work,, with that sweet, imperious
ho added.
- Alice was
about to answer : r I
Sliiyle, Double and Treble. " '
I will never marry, never," said
William Blake to his father ; a patient,
vvary-lookine old man. with 'thin trrav
hair Htretchiug across his bowed head.
IIo answered, reflectively : ' Well, I
think" you're right ; there are men that
lv. those beloncriiur to the center of! the 1 which had been nsed aa a burying grouncl
mother scoldin. for he ""could not be aroopr-wi ummjxsu "J' t m i jxont pi. tnemoutn, wnicn the scxjKBia i uy f iprmer owuiy aruuig w wj
show were, like the rabbit s, gnawing-1 verms oi iae uargum ue menaa oi iu
teeth. The other twelve teeth
can mnnago women, but your
has been too much for me."
' It seems half selfish for me to go off
and leave you alone with her ; but what
can one do, with work that wants plan
in , an;l that continual scolding in one's
curs?" . - ;
44 It's tlm cryiug fits that masters me,
snifT-snifling into her apron ; looking at
mo that reproachful, till I'm half
brought to believe that I have cbia
mitteil mxirder, or something, in my
fclcep." . .. . . . , 4
44 1 sometimai think, do .you know,
father, that in those times it is that she
is sorry ; for her temper is, iu fact, re
penting." 44 It's an awfully unpleasant, unfair
kind of punitonce, then; but I don't
know ; she's been buzzing in my ears so
long that I get fairly bothered some
times, and
44 I'll tell you what you must do when
( she gets past bearing ; just come off to
mo; it won't be far, you know."
44 So I will, my boy ; so I will." "
Accordingly, the next morning, when
"Mrs. Bluko bag.m the day with prophetic
indications of being what she called
44 upset," her husband prepared trjres
ca'pe, greatly to her displeasure. She
had resented Will's removal and 4 4 set
ting up for himself," but then, a3 Mr.
lilako remarked, 4 4 she couldn't beany
crosser than she (was lefore," so he de
parted in comparative comfort. -
Will's room was a poor little place.
Ho was not earning much as yet, and he
said 44 anything does for one's self"
with a desolate air that bomewhat
contradicted his philosophy of loneli
ness; still his work improved wonder
fully, and in that ho was always happy.
Wrll was a desiguer of moldings.
Mr. lilako found him busily stitching
an old coiit. i ' ' ' .
44 Turned tailor, Will ?" he asked.
44 'Tisn't work enough for a tailor, and
I am afraid my bungling would not pass
for ono, Either,. I tried glue, but some
how it wouldn't answer, and one must
keep onef's self looking decent. I am
going after orders by-and-bye'
44 Women are of some uso after all, if
they wero not such unreasonable crea
ture?," paid tho father, with an invol
untary glauco at the table, which looked
rather like tho wreck ' of a kitchen,
heaped up as it was with a little of
everything. '
Will w;us accustomed to have all
his tools round him inhis work, and
h had .gradaally gathered the house"
hold implements together in the same
fashion". . ,
44WiUie. WiUie." rinrinff in his earsf not mma not unaerstancungrMjaf dui
It as CVorte tlfetraction than; his sottrg-iafW
theil work ; suddenly WillVhand caught
them. 44 Alice, will vou stav here? -mil
yoH fel jd& &ve!yjr5-Xe) riy wife ?"
She shrank awav from him. 44 1 must
not-fl nust not "r
j hyinotf ! Tell me, darling."
44 Mother said, when she died
Child. -never.' !iFather" made'iherlso
Walking Tlirouuh the' TToo&m trtth.
a Treat-he rta CM jm ntott
As a' test of nerve, "'the recent' exDexi-
"ence of a wayfarer, traveling a Vood roaif
near Olympia," .Washington Territory;
was as reniarkable as afly on' record;
The man was a' speculator looking: ut
wild land, -and he trudged through he
forest, .following the; almost nnused pith old road made by pipnefers
in.thailtrildezness, , .jHis .raind,w$s pe-
iTQted tQjpne object-the .cxitioa eiim
ination,of Ihe; kind of . trees upon tha
land, about him, and of the characte of,
the soil, and he failed toVo1;icb.forsopo
time a .4rit-a-pat" upon the dead leases
near mm. ne ai ursi scarcely (
jdowh', when ne felt 'sdmething rubbing
againsi 3' legs 'and heard a slight pur
rini? sound: but when h& did ' look hia
heart came'up to' hiA mouth and a cbld
atwv4- nf-Avl-A.rl " AO rlanl WAd Vi jti rvY I f-ia
House ,of Parliament, some interesting
relics of a probably pro-historic age were
'. ' . 1 1 I . n i a it. ni r t..
oiscoverea by me woiunen empioyea 1 iour mum buuui ui mo imagu ;""i
JUmimrie Han. . 1 (
At: thexeavfclions ' now "being made j
or he foundations of the Thamos em-
bankiaeht extension, to the south of ; the
He' Thrmtem "fitmmem Ahut Ilmttme
- im HieUau fmr lXeMrltt.m, Yemr,
. 6 h t MhJh rm NetONC. j I
There having been stories circulated
reiaung to tue oaunveu iuuci uuw,
there. " These consist, . for the most
part, of bones supposed to be those of
extinct species oi quadrupeds and birds ;
but , among them j was found the under
jaw Done, retaining u, uie muiu, wcw,
of a manr apparently; belonging td an
ViXl I V iTin ui uia XI u inifcti law. uuuio vt
Mich., a lady from Byron recently Tinted
the locality, and .Sends her observations
to tho Detroit ce JPrw as follows : ,
, Arriving at the farm Mrs. Turner, in
explanation' of the phenomena, sai4 that
she "did at first thin the stones were
thrown trf human "persons, but is now
Ihe'Taones discovered be -adhering to perfectly satisfied that they are not. She
them small fresh-water shells.' and other 1 did not believe in the. supernatural, but
fresh-water shellsH were found near to I had always . been . a -Methodist,; and
them Jn creat abundance. One of the 1 previous to August last had . neve seen
most remarkable "objecls found in these or heard anythicg she'could not account
excavations 'is th e upper 1 j aw, palate;
facial bones and eye-sockets" of an; ani
mal -of the rodetitia or; glut wing1, order.
This is only wanting in twp teeth; jiime-
for. ' Continuing the recital, Mrs.' Tur
ner said that 'her husband had j mr
chased the farm fe bttle over sU jrearm
ago. and at that time it contained! a lot
sure that he really wanted to forget this.
44 1 am gladJC have .never seen her "
he said, with a long breath that did not
sound like content. Then he tried to
Willie," in her tones, ahdj as a
of impatienf disgust marked liia
put on his
j consciousness of failure, he
cap and went out. '' ' ' ' ,
The haunting voice became, a pres
ence, all too soon. As Will came home
she met him in the passage; a little,
swift-gliding figure, with soft, dark eyes
set in a pale, fair face. V Not a bit like
mother, lrhe thought, with, a curious
feeling satisfaction ; but as she pass
ed he saw that her eys were, humid
with f eajf and grief. -"J- 5
44 What is the matter ?" ho asked, ; in
voluntarily. ' 2- '.-M k
44 Wilh)! cholerarTSocior !"sheran
swered, wishing by into the sfcoet "ihat
was wet wjth a stormy rain. v
44 Stay Fl can go faster, 'criedi Will?
f ollowingber. 4 4 Yoa go back to your
brother.") She obeyed at once with the
quick docility of a gentle intelligence ;
don't feel clear about anv- and he thought asrain: Mother would
have talked for an hour."
The doctor came soon , but not soon
enough. Willie was very ill. Bravely
the little fellow struggled, but the foe
was too strongfoir'him; J f) 1 H ! 1 ' 0 '
44 Strange," the doctor muttered, im
patiently ; 44 the, last cases are so often
the worst. I thought it was over f6r this
!A week before another lodger in the
same house, ,ta gluttonous man,'! had
made himself ill feasting on mussels
and plums and beer ; he recovered, but
the poison thus brought into the house
f astenedj on ! the weakest there. : The
child died. There was nothing more to
be done for him. "All at once, for the
first time in his little life, Willie wanted
nothing ; nv-t even his sister. She
went about her, necessary work with an
oppressive, bewildered sense of leisure
upon; her. And Will if the joyous
voice alone had distracted him so, how
could ho work now ? now that it re
called the meek, desolate face of the
mourner now, that the cry had changed
into such a pitiful, beseeching 44 Willie !
Willie 1" : 7 ;
The day after Willie was buried it
happened that Will paid his rent, and
took that opportunity to inquire after
his fellow lodger.
44 Poor young tiling," said tho m6th
erly landlady, 4 4 it makes my heart ache
to see her, up there in the little room,
where they were so happy, those two.
wretched,??.. !
44 We are kindred in trouble, then,
that is all, ? said Will : .mothr, some
how, tormented my father so, that I
solved td live and die alone let us bbtb
give up our hard purposes will you,
Aliostl CP
, Wili'aJ tones pleaded better than
words; they gained him the victory.
Pressing itself softly 1 against
thftwt hiriii ai Jiiywalked,
letitsfiexible bodyswiftlv. but "ith
ret asountn turning trp nerce eyes wiu
something almost like a terrible laugh
Tiever a
in the jaw" Ihe molars being .eight and
the" incisors four, but the fncisor teeth.
are placed two xm either side of the cen j named.
ytvitDEii ov. cnxtonEX ix
. . . .
SHe &t aril in jnetaemwrn mi
Im chtrhthe Utile One mre
: There is. perhaps, no Jona-ol crime
more common in India than child mur
der. The practice prevailed when first
the province of Bengal passed into tho
hands of the British,' and it flourishes
with scarce abated "rigor at the preeent
day. Open at random, the 44 Decisions
of tha Kixamut Adawlnt "the supremo
court" of criminal, judicatttre-7-and at
brief intervals will be , found such cacs
as these : ' In Cuttack a woman" draws a
child aside, takes the tilreT bracclcU
from her arms, and flings tha little Tic
tint' into a tank, oh the surface 'of which
tho bedy is found floatinga few days
sJterwards. In Behar a man strangles a
boy nine years old," f or the sake of his
silver bracelets 'and gold earring, and
throws the corpse Into a sugar, plantation.'-
At Moorshe lalwwl.XSiaaiOP robs a
child-aged- five,' -and drops lift into a
deep and rapid part otihe river At Be
nares a iellow entices a boy twelve years
in them, wit ahuga'cotigar ! No chicken tral cnairmolleetJai and not Lrtweea the 1 there. He was 'yery'angry about tlia r
vaa ima man iluluo woous, uus ao- two canine teeth.' aa in the carnivori. in-
ttotyV brthfe laAhnel) nil Hfli ! r$s hit, eluding 'mam TMs ' fxagment oil in
woo nuocu ur uio xuxu. xa nun w w vnOT1tti and facial bones 01 an oniTnai is
sidered aa aowyphaj at all. Sleek hnd 1 neaVlV of tndsize of the'riko "narts ot thr I he .would .haunt .Turner,
"f10 muuxm u.o ioov 511UVU 1 qxubbii' TTame, anu. excep loruie ihsi- i august ivjiu. ,uom
buriedi there 'proceeded to remove tlie
"TT i - r-VJ old into liis nouseVand there-eats his
that worlw A gentleman, living in FlL&t.N .J TrTT L Li. v:-
.: Srownhaa - mother bmuJ . lj on
Ire- t about,1 and 'at 'nrterval it ; would
closer agam, antLpress. t podj aj
the Wg of th6"man,Ane light touch
ing gdosefiesh. of jeveryinch in fcps f
It was a terrible experience; tnatr x:
VieV with' 'ths coufirar1 in the I
wuutHiro- .... 1 4
moval or the body, and Vis heard io'aayl rLTT. inflion
ttany 'tUnds'if there 'wa JcH'i &TlA
4V.-1 .-VI- 'a . .4to the police. . pother, takes i neigh-
m . laii n duu axiM hiiw AXi m v ' - -
ner, xpr tuia-aon,. . : . j,
lhahbsence month this stone throwing !'was com
atfirsHdght menced.''- V- v i -i I
xne xuxnurs acn iaai mcj vuu uo
Prom the-wreck of the past seemed to I primeval, and it was -"well for the
snrincr n brifirht future, like the flowers I that .his nerves were Of. the kind id do
froni out of last year's dead leaves. : -j honor to arpntier adventurer, teailily I ue onme spot, a flint knife was fduhd,' nst;1' She "culTed "immediately- to 'her
ttofa of: the rodent teeth and
of the canine teeth, it might
be mistaken for a portion of the human
head. I'No animal of the rodentia orier know of Brown s death: nutd, some ma
of so large a' size is how, however.' f bund after. The.fixst sna thiown wisoae
in this country or known to have existed evening about .sundown, wjiile J Mrs,
mn wmn uie penoa oi immftTi xusbory. j n .y, -c j
at her side, ana about uie size or a man s
By-a4dJ33,i tere yra&jb wedding ;j pursuing his epursewitliitpa ihat'
awithitepa tnat evidentlv formed bv early human
the motherly landlady gayolAlice away, would falter occasionally, he ukept(on,M j-0's 0f tese ancient reniama 'wert difcu ipeat thq aot,;as hp might frighten the
. mm v ' 1 . .a" a-wj it ... ,
ana vvmjiQQfcyier-as tne- great gu 01
his life. ""Ns . i , !.'
As they camehome from5 the church,
he said;' brightly , "We have both
signed single iblessedness,Cwhat shall
have instead ?" '
4 4 She nestled close to him and
swered : 44 Double blessedness."
Peacefully and brightly the years went
and with him r the beast continued its covered- at about thirty-tw leet 4 below l cow and hurt her. He replied tkat ho
glide a few paces to the front, and 'roll.
over aii oyer in the road, and wait: for
the man to come up, and then 7 it would
1 circle around him again until the im
pulse, almost too strong to be resisted,
would come upon him to : spring upon
" la A9 .' 9 9 ' A A
the surface of the bant of the iiver nau noi inrown anyinujg. usi men
opposite Abingd9n. street, and five feet two more came down ; one sinning near
bedded in a deposit of black vegetable Tttrnerwho was nnharnessmg his horses
mold containing numerous pieces' of the near by called tiout-. angrily, looking
smaller branches of trees, become black about to vhenoo they came: There,
as peat oak. Some of-the bones, in- that will do; throw no more stones here
dudinff those of -the jodent animal, or you will, find,' whoever "yon are, two
mixed . together with shells, were, ;how
evcr, found in a fluvial sandy silt or drift,'
and it was in a deposit of this kind that 1
the flint knife was obtained.-Man
chester Guardian. , . 1 1
the brute, opposing fists to . fangs, and
on till, Gven Id. -Blake learned to be- ending the intolerable suspense at .any
lieve in youth and 1 love and happiness ( iriskL .The 'jjioyements of- he terrible
more especially when a little fairy grapd- animal were "but as the playrhg of 1 al cat
daughter came to clasp his hand and tjod- With; a jmpuse, and. the - Van knew it.
die in hi3 footsteps. ' ' V. ! : The moment cmeat 'length, when the
, One day, .when, for t a vwcpderf' Will's strain could be brne no onger, and
wife for her to sew one on, something in as it f paasod ,him, t , Jn 4 an. instaiit it refui- Ii h m.
her attitude, as she sat before him with I bounded iu front and croiiched for' a 'The" 1 nice of celadine'or 4 4 touch mo
the sunshine on- her hairi reminded him spring, groiling-oarsojy ,m showing 'not " is said to cure! tha poison of iyy. , .
of that firat Vork' of hers wMen hif love itT,'teeth; The man stoppld and shouted To remove paint ' eplashed upon the aQsir'a ligW ' w j . u opejlesl f aidj, jjkbft pougar did windowpanea use a hot solution of soda
: . ;" Dp. . you remernber 'tho .ilrst'' bnton- liM'sprteet Once, bnf appeortfcl Sraiting and soft flanneL - ,j ;!
you put on for me, like . a fetter .round :to ptAitj, its humor ,0 little longer .jThe . I a door doeg n0 Bnut with a j elam
my . wrkt, eumiingvAUca?" ;he skid shout, fortunately, w"as not in Vain. ; put a drop of sweet ojl on the catch ; if
smilingly. j .. ; .vOTAa wej, hunrs'fod dcs in the it eton on the hinges.; :goap
" vy puia you ue loosea now, 11 you lmmeaiate vicinity, as rare ionune will do ' but not so well. "' !
could"' she aslced.with ,a tender looi of would" hater it,' and tha rhonnds dashed ' jix .wa-ii
, . .. . ..' - -. ...j T ,1 ' ; Save your old rubber boots and over
defiance. ? . ... , .., suddenly from the covert as the cougar, ... i. . x att Moritr
' 44 Ah no! this, our Ufe is?' a tender, seeing ffie'm, leaped for a tree. Ajfew L , , ness with which they fell, there has been
merry voice broke in, calJg, "Father!" I mpmens later the beast fej a yjctim to manufactured pring8 in Boston. no nrt. They have passed by the
enaea,- widll u- wuuuuui biku wuueis, uuu.ura aum wiua ivxiuuivAWj uau 1 r 1. . 1 persons so near as vo urusu wieir ciota-
Le blessedness I taken a stroll was telling his story and : To take niddew from hnen, mix soft h
trying to restore the normal condition of P. ? powaerea t siarcn, nau (ine gr(JuntL
can play at that garnet" More stones
came flying,' : and both Mr. and ' Mrs.
Turner began to search for. tlie person
throwing the stones. They found them
selves puzzled; to find out from what di
rection they came, for they could not see
the stone's till they were within ; a few
feet of ihem,' ' and apparently ' coming
from all directions. This sort of thing
kept trp for several days, before they in
formed their neighbors and friends, and
asked for help in finding the cause. The
neighbors came, and the stones con
tinued ' rapidly falling about them In
their search for tho" person throwing
them.- Everybody , gave up, declaring
they could not solve the mystery.
A peculiarity of this stone-throwing has
been that with all the apparant reckless-
At Liong Branch.
There is a constant entertainment in
studying human nature, as it is present
ed on the balcony of our hotel, says a
Long Branch correspondent. We have
here a moving panorama of Ufe centered
in this little world of our own, If you
have nothing particular to do, you can
his nerves. It was one of the episodes
which turns men's hair gray-one. which
a man-with
the affair,
, !,!-!
For the Itieh aa IVell aa the JPoor.
Several incidents have", lately been
quantity of salt, and a piece of ; lemon,
and lay ' it On both sides with a paint
brush ; let ltrbe in the open air on
is re-
doubtless, have brought death to orusn ; ie, ue u u . Pou
-withless nerve than the hero of Prable--tilI 'the stain .u
i When milk eourt, scalding "will render
it sweet again. . . The; whey i separates
from the curd, and the former is better
draw your chair close to the ekge of the given tending to .show that in England than shortening m bread
ci. - n n 'ii
L..Wr"6!" wealthyT when breaking the ;la'ws ' 'Any absorbent will-give relief ; from
w itu ilia umne. auu ma bxuiiKo 110 ucu 1 - n r-rr- . , . . . - d .
. - i - ..mi i l i
to touch cry 4 AUce
called for her at therlast. It is enough
to craze her ; there isn't an empty room"
in the house, or she should have it for
a bit."
are - movine j ana siiun? aoouc ;. ,ana u
you are' a closQbserveTjt ydn'ivifl find
enough to interest you. w-
See the lady with the blond hair and
rayeyeswith her head reposing jlan-
suffer equally with, the poor.. One lit-1 bee stings. Bat perhaps nothing is
t.l inridpnt in oonnention witJi the' case I more effectual than lean raw meat. ' The
f Alexander Collie & Co., a wealthy
firm charged' with .frauds, is worth no- instantly relieved by it. It is .said. to
tice. When the heads of the firm were cure the bite ol a rattlesnake and to re-
44 Ask her to. chance Jwith mej said uidly on tne snouioer PJ the genue:
Will, eaeerly : 44 tell her I should. be so with the Uundreary vnisfcers.
he said ; 4 4 it would have been ready be- glad, if she would not mind ; the light her, iuppose j and think that her
there would suit me better."
Alice consented doubtfully.
vou would like to hold up that
iwems like .deserting Will,',',' she said j head and smooth , down , Uioe,b
Vt and yet one lias no right to let ones tressesi 4 ' Of course, greehyTyou
self eet Ul: tell MrfBlKke-I accept his "wrbhg again ;!her heal don't ache,
offer gratefully.' " "' I sawher consume a Spanish mackerel
She had grown a little stately in her and a Mohnioutn county spring chicken
solitary grief, and Will stammered over ior dinner, so she cannot be very 4ick.
liia in.o.iifafi mtwh MV DMin is She is only spooney, that's all. She was
Willie, too ; couldn'i you take me
fore, only while I was 'gone for a loaf the
kettlo boil.'d over."
44 It won't do that .this time," said Mr. :
Bl.ik'e, lifting the tilted vessel from the1
firo. :: i- .: -,), .
44 Why?" ..
44 See 1" ' J...'!- t ;
Then they both laughed ; Will had for
gotten to put in the water. , ' ;
But tho blunders were soon remedied
thero was no one to soold pyerthem.'
Father and son were chattering
pleasantly over tho end of their meal,'
when a bright young voice ; was heard,
"on tho landing outside, calling ' 5' Wil4
lie, Willie." ; . 1 :
44-Made friends, already ?" asked Mr.
Bliko, looking up, surprised. t ,a . s
. 44 No, it is somebody lodges" over
head ; her little brother has run off
down stairs. He seems to give her a deal
of tronble, but she never speaks any
bharper than that." . " '
44 Doesn't she now ? It's a wonderfully
pleasant sounding voice."
By-and-bye it seemed that the culprit
was hunted up the stairs home again, a
' merry hunt, with much laughing on
both sides, and as they passed Will's
door, a quieter 44 Willie, Willie.
44 1 haven
in mat that cooinflf, careful way, since to 4 make believe ' as children say.
my sister that died ; she was just like a Alick, meanwhile, had found a cheer-
mother to me ; it a a terrible long while ing employment in putting Will s room
straight, as she . called it. " 44 Such a
must nche padly, the poor dear, and how
first brought before the magistrate,
Youbity J Jtaajdernandod4 IJ 7 r
eaj not auowea to go nome wnne luai
friends hunted around for bail, but were
remanded to Newjrate. Their htwyer.
betrcred that they might at least be al-
aj-e lowed 16 go'tQNeiyafe irfiag. The
i magistrate repueu uia u poor meawre
brought before him they would Jiave
to go tcvprtson in the common van i
there was no difference in the " of-
Ueve erysipelas. r
v Furniture oil may be prepared as fol- J yard, A thousand or more persons hare
lows tMix half, a pint of olive oil with I yisited the place', and a great many have
one pound of soft soap. jf Boil theni
and apply . the , .mixture . to. ypuri oiled
furniture with a piece ot cotton IwooL
. . Take a piece ox commoa yello
your brother!" i
Olt n r olio a-nairrA1 -nrltVi iTirvt
simplicity. 44 He was so naughty, the
darling ; I never could have him out of
my thoughts for a moment."
Alice hereli had this kind of naughti
ness for Will, and now? Eving iri her
room, he seemed to be encompassed by
her presence ; his tools and work seemed
rough and coarse amidst f- tlie little
dainty arrangements that marked a
womanly hand. ; ; ; -.
44 If it hadn't been for knowing
mother," he mused, one evening, 44 1
might fall in love, I th believe ; .as it is
1 know oener. '
So 44 knowing better," he shrank
from an intercourse that might, in some
sharp answer, brine: Alice down from
w paper.-
also another of creen. and fit ft into the
top 'qf ypurhaCso" as to stay" tightly, j forenoon" and continue lo be throwii ra
arfd not' oiw'voitt never bd 8trnJ i til dark.' : Nons were thrown on tho oe-
fense with ! which' the 'prisoners fwere Struck. but the "headaches ;and ' similar i casion of th4 visit here described. The
charged, whether committed by nob or t troubles of hot weather will be avoided, shower of stones, is not so ereat as Uet
1 1 4 ago, nd after that event found feather poor consequently, he declined to ferant Try' it. uil it
li'rn khftt HhA liftil tmaA Si.lritbe privilege, applied -ioiv, ,Thd twbi : -j i
instil ever since. She-takes 'a . f Collieadad ta broiigbt, ddt-tn.ftpnt ol
r.ion .lpl,Vht in makinir those three! old the Mansion House before a crowd . of AI Paris corresrxmdent -writd i The
maids, sitting on the benchnear the 8Iectf?ifi'fu?d jQ Jf3 Jonrapy to Gauloi haa a good tory to ;teU
hu bands they, can use as pillows. I
think she takes some delight in torttrring
us lone bachelors' also, who are no; so
fitrored: for everv time I pass her in
. n , . i
that position there is a roguish look in
van, or. " iJacfc 1 a -cexUin EofiUh. actor, named Walter
,W need not isay 'say the 1 Hastingsa story4 so sensational that it
oems scarcely woru wnuo a spou u oy
This Mr. Hastings,
, . .. . . : : 177 .ii
Frtiftlnj Von Jural
Newgaein the' prison
New York" Times, that they onld ;have
been tf eited withniuch.reatA 1 consid
eration nere. Easy 1 bay, . would i have
been demanded, and if they had iound
htx pedestal, on which he still - chose to
. Blako looked strangely reflective! place her, justifying his bright dreams j
avon't heard anybody say Willie,' to himself by saying : 44 It is pleasant
0 i I i nr u i . il:i ii ' Jf
her eye, which seems to say: ; Would IW oimcuity to gei ina. uieywouia
you not oe nappy u you couia noiu . w- - j
somebody's head up." lonaoio uui, ur cy iuuwu
nouses, unaer ui(J nominal Buxreiuaace
of a sherrns' officer; : 'Burglars, thieves,
even murderers, find no difficulty in get
ting admiited Vo'bdUby rar magistrates.'
A man nearly killed a police officer the
other night, and was instantly admitted
to bail in the sum of SI, 000. .How much
better off Messrs. Collie & Co. would bo
to-day if their offense had been cora-
ago. s ...
44 These two are ( much "the . same.
They live alone ; she mmdshim and sends
him to school." 1 ft a i
4 4 You seem to know all about her,
Will." " ' " '
1 . if. "T i
4 4 All I am likely to "kno-w . There are
no strangers like fellow lodgers, and
she is pot the bird of girl to meet one
pity, poor tian, f pr him to live in such a
muddle, atid himiso clever, too." . V'i
She had found some torn drawings
in the littered fireplace, and carefully
Bmoothed hem out as treasure over
looked. Will, coming for a book, found her
thus busy, and said smiling :
7 One, Idiot ' in the Family.
The Salem (Mass.) Gazette narrates
the following : A firm in a neighboring
town being obliged to suspend opera
tions on account of the unfaithfulness of
one of its members, ' a number of citi
zens subscribed certain sums to effect a
resumption of the work, and toj en
courage home industry. But their kind
ness was imposed upon, and they found
themselves so much put of pocket.
' xnitted in jew York, instead ol London 1
One I How rr is Doxe. At somelibuses of
ot the parties in filling out the censnr JnJettainfn lft jcoapp tnejmce m
tDor. Maced : und the head " How board and lodging is $50 per day. TW
manv idiots in the family fone. ter tickftS4are : drinks at the !bar
Miin..!, il,tr innnired the census 810, and rMiards 100 game. In.(ji
taker I was not
were any in your family." " Oh, lye,
there is one. I made a fool of myself
when I signed that subscription paper."
the census
aware that there
these cases notice is given of a liberal
diaeouni to friends.""- Tiio- object, is to
avoid the penalties of the civil rights
Judge Pearson, of ; the supreme court
of North Carolina, has rendered an
opinion which is interesting under oer-
tain circumstances. In this case the
18C5, dining with Lord 1 parties had nsade a contract of marriage,
and on the day previous to the marriage
thoTwotaan executedJa!ileed.of gift of
her real estate to the ralne. of $8,000 to
her step-mother without the knowledge
of the man." After the marriage the
husband sued for the recovery of the
Land baek to the wife- trpon the ground
of fraud. The court held that the deed
was fraudulent, intended to deceiTe the
mm, ' and the step mother is ordered
to convey back the land to the wife.
id credulity. This Mr. Hastings, 'it ap
pears, was, in
tion to express . an opinion that solitary
confinement S "by no means so terriJilo
a punishmentas it sounds. Lard S.
disagreed t with the .speculative (actor,
find Xurthwiih offered him 10.000 if he
would be punished in . this jway for ten
years. The offer was accepted, and Mr,
Hastings left the stage to pass the next
decade of "his, life in a dark cell ot fifteen
leet uy ten. ue was auoweu c&nuieB
nf rielmnc him to flv a lite.' arid thero
samp I . . i. . ... , i ia..u
strangles duu wiui lum wh h
strips hint- ol tha trhy .trinkets with
which,, ho was adorned. Yet f another
conducts a boy, ged.nineto witness a
religious procewuonVyat pdAsing near
ditch suddenly ' Uifows hini down, par
tialiy atrancrlos hinv icars thai silver or
naments from' bis anna .and. ieet, and
fling him : into Vbe ditch, which is for
tunately dry, and where he is found be
fore life is quite extinct. "By tjiepromiso
of a'melon Leela" tnveiglejr Debee Dee,
seven years" of agei froni tistfather's
house, brains him with a hoc; i fid buries
his turban and trinkets in a field, leav
ing the body, where it -had fallen, and.
where it was found by the anxious fath
er. ' This murderer, like the'" otliers, on
being charged ' with the crime, at onoo
confessed hi guilt,' but pleaded as an
fTtenntting rirmmstimea Jhat-ho was
prompted by an evil spirit. , ,
. A woman holds a little girl under wa
ter until she is drowned, Iho temptation
being a silver collar of the wtigbt of
two rupees. .Two women ooai evening
ask a child eight years , Old to oome on
the morrow for soma, fruit, and when she
eagerly arrives, the one holds ber whilo
the other passes a rope round her neck
and pulls it till the breath has fled. Tho
body was speedily found in the midst of
some tall grass near the house, and the
spoils consisted of a silver collar weigh
ing four rupees. A woman of Tipperah ;
was engaged in cooking her food, when,
according to her ' own account, a child
not above six years old came toddling up
to ' her.'- Suddenly a thick darkness en
veloped her, and a radce sound fd in her
ears bidding her strangle ber Uttlo visi
tor. Thereupon she seised the child by
tha throat and the' darkness passed away.
So she dug a hole in the floor of her
house and laid the body therein, after
taking off the1 few valueless ornaments.
A girl, aged nine, herself recently be
trothed, droms her playfellow in a
shallow watercourse, while .a boy four
teen years old leads in play a youthful
companion to the. edge of a tan,
mashes his skull with a flint, posscee!
himself of the scanty ornamants and
then lays the crima t the door of a
neighbor. Similar c" mJLght beSjuot-
iitCj Carrie by ta "f. .'7 lZrt
ain of the .lone, were fP 4KS'" ?fl
Uie CuXUi EUMOU mm mm hi uaxa v uu
company of its murderer, "who straight
way relates the whole transaction and
points out t where :the - ornaments havo
been buried. These usually conaiat of m
very ithin silver, bracelets and anklets,
with possiuly "small r Id rings oa tho
finger and tiny pearl et as 'earring,
the value ranging from' two td ten ru
peea. L Tha trinket and sometimes the
body, are buried a few, inches; beneath
ho aurface either in' . the dry soil of a
neighboring fieLL usually' the murder
er's own plot of gTOund, or ln: hi hut,
where its presence xntx&t' inevitably be .
discovered a aooa aadaoompooition set
in. ; Bodies . exposed Jn tha open field
or carelessly thrown into" the nearest
jungle are quickly rendered unrecogniz
able by wild beast and bird of prey,
nor doe tha scanty : clothing afford
trustworthy means of recognition.
-. ; i ;
i tm Grief.
'A iarge'expedition to the Black Hills,
composed of nearly two hundred men,
soma -of whom were from New York,
Pennsylvania and. New England, has
Turner last fall was very anxious to have
snow fall, as he reasoned that if the
stones were thrown by living individuals,
their tracks would betray them. The
stones continued to be thrown all winter,
even when the snow was deep. They
would fall upon the roof of the house
and roll down, leaving scarcely a vestige
of their course in tha snow. No track
of . persons whatever could be found.
Mrs. Turner savs it is more as if the
stones were s
thrown. Certain
carried home by the neighbors and pri
vately marked. -These identical stones
would soon be found again in Turner a
themselves seen the stone throwing,' but
vastly many more ha r6 waited and went
way without' seeing .it, and - have pro
nounced 'tha r whale? Uiings .humbugr
Mrs. Turner say the, stones . ordinarily
commence to fall at ten o'clock in the
simmer, and the family art in hopes it
will stop altogether. ; ,
and books and writing materials and
pientv of Tood. but "was served by a
a f I
silent an d 4 invisible attendant. 1 1 Ha has ,
. Hoxzstx at . m '. ParjtfTLTC Parson
Brownlow, a latter political enemy of
came to a bad end-They congregated
at Sedalia, Mo., about the first of July,
each member equipping himself for gold
digging and ' Indian fighting, besides
paying $70 into' a general fund. They
went by tha way of Denver, ana were
depleted by rumor that. United btatea
troop were after them. Further on
they dwindled to twenty-three,' and those
were captured by cavalry and returned
to civilization.-
nmr won bis 10,000 and ' is spending it Andrew Johnson, in an editorial article
in Pari, .whitfcer ha is glad to " escape in in his paper aay that tlie ex-Preaident
search oi beoltli after his cenfinenient in was strictly honest,', and adds: ' This
hia lordalap's cellar, i ; Instead ol looking trait in'his cliaracter in wurthy of ctnul
his. aeehiriT-fiTe-die' .aDearH to ba tion bv all publio mcu. Ill boundhxai
at leutt sixty ; but be iv fay, the (iau
ioMpxtremtJy- anxious - to begia once
iaoxe in Ida realistic career. , lle'stems
to have made up for the part of Lo Con
tenaire with great detormination.
suncesB is 'eTidenoe ,that. tl. Amcricaq
people appreciato .hoia-ty in their rulers
and that when they find micb they will
reward them with their couCdcnoo and
Or Cou&az Sir Dnx A middle agl
woman fell as aha was deacending a pair
of stair in a Detroit ' building, and
tho- first rum to - reach', tier , feet was
a banker who liappened to . to passing.
,4Did you fall, tnadamt! he inquired, an
he seized her arm. Fall I Of course
I fell. ' You don't suppose I'd sit down
in such a place as that to rest, do you!"
she unapped. He didn't

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