Franklin Courier GEO. S. BAKER, PnoritiKTOit. LorisniTR o... ...... ....Sevt ,f I, 1675 SPECIAL ITFMS. . Wc will pewd the Courier and Mlcy' Lntly Kook, with beautiful J Oil ehromo "Rescue,' 12 months for - ' My Stock of fpring aiK fiummcr of, is very larpe, -and I pledge roy Irlf k sell as cheap tx any one in Ixrais hurg. I have aho q good stock of Con- f,.f tirnnrKS. GsWierieS &C. all at . the lowest market-price for Cash. . T. N. CARLTLE. Mr. E. D. Watson, is agent fo-tho "Wheeler & Wilson fcewin;! Machine. He also -repairs nw3 tfuts in good work in',' order, midlines of other patents, and also kcops.oaliKmd noodle &c. tee. which lie will farwWh at the lowest price he warrants all "his Work. Call on him at the Eaple Hotel. NOTICE- I have four fine fat Wcvcs wVicli I Ai to-ecll on the hoof. A. E. DOKWTT. Ct-dar R.n;k, N. C MAIXOUY'S PJCRTJVTLnTI GUAKG. (Jrnnino- raUI'VIAS ' Sir ii't'Cl IrMII WUVtr.l llllltMlb WrtlCTiiiunv; yirwi- rniitcl pnr;.av.vtwJvlteitod. ?Ary tow for Vai. ' .' . - W. S.IALLORY, , ' Tvanklinton, N. C. To the Public. 1 Yon: Likk -aKr 10 Ohkto? riAuoM pr-vnil)' ovory where, nnd 4'V'vbdy c.?n laiiis tf some disease lui iu i'.ieir lift. If fciefc, the oh, j.-,:t is to g-.t veil., ii'W weay.-pkiuly a (Initio person 'in 'hf? worlu Clmt is ufferig with Inl I'i-iA. flVver eoni- ),1;iitit atid its effictH, Mteh-s ndigef iti, t'ostivcuet-s SicU Ileadachu StoKi.-ich, Hart born. Palpita- d'yjn f tin Heart, Depressed riiritfs, jj lilioit!esf. Av., can t:ike . jKJ:n3 ;i :i:;rsr ri.i-.WKit .vt?.:t .''fHjg--li;f juwl cure. If vh .Mil.t this, go to your llruja'ist 1U. U. CLIFTON i il p.t a Sutoj.le til.o fur 10 centdx mul trv it. Reirifhw t'zx "V5 cents, r. 'I'w.i doses will vflUovo vo . wo'uM r;-pcctfiil!y 'call your at tontii'ii to tlii tww. rich.' mid cheap W:itcli,'. Jewel rv, ' DinnionoV. Silver "ilH'. t!l..vls mid fancy goods,-at V.uii;'S. Jht'liirt Front Jt:vlry St(re, corner Sy-anfcre (c V uik streets, J IVt. .ourif, Ya.. Sfikt... .plain !o!il Kiiu for cnjMgement and wed 1 1 Siihji puriioK.-j Vctinw, Celebrated l'eifecletl I'eru:eo.:c neA;ci38 a-nd 1 I've (ihisv, kvW UuprtAO "l ben cut your eye-sight. Cull and see tiiciu w1ki you visit IVtcrsburg. A most Alltel laiuing and useful bottk. T B H. Stonehouse History of the lltK-ky mountain Saints. The writer was for twenty live years a Mojwn Elder, Missionary, and Editor of the f.ilt Lake Daily Ti hroph. 1 - 7'hi.s is a most lvadtble ma interest ing bo. k, and well vorfli tlie money A n-kcu for it. It is sold nly by sub hcription . .Mr. JiO. ts llanis has the r.pcncy fr this County, otH on him and give him your nfiwe, Sopt 10-4-w WITH .T.VIlsS 1J. TUOTT, WHOLKSALK HEALEK IN . HATS AND CAPS, 34 Hanoyer Street, r Baltimore, Md, VALUABLE AND INTER ESTING WORK- The life of Genl Robert B. Lee, by Jno- Est en Cooke, with lllusitiwus, Portraits and Maps. The name ot Jee is beloved and re cpected through the wijrld and purtic- . ular in the South, as s. fjojdier bo was great but k a uiaja be was greatei. No Southern man sboulcl be without the llietory of Genl. U. E. Lee. The work is sold only by subsciptuon. Price in cloth, ?5.00 Leather, $6.00 Half Morocco, - $7.00 J.N, II AUK IS gt. forFranklin. Trinity College- . Tnn SESSION COMMENCES Sept., 2nd 1875. Full Faculty; elegant buildings first clas-i accommodation. Seventy five to ninty .lollars will psy all tx peiisea for tiv. hontbs Wc tff.r the Aid given tot young men of limited Qiean?. , P. O. Trioity College, N. C." 11. CRAYEX. Jnly 30-1875 YARUOllOUGK U0U8E RALEIGH. N. C. G-W. BL AC KNELL, Proprietor. A RULE THAT WILL BE STRICT- LY CARRIED OUT. KEDCKoisS MARK. We Lave arjuhiber of subscribers I on our books, who are ia Areas for I toeir ; subscription. Th k week we end to all suciu ibur pa r marked i with :i Red Cues Mark. TLm is 3 like only warning we -eUaJl gwe, and if it is disregarded, we d haxe t drep their names frim uvur bck. mttt and tben take the Lent luetbu e knw of towards getiing our luuey. Wehpe all will conic forwaj4 aud pay ' v -:l , ISLACIf CUOSS ALAOi JCT Those receirig their paper u'iih a Black Ckos-" M auk, will ium Jt their subscription ha ojepirod. jud if they wi.L th'tir paper continued, will send or bring their subcriptiou, as we .are compelled' to .adopt the cash sys tem. Ami wo hooi no one will ask us to send flisxi She jn per, and wait for tle money, as w? will have to re fuse. This notice i not tvytlen jut to "Gil up," but we uacaa every. word cf u. . ', Cotton Pickers are in demand. New cotton ointvg in every day. Our Mercliauts are all getting ready to go orth after then lall and i winter good. ;J ... . . . . Mr. A. W, Graham of Orange couutv, has been elected Chief Mar bliall, at.t!" next State Fair. ; ; ; y The Courier for three raontbs only Fifty Ckxts. Let every Deuio '.CEatin the County subscribe at once. Cuateju, Hill,. Our" young friends., Arthur Arrington, Fenner Yarhorough A;d R. H. Davis, left gast fstok for eimrl Hill- -. if you go any w he i y iu t ..e neighbor-hood-of Warreatou, don't h to go to tbc Norwood klavise., to see how wed you wi te entertiiaed. It stauds fide by side with the bait holels in the State. The fiust Balk of Cotton. The first bale of cottco -eold in the county, was by Mr. The. CoDyers of Frauk linton. on !ie 15th Itgt. W. S. Mal lory Esq., became the purchaser at 1 5 ct&. The first bale of iccttcn sold in Louiburg, was by Mr. S. Wr X:r fhall, il was picked at the h Qin of Messrs. .Barrow & l'leasantc, ud was bought by Messrs. While & Sba, on the ICtli inst. ' 5S.o,e tCbeittraw'tivo column n !vevTe ment of 'iaessrs. Barrow & Pleusnn. Ttey guarantee the "turn out" fiooi their Grin to be full, and that aH tle Cfrtten tscnt to their Gin will 'be &1y coveted by fnsurancc. Cooperativj2 Store. The Pat . rons of Husbandry have opened a store for the sale of General Merchan dise, in the st're formerly oupied by Mr. P. J. Brown. Dr. O. L. Ellis is the principal, and Mr. Jeff Stokes assistant store keeper. : The members of the Baud were in vited to take supper at .the Eagle Hotel on Saturday nigltft last where they were entertained in the hand some ar.d hospitable mariuer for which the proprietor ia noted. . Cone AronTn. Mr. Thos. AYbito of the firm Wrtte & Shaw, and Mr! E. W. Fuller left on Tuesday and Col. W. K. Yarborpugh of Yarbo rough & Co. and J. S. Barrpw of Barrow & j Pleasants on Thursday morninc, for the Nortb to purchase , their fall ?tock of goods. Our other merchants will leave in a few days An Ol Relic. We have in our office an old Bible printed in London by Jno. FHd In the year 1060,- two hundred and sixteen years ago it has on the fly leaf written in a bold bnd,H "Jno. Bangs, Book, Preacher of the Gospel in North Carolina. ) 779 " The book is bound intood and eovered with leather. Iv is the" property of Mr. Jno. G. King of this place SnooTTNa Affair. -On Wednes day night abottt 7 o'clock a difficulty occurcd between Mr. J. W. Pleasants acarpenter, in the employ of Messrs. Smith & Beacham of this place, and Mr, Frank Harris, son of Col- Harvel Harris of Henderson, which resulted in the sho :ting of Harris in the stomach by Pleasants. Pleasants was imme diately arrested and lodged in jail Harris condition is thought to be dangerous. Serknap. The Lauisburg Cor net Band, complimented the Ladie, who assisted them In their Dramatic Entertainment on the 7th inst., given for the benefit of the Band, by sere nading them one night last week. The band is composed cf some of the best young men in our town, they have made rapid progress, and per form admirably, and may now be classed among the best bands in the State. "We hope they will favor our citizens often during th.e pleasant fall nights with the sweet music, they kiww so well how to make, we can, as sure them it will bo hjghly appreciated. " Kxowir tr- was CoMixa."- A day; driven hy &rx elegantly attired lady, and with a trim aad neatly aress ed colored b, oy pert 2d on the foot- ma seat bel .ind. was passing through tue street ye sterday-.when it was es pied by aui old nigro woman who bad come frum the couotij to $ee the Ex position, 'jress 4 'Lord," ?,heex claiued, raising her Lfcada as f ht spoke. aBress d$ Lord, I wcver 'ftpected to ee dat. Wonder whU dat cullad young gem men pays dat young white 'ouian fur drivin dat lerridgc? I kaowed it'd come, but novcr 'speited to lib to soe it. I)u nigj s ready to gp:waj ncw.,, Courier JonrAuI. Too Gsur,-'-Is yoc Dr. Y ? ejaculated an unci eat colored woman tery excitedly a ihe roshed into the ofiW of a-iphysicjan, wlmxn she startled soiuevhat by ler sudden appearance, cu using faint suspi.iioa in bis mind that there -was a big ca at Land. That it the appellation under which 1 practnethep?o&ssion of medi cine," remarket! the riygiciati with great dignity . "Sab?' aAed tfaevomau very much amazed at Vis answer. "Under the titte luewiond I pre scribe medicines. Ah, does kinder nistakeit lit. do punsonV j wanted to see a. doctor, and I ax) your laiUon, Mr 'Rellation, Youg a . greater pussou can I wan's, and you must 'scuse the "ruption.' Courier Jour i'" dm This is applicable hero so Wo change it to suit: (,Yes, sir," eaid a gentle-rua.dy-looking man on main street, the other day, Me ywfa -will have to .con.e; no preventing it. You hc that man just going away? AVell, he has a bill against me, jaud bes:yB if I will pay him so that he caa pay -some one else, or in other (word, thiv. if each man will pay what he owe,;the other oau pay, aud that thus, under the rules of political j economy, the thing will travel around in a'ircl. ? But' he did u't calculate that the thing must have a bottom or the circle a, break. . You see I orethiia,. out' the trouble is that nobody owes I me, and that breaks the circle, and the broken circle makes a runic Iain the &ter," Aud he took a peanut and departed. - Tiik Masonic IjofBN.vL.- The first number of 'this pap-r publishedA at Greensboro' by itev. E. A Witson, has; j beeu received. The paper is a lodal of neatness, the print is faultless, and the origiual and selected articles, show that great labor aud care ha.vo ben giveu in getting, it up,;. Wei;feei a great interest hthe Journal having once been connccteu with tho present publisher, but- for good-aiul stifiicient re.ion's, close d out our interest to him. Not that wc did not have faith in the ultimate success of the Jouinul, for we believed then, aud since the re ception of ttte first tpy of the paper our faith has beeu strengthened, and now say and think that every Mason, who cau, ought to subscribe at once and show that th& effort of Bro, Wil son, to give thtmi a good first class Masonic and falnily ptper (aud we here say that the pafcr is strictly first class) is appreciated by them, give him your help brOthren, aud our word for it, he will help you. There is a great :ieed for rlasouic ' Literature in o ir Stato and in the Soutoeru . States, and the Masonic 'Journal will .supply ihat need. We pledge ourself to do all we can toWajds spreading the circulation of the' Journal, and we hope the Lodges throughout the State will endorse aud adopt the Journal as the organ of the fraternity ia the State, and that each individual Mason will do il' he can to hold up the hands of the Editor and send him subscribers out side of the order. Wfjen a man talks ot himself be is more apt to be fluent than agreeable. It you want to know, what; a friend really thinks of you rile-him up. a lit tle; or, if that fails' try to borrow tome money of bim. At a court-martial, a young Irish mMaa whan inikat innfl wKiktlir It A I bad not given the lie to a certain per son , replied "Ne; I only said that eith er be or the colonel bad told a lie, and that I was sure it wasn't the colonel." In reply to a young writer who wish ed to know "what magazine will give me the highest position quickest," a contemporary advises "a powder mag azine, if you caa contribute a fiery ar ticle. A barber, who was in the habit of stunning his customers' ears by the rapidly of his tongue, asked and indi vidual one day, how be wished bis beard cut. 41 Without saying a single word," replied he. What la this world? A dream with in a dream. As we grow older, each step has an inward awakening. The youth awakes, as he thinks, from child hood the fall-grown man despises the pursuits of youth aa visionary the old man looks on manhood as a fererUh dream. In death the last sleep! No 4t is the last final awakening. Sm Waltxb Scott. Young ladles and. gentleman now have arranged "a convenient plan to keep early boor?. The gentleman be. fore be leaves puts bis watch back an bom Tbejrmng lady puts the clock Uck an hour also. Court ad j mrta at 11 o'clock by both time pieces. Ha an, horny band?, embrownel by the sun nod rougheacd by labor, are more honorable than white ones that m-Tr reacaed out to help a fellow creatur., or ddcd a dollar to the world's wealth. A Doctor attending a wit who was very ill, apologized for being late one day by saying that be bad to stop to see a ram that bad 1 alien down a well. -Did bs kick the bucket, doctorf in quired the other. Knives and Fork Furtation.To drop your knife meaai, 'I am' badly bored." To eat with your knite mean, "I am not pasted." To drop yonr fork msans. '! in desperately in 1otc.' To wipe jour knife on the. table cloth mean, "all right." To stir your cofL-e with a fork meant, "how sweet you art" - To cat your s mp witb a lorkmeanp, "yon are very bcaulitul." To whet your knife on your lork mean?, "you see Jam sharp." To cut jour mouth with a knife mean 3, "I am very impatient.'' To pick your teeth with a fork I means, 'I the ick of the Ut' f j.w mjij jf.u uufe wuu av napain c9ns, ''I am "making a tool of myself.' ' rum on your plate wi:b your kn,Snd fork! mean," I am almost crazy , , To sctij yonr liead a fork tnoanc T . u lor bcquaiaunce with Trill ' ' you. luu,fJ Dltdfekloile but ter mean, "l ausot you see." " very particular, To let your kiiifc,k " , lt the gravout ol jofe 'pttJ am exceedingly I'appy?8' 1 To draw the knife iff ereV yourihroat means, I 7 raywlf-very well I thank youDJJ,D ew.; Advertiseiiieiii Attractive Sale of Land J '. By virtue or a -decree c f the Superior Court ot Franklrn -County made in the case h( W; , 8PENCE K, Adm'r , of B. Perry Deceased, against Temperance Battle" Estate.'- petition to sell land to py debts.,1 1 witl.on Monday ibe 4tb day of October 1875, at the Court House door in the tiwn ot Louisburg', at 12 o'clock M. sell at public auction to the highest bidder, two tracts of land, belonging to the estate of said deceased, adjoining the Innds of Mrs. C A. Battle and others, one known as .ti e ,. Meadow tract" containing seventy cne acre?, and'one known as the "Mill dam tract,'' containing one. hundred and torty aud one halfacreA,' ' This land lies uear Louisburg, por tion ot it is cleared, and is all n ell m'aptcd to the growtlof Coro. Cotton J c;c, terms uaau as to ona :iouriu oi purchase mOicy --the balance on a credit ot twelve , months witb interest Irom day of sale. Title retained until all of the purchase money is paid. n . u. Drixuau, &nm r. -B. Pa rry, Deceatier1 . Sept 24 tds. - :- - " rr:- notice. ; : ; I hereby give notice that all persons are forbidden to inspaj-s on my land, adjoining the lands ot Dr. B. B. Perry and others in I raLkliu tounty, either by day or by night, c with axe or gun, under the penality of the law. JOHN ELLIS. Stp 10th 3-m. NOTICE Any one wishing to employ an ex perienced Miller, to rnn a Grist & Saw Mill, for the year 1876. would do well I to apply to the undersigned. L. E. BARTHELIMEW Jr. . Laurel Franklin Co., ; ' N. O 53 53 PETERSBURG Va, E. KICI1TE11. Watchmaker and Jew- m.- cler. - ' FINE Watches and Jewelry of the be Manufactory aud at the lowe-.t lukv. 1 Alt work personally atteuded to aud var- .rauteu. tl 53 8ycamor St., retenburg, T Ch it. WhltelaW & CrOWfler. Marble & Stone "W O JR. K S , Raleigh. N. C. Persons wishing to purchase Head stones or Monuments, can see and con sult with our Mr. Whitelaw, at Mr. J. A. Stone's boarding house. r; Aug. lS-12-m. PEET & ATKINSON. Wholesale Dry Goods Merchants. No, 45 Roanoke Avenue 1 V NORFOLK, Ya, Qept. 18 Ly ESTABLISHED 1SU7. W. H. Morris 4 Sons., COTTON FACTORS ASD Commission Merchants. 23, 25 and 27 Commerce Et, Norfolk, ra. Will make liberal Cdrrency ad van ceson produce or bill lading In hand. Mr. A. M. Xobie, of N. Is co" nected with our bouse, and will be pleased to receive the patronage of bis friends. TRY YOUR LUCK. We want everybody iq the United States to see our large, eight-page, lit erary and family ptprr, 'HiK ot;ae kik'' and in order that all may; judge ot its merits for tbcmselve, we will send it, en trial, six months for only 50 ct. and to every subscriber, ve will send ly mail, postage prepaid, ouc of our Mammoth Premium Packets con taining 10 good Envelope, 10 sheets extra noteM paper 1 good penholder, 1 good lead Rencil, 2 at eel Pens, 1 Mtm orardum Book, 1 Card Photograph ol all the Presidents of all the Pieaidests of the United Srate?, and a rice Pbr miuu of JKWELRYf worth from 25 cu. to $ I. Don't let this pass you try one package. Everybody is sore to fret more goods than they ever bought b-- fore lor the price, and the luckiest get from five to ten times the value of their mtnty. The paper alone is more than worth 50 cent, aad we give you this magnificent prize extra. Remember tbepaper ana. the Packet lor only 50 centa, Agents wanted. Address W.M. BURROW, P O. Box 58. Bristol Ttnn. Valuable Town Property for sale II I bare for sale in the Town of Frank linton, a splendid dwelling bouse. It has six Urge rooms all neatly painted a good office and all necersary out bouses and good wrH of water in the yard. Ttie lot contains about two acres of land and is situated in the business part of the town near the Rail Road, and is. well located lor business bouses. Foi further information spply to, MRS. M. A. L. MORION Kinston N. O. Sep. 3 3n. EAGLE HOTEL Louisburg, N. C. Proprietor. The pre . ... , the Eagle A propri tor lias leased by James DerT l"niieriy occupied .He is Prei5er a mmibcr of Jear8 regular and traV to accommodate nice rooms, Ave 1 frc , ixmruera, iuw up In the best style: VJcd. and fitted and convenient roonisV."0' display their samples.1861 dailr supplied M ith the W table is ket aQbrds. Uc will spare!,e mar iu lnaking his boarders couP. pabis aud hom:s be will receive alDle patrouugts frin the public. al Jan. 8rb 1875. NOTICE. Valuable Flouring, Grist and Saw. Mills, for Sale TheDivis mill property situated on 8ndy Creek in Franklin ciunty is of- fered for sale on reasonable icrms. The V ills are in good running order, and draw custom from a large icope of country. Connected with the mills is 80 acres of good land. J. pply to W. L. THORP, Rocky Mount N.C G. W. MINNIS, Photographer, Old No. 47. New 141 Sycamore St PETERSBURG. Va Executes every style ot likeness from did to lite size, in the best t vies of at Prices modi-rate, satisfaction guaranteed. Gallery eatablished ia 1874 Oct. 2 ly s. a. Stevens iOo, DEALERS IN Furniture, Carpetings & Pianos, CoasxR Mais akd Grasbt Sts., NORFOLK, Ta. The largest Stock of the above goods in Virginia. All poods guaranteed to be sold as low as in any Northern City, as our business faciHrifS are unsurpassed. Our goods are all manufactured t0 order and we ask a visit or an order from tuosc desiring goods in our lice to convince them of the advantage ob tained in dea'.iDjj nearer borne. Having beA estabiUbed twelve years and having arid largely in the vicinity ot Franklin County, all can refer to the public generally. We are Aceots and keep on band a large assortment of Pianos aad Parlor Organs at M an u factors prices, teBd for Circular. Sep. 1-1 -y. WILLIAMSON', UPCUUBC1I TUO MAS, Wholesale Gbockbs . AXD Comviission Mtrchanti Xo. 33. Fayetterill Street, RALEIGH, y. C, Opposite Metropolitan Hal!. ATTENTION n. , , " Cotton Haying just pur chased a "Georgia 'Gil"- and baying put eveitbing in the best possible or der, we are pre pared to gin any quantity of cot ton at the'short est notice. We will guarantee our gin to make as good " turn out" as any gin in the County. All cotton de j1 55 livered at our Sk jsfullv COYer- "1 Gil 2nc?Mira " "IloUl clIlC(7 Give Barrow & Pie. , JJllS. 1 O O N) Bales Cotton Wanted Mine- diafely. Be sure to call Oil US be fore selling. Barrow & Pleasants POUNDS Seed Cotton Wanted For whicli 1,Vsti V will nay the Inch est price. Barrow & Pleasant. Louisburg, N. C. mmtmt Tne only Btacklcg that will Polish Over Oiled Sur face AJD PRESERVE TIi LEATHER ! H- A. REAMS & Co. Manufacturers of llcai?!-. Darbaui Bot and Suoc PolUh, DURHAMS N. C. Iur.infct to Exl All ftUrs llonry RfMlttl ! cr The on!y blacking that will polish .on o;led surface. It k guaranteed la preserve IbekAtber and roaka it plitot, reqclriog less quantity am tkne to produce a perf-ct glos than any other, the brash to he applied immedlttelv slier putting on the blscking. Apti feet gloss from this will not soil even white clothes. We guarantee It as reprcarntett, and k for patronage strictly on its merits. In lestio- cur Mrkizg caea bru: that has no other on it. Prices as low as other Blscking. Liberal arrargt mcnts made with mcr chants acd wholesale dealer. H-A. REAM1 4k Co., Msnufacturers, Du Hm, N.C, This Blacking U recorotaceded In the highest terras, after trial, by Geo. F. Browo, J. Howard Warner, New York; the President and Profrsiors of Wske Forest College; and a Urg num ber of gentlemen in and arouad Dur ham, whose ceniCcates have been tur nished the Manufactories, Orders solicited and promptly filled. Carriage Factory. Having bought the interest of Mr. R, J. riace in the Carriage Factory of Place & Conway, I respectfully ask the patronage of the people of Franl l:n. I Guarantee aatiifaction in all my work. ; B. CONWAY, Louisburg, N. C. " mm Lumber For Sale. I have on hand one hundred thou sand feet of Crt rate wct'ur-bo wiling Flooring, bastard Flooricg, Ceiling &c. c., sawed last winter, which has been piled acd well cured, and Is in excellent order. I am also prepared to fiil bills for timber at my mill about six miles from Louisburg aud same diitacce from Franklintoo. Persons wishing bills of timber woa!d do well to see rr.e be fore contracting witn any one else, as the body rf timber in which my mill is located has nsver been picked. J. P. TIMBERLAKE. July 812 m. LOOK TO YOUR IN TEREST1 Yon can buy the Jollowlog Ar tides at the Drug Store at S per cent less than the manufacturers retail prices. Hostetters Bitters, Vinegar Bitters. mmon's Liver Bcssula- x fnv veb Acd vJLJLi. other sUndard articlet . D1 Always ch arced aooSXIl a SODA TICKETS ILC'liog. IST CALL at tie DKllx. rORE. CANVASSERS wa- 1 tor two suferb works of Fnnclri 'Little Runaway and fr VrU,9. the pretty pair, mUm Dinner, at t he Nap' Tbcie iictares are worthy of a place Ui cot)y homes and Inex"- penfcire enough for the simplest. rl ling rapidly, and take on alzht. V r guarantee ready sales, good profit, and qick returns. Any active person who will take boH ran make a lianrf some loeooie. Cend for our bet terms at once. J. B. FORD & CO., 27 Park Place, N. T. GEEEHSBORO FEf.lALE COLLEGE, Grttmlero, X.Cm I Tte Session will begin on the 18th of Auras!. - terms red.uced CharKtttrSa.Umofi'iKtti.. IWrd (rxclosive of ' $75 00. rashla? & KghM Tuition mrtgubuEoglivh coarse. 25 C Cbargts tor extra stnltes, modera!i For Catalogues cootaictng prtki lan.spply to T. M. Jcsrs, President. N. E. D. WILSON, President Board of Trnrtcta,

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