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GEO. S. BAKEE, Editor and Proprietor.
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Day is dawniDg. V 81im and wide,
Through the mist that blind 1
Trembles np the rippling tide
With the eea behind it.
Like a warrior- Dgel sped
On a mighty mission,
Light a nd life about him shed,
A transcendent vision. '
Mailed in gold and fire he stands,
And with splendors shaken,
Bids the sleeping tea and lands '
Quicken and awaken.
Day is on nn, Drems are dumb.
Thought !ih light for neighbor
Jtoom! the rival gfnnt come
IjO. t!ic sun and labor, !
J.:foro the carnival jnbilee lust
rumors had it at Hunebourg that the
world was coming to an end. Doctor
Zacliariss Pipr, of Colmnr. -m the first
to set tliis unpleasant intelligence afloat;
it was to be found in the Messager Boi
tcaux, the Persect Christian, and fifty
other almanacs.
Piper had calculated that a comet
would fall from the skies on the Mardi
Gras, with a tail thirty-five millions of
leagues long, formed of boiling water,
which would so affect the earth that the
snows or tne highest monntains would
molt, trees be dried to tinder, and all liv
ing beings consumed. . , ,
It is trne that an honorable sage in
Paris, by the. name ot Popinot, wrote,
later on, that the comet would arrive un
doubtedly, but that its tail would' 1 e
composed of such light vapor that not a
soul would experience the faintest incon
venience; bo that every man -might go
about his business, , forasmuch as he,
Popinot, answered for things turning
out happily. This assurance was a dam
per on terrors. .
Unhappily, there was an old wool
spinner in Hunebourg, named Maria
Finck, who lived in Three-Pots street, a
.bleached and wrinkled old woman, who
was consulted by many persons on the
secret incidents of life. She lived in a
low room, with a ceiling decorated with
stained eggs, red and blue streamers,
gilded nutshells, and a hundred other
queer articles. She wore antique tatters
and lived upon broths, which gave her
great authority in the country.
Instead of siding with good, honest
Monsieur Popinot, Maria Finck upheld
Zacharias Piper, saying:
" Be converted and betake yourselves
to prayer; repent of your misdeeds, and
bo generous to the church, for the end
is nigh the end is at hand 1"
At one end of her room was a picture
of the infernal regions, with peopie go
ing down into them in a way strewn with
roses; none of them suspected whither
the path led, for they danced forwards,
a bottle in one man's, hand, a knuckle of
ham or a string of sausages in another's.
A minstrel, whose hat was garnished
with blossoms, played the clarionet to
enliven the road; many revelers were
embracing their mates, and all the
wretches thoughtlessly capered into the
flame-filled furnaces, into which, indeed,
some of the foremost had already stum
bled, with outstretched arms and legs in
the air J
Try to imagine the effect of any rea
sonable being on beholding this picture.
No ono is so virtuous that he has not a
goodly stock of faults upon his con
science, and is full of unfitness to sit at
onco on the right of the Judgment seat.
No ; that man must be highly presump
tuous who dares to believe that things
will outlast his time a downright token
of most condemnable arrogance !
" We will not have any merrymaking,"
said the majority, therefore ; "we will
spend Mardi-Gras in deeds of contrite
ment." Never had the like been known. , The
adjutant and captain, as well as the sub
officers of the Third company of the
regiment, stationed in Hunebourg, were
really and truly driven to despair.
Since Jthe young ladies would not talk
about dancing, all the preparations were
a pure loss ; the great hall in the town-
house had been bedecked with garlands
and trophies of , weapons, the platform
had beon built for the musicians, the
bishop had been ordered for the supper
table, and theother refreshments all
were in vainl"1: ' -''''"
"I am not a hardhearted fellow,"
growled Sergeant "Duchene, "but iftI
had my hand on your Zacharias Piper,
he would not be . very jolly after my
Still more disappointed were Daniel
8pitz, the town-clerk, Jerome Bertha,
whose father was postmaster. Tax-col-
held. Jerome Bertha intended to be a
wild Indian, with plenty of i parrot
feathers. ' - -
We were confident beforehand that all
the pretty girls would leave the soldiers
to cluster on oux arms.
'Now, when such outlays have been
gone to, is it not enough to make one
confound the entire human race, to have
cold water flung on the plans by an old
maniac or Zacharias Piper! Still, it can-
not be helped ; man remains ever the
same, and lunatics always keep the up
permost. Mardi-Gras arrived.- The clouds word
full of snow. Eyes were turned1 to the
right, left, east, west, north, south, tip,
down, across, over, around, between ?
ana no comet i loung ladies were
abashed, and young men ran to all their
cousins, sweethearts, aunts, and -godparents
in every house, crying :
" Now you see how mad old Pinck is,
and how senseless your notions about
comets are ?"" Do comets ever come
in winter time?" " Don't they - always
choose the vintage season t" " Come
come, you give in V "Iiet's have our
fun; there's time enough yet," and so on
On their side, the non-commissioned
officers were marching through the
kitchens to exhort the servants. and
overwhelming them with reproaches,
many plucked up courage. ! :
The old people came arm-m-arin tb see
the great town-hall, where the suns made
of sabres, bayonets and small i tricolor
flags between the windows excited uni
versal admiration. In a twinkling, - all
was changed ; it was remembered it was
a holiday, and the girls hastened to put
on their best frocks out of the clothes
presses, and wax their small shoes.
By ten o'clock, the hall in the
town-house was full of people ; we fash
ionables had won the battle, for not a
maiden in Hunebourg missed the mus-
now and then broke off the train of their
revelations to call upon Heaver, to be
merciful to them.
. I recognized Fevre, the old baker,
and Mother Lauritz, who were beating
About Beefmtemk.
Some facetious man said once that al
though he cared little for a beefsteak in
the . country he liked a steak in town.
Famed as the country is for many good I plained .of the innovation,' and' it
.. . ' . - i i -ji
Jfe M4i JKea6ra CmnirrrBB.
When the new pct-of3oe in New York
was opened an immense pie stand opened
with and in it The ' city-papers oom'
theix breasts like villains of the deepest I things, perfectly cooked beefsteaks are I found that the stand belonged to; a Ne-:
dye. But such matters little interested
me,' from my having quite enough atro
cities of my own to grieve about.
- I soon overtook those who were run
ning towards the - fountain. There, in
deed, groaning and wailing were to be
heard for there the comet could be
seen. I found that it had increased to
double - its former size ; it flung out
lightnings, it shone as red as- blood in
tha darkness. . . -
Standing up. in the bold night, the
crowd never ceased lamenting in these
strains: :. -"',;" -i ;!.,. !
" All is over ! all is over ! O, heavens
all is over 1 we are lost !'
The women called upon Joseph, Chris
topher and Nicholas aye, every saint in
thtr calendar. I -
A& this time, I saw all the sins I had
committed since the age of reason stand
up before me, and I was horrified with
myself. -J shivered to the tip of my
tongue at the thought of being roasted
to a cinder, and, as old Balthazar, the
betrfrar. happened to be propped up on
his crutch beside me, I hugged him to
my breast, saying:
"Balthazar, when you are in Abra
ham's bosom, you will have pity on me,
won't you ?" j
"Monsieur Christian," answered he
sobbing, "I am a great sinner. For
Ietrit Prcat IViw Ovwrf.
"I belong in Cnicago," was Maria
Morton's greeting as she faced the
'desk; '' :
i can't help thai.-.
., V And I've got my trunk packed to go
out to-night, she continued.
Silence. "
r And I'm going if it kills tie.
: More silence.' 1 ; " " j j .
' " And I'm going to have a lawyer if
this trial goes on."
;A'Still eating his apple.
And Tm going to see if the polk
not among them. ' Scarcely a greater I rada member of Congress. The Herald
contrast exists m me wnoie range oi moralizes asiouows: . . . j
civilized cookery than that between a Paragraphers have been blazing away
badly and a well-cooked steak.' , The for- for two or three days at 'a pie 'peddler,
mer is fried the frying pan and the pot and behold they have brought' d4wn a
are the only cooking utensils known in Congressman. In the' person of .the
many households), until it is so impreg presumably humble individual who in
nated with fat as to be almost tough, the new post-office was dispensing ;ie i o
even if it was originally tender, and then a depraved public appetite we; are ,
deluged in gravy, in which the original startled to find a representative :iof the
flavor of the beef is almost lost. . A steak sovereign people of Nebraska: What
is better broiled than fried, as indeed is is the story of Bands and Philemon oomi
almost every sort of meat ever submitted pared to this ? t People who have " en-
to these two processes. A good bright tertained angels unaware " had no such
fire topped with charcoal, or, in default reason to be startled as the public and
of pure carbon, with coke, will produce the paragraphers and the postmaster
the intense heat without smoke abso- have over this discovery 'of a political
lutely necessary to cook a steak to per- potentate, for they have ' generally! per
fection. v. The ..bars, of the gridiron j formed good offices for .their iguesta as
should be thin, and not too close togeth- did the simple old Greek couple, and so
er. When these are thoroughly heated had their reward ; but the public that
tney snouia oe ruooed witn a mtie ,iat, i.nas lumoieu ine pie man out oi a sure
and are then '.ready to receive the steak, fortune, and the postmaster who has oo-
which, after being severed from the pa- operated, have to consider the po&sabui-
rent rump and trimmed, should undergo ties of Congressional wrath. .Is it not
no preliminary treatment save a slight possible there ua. some .doubt in thisi
dusting with pepper. Salt should never story! Could a Nebraska Congressman
be by any means put upon the Bteak till ever get his soul down to pies and penny I be ' in Chicaffa. or we may not. . As
it is cooked, as it causes the juices of profits? Are therq no more 'silver mines healthy as I am- myself,-1 may 4e dead
the meat to flow ; and the steak should in the western country, with chances lor Wf ore I reach home and get away with
be turned, and only once turned, with a aspiring spirits! Would it not jhave my' breakfast. ' little' did yon think
pair of tongs or a couple of spoons, and been easier to go to Nevada for -d million when you were prowling around last
should by no means be "prodded " trith than to come all : the ' way Id the j neV jght smashing windows and raising' dia-
a f ork. " All hammering of steaks with post-office ta sell eighty dollars'", worth fm-banoos that the moraintr sun would
... v . " ? rwn. "i Li- ri . . .... ,i r
oi pie per aay i ... , xnero is one mjavcrj i 8hineupon your CCLL
had any right to arrest me.1
Xjastbite. -
J " If they hadn't 111 make it cost ea
410,000 apiece." .
..'."Maria Morton, said the court, as
he threw the apple-core away and wiped
his chin, " do you realize that you are
now' standing in the shiddow of destruo
tion, as it were?"
" I want a lawyer," she answered.
J M JX yon realize that the. brink of an
awful . legal chasm it at your feet,
MariaJ" ,
.! She looked down, failed to see ths
brink, and replied : ' '-: ;
ofil tell you I'm going to Chicago
to-night.". .'..,.,..
.:.. Life is very uncertain, Miss Morton.
We are here to-day to-morrow we may
thirty ye&r3 l have been cheating the cleavers or cutlet bats shtJuld be avoid
town from love of sloth, for i am not so
lame as people think." -
" And I, Balthazar,: am the greatest
criminal in Hunebourg."
We blubbered in each other's arms.
Thna -will men behave on the Tst I for about ten "minutes over a clear fire, dyspeptic placer! or did he come' to1
ixuucuuuig uuimiuiemns-i 7; - . . . , . , , , ., t . i L iv. f ' . . . .
ter roll. Clarionets, trombones, and the ; monarens will emorace shoe- me steas is copaea, ana snouia inen pe vyongreBs as uio res uo, vagueiyu me lIie Maria drives around don't be back
biff dram reaming thA hioh winawa blacks, and the merchant princes the sprinkled with salt and served on a hot make, and was the pie stand the pest 1 ward aDOUt flrettinir in. The sentence is
in this case that we hope the future will I h took three of em to bring me
solve. Did this man have is- eyes on K ere y ene exclaimed in tones of
and -clapper-clawing the the pie stand and get himseW iected to I trinp . . .
it tender should be es- Congress, in order that he might have j ' ' jjut' it .-will only take one to carry
you away... Go in and take seat number
three on the blue saw-horse, and when
ed, and' the use of hideous, contrivances
resembling gigantic 4 back-scratchers,"
for punching
meat to make
chewed. Turned only once and broiled the influence necessary to
for about ten minutes over a clear fire, dyspeptic placer! or
'secure this
shone out upon the night ; waltzes were
madly blended with the country-dance ;
youths and maidens were in a state of
inexpressible jubilation ; the old gran
dames, seated as comfortably under, the
garlands, laughed till their sides ached.
The drinking saloon was crowded, so
that enough refreshments could not be
served, and Father Zimmer, who had
obtained the right of catering, could
boast of lining his pockets well.
All along the outer staircase, those
who had partaken too deeply of the
wines were to be seen staggering down
into the falling snow.
Uncle Tobie had given me the door
key, so that I might get in at any hour.
Up to two o'clock I had not missed a
siugle waltz, but then I had had a suffi
ciency and my gorge rose against the
refreshments. I went out -of -doors.
Once I was in the street I felt better,
and fell to musing on whether I ought
to return or go home to bed. I wanted
to dance still more, but on the other
hand I had need of sleep. Finally, I
made up my mind to go home, and set
off for Saint Sylvestre street, with' my
elbow touching the wall, reasoning in all
sorts of ways to myself.
I had been rambling ' along in the
darkness fpr. some ten minutes, when,
happening to look up as I turned the
coiner by the fountain, I saw behind
tho rampart trees a moon as red as cop
per, rolling onwards through the clouds.
It was still many a million miles away,
bnt advancing at such speed that it would
bo upon us in a quarter of an hour. This
sight moved me to the very bottom of
my soul. I felt my hair stand on ah
epd, and I said to myself :
"It is the comet ! Zacharias Piper
was right."
Without clearly knowing what I was
about, I turned back at once to the town
hall, climbed the stairs, upsetting all
those who were coming down it, and
shouted at the top of my voice :
" The comet ! the comet 1"
It was at the most joyous period of
the dancing. The bis: drum was thun
dering, the young men were beating
time or whirling round on one leg, and
the damsels were flushed a poppy red,
when that voice burst into the room with
"The comet 1 the comet !" A profound
silence fell, and the dancers turned
their pale faces round, drew in their
cheeks and cocked up their noses.
Sergeant Duchene sprang to the
door, stopped me, and 'clapped his hand
on my mouth, saying : 'i
" Have you rone mad ? Why don't
you hold your tongue ?"
But I drew back and continued to roar
in a desperate tone : " The comet 1"
Already a thunder of footsteps resound-
lector Dujardin, and your humble ser- ec on the stairs, for the men had. rushed
vant. W e had gone over to Strasbourg out-oi-doors, while tne women moaned,
a week before to buy costumes. Uncle SJi altogether there was a dreadful up
Tobie had given me fifty francs out of rokr. Some old women who had been
his own pocket, so that no expense Beguiled by the junketting, lifted up
should be spared. I had selected a their hands to heaven and faltered :
Pierrot's dress at Mademoiselle Dar
denai's shop under the Little Arcade. It
was a kind of smock with ample folds
and wide sleeves, ornamented with
onion-shaped buttons as big as your
fist, which would cover you as in a bag
from chin to shin. Upon your head you
clap a black skullcap, and you flour your
face, ' and, if your nose is long, your
cheeks sunken and your eyes wide open,
the effect is admirable.
On account of his liberal corporation,
Dujardin had chosen a Turkish attire,
embroidered down every seam ; Spitz a
Polichinelle's uniform, made of a thou
sand red, green and yellow patches, with
a hump before and behind, and a gen-
... - . ..
44 Lord 1 Maria ! .- Joseph I" .
In a second or two the hall was va
cated. Duchene released me, andl hung
out of a window, exhausted, to see the
people scampering up the street. Then
I stole away myself, mad with utter
As I passed the bar, I saw Catherine
barefooted vagrants. They will not be
ashamed neither of the other, but will
call themselves brothers ; and the well
shaven will not shrink from kissing him
whose greasy beard is never trimmed
because fire purifies everything, and the
fear of being burnt melts the heart.
Oh 1 without any infernal flames, so
many slacere Christians would not be
seen ; those fires gild the dome -of our
Holy Church.
To make a short story of it, we were
on our knees for over ten minutes, when
Sergeant Duchene came running np out
of breath. He had been to the arsenal,
but seeing nothing in that quarter, he
had .come up Capuchin street.
about ?" said he to me. . ,
But the comet flashing .upon him, he
jumped back and exclaimed :
44 Thousand thunders ! what tlse deuce
do I see yonder ?" ;
. 4 4 It is, the end of the world , sergeant ! ' '
bleated Balthazar.
, :,44 Th end of the world ?"
44 Yes, verily the comet 1"
Whereupon the soldier fell to swear
ing like one possessed, and cried :
4 4 If the adjutant was here, one might
have orders how to act. But, come on!"
added he, drawing his sword and thrust
ing out his hand 4 4. Forward ! , I don't
thiuk much of it, and we must recon
noitre!" Eeiybody admired bis courage, but I
alone was sufficiently emboldened to fall
in behind him. We marched slowly
ahead ; with staring eyes, for the comet
grew larger and larger, coming on thou
sands of miles in a second.
At length we reached the corner of
the old Capuchin monastery. The comet
seemed to. rise in the air, higher and
higher as we proceeded. We were even
forced to lift our heads, so that finally
Duchene had his neck quite bentin order
to look perpendicdlarly upwards. I was
wondering to myself if it was prudent to
venture any further, when the sergeant
stopped short. . ; , i -
"Odswoggeral" ejaculated he, in a
low voice;; f4, it'aonly the reflector !" ; t
44 The re-re-flectorV stammered L
drawing nearer ; ? te it possible J " And
I tooked an amazed observation.
In plain truth, it was the old reflector
lamp of the Monastery. ' It was never
lit, because the Capuchins had departed
after 1792, and the Hunebourgers went
to bed when the chickens roosted; but
Burrhus, the watchman, foreseeing that
there would be many drunken souls that
night, had had the charitable thought of
sticking a candle in it, in order to pre
vent any ramblers stumbling into the
ditch along the old cloister. He had
afterwards gone home for his sleep.
We could clearly make- out the sup
ports of the lamp. The candle was as
thick as your thumb. When the wind
was high the light was made to flare up
so brightly that we naturally saw such
an apparent movement forward as a
comet poRsesees; . . j- y.
On discovering this. I was going to
call out for the general information, but
the sergeant hushed me.
" Why won't you keep your mouth
shut ! They would have a good laugh
at us if they found out that we had
onions or
mushrooms are ; variously , esteemed as
thing that a corrupt administration had I thirty days.
4 4 accompaniments '
dish, which very woman should know
how to prepare. ' -
to offer!
In the Eouptlan Service,
The American colonels in the service
of t.ViA irhAfliirft ctf "P.crxnnt. TPviva aa wa-v
L . - . - . ' ,v , I the bank on his way to the police station,
forty-six - guineas 1 per month, with al- IT , , , J , . , .TV
lowances for quarters and duty in! the
Did it llitnnelf.
The Planters national bank, of Louis1
ville, Ky. , was robbed of a large amount
of money. About daybreak the teller
. of the bank, Louis Behm, was met near
provinces. Contracts are made for five
years, with the. right of renewal on! the
part of the government. Traveling ex
penses from the United States are paid,
and in case of an honorable discharge
the return expenses, with six months'
full pay, are . granted. If an officer is
obliged to resign on account of the cli
mate, he receives two months' pay and
mileage home. In case of death from
He could hardly speak at first, but after
a while informed the detectives that
three men had taken him from bed dur
ing the night to the bank and forced him
to deliver the keys with which ,they
opened the safe and abstracted mpney.
Behm alleges that he was chloroformed
and stabbed in the side, where there is a
slight wound. ' I
Detective Bligh took charge of ijehm
whom he had known very wel as a steady
ordinary causes, the widow or family J" 6 aujourneii, wi aru utc cvux.u uu
receives on fnll mvr bnt if killed Btor7 was rted tyBhgh, who regarded ft boy with a stone bruise on his heel
- s. j ' : 1 :. v i,..i:i.i,M,'i;.uj .1 it.. 1 it. - -.11
I l T . 4 . 1 1 1 1 T . 11 .
up ai a aoveu ine airecbors oi me fana
met, and, after consultation, came to the
conclusion that Rehm's story was A fraud,
and be the robber The president so in
formed him, but Behm asserted 1 his in
nocence time and again. Being! told
that all regarded him as the robber,' he
asked for" ah "hour's "pleeji ah3 ( ptired
sues, his widow receives a pension equal
to half his pay, which is continued until
her . death or re-marriage, when it is
divided among ( the children until the
boys become of age and the girls marry.
An oath of fidelity is. exacted, and all
American officers are obliged to renounce,
the protection of our diplomatic agents
abroad, and trust whatever cause that
may arise to tne .Egyptian tribunals.
Item Interest.
In what place are two heads belter
than one? la a barrel, j, j JU
. Senator Jones' income from, a single
source, his Kernville mine, last month,
is said to have been tlGJ.OOO.'
An Indiana newspaper 'mildly ,but
firmly protests againats ' putting a two
dollar collar on a twenty-fire cetxi dog.
' It has been said that 'Americans beat
the world in making axe ; and it may
be said they have more of them .to grind.
Take a man's obligation for a large
turn of money and he will generally bo
much obliged to you until asked to pay
it . . ,
, Boulder City, CoL, has no tax. li
cense for public shows, saloons, etc,
.... .. i
pay all tne city expenses ana mto
"Any letters for Mike Howe!" ak
ed an individual of a clerk at a pot
office window. No letters for any
body's cow. L , f
: Offlecra in the French army are not al
lowed to marry unless they can show that
the bride has an independent inoome of
1,200 francs, a year.
1 Ths -man who accepts aa aiflce for
which ha it unfit, and knowahe is unfit,
commits a crime against the- State, and
draws from its treasury unearned money.
. . Artemus Ward once said to (('publisher
who had altered his manuscript : "The
next book I write lam going to get you
to write. Mr. Ward was verj sensitive
about his spelling.
A gentleman who was asked" what ho
thought of a lady who had appeared in
that half -dress which is called fall-dress,
replied : . ."She was a'very handsome
woman as far as I could see."
Youth V Gran'pa, what's' the mean
ing of glass of port winafrom the
wood ?" Gran'pa (gentleman ot the old
school)" Logwood, my dear boy, now
adays t Logwood 1 ' Logwood !"
' What kind of a man is Squire Sim
mons any way !" ' WelL you've aeen
them snow storms along in eay winter,
when there's a good deal of wind but not
much sleighing ! That's the sort he if.
A lady missionary in India has con
verted a whole neighborhood by simply
inducing the people to wash themselves.
Cleanliness onoe established, a' marked
improvement In morals at once followed.
. A Maine fanner -was curious as to tho
internal construction of a hornet's nest,
and cut it open. With careful nursing he
the rage,, and you won't have any invi- will probably be able to see a barn and
tation if you keep on." other Hke small objects in month or
She : clenched her hands, gritted her two. . . ,-.,:
teeth And wanted to 44 sass back," but . TerT bad taste a lot of , Indiana
Bijah induced her not to. ixrart being destroyed . package of lore letters
which had been carefully laid way by a
young lady in a bureau drawer, and there
is danger that the ; young lady' will be-'
r T l att
' i - jjiu j. Bee m lawyer i j
" lhere are lour or nve right wnere
you are going.
1 ' 111 have damages for this you hear
. I do hear you, and 111 make it sixty
days I','
" Yju do, eh ! Well, I'll make some
body prance for this."
wrong side up. It now reads "90,"
Miss Morton, and if I were you I
wouldn't say anything more. In about
a month more husking bees will be all
played the.iewsharp while
sang: f i
1 It'a klDSer sad to e her cry, '
1 ' And it makes a feller bias r
Bat when ths op sod rawed the court,
i f, Wbat eooltl Lis honor do."
' A Brave Woman.
" Burglars are getting so numerous and
On awakenincr; he eonfeesed Lo the de-l bold . that the women nave to tale a
tectives that he robbed the safe the! pie-1 hand with them. A house wan entered
are Long, who made the famous expedi- 7mS lu u""" "JT T-Tr" 7". "-
hLlVllX mjUfC 11UI llUu)c. JXM frXIUlllllflUUn I UbUCf uuMn ui uia nurui(j w.u.u
; come insane. ' -1
Thirty-five years ago a' young man
pawned a blanket to a Berks county
(Pa.) farmer for five dollars, and took
Greeley's ad vice by going West. He re
turned last week from California worth
a coo! $100,000, visited the farmer and
redeemed that blanket, which had been
carefully put away at the time it was
The recent Bear river tragedy La Nova
FWkiia. waji mirltl trv umi avnMiicmai
turn to M tesa, and who is now visiting Zonej of Mrl Higgin.. the wife of thVowner, features, . Bobinsfirst butchered hi. wife.
nrLttn fnSr XrTho in a she under a CTmnaaium in the whoWasalone. She had a queer dream, then took to the woods, whence he iasned
r3 t rearWlSsSUdenXTnewae'ar- and awakening, saw the robber leaning t burn his brothers' barns and kill their
reached the capital of Darfur, and found .,A l . .. . v m . iiv TTm wu TnnntMl downbv armod
1 - . 1 XTil-.' 1,- I t Vt3ll, tUlVA 0 ilV 1X1 --jiiCI US mil V1U IUP WOA, cxtevuk wwiv vuu w . - J
UI1 UUUilUUUCC Ut HBII 111 mo XlllC uxs- I . , - r I. 1 . , . . . . ...
the robbery ltenm was regarded as lion-1 awaae. one at nrsi inienaeu to aaream,
tween that point and his camp ; and
Colston, whr is now penetrating the In
terior by a ystill different route.' Gen
erals Stone, Gordon and - Loring are
great favorites with the Khedive, and
exceedingly efficient soldiers, while Pro
fessor Mitchell, the geologist, is so en
tranced witn his explorations that it
would be difficult to draw him away.
He has discovered two gold mines be
tween the Ited. sea and the Nile that had
been worked in ancient times, with the
shafts still open,' and he,is about; trying
his hand at mining. Lofe
est as any one , in. ihe bank.O He says 1 but changed her mind and grasped the
at he doesn t know why he burglar by the throat. A desperate
struggle ensued, and both iougnt to tue
window, through which the robber had
entered. , He had thrown wearing ap
parel out of the window, which had
himself that
took the kponeyiuvl
ncrfjjac the
improbability of being . taken from bed
as stated." '. "". 1 c I'll Ifii j
1 r.- r-
XYfvem antt Teme Barber.
men, and first discovered by his son,
who hesitated to fire on him, and let him
cape, to fall into the hands of another
pursuer. r
Money is so plentiful in Massachusetts
that one savings bank at Northampton
recently refused to accept deposits on
been gathered up by his companions, j account, and a Springfield bank has had
very exciting,, bnt there
for drones. .
is no opening
A feature of 'the fashionable watering
places t in Virginia this season is the e-1
maid barber-Lj Uue ( of ithehi has an es
tablishment . at ,.th. .-Whiti , Sulphur
bpnngs, and her skill with a..mxor is
in Egypt is j only excelled by the fascinatiomol her
person and her manners.' - The-' other
day, as a Baltimore lady waft passing the
snop, sne met ner nnsuancy wna , u per-
iecuy Deanuess, . -coming, . out, ana; wiui
such a : pleased expression on his j face
that her indignation. was aroused; j ' 1 '
: ;' What were yon doing in there, sir IT
ah a RnYftirpI r innnirnd. ' '.') !
Taking a shave, my' dear, he
placidly replied.' ' ' " 1 t
The brave woman struggled and shouted
for assistance as loudly as possible.. The
robber 'sncceeded'in overpowering her
and he escaped out of the window. He
fell on his side and was assisted away by
his fellows, who shouted they would
shoot Mr. Higgins unless she stopped
screaming. At this moment Mrs! Hig-
gin's bou, a lad of about fourteen years,
who had beea sleeping upstairs, made
his appearance with a revolver and fired
Several shots at the burglars, but without
effect. . An examination of the house
showed that over 150 in wearing ap
parel, about $100 in cash,' and a pocket-
boos containing some valuable papers
to send money away for investment.
Despite the hard time the saving de
posits are increasing, though the depos
its sre smaller in amount than usual,
evidence that peopie are becoming im
pressed with the necessity of economiz
ing rigidly. , , .
Wit Againmt Hit.
Father O'Leary was very anxious to
be introduced to Dr. Jonson, and Mr.
Murphy took him one morning to the
'doctor's lodgings. On his entering the
room, the doctor viewed him from top
to toe, without taking any notice of him;
at length, darting one of his sourest
looks at him, he 6poke to him in the He
brew language, to which O'Leary made
no reply. Upon which the doctor said
to him: 44 Why do you not answer me,
sirl'V, ; ' '
" aitn, sir, saia v x.eary x can- ii like to pfVWnh in I Lmcthv wa-
not reply to you, because I do not nn: . -fZif n- CT. ; . T,- f. t - ' lv-:FroJeaBor. Rudolph, in a lengthy pa-
'"-! 1 1 -II If
JIa r7xT ,1.1 Mrs. Higgina was badly injured in the
raise half a dozVWont!bra the boU bnrglar, bntshe abmt $ir0(000,000.
cheek of yours: if-yocriife d; Mndd on I Try7 - r-e, circnUUon
That's very true, my dearlxeluWedJ
WUat im the Sunt
Lagoutte, the canteen-keeper, sharing ciarged on a rushlight. Groundarms!"
the last drops in a punch-bowl with
Corporal Bouquet, and wowing that a
merry ending was best, since an ending
there must be.
A number of people were seated on the
bottom steps, confessing to one another
one declaring that he had been a
usurer; ' another a vender, with false
darme's cocked hat set back on the head measures and weights, a third a trick-
never was a more .splendid costume be-1 ster at gaming. All spoke at once, and
And, unhooking the rusty chain, the
apparatus fell with an awful clatter; and
we took to our heels.
The otliefa had'paUeintly waited and
lingered stiU 'leuger ; ht as the comet
had gone out, courage came to them in
the en!, nd they went home to bed. j
. Thii is truthful) picjurej-of how
events happen In the good little town of
derstand the language in which yon are
addressing me."
Upon this, the doctor, with a con-
semptuous ; - sneer,- sua to juurpuj:
4 Why, sir, this is a pretty fellow you
have brought hither ; sir, he does not
comprehend the ' primitive language."
O'Leary immediately bowed very low,
and complimented the doctor with a long
speech in Irish, to which the doctor, not
understanding a word, made no reply,
but looked at Murphy. O'Leary, seeing
that the doctor was puzzled at hearing a
language of which he was ignorant, paid
to -Murphy, pointing to the doctor:
"This isj. pretty fellow to whom you
have brought me ; sir, he does not , un
derstand the language of the sister king
dom. The reverend padre then made
the doctor a low bow, and quitted the
lUemntiiatian2 j
One of the - latest incidenta. in
per ( on, . the. sun, says: a molten or
white hot mass, 856,000 miles in diame
ter, equalling in bulk 1,2CO,000 worlds
like our own, having a surrounding
ocean of gas on fire, 50,000 mile deep,
44 Era of BecOTcilialion " is ths unani
mous election of General Wm. F. Barry; j tonguesxf flame, darting upward more
commandant 'at ' Fortress 'Monroe, as a I than 50.000 miles, volcanic forces that
member of the , Norfolk (Va.) Light Ar-1 hurl into the solar atmosphere luminous
tillery Blues. In accepting ' and ac- J matter to the height of 100,000 miles ;
knowledging the ccnnpliment General I drawing to itself all the world belong
,' The Greenback. . ,
The present circulation of the United
States is 074,821,985 in legal tender
notes, il,145r333 in fractional notes,
and $343,037,333 in national bank notes.
This amounts in the aggregate to $7C4,
90817, or $19.12 for each individual in
the nation, supposing oar total popula-
tion to be 40,000,000. It we add to this
the coin in the united Btates, which is
it gives a total
24.05 per capita, In
England, where there is $400,000,000 of
gold and fl9G,170,62O oi paper in drcu -lation
the amount of currency; for each
individual is only $15.50 ; while in
France the total paper and coin In circu
lation is $18.34 per capita. We have
thus much- more money tin circulation
than has either France or England,
while we do vastly less business. And
yet we are told that inflation is necessity.
A fire-eating fighter, covered with
As brother artiUerypra, I ing to our family of planets, and hold-1 wounds received in duels, challenged a
let us hope and pray that our guns may
never again be. pointed at each other,
bnt rather, should dire Vecessity .ever
again draw us upon the field of battle,
may Wtuel Itsswth'oarj J guidons
will be arrayed upon. . the same line and
our gnus pointed -only at a common
enemy." . Gen.i Barry, is known as the
father of the artillery., service id the
United States.
ing them all in their- proper places ; at-1 barrister, who gratified Ha by accept-
tractinjr with such' superior force the ing. The duelist, unable to stand with
millioss pf solid and stray masses that out support, requested that he might
arc randrring in tha fatbornlejw alryas have a prop. Suppose, said he, 44 1
that they helpleiely toward him, lean against a milestone !" With
and fall into hit lkry embrace. And pleasure," replied the lawyer, "on eon
thus he continues his sublime and rest- ditiou that I may lean on the next.
less . march through his mighty orbit, The challenger burst into a fit of laugh
having a period of more than 18,000,000 ter at the joke, and swore he would not
of years. fight so good-buaored a gestlmsn.

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