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; 3rEO. S. BASER, j Editor, and Proprietor.
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Will praetffce m tliff everaV eouits of
OranvitleFranklio, Karh, JVajreto and
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B, Prompt j attention paul to ti e
collection ami rcDaiitanCO ot money.
Joly 15, I6TI. V
( W t7ie?i expressly for thr Com ier.)
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Will practice in "the Cfurtf trth,(f
"juakfal district.;-" " - 4
" Prompt attention given !nth coll-c
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C. H. Cook . II. Stencer '
A.T law;-;
Aiidr-fselXfiites lis?"
; IIotoo' with his;in rcairis: D!v!1i3
ninfe-wccfflia liana uaJxtr ins eves
fiora the glare of a cluster of jets
protruding from a bncket of Hij's. lie
was finely proportioned, his bearing
ir.anljr n-.-i graceful, and inspite of ui
threaili:.. coat and otherwise plain at
tire, he wn perfectly at home amid alU
the el ajjee of HonJ W'm. Morton's
drowinsc room and -Trio a: d eaiv iti ti.e
presence of liis UauHiii and acconip
llshetl tjanter, the acknowloded )dU
She siit on the Sofa in a graceful re
clining attitude, reading. She was not
unmindful of Donald arevjilos pres
ence nor indifferent to his company, but
the familiar friendship existing be
tween them, since childhood and daily
companionship, moderated the ex
tremes of etiquette. He watched her
intently. She unconscious of the
scrutiny, until the last page in the last
ture years of manhood, the colevr del
rose faded from his future horizon, t
leaving in its stead a mist of futurity, i
leaIen kfTand heaviuTnctufi
inghom'e frci college, ac'timei lie !
had Io .ede, rly for somd tyncss in ;
tne lap 2 luefeyes, an lncreca ot the'
fitful V- 'nhe fail faeel Yej each !
tim f isi with saino sisterly j
Rmife tid hsvted- mouth temptrhgly j
idiocu lur a kiss, aua some mms ne waa
apprised of her pt c-seiwee, by her dim -1
pled drrns stealing around his neci
He had tried to hide the rain her sis- i tsi 01 L iioa i
" Mr7 Jferton loolcSLJatic kecaW
said. ' . wiiiiaAiiyua
HiEAl fiSA3ery4ducement to''
Hmaiieiriwhfe t ean'earl
1 11. .it m T r V V
v pa uiu, auu never unui ViariUgg3tftfbunfe.m HXems
this evening, did he lose control of hiui-f
self, never had she geemed so far from!
him. She had never thought f him ji.i1'si1.ii . A t A r- tf i ! .1.1 :ri
in any liglitbut U.atof brother, he full j " I hopo iicw ,1 cn .do m."!,,',1
MVtinrl VirllVv nWmnin nr? ti:.9 !1 -i - , , ..- - -
MS " " " y a"iS" i ipg. e v x oera , now mftiK ahe
SPPi that you would JcBen him itli
wluiii he had to step from the very
bottom round of the ladder to procure
even a competency. During his ab
sence, would not crowds of admirers be
pouring then adoratiou into his dar
lings womanly ear : could he expect
to win her without an effort? ought he
to strive to do so with that great gulf of
money between them? No, Ue would ,wUlt,o, r, , bfl'a l
her hand through his arm. He tossd
a fcaif Sniotreffi YiiizhS ihl'irie Varil
saying carressingly Hdei U ,it
"Of wha.r she asked.
" I would not surprise, nay shock
rnn tiv inv rro.iiiTiiTttiiiii . .Cxlfii: til M
what fc- .bjotcwivai ;
IlOW tO iot Aloni
; rLAXDKB Against tlander there in
11 lit cufpnrwn nilU' KUikitf kjf i 4
IIcrfihJpnLV WaVtdfeMae him; ' ,1,oa ttojfto tclHtorici'lobxbrncis fool rxj.nubHtaili
iUjfiUjuiotkad InwtiwleTity inj W"h ,T tc &I el ecouV JW.tflenfB wilkiq-litkncaprtaA.
icWfa TcMth,Mhcn-t!m m6?t rrf y TeVaWosTnesfel -fe ?W f! l4ch)ckiii
rtibMs-MvrJndfek-iervei.) fourf there tbrt'WDtci J 1 rJiWW KXivb
which ntTDolv "for 'one moment,; , mn ttJe,t "eh . by-Sitting f -rrV'i'i-"
. .o'Wv . .. . ...I wv..ii.. .LIi ...Ar:rKi : Mjr, Tlla tie poison arrow wboaa
DctdtAqfefit pother Donald." ; reHl4l store atrd ato6oi?
-What gPuMllj. tti hgr gTfreTci! t " 'criooi tn Dusiness matim.'
hadolirii.aMulenyifke otio ! "' '"7temi't!iTiljlfciia
said oftly.II.inVM,tbA 1,1)01 Vfcttl
f it , bait? ttJ-ii3rtrti;i. f jc lswv'j fcitfj'Jo
v9WHiAA';.orry that it P"1"; ' . . .
it, forget what 1 haytfeafa-!1 Woir:it 1 bj golgteilyHbailrj-rtbpp!jIr
was foolish md inopportune my !o-j . w7oa P1 f f ,f J
vour heart uRie ifnturft. tf1v hnt
IT -CT - 4 - i
Wound U iBcur4b1:"I iiaPflul
tieiitlcg of tUtaoftdetd! iijTc llur.
alt biu: tmpWynwij iaioetVciU
irti..tji4fmlt tUfpdrt.i l .U,, t h
go away without, paining her with the L-Ohi lDoiii don'ti Ulldot?5lH
chapter was coneUulod, thenthrowiug knowledge of his unfortunate love.-- f;a -whatni'1 d6?,wW yoVSre
lldf-'WflP QlM IhW' gne?" '
" J). at old boy : have you been wait- andself communion that he had notj YlfvFltHlrryJu ffjl hlTfrdbTliVA
nesssttilefaie?'11- :v.r-i' werrfHm.sclf'jnrt in time-tb-wf!. Messrs. Ellis, Weston and a -core of
"No. I was only thinking," here- ness their reception by Lillian, whoj Z(ili Mf ?n ?s '1 l rt
Donald's lujart -sauk to faintnos. j WOuld take them as willin" substi-
What w-s e dUrercnce in his ia-j tnJ&rUlclll lIOlUVJ If A
!!84L 4$mtoi$frn My "Well" he said watcliin
" Presumption : Donnic that term
can not be applied to you.''
" At least Lillian it neyc;'h s been.''
" Why Donald, whu wuti'd davc in
sinuate that a gi'UtJenian of your high
position could possibly be presumii yl
Substitute the word coitd'-i-ceudiity."'
She arose and. going to him rested her
hamton )iis arm with .sisterly regard.
'' The touch eemed not to effect him
$$.tly orjnU lit riSaEtefif ho
Will Ht tend theCoortaof rii-Prar.k moved his arm, causing the - little hand
to slip fro) its resting place.
' Pet," he said remorsefully, catch
ing her hand as she turned from him,
''pardon my rudeness for I am in
tr .ubicrr" jrmTT' r.
" Donald ,'Fshesaid looking caracstly
in 1 is faL'Ir'U ask yo'confi
lin. (Imnvillp, Warren.and Wake Oun
tit p, n!s ihe Supreme- Curt' Hrth
Can)lina and the U 8." Circnit anrl.Dis-
Ko. T-tf
53, ' .53
. ri;ri,ii!sijuuu va,
E. ; ltICUTElLvra
Walchinakcr iind Jew
FIST. Watrlies and Jewelry of the bes
i . . i .i .i... ... :....f.
M .... .1. .11.. h. yl .. . I ... ...1,1 ..'fit 1
r.inUiU. , :" " 't , 'i :
U ' &3 Syaimore St. "Petersburg To
-4 V - J 4 1 f
dence, b'uihctf ever jyou feel4iES hade of ;aunojane6tfhi3 face."
viding your trouble, remem3er; t J?in ''Ye Mr,Bobriety, uiat have y
J got to say aoout it i T
K woi forget it " ho said bit
terly, aliuost crushing her Jban(J,,and
iCridibitptoIuB1 til jopea Jwmdowj
'God being my helper I'll bear in mind
the utter hopelessness of my love, to
getbe7ritli. hcT sisterly t3l. and
stnve U) Qiae ' my great passjop, t ut i
annotit4y;hfre', ( -'' 1 ' -
y Donald- Dareille hsrd -ben : leftn
Orphan ai tb'e; Qarly ageqfe)i' ;twith
mealiStllfecirjnrorlly to ediicaf6Tum,r-r-
Mr Merton his guardian and fathers
most intimate friend, received him in
nj her
did he nut appear to Lillk'i as a lover ? jl,selc stiggest the dnfeZyMiwduld
nenau aiwavs ooeu one. Uow dare take as such. X'St" ' woflnow ;
lorn -Jims holn IKT Jwd aud bend hisj &ur 0firffl ff ff
iiauusome Jace so near her s while his H M4 lUowLl (Sire tnErc foyou
wnisperea words brought a deeper than I do a host other bovV
blush, and a coquettish withdrawal of- lk,t.y6u ait trie your biotlM he
1 1 'PI iii ... ; . . .
ling remcmbtr always tliat your hap-
. concluded next week.
n'eer(,iriswitiy6t einu'ot ISbfu1 te-
osd ttlsfaan.omible f pi go1
Use tour own
broxdnliw l?ng; ad -strong, andidwp
d ird ; LruT. .! ai etaj :d-,
-b t,drJ ,J4!LjJTjll, r?3
lAiuer iiiau ucoinu uieil .
Jolin Xo.iiilolpU4olioi
-biiJi 3V
j u i'j4-fai f i. vt U,v Xtw Maryland ludepmdentrm vnd II0
bzA Uaoii
ing for us
t f t f f Ti
31ijiffemfreco eY-lhc Wip.whvh i08 qtrcr aeesia aajeaaopable ,terma m eUewljeredn ttia
knowledge. Such is the Fat!6r agajntt w w .Hjwjinwjnw-
!5wlidnUoi lus have sioucdi thousand tiwiM'lKl fMkcdnOa. j. Jtecnw'riay
HimesI Walk .Ihe hore 'Whertho oiaipg wH Iwalkinrf, fivirtfl tie1
'sTeeiTr'th'Si l karcroaaW
Ushcd in fury by'tho wiuter'h tempest. Creefc.-Wdge; fee .zwiaJjpiod ty
"tV .'-St- . Mr -R wKn ..lttnrr mrlU Km"
uaraet3or en ner.taijas ana wucn & "-rg
Tflnguaand Groove floor
a'ntliaaiH "lv coo 'tn a.L'tti
-iu"""-uj Aal-v xtmos Ditteriv,lami. someaaTTon isueqnr en iicr.taijus i Ana wuon o " i I j. . i -i .. ...TTi,;'..'i
1 l.T I M- I.. 1 H o -. j i ... .r. - 1 1 I . i ... ... - " - - . ..j-liUMi.'il-ir I1.1-JJ4. w ' '.-v "'-V
v...,. i.vnyuuiun wono no orew torn-'WfrriAarTrnC ryvwj cpimm va 'niai, uinuvuura flMlcriDg: .JLAUea, .IWT ca
. . . - II . . . . IK . . ...I f ...4 i .M.'. -wl I l . . r . t. m . r m mW- I.IIL 'lit A 1.1 U I LU. U a UJ vt C1 Li .At U
parisons between himself and Lillian's Le forgottel.,'n.iMaB T So'Ai,;j i a
.1.1...... n ' i . 1 if. II .
oiuer lovers, uc caugut lupii try- Vtf n yrk hSvelte eeSthfon who
hft KhmmMbest Mr. can
Ellis or Mr Weston ? both were cvi.
14 JVIH yflbvetoeeithebii t
.nanUft hi; Sfi aMiuJ''
diri,np .had
-jahafVttumbereodV inereies ahsd! mtancft with .aodorPby abd ace- ,
. . .:. . . ...... . . . . I .1rr 1
1n -ii? JttCfl i:, (.1 Iwiw X .Ta
to him wiMlifQfintribnMW, f W 6 i-'. .. " ' " -..t
entiv strivina ror ner prererencc. I, H I.;,, Arixsn hr f ;.. tUo-AM ntArr.tUki it. nr wuau wa.!' oot:.iain . ... . .
thegardeu he fbyr4 Lillian arranging! bv Js taap hr iuaed -aI.ei.lLyj Tl tiJ.CW vodwt
a-boquct, 'well Pet what are you do-1 handstand lookimr earnestly inojlcr the spirit, of God helpBffriis to go to! lkerJ With -t&caeXJlEcralty Mr; B. - . .j, . .;-ct f .
Ste1:;, J .fei .atiTVS!:,.j,
1 1 Jw " oiBAcwB-a -vrininsr' Derenrx eo,,i hjuuh, ana .kissea uim,,wu ' o m. twtrff. r r
II w ,ITI J T . j. tf. I .J A'.Jii:- IB mm -
il b
" Nothing of course " he suid a little
coldly,. r f .
'3 "itttfUlQUi olllfthSt!"
'Well if you insist upon my opinion,
I, should look upon it as a complimen
tarj'foTr"'Hs-a testimlJoTPgardt,'
f, 1 1 hi . 1 4lut was taiade by f rest
We have addotf to ou stock a pefc
lid JOB "PRESS, ' with - aV elegant
-lectiim of type of tha latest styles,
ai we are now pjerjred to uo
in tho neattBt and best manner. . or
( -- ?.
heaKenUoAMWlfHrofd frave
doqe an own son. Mrs. Merton was
also very fond of tho han,dsoiue, intel
ligent boy, aji4 little Iillian, the three
year o$ fjfe' AoB tookentireT
kriLJiint.K' Dfmit tiV
fiwgvH'tinclaspvsuch' a look of duap-' hat.
0h li fters fcj,'psid
his couuTenance brishteninsr. . I
" Well brother, mine don't jump at!
coamliBsions. If I lied refused ttnke
. . I . .1
Mftwn-ltamUyfif! 14 she was of. this' nUuriof hU lovfe i
'ppjcewQ tg'tuar gruaingt to Tnenraay
"Do youknow.' said Donald sitting
down bv her. "that I triad to find ' .iVLkSwi nJLii'Uf T c,.nM Just 80 are we lar68r:
out iast night whioh of your visitor find ii t have always, done' that hel 0 - i 'i
It It I I A
-OvJftlrreaihfe laughing," whati
conclusion did you arrive at ?''
S v)U need not send 'vonr -JOB take Dart in all her baby snorts, from
WORlvNotvb, for wewill Idoit just m oll playing io boop tjuqdling,-ana"
Welt and cheap as toU catiget it oUb-: , , - ,
vbere. - - x r v. I when the sports
waiolinii'sarTii tlurtheoei2l5J
would, rest lit Mjn, wrwe tne rvsy mourn-
and wide opeu eyes qranic in tne iairy
( 1 . . jm w
ENVELOPES, j tales, untU a.mesmene jnflueuce croop-
i4 '!5f? I tue wbite lids and the curly head
oipns !1 no;tirti tloser to lionnies heart.
1 4TIW3 day auerf-ay ana Tiouruen
l -7 .JW0 H hour, U10S8 Kiuie tuns u-tu '".vujui; ou
entangled in Donnie's heart tbat in af-
W nitelaw & Cjrowder. ha become a hibi
t! ! 3U!h i Wfieu he entered college be ascertain-
Marble & Stone
ed from his guardian that his funds
would-pay bis ay through, without
! iR'fltT ?Cf 'f T 5 any uhi'ue extravagance, and. then he
would have enough left to ther his
- -
Ralei-h. N.41 ambitious plans iq regard ta stu,4yinga
a U1. our Mr. WliiulaV .t lum1f g'W3T2,
j ' flew by an4 be reached tb,e more ma-
Aug. I3.l2sm."
' o.
ut an image of Him, who not. sparing
4tUl Taster;'
.iotrrcaaed" bit
rromise.mftj wLon.VAin do findiu. TTw u nr mining - nv . fiu'h.iip... .V"iMJi.HWBmg
hom you love more tban Vori 06.11 . ilO a J iLl.-.
. a. B. DODSON. .
ihr&f;fli'''!ki: l:a 'oU w.-l di
- "... m m. m
). S'V1- te' Uiiiih'-"OTcr-Mel .MnbatTlWl-Witf tf to "iolpli, 'and I n walkti
pursue kii way alonj
. i - . . i
that yb wiU jiuake tKe fact known to
meViromediatelyj Promise me Lillian!
that y ou"wni7riiis face'was flushed and ;
Aiia s iiia va vuiuilU
. wpvnnii TrrtTi'T . j
m vt:
Tli All vli r c a ma an f tliA .rrtn 1
IBM rvi uaujj aia iiiu v'vii
. -I lfl.1W .ritfOvl l Kn thoraorhW rrwiLmti f urA Ttf.LUd: t
window andvtb rayn 'iparkle and j, , It if a sign of bad inAnuqrs- xjiki I pow tea'fo? ti itcotamodatioa trgutU.
11 .It 11 m . .Mil -L 0 f ! HA .! T" r'T
' 1 nn. iha thniiMan r,T a Bi.A:.!l"n A"a..i J - - " 1 ml A
i3 fcWfth 1 floor,' ' !, pr day
70.1 Vflfi 3 Jit
. .T . . v W I .. ....... ma f hA lltflA A Vf AltA.
Vt rrJIZTu Ti the P5d siting, to aoekwh,U writes. ,,a T t1
at his eame3tpes.? ffha cause of bis I fW4HvnT.Ifir j";V.Si :i f. SV " l-'JIl " ' a .ntMvVa
. - " - , . ... l a caicu ii, uiauiiuai uu i uuiu it i (i , u it aiuwwru. w. wcipraiUHi
"-,u""u uimicu u UU, AUU TT 11.11(1 . . . l 1 .1 1.. . lltJCjf iU Hi
J -! nV ' - rrr ..." . . . m 5 II .nH tim (m Hnaap.Maiili anlalaDti'l Cl-IiIa afnaar rumnlA aitatn.l xnntul iK!I "
....! TiiT-. ...... V k 3 T? 11 H1 aftisBa v a v w w a aaaaa ?a- 1 " v - a-vaw .wav ama aaa - f y If 1 1 hmmmwmmmmmm.
,ac(,.houlderiidtlAae-.. " Tmt -j - - 5 ii ! ;---wt ROOK A5D JOB PBIKTIITf
slon !in Wlirge' eyes l f"1' J lap, mamm.and ,!;iIt bad xnannen , to gv jattjj U oa i
h: tili UJ put.tmr but when the little o.n Louie wlioqt UkW.ofWr1 .9,? ii".?...' 1
I 1 aT I ft . ) a . i I
. I s.. 1'' ,I . .Hl Jd I l' ai.nlMlta,4 Vi
1 Youcr did; ttaer, ?I sball PiAlS. ! againshe trifis to grasp,
jacvermake.-sueliaa aunouncemen', ,.u -ou .. : -
ty llL'ii.'a t . 't : - Aa. t i i vl J ust so are we larger children
Tbat you li'k both very Vuch 1
She laughed a low musical laugh. j
Lu dear old common sense Tnaslioe,1
shesahj leaninghetheaVl hti!
i 11 a ' m . i ,w -?
ana looting up into nis xace, "id-.m
like either one,
"Vou don't?" be exclaimed in
OthV apfaa Yt' fcAgKwJ reach forward, but ,t ;.U empty and
,.0f 7 .aYYcy--.4 --f ( docanot atisfT..Tlere,wa
counteuance so as to mako her cry! ti - - i
l .L.a . t . . a ' III
, It 4 badma,nner, -touae proalie
laf guagp v in . the presenctuof jdwet
jjltiaad mannerata jM,;yonr joup
knife oa tba baUf. dilVi irjvuiq
. It is bad manuefs iO gD ilatDj
person , house wifaj n4 , eTadiitre
M - a, M
'Oh! DoxSnie, ptease don't troubl
jour kind hvart r but m, T ?bl
An umuence he 4Uiid not resist
seeaied drawingrrtarlginst his will
tU cirisif ,-aiid1 tb Aextucatt6flreem
ed wraps tfroKv hiin.-If , yoa do no
find one' you t love more than you da
tle tne- wtrat he Lniiahwliatbeu ?
itr, a. i'tiit rtUir'nJ
pleased surprise.
jjonmc, otcourse wnen a genu
'man comes to spend the evening w
tA native vi J. zw c :s.t
fcrecnUd la . TCTT bt fll't !-w
ptxvpl ttU. We lave tLa ciJy trjl,
WlIBClTr "'OF liALXIGit; ani tba
jAirnsT C3T ait. ? r: : z'J t a ci t'i
IN T1IK STATE. Oor.Wntir Hc!--?
Fanrp XleU asJ toclu, fca-Urxn ex;:LM.ay
prmtAwed by tl FreM North nod f- V) y
unbeam that can satisfy, tht-willj I J(W boea.'j i Clt; a di i w
tfH CFU GS0 'Su I ?M(Nv AiAAXar talk, ip.etjH
feettU waruub, and . the glow wUTfUB-l panj wb t otbera, tre talking, j x o
.lH.UVv.iW. ... .'j ! I a. . . a '' 1
tain us mrougu ail ins, win ieea us iwr nisper iscurvp C
witli'the' breid'oif Life.' and 'clottift -s I ; v ...,..',! -j
, ran nasTj'ii. can iroitz n tmi ;
2 n ia ..n i
iH-C TK Jije lookingrdeeply.UitD
mJl HirawPHaSJwjF?! h.ened.lfvinff fa ifeid her terf
fTis compliments, and admirations, and Paad '( heiratVOT
ner. aavvintr
1 j - m - . . . .'a
" 6'7; IV v " . "vi- - ' fJ i 44 All I want n the'woVld li" to'M.'y
we lwtrc alaost sinking, and , m ptBt,J ttm6 aUy wfcgS J
W.Wll?J:cVf our WJ leg about ten pmj&diia6rtbiaU.
when all else js dark, aud the troubles tif, ud rashixt at bua-rke nizdaiia
of life blind us and seem almost to .ed J - i v I l.a.Va.' i a'ii 08
swallow W upaHTW ttessed Jesus , Did you UcJ brotbef: JisJ r?
t I ...... . . . 1 I aa V .11 fl m-,A IV. Km. ,aaM.
-.j ;: .n .'rf''81.ri- I , I will luAten-jouLravi ief iuararxncsa i,t --".:r "r- 't?'"'
for -the. urst tne.8b-bl4AidAAJ 1 nfV ..h,U. Lu.v;.. .nd
She was ebarfcaUied1. without r r. .a Pir?,Vf rff .ITXt-i- I " WetL" tontinued the other Tad.
hoIder.shesju .
do notxrect bkoiP give iijfiisdLJp.1 Vm t.
more thae (lr"ve6., vTli ;brbak4 f;'
fast)Uln&&to44i I JnjftwinV
4n hour or two later, Lillian went? bfoabelir
a a V. T .ihrapr tn nnl.1 rwkrL" I . . uil
11IU aaaaa.j w vr-.v- f I UlS 6
w m ... ii
' 1 . -. . . . a
- . - ii . i.ii 111 i . aa-. ..... a . . i. a . a T7 - a . ... ... . .
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