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Editor' aitd PropkietokI . V
;A11 letters addressed ta r '
Geo. S. BakeiC "
FRIDAy,....;....DECMIlEU, 17, 1875.
We tare evorj reason to think . tl; at
the county thieves will soon be brought,
to justice. In spite of a corrupt ju
diciarj, in spite of the money that has
been and is still being used to hush
up the investigation, the work goes
steadily on. Tho tracV gets warmer
and warmer wilh every new dcvelop
inent. New workers arc entering the
field, and with alcoves rolled , up arc
eager for the race. - These thieves
fellow citizens, must and shall be
brought to justice, in spite of the in
fluence and means that have been
brought to hear to imped a the progress
of investigation. The scoundrells can
nottnuch longer hold the works' which,
they have thrown up for their protec
tion. The cry now i onward boys,
and this ciy must and shall not be
hushed ; 'till the last "mother's Fon,"
of them is brought to justice.' Then
we will give the public, , a discriptive
roll of them, and brant .them in the
forhead with letters that can never be
effaced thuf. r '
Trlmiiitnjy and Couutcr
. :, ' Trimming.' V"
For several weeks there have been
goingori a number of criminal p ibsecu
tious in St. Louis against violators of
the Revenue Laws of the United States,
regulating the distillation of wlmlccy.
A number of United States Revenue
officers have beon indicted and convict
ed. Notably among these are onp Mc Donald,
the Supervisor, and one Joyce,
his chief clerk and right hand man. -Both
of these men arc peculiar pets of
Gen. Grant, and partook of , his hospi
tality at tho White House, when they
were called to Washington ; and when
the President visited' St." 'Louis," they
took special charge of him, ' and con,
ducted him in his . mcanderings in tho
city. A few days ago one Gen. O. E.
Babcock, tho confidential Private Sec
retary of the President, was indicted for
complicity in these frauds upon the
Revenuo of the Government. Then a'
mighty commotion is set up at
Washington. -All at once it is discov
ered that Gen. J. B. ' Henderson, Ia
TJnited States Senator from i MssburK
who had been retained to assist the U. "
S. District Attornoy in the prosecution
ot these crimes, had made some remarks
which reflected upon tho President, and
he was summarily dismissed, as will be
eon by the foMowin dispatch sent
from Washington to St, Louis : v
Dept. of Justice) )
WAsniNOTON, 1). C. Dec;" 1075.
Uoiu D. P. Dycr United (States At
torney, St. Louis :
The sworn report of Mr. Hcnder-.
BOn'r speech; forwarded Mr: "Eaton,
nnd referred to by both you . and M r.
Henderson in your dispatches of yester
day as a correct report,-was read iufull
Cabinet to-day, and it was regarded
by every member as an outrage upon
professional propriety thus to reflect,
without shadow of reason, upon the
President, by whom his employment by
thi .department was sanctioned in or.
dcr that no impediment might be
placed in the w ay of bringing to spoedy
punishment every defrauder of. the rev
enue at St. Louis. You will advise
.Jen. Henderson of his dischargo from
further service, and wxure in his place
the aid of the, most able and efficient
counsel you cau find, without regard to
his politics. :
." nEDPiEUREroxT, Att'y-Gcneral. .
Before this dispatch was sent Gen.
Henderson had heard the muttering of
the distant thunder, that tho raajmatcs
at Washington were quivering -ru the
fex of detection, of their .complicity in
these stupendous frauds, and that it
yas determined to suppress theso pips
ficutions. before any raoro of the cri'm
inaU were shown up, telegraphed Attorney-General
. Pierrcpont iu these
'Tfords;- y- ',
St. Louis, Mo. D(s 9, : 1 875.
JTon. Ed.'P;crrepont,Atry.Gtneml :
I have seeu - your : last disatchto
Col. Dyer. My upccch in the Avery
cihq was extemporaneous Mr. Eaton
mailed you on Tuesday a sworn copy
froin the stenographer of so much as he
thought related to the President. I
did notsee ie hut 1st nd,by the speech
f made. I sail .nothing beyond what my
worn duty required, and for that I
have no apology to make.
' : J. B. Henderson.;
7 And thus it will be seen that these
trials are to he brought to a speedy ter
.jainatiorr. .Thaj; for the present those
infawou3 cnn inals are to go unwhipt
of justice, and thattheir crimes are to
be covered up and kept out of sight of
the' eyes cf the community. That pa
rade about securing the most able and
efficient counsel without regard to pol
itics is all bosh, and is not worth the
paper that the dispatch was written
upon. - ,. '
Gen. Henderson was known to be
the most efficient prosecutor of these
cases that could be found, as they had
beca worked up by him, and he was
tnore familiar with the eases than any
other that could ba secured The zoal
and ability which he threw into the
management of these case struck ter
ror and dismay into the head center of
the great national King at Washing
ton, and he was decapitated. Secretary
Bristow who has also jnarufesieil some
zeal to bring these offender to justice,
may next expect to be told that his
company and services can be dispensed
with for the future Thus acts a Pres
ident who associates with those .scoun
drels upon genial aud ' Jovial terms.
Thus have the highest officers in the
land betrayed the great trusts confided
to their' keeping. Thus have" they
revelled in luxurious splendor upon the
means stolen from the Public Treasury.
,Thus has disgrace been brought upon
the American Government and upon
Republican institutions.
President Grant may in. his arbi
trary power summarily dismiss a tem
porary prosecutor, who trims too near
tho person who fills the Chief Executive
office of this country, but there is another
tribunal charged with unearthing this
rascality, that ho cannot so easily dis
miss, and which may not ''down at his
bidding". The Deonle have decutrsd a
House of Representatives , that is not
afraid to enquire into this meanness,
and which will .'faithfully, perform the
duties of its .commission, however
near it may come to the mm who has
so tar betrayed the . great trust that
bas been reposed in him. Let the
House of Representatives but ptr
form their duty and expose the devil
ishness that, has been perpetrated by
this administration, and such a victory
as awaits the Democratic party next
year, is unprecedented in the annals
of the American republic. The-ball
has been set in motion, j he thieves
are being brought to condign punish
ment. This is the result iu & great
measure of ihe great upheaval of 1874.
Let it continue, and 1875 will bo no
fsr beyond '1874 that tl iev will not
"admit. of comparison' ''
TllO IlKMItllllOll ( k to tho
Oon!stitniiti. '
Ordinance number six is in these
" An ordinance to amend article
' Be it, jordanitd, by the people of
North Carol na in Convention assem
bled, Th?t sections ouc aud two, of
Article thirteen, be stricken from the
Convention, and the follo'iingHsubsti
tiitcd therefor : 4
Section 1, No Convention of the
people ot this State shall ever be called
by the General Assembly, unless by .the
concurrence . of two-thirds of. all the
members of each House of the General
Assembly, except the proposition, Con
vention or No Convention, be first sub
mitted, to, the qualified voters of the
whole State, at the uext general election,
in a manner to be prescribed by law.
And should a majority of the votes
cast be in favor of Siiid Conrontion, it
shall assemble on such day as may be
prescribed by Use General Assembly.
Sec. 2. No part of the Constitution
of this State shall be altered ""unless a
bill to alter the same shall have been
agreed toby three filths of each House
of the General. And the amendment
or amendments so agreed to shall be
submitted at the next general election
to the qualified voters of the whole
Stafe, in such -manner as may be pre
scribed by law. And in the event of
their adoption by a majority of the
votes cast, such amendment or amend
mendaientd shall become a part of the
Constitution of this State.
? Head three times and ratified in open
Convention, this tho 4th day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1875."
The Article in the present Constitu
tion which this ordinance amends, is as
follows, to-wit : ,
u Sec 1. No Convention of tho poo
pie shall be called by the General As
sembly unless, by the concurrence of
two-thirds of all the membeas of each
House of tho Gene, al Assembly.
Sec 2. No part of the Constitution
of tlus State sVall be altered, unless a
bill to alter the name shall have been
read three time3 i each House of the
General Assembly and agreed to by
three-fifiht- of the whole number of mem
hers of each House, respectively ; nor
shall any alteration take place until the
bill, so agreed to, i-hall have been pub
lished sis months previous to a new
election of members to the General As
sembly. If after such publication, the
alteration proposed by the preceding
General Assembly shall be agreed to,
in the first session thereafter, by two
thirds, of the whole representation in
each House of the General Assembly,
after the same shall have been read
three times ou three several days in each
House, then the said General Assem
bly shall prescribe a mode by which the
amendment or amendments may be sub
mitted to the qualified voters of the
House of . llepresentatives throughout
the State ;.and if, upou comparing the
votes given in the whole State, it shall
appear that a majority of the voters
voting thereon have approved thereof,
then, and not otherwise, tho same shall
become a part of the Constitution."
It will be seen from this that a Con
vention of the people may be called by
a two-thirds majoity of-each House of
the General Assembly, or by a majority
vote of .the 'people, should the amend
ments be adopted.
It is also provided that instead of the
present cumbrous and tedious manner
of amending the Constitution by Legis
lative enactment, by having to pass one
Legislature by a three fifths majority,
and a subsequent Legislature by a tw4
- thirds majority, and then a vote of the
people, taking about three years, that
an amendment is only required to be
passed by one Legislature, . by n three-fiitUs-ote,
and then ratified by the peo
ple. . ''''';" -. : .. "', .... :
It seems to us that this is a great im
provement on the old mode of amend,
ments, as it permits the people, at any
time to spt;edi! make any change that
is needed in their orpinie law.
A Fins art Magazias for tie Young.
Atter two yenn,' ot propperitv. nnex.
ampleil in tl.c ana!s f juveniit? rcr
ature, rturirp which St. .Nicir !8
con5clidt;ed;wit!i i'selfa!! i:s str.n- tt
computi;ors, ihe pubiisiurs find tltesr
elyts iu a poeitiu th prouuse that the
Third V'.i;:m, beinuinir v''rh the
iiu.uJier l.r November, 1875, kh:. , 1n
its. uuusual. Kttrahtiot a Jor ;irU Hi,d
l-njf , surpusa ivt n the prtccdirr vo -lime-.
In mV.uion to contiibutiois
Irom ,
'-.TUB yiR-T WRrr.ERS F ni ICA.
h- rv will he Stone?, Pot m . and
tket. he.-j by some of ihe Mosr, PromU
... '.-.. ..i ....... . ' ji.u&a autnors. '.Arranfmtnts
have Iieeu made for a vi ry intcreaiii-g
series ol papers on
By Mrs. Oliphant,
Treating or its 'iJistorv nd the Child
Like ot sncecaive Royal Generations.
Will contrsbuta to the new volurao.
Will write 4M w,orie,s Birthday rrif(P
and other short stories. . &
Snuie articles on Astronmy for youn
People have been' , promised by the"
popular Engli-h Astronomer,
There will be a continued story of
"Lilf in Iceland by
Ja thj Noviuibir, the open;Pg ot
the new volume will begin aD.
"Thu B y Emigrants,"
Bj. XoAir Br.iok", :
Giving the fidremures t a party ol
boys iu the Cam F it ji i a gold mines,
in the ebrl days of the Gobi Fever.
Author of the "Jack Uuzaid" stories
will contribute st-me highly interesting
sketches of adventure at "Bass Cove."
By leading r.mhort.wiU be a prominent
feature ol the cew volume. Especial
attention will also be given to
With spirited pictorial illustration.
The various departments, 'Jck-ini
the-Pulpit, 'The P.iddltBox, and
Letter-Box,' and the pages for Very
Little Folks.' hre to be mote attrctive
than ever. St. Nicholas will contin
ne under the successful editorship of-1
.And no efforts will be spared by ed
itor and publir to maintain and
increase the attractions and value ot
the mag tzice.
8ut script roo-Price,' $3.00 a year;
Siugle S umber?, 25 cent-; Baun.J Vol.
nme, 4.00 ench.
These volumes begin with Norcnv
ter The two now ready for 1874 and
18jo are elegantly bonad iu red aud
gold, and for the handsomest gift boob
tor chihlfenever issued. We will s. nd
the magazine one year, beginn e No
vember 1875, and either ot the vol
umes bound as above post-paid lor $7
or a subscription o ie yr, anj ,;,e lv
volumes for $it. Alt newsdealere will
receive subscriptions and supply vol
umes at tb -b've rate.
SCRIBNER & co. 743 and 745 Broad
wy NY.
Railroad Schedules.
Office Seaboald & Hoanoxe II Ti Co., ) "
Portmoath, Jtu 1st, I8i5
On anl after Fridr, January 1st 1875
Trains wilt leave AWldju daily (Sunday ts
cptd) as follow;
: ilail trtiu daily 4 p.
No. 1. "Friight tiaiu C&ily kt 4 a. m.
No. 2 Freight train t 8 a. m.
Mtil trtin daily at...... 7 15 v a
No. 1. Frcigbt lr' daily at 1 2 00 ti mi.
No. 2. Freight Train at 4(0 r. m
Freight tiaiDS hve a pass, j Car at
tached, ? teimer E-ei tnn, Phmoii-h & laa-l-irgi
-t-n, and Chowan Itivers
leaae Fraakii. at 740 A. m i n .loudas,
Weduedas aud Frid:ijs.
Raleigh & Gaston R. R.
Raleigh, iN. u., JUUC 11th, '72.
On and aftor' Monday June 17tlif
1872, trail!;; on the JlnK-ih & Gaston
Railroad, will run daily (Siuiday ex
cepted) as follows:
31 ail, Train.
I eaves Rakish
Arrives at l. eldon . .
Loaves Wekiou
Arrives at Raleigh. .
.. 10.00 a. in.
. .. iS.oO i. ni.
. . 9.15 a. in.
n" O.W I. Ul .
Accommodation Tkain.
Leaves RalieVh .......... 8.00 n. m.
.Arrives at Weldou 6.20 a. m.
Leaves Weldon . . ' 9.15 a. m
Arrives at Raleigh .... . . 8.00 p. m
Mull Uaiu uiaKus close conn- utinn m
Weldou with the seaboard &' R auoke
Railroad aud 13 y Line bleam:rH vi
Baltimore, to and liom ail point".
North, We.:t and Nortljwest wiiL
the PctiTahu; Itaihoad via Ptters.bui-,
Richmond and Ytsh:i)gun Uity, u
and tioui ?;11 points JS or tii aud Ivrtu
vvest. Aud at Raleigh with tho North t'nr
olina Rilr iad to'itud 1mm alt pom s.
8.u'h aud t uttwefct. niid - v.iili m,
RaU i-li & Air Lme to ily
wu:d iiu't Fi ittvi le.
ici'i'iijii:i u'i m iiml Freight t rui ii
coninct ul weu'.o i wiili A'vouiiuo h
lion Hiii Kr. i'ii traina mi y.Hii,, u,
Itoanoke liaiiroud huv! l;cUici..-uri
Railroad. '
And Rilcigh wi h Arcv)Uiiio a
tiou and '( : 1 1. iriiia on Norm Curo
ria R u r i .
l' ri us );i -.rr a'ortg- the "le i f tli
road can v:t; -t n-in ui ihK ,,.4 r i-
y A;c.inniio,niit..:j irai , anl nm. :
sce. v;i hours, mid return the 8 uuc vvv
Lkave Veldon.
Express Train... .. ........8,80 a. m
Mad Train... . .... 4.15 p. U!.
Exp rcss... ..12.10 a. m
.ail. 8.05 p. m
Mail -6.17 a. tn.
Expresp.. , 3.17 p.m.
Aruive at Weldon.
Mail ........9 30 a. m
Exprtss........... 7.00 p. m
Leave Pi tershutg. 9 00 p. m.
Leave Weldon 8.30 p. rn.
- Arrive at Wt M.ui .... 5,00 a.m.
Arrive at Petersburg.... 4.00 a. m
Gaston Train.
Leave PettrsLurg.... . . . 6:25 a. rn
Leave Giston. ...... 1.1D p. in.
Airive at Onitiui 13 30 p. m.
Arriv at Petrshnrg 7.00 p. m
Fxeihts fr Gaston Branch will I.
rtceivcl at t!ie Petersburg depot oidy
The depot wdl be closed at 4:00 pirn.
No'goods wili nceived atter tht hour.
H; J.C. fcPRIGG,
Engineer nd General Manager.
Franklintoiij N. C.
We TC3ppc:fullj announce to the pub
he, that we have located at Frankliu
ton, for the purpose of manufHCturini?
Carnages, Buggies, Wagoua & c.
We are alto p epared to ti 1 t.rders
lot Metahc, Riteoid, MahoT
Walnut and Tine Coffins, with hear4
and team furniahed.
. very Re?pectlully.
Nor. 5-1 yr. -
I have four fine fat' beeves w litch I
wbh tojsell on the hoof.
Cedar Bock, N. Q.
, We will sell ihe Tmi Yard, lo
cated in Lonlsbnrg; with all the
fixtures and farnitiire. Terms :
Thin h a rare
an energetic
with moderate -capital to make a
aying Investment
We are prepared to
do all kinds of cTO
Send in your Orders and we
will guarantee to give you satisfaction,
2 LJ
3 k a
Qpi$orinuiy for
.J: r : J
Choice Mountain Butter In kf a
AJioieo fountain Itoll Cutter' on
coii5!gumcnt. For sale hy .'
Hominy and -FruitBut-ter."
Large lie mlny- made from pure
whtte corn.
Apple Butter.
reach Butter,
, " - Quince -Batter
For Mle by, WHITE & SHAW.
ETauzelical, Kn-Sestariaa, hicpen't
T. l)c Wilt Talmasc, Eil'r.
Tlie Hjt-t. It. tVi.ii 1'i.jtr P,tn;i ..i
c -1' ounsiiCU.
3Ir. Talmagw'a iSirmon each wttk.
Full Bepcrts of Mr. tVooda Work.
Bv Bkv. W. il. Bakch,
Oac of the m?$t popular of American
story wri;rrs.
Aft-.r Jf. JC! n, exiTtitcd ia tweutr.
nine pm-tings ucd Liixtcfote cold 7 r
f 15, also an
Painted expns-h t.r tlii n;r 1m yi-.n.
V. nixM.v, and c; rjnu-tU by L. ('haq
& Co. Imj oii.
fci- 1 lit-se are ;nuin nrt work, ind
lLl. fet uud rn'Hi txjnri.nvc pitttr
piciaiuQis ever clTrrrl.
3Iost Liberal Terms (o
Without prtirdun , o.-lj;i: pr
.... rau,- $:103
i;h cidur pn mium, ui,:t, i,ntid,
''S prepaid 3.2-
Willi otlur, .o'et. .
! cpu-S4 at -ul-cri;. r i-x'p. 4.00
I2'"I r lul! j.iitirtilnr! hj t,rt.m
mss.-n'ii'itnil nmvi't., u.Mrn,
r. :.toi!vrs Vu, ,u r
v.' "VorK I T4J
Llg llt .U i U l t.l H-Vcll. . X IJ
:! e ciutti ii d iiar. li itt Vfir
in whicft .u O, p j'ti. u li,, 0 i;jrr.
ftnativ. U . jt..r i,l iJ,.. li id
c!ct:om : A I '.t id. i i,; tj.c "iilc,
but . A t ui it 1,- iv. n i. me ,ur
to L l j,,.!.' IT, c.H i .lu-.U,
tsp c.u:.y tuc . v. ,a i. ; ,Ul M f ,
ti tr.i in devtrtU - c i. ccusi wrti
tLcu w t: t.t I., v h.:,1 lui j r .bf cJ
un s ixp u n i i:k t. .
"IIk-O, ;... !.!..., i:, Uej lUjHe uL
ativ-,.l.i : up i.c;,f uu.uirj
pvll-l V-iS - - hj iUli j.rx w jj
sirny ni:d i:lfc., , i.4. Ulc i.-.i u.M ii.iMim, o. ojuvti
ti.tiMiii.-iu'i -; ; n...l Ali , Ig lo hj
u'p 1 .j t ,v i. u il .iio,, u,r a t,cw
mi I h.,U I . t . I , ir;... in ,ir tu,,,,,!
kistu. . . O: l i, is Tnu r;i-N Cou
Mm r, i,j. J,- e u..d tccuraiu mciott
iun.!Miu U rc.i. r vrul. eiij ,j
Ufhtv. r hy ml lui-tt.uu utvn ie
-u tr' i! g p c
lie m. -.b td lipsi.iiii:ii tj,c.
:t u, i h pnp. rdtlou ,.r i,
U imu.iii .c iictuii jj lJpoa
ORAM' a tiiiid i.rii nf
p -wtr und.p -undrr, :..d mre
il c d.r.j: wii.i l a 1 iIio cundi. a of
lir p.i;y in 6iti tt, t;t,,nc2
:batcM.did.i:e. Co: & ruing all tht
j ci.-, tbore who re.i lui; tf.s will
ave lit Ci.r.s &f,t uuaca ol teitg tbci-
0 ildy wed in : m j.
- Tb-i Wki kltScx, wLicliJus attaioed
a c :cuIatioii i of ,.T.r fcy.uoO c pi ,
a:r.uJy Ltts i 8 r a erg iuc.nj i-tate
nd Tvruto y, uial vre trust tlitt tLe
)e .r 167G V.iil ,ec thur k in Ur doub
le It will c n i u : i.j bj a thorough
n v:pd,er. AJ lb.- gem-ral Dfi ol
ii.-.Ly will bj found ioif, coudtofed
Miru unimp.nat ,t lull Ci,tii wbtn
wl lunin. n ; ad aUay, we truit,
inatid :n aclcir, iatcrttiin-' atd it-
ructive iiiaoLer.
Jt ikui uim u make tl.o Weekly
Sex tl e I -6: Lni.Ijr LLwttr in the
w. -lid, bbil e til cooticue to give
la i't tctros a Urpe ainount of micl.
ianc-ts, ocb twthit talt, pm,
tt tut Cc itteii-'tce i.i acr.cul'.ural u
lo:iii:iou. lor Hh.cb we are Dot l!e
tu make r ota in our d.ily ion.
Tbe ancu ttral depaitrntot epeciallj
is one of lit promiuer.t Icalurit. The
kbinra tre nl o rrularly reported ia
1 colum; and o are tbe urkett ot
tvcj klLU.
Toe Weekly Bvy, tight papea with
fill v-lix tro&d colutnoi i only $1 20 a
youi, poaUKe p:ejld. At thi prica
bireiy repays tbe cost o! the paper, no
di&couot c-e be made 1mm tbi. rate to
clabf, agt-DtJ, Pt nisaterf, or anjone.
TLe Daily tC3, a large !oar p2?
nepj er ol 28 cclamnt, ivea all toe
new for two ce ti a copy. Subciip
uon, poitge pitpid, 05c a month fur
50 a jear. bu.NDAY ectitioo extra,
1.10 per year. Wc have no travehu,' Addnr, Instfci Ne York
J. 31. F0KEST & Co.'
Near Central Hotel, Corner Ilarv tt
and Wilmington Streets,
Dealers id Imiorted and Domestic
Liquor, t ijara and TofJacco-
J "N CV AYCOrrKF, furu:eriy of
LniiUb ir, lus charge of tlu? Ear and
Eilliard raloon. and will be nleaied
toee bU old frieud.
Nor. 190-wo.

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