1 I. GEO. r. IJAKER. Pijopimktoi:. LoUIS!JUIW5......I)KCKMIiEK 1" 1 LOCAL MATTERS. Large furniture !ale at Mrs. Brum mctt's on Saturday next the 18lli inst. 741 Bales cotton bought and ship pod by t'o merchants of this place during tho month of November. 1 1 Wc neglected h week to call at tention to the advertisement of the Greensboro IV.nalo College, Head advertisement elsewhere, We are indebted to Kev. L. TJran son for hi A'. 0. Agricultural Alma nac, for 187C. It i filled with useful iuforaation . Price only lOetsi PtELioiov.s. Itev W. C.s Norman, of tliu N. C. Conference will .preach in the Methodist Church at this place next bath at 11, A. M. and 7 P. M. Mny r.l). We have moved'to the upper rooius ovt r T. N. CurliK-s Stor on Muih ht cet where we v.-iI 1j; p!.!a.-cd to' have our friends call to ko ('oi:::n:it. . Fair and Fotival, during the Clinst 11,. 1 holiday by .the Ladies of the M, I!. Clmvch. 7'emcnihvr it voutrjr j'en-. tlfi:ii! and jm-parO; for it. Yin'; will have tho opportitiiiry of making some nod iiivcj Inivtits . Mr. 1'.- W. F-jller and ladyleft here lat fi. r ilmingtou, v, hro they will spcini tome tinn. : hope that th-1 e!i;inrf j -.vill prove bcnrlicial to 'Mr. Fulh'v, .that ho 'will hi c-:iircly re- tstorcd t hcal.h aain. ' uti rf and 'that every la:s of 1 it -: 1 1 .-s t, ill he supendnl in thi placi on C.nHt:nas day, and 'a'gctu'ral j hoii lay will fx: observed. .. Pr'isjns in the country wiil plrasu take ' due notice of U ali' Vti and govern thomselvcs according v. Tif,y w re oientit cigar?, genuine Ifavanii.i-', the il vol' v. a simi.lv Km'l! ml I iiCV IVI'II! " Veil tO US' by o'ir. youi-:: frirnd II A. Ciinsiiaw, of t'l ". !ir:n of W ii-icr fc Cimsh'av. 'ii.fy have; more-of the wme kind at " thfir cheat sfor! on tho corner of jljiin uttd Xash striv's. Mr. Y. 1. ('liftonhas tnovod to hn of v house on Court . street, next door oat f.-oiu the Drn store, where he . will a pl?as-d to hoc his customers, llii f,to(lc of Ilarnos is complete. A Tompetrnt workman employed to niat.ufar! m e jy article in his line on short notice. The u'pp'ir floor is used as lii. Photographic (jal'crv. ;, Prof. W. T.,'Ee, the :iccotujlihed and geutleimmly teacher of vocal music, closed his second session in this )l;cj on -Thurs'l.jy Viight. lie is thorough in his knowledge of tmisicyand possesses the hapjiy faculty of impart ng in a clear and inipressiv manner, his knowledge of the same to hispupils. His voic-j is. well culiivated and and le has ciitert ined our citizens several times with some of his 6tst song.' Wo hope liim success wherever he may go. lli;v. F. L. Hem. This eloquent and piom Minister, has hecn icturned to this Station by the 31, E. Confer ence, which met in Vilmingioti -on the 1st of this m'Mith. 'This appti!mnent ij most acceptable to our citizens and especially to tho members of the 31. E. Church . He has la bored hard and zealously for the K Chuich during the past two years, and gained tho love and confidence of his entire charge, :uid the respect and esteem of the whole couimnrity. Saturday Items. Several skir mishes ia town last Saturday; some blood spilt; 116 deaths; partes all do ing well.. Town treasury increased. A cumber of dog fights. Tangled lee whiskey commanded readv sale. Christinas in the bones of a number cf darkeys. Scvcuty five carts, wagons and buggies on the street, .loaded with cotton, Christmas turkeys, chickens, butter, corn', fodder, beef &c. No runuways. 3Ierchanls all busy, Jm eubscrintions received from delin qucnts, had to use all the money to pay the tubman. Blue day for the editor. We live in hope of a better day. Several strangers in town. Kev. P. J. Carraway, filled the pnlpit of the M. E. Church, on Sun t'anight last. He has been returned to the Ch-urlotto Station for the next year. . ... ... v:V-v , .. I A. D. KoYSTiiu fc Bko. On oar visit to Ptaieigh, during the session of the Grand Lodge, lie called to see our enterprising j.nd energetic friends Messrs. A, P. Royster & Bro. These gcntlcncn by perseverance and will, have succeeded in estaoli-dtirig a fac tory for the manufacture of a I kinds of candies, and 'judging fiom the dis play they make in tltdr .show window?, and show cae, their goods must be equal if nft superior to -.ny br.-ught' from the ! Northern markets.-' They guarantee their prices as low as any. and their goods to bo as pure and well made as can be had anywhere. . - ScEKE IN THE TAX COLLECTORS Office. An old negro woman went into the taz collectors office a few days back to pay her tax. The amount was much larger than she expected, md she asked the collector please to call over the items upon vhich she had to pay,. He complied and ' began, -one house and lot, special jail tax, household furniture &c . She said all was correct ex'Jvfptthe, "so forth," and the Lord knows she. never had to -pay any ' o forth' tax before, and it did roaily give her the palptertation of the heart. She draw forth from her pocket, an old stocking tied up with Hire1 yards of old rag strings, and paid the amount and departed, shaking off the dust from her feet as she left. Thaxi's. We have received the following " complimentary note from Messrs.; Terroll k Harris, the enter prising young merchants, who have just opened a largo stock of goods in their handsome new brick store on Main street. Mu. l).Ki:it. .-Dear Sin: Tho hand some Job of Work in the shape of Lct- ter Jm'I heads and Envelopes, which you uul tor us last week, will com pare favorably .with' any we have ever had done Xorth, both :s to price and ouality of workmanship. The ma terial .is first . rs'te. We take pleasure, in recommending your work to all who vih any done. X'o use ging north when such--work cau be done righ;. here in our midst. Tkhiikll k IIakrik, The following interesting letter from Kcv. F. L. Hcid, provieher in change ot this .station was ' received too late for last week's issue. It wiil be read with interest by ail : Wii.minitox X. C, Dec,-1875. Dkaii Coui'.iKii : I believe I prom ised to write you a line from this place, Our Conference met Wed nesday prouip'ly at 10 o'clock A. 31. Bishop McTyerie in the chair. The Bishop dispatched business more rapid ly than i'liy lihdiop we have ever had, ho ceruiu!y is a sidendid presiding officer..' e have several distinjjuish- ed visit rs in attendance, among whom we notice: Dr. Jas. Duiicah, of Va., Prof. W. W. 'Duncan, of fc. C. and Dr. 3oran, of Baltimore. Dr. Deems, vho has been a member of our Con- ferouco for a long time, applied for and obtained a location. Whilst we all regret to, lose Dr. Deems, yet it was no doubt better for him to locate. lie wrote a long, affectionate letter to the "oference bidding us adieu., Wil mington is entertaining the Confer cneo handsomely and although the weather has been extremely bad, yet the citizens manifest a grat deal of interest in the proceedings as ia evi denced by the large number in atten dance upon the Sessions of the body. The Conference will probably adjourn to-day. Tho appointments for next rear are not vet made public. I hope however that I will obtain them before I mail this,' if so I will enclose you the appointments for Raleigh Dia trict. The next Conference is to be held in Greensboro, N. G; J Yours truly, F. L IIeid. P. S. T?olow are the appointments for Raleigh District: ; J. P. MooiiE, P. E. Raleich Edenton St L S Burkhead. Raleigh Person pi W C Norman, Car) J E Thonipson, Rolesville L J Ilolden. Sintthfield J II U heeler. , Tar River- R S Webb. Iouisburg F L Reid. i Granviiie-S V Hoyle.1 1 j jender&on A A Bosharaer. Naihville and Rocky Mt. T B Reeks. Youngville M J Hunt. Toisnot N M Jurney. Editor Pialcigh C. Advocate J B Bobbitt. Rev.W II Ujbbitt i Presiding El der on Charlotte District and llev. S. D. Adams goes to Greensboro. Many other changes ' were rr.auc. We bate an increase in the membership of the Church within the bounds of the N. C. Conference of 4000 in the last year. You se from the above appointments that the Methodist of Louisburg are to listen to my poor preaching oue more year. One person at least is pleased with this and that oue is . '. - - Yours truly, F. L. R. Gold Nugoets Tub Fra.xkl.in aKdNasb County Mixes, To.day we were ehowu by 1 nomas K. Thomas, It tlicr of our townsman, C. H. Thomas tn well known landlord ot the Cen tral hotel, fcorae fine specimen of gold from the Hansom bsidtre and Ainngtcn gold mines, the former in Franklin and the latter in Nash county, in close proximity to each other. The- speci mens have been declared by experi enced miners to be exceedingly rich. Mr Thomas was for m my years the tola owner of the old and lamous Por tis mine, iq Fr.tiiklin, where he made thousrnds of dollars, and aft r selling whicli purchased the mine at Hicsem's Bridge. The Portis mine is now being developed by Mr. Sturges an txperien c .-d miner, and we Kara that lesp:te mauy discouraging failures this old mine is giving unmistakable evidences of vast riches. The qunz of tUe new vein, recently openetl, is tjeing snipp'ia to Baltimore ami "New York, and pro duce more that. 5 ounces ($100) to t!ie ton an average. The decomposed quartz siate, and graved in the beit on being washed to a depth' of some 20 to 25 feet produce m re than $1 to the cub 'c'yrtl. M srs. Cake &'Sons, Wi lan't's bote', -Washington, D. C., and W, A. Browu, a aiining tugineer ot Philadelphia, 'mv.; r ceurly purchased the Mann mine in X is'i cou ity,an I a:e actively engaged in enctipg the. prop er machinery to grind' the quartz. The have, it is sai !, fuud the true vein, and ii gives promise t- be im mense.lv rich. Manj intellig nt engin eers and capitalists have visited this sectii)ii 11 ci nt'.v, ami larre sums of money will no (louUtere lorg be invest ed th"re. in gold mining. Mr. Tnotrtjn experts to remain in this eity for several days f-r the puip se of arnngui-j busines- iu conuection i h his mining interests. I?. i?ENTi- Xii3ii Ji Notes. Basques are made long on the liips, and.shoi' both luck .nd front. Tho centre of the b-ck is formed of folds of the same material ; .-and back of e:ich hip' pocket are formed of folds, the' sleeves are finished with cuffs. A very pretty trimming for the lower, skirt is a side-plaiting three ineties wide; above this a bias 6fteen inches deep, and two inches from the edge put five , rows of shirring, and then a space of another inch: five more rows of shirring, still another inch and five rots of chirring. The upper part of the bias is bound with silk the same shade of the material. For boys from six to eight,-make ?uitsof sacqut, coat, vest and wide knee-trowsers, the sides of the pants and the jacket ornament with gusset ;diaped Ftraps jf black velvet Byron collar and white c .ffs, with a silk necktie, and felt hat. Gay sashes are no louger worn. '1 he hair is coiled low on the neck couipaetness is closely observed. Fashion. Cotton Markets. Louisburg, Dec. 1G. Cotton, ( Middling) 12 cts. Raleigh, Dec. 15. . 12 cU. Cotton, tc Petersburg, Dec. 15. 12 cts. Norfolk, Dec. 15. Cotton, Cotton, t 12 ets. SPECIAL ITEMS. MALLOEY'S Best heavy Bagging Ties Marshalls Liverpool Salt NalL? per keg 16 cts. 5 cts 225. 425. 41 Iron Everything CHEAP. Guano for wheat. W. S. MALLORY, Franklinton, N. Notice to Settle. I earnestly request all who owe' me will make it convenient to settle . before Christmas, as I need all the money I cau get. This request is made in car nest and those disregarding it will find their claims in the hands of an officer. Therefore pay up and save cost. T. N. CAIILILE. Nov. 12 1875. The Courier for three months only Fifty Cents. Let every Demo crat in the County subscribe at once. Go to T. . Carlilcs, and you will 5ud that Santa Clans has emptied a huge bag of pretty things in his store all of which will be sold cheap. Clubs of Subscribers to the C017U1 Klt, arc coming in every week, but wc have a large mailing book and have room for more. Friends dont cease your efforts, uut'd the COURIEll is put in every family in the county. Now is the time of the year for Pneu monia. Lung Fever, Cni;li!f Colds, and latal results of predisposition to Consumption and other Throat nnd' Lung Dieae. Bosciies German ?Syrcp bas beu used in this neighbor lnod tor the past two r three year will oat a binle failure to cur-. I; you htve not used this medic: ne jour-s-lf, co to your D-uj;ois DIt. J. B CLIFTON, and ask bin I its won derful sueces among liia customers. Two doses will re ieve the vrst -a-c. Ify. u hiive 110 f'niiii in uiy medicine, fu it buy a sample Bo tli i t BoaeUee'g Uermau Syrup for 10 cut- and try 1 nguiar s z; Bottl - 75 rei.te. Don't Itkc h c uga tosav-' 75 ce-iis. We will send the Courier and Godey's Lady's Book, with, beautiful Oil chromo " Rescue,'' 12' months for $4.50. TO CONSU3IPTIVES Tlie ad vertiser, an old physician, retired from active practice, bavin" had placed in ins hands by an .Last India Mission ary the formuhi of a simple Vegetable hemepy, for the speedy and perina nent urc of t'osiunptiou, bronchitis Catarrh, Asthma, and all Ihroat gnd Lung A fleet io sf a'so a lostive and Uadical cure for Nervous-Deb lity and all 'Nervou Complaints, alter having thoroughly tested its wonderful cura tive powers iu thousands of cases, feels it his duty to make it' known to his su tie ring fellows. Actuated by this motive, and a conscientious desire io relieve human suffering, be wi 1 send (free of charge), to all who desire it, this recipe, with lull directions for preparing and suecessfuity usin. tent by return 111a 1 by abdressing. DiJ. VV. U. a J EVEN J?, Munroe lilock, Syracuse, K Y. Nov i'J-t-v, NOTICE. I hereby forbid all persons from en'eriTg.r .trespassing on my land ad joining the land of Dr. Bennett Alston Riido'lui?, either by day or night, un der penalty ot the Law. Wm. PACE. Act. Dec. 10, 1875, 4-t. t DISSOLUTION. The copartnei ship heretofore cxst- in un'Ier the name ot Cooke & Spen cer is this lav di.-solved; Either raem'er of the late firm nnthoriz -l to sitrn in petti- roent of the old business of the firm. ; C. M. COOKE, W. U. bPliCER. Dec 1st 1875. WRUNGf FROM THE GKAVE! The most remarkable book of the season. Herald. Tt sensation of the. day. Tribunr Written by the Aife ol a member of congress. . - Mailed, postpaid, for oOcen's. ItEED WICKER3HAM & CO., Publishers. ' 726 SansohStree', Uhiladeipbu. MACDONALD'3 J5EW STORY 1 - f SL Georqe arid St. Michael. A ROMAKCK OTf CAYAUER AKD RoVKD- ' HKAD."W .." BY GEORGE MAC DONALD, Author ot 4Annals of a Quiet Neigh borhood," "Wiltred Cambermede" etc. 1 yuI. Illustrated. 12mo. Cloth, 8175 "The works of no Dovclist of the present day have, had wider sale or been more universally admired than the stories of this wonderfully gilttd author. St. George and St. Michael is bis last and crowning effort" Co lumbcs Dispatch. "It is one of Mr. MacDonald's most enjoyable productions, and will win bim hosts of new trieods and ad mire?." Hakttosu Post. t4There is a good portrait of the au thor, and a number of illustrations which are mpre ttiaa ordinarily fine." Publisher's Wkek.ly. To be bad of any Bookseller, or wul be sent to any address post-paid, on receipt ol pric?, by J. B. FORD & CO., Publishers, 27 Park Place, New York. C. i New Advertisements, NEWGOOBS!' NEW. GOODS! NEW G00LS ! NEW GOODS! XEW GOODS! NEW GOODS! NEW GOODS! NEW GOODS! WHITE & SFlAW Have rereied this week large addi tion of NEW and desirftble goods, which tiity are selling at very LOW PRICES. Special attention is invited to our Sew.-Style Dress Plaids, in bcautiMl designs and colors. Also a good supply ot other ilyle Lndi DrcKM Goods, 3L.naicM Slllc Neck Ties. In handsome new style's. Faacy Belts, laest fashion. New S yie Tuck I'ombs, Hemstitched Handkerchief., In fancy boxB, Ladies Shawls, entire new stock, Boalt'Trd bk:r s. Laiies Merino Under Vcets, L idies Cotton' and Fleece lined nose, Misses and Chddrt-ns striped Hose. WHITE & SHAW. Cloths and Cassiincres. Chatlottcsvil'e all wod Casjimcrcs, Fncy Cus-imcres formit, Slieeps Greys aud Mtbons, Kentucky Jenti, Kersey.-', Aud oihc-r gooils lor Mtn and Boys. For s do low, WHITE & SHAW. BOOTS AND SHOES ! LADIES SHOES, B st Phihiflelphia work: Gents Calf Skin Boots, Best Philadelphia work. Boys Calf Skin Boots ?. M"n aud Boys Enf'ib-h Kip Boots, Me,n U j Wtiole Mock Boots, Me:i and B iys Broan Shoes, Mens Piowr utd Hunter bhoe, Woraens Cable Wire Shoes, Wouicns Biy Sate p-g Shoes, . Women? Leather Polkas, Together with a Urge stock of Misses and childretjS shoes, all at wondarluU ly low prices, at WHITE Jb SHAW '3. Calicoes, Plaids. &c. 50 pieces new style Calico, just re crivad, 79 pieces Unbleached Cettoa Cloth, Plaid Osnaburgs, Bleached and Uo- bkacbed Jeans, Canton Fianntl, and Bleached Cot. tons, all ;raJet For sale at prices as low as Cotton, by WHITE & SHAW. Gil 0CEE IES! Rio and Lsguayra Coffee, Baktrs best Chocolt'.e, Cut Loaf. Granulated and Pulverize! Sugar, A and extra C 8agr, Yellow and Go Men C Sugar, Flour, Eicon and Lvd, Butter and Cheese, Molasses and Syrupt, Pearl Hominy, Nelson's Erillitot Gelatine, -Peae), Appl j and Qa;cc- Bater. All toibsle at luwt ratts. WHITE & SHAW. E. W. FWJjIjiISEi Ha receiretl another hrgt? r.ipply of BEAUTIFUL PRINTS, JEANS, CABSIiIEIlE3, PANT CLOTIIS, BBOWN DOMESTICS, c. Also a large lot of H OI B From his old reliable hous. Every pair warranted. Ho Is expcctla a lot of most beautiful . FAMILY FJLOXJR. lilt ample stock ot GROCERIES is beiag constantly replenished. AJt tt the rery lowest prices for CASH. - The Highest Price paid Trade. Special Notice, We eameptly request all persons who are indebted to u, to ornne forward nd pay up. Oar f:rra btiog be-n dis-o vtd nearly a jeu a;o its buMner roust 'be settled, Thoe who do mv settle before tbc first ol January mxt, mny expect to find their claims in the bund'tof a. collector. KING WHITE & 8UAW. Dec?, 1S75. .Ira P R O SPEC T US OF THK 'N, . WEEKLY DERALD. JAS. GORDON BENNETT I'roprietor. BROADWAY AND ANN STREETS. POSTAGE FREE. ANNUAL SU BSCR1P HON.PRICE 1 1. CLUB RATES. Time Copice, per annum . $3 8 15 25 Five Copies, T u Copies Twenty Copies, Anettm copy will be sent to every club ot ten or more. Additions to clubs recti vd at clab rats. These rates make the Wkekly IlEn alu the Cheapest publication in the country. Terms cash in advance. Money sent by mail will be at the risk of the sen-di-r. ' i A generous portion of the Weekly Herald will te appropriated to Ari- cu ture. Horticulture, Floriculture. Po- mo'.ogy and the management of do mcetic animate, rarriculsr attention will be paid alsa to reports ol the mar ke's The aim will be to m&ko the Week ly IIerijj superior to ao oiher scri cuitural ad iamily newspaper in the Every number of the Weekly IlKm ald will contain a se'ect story and the latest and mo it important news by telegraph from all parts o' the world up the hour ef publication. During the session ol Congretc the Weekly (Icbald will contain a sum. mary of the proceedings and the latest News by Telegraph fmm Washington, Political, Religious, Fashionable, Ar tistic, Litt-rary anl Sporting Intclli peoc; Obituary Notice. Varieties, AmusemenU, EditorUl Articles oa the prominent topics o( the day, a review ol the Cattle and Dry Gts Markets, Financial and JCornmcrcial Intelligence and. account oi the Important and interitftiiis; evm's of tho week. 1 be price ii u -scriptioD, whenever practicable, should be .transmitted by Post Office Orders. It is the salest mode ot transmitting money by maiL At small Post Oliices in the couu'ry where Post Office Orders cannot be obtained money may be remitted in Registered Letters. Advertisement, to a limited num ber, will be iaaer.ed io the Weekly Herald. DAILY HERALD. POSTAGE FREE. Annual 8olwcriptira Price $12 Al ways in Adfaace. . Newsdealers" Supplied. postXoe fkee. - Daily Edition, Three cents per Copy Sunday Edition, Four cents per Copy Weekly Edition. Three cents per Copy ' Write the address on letters to the New Yobk IIsualo in a bold legib'e hand and give the name of each sub scriber, of Post Office, COcoty and State so plainly that do errors in mail ing papers will be liable to occur. ESTABLISHED 1847. W. H. Llorris 4 Sons., COTTON FACTORS ASD Commission Merchants. 23, 25 and 27 Commerce St. AWroa-, Fa. . Will make liberal Currency ad van ceson produce or bill lading in hand. Mr. A. M. Noble, ofN. C., is con nected with our house, and will bo ple?d to receive the patronage his friends. for Colton, in Woney 'o ' ; 1 - t mm Tne only Blackly tbatVlll - Al Polish Over, Oiled Sur-i face . PRESERVE TIIE LEATHER I , H. A. REAMS & Co. " Manufacturers of Ilcams Durham Bwt and Siioo Polish . dtjrhamsn:c. " IVarrantal to Exxl All OQur Hyney Rrfandedl or The only blacking that will polUk on oiled surface. It is cmaranteed to preserve the leather and make It pliant, Inuulrincr t quantity and time to produce perfect glow than any other, tne brash to be applied Immediately alter puttingon the blacking. A per fect gloss from this will not soil erei ' white clothes. We guarantee it ai represented, and "ssk for patronage strictly on its merits. In testing our blacking! use a brush that bas no other on it. Prices as low as ether Blacking. Liberal arraoge ments made with merchants and wholesale dealers. II. A. BEAM3 &Co.f Manufacturers, Durham, N.4," This Blacking is recommended ia tbe highest terms, after 1 rial, by Geo. F. Brown, J. Howard Warner, New Yoik; the President and Professors of Wake Forest College; and a large num ber of gentlemen in and around Jpnr- bam, whose certiCcites have been fur nished tbo Manufactories, ' Orders solicited and promptly. filled. GREENSBORO FEMALE COLLEGE Greenswro, N,C. TbeBprioct Session oi 1875 WILL BEGIN On Wedoesd.y, the 12th ot January, and coottoue twenty weeks. Board (exclusive of washing & light!) f0 00. Tuitiootn regular English course. 23 C3 Charges tor extra studies, mod te . For. Catalogues containing ri...j lars,app:y to T. M. Juscs, President . N. U. D. WILSON, President Board of Trustees. . Jolm Armstrong, N. 1 FayetUfille Street, . , ' EALEIGH, N,C. ' 300K BIXBEK, t Blank ' Book Manvftutnrer, Newtpsper, Mtgazioes and Law Biwks of every description , bound in the very, bet Style and at Lowet PriCca. janSO 12a WANTED. ' A situation a Pry Goods, Grocery or Bar Clerk, Dry Goods business pre ferred, ltefcrence furuuhed. . Addre.-u, couniEE. nov2G4t Lotd,!:ir-, N. a Weekly News cwty 4 il.-c iiiJsenJ bill to this oCcc. " : - of

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