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LOUlSBUltG, IN. C, FRIDAY. 'DECEMBER- 21, 1875, ;
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Professional Cards.
. Will attend the Court! of 9sl,Fra&k
i. tin, Granvilie. Wanen.r.nd Vuk fViun,
. tita, also t'hju Supreme Court t Ntiflb
Caroliim arrl the U, 8. Circuit and d'is
tnctCoutts. N;' 7 -tf .
-' , ' ,
. lrKJOrKLIN10S K. C.
ptalioe in the c-ourts of the 6vh
Prompt jtt'Ution gien toth? cf-llc
tioni.f claims. ' N W -tf
(Wtitten expre xiy fr th- Cou. ier.)
hts Proiessjinjal Rf rvices to
the public in
Every department of
LoaUhurt? at Wtrrennn over
P nt Hottl. I Norwood & Davis Stow.
E. UlCilTEIt.
W"atcliinaker and Jew
eler. VIVP Watcln'S nud jewelry of. the hea
Mamir;ii-toraiHl t the lonct piew.
All woik percoually uttended to and war,
ranted. '
ll t3 Sycamore 8L , reteriburg,V
We huve added io our tock a pplna
did JOB TRRS, irh an tUgaot
fflectii.n of type ol lb-. litet styles,
and 'wt-. arc cow pr bated to do
in the neatest and best manner. '
S vou nwd not pend your JB
WORK N.rtb, for we will do it iust a?
writ and cheap as yon ran get it else-
1 where.' 1 .- ;
Mrs.' Nathier was a widow ladj. wita
only one child, Gerald, - yrho; was ct
ct)t;rsj tlie cHif in all Jjer nopcBvitJ
aims. IIi5 wishes wure cotisUiti'd al
ways, and altho' from iufancy pottc-d
and humored, he was not spoiled. lfi?
apartments were as dainty as any fair
lady's, and his toilets always elegant,
still there Avas none of the dandy about
him. lie was never conscious of his
superiority in auythiig,atid none could
be too poo: or too low for his notice if
they were in need.--lie a very hand
some, his style alrnuht etFeminateso soft
and fairbtt hw statue was so stately,
and his address so rnanly that one would
never associate auy weakness with him,
except excessive teiuh rnes and gent e
forbearance with those he loved, if that
could be a weakness. It is past break
fust time, and by the glowing gratfc with
his french boots elevated on the
back of another chair,, a finely scented
cij;ar perfuming the room, and the
uioruitig paper renting on his knee sits
or reclines Geralds The door opens
and a young girl enters. , She is ver
beautiful at a glance, upon better ac
quaintance you find that soaiething is
wai.ting. Slu has a slight knowledge
ol most any accomplishment, ,; all of
which t'au'be Sounded in a slmrt while,
and the pretty face loses half its beau
ty wl en talking of anything sarcfash
ioa aud beaux, or light-bnuter ; these
were to her tate and call forth irresis
tible an i motion for a season. But ono
of deep thought atid f.;eUng soon t:r,-s
if such enmpauy. As she entered the
room she had said :
" Well, if you ars not indolence per
s omeu.
lie g'aneod over his shoulder wifh a
" Good .morning, (Cousin Eelle.
you jtwit any -one with indolence? V hen
it wants only ten minutes of ton, and
you are just from th4 breakfast table.
You see I did not wait for you.'
lur cilibarrassmcnt.'. '
You wercbrvc to keep an appoint
meut to day," he said smiling.
Necessity is a greats stuunleaUI
"iYes, ha sail thooghtfuUy, .vf also
a tefct of worth." v;; v
'I I di.Ti?r with you sir test jof on
durance - I' :ii
. Why"," saM be, smiling, do you
''IM&ik&ulrifeS pralsj-forthj Jo
o U;d to th.i eaurgeney ?''
" Praise-worthy perhaps, but is it
a tost of worth when held in ranks at
the point of the bayonets ?'
"MrN thHr!" loudly called out
Mis3,Lvndoi,. Are you feigning to
Let me thank you Jor this treat,'
a said, ,iXniicpaViately fond of
sic, and hope, I shall have this pleas
nsany times il not it viil be uo
ure many
fault of mine,'' hb addedf suiiling. !
" I am glad I have pleased you, sir,"
she said, quietly.
44 M7 mother sent xne in here to
judgo of your performance. If you
GcnM ffom iJIooily.t1''
IIow ill Widow Crnulit
' Illn,.
A gentleman of an autobiographical
t-ro relates how he was inatnictd in
' Tlicy ay in England if a man walks
le must Lc poor, if ke sometimes calls
a cab Wo hi list be' better 'off, if one
footman' Tides behind him he s rieb, I lhj cusomntlnj Vollbjr a sjright
but if two nro on the back of hi car-1 lj widu, daring "a moon Uglit sleigli
naze ho must havo a Rrcat inheritance ride. wih a airtrrj party. Ho says:
God Lasno poor children 't thejy all
will agree to t ike tharga of pur musical haTo reat iuheritances, wo footmen
departnA inti you will add greatly to my ar always ibtlund ' Goodness' snd
CTetx Jc.reijf rif idw, Ik-, lat iu the
sanie,. ouder the, same buffalo
robe,with me..
enjoyment,asaiso that of our gucsKt; arid mercy shall follow me all the days of ,"Oh!oh! Jon' t, don't P sh ex
now I will t ke yon to mother, unless,1' n life- Or gsodness and mercy may claimed, a's wo' came' to ilia Erst bridge,
he said, Toolung wLstfaily at tho piano, 00 called God'i. watch dogs, .following it llje ean'ie . Vtiuc takhtug'mo bj the
be deaf to irritate me or to be fascina
ted to amuse ?''. :
He colored and angrily biting his
lips, said;". -;'V fff'!
t; Miss London, I am feigning neitheT
one oi- the 6ther.,, Then added in a
lower tone, ': Gallantry in : one's own
house is not always" a test of siiiccrety,"
and ris'ng followed the ladies into au -other
room. J
Poor Clyde, she did not know exacts
ly what Mr. Nathier meant, whether to
you will play more.'
" gPi t? ryou WQther if you
piease. ' . :
After escorting her to the library and
having heri he thought what pretty
manners the girl hd, and how grace
ful.:!? . f i i ;
It whs findllv arranged that she would -
be paid twenty fivc'dvnani ; ten cf which
was paid in advance. !
Upon reaching home she told her
mother ' she "felt like a fortune been
had left her. . .
NoV," said her mother, ''youniuit
in the rear.
! 1
,f v
let her know that Miss London's taunt forth, thjjet you a, dress havb
had been for nought, or that he was j needed it a long time."
displeased with, that ladies rudeness.
u Oh, I am not talking abour early
rising. I allude to your appearance
I am ready: for a race or ti dance,' she
said gaily, waltzing to a seat, " aud you
look as tho' you were laid upfwith
rheumatism.,' -V. , "
He laughed good hun oredly, sayings
Probably if your stately sLter and
Miss London were to come in, a current
of electricity might enliven inf." '
" irell. 1 declare, -'you are compli--mentary
to me."
"To be candidwith you cousin, mine
your want of. dignity cmoufles the
same in me.' ; ;
h 41 1 don't care if it doesT-I am glad
I haveg t some one to( quarrel with,'
Tcan't bear to read, "and it is f raining
no w,she added pctulently
from the window, " just to keep one
from sleighing."
Just then the dooif opoded and" a for-'
4 lorn looking cnat ure timidly "nteedt
the dark and homely dress, thread baio
shawl dripping with rain, and hat so
many seasons out. of style-was a very
Mrs. Nathier came in, and after some
pleasant remarks said, ' ' ' ,
; I did Hot look fbr you this morning,
the weather is so disagreeable."
T " I could not afford to lose the slight
est chance to benefit my condition. ;
5"; :' Are you .then in needy circum-
(siaua-s ; . . ------
. A trembling of the lip, and the low
answer, " ' f ; , , " ' - v ' '
- ''llVtr work very "hard to keepTfora
suffering. IV m get very little pay for
sewing." . ;
It is a very hard jtar on the poor,"
Siiid Mrs. Nathier. ' If j'ou have a
kuowledge of music, why don't you
tea.di ?' ' .
4 1 have no scholars, and no influ
ential friends." ;
After a pause Mrs. Nathier suid, ?
,;.I shall have a good deal of com
pany next week, my sou has such a
passion for good music, and so thor
oughly dislikes v '.fashionable banging,
playfully requested me to he sure among
my visitors to have one who could play
Wvll, in order to keep hLsmiod bal
anced. One night they will have Tab
leaux, and w&'ll want some one to play
between the scenesV-rthen where there
are so manyjyoung people I they some
times get up a djuicewhcn no previous
arrangement has been made about the
music. So I concluded to bo iudepen-
dant in any case. I. will pay you liber
ally it you can' and will fill "such a
place i
4 1 jhiCk I could witha.Jittlo prac
ticed I have not touched the piano in
two years. ? i ? . . ;
:H Olii you C: ;uld Traetice:"" if that is
the oaly, obstacle," sad . Mis. Nathier
looking reheved.
But mother,' said Clyde- thought
fully, "you and Lomie need clothing
too, I can wait until '
f. ' .
' No,J interrupted her mother,," you
have g;jt an opportunity to do !some-
-1 woiidered how the shepherds, in
the East ; could kuow i eyery sheep of
their flock v individually, till cno told
me that one has a little spot, that one.
has a dartre; ptecc ont of his ear, that
one has a bruised foot, etc. He knows
some defect in each.' So God knows
all his sheep, not by their pcrfectness,
but by their failings. ,
The king Nebucbadnfczxar went to
the door of' the furnace, : looked io,
turned around, saying, pale and tremb
ling, "There were throe cast into the
furnace, but I bee a fourth, like unto
the Son of God. Yes, the great
Palestine 'Shepherd saw' his little
lambs among the flames, and leaped
right down among them, made green
pastures and still waters for them even
lgrangerj -' ' . '
. Yt; and you know old Georgs
Krickon, down 00 Eagle Crock T
Well I'te heard of him.,
ell aid tho editor, gThTcly, 'ho
stopped bis paper becattio 1 said be
was tho happy father of twini, and
congratulated him on bis succes so
late in life. He fell dead within
twenty mtiiutes,' There arc lots of
similar cases, but don't matter; Til
just eross your came off, though 01
don't look strong, and there a bad
color on your nose. ;
See here,'-Mr. Editor. said tle iub
scrlber, somewhat alarmed," bcliero
TIP just keep another year ''causs I
'always did like jour paper, and cotuo
to thiulc about it, yvu're a young inaa,
and son e allowance rter be made,
and he departed, sdiaficd that ho had
made n narrow e-ipfl JVvh 'd.ath.
arm and turning her veiled' face to
ward me, while her little eyes twinkled
through the moonluttt . . '
- Don't bat Y I asked. -I'm not
doingianythir,g- ;;,i !
"W ell, but I thought jou were going
to take toll.? replUd the widow .
"Toll r I rejoined. ""What's that?'
I "W oil. 1 declare I" crid the ndow,
her cleariaugb iingtiig bu. above the
bells, 'you jiretsnd! you doa't know
what toll is lv , . - .:-:-. !
"Indeed I don't then ' , I saidrlaugh
iug , Vexplain, if you please. j '
y., . Mm i,rd, then; u ih. QUEZB, G DD MSH -4H
wiuow, mosfc prgroaiDgiy ';you never
thing fbr us all and you shall not spoil there ami caused the fire should only
it by looking like A beggar, and thank DUI? mJ w,c,r Dana8' '
Darius labored till the going down
of the sun to" save Daniel bccaue he
loved him. But he did not" love him
as our King loves us, he did not go
dow:i amotig the lions himself, bear tho
penalty fulfill the law, and let the
victim go free. j
Marcus Aurelius is said to have
chained two liens into his triumphal
car. There are two lions which can
never be yoked - together, the Lion of
the tribe of Judah and th roaring
lion who goetb about seeking whom ho
may rlevour.' '
. , , j .. .. . . ..
God don't direct our paths all at
God for his-help before we ever come to
that . ' Who knows but what you may
get a good umsic school, and child wc
have already got'a week's supply iu the
- . i
"Yes dear mother, said , Clyde
'much too weak,' -
"Wdl dear we can add to "that as we
need it You go right now for your
dress a worsted one too. 1 want to"
make it r'gi t oil. We .can carry on
the sewing for Dupont. 1- feel I can
work with a better 'spirit.'' 1
'Mama,' said .little Lomie, cheerily
catchin . the light fi om their cunte
nances, liAiu t ve rigi.t well oa some
more time.'
Clyde kissed hr happy little face
and went out to make her -purchase;
The week'h ad passed very "pleasantly
to ( lydc, Cjich morning she had gone to
practice at six to avoid. meeting any of
the family. The first monuin
was clositithe piano, Gerald came iu
After the morning salutation he said, 1
''You arc eaily.' I
"Yes, "I try, to 1 through before
any of tho'fauu y arc up. so as not to
be in the way.' .
You are- very considerate, he said
looking at her as she arranged the
muuc, and thinking now a little care
of the frail creature would make her s
beautiful... , Miss Camron you will find
the rovkaway at the door every morn--
mg for your use ; jus.' state what tinn
you like' to come,-and I will Order' John
The practicing part of it only, j to call for you.. j v r ; , j ,v ;
would be a bright holiday to me,'' said I "Iodecd ' sir !'! my services aro not
Cljve with kindling eye, , ; I worth th it trouble ; 'ou are too kind'
heard, that when we are on a sleigh -
ride tbe gentlemen always that is,'
sometimea when they cross a bridge
calls a 'kiss, and claim it (oil.- -Bat I
never pay it. ' ;" JJ; ; :
I said that I never heard, be
fore;' but wberr we came to the next
bridge I claimed the toll .'and the
widow's struggles to bold the veil ovtr
her face were, not enough lo1 tear it.
, At last the , Teil.was - removed, her
round, rosy faee was turned directly to
Building Contractors
' . ' AND ''.'
frosty moon tho toll was taken, for the I - .
Crst time in mjf experience. Soon we
came' tc a long '.".bridge.', with 'several,
arthes; the. widow . said it was cf no
use to resist' a man who would have
his own way,, so she paid , the toll with
out a murmur. ' - ' -
"Uut . you won't take toll for etery
arch, will your she : said,-' so archly
that I could itot fail to exact all my
Til .
MADE to'OUDEK, and all kinds rf
Machine work done at short notice, oa
asieasonable terms as tlmwberaia the
S ate. All grades ot CoUiai, Fu'rciih
ed, with bcariK.
once, but he orders ono step at a time, dues; aud that was ''the beginning of OngilO and UrOOYO OOT
r. When j.hoso that were bidden would
not cqniof Jo the supper they all began
with one consent to make excuse, they
did not , have any ready, but Satan
she I r0 tem an between them the
cwstructed . a cradle in which sinners
my courtship.; Providence ' Joilrnat.
IIo-v to t Stmelolv
ling and ceiling, a
Dot.t' stand sighing1 wishing and
waiting, hut go to work with sn energy
and perseverance that will set every
loll themBcIves -to sleep."' May God I object in the. way, of your socts fly-
to-night turn the cradle upside down I me Iiko leaves before a whirlwind.
and leave every sinner without, excuse I A milk-and-water way 'cf- doing busi-
. - - 'Hi. .1
Lathes alwsys
room, saiaJlrs. IN atiaier, rising, " nd
let's see if you can readily recall your
music. '
Whitelaw & Crowder,
, , .-'.'' y.-." -
Marble & Stone
Raleigh. N C.
PcrBbn' wishing to purchase Head .
stonM or Monuments, fan etc and con-.
suit with, our Mr. Whitdaw, at Mr
J, A; dtoju's boardlig house.
An. 13-I2m..' '
t I have four fine fat bocves which 1
wish to sell on the hoof. '
. 0.-dar Ilock, N. 0
"The house was very haudsomcly fur-
showing perfect touch and time, after
which t she played scverart beautiful
pieces. Mrs. Nathier wis delighted.
appropriate. cotun?qfor the care; worn. JusihedJ aud the piano a grand one, and
faee, f showing . so plainly that want a fUng of delight, Clyde tools
wa-j -wasting' her lifVaway.'r Gerald K seat, running the scales lightly,
Natliicr arose and with a bow placed
f Via tmtt Ml
Belle Nathier rehed: her brows add
turned to leave the room, meeting her
sister Stella and Miss Lucy London, said
as she passed them in a loud whisper,
" Sec tho witch of Endor."
They laughed and gaily entcriruTi
WlngoQ in'the liveliest friii.'
Poor Clyde Cameron 1 hovf she wish
cd she was at home, " There too was
"You said that to me once before.
he said quietly, ! 'but I think any little
service oue can render another, es
pecially when it involves no trouble or
expense, is certainly not worth a re
fusal,' '
.'.Then I am sure sir, I am much ob
liged to you. She colored to find that
Uo remembered meeting her before.
His habitual politencs? made .him
thmkof seeing her to, the carriage,
" Oh I" she said, " you play bcauti. J but he felt it would annoy her. -
fully you must promise to come. ; Thb sec md norning as she was go
u I am glad that you are pleased, it I ing out she met him at tho gate with a
3d a pleasure to touch the piano, J roll of music was in hopes 1
ie is so' rich and full.'' -S i I would uet back in time for v ju to learo
Mrs. Nathier then handed her a port- I some new music, he said, helping her
ls inuee
the toue
folio, saying.
' Perhabs vou nlav some of this.
the very gentleman who had befriended h She selected a wng, und after soft
lier Saturday evening; and these finely J prelude snog ma clear sweet voicc.-
dressed ladies who took no notice of her
presence, greatly embarrassed her. The
red excited spot came to her cheek, the
tearful brilliaucy to her eyes, and fr-m
his heart Gerald iitied her. He loot-
ed kindly at her and saidsoftly,. -
uia you wish to sea my motner
"I she directed me to call at ten,"
she replied with an effort to overcome
Her whala 01,8061064. threwivintp he
musicv v She thought of none ; present
or the impression she was 'making,' for-
rot that her ierformanee was a trial
g ... ......
of her ability thus doing -herself jus-
licew As she arose frouv the 'piano.
cxpeciing 10 conciuue uer arraage-
lnenta with Mrs. Nather,- sha oer he
earnest gare of Gerald who stood ji ear
into the carriage
f-J'Tbt fUl ) 4 nfcc treat Jfon io-
uiorrow. she replied.
As he went into the house he thought
what a beautiful ? mouth and teeth she
had. while Clyde wished from her hart
. . w V .ir .,1 .
mat .ur. maimer wouia steep as late as
the rest of the LmWy. f ;
- ... . j. -
Mice. latter?'jn-Bonaparte has cros
sed the Atlantic sixteen times, and; pro
poses ta do it "again; Uheugh - ninety
for not accepting Jesus. , ' ,
It would have been a waste of time
fur Paul to preach to the natives of
Mlta with that viper hanging to his
hand. Letth? Church phake off the
vipers of pride, wdrldlioes,'and un
belief: and then she can preach Christ.
'-Memory is God's oScer a faithful
officer, and in hell he will present no
star Of hope. ' Has Judas forgotten the
thirty, pieces of silver? ' His Cain
forgotten tlie pleading lok and mourn
ful cry of the first murdered man?
Have the antediluvians forgotten
ft'eah? the Sodomites Lot and his
heavenly mesenger? "Son, remem
heir . ' ' ' ' " "
God does not do things in our. way;
tbe Holy Ghost makes his own chan
nels.' Who'd havi thought that march
ing, round and - round Jericho could
.bring down-the walls? Suppose Dr.
Buddington and Bishop Pottei march
ing -around tooting on their rams
horns. At least ; we would say, let
them be silver trumpets, worthy of
the dignity of CburcU oScials. -
There was a vessel wrecked in Cleave-
land harbor, tuoagh the upper lights
nvif leaves a man iii the Inrch every
time. He may have ambition enourh
to wih himself On" tho topmost round
of the ladder, of success, but if he
has not got the go-abcaditivene&s to
pull himielf 'tip there,;, he will Inevita
bly remain, at thq bottom, or at best
oa the very low rund. Never sVy I
can't, never admit there is such a word.
It has dragged its:' tens of thousands
Executed la tie very bet an! Utctt lo.
Srorcd atrle. We lre tL onlr f'-r..! LvhI
THE CUT i)7 TlALKI'ill, ani the
i.N THE 8TATK. Oar rrtctlrs. lncin ::r.
. rareplueta ana Ixxjl La Urn tx'uilftlj
nutu OJ ice i. rr .lunana ronixj. .
to povsrty- aut degradation and it is iweo bj wma. . it
, . . . , . B- Burwell. A- M JWe lnuiat-. lU-
bigh time it was stricken from our MIhavnerrr Lal tx'.ir.r wUh any
langusge; but carry a lexicon of I . Vrychd ralrUh ycinal.? rlr.rv:
C'jou, rrncH liAua Jtmaii rr.:r.ry:
Done ail my prtfa.n rr tL Lvt tva
ytarv do a cood wora xi3 on u r-"-.3.tkj
terms as any ratlkllr llu !
cans and twills with you, aud thus
arjedevcry obstacle in the way sf
your success will vanish.. Never eDvy
your neigbW bis success, but try SBd
become like him, and as much better
as you can. If at first y ou don't sue-
i wt ...ud .tm apoocj rgFsuti&tt suCr-,. u
and I can't, tat rird on tho armor of toa.XUratea.Aitorari,' :?
V , . . . ... Uaa br m the crfct. t'U i r rat: :.-
wii or
fionth." MJ. li"Lt. Lraia. f :;-'t 1 ?
Lara tkhool : We lcnow cf cjTt;ut L
in their line. Fn-sltari CV -r Uti
atna Nallml Einli, of IUIcJ zb: V.e know
Of no Ev.aMUtiiuent tarr ' t crt r ikf or
more aatVIartory fjt. 1 i sc h ci t . j jrl a.
tcr and Llnlr? dune 1! LJL tlxi
: t
XXovrr to keep n inl
, !orII?x,
An indignant farmer recently en
tered a printing oSce ;n4 ordered Lis
paper stopped, .because be diiTered
from the editor, iu Us viewAretrtrdina:
the 'advantages of sutsoiling" ft'ace
rails. Tbe'elitor of eoune ccr.ceded
' TJmt voa want r---1
twrt, f.TT rrtetlrx U ) '" ' - TA '! T. LTTT?,
Lrm:u asi mrrz v.twk all
11 LA Pi, CAiOri, YXVLUXL, IL Zlcx
mnrnra or ay xd,
fTTf rcn wtrx LTr" DIT-TMX) I5,
r.Lcoun eciuu xkj:l. cll
rcoi-nnDira or att zizd,
EDWAHB3, cnoucic:; 6 co.
K,Li:iGn, c.
w era all ..bright, ' because some, one's
carelessness had let the lwerones go I the man's right to stop his paperlot I JJIBLTCAIj KriCOIIDi:::, j.
out. God will take care of the upper I hi rcmrkci kflldly, htliinj UvcV his I evrry wtt f in r tr'-tt t n
lichtf. but he has left tho responsibili- I list
ty of tho lower ones to us.
, You can't be . a Christian .because
there are hyjocntes ia the Church? 7
:lhen you (had bettcr get jut of the
world as soon as possible', for three
quarters cf the world are hypocrites,
and there are only liars in hell , but
there wont la oue at the ciarriago sap
per of the Laxab.;? . "'.. . '.
-ia yoa know Jim Sow dm, down
at Hardcralle T ' . ' "
Well, le stopped Lfff.jaTer U&t
week because I'thougbt'a farmer wss
& blamed fuol who didn't know1 that
timothy was good tliuj to graft ca
hoekteberry buthes, and be died ia a
few hours.' . .
Lord, ta that so?' said the astoauh-
LU.t II. : 1 - k ra la t ry? t --wt 1 X .
alvrrtUir- r."'.".'l r-.-r; U 1ft.:.'':
iv:i & to . i-i-'-.x :i. c .
203 acres cf Uz$ en I-re Imrt
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