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Professional Cards.
Will attend the ConrU of Nash frank
lin, Granville, Warrcn,and Wake Coun
ties, also the Supreme Court of North
Carolina and the U. 8. Circuit and d'is
tnct Courts. No 7 tf
(WYiMeji expressly for the Courier.)
at& til Endt"
Fbaxxlinioh, K. C.
Will practice in the courts of the 6th
judicial district.
Prompt attention given to the collec
tion of claims. No 60 -tf
13 1.. IT. E. KING,
Ofleis his Proieseiunal pcrvicea to
- i-
the public in
At the breakfast table Belle said,
with a mischievous tfl inkle in her eye.
"Cousin Gerald, what handsome
lady was that you were so attentive to
this morning T
'At what place cousin?
"The gate."
I don't know.', he said tbpughtfully,
'Miss Cameron is the only one I remem
ber seeing at the gate.'
1 B ellc,J' said her sister Stella;
laughing, you are too bad. If I
was in" Cousin Gerald's place, I
would not -take such an insult so
quietly." i
" If I could see the insult, I would
be sure to resent it," he said, smi
ling. ."Why, don't you see the drift of
Belle's question?"
"I do not."
" Oh," said Belle, " 1 rise ear
lier than you give mo credit for,
and I am confident you improve in
that line, at least half hour daily."
"Let me thank you for the inter
est you manifest in me," he said,
with twinkling eyes; "I was not
aware before, that my fair cousin
Ltpok any note of my movements,-.
Belle blushed, and the others
laughed at her. -
"I do not understand 'the con
versation at all," remarked Mps.
"Why Aunt Kate, Belle is tcas-
to set something for. little. Lomic's
stocking. A' number of persons
crowded the . counter, and in the
hurry to wait on impatient custo
mers, a large doll was knocked
down and badly broken. Exclama
tions of pity did not ihcnd the mat
ter. Some one remarked,
".You will sell that cheap, won't
11 Yes," was the reply, " A six
dollar doll can be mended. . What
will you give for it ?"
Fifty cents, " said first speaker.
As the clerk glanced at Clyde she
said quietly,
."One dollar." . , ,
"Two "dollars," said a nicely
dressed lady. . For whom it was
wrapped up.
Clyde got a pretty ; little mug, a
small knife and fork, an orange and
some candy; and as she turned to
ATouchlnc IuolclonU I day aho took a pca-knifa and, 1iU1j
pared away the akia frota jcat tha tlpa
A compaaj of poor daldrcm, who I f bet fin-era, hoping that so ber fee!-
minued, " I ought ,That u a ity- UcVaid strokinir ben gathered oat of tU lleyi ng would U, more Under, W U
presents from Mr. hi3 finc mustache. "I suppose you nd garreU of the city, wer prepare I ajuM getoa foiter. W"bai waj ber
r .11 t i i a . . . . .
ing for their departure to new and
distant homes in the WmL Jost be
t It was the . day before Christma3 other presents were from some one
and as Clyde was returning home else, and I am afraid M but she
fmm frs .Kathier's she stonncd in colored painfully, and after a mo-
a. variety utorc. The large windows I ments pause continued,
displaced so many beautiful things not to receive
she could not resist the temptation Dupont, for, Mother, I have never can neither return thanks, or chat-
sufficient remuneration. But docs
he not always have some traces?"
he asked with interest.
yet encouraged his preference for
' But darling, you don't know
that he sent them, and of course he
has no thought of your returning
di treat la fiadiag, after a few day,
thai ber akia k4 gnewa aala. batao
them, even if he did. sending thorn I a girl in my situation ouht-"Then
in this wav It would bo verv awk- hesitating blushed deeply; exenso
tela. Quite a dilemma, what is to
"Now Air. Nathicr, you are laugh- Iorc uie wmc 01 tUrw,,8 vl lb -m m 00040 w .4fU
ing at me, but you are a gentleman on0 J WM noticed aside from of a iuagU ktterl Sh UlsA aafi
of the world and know more of these theothera, aad apparently Tery busy tried, bai all ia raia ; tbea, bantbg
mailers man 1. uo you think that with a enUnff nmnt TL nrin. I into aa artxiY f tears, aba creaaed
tendent steppe J up to bint, aad found
that be was catting a small Apiece out
of the patched lining. It prvvedto
person, ho ao not let that Uislurd I friends. I will not detain you from 1 be bis old jacket, which, having been
you; I am happier than I have been your company by a recital ol my replaced by a new one, bad been
m a umg ume. vc nave now., a I """w"ww
(to be continued.)
ward to send them to the wronjr ni(1i.Mmflfn .
So do not let that disturb
vc nave now a
good start, and I feel like we can
get along. 1 1 never saw any one
Improve as you have, even during
the past week." "
"lam glad you are in good spir
its, mother that is my best Christ
mas gift," she said, putting her
arms around her mother.
Mis. Nathcr had sent a note say
ing she would send the carriage for
Clyde that afternoon if she would
accept an invitation to take tea
with them, and be there in good
time for the entertainment. Clyde
throwu away. There was no time to
bo lost : ,
'Come, John, come," said the snper-
tbe xaach-lored pages to W 'lips, to
bid them, as aha thought;' a hut fare
well. Cut aa aba did to aba ssl&aly
found at that ber lips bad lie aWlisg
which ber Angers kal lost. v The tct
Ura, the won! , wcro cjuIU f Uia 1 I
cannot tcil J jay that abafU
could read. And hundred -of tinaa
Sluice IInto Slowly. intendent, wUt are you going to'do I since a.bJeaaed, bok bwa .bcU
Ftstina Lentei"
Hasten your steps, my boy! You
are only just starting on the long life
journey, and there are innumerable ob
stacles in your way; and you have only
three-score years in which to reach the
end, crowned with honor. Don't lag
in the journey yet remember that
wiu mat oia piece cauco i . i. .
"Please, sir,' aatd John, "I am cat
ting it to take with me. My dead
mother put the lining into this old
jacket for me. 'Ibis was a pice of her
dress, and It is all I liave to remem
ber her by. . !
Aud as the boy thought ' of that
dear mother's love, aud of the aad
to, ber. lip, .not, in isornwp,for Cars-
well kus, but in thaakfolncvf aaJoy,
Uiat even aha ca-Hraa4-tks words at
ererbsting tlf. ..wkL
. ' ; r- ,' . . . .v(:nli
Tcnolilut; Children Oout
Guararo Is a vital elemtht ef Chris-
go out was surprised to sec Mr. had much rather have gone later, sometin,e3 the "rthest way round is death-scene in the garret where Ishe tian chivalry. ; Without Mi,1 ladeed.
Nathier standing near the door,
which he opened as he bowed , to
Little Lomic was wild with im
patience for Santa Claus to come.
She would say, -
"Sister, lo you reckon he can
find this little high up room ? Mama
make haste ami let the fire go out,
so the chimney . will ,-cool, and be
sure to let the light burn, so he will
find our little chimney."
After she was fast asleep, there
worn hrnirv fivifritiMic nn tlio ofnii-j
livery tleparttncnt r
Loo'uburir at Warrenton over
Dt-nts Hotel, j Norwood & Davia' Store.
53 53
Watchmaker and J ow
ing cousin Gerald about your prima but they did not heed it much, asj
other portions of the house were"
tenanted; but when they came up
again and knocked at the door,
Mi's. Cameron went, asking " who
was. there ?" .
"Santy Claus, mum," said a
good natured voice. .-.''
Clyde brought a light to the door
and exclaimed in a little flutter of
delight as her eyes fell on a nice
Sewing Machine and a Saratoga
Trunk, '
FINE Wiitchcs and Jewelry of the bes
Mannract(rn niul at the lovet nriccn.
AH woik personally attended to and warl hOiTar.
it 63 Sycamore 8 t,Peterhbrjr,Tt -
"Was that it?" asked Gerald
laughing; "I did' not sec the"
How innocent," remarked Miss
London, " That alone will acquit
you. I know 15ellc did not imagine
for a moment that, Mr. .Nathicr,
could be teased about a -A beggar
"Beggar girl," he repeated, with
emphasis. " Surely " you do not!
call an- intelligent accomplished
lady who . has , the independence
and ability: to support hersclfy a
but thought probably it was more
convenient for them to send for her
early. Late that evening she made
her toilet: The neat gray worsted
that her mother had made for the
occasion, and from a little box of
old laces, she had. quieted a pretty
run", her hair as usual was prettily
arranged, the wilful curls would
twist themselves into numerous
waves and rings about hero fore
head. She was indeed beautiful.
"I am glad I have succeeded in
making out my costume without
going into the new trunk," washer
only comment as she turned from
the little mirror.
When she arrived at Mrs. Na-
thicr's, she went to the library af
ter removing her wrapping .was
kneeling belore the grate when Ger
ald came in. He shook hands with
her saying pleasantly:
" Thank you, it is the happiest I
have had in years, aud I owe it all
to your kindness," she continued as
Mrs. Nathier shook hands with her.
" You will also add to our enjoy
ment," replied Mrs Nathier. "Gcr-
the surest wav home. Don't trv to
leap the hedges or knock down bould
ers. Go around them, and you will
find that though you have made haste
slowly, you have learned something of
"Festina Lento !'
died, be covered his face with bis
hand, aud sobbed as if bis heart
would break. But the train was about
leaving, and John thrust the little
piece of calico into bis bosom, to re-'
member his mother by, hurried into a
car, and was ' soon far away from the
Pause a few moments in your eager place where he had seen so a uch sor
hastc, young man. You are in haste row. 'We know many an eya will
to be rich but remember the cood moisture as the storr is told and re-
" I 4
neither troth ' ssr fidelity ' to rioolM
?an be hoped for. The eoward U rur
to lie whQ truthmtamTpanUhoenl,
and sure to , reireat roa bhj eogagt
meats whea they icTolve pent' W
need valiant 'souls that bare learn
ed to en dors' and scorn painaad to
face danger fearlessly and; prciCly
WcH, I did n6t mean exactly
alms-asking," conceded Miss Lon
don. " but a person of low birth,
low social position, and low purse."
This was said with a disdainful
laugh. ,
aid has been impatient for your ar
rival all day." . - . ,
n...-.11' . n.,.r? LU.I r..H
"Oh, mother, do you reckon thyi ,aJ th h hccolored
somevvnat. .
"I have missed your practice
hour to-day," he said, "And I do
not know what will become of me
when the holidays are over. You
have given me a greater thirst for
music than ever."
4M am srlad to know that-mv en-
are for us ?
' 1 Are you sure there has been
no mistake ?" asked Mrs. Cameron
of the men. ' ,
"No mum, for the gentleman
come hesef to show the way."
A manly figure stepped quietly
from the . shadow of the st airway
and walked off the sweet voice of
old motto of our grandfathers' time
"slow and sure T' Do not be careless
in your haste, and do not be prpycrlcss,
or you may bo tempted to rush into
evil ways to yrin tho wealth which is
well worth all our honest endeavors.
There arc a thousand tricks in trade to
put you ahead of old father time.
Don't try them. Trust to your own
honesty of purpose, your own energy
and ambition, and you xri come out
right in the end.
You are in haste to be wise? But
pause again- Your brain will only
bear so much, aud if you overcrowd it
your only chance is gone. Haste
makes waste- tho wrong kind of haste;
I menn; tho haste that makes vou rush
on, heedless of health or of anything
save to be first at the goal. But make
haste slowly, and the battle is wou I
I remember reading when a child,
a story of a brave man who was escap
ing from his enemies, when somcthiug
gaaej way in his horse's harness. A
whtn'daty requires. Soma' 'pajents
rada this vital part of'traitlcg Jjy
told throughout tuo country, and many J glorses-' and deception. A 'tnetber
who has tsen ber boy to the dentin's
to get a tooth oat; will tiay. if U
is shrinking, "Sitstill, my boy, it
won't burs joa.,- Now aba knows it
will hurt hlmrbut thinks iffbaeaa
only get him by sthhj dtriea tositstiQ
and let the dentist, get bold . cf.tbs
tooth, then his discovery d th pala
wdl net hinder its extraction. This is
a double mistake. . It destroys ttr
boy's confidence in ber; for bs detects
ber in a lis. : Awd thvoh It ct tba
boy this time to ait -st ill it. Is oadsr
delaaioo that. there is .to la no paii,
whereas bo. should, ba iaagbt to faea
tba paia aad . to scora jL Tbls cakes
the difference between vha oowardi aJl
the heroes, t A regimentf poltroosts
Imagine what a sensation a lady j could march op to a battery as cbco
a prayer will go to God for the father
less and motherless in all great cities,
aud in all places. Little reader, are
your mothers still spared ' to you?
Will you not show your love by
obedience? That little boy who
loved so well we aro sure obeyed. -Bear
this in mind, that if you should
one day have to look upon the face of
a dead mother, no thought Would be
so bitter as to remember that you had
given her pain by your wilfulness or
disobedieuce Old School Presoyfe-
What IMIjrlit AtonlsiH a.
Modern XSollo.
We have added to our stock a splen
duV JOB' FBESS, titVan elagaot
.election 'typo of the latest sty Us,
aad we are now prepared to do ,
in the neatest and beat manner. -
So you need not send yonr JOB
WORK North, for we will do itiuat a
well and chwap as you can get it else-
4 I lon't know anything of Miss Clyde still sounding in his ear.
Cameron's genealogy, " he replied, After mother and daughter were
but the name is a good one. She left alonethey found the trunk con
is acknowledged in this house as . tained many useful and beautiful
a la(Jyswhichshoultrgiveber apass-! articles. After taking out the tray
port into the best society." a cry of delight burst Iroin Clyde as
gagement has not been entirely one J buckle had broked, and ho coolly dis
of charity. It is really a relief to mounted and bean to mend it. What,
ieci mail can m some acgreo. re- waste the
pay your Kinu liDcramy tor tnat
time with . the foeman in
which is to me only a pastime. B1Snt 1 An ounS o . time
Gerald found more to admire in wa- t wastea. mo buckle wasmcn-
this beautiful girl each time they dod, the horso was . mounted, a life was
met, and when he spoke with regret save(i i nQ iaA vaae(i ilia i:fe
of the time when tho holidays would
be over, it wa3 not owing entirely to
Ileally ! I beg your pardon, Mr. she held up a lovely doll, larger and I the loss of sweet music, but tho loss
Nathier. You are more interested
than I would have believed. One
caunot be too careful in remarking
upon others, as the infatuation of
man is unaccountable."
more beautiful than the one she bid
for that evening, a card attached
" Excuse pie, .Miss London, if I
have expressed myself warmly in kerchiefs, delicate perfume, &e.
of a sweet face that was a study in
its thoughtful beauty, Hashes of in
SiliU, lUC UlWCBUier.. tlnn thof mn.lit vorv nntifnl nn
inero were several bcautuul suits a womanly prido was so interwoven
already made, a number "of pretty J with her gentle modesty that he was
necK uxLurea, nouun. gioves, nanu-
Vidue ours. He had made haste slowly
and he was well rewarded.
That story gave me my motto for life.
It made mc think, and sober thought
makca wise. ' ' ;
Wc don't believe, with a celebrated
would create in tbeso times should she
make her appeal ance dressed in tuo
following costume, a description of
which is taken from "Mai corn's Ance
dotes,' A black silk pcttieoat, with
a red and white calico border; cherry
colored stays, trimmed with blue and
silver; a red and dove-colored gown.
Cowered with largo trees ; a yellow
satin apron, elaborately trimmed; a
muslin head-dress with lace rufiler; a
black silk scarf and a spotted silk
hood. "Sucu .was tho eostame worn
by a lady ic 1 708." Further on we
read of ladies head -dresses costing
from one hundred to two hssdred
dollars. Arrest deal bar been said
about the cztraragance of women of
fully as a Kgiioeat4f heroes, if they
thought.- there was ' no enemy ' at the
guns. v Tba - diSsreuoa; is thai ' tba
heroes know tba danger and yet faea it
Taliaatly. .. ' : ' ' : :.:
m ' "
1 e t t . 13 u rtl e naw .
Whitelaw & Orowder,
r i
-'Marble & Stone
Raleigh. NT v"
Persons wishing to purchase Head
stones or Monuments, ean see and con
salt with our Mr. Whitelaw, at Mr.
J, A. Stone's boarding house.
Aag. 13-12m.
wish tojsell on the hoof.
. Cedar Rock, .V. C-
:behalf of thieHady. I am- interest
ed, but no undue infatuation."
Miss London slightly, curved her
lip, hcr black eyes flashed resentful
ly but she said pleasantly;
" Surely my friend, wre will not
let this insignificant girl be the
cause of any ill-natured remarks
.bctweei, us, and if any harm is
done, Belle shall .paytho penalty
for. m trod ucmg such an unheard of
& Bella ijhrugged her plump shoul
AerSrtclla laughed Crood. hu
mor was apparently restored as
they left the table. But Miss Lon-
" Who could have sent us such a
fortune? Ana vet, motuer, l am
sorry." . , ,
" I understand your feelings
about it, but dear, we are too near
starvation to be too sensitive. tWho
at a loss to know which he admired
most, .the two so beautifully blen
ded, kept him m a state of per
plexity, one drawing him irriutibly
to her, the other keeping him at a
most respectful distance, none guess
ing at the invisibleinagnitism, see
ing only his' habitual politeness.
After Clyues last remark be look
ed at her intently, then smilingly
and tiue thingsi in his time that the
maxim is all . on.v the side of dawdling
men and women. - -
It is . on the side, of honest people,
who mean to "be rich, aud wise,' and
great; but who wouldn't cheat you out
cf a penny, or what is worth more, of
ever sent it. knows of our poverty. I said,
and means it as charity as such . "I can not read you as easily as I
nave some lauies, out notwiinstana-
we will accept .it., Perhaps Mrs.
Nathier ii our friend."
" Perhaps so;,; and with a shade
of color she thought of how kind
Mr. Nathier always was.
Next morning when Lomic awoke
and found her stocking full, and the
mg una you uavo consiacraDic
pride." : ; t
; "Of course sir," sho replied h'ghtr
ly. 'poverty and pride go hand in
hand." v -
He colored slightly. ' ' .,
Bnt yours is not the pride that
usually follows poverty.'
Clyde looked enquiringly, and he
continued, 4You seem to have a
horror , of being, placed under the
slightest obligation " . - ?
You are . reading me right so
far, she said laughing, "I do con-
beautiful doll they were afraid the
don felt very spiteful towards Miss I unusual excitement would make
Cameron.-6he "could Bcarcely -tell her sick, for her . little .limbs were
wny, tor she was very sure mat I all in a quiver. There was anoth
fastideous Uerald Nathier could not I er surprise In store for them Mrs.
lHty;tedl taa ftVi?P sne I Nathier's footman brought in "a tre- sidcr them burdensome. An nn
certainly did not fear that, as she I znendous basket of !cood thinsrs. -a l known Santa Claus has thrown .a
utveyedhorself.iiv; the Jarerei ?mir- coudIc of nico blankets for Mrs. damper oyer ray spirits, Jy the im-
-TttfA Unwtn r. n n. ni mensity of the obUgaUon."
. t .. ! . .. . . ' I - "Am; saia ne.iooianff at ner
H (,uwuvuv v iuiv,l ikjx UUkllU vrvuiu
never marry one beneath hiraof
that she felt sure,
divine, wboVhaa Wid a thousand good I tba present day,! but tba modem belie
would stand aghast should she be
asked to pay wo hundred dollara, for a
bonnet; and it is doubtful whether
the expensive , bead gear
was any more becoming to tho wearer
than the jaunty and, stilish bats worn
a thought, to reach the summit of their I by the "girl of tba pariod.' S)diy
ambition. I Time and Metnoer
it is on too siae ot me unsiian; we
follower of the lowly Nazarcne the
man who means to do some good in the
world, and to get to Heaven when his
little day of doing good and getting
good is ended; but who finds plenty of
time to stop by the way and wipe away
the tears from sorrow's eyes, and bind
up the beggar's wounds; who finds
time to weep witL those that weep, and
joy with those who rejoice. .
' It means all this. Can any one. af
ter: sober second thought, say such a
maxim is to be abhorred? - -----
Aixrsa. Audixt.
In the number and sixe'of oar debts
wa can beat tba world." Franja wifi
take tha premium for paying; wa
probably Uad all the tutioos fa
promises so pay. Wa ara-a tAOritX
paopla. . Look at New NttkIfy; tri
a 'million of iahalitxaU iica .cah
bandrad and tfty . cuH-ca7' dc!!art;
while London, with nr aillica ec
pU, owes only thirty ssillloa, CciTs
debt is gTeatcr than that tf LcL&
Tha thirty hicf dties uf tU U-!Ul
States, costskiDgHess t&xa Cts cillica
peophvassrits s!ebts cS fitifly fiva
hundred million dollsra. Tha twenty
chief cities of Kn'Und .frith a popu
lation (if tlx mUHoa, owe calyoaa'
hundred million, leas by tily ctica
tbn tha dsbt of New York alooal
Bat then tbey don't toIw .'bo'cIi
rint-rala on the othar tide t jhf
water and ' tbey are "old , Xes ovet
4' t. '. Tli.ifw t f
a nine gin wan lovea ute inue i - Tfa3jj' '3
dearly became blind, and wbea sha I m,li ,r , SfPf.Z
could no longer sea to read it she only I .. . v. ' ' . ' .1 li
. ,. b . .. , r. . J I and all. It costs, as saore tbacitx
loved it more. A kind, fnead cava I , , . ' ' -r". i
telves. ' Tha taxes and ' deUs" -cf czr
States, counties and cities, ara snnuu
Tlio Blind Girl
ber a New Testament, printed, for the
usa of tha blind, in raised - letters,
which aba could feel with her fingers,
and so make out. Never was a child
moxe dslighted than she. It wis a
MIf the Bible Is God's word, why 1 toothing thing to see ber, every 00-
didn't He make it so plain that every
body can easily understand it t" asked
a caviller., - "II God made coal for our
use, why didn't lie diatribute it in
convenient uiaees on tne surface so
and a pretty rocking chair for Lo- keenly, Hhat should not be; Santa lhu tTeIJ one could pick it pP with
mie. -Claus's light heart edness is made by utaay trouble, instead of burying it!"
Mother said Clyde, " the 1 disburdening himself, and that is WMlbe reply.
ment sha could spare, passing ber
fingers slowly over tba pages, as ber
lips silently altered tha precious words.
Bat ber touch wss net quick enough
for her; ber finger ends, poor child,
were rough, and sometime sha bad to
stop a long tints over a word. So 000
Iy larger than tba total revensa ofth
British Empire. ChruUaa Urn. U
as m asBW- i '
Why da yea IxV so alary V fIi
a cross mother to her dirbtcr, as 'si?
came do tn - stairs. ia '. tha ' ccrris
"Because, macs," the - wind blew .-a
hard it kept ess avaka ocarfy all t.t2
"Well, see thatii dosca't happen agaia
or it D be worse for you f

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