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Church Directory.
MKTnoDiST CnuRCa. Re. F I'
Itcid, TaUor. Ferviccs'evcry Babbath
:it tl A. M. .and 7 . P. M . .
I'rajcr mcetuig every Wcuueiklay
:t 7 P.M.
("oiinnunlon scrvlcft. tlc Secoitl
iiv In neh mnntli at 11 A. M.
ftcytrd' ineiliii Monday night
after ibe trcund fcabbath iu cacli
S:i)aLh Pchcol every Fabbath at
3 o'c'ock P. M. E W. Fuller Hapt.
Ht. Paci.h Episcopal Church.
Iicv. E . Dolloway, Tl' ctor.
8-crviceH ou tb; . Jirst and. third Su"-k
d:iy In each '! rnonth, jiiornlns .and
aft moot. v
Holy '.'ommutiion inonthly on firnt
Snndaff. ; f ( , i t U
Miudny school vcry f unuay nuu-n-
ins; at 9 o'clock. , , , ., , t
Professiona Cards
Will Htend the Courts of Nwh,Frark
lin, G:an?ill, Warreo,iul Wake Cnun
tit-H, h'.60 t! u Supreme Court ut N rih
hroliDA and the L S. Circuit and uis
iid Cnuitf. ' : , No. 7 -tf
Mr; Fislica'" fe wife was t?ry, 1) u
July, and there were serious fears
that she wouM'-dfr. And one day
when he "came home'lncy c'omniuni
cated to him t he sad intelligence
that she was no more. When tho
first outburst of giiof had subsided,
he sent an onler to the undertaker
for"aTofQrit;1ie tied -cntpffTinrt hq;
doorinl lMscltn'atQf1uJ
to the storeyavejit idj-ibped in
black,- he .advertifed. . the death An
the papers - with some poetry at
tached to' the annou ncem6nt, a nd
he ipade penernl preparations for
the funeral. - Then he sat down in
the pkrlon with his irent ipor row,
and his fiiends rjicd, -o c mfoit
think, in a few days." " 1 better git over thax' Iryj thai tragdn
"You don't actaallj mean to say I ond klnden see thtt -.Ihohoss
that woman's going to get up oil jf I doesn't run away mnd break- tlringstt
her bed and star alive- going to VStraiiger. sought to bridge-the'
shirk the grave after all ?" 4 ' chasm, ..but. 4t was nQas.ii Tho
.'Precisely," and I congfatulafe,, wife took off hct brcast-pinpaiull
you. heartily.: V - i i - i-.? f t. ; ,1 ilroppcJ U.tnto the Jiind endofjjUieJ
'O, you needn't ' congratulate I wagdntand4heman placed bis bid
tvr," said Fisher. n"This is H pret- J piugf.hat:on. a knoll far frora ita
hre.r; jsjr: uJi j itn-a
"I hato to do itt 1 Sary. Temark .
ed the hnsbxud, "but I can't atind
sass whea I'm doing iny lcrci bcat
f!l1cnow9-vrhat I'mf abont1"!hc
calmly, replied, pre ppfcige&p thd
ty piCe of business, now ain't it?
IJat it's ju3t, like her. She always
was Itlie ?crookcdest wrman, ou
earthy and I believe? that if we'd
got her buried; and I'd Tharried.
agpin," she'd Se' klcketl, off,, the
comn liU and got :mc into trouoic I conee-poi. vj) ni-utcii ;ir2t
for bigamy. Who's going to pay 1 , A crowd of women onqj -children
that' -undertaker now Fd liko to I came. up tatlUhat vmornentiapd
know? Blamed if shcmavif t do it after some hesitation the row -wasi
herself and the advertisingg''and I declared t toff" for the Umc; being.
that noetrv. and thc.craDe. and ! i .'Two or three horn's won't mdkc
ir - .......
thoso things? I never heard of no difference,' remarked the Jnarr,
such foolishness. It makes -Trte I as r. he Asat ; down, Vthopgh ivhcn:
mad as the mischief, women carry-1 am sassod I wanti to ixavethmrow
-dinner, grace" tfor.pW4 t6iUd
o eitra
a '
ffr.PJP f. iKrmH I K Uancd ihnmA life!
r?2V?VA iUldtita1 trt Vcti frcia W
fnqtiuition ofihe pU Unman Jfp. kXTiulity-U bnijitm t7
tcouit wa streteheil kto te, Itmott U0tm mf W r- .v
nut what e hfnsb miwt
.11 wJ.T ttn.r
I he vsleai w
. ... Tli
if neceafUy. . . .. .. 1 '.i,. T- tii- -rl L t. : . .
i IL iri.l "i :uTir ! ni ''VS i '1 ""l1 jnt igBj bit u : pc. ".vow
. " "Vvru we. ana iot ker: tatno er iii.t 4 ,t.l 1J.
1 M-. -'ii
ccr Jt did Out, tbott-a -it It jletv
tnj to have fine feaUrrrT j, X7b9 Jok t
are will make yoar face ctrr Ct la
the eadwTtetber aatart ?Tus it
t-Luo or prtUy. Good people arc art.
er QModk irg.; TYhatrrtr r tictr t fooa
any Vf an. amiaUe rrrrnUa jaLoewa
no ir will loTA tbra the 1c boraoe
tWir fcatirta a4 regal ir, or be
are tocr fit, ct too Ilia, to
dark, , CaUir&ika tf tat ;
TV-11 TT t A Ymm fuMi
WiWJAVi !lR? raiSS?: J SSttUly ,aUHe--JraoUi o.rtfr nad U tar rU! U daaiwus : cf Wir
f7"-rt?; LVM ifthteaoat were nobler; indfi.Moo lardbyO.ewanT.tod fered ty lic1
and thecbief inqoiaitor .. an honored I - iri ruu . I : h : :4 X -'-il.r
i lbe old iqouuitwn Was a cu, 1 Vr rommn.x.i ..!., ...l f-lf,V M. '..
!ulDJ . JiOTif'JS00 Vre comaienotj so early and ecnttaat may Wrt to aVch i
nipi tae time, o . is . toe, naDacrn..J Ln ,r.i..tiM&i. kmu,.i. .. . ..-,1 ru-n .a.Ju.b ,
r T ii" t TO10 P!11.. l. life oILir f ictiair! u ic-n: . r ? r? t
eiit.ieiupie oi loriureapu women are 1 I
ua JKli Soya IV o.
inceniouaajistrvnient of pain. ir which
"It's no use," he said; "I'll never
get over it. There bcrer wag any ing on sot and rnjhc hanged if l'nt over with as soon as possible. T
lneyqr- going to t'V , . j.f,H ! I !4'All,I;ask is one nunhts
woman likejier, . and.ther
will be again I don't want to live
wkhont her. Now she's gbne'l'ni
ready to go any time, I'd welcome
the crave. . ..What's life to a man
liknj me?i It'u-voidn'ompiyi
Illbciootwa qacexed bt tortorior I t A'aumamjcrw iuixciiiu;
1 wedge and band; but it had, ope merit J ?lJiuZ? ':LV?V
II .i :. t l -- . - i. i " I IliltU aUltM IMIU. BBS U1HT inUlU,
M -tt ws "W. nHh.ff?ne haTogivcllm!a .-rnol inidead of
On Nash Street,
lirick Store
! I
.t.i ki
Bullock & Mitchell,
Will practice in the courts of the Cth
judicial district.
Prompt ttentioapiven to the collec
lion of claims. , No 60 tf "
void; that's what it is: awl there is
no more happiness in it for me.
V'You must try to bear up under
it," said Dr. Potts. , "These afflic
tions are meant for our good." 1 -
0, it's all very well to talk,'"
said Mr. Fisher, wiping his eyes:
"but when a woman liko that skips
off to live among the augels, a inanH
can't help beinG: miserable. An-
Just here i the boy came- in with ing !' she replied, .putting on. her J
Mr. Fisher'i hat writh' a VoerV broast-piji again t and the family sat.
around it, 1 a.ld Fisher giving the down to, a feast pi dry , bread and
hat a savage kick, said to the by: black, coflee, , finishing which; the
"You ! '..infernal Tit tlo scoundrel, "joggle,, was resumed.; v .! f v
get out of here or : I'll break your
neck.' i ' :
. Then tiie""cornpany aTjourncd,1
and "Fisher, 'taking, the u cr a pe . off of
the door knob, went( around. to sec:
the undertaker, n . ,' -. . . . . .
gels tlon't tnakb'Sour home happy.
Angels don't sew on your buttons,
and do up your -shirts, "and look af
ter the children, and boss the hired
oriri: mvl rro i sernbbincr around.
O tr
do they ? Leastways 1 never heard
of it; and I'd rather have a woman
like 'Mrs. Fisher anyhow.'.'
"Iut you must: reflect how much
happier slw; is now: that our loss is
her gain," said Mr. Brown.
"Well, I, don't, see it,' rcjicjV
Fisher. 1 l? She w as 1 happy fcnotigh'
here, bustli ng around, making
things lively, spatting ! with me
sometimes, bless 'her dear hear,
when I annoyed her, arid jawing:
away all day long at the children
and the hired girlpakljiglfhisic in
the house. WhVs she goin to jaw
now I'd like to know ? How's shf
going' io- relfcrd tMt THi34l tcl
sne geia
i , a
53 53
Watchmaker and Jew-
VISFj Wntrlun and Jewclrrof the be
ufiu-tor and at tlio lowct p lce.
AH woik pcfKomdlj- attended to and war
ranto I.
ll 53 Byr.imore St , Petersburg,
i . "" 1 . .. 1 .
Whitelaw& Crowder,
; Marblo & Stone
Comer FayettcvUle and Dain Streets.
' Ualeigb. N. ,C.
13! Orders Solicited. -5
wi!t fill dfee; aih" a wotaaa'ct
ability' wUjl p araj;' fcat'f
can manage to feci kind? toward eYa-.
rrlofTnot to W jcaIooC"" ool to .be
erosa. to bo nai t-r. aad L euccarae
eoDteotmnt, then aotaHbiej will come
.e,e comparative jemrprary Mheir th Vyct" hppes to t but the roj JWiW 'ZSTZS J1
durion;ut nowaday, we.find few knembrancc that he dcrcd a,"ycs.V rala-hevPot only a huabaai
bf.ourterrwlioaronot nndergo-o- her thoughts QfJma LtVlK&tU f.0 J HVAv
ii'i -:'.i.nVV a t pnd would make him, were hero- x ,m
the same punishment not ocvaflonalv. Lt , t.. .. , - T, -
1 Hioojuiir Aymi acixutxinnc.
butpennanetitly commencing xrhcu 1 There may. be girls who make a jest
. i. :' C:i l' i .t j l ..r ... .... .
inad ?
i?lvin'r; around in
a night gown with wings on
O O-a R l EOEtl
himV herrKhoulderbladcs, and sit
ting oh damp clouds iwangingaway
at some kind of a harp, ain't going
to suit a woman like her. She
never had much ot an car for music
any way And whati l say is that
if Henrietta" Miad Iter choice Fbct
anything she'd rather be home here
tending to things, even if everyday
in the week was a rainy wash-day;
sow.1 know she would." ( :
"You tako a gloomy view ot
things,- said Dr. 1'otts. 'Altera
while the - skies, will seem brighter
to you." r." '" '
'No. , they .won't ' cither said
Mr. Fishcr.- -They'll, grow darker the woman-
until lticveB - a regular awful thun:
der 'sUJrm of grief. -I" can't live
through it. It'll kill me.' I've got
a not.ionto ; iump into Henrietta's
grave and- be buried with? her.-f.
X3oxtpoiictl for ii Senson.
A wretched old horse, blind,
spavined, and lame: an old covcrel
vehicle,' with every wheel, 'dished
and every junt creaking like
Chinese machinery T a family ; of five
who looked as if they hatl been
shaking with the agnc and wrest
ling with a wiurnnini that . was
the pighf in the Third Street Grove
yesterdav. " "theynad turned off the
!.-r. V -1 1,. fit 51 i'
sireer io cook 'iiinnerf ncy "sai
around a small tire , waiting for the
coffee to ;b6il, ' and the J old horse
leaned ngainsUa trro'?and looked
longingly1 it the thistJcs'across the
yYhar' wc Iwnndor ?' repeated
th9 father puffing bneof Jhp chil
dren focpokinginto the coffee with
a atick'. ; MWc are ( on the joglc'
nnd if that r ore iheas ,don I fad-ua
woU landlln 'the BlacklHlls some;
time next Foll.'j , , M
"You seem to have had hanl
luck.' ' : "
' 'No seem about it," replied lie
wifoin a shrill voiced "We're had
the lankiest lnck'ol any family ever
strung tojrether, and it's all that
old tool's Sauk !' ' ' '
She pointed at her husbandj and
there was no question but that: she
referred to hint. ?; r Hr4 f ;
''Sae'sa lectle 'riled, stranger,"
explained the man, "and pats' it
too strong.' f We've beeri living" way
off up North, and times has.becn
hard. I tried to mako something
Thank God ! 8omerf us have had
an ohl-fahlAn 'mother.1 'Hot a woman
of the pei lod, enameled and Tainted,
with her great chignon, her curl and
bustle hoe white, jeweled hands
never felt the elasp of j, baby finorii;
but n'dear old fa.shione j, t. Awcet-voieo
mother, with byes io whoso clear depthe
the love-light shone, and 'brown hair
just thr!i(ed with silver' Hmc Vmooth
upon her faded . eticck. ThWe . dear
hand?, irorn with toil, r gen'lyi gnided
pnr tottering steps in cluldliood; and
'smoothed -our pillow in tdckn ess1
IileRscd ithc mcniory of 'finold-fash-
iiuu om a, i losing yai our pV'r:' " J J to whed he Cxlf too weak , la
fear.theirta , - through U'tV LU.d4 '
too email for them, so the foot U jam- ?fh" " " ".r rET" b" w lh
,A ti.o t...l, i i ',. . I rccapcration r.r iram rrce.
lonea moiueri
itnfrrer compelled to perform the nan- I tlc woman wooed for money, and
.v i... I not for herself: but really" to .havo
.. . ......... I lAnnlinl a mn 6 horn-t (a T.
flsr.flth.1111 trUl.eaU. .nflitt., ndt to be forgotten by her as long
ing agonies upon tiie. nerTes of tb i nasheilivca, rAlwfcya f rate iwell re-
pcdal extremities.. Tha hceb. of tlo memberg; how. his eye looked into
boot to. add to the rain ia .made. hitd ncr as cc jouencq ttr nana WIU
the foot fo that tho wci of the body gho could not giro Mm.
is thrown upon tho.;, tocf. f wLicb are I : She loved some one cl&o. - So!ne
1 1 . 1 I Avf vt ea Km9 Mil t,lh ik aJ , m. AM
come weakened. anajhena oCthJ Tlff0! tbuin tM food loaa!y.
ca vesof tleleath with tUannat. -r and the brain ii to twatliaoJ that it
- -. w,. - iiir iiiin uu Lnriini mini iir-r nnii
ral strain, lbeie u no relief- ,From
..... i
eight years of age to eighty, tbba cruel
vise is applied, and the yiitnn uirod
The beat rbl9 tkiagior kwa-n Co
carry It
sleep for a
colt true
p alccp the biaiu la in a state of
rest in a condition to rcveife and ai
propriate part We 1 bf natiioeat from
the blood whirh takes ibe place of those
wbub hae beca consomed In prcriom
labor since the very act of thiai iog coo
tumea, bums tp soli 4 partirlcf, aa rre
ry tura fxfce; wheel i orscrevcf, ths
splendid steamer la the result of eon
sumption by R?eof the rod ia the f ur
ns cc. Ths aapplrcf eonrumed brtla
substance can only be bad from the na
It t0 us:r?.wu to siuiIe(aDdidecJjire tht wheaxprjk:
likA;tJi beautiful perfume front woie
wordediblnSKonis. -Tb tattsio of'oth
c voices may be lost, bui the eqtranc-
ing memory oi ncra win eciio iu our
ouls foreerfl , Othef faes: ;my; fade
nwoy and be forgotten but i hers -will
ihino on. ' r i . : ' . -
cneesnopsin! .a A,tlmU: J.u-l
I Another device for prodnciogiabY
is niacins upon thehcada vsatitycf
acighaod ,the.,beatv they r prodnccv
can beat receive and appropriate to it-
unci; a
i , . S ft .-(
daw hr that hn U mAl La TP' eria.
went. hia, way, and canit t no more.-1 , ,5:"tr jn
. 1 olfUMMenatritjrepaniclfi, dam
rr;' . '"r'r: V1 ttste of ren. of quiet and stlilnera ia
1 ,c -?ca i8U,e W3 thsen. More stliwlaau ar;Jy beOJn
that he bag suffered, and when somw , r . T . r07. . n
the who has herself: been niarricd
for longi years, perhapa ha7whd
at ; all events, would peverthave
married him is sho glad then? I
do not know. A woman's heart is
a very strange tlung. I no not be-
causc ccntmuaVheadacliea-Tbtayan liero Bho knows ' ber8Clf.J Glad T
tenvof iaopiogJlie .leary ;waigkt.;of Oh, yes and his wifh .pitttyand
" 1. a. a .a
force it to a greater cofumtption of Its
substance, that substance hsa beca so
cxbawC that tXerc is not powr rooeh
jeatorortarppxIyjicrttfritTi are
so Dear death by tnrrttkna that there
Is not power enough to swallow say.
thing, and ail is ocr.
nri (t '.n 'ii . i'i 'i -ll J.''' '.I
nnen. in tae, ntrui pauses ot bu?y petticoats, criuoliue and Armvifom nce j Ana oa sort to; ner-
jWold. thewaisi, anVtfatXru ffS
lomestead, and. crospipgthe welbworn delicate orgsns of . tbe stomach Uad nnd n-w . titt T ' -" 4
" . I i 1 i i.'ll !.l
TXT "2:s.
thresholdrtanding;tmctmore In the producing unwUlcomo;vbat; ; while
tae t t . IF'
room sonaiioeo: ny .her presence; de- ihe. eatremities siq . lightly , dad. ia
pendence comes over us, and we kneel thin stockings and xpoe to.-draacht
down in tho molten sunshine itreaming j, not without iU Talut t& ajneans of.
through the open window, just where destroying health and producing; pain
long years ago wc Knelt by our moth- and even 4the simple plan of tjing liga
er? knee, lisping, 'Our father.. tores round the Ifrs - tttd the teina
How many timee. when tbo Umpt'er j swell aud becoroea varicose is net to be
lured us on.haa tho momory of those passed without; some notice..' ' .
eacred boars, that mother s words, her i Hut the moat fiendiih . Urtnr whixk . I
faith and prayers, styed us from plung- t!iehigh inquihitor fsihim rtterrta'
ing into the d4ep'abyss of sin.' Tea ra for h'w victim U ttht:;coneL Imagine
have filled great -dn its, between, her no ineenwusly constructed machine of
it r
-fV .Tcnlotiss lDutohtxann.
and u, bat they ; hate not hidden
from our right the glory of her pure.
. . ! , -
Kend nnd Heed Till.
catching-wildcats last Winter, but
wc got down to 1 corn and .'lasses
Tor Spring, spite.ofrallJ could .do.
; 'IIc's a brazen "liar!" shouted
th'nt to nut on read V made with
. H1: hood ofwanho bui; U' nyy
band?&weiar4 oggitMo; eVin,'
iue ii- xnucu,, w tre,,gthena with the strength,- tmUl,
as if we was orr ndjo wealth goailw bad)it Ucbmei, alwiy a 'coat'
ana nappiness. uur.: aiKuuu of bailj WVataminW bninVMl1
I .Many people seern to forget , that
cittracxer grows: tuat iL is not torat-
silk v cotton or other ; strops, natcrial
t ifTcned and strengthened wi th ribs of
whalebcnc and fls blades
"which the bdy i.crashed
byhitji the ribs are. dk4aced;'d)y
which iU.tho organs tf th abdomen
are forced own into. the pelvi, . and
the organs of the ebest ' jammtd up ia
the hroat, byjwhieh tht breathiag ca
At t matting of ths Heard rf Cotaty
Cnmmlrslotiert "rif Fraok W Ootary ot
ibe 3'd day of April. 1878. Tbafot-lowl-f
reaolatioss were adepted.
A rrrv.nolnro,1 U. TUat tuC Saenff Siall Ot ft
.rr"-"'w r ,':7tvT. ft tbt'settletatat ol UftAiacr
jcalous Of the warm tnendshlp his shall f tht Couaty rtarorc? pa? aay
sweetheart manifested for, one of Mi Count? ' Order Issued Ufors tht 1st
male fric-mLV and ono evening re-, "tfjfi -
proached ner for her conduct. . She. sued txfbrt that Uit most prrteat tht
answered that tho had only lccn ae tt rha ant of thUTjird at or
hAiii irt k 'i-kit. i ' beiorttbt lat daj tt. Aarnat 1871,
rM)lito to the man who had aroused ,bstt record tbrrVot ana7 U madr;
his jealousy, and politcnesa was atd tartler f otetzncU fcrc'trs.'wa
nothing to ret anrv aL He re- rtfBt ,a P"3 them art berrbj
riicu: , ' r . , -will bt pleaded la Vtx bt their itoov
sh, vishperfng nodiag? . lib, J. 'Cil'Uli
ndjes . aud j , Ji.
I t Vi m 1 1. 1 ? -
6f steel, ml.. w. - ,
bj .Apia, !"U,I,,i fy X&W'.P?
rilUIi:UmUa!;r - " I gOX fat, feel ?oOd. proR,rt "reliabW'consciention;.
.uhur .nii ni zAHl: Wmim-rJHx. dh i want is a dofe to run under the c,ftr.leadcd and caergetie., Wtdn
"T. ... . Jast here the doctor came down va'COn."" ''7 - ; j ' v t n
... . t.i jmc: ? do you , suppoae he developed tit
did JOB PItESS. with an oeot gmile - nis face Air. Fisher saw the gentleman-when-ybu say a'm ".tT??!! w".1?..
selection .'of. type of - th.Utest atvlea, , v- .. . T .rt V ?, : ' was a boy? tict us see "the waj ju
and we are tow prepared to do . . .. , and stopptng abrubho aid, fatanOi bppy ! Routed, s the wile, f . n V;
lr llnrns,v how you cn gniile hwell, vou soon wiU beJ v,i Ln,nB';ui'"ii. ;r ' !!
uonot this family, is more man i m yesyou'will'; . h,.a i.! a., tT- .dJ.Yi:t'i
burst .of laughter .mit a shmack! I Ia crder.; tn rctrodatt tikrre.
(a sounit liko'a.bTploJed JtaW- elgUt-iw. . IUoavtte4 Lttmry tad;
i ' i - V -i ' ; r- , F-mily Paver. Tuk Sou vol a, wt will
melon! plariog tag mit footoaoot dttca trUUarsU otts 6t aff
under the tabfc, ' and fitting be hint ttfctaw-atd tt, ec3 j yabtcribtf art wyl
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