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V Louiaburg, N. C.
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iouisburg; ,n; c, Friday, july, -7, i87C.
NO. 34.
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Church Directory.' Uacle Jehu's Steiye
MBTnoDrsT CHmacn. Rer. F. L.
PeiJ, Pastor. Pervicea every Sabbath
at tl A. M. und 7 . PV M.
Prayer meeting every WeJiig(3ay
at 7 P. M.
Communion ficrrice the Second
Sunday In cach month at 11 A. M.
Fteward's tneotlng Monday night
nfler the second babbath In each
titonl Ii.
Sabbath fchool erery Babbath at
C o'c'ock P. M.
St. Pauls Episcopal Chubch.
Rcf. E. Dollowaj, lector.
Services on the first and third Sun
day In each month, morning and
Holy Communiou monthly on first
Sunday school every Funday morn
iiig at 9 o'clock.
Professiona Cards
BY U. J. M. v
"Do I kuow what love i ? Lors'
ble83 your innocent little hearts
don't II '- n ;
'Twas in lore once nor don't
laugh at me, you , "curlyhca1ed lit
tle rogue I w asn't as , gray , then
as I am now, and I dkln't stoop a
little, and cough a little, as I do
now, no, I was a gay young fellow
enough, , and tall enough, and con
ceited enough, for any little goose
of a giri to fall in love with. - Ah !
that wa3 a haDpv time: and uncle
John, the gray-headed old "bachc
lor, as you call him, looks back up
on it with - a- is'tgh when he thinks of
it. Ah, well! 1 :
"My sweetheart's name was Wil
hclmina yes, it was, a romantic
without seeingf!jOtt I
t4AlilV she said, with , jv roguish
Bniile. that made me fall -deeper in
love swith her than ever. ' Do vou
mean it?'
Iifb .And , IntmoxtAllty
T C J-J'!f
: 7 I ,
. To-Digtit X m, itrangelj. itirre,. On Soodajla Cxxr telegraph cje
and my aoalia again filled, with that ators vereaiUlaJa jl tate bf hflarf
uild, it range feeling of enrett, at If cua tojoytfial ia iilcrbecr ttrdci.
"Mean it, Minnie I replied. I I could take wlnga aod fly away from 1 when it suddenly oimd to one of
'Can you doubt its', , all thu thought , and feeling; aa if I them that soom-Tm could be made out
''And here do not laugh at me, could, soar far opmard, and out into of a fat: and . Mlesuv-kicLis Toeto,
you little puss I kissed her -yes, the unknown,, myrti; realma of. fptce.' bo Ait about thirty i ftet:
k'issed her; and it wasn't - the first 6h why must it be so? Why them- Without betraying hW ArtTgi,
time, either. - 1 I born with a soul that is . . forever- ht approofched th Dntacher ami ala&-
fZxaoQ Cooiy oCCaX3 rot
; A jo&s ess t2;d ca lib UirzZid
the other eresi5, , aci wHIf , raiting
for her tppcuzaet tt rtrrr V eoo
tDtMQ with J tDrpectn .brother
lalaw. Aflcra.piIiW Vy aiitd;
. ."Does . nhaayi ,t . i tri . ,. k aa t J
j. M reallY caa't r.i "trerea , Om
I don't; .doubt it,-John, dear 1 yearning to forget all that U of earth ped him oo the back, while h reoark I edauaedyoaa; iii3isd lUrro rp!
for fc few oocMat whethelrM
rMHta you play elstquerj wki jocr
. iKo; I JTt not acquired thai:
LOUISIiOEQ. FBA25KLIN CO. N.C. wag ft .jamic gi, too. sho was
Will attend the Courts of Na8h,Frar k
lin, Q:anvU, Warren,ud Wake Cun-
tr, n'so the Supreme Court -t North
Carolina and the U. 8. . Circuit and Dis
nci Cuit?. No. 7-tf
She-said- rTff earthly? Time passes .tawifUj ; away aii ;UUW b'i joa frra Uttor? J .'
"Then ; we v began " to make our. and, though fften the wild pain ia nry a f'Yes dot 'a toe," anawered the .Ten-t
plans, iu case : her papa did leave pulsing heart hurst oit iq whispering too,-while he rubbed hU hand rfer his.
the village; and we agreed to write word, I cannot, recall, tthja at they smarting sboolder txA tryed to look
to .each other twice a week; but . come f;om my lipa.. ; ,,,s ,t ! ' delighted. Then the : operator caDed;
1 . 1 T . . i I J . . A. . I 1
vrni we were a Kuowmc . roune I . , idie is a.sirance, mjstM ememto l ior iwu ierrs. uranK lua, ana icxt toe l tsowptuaoieBi. . k. ? u' u
couple, we wme my sister was to I tae ,,Why aro welwTO r ;'. . ( . 1 Well, yoad bettar, yoti'. acat
address my. letter. to her. ; ' ; and sufferiagon earthZ.. Faiuaiui iuf- The op' return e4 to tho table, ne? ;; ; r ) . it Ud a
: .'We wex-e too bq regu-, fering, jhich seem like two haatotBa where hii aaaociatca wier' seatedV'aad- Why?: ; v.
larly engaged, you know; and ghe gaunt and grim, ever fuilowing in owr posted them oo the plant"' ho hod "Causey Sis says yor4oaf. Jclow' us
that is, Minnie, was to. write to wake, with their learfal shs and wail- stuck. . Immediately one of the' three :smca as b galranizad t ftigt r bct. ycr
me under cover to : the same kind ing agony and remorse, until,:, almost arnaevwalked over to the tab!" wherb dad's got lota uf stamps, and shell aar
name, andr the. girl who owned it party, . , y 1 , maddoned at the tight clutch of their Teat'the solitary Gartuad, and with the j ry yoa aothow; atul sic said when ahe
''In this , we u did not , indulge in skeleton hands upon our hearttriDgpl saiimsuluU snd rcma
'sweet sixteen,' rather tall for her -ierial architecture, for in less than our chained souls turn away inrevul- hybu fro Uticr'LTsat down,- crdrW 'j'w'f a'goia lo all of the JTouith-of Ju)y
age, and her face-well, I can't de- a month .after, .'Minnie, . her papa,, sion and horror, and btrives to flee, to tvo leera,t drank . one,-and left the perccshuna aod ice cream: gum sucks,
scribe her faceHhough I oftimes mamma, and all ; the family lelt oarsalqft to brak loos from those uble without paying for eiifcer. i '- and let you stay at hooto to ptay chco;
see it, as the poet says, 'in niy; Kversleigh, and went to li ve'atthe hands that have, such a firm bokT upco - TU third member of th i quartette ucrs : with' that htllv-hos nose bf
dream? I've a little portrait here I large town which she spoke of, their heart. But no: Infinite. Power I tried the same came, but he met with Tourn-'? f i.iir . :. . i
I Tin tiir xir3 1 drew : . i
It'e easier: l7sr. Cl
Tliaa tintetr pJ rT ycx
, fttz lsrrrrrx
A. T LAWi:
of her, which was painted when
she left school; she gave it me in
the happy time, and I've kept it
s-alely since." ,
And nncle John drew a minia-
though not ibefore she and I had, I only can grant freedom, to the tortured
had a parting meeting, and a eor- soul the soul with which .our Uicgis
rcwfnl one, too, though we we werq eudowci, ! Immortality beats in vain
so young, for both of us . .
On Xash Street, over
Brick Store.
igaiut its prison bars, cries in vain
"Wc kept up a correspondence for relcosc. The time is not yet come.
tare from a pocket in his expansive for a long time, and, she had :.?ent At last, tired and bruised and worn,
waistcoat,; ' suspiciously near his me a lock, of her hair you .are tbe.bcaig proves, aud oh! how wild a
heart, ana nanuea it rouau lor in- rigm, nine woman, it migjit oc prayer., .Ucrconte with euiotiona,
spection. that which I have in the locket here
He sipped some grog, did uncle and I was anxiously looking for
John, and he must have brgwed it ward to the day when I should see
Bullock & Mitchell,
Frankmnion, N. C.
Will practice in the courts of the 6th
judicial district.
Prompt attention given to the collec.
tion of claims. No 50 tf
a Hi lie-stronger than usual, (or it 1 her again; -.Tor her papa had. allow-
brought the water in his eyes, and cd her to accept an invitation to
he coughed a sort of choking cough, spend a week or two at my fat hers
with striving to be free, the wild, rest
less spirit gfeks. tobec in prayer. ' '
An .this is life, ud for. what? Its
aim, its end. . What is its abut. Sur j being smashed mit dt Bncod.1
a . decidedly cool reception, aod ! And When bis"got her hair baoged
when : the - fourth . man came op, and came ia, she found the parlor ' do
slapped ! him : on the -: aholder, terted by all save her brother, who was
and said, "Ain't you from Utica? ' the innocently tjlng the tails of two kittens
Victim POt unon hu feet and while - hi I twctth find nnHnf. i f
w L 1 -7 O p-"P
face turned nurolo with rare. ; nhontM).
o! Tom mvselef anVhow! I nerfer 'V KxcocUin?lntoret1r am.1 ?.r?.-klrtcd1ra!.aboTl dand
vaalivein Utiea.. naffer -eoUticar don't ...... .,.t??,V. . th.can can of love onwrpct
know tarn thinjr pout' Utica! So yott
flllfl" ! Ill I I..KI..I
Jacob II. ShinlcoLiclrr rtal-
hes this fact in all iU vaJzJ trrlV.
rulnC;rJll, "
he bos loycdMlrs AtrtTa G. Trip
hammer. .loved her with a fe kt, pndylnff.
u rrprcssible lore.
For ' il 'time; hV- iroirsiSped her
from afar and woadcrcd If ih
would return - his lore If ho scat li
to herC-O P.
Then he rcaolrcd to kocw hij f-,tt
Accord ingiy ho waited her Kitty
a soul-laden note on tbo whi of a
twcHxnt stamp. , n.( , 1
JJ'e tc$icgcsL her bear! lq wortJt
Stormcxl ccralfectioTis wlik prac
tical protestations of perennial
Furrotindcir her maiden heart
wltlian agrcsslfe array ofrhetori--cal
bosh, love-sick nonsense and 1
other trash. - . ?; - -f ,
Sent .her, epistles, -, coined fron
hU brain at midnight, fohof Cnpidj
and Vcnnscs dressed In low-necked
Art imnraDM iwt of tliA tnwnf
petter gone quig but tray, from me, off Danville, met one day (his ' week; the
you tfon t bate some : jaeobUons 'tout editoi of this paper when the following
dialoguo 'itsad:ll J.l IIM.I
53 A : ; 63
Wiitchmtikcr and Jew
VISE WiiU-hen nd Jewelry of-. the. bes
aLnnfatoraunt k t,M! 'oWPt p Ices.
AH work iH'rnonally,atteuded to and war
ranteil. . ,
it 63 8ycumore8t., Petersburg, V
house, .when,, one morning, there
came a letter to Kverslcigh for my
sister; it wasn't in Minnie's hand
writing, and there was no enclosure
for me. , , , .....
'She read the letter and a mourn
ful one I thought it.' . v .'.
' It was from, Minnie's mamma,
I . and fchc? aid. that Minniei could not
too. -
Ah, uncle John ! we guessed your
secret. '
''Weil," he continued, after we
had all examined the portrait, which
-'was that of a really bcautilul girl
"well, Wilhelmina ' and I loved
each other -at least, I thought she
loved me, and I know 1 loved Jier.
We used to stroll together s. in the
summer evenings,' and talk of the
time when we snouui occacnotuer s room.
f )r lite., 5 What pictures wc vlrcw of "I cried when I heard thls-i-a'
the wedding, bridesmaids, , jxtil- big baby, no doubt" yon'll think I
ions, gray horses, and carriages in- was; but then I was Mn love; yes,
numerable! - ' ' . dears, desperately in love. . . ' ,
whnt I f'Wc received other, letters from
. A. W U i - mm-.- mm m
ttrm ninna , rr. infiiA in I time to time. : and In the last we
,'tis not cirthly fame or honor, for earth
srems but a srcll oniTaKS. wherein
.the spul nwy dwell, . The, Mul,cascth
not for these .things. . Karthly fame
may live after its winner be dead, but
of what good to the dead is it? Will
earthly fame pave the road to heaven?
ferlapy, tnd, perhaps not.. Karthly
honor gained will live after its gainer
be dead. What of that ? .' Will it open
a way fur the immortal soul to he gates
a V a .
But the "op" hadhb beer, the Gcr- rlV-a,V t nw l
man-had to pay for;it,aed for the res u"T ,f
of tho afternoon be sat moodily medita- Tht insuraaee - agent then banded
ting en the warm friendship manifest, the w. wspapet ajati . a , littlt , slip, 00
cd toward him by bis fellowtownsmen. I wlM;n u VM siaieu mat toe. one thou-
sana aouir premium 00 ' tbe ids 01
But all in vtlnJ .1
lb notes rcmaineil on ansae red.
and J. Ii, . Slibglcwlackcr floatel
hither and thither on tho billowy
see of ilailbt. -iHU.n
Ono beaatlfUl evening abont this
time when. .nature had sunk into a
calm repdsd, and the LuiwcrU
was wrapped lo il amber, oar hero
was pacing bis room and ttmg.
gling with ths tarlTulent enotlona
Tlio Fir3tsldc
Mrs,-had been paid over by El eo; bat wouW btjbble up aad tto? orrr
come to see us. for she was ill; ye, of paradise?, , Again we,. y the wul - c,.nce o,
very illnd unable 1 to leave tier careth notfur tho(thinp; the soul m. T'
f - r.v. . ' . ' ' L. . J. I' , conjugal, parental, .fraternal am
carej jor wore man iuis yearns I or 1 2"t
for imortalitvifor free- JDX ! WV' ,Ut. :f.jMnre4for,n.00d
""" w mentmentf, ecnfestions, fori and the other day' if was prom V.tlT
usairn muU bimmor- - i0 be cicb.n'ged: 'vxrS ' " 7
. u u. a. tbe iocu. or uom. feu wsbtp. BtTer jiw U befertv remsried the That;daj h5) bad.;her fjur
and intercourse that we srk of the editor, , Wfcy don't yod adfertlM ? Vfcorchlng, aCccb-arrcalcg
fireMdc as 'the spot consecrated to' : It does not do aby. rood, replied sjT?(?T j .
the freest action and uttcunce of fsm.: the .gt; We DfVtr a4vrtlsL " ' , otui uc treat tnca wra a
rhirc -The editor tUapull out hi. look v?
Vcr;.l a oenioTtodutnj ee falbws: Twf j1 -.rvr tdl .
a bijsl I ir r ... ; - . I of hiiAS and srwua ta his bccionls?
aemrm.. nir 1 .
am gayin;'
.the corner there ixt eon is the age had;they said; she had improved, ugbtbut common clay; and so ocr
rebuilding aerial mansions and and they were "looking forward to 1 bo our life, and life., aim
tuorej yearns
mi lit..
. 4 I givenesj. are wont to be exchsnged.
ue vnegrea estgutpDiea There is no other "place in which can
to the soul i immortalitv. : Our b- 1 - ' 1 - '.,- .
...... 7.
ing is our soul,, our soul is , our life.
If the soul deserts the body, it u
XXM rtxi
!. TtPiynf.
Bet yem don't say br' whea.'aaid
the lotara&ce tgtaU U . i !
h-uu,,,. Ko,eU that the puhlio feeliaUmted
icg mto one pf overaMivevecb mi- in knowing is, that the children of the
1 . ...
older. TYou ahdTCliar-
.we were no.
ley a 0 addictei4 to p'.annihg1 the
her speedy recovery; then there
was a lull, and I began: to think.
must.-be .immortality v "
, , "Tben' voa will nerhann iv.ulit
WhltelaW & OrOWder, same Trail architecture if I may getting. better,; and do wc strive for that we already haver
judgq by the blushes on your pretty wwcommg iuiuut ear- Wa answer, "So wo have immortality."
mcd, Hrhen he wliisperVto you isome,. and.lfcjt ,so . happy-w) But ,I0W? f. ? t 4 .
verv iia,ip;uut uuc luwmug. For example.
anu nerc uncie uoun- iook. a
. mf
part tog and reeling something from I ay gU tuey premiom;they doti t care
tlUVcst, No other is so sacred to the rrcta coaipaay. Braidet, toa say,
MintiM mtn rimym tmrn rrm. 1 o
Marble & Stone
.7?:...' -.C ?!
" M I LP . IL'.l. ..
Corner FayettcvUle and Dain Streets.
from hi3 glass---story-teirmg made
him thirsty, he said; Lut it doesn't
make tears come in people's eyes in
Raleigh, N. C. '-:-
137" Orders Solicited.
Ahla vouf think. liincle John so
blind, because he's getting old and
wears spectacles when reading, but
ho doesn't reouire his glasses when
locking at your tell-tale blushes, that way,, ch,, uncle ,'John? - "one
you .little witch now don't get morning my euiier aaiu w me.
"jonn, i nave receiveu 1 a tetter
fVbm lirerfelelgh'ihis 'tnorningi ;
as time
.1. - t
6 O liR I ER
angry, fpr I'm only joking.
' Well time flew along,
will Uy with lovers," and one" even
ing; as Minnie and J She told pe
long before tdcall Mjcr Minnie, j'as
Wilhelmina souuded, .so vesy jiw-tkntshesaid--oneeveuinfi:i
4 44 Ah ! said I, , eagerly ; , 4and is
sbCLwell? is she coming. -M j
c 4,N6, John, she's not comingTierc
she has gone to a better place.'
t!A f better ' 'Tlace?
1 4 said, or
take the untamed
eagle, who soars away ia his-airy Jight 1
far above the hoary mountain .crest
up, op into the broad, blue sky, until
the dim earth, so far Wow seems , as a
mere speck to his gaze. .Take him we
say and imprison him in a' cage whose
bars are iron which (will not break or
bend; his wings are . free; -.uo- .band
scemf to., fetter him down ;, the
pi lit o( freedom is ia hia -fluttering
heart, tlie door of his cage U open; but
.'tis too narrow , ho cant ot pass through.
He; is not bound in toy yii? has full
moned thence into the wide world,'
who are, perhaps, afar off, or oo the
sea, or doing their allotted work si
mongst strangers, or remove to those
more inaccessible shores . where
wickeJ cease from troubling tod the
wear are at rest. Elsewhere the tl
Iloral The best tort, ef a ; advtr
tiscment is often t covered up la aa In
terest iog item . , , . ...
Let the editors be on their roard,' and
not tdverfise any tti t Vtuinasi ia asv
shape ea!et ha mXH pay fbr it. .
t . i 0aavUla Times,
' Thb Putt of Tnx '.IIovE!It- it
Thai be wot
Ho ws, basil taralag thcrae qaet
tkiLt over, wrong ride oat and hot
torn side. up. la bis roczr mind,
when-4 ri
Suddenly there came a tapping.
At of some 0Z9 geatl 'rapplajc
IUppIagat hii ctiabcr door.
The next Intant the door twang
open and old Triphamrer the stern
progenitor of Anrelia stood cm tfce
threbold , .. ,.
In hlslpo Clppea he'hcU -a bea
dle of letters. 1 ' "
For a brief tcctba of toe Trip
hammer gaxarta tcornJld raxe oa tho
cowering foha'cf Jaeol ii, Elagie
whackcr. : i.
Tbcnta aTcnta tit roar of
rant may be forgotten, Ut .teldtfat, for 1 the great . etamoopbee duties of HU I ta anm fiooahc ljuiml:
long together, .at , the fireside. T is I that are cc-Wed nd dcrkUd aof-e- I "Did yoa acad this irrraltic- trash
crownea witn tssoetationt whicu toaca I days, Bone prodigious tcrxa . cf . self
the heart some point, or other of tfa
, . ia, ispaticst. o
surface, aud make it thrill . with affec- 1 nxaod, . Yet all the tiae the Terr besi
tionate emotioo, in which every mem- I crportanuiee ef do2s rood are reck-
ber of the family gathered tjoaad the I Jesal sarrcadcred.. .. I eannctVe made
liearib can take ta eppropritta , tbare. I to believe that the element ef tdf, Im
No lcwon leaves a, more tVidiuj inv-1 noUtloo has anj, place whatmr i b
. pt eaiou than tiHjsewhich gu drop I Christ aa eperieaceL . Tbcy,scm ln
to xnj dxziVJiVf.
A cable Inch of painful tHcscw
followed.- - 1 J
Thea Jzcdb IL ctii tcld rcpKed :
KsactJn tri r-t I tappote
chlmod ia theMfroc!c3s ur, T.t
'and CV well sc;tlo tl!s little tXair
rUktLc;e without--any- tocol cf
. -i -
. ls I rmhtr shouted, for I KoniPthincr r... ' : . ". . . ...
mmnm.ana weruiaiug Jp "'t' 1 lioerty ana yet tew not tree. !4Give
sidcona mosybankeurtheU .wasrrong;. - , , - ; him gold, giTe him silver, gea.jeweV '7'
tie, streamrthaV; ran through Mjj "5 her- - ; L;; tbem d iX r ?l V rory and ncne
viUashVimt her little wnite l tohee tbaWue.k fe bU S!?
a. a - svarw-hj-h ci nnirf w . n n -vv .. uruueer. a. a b uu era ii iiaia. mik si www m
hand into mine, r and looking up in
to jay face-said- " ,7:;;;' I k
lJohn, dear, should youlbe sorry
if I were to leave here and gd to1
type of the jtet styles, tffiiia M amanyaaany miles
iw prepared to do I .... t ..M. T-. ... (t(V,. t
. I away?IJJu"i djuii ; 1-
4 'Sorry 1 51 1 replied ; 4I should be
prpper exprcgsianj ana so t am,
. W have added to our stock: a enlen
did JOB PRE S3, with an. elegant
a Mectlon or -ty
ad we axe now
in the neatest aad"best manner.
vou nea noi senu yonr yj0 . sm rv- hnt von're not iro-
WORK North, for we wilWo it lust aJ ecr so smry, kOui 30U re not go.
Weil aod
caead rat you Caja getlt else- i S away irum usy are joa, -aimiuw
: ?i i.v -t . -sin" t m . I . t ;dpa t know. 1 hat wo are said
.r' T?l1u,3 I iMiniae;.but: Ii ctui pipirayi he
'A it :
had been offered . an appointment at
a largc ' town,, hundreds ; oT. miles:
from -lierei. and he ; did s not know
Uwhetherto uocopit,1 - -5 ; y;
"Don't let him t accept it, Minnie;
doojt let hiuiT- persufulcj Jitm to si ay
here. You know I couljmVlire
into. the mind , at tU firesjdiu, So eD the most useful tacat and - weiaea "A JL4 ) TriphaacicrVT tLarkftSgtr
funis more ticlliogr leaves behtna it" wh .most clwfuU sresi tixa- ciie hold itJ,IL EJilngictAck-
TP J? oore;i I whiinia over Ue bea4
wocujtt e putooa uey era I wi'i taf tc-Jh onrdl-tf
5 ia looks mdodrsmetJe et oof; I -Acd Wtltel - hhiYizZzzpr
doors of death are cter opan we cad
;'And this is lifs,spd its aia Is im-
vcVjpe edged; vith black, and I- -I
guessed the rest. : j " '
don't know what it waa came
over me after 'that, bnt I know 1
fete liko a mad person; and I know,
too, that I used to shut myself up in
my room fan hoars, and-cry ay. 1 niortalitytnd its eed is death., Jh
crrwi.1, uwugntmy , near wouia I we will train Uat which 1 we haVe
reasj Tbatwas
what' lore was, my
Bat, come; this , foolish
dious toyodyountr
i . i ' . 1 7. ' 1
ciear awuy .-me uimgs, tuia nave a
k ai .v t . j.ri
aggsatioq ; j :
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and beep oa severe trial, at it were 1 to those' a little lower down.
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