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GEO. S. BAKER, Editor and Proprietor.
TERMS : $2;0Q per .Anatuni
NO. 40.
'a Work.
Church. Directory.
Mtcttiodist Cnuncn. Rev. F. L.
Peid, Pastor. Services every Sabbath
nt 11 A. M. and 7 . P. M.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday hOTL THE COURIER :
Searcy, White County, Ark.
Sept. 12th, 1876.
nt 7 P.
Communion service the Second
Sunday in each month at 11 A. M.
Steward's meeting Monday night
after the second Sabbath in each
month. .
Sabbath School every Sabbath at
3 o'cock P. M.
St. Pauls Episcopal Church.
Rev, E. Dolloway, Rector.
Services on the first and third Sun
day in each month, morning and
Holy Communion monthly on first
Sunday school every Sunday morn
ng at 9 o'clock.
Professiona Cards
Will attend the Coarts of Nash, Frank,
lio, Granville, Warreo,ind Wake Coun
tics, also the Supreme Court of North
Carolina and the XL S. Circuit and Dis
nct Courts. No. 7 tf
Nash Street, over
Brick Store.
' Thinking that the
readers of the Courier would like
to see a correct acoount of the hor
rible tragedy committed in this
County on the 29th of last month,
I have concluded to furnishit with
such a report, which you, Mr. Edi
tor, can publish ' in lull, or in part,
as you may deem proper.
There exists in portions of this,
and adjoining counties, a religious
sect, so called, known as the Cob-
bites, a name after the founder of
the sect, one John Cobb, who
claims to possess, not only all the
attributes of Christ, but that he is
the Christ: and if his followers aie
to neiicveu, he can even snow in
his withered hands the prints of the
nails made at the Crucifixion.
Of the history of this miserable
wretch, little is known. He came
as a missionary from Michigan
that section of the Union, where all
great moral i-leas have their origin,
you know, to elevate the standard
of Christian virtue in the South.
His, first field of operation was in
Southern Missouri. There, in a
scarcely settled community, he gath
ered around him a few ignorant
followers and organized a church,
a part of whose worship was to
offer up their infant children as a
sacrifice with the greatest demon
strations of joy. Learning that
their barbarous, and criminal con
duct had been discovered, and that
place, at the house of one of their
brethren, Leminel B. Dover. Citi-
zens coming to town and passing by
Dover's house, saw much in their.
worship that was new to them.1
Eacli citizen on netting to town.
give his version of the exer
cises witnessed at the Cobbitc meot-
Thcsc various reports had
in jr.
and lodged in jail on the same
evening they committed the mur
der. Although the wives, children, re
latives and friends of Dover and
Gainey, had just seen them shot
down lefore their eyes, no sigh was
hcaved,no word, look or expression
of sorrow was ncaru or seen, no
white tun;
and the
upon vX. ,
; '11 you are &
Hood of & freeman' runs through your
"veins, then yotc this party oat of poor
er. Who put London Hyman thcrf x
to overseer Ibw -poor white people cf
the county ? ;Jtadicak Who could
remove him but Jo sot? -The Radi
cals. Whoa docs thb scoamlrtl lord
excited thc curiosity of some of the evidence of grief was discovered; 1 . . lit over? It U the toot oi the county.
citizens to that extent that M. Car- I but on the contrary they rejoiced I TttR WHITE WOMEN FUILCED I Then fellow citixens como up like mea
A. 3?onltentlnry Courlot
t-lioXnKtor' of tli Poor.
People ol Bertie,
Wlio nro o TJnfor
tunato (18 to lio
InmntOH of
ter D. Humphries and Mr. Blake that they had offered uo their lives,
resolved to ride out, and ascertain, for, they said, "it i3 God's will for
if possible, the object and aims of them to die."
these strange proceedings, On ar- The Inquest.
riving at the house, which is a few Three hours after the killing of
feet distant from the public road, Humphries, I, in company with
Dover, the proprietor, called out to eleven others cofcpDsing the jury of
Humphries in a sepulchral tone, I Inquest, ' proceeded to make an ex-
"Youncr man. don't vou wan't to I animation of the three men and to
; 51
Great Gl
sec God?" on being answered in
the affirmative, he told them to
alicrht and come in. that God was
in that house." Humphries accep
ted the invitation; but he had no
sooner entered the yard than he
was assaulted by 4 men with knives
and clubs. Blake from without,
seeing the murderous intent' of the
assailants, and hearing his friend
cry out in vain "For God's sake
enquire into the causes of their
death. We learned that Humph
ries' throat had been cut with a
knife somewhat after the manner
of butchering a hog. His head
was severed after death, with an
old meat ax, one blow of which had
cut away the lower portion ol hi6
face. This horrid instrument of
death was present and was a gory
witness as to the terrible work in
Can toe Wnnx Men Longer Tote
: ron a Party that Does Txiese .
Pass It Around, Brothers of tho
State Tress.
And rote them out cf tvnrer.
Wti oar White brethren of the1
longer sastaTa -this party?
: Tell it to.thcci. ve . men " who I are
speaiing.up there. Tell then- tht
poor whites hero bej ,them for help.
Can they refuse ? We trust not
: ? I i i t.
The following table taken from oG.
cial sources shows" tho debt of tho
Etatcs named at tho dose of tho war;
also on the January- 1672, sAcr
seven years, of, i Radical . carpet-bagger
don't kill me!'' beat a precipitate which it had been engaged. The
retreat narrowly escaping capture head of Humphries bore evidences
Bullock & Mitchell,
Will practice in the courts of the Gth
judinul district.
Prompt attention given to the col lee
tion of claims. No 50 tf
an indignant and
outraged com-
Importers and Dealers in
15 Sycamore St. I Petersburg", Va
munity were taking steps to oring
them to justice, they lied to escape
the punishment due them for their
inhuman proceedings.
After leaving Missouri, which was
a year or more ago, Cobb came to
Arkansas, where he has been prac
ticing physic, and proselyting in
the interest of his new plan of salvation-Soon
after his arrival in
Ark., he united himself to the Primi
tive Baptist Church in this county
but for his advocacy of the doc
trine of polygamy, as well as for
practicing it, ho was expelled.
by a parjy sent to intercept him.
Within a few minutes another
citizen called at the gao to learn
the cause of the excitement, but he
was told by Dover that "he must
not enter that sacred place, for
God was in that house;" and point
ing to the body of Humphries,
which the citizen had not yet seen.
Dover said: "We have just killed
tire old champion devil, don't you see
him lying there? and if you come
in here we will kill you." This
man. too, fled to town close upon
the heels of Blake to corroborate
the incredible story just told.
The next witness was a traveler
and his family from Texas. He
saw two of the Cobbites at the
body of the dead man apparently
cutting off his head.
Then comes a little boy, 14 years
old, who standing on the fence in
full vie w of the men, heard Dover
call for an ax, saw an old grey
headed woman bring the ax, saw
the East can do nothing of ourselves;
what say our brethren of the West
will they help us in thU our day of
necessity ? Are they willing that
white men and white women, no mat
ter how aged or how infirm, or how
W. o. out;
Jakyx xJi
Since his expulsion, ho has been Dover strike three iicks, ana tnen
officiating in his ministerial capaci- saw another man a devil, rather,
t.v" nmnmr n fw icrnn-nnt. and dis- take ud the head of the muidered
and mutilated body and perch it on
the pailing on the public highway.
The next who passes that way is
a farmer who is required by these
blood-thirsty villians to get out of
"Whitelaw & Crowder,
Marble & Stone
"W O JEl KS,
Comer Faycttcvillo and Dain Streets.
Raleigh. N. C.
XsT Ordiri Solicited.
reputable families, who compose
his entire membership. These mis-
guided adherents, having abandon
ed their crops, and living without
any visible means of support, are
and have been-devoting their time
for the most part to the dissemina
tion of this new abomination among
people of their kind.
Among other cxrravagant ab
surdities thev claim that, while
ministers of other churches receive
their commission from men. they
get their authority direct from
God. Somewhat after the manner
of the Mormons, they own many
things in common, and it is general
ly believed that these self styled
Christians arc off 6hoots of the
"Latter Day Saints.'
The manner in which they be- Dover, who
come sanctified is different from the front of his
his wcgon and kneel three times to
theghastly head of a fellow-man.
W7hile these sickening, revolting
that it had been used alternately
as a scare crow for those passing
and as a foot ball by the Cobbites, .
The ladles of Dover and Gainey
were examined by the jury whoso
verdict was that they had come to
their death by gun shot wounds re
ceived at the hands of tho posse
whom they had resisted.
The other parties implicated in
this inhuman butchery were put up
on trial before an impartial jury
and had able counsel to defena
them. Six of the prisoners were
committed for a final hearing, and
five others were discharged.
That these people were not taken
from jail and hanged, speak3 well
for the citizens of our community.
Arkansas cannot be held resppsible
for this terrible outrage; for the
perpetrators of it were fresh from
other States; and our people claim
no other part in this bloody drama,
than that of maintaining peace
and order by a speedy enforcement
of the civil law. No4 State of the
Union can boast of a more . loyal
ii . a i a i i t - - i
auLiiuiiLV iuau .axKuusas, uuu x pre
dict that so long as she is ruled by
a government of the people, just so
long will peace, order and prosperity
reign supreme in her borders.
Very respectfully,
It is time for the people of North !
Carolina to pauso and thinlc. -After
four years of bloody war the African
was formerly emancipated, but : was
slavery abolished? No, Indeed. We
blush that to-day, eleven years after
African slavery was abolished in North I rule.
Carolina, whito slavery, white slavery ! Think of HI ovtr-taxed people of
in a more degrading, humilaticg form Eastern North Carolina, , that , daring
than was ever assumed by the African this seven years of Republican sway a
slaveryi still exists. In Jones county debt of twenty millions of doilari has
it exists, in our own county of Nsw been placcd cn us. Is it jpj wonder
Hanover it exists, and in Bertie county that the people are ' Impoverished, and
it exists. What shall we dor -Wcof jaoonng unacr icmuic ucprcssaon,
when hey sec their substance eaten cp
taxes levied on them by carpet-baggers
and other corrupt officials? can any on 1
wonder that North Carolina ills-la the
nshes of her poverty to-day, without
money, without friends, and almost
destitute and poverty-stricken, shall be without hope ! Business is dead, star-
thc slaves of negroes? Yet these things 7ation faces many. . Women cud chil-
cxist to day under Radical rule, and drcn have exhausted tho last oil out of
will continue to exist so long as Itadi- the cruse, and the last meal out 1 of tho
cal rule continues in North Carolina. barrel, and still after all these troubles
We appeal in the most earnest man- which have been brought upon us by,
ner, to our brethren of tho West to this party, Settle and Smith'. Are now
help us, and that they may comprehend oiling upon the men of this staU to
the necessity there is for relief, let them vote them in ttf office an5 to continuo-
read the following account of the way this reign of hbrron ' God forbid 1 hu-S
affairs are conducted. in the county of inanity and every . consideration eft
Bertie, where Radicals and negroes I morality: and ; benevolence forbid: it 14
hold full sway. The account is taken
from the Albemarle Times, a paper
published in Bertie county, and lt
knows, whereof it speaks. . Wo trust
man, a negro,
We have adled to'our stock a splen
did JOB PRESS, with an elegant
selection of type of the latest styles,
and we are now prepared to do
in the neatest and best manner.
So won uppiI nnf. cenrl vonr TOTt
V'ORK North, for we will do it iuat as
scenes were being enacted, a storm
was rising in Searcy , destined to
sweep like a besom of destruction
over that doomed house. An offi
cer and ten men as a posse were
on fleet horses, armed with double
barrelled guns, and in full speed
for the scene of the murder, before
the full particulars were reported.
The house was surrounded to pre
vent escape. The party guarding
the front demanded a surrender.
was promenading in
piazza, advanced to-
manner loiiowcu oy racmoers oi waru me pu&su w uuu vuv; uwu
other churches. ' 'Shall I tell it ? of Humphries was lying on the
Cobb has made them believe that, ground, seized it by the hair, held
in order to be consecrated, every it out and fiendishly shook it at the
female. married, widow and vir- posse, and again set it on the pail-
ing. This done, he ordered hts
three unarmed brethren to ad
vance on the guard, take their
euns from them and kill them, as-
IIoav Soiitlieris Negroes
tiro Ttuccil.
In proportion to their wealth and
Earnings, the Southern. Negroes are
more impovished by Taxation than any
class of people in tho World.
The poor impoverished negroes of the scoundrel xnakss them wait upon tis
South are taxed more heavily, in fexy wife as if she were a queen,
proportion to their wealth and earning I An old colored woman who had beca
than any other class of citizens in the there staying a few days nursing - her
United States. Almost every, one
of them pays a tax to the government
of nearly twenty dollars per annum,
for tho privilege of using tobacco.
This stato,must be redeemed;, the, rtr ,
morselcss spoilers must be overthrown.
North, Carplipapebts andr liabili
ties, at the close of tho wsrprineiptr
that every. Dpmocratic sheet, ia the 1 $9,COO,500; infefest, $3,-20 11
State will lay tlie facts before its read- I wholo amount;, 810,351,810. Debts
era. The Times says: J and liabilities January-1, 1872,
The talothatwe proposo to -tell is BS7,4C7.85Jm i.piin-H
nJ- South Carolini DcbU' and liabiii-
who was convicted b hies at the dost of thawurx'5 ,aiO,00(V
this county for stealing fodder, and Debts and IbbUhics January 1, 187?f
served out part of bis time in tho pen- $33,159,914.47. .f.'. r.
itentiary, is in charge of the poor houe GcorguebLTarid liainitsat the
m xeme Wuu.j. c U4. - clow of thc Boaiiaal. Debts and
fore in these columns that it was an in- . -nm - ernrnf rr
.' x
Florida Debts and liabilities at the
close of the wa, $221,000. ' DjtliW
liabilities Jan.:lrl872, $15,7C3,447
... ... . ...
! ArkansaPcUiJ jad .Ihinties at
the close of i, the. 34,030)52.87.
Debts and liabilities Jan,' 1, 187?, 819,.
76i,2C5.c2. ;;: ;
Tenncsjcc- Debts at thi close of tho
war, 520,l0i,00U.CG. DcbU and lis.
bHides Jan. 1. 1872. i45,CS3C3..
. .i. .1
suit to the white people of the county
too grievous be borne. Wt should
not have had anyting Co say about it at
this time, but recently we have heard
such terrible accounts of this black
monster's cruelty to the inmates.
- Every one of the inmates arc afHict
cd in some way. Still this miserable
Louisiana Debts and liabilities at
sick daughter told the tale., one says
that the poor inmates are made to do
anything this trollop may please. "She I tho close of the war, $10,009,074.34.
sits down and make them build her I Pcbts and liabilities Jan. 1, 1S72, 50r
gin; must sleep with him; and when
the sisters are all thus sanctified,
they are required after thc same
manner to sanctify their brethren,
This novel process of consecra
tion, coupled with the fiendish prac
tice of immolating human beings
upon the altar of their worship,
sufTer thc guns of their enemies to
shoot." Trusting in thc assurances
would seem more like the story of a of their infatuated leader, they pro-
hontiin thnn n. Christian land: a I eeeded to execute his orders.
their earnings, nnd is one great cause
of their poverty. Ii amounts in the
aggregate to about $15,090,000 paid
annually by the colored laborers of
thc South, the larger portion of which
goes to support revenue collectors, as
sessors and the numerous army of tax
gather?, employed by the Republican
sarin his brethren that "God was aminisirauon . maucuery co
c , , . ! lv by thc culpable and wasteful cx-
This is a heavy tax compared with I 5 bring' watr and anythingeUo I 510fJuC9t.
fll and chean as vou can cet it else- I storxr fin tr nrlnm a na ere in the I Contrarv to their expectation, no
m -) w j vvv4 w w
history of the dark ages, than to
embellish a page in the history of
our Centennial year.
TnE Murder.
On thc 29th of August last,
CARD?, I about a dozen of the Cobbites were
holding one of their carnivals on
&c the public road,thrcc miles from this
doubt, thc guns did go off, and
Dover and his son-in-law; Rev.
James A. Gainey, thc preacher on
that interesting love feast occasion,
fell dead near thc body of thc man
whom they had murdered and be
headed. The other members of
the Cobbitc meeting were arrested
it is well known that at leat one
half the tax ii consumed in the collec
tion of it.
If the full intention of our Demo
cratic congress with regard to reforms
in appropriations had not been, met
wit pposition by the Republican Scn
ate.the tax on tobacco tnd snuff would
now be unnecessary, and every roan
might be able to smoke and. chew in
peace without being taxed for the
pnvilcgo An early abolition oi Ink
odious tax imposed by thc republican
ry is onj of the reforms absolutely
she chooses. The report comes to us
that sinod the good old colored woman
told the talc, this old black devil has
m t allowed her to go ia to see her sick
The inmates 'arc pi evented from
telling how they aro treated by thU ne
gro, by threats from him. of keeping
them locked up inside of thc walU.
There is a poor. unfortunate old lady
in there who has entirely k&t her
mind; we have heard on good authrrity
: Texas Debts and liabilities at tb
elosc of the war, nominal. Ddls and
liabilities Jan. 1, 1872, . $,20,401,010.-
ci. i .;
Alabama Del end . luiniti.,
Ihe clone of the .war, - C5fn3a,C537.
Dtbts and liabiliticj Jan. 1, 1872, $33,
532,927.34. , .:
For the two hundre! and eighty -fjur .
mlin'ons cf indebtedns" which have
been thus piled upon the above named
nine States, they have absolattly T.ttla
that this convict whips her when he or nothing to show. No grot works rf ;
pleases. If these things are not be
ttered by the County Commiaioners
let them grit the proper witnesses, as
sure them that they shall not be harm
ed for telling the truth, and 'every
word we have written will be veri
fied. Wc appeal to white men everywhere
to help us by Toting the party out of
power that has brought such shame-
pablio improvement have been carried :
out; the money has disappeared as ccia-'
plctely as if K I ad ben : sunk io ; tle 1 1
middle tf the Atlantic Orcon. This u
Grantim ia the South; for If it Lad not
been fjr the assistance which ths Grant k
admini4ratien gave thews bold robbers- .
and their racorssor, they never- could
hare carried out their plundering
pre rets, . s

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