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    ; sir Thomas the void, naa announ
ced his1 intention of trying again
- - - unpaiieni f-or a crop. .
' ' &Uoy aocplantg biat ;
m the tack vtrd and. digg them
rtip thd xitt day, because he iinds ;'
. thj haTen't grommp yet ia' like -i
taany an :dtrtiaer we all hata ?
-: ' mlGafre&t JLdvrtiaiiig.
iynd what" would you think "f . 'r
, f newspaper that printed j the game
piece of news twice?' "
I foFAmericVa; c$p if T pbJ f ojrtl Ise n ;
orta to lift it nave cost ftixu .so., lar
$O00,00(hf "Sir Tk6nias iff 'told
aikrtsmau-and incidentally la good
auvernser. auo iw jreruttpoi uy
tnh'eV motKod by'fthich Ihe pduld
gjpvia'ypraDle jrqrldwide pubf
1 J.Jt At .hAfiftVn coat. even if7 rieV
y ccjuld jtylL '. "f '1
I v II It 'J V' w 1 i M I i ' K.-,WM-'if T - JTfJK I I I f I - f I I
siK 5- E
t' . i .' . - . ." . ? . v. ,.r- . v..- j. ,-v. ...... T'T - -.-i. v, ' . . j-.-.. .. , . - ' .- . - 11 . mTmTmTmmr
Skill -IB... ..- - .-. -'r, , - i . 'v ...
lt.:1! I - . ' ' ' - - - ' ' - - - - - - . - . , , - - - i - rii--.--
!f.!R PI1FAF
i tin i. m ' " - j 1
exports in the Citizens
I (Committee Matter
Hi Could, not
Sicrn. Other
V W W W aWBP svwwsw
hot Sicrn His
ib. iTaa Hkel: There bava bee n
dite a jaumber ot inquirxea .maae
(ii to why I did not sign the report
the! committee as published.
w kiye my reasons' "te ; the.
ic, ; f I thought itnot advisable
mm such a report' and asked
(committee L to sign the- follow-
they declined, and I
erefore declined to sign the one
bf had drawn up. I believed it
for jthe best interest of us all,
well aafor the general pubUc
V i trt "Urn . fntn r TiAWRrkATtAr or
in , "i;p r- r
her controTeray, . as I could not
ill ll ' " ' I M
feel? I in any new tne suoauon at
at timle'any :? good it could ac-
mplish. I hare had no desire
go into this matter at all - but
il now that in view of these in-
liries I should publish the report
drawn by myself. ;
Respectfully, v
a thft Citizens of Elizabeth Citv.
. .71 ... : . . V"
jVfe the committee appointed at
W eeting held at the Academy of
plusic on - Sunday , afternoon Dec
1 190li to investigate the cir-
mstanlces surrounding., the dis
pearance of one of , our people,
as Nellie Cropsey on the night
likov. iikoth, do hereby beg leave
report to you, that we at once
ganized, the day of our appoint-
nt and begun a thorough and
ireful examination of the whole
iter jjt from t every stand point
kit was suggested . to us by tne
opie j ana otner eources 01 m-
rmation. . ,
While we were not successful
recovering- .the person of the
p wi did everything that lay
jour power to accompiisn 'tne
arae; by means of divers, dredg-
br the river bed, examination of
IHT I . .
uses,! etc, also with the assis-
l ce of other , people who kindly
led us. ' :. -':::-'
have endeavored to dis-
arge our duty in the matter to
e best of our ability, ana a per
ijtal ' sacrifice of our business,
find i feeling . now that as the
Ii i l . . - -.-
S U;i II ll t 111 - . . - i. .---
nlfiornevs who have the . matter in.
jcjiiarge 1 have agreed. to let James
remain here, ; and have
an examination, that our
,ty is
at an end,- and that the
ther investigation of the matter
ts solely with the officials of this
nty ana city,, ana tne proper
cials of the law.-
have received , from all
nrces by subscription and other-
be the sum of S245.00, and this
urn was- spent occording to 'the
solution passed at . the r meeting
I ,1 .. . .. w '
the Academy of Music Deccem-
r lstj to tne oest ' ox our judge
nt ana to tne ena tnat tne
ole matter could be cleared up.
e nave . become liable; 130.45
f e than we have reeeived. , v
rVVe also wish to say that of the
230.00 - subscribed and ; pledged
the ibaeeting December, 1st. only
about ,;$80 wastally paid-in,
d that fortunately we raised the2
m off $160 at a meeting held at
e Court' t House. whieh -lnriTAlv
. . ' : t- o t
went to make up the Bum of $230.00
promised us. ,t w v,
j Vye have given to the proper
and therefore, we -clos our labors
and adjourn and make this our
nalxeport,l ' i t: -
- . ' " i ' -". - . .,- t ' f' - ' ....... 1 ' . -- 1 .... ' . - . - - . ' '...''..''.'.-.v.'"1 - , T
officials nil jmattexsand J norjna
tion Ve hare beeiHable lo "edllect
VUUviWe , hereby thank the .many
citizens of this city and eounty for
the, prompt manner in which they
have aided us; and in ; goiig be
fore as and gava vug : siieh ! inform
Ration and suggestions as. lay in
their power to give-. .
aeiiermg mat" every person in
this city and county has been
diligent and active, in .helping to
assist us in' endeavoring to -- ferret
out the terrible shadow which has
been casi upon? our city. ;
All of which is respectfully
submitted by - , , -
- H. T. Gbeehlea
; , .'Chairman.
Citizens Com. . )
of five -, p "
fc i BerryGodfrey. V : ; '
Married, at the - home of the
bride'a father, W. G. , Godfrey, on
Tuesday, Mr. Zeb Berry and Mi&s
Mary, Godfrey.. The ceremony
was preformed by W. G. Ferebee,
The bride is an- accomplished
and popular youVgf lady 'and-the
groom a very highly ; respected
young man. xney will . reside at
the groom s home near Belcross.
Congratulations. 5
Wlfl Unload Cunb'erL
As reported to the Tab Hkel in
our Tuesdaysissur the ""schooner,
Geo. . Bowden, ' -from Dawson
creek ' wit$ lumber for Baltimore
was sunk off Croatan last week. v
The steamer A. B. Covington, with
barge, left Thursday to unload the
lumber and an effort "well be made
to raise the vessel. x -...
A Little Twisted." -J t 11
j i The following items may not be
classed as new,yet'they are given as
such by the exchanges frpm which
they were clipped.
Nathan Price, who was shot in the
suburbs ' last' 3 Wednesday is1 out
again. -; , j " -. - t . - -
Thomas llernll'g -property-is
xor sale, on - uuiutn street xon-
sisting of : a 7 cottage n containing
seven rooms and ,n acre- of land.
The firm of Dencks & Co. want
a good lively man to sell on com
mission. ' .- - ; v
A touching' incident vwaa noted
at tha Norfolk & Southern - station
yesterday when ' an aged couple
bade each other, good-by. The
old lady kissed her husband and
he kissed her JEckr v
A young lady .workingfor far
mer Dean at Elton can wash and
iron and milk several cowa day.
Mrs. .Clara pDemond is' looking
after: a good nurse for a child
about tiirty fyears of ge and
with good references ' ,
$376,000 to lit Resrci b
IsterWa, '
. Washington, J). lJ3,t Jan. 21.-r
Minister Wu called upon Secretary
Hay to-day, in: connection with the
restoration to yie. Chinese, gov
ferment of the z- value of the silver
bullion, 7am6nting ; ,to .;$376,000,
which wascaptured by the Ameri
can marines 'at TienvTsin,? forming
part of th ej salt .customs. , This
money will be i paid to Minister
.liUOllfiyiH Ai
paperv-; subscribe to the - '9emi
weekly Ta priceit5Q r
' Devoted to the Industrial Development of Eastern North Carolina.
Cannot Visit All Cities
.Which have Invited
7;:W7i?-i J3t 4-1 H' ''Jt-r4".
The Entertainment for the
Prince Will be Thorough
ly national.
Washington. Jan 20. - The com
mitter charged with the arrange
ments for the reception and
entertainment of Prince -Henry to
day decided that it would be
impossible to yield to the requests
of many citizens to have jthe Prince
visit them.-" It is likely that beside
New York, Washington and
Niagara Falls, the journey will
include Chicago -only, of the large
cities. It was also decided, owing
the tide to have the launching occur
on the original date, February 25.
This will necessitate two trips on
the part of jthe Prince between
New York and Washington, 7 1 The
Prince v will come to ''Washing
ton from New York, arriving
here on the morning of 24th. ' He
-will be met at the station by a
handsome millitary escort and
conveyed to the German embassy.
ne wiu nexviait me xresiaent
at the White House and the Pres
ident will return ; his i call at the
German - embassy. Some - j time
Monday evening the presidential
party nd1 the jlPrince will leave
L Washington for ? $$er .York and
thev will see .the launching at 10:30
o'clock 'Tuesdav mornin&r. This
plan involves a return to Wash
ington of the entire party and it is
likely that on1 the 26th the Prince
will be entertained at dinner at
the White House. Onthe 27th Jie
is to ' be one oi v tne company
present at ther capitol when Sec
retary Hay delivers the McKinley
memorial address to Congress.
After a few: social 'exchanges, the
Prince, in; charge of the , reception
committee, will start on ; a short
tour, winding up at New "York in
time to sail on the Columbia, on
if .. . .....
March 8, for iSermany.
It is part of the plan to have
the entertainment afforded the
Prince thoroughly national in cha
racter, and that - the. participants
shall not be limited to any one
rain of blood or race. One
means of attaining this result will
be to make the reception 'as for
mal as possible so that it 7 will be
drawn upon official lines, and there
will be a. considerable appearance
of the military element where fea
sible. -
Kothmg Except the Mint Can Make
;4 r .Money Without it : i
Many advertisers are driven ou
of the field because aelf constituted
authoriiies have led them 'toexpec
too much. The amount of rubbish
which a- glib solicitor 7 can some
times i induce: a business man to
believe is imply amazing, He is
assured in; the most solemn and
emphatic- manner that a certain
mvestmeub in certain . iacmumo
will infallibly bring him -profitl
Advertising is representedaaif i
wereifbundedf on' i . principles as
immutable as" those of geometry.
The victiiiNyiefds to the tempter
andvnnda-after, baa .af nt his
money, that advertising is about as
intricate and ' uncertain as other
branches of business! Vexed and
disappointed, he. .puts advertising
down as a fraud and men connected
with it as ignoramuses or swindlers.
This conclnsion :js unfair, but it
is human. ; There is a world of
truth in the dictum, attributed to
Gladstone, that nothing except th!e
mint can make money without
abvertising. About the value of it
in general there is no more doubt
than about the rising of the sun. v
But the result of an untried plan
can no more be predictd than the
amount of cloud in the sky when
the sun rises tomorow. National
The Pay Envelope.
Here me have a yellow envelope.
It contains a weeks salary. ' .
Today is Saturday night
The man will make his salary
ook siok ' 4,
He will probably get - into ' an
argument with; . the schooner
Tomorrow he will . haver the
headache and ' will lay it to i the
altitude.; i-iSi ViiW
J. D. Hathaway. . -
JJ.iD. atbawat, on, JPoindeiter
street has made a life study of ike
businesBof fitting glasses.
Mr.: Hathaway v has .. room . up
stairs accessible directly from the
store, nicely furnished jmd fitted
upwith improved rappli'ances Vfqr
testing-i7RP ?ertoirjdiaortrig
defects" ol 'sTgnt. v Mr.-Matnaway
does not treat -diseases ot the eve,
....... ,i , ; ..J .i , 1 t J, 1 r?
but can diagnose and advise as . to
whether a physician should be con
sulted. . The cnarges'madT for ex
amination and fitting glasses - are
very much lower than :re com?
monly charged .by eity opticians
Mr. Hathaway has ' fitted ' over
400 persons with prescription
glasses and of this number only. -i i
jave been returned. - If after Mi,T
Hathaway proscribes: lenses, they.
fail to fit, he will examine
ree 6f vcharge. , -. ? j
A Few Lies.
Saturday afternoon about two
o'clock? as the vast -; throngs, i of, ,
shoppers were picking their way
between the oysters 'shells oii the
corner of Water and Main streets, a
horse named passed at a rapid
pace ? He was hitched onto, one,of
those 'chic' little 'runaboutswhich
are-commonly used by the country
people. "--When
in5 front of the
Tab Heel office he - stopped 7 to
wait for a friend ' who naa- gone
into a store.. 9ome one .looking
on and noticing the tired7 ekpres-'
sion on the horse's physiognomy,
shouted to himv to, go away 'back
and ait down. . The animal was
pleased to do this, and after com
fortably seating himself he. oast a
grateful look at the one who naa
proffered . the! ; suggestion, and
wiped a tear from his eye (he only
had one). :.a Later on be passed in
his checks and received in return
a through ticket over - the7 Styx
with . transfer ; ' , for self 7 and
baggage - from - the j harf, Jibe
golden gate. An inquest finds
that his demise t was1 caused by a
severe hemorrhage 'ofthe JbYain,
brought on", by ; pVeristudwi:
other complications.;? - , -
. A late, message received just as
we go to press states, .that he did
not croak as -...above, reported v-t
was - suncientlyi'eBtored, ly a
liberal application f of 'gad," to be
taken to his home ' on , Equine
i Avenue. ,,.,J.
A defense of the People
of Camden Co.
When Lynching Vill Cease
-rSuggestionsrto Eliz
abeth City Editors.
Correspondence of the k. Hkix.
: , Shiloh; N. C. Jan. 3.
Messrs. P.JG Garrett and P. - H,
Willams returned last ' Thursday
from a trip to Norfolk, :Va.,-;
Mr. C. W. 3(orris returned from
NorfoISTaSt weelaf ter purchasing
a drove of fifteen rborses., Likely
he can find a quick sale for them,
as many of the farmers of this sec
tion have had the ; misfortuneto
lose several horses in the' past few
months.' .'
Mr. Talmon Godfrey with' .his
family, has removed ' to Belcross.
where be is teaching at Sawyer's
Creek Academy;
Camden has lost one of its best
citizens in the removal of .' Mr. ' C.
F. Wright to-Elijs, City.. We un
derstand; that Mr. Wright -will
form a. partnership in the grocery
k business with -Ifcu Wesley 7 Wil
liams." - ' -v . ' v.
, jvuss xieien rsawyer spent oatu-.
rday nighi and; "Sunday with her
friend Miss Marr Forbes at Mr. E.
S. Tillett's, near Nash's ChapeL
Miss Janie Brockett was the
guest of Miss Annie Cox Saturday
jaiid Sunday last.
r.',Wm. S. " Forbes, who " has
been for some time a sufferer with
consumption, departed this life on
tne seventh, at his home near Rid
dle. We offer our sympathy to
fthe bereaved family in the hour of
their affliction.
' Mrs. Ella Cartwright is quite ill
with pneumonia, complicated with
"heart trouble. Her many friends
are anxious for her speedy recov
ery. - -
:f Some of the newspapers of Eliza
beth City seem : to express the
Opinion that the people of Camden
were the only, ones .. that talked
"lynching,? when James Wilcox
was held in custody, awaiting the
report of the coroner's jury, in the
Cropsey case; but if certain parties
will not deny the locality of their
habitant (and-we think they will
not); and if our auditory percep
tion did not mislead us on that
occasion, we are safe w in saying
that no resident of Camden utter
ed threats more severe than some
who reside in tne same . county. in
which that heinous crime was per
petrated. , . We, 7 wish "to remind
the honorable editors of. such
papers, that the people7 of Camden
County are 7 conservative,' honest.
and law abiding citizens; that the
criminal docket of Camden is the
Shortest, perhaps, in the first dis
1. ...... : . A f- 1
trict; that Camden can point with
pride to the "many deeds of heroi
ism accomplished by-her sbns, 7;of
Revolutionary fame; that her citi
zenV0m?'e :rec,ent '- times, have
proven themselves the . peers, and
even the superiors, in many- inst
ances of '-their?; neighbors ; just
across n the layer.; (fasquotanJLj
It is true that Camden is guilty of
jexeciidng a decree made by Judge
11, N.
LyneE about tenyyears ago.-Lynch
law is never justifiable. But when
ever the crime of which Joe Barco
was guilty, is committed : within
our borders, there .will be, in" less
than forty' eight hours, : juat one
negro less in Camden County.
The newspapers may say , lynching
must cease the Legislatures , may
say it must stop, and the chief
magistrate of our commonwealth
may say itehall'; cease,? but rem
membeirthere' is but', one prevea-
tative and that- is this: " whenever-r
big, black, burjyx negro. ? brutes
shall cease to . insult;: and abuse
our mothers, our sisters : and our
daughters, then lynching in North
Carolina will forever- cease, and
not until thensj - .
. TClBGaaiETT,
' - fiiizabeth Citr, N. C.
. " Ja;X9.' 1092.
An Interesting Character.
- We were paid a visit on Tuesday
afternoon by Mr. T. W. Pritchard,
of about two ' miles west of the
city.7 Mr. . Pritchard is a man
about fifty-three years old and has
been totally blind -since childhood.
He is very well 7 educated . for a
countryman and one totally blind.
Mr. Pritchard'a jaense of 7 toueh
has been developed to 'a suprising
degree. He makes baskets, tubs
ahd chairs in addition to the farm
work, in order to earn a livelihood.
His chairs are all mfde from the
best hickory, twhjch' he, himself,
selects from the '.Woods and cuts.
The chairs turned out7by him are
very good and durable, - the seats
being made of twisted and woven
shucks. ,j H i'-- 1 -
Mr. Prichard often comes to this
city alone and can find his way un
assisted to anyistore to" which he
wishes to go. "v ' ' ' v ' r -
Mr. Pritchard is much interested.
in the Tab Heel's :' success, and is
an intent -listener while members
of his family read' therefrom.
A sunny and happy tempera
ment can make up for ; a good deal
which is lacking in the 1 physical
being. .
J. B. Flora and Company.1
By a careful examination of the
commercial laciiiUea . enjoyed: in
. - - .
this section of, the -state, we find
that the above house is entitled, to
a place in the front rank pf our re
presentative mercantile ; concerns.
Prom , the commencement . it has
steadily increased its transactions,
and 7 perhaps ; rs without insidious
comparisons, is one of the - largest
grocery houses in Eastern. North
Carolina. . The buUding, 80 x180
has a central location
in business
centres of the City, with water
frontage of about 135 feet, giving
free access to the. boat trade. The
stock contains everything included
under the ' comprehensive term
fancy and heavy staple groceries.
Here we find the finest China!, and
Japan teas, Java and Mocha coffees
in the bean, roasted or ground; all
kind East India .spices, imported
and domestic sauces and pickles,
all grades' granulated sugars.
syrupt and molasses in can or bar
rels at almostoany price, f . canned
meats, best brands of family flour,
excellent fresh butter, eggs, bacon,
provisions; lard; meats;- fine tobac
cos and. eigars -corn and oats,
which bought' in ; large quan
tities enabling them to place "them
at lowest figures. u - ; . -
, A: Car-load of WHITE ' SEED
OATS Just reeeived at FLOKA'a
CHEAP. ; , " I
No. 24
t : Patronize Home Industry.
, - - 7 Elizabeth City Jan. 20
Ed. iTAB Hki.: The meKnk.
of 'Elizabeth ' City z are conducting
some excellent - stores. 77 We can -find
everything we , need right in 7
uus ciiyrna at reasonable prices,,
too. ;-We' cannot build un our
Uttle city unless - thejmerchants,
who have gone to the .trouble and -
expense of providing us with con-
vienent, modern stores,- stocked
with everything we need, have the
support of the buying people. We
uuux we ra una m saying tnat at
least one third of - the sroods- tui
chased t by . our people in this
locality are' bought from cata-
ogues, 'principally of Chicasro
mail-order house. jTliere , it not a
merchant in this city, but who
can save you money on articles
bought in : Chicago or New York,
after adding : on Jthe expense of -
express, freight and postage. The
goods purchased from - these "out
side house by mail osder are very
likely to be inferior in quality,
whereas the reputable merchants
of this city will serve your hon
estly, t v
I am not a merchant, neither
have I anything to.- sell, but am
rather a buyer; - I buy everything
I use in this city from comparison
l am certain that my goods cost me
ess than the same goods would
cost at other cities, after paying
charges and give me much better
satisfaction.'- I wish the citizens
and shoppers would come to see
the matter m this light ;We can
not prosper as a mumcipahty
when one third of all the money
made is sent to distant cities. .
It will sop the bfe-blood of the
community in time. ; . V . .
Devoted Citizen,
Elizabeth City, , ; C.
Markets. 7 7
. Official wholesale quotations as
urnished by H. T. Greenleaf Jr.
Broker & Distributing Agent v
The cotton markrt today has Bh6nm m etemdj
ndertcne. oonaeanent upon the firm donnr or
Liverpool nd the falling off .in the wor
rudble Bopplr of 8&,ooo bales compared into an -increase
last year of 31,lo8 bales.
. - New York and American markets were well
maintained and valnes showed improving ten
dency. - y - - -
xne movement- of tne crop toaay was mora
moderate, bat Btill in excess of last year, and
of same day in 1899, : - .
- xne estimates ror in e w urieans ana noasion
reoeiots on Monday were quite fnlL but both
markets report good spot business at fall price .
AU the Southern markets show good demand
existing, while Charleston, 8. O., was firm at
1-10 advance. . - . ,
Corn Market quiet ; Ka. 2 mixed eorn
2 white corn 79o. - - '
Hay- From store ; Ifo. 1 timothy Special ,
pricea on car lots.
Oats Mixed so. 2 from Btore 6&. White Ko. 2,
, from store. Speeial price on car lots, s -
Feed com hominy 1J5 -Mill
Fel Bran from store per ton 90M :
Middlings from store per ton 9 90.00 '
Shorts from store per ton 1 -. 8000
Bice Head 8.1-2 Jfo.1 8.340 Bice ra
18 00 per Ton. - ,. - - -f - ;- '
Poultry Live steady; chiokeas, old hens,
large fat2Cte and 25c
Eggsi Strong to 23b per do.
Butter' CkodCountry.80o lb. -Country
Hams . Firm Oood North Carolina -
' at 12.1-8 per lb. "
Onions, at 4J to 4J per bag. ; .- j ; . i
Potatoes' New sweets,. Hayman at l.OO per
bblYeUowatJ , .
Irish 2.25 to 2J0 per bag ' '
Tomatoes - None being receiTod. t .) .. . -.
Cabbages at 1 JO to 1.75 per bbl . r
N " . KKUITS. ... v :
Apples at 4,30 per Tabl fine northern
Lemon 8.50 to 3.75 per box.
Cocoanut 100 to bag at 8j00toaS ' .
Oranges Florida, 8.00 . per box. CalL &25.
: Budded 2.73
Oysters UelectsLOQ medhua stds per
gallon No ash to quote. :q '
:' ' . --'7. . HIDES. " .
Hides lry FUnt U,: dry Bait 9, dry damaged
6 to T, reea salt ; W-s green o.i-, 7
Flour Bst Patent at 423 to 4M Straight
Veal Bolted Meal. 100 poumsto sack at UO
T7n-Boltd Meal, HJOpouncls toaacx !.. :
Chevss -Jflats, fuU cream a llja 12c , -
Butter, Fxtra 60 fts to tUDS at M to a
, Extra ltt print at 29. ; , , 7 ' f
v1;-'"''- 'raovisioKS.
Bulk Meat aiarket ' Hignerv Western heavy
' bellies at 9.1-2 to X W estem u w
! ; atturtto 9,7-8
o ,7-8 ' .
st&4 - "ft- '
Kew at 17X0 to l? 1
Pork Plates
Ham Pork Kewi
VmPotv Nr i
SaM sugar eured at J3 to H . .. v;,; '
Sboaldem S C 14 to S 7 " ' .- iv

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