c jaiimmfiimnmitra TIN BRIEP. -Or r Nl DjV rd(in'ff:of People You Know and Icmc you uon t inov. MrsrrtriJtoKa'isVerf'iU at her home on "West Fearing street To cure a headache "Ma three Sautes, try- -the 'iLm'azon OiL . 107 Poindexter street , Irs. Ike I tl' ' OIiliC a.lter .visit to her brother, CMi)uj?SeIig' the J popular jeweler. 4 A meeting of " ' ' the - county Cooper. ' These" gentlemen "are making a tour of theSouth. spend ing abou ; ttwo months : in - each town and thoroughly z introducing their remedies. While in this city nearly 2000 bottles hare been sold and judging from, the numerous testimonials received,'' these remed ies are giving excellent results. There are seven distinct remedies and each a success; The store is located at 107 Poindexter street This branch of the Amazon Medi cine Company, of Ne w York, will remain in Elizabeth City only two a year and he. speaks most favor- ably of - his new home, ancL ssys i that he pin3 his faith to Elizabeth Citys future. The Order of Red Men of Eliza- l t.1 . 1 .: ' 1 ' f 1 j . 1 hAt.h 1 ;i r.v ia a nrnsnflrnns Ann trrnxv- ' .,-riMv iio auier nas reiumea 10 x--- -- . C fcf folk aftePavisittoher brother, ing.-loage, : Sixty-five members are now enrolled composed of the best lor three more weeks and will con- citizens of the city. The rooms of J tinue giving away free samples j commissioners was held yesterdoy floor Qf the Academy of Miiic severe headache some day just stop issue. 'X" Cle aas 3 your liver before-sprinj by tLa .xise of theLmazon Tonic. $i:00,botUe25nts. 107 Poin- ' i - .-ii t . x l ilTiti ,lrtt UWXb building. Meetings are held in in and trr a free sample of the ,:;CitU'' ' .Jthe. rooms : dexter street : v : ffXJ -.Jtbo . Amazon Tonic for j general . dibility ' and - that i tired i feeling. $1.00 bottle 25ct 107 1 Poindexter street. - , " T Mr Samuel Barclift rf left last :.. week ta buy stock for . the new I Black . store. The firm : name will be ; BarcUft & Wjlley. ; . , .-. Tq cure all coughs, colds, !-lung troubles and incipient consumption - use the celebrated Amozon Cough v Syrup. 107 Poindexter street Miss Annie B. Newton and Mr. " W.- D. Barnard,- Jr, of New York were jthe guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. rooms every Thursday night remedy. 107 Poindexter street The Lodge was organized here seven years ago' and has been tnrivmg ever since it s orgamza-1 tion.. ' .: SELECT YOUR LOT two Ways -vof getting , ruasses.i goo'ooooi ONB is to golio the nearest permanent located Optician and get what you need, and guarantee that they will be satisfactory; if not, they will be exchanged free, or mcmey back. - v : TH B OTIiBKTis to let some traveling peddler sell you a pair and run the risk of ruining your eyesight entirely, and when he has your money you never see him again. , , , - MY GARB insures better use of the eyes you have. My prop ped flitted glasses will correct defects, strengthen the eyes, and in time, remove the defects- I'd like to fit your eyes. I MfVB every late and scientific appliance for accurate eye testing, and sell spectacles at all prices. .Cash paid for old and broken spec frames. i ; " - mes D. Hathaway,-- OPTICIAN AND JCWCLCR. Elizabeth City, North Carolina. A Word About Repairing. Watch Mmirine -is iiiv business and I rive careful at- tention to reoainnr of fine watches, the kind that need extra careful adjustment. : I try to have my work give' satisfaction, such as will win the confidence of all who! hi thAir watrhA rnaired witn me. l want vou to reel that when you leave your watch with me for repairs, the work 'will he done o the bestof my ability and in a com- petent manner. It is my ambition to add to the reputa-l tion I have already established of doing Honest, Thor-j ougn watcn repairing. 1 iniarantee ail my work. r louis Selig, THE LEADING JEWELER. COR MAIN AND WATER STS. I How C. Barnard on Walnnt street last ! I hi) I AU93. ATinii Red Men Visit .Messrs. Wesley Williams, B. Goodwin, C. C. BaUey, J. W. Richardson O. C. Barrett, R. E. :BT F. Wood, S. Whiteon and F r G. Thompson, members of went to Knott's ; Island last I AuOUl week to confer the unwritten Wfa&f wort or tne oraer. - xney . wem via Snowden to Currituck Court House from whence . they crossed by boat to the island. A party of U nfifimbers from the i si and met them I - : at Currituck Court i House. The AbOllt bhaU it be nign or low? If high you find it in EucUd Heights, Why it's the best in this section, so clear, soft and tasteless. e Carter,1 a eharming young lady, formerly of Fair Field, N. O, but now of -Norfolk, who has been -visiting friends in the city, returned home last week. Mr. -Eugene Bell, spent sometime f with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. party give a glowing account of the hospitality of the people of tEel island. All experienced a s very pleasant trip, f The branch of the ' Red Men's lodge at Knott's Island is in a most flourishing condition. Drainage Can't help from . be ing well drained, go look and see for your self JLon t buy until you learn of the Improve ments of - Pin Your Faith -Wanchese Delegation. - r -rrt t t 5 ci a juessrs. x- xv. xameis ana 01. i m y w filftir PiiP-h; of WftTifthfififi. "RnannVft I UUvLli Bell, last week, He was enroute to Igland called &t the office of Mr. H EIOHTS Edmund Alexander last Friday in the interest of the proposed line to Hatteras. They designated on the map of the United States Coast survey, the proper location for a U bis shoe store to the stock- yesterday, Mr. Walston has taken wharf which will control the shipr to ,he prices; they're all right eat oneTestl in the ruralf freejment of fish from the northern goods, methods, prices. ...delivery' schema and to him will be I portion of Pamlico sound. The! The whole city knows of the ; , due -much credit when it is es-proposed site is about three miles great assortments obtainable here tablished. ' ( J south of the Old Dominion wharf h"1 of the lower prices we charge. This issue of theTAR Hefx reaches and seated on an exceUent har- No one store can ever do all the ' our readers 'late on account of an bor- Tbese gentlemen are both business in any line-but one store . :a'-t i w 4.1,. larerelv enerasred in mercantile can do a business best. We are - indulgence of - W subscribers in business and control the shipment satisfied to be that singular store xeinaven -wnere ne ; went on im portant businessTfor the N. ' i & S. Mr. J. B.Vvalston of Weeksville was a caller at the Tab Heel office .. . : - .... : .. -v.-,- - , . N. . : fill Jl I Mattings! M $ End I I SffiS Chinese. M I Tfie Globe Store, I f $ H. H. Layenstein & Bro., Pro's. A New Dress! s A fall outfit for your building is provided with the famous "Harrison's Cottage, Town and Country" PAINT. Makes the building look like new, and it will sell -t- to better - , advantage if you want to sell it. Sold only by us. Try it. - FOOT OF MAIN ST. 3 this, - and assure them ' that under our : new arrangement, which we ' hope soon to have completed, de- ' -ft a " -i .' r lays wiu pe ayoiaeo. Lowest Prices of more fish than all the other merchants on Roanok Island. Both w Zmuku. tueir opm- w want to emphasize claim The Tab Heo, -extends thanks to tte Pject , would receive the Lhould doing less than our duty ouuBuiuum Buuporii ui tue 'mer chants of the island. 'Mr.'F. M Godfrey of Weeksville for the -unselfish interest which he .has manifested in . tha rural j free delivery, routes in this part of, the county, Mr.- Godfrey is a : pro gressive and , public spirited; man the pM0tank river teUs us that P98W,the KTwest prices to you. and there is no Dexter citizen Weather Signal Service Not Satis- f factory. The captains of vessels plying on were jit otherwise.. The greatest shoe business in the city centers here. ! Its vastness helps to the utmost economy, helps to lower cost to us and makes logical and .W-e Greet You. ' We have come to Elizabeth City and have come to stay. . .we have been in business for sev eral years at Edenton and if fair dealing, high quality of goods and low prices interest you, we want you to jnve us a visit we will make you a customer. This week we are offering flewly Cured Hams at lie per lb. Shoulders at 9c. Home-made Lard at 12 1-2. A. Q. CL-MOTT & SON,-- Two Doors from Arlington Hotel. : THE GOMPOUIIDIIIG OF OUR DRUGS is an ancient.art, but in this, as' in other sciences, there f has been wonderful progress. - ' III THIS DRUGSTORE. the compounding of prescriptions is san exact science, con ducted on modern lines, and with the best and i purest in gredents. Yoii will be safest in bringing prescriptions here. Standard Pharmacy, Poindexter St. $ i o. no oetter ciuzen in "the- county,.: ,( . v ! Hon. Thos. B.' Ward, of Belvi--. dereJ (was appointed a delegate to . the Good Itoads Convention which meets in Ealeigh Feb.; 12th. j He the signal service is at present very unsatisfactory. It was formerly under the direction of Mr. Zoeller and was- of great benefit. Since I he has moved his studio xtp town, a little further fromhe water, front, ; regrets that he will not be able to J the service was given to Mr. M. G-, lattend and desires someone to re- Wright, The captains say that if ; present Perquimans. Anyone; des- they wish to make any inquiries, irin'sr to cro will correspond i with I they are seldom able to find Mr. him. - Wright " The LiUipution Wedding given r ;.Accordmgty they have drawn Dvrthe-Baptistsocietyat the church p a petition asking the officer in wVeninW waVlarelv attended charge at Norfolk under whose j ! n l authority is the service at this "VJ Wo5 deceived iniita-tions respond- Pe, to have the service again ed. and the ceremony nassed off gen to Mr ZoeUer's charge. Mr. ': i' j.i- ui V Zoeller m has consented to look af- "mi.., j xvL'- ter it. The petition contains " tettainmenrtsxceeded the eiptect' tion of the society. Miss Neppie Burgess, left Satur Owens Shoe Co. the The petition signatures 01 nearly au the cap tains of the vbssels and steamers running into this city. The signal service should be where it wiU do C3 X CD 2 o D 5i 7k ' J CD SC 3 XI rt .3 CD CD 0 55 CD O-rf'-K 5 per month, buys a fnost desirable lot from the River- fj side Land Co. Why Pay Rent, when you can buy the most desirable lot in the city ' - on easy terms. f the Sweetest Place In Town Is At FDLMER & WHITEHURSL They have made an unusual effort in selecting a larger and finer assortment of Confectionaries, Fruits and Table Delica cies, : Fancy Candy-Baskets & Boxes,- Fruit-Baskets and some thing unusually nice to put in them. , - Huylers, Wileys, Nunnlevs and other excellent makes, of Chocolate and Bon-Bons. : A large assortment of Candies from 8c to 80c. per lb. Fulmer & Whitehurst. .. i - - . - j Corner Main and Poindexter Streets. 210. O r ii ( O '.oavjor jauimore wnere sue .goes the most gQod It is for the bene - on an extenaea visit to ner orotner fit piindpaUy 0f the vessel and , m-rA -tria-nAa 'STia artATif srTnfimA I i . . . . - v"" r-' - 1 " il me captains are not sausnea, a - in, that city last season where ; she change should be made. We be was juuj upuiax, muj xect- that Zoeller will ffive it 15Mng,?fen tendered m , her the same care which he honor.! iiss Burgess is widely jjj .,. known .in Eastern North Carolina Were her many; graces have made her universally popular. ' ' Mrfu - Abendigo, of give formerly 3 9? n Or rf I"' U 5T 5T CO '..will ''get the (best lots in the highest part of the city. . . 1 : i ' . I 1 .. T- !1 - f Kt aurdciivc rcsiaaiuai quarter run ruver view ino mosquitoes; The Preyor homestead will be in the drawine. See me at once i 4a G. 0,0 cd s: -E o r? Q) 0 . CD i o ICfQ ' CD m5' C)o W. j- Elizabeth City, N. C. i i 4 AFTER II GOOD TUG. r V i Business Notices. Amazon Medicine Company. The Amazon Medicine - Company Tyrone, have been in this city' for the past j. ; 4 Pennsylvania is spending the jwin- six weeka and have been thorough ! -'ter with, ner son Mr. Uhas. Grazier, I ly introducing their remedies. An m-v ms.peauuiui nome of Jiiucldl immense number of freA samniea 1 Highfs. to. ii. uxsaier is me ioreman are oemsr aistrioutea. ihe nmn- i?t the gucli4 High ts broom factory, jrietors of the branch are Messrs. nas Deen, in our midst about 1 L. P. Hobgood and Judsonl HAVE YOU TRIED ITYET7 A wonderful Remedy for Couirha. Bore . Throat, Boteneas in tbe I nest or mags, and incipient Consumption. The basis of TA B REEL COUGH BYRtJP is Nortb rarolina Pine Tar aad Is always reliable. Sold by ail dealers, 26o. Manufactured by . Tar Heel Medicine Co., - Greensboro K. C, U. 8. A. ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER. .but you owe it to your absent friends to send them pic-' Vv tures of your family and yourself. r " THEY WANT YOUR PICTURED if you don't, : The better the picture is the more they will l aopreciatedydur thoughtfulness. -We are now r making a reduction on our photographs. For the next few days ohl ZpCllCF , . Comer Main and Poinxexter; ' v Vfe "offer you the bfc&fc iu Grbceries.,If you are v,ise, - j you will scent a trood bar- . j . gain andbe iu a hurry, about capturing it for ybur "eelf. These are bound to escape. You might as w ell be a sharer at least. ' - In our experience which i enables us to buy to our 1 advantage and sell to your advantage. We have anything in the Grocery line; Our delivery wagon is busy serving others to their netire satisfaction. Give us a trial, we ask no more. TOXBY 5c GO. Cleesebro Bros.,. No. 1, Fulton Fish Harket, New York. v V, Wholesale Fish and -Commission Merchants.'w We cater and look especially to the interest of the North Carolina Shad. Returns daily. For "any special infor mation confer with our southern representative , MR. R. CALHOUN Elizabeth City, N. C. Stencils an stationary furhbhed. x .1 5;

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