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    , . . . .. - .in 1 r .
IT III' u til". '.II. I i lIMill Wiii Oil. t il. I i 4
l.ii'jicror to meet Me, or to .'ccq.t nit Stewart, the1 r.n:,!M (am!n isador-. hav
ing rcfiivcjil a Ictur flcni mc, hiino!
j iv intention of returning by' Vienna," and of tu
Mm: possession of Ms house l here, (as if Is the
.rtiMtmiof Foreign Artlbassadoi V,to 'receive their
riinrtsses imo tficir lioiiscs, when travelling,)
i bsoluu lv refused me TliH bouse,! left the town.
Itmi iiied into lite country; Lord) Stovatf af
"."lei Win ih'uc6 "acrrimpcrtinxnt '-letter tome!
w hich is now in Mr. Canning's hands, as'I sent it
to I'.ni'Uind.' Htidui's: the Austrian Covernment
to much influenced by the'Enclish Ministers,, 1
: told my vilfa on the Lake of Coyio, and .settled
jnvsell quietly in the Honian estates. I there
met with great civility fur borne time ; protection
- t-ir.iiist Mr. Ommeda ; but ; from 1he moment I
...Uoime Queen of .Lngluiujt allcWiitj.ceaied
41 Cardinal Consalvi Ji'as been 'much influenced
since tht period, by the Baron dc llydani Hajfl)'
deceased.-. .'Jl'jie liaion de liydaii has.uken an
J mil, and persuades every person to call me Car-
oiine of lJrunswick. A gtiard hA been refused
jnc as Queen', v Inch was graMcd lame lis run
essof Wa.U jj,l)exuuse no communication has
been received from the government an
notincing me iu Queen. My messenger was re
imed a pusspoit lor Lnglancl. I also experien
ced much insult f. om the court of 1 unn.
HLatt rear, in the month of September, (I tvas
t'icu travelling incognito, under the name of the
Countess Olui.) 1 ut nt to the confines of the Aus
irian estates, lo the first small town belonging' to
the king of Sardinia, on my wav to meet M
Jliougham at Lyons, us the direct road lay thro'
Turin. 1 wrote myself to the Queen of Sardin
ia, informing htr that I could not remain t I u
i hi, Lein anxious lo reach Lyons as soon as pos
sible, and alio that I wa? travelling incognito ; 1
TccVived no unswer to this letter. The post-mas-tor
at, the small post-town near the coun
try villa, where I then resided, absolutely refused
inc post-horses, it) consequence of which refusal,
-'.a ri ruin, inc- x.iil'iisii iiiniiaici ai k ii
liv, demanding iuimcdi.uo satisfaction, and the
, reason lor such an insult. Mr. Hill excused him-t-
tll Upon the pi -a of its beiug-a misMtiderstand
ing, and told inc tint post-horses would be in
readiness whenever i shomd reqnire them. 1
accordingly fet out, ;nd arranged to go through
the town of Turin at iiht, and only to stop to
change horses ; but 1 received positive orders not
u go through the town, but to proceed by u very
circuittius road, vhich obliged we to travel al
most the. whole night in very dangerous roe.ds,
' pre tnted me from reaching the post town (where
1 should have passed the tight,) till five in the
marring, when, by going through Turin, I might
have readied it by ten at
''Ijing so much difficulty attending my
-traveling, I thought the most proper mode for
me to pursue would be to acquaint the hih per
sonages of my intention of passing the winter at
Lyons, pievious to my intended return to Lng.
land in the spring. I, addressed a letter to the
1'iench minister for fori ign f a iTairs, informing
htm of my intentions, and also that I wished to
preserve the strictest incognito. No notice was
taken of this letter ; and one addressed lo the
J'rcfect of Lyons, met with like contempt. In
fact, from the 7th of Oclober to the 26th or Jan
nary, the day 1 embarked from. Toulon for Leg.
horn, I received so much insult from the Coy
eminent and Prcf-cl, that I almost considered
my life in danger, unprotected as I then was, in
M:i h a country. Another motive induced me to
- wvn-Mi- liifju-hum orald not fix the period
jus imtu.ig me any wnerc M l rancc
Cahtleicagh, (!enaixing to have mv nameinser-
ted m the Liturgy oi tiic Church of England, and
vhat orders be fciven to all British Ambassadors,
I.m-.if is and Consuls, that 1 should be received
m acknowledged as Queen of England ; and
alter the speech made by Lord Castlereagh to the
House of Commons, in answer to Mr. Biw
ham, I did not expect to receive farther insult
i have also demanded that a palace be prepared
tor my rei cption. England is my real home, to
Mhirh I sliall immediately fly. I have dismissed
Indian ( urt, retaining only a sufficient num-'i-r
r pel sons to conduct me to England ; and
'it Buckingham house, Marlborough house, or
any other pakee is refused me, 1 shall take a
, i'e-Hitfcntfyy4ill m4t iendsmn-find-a
P1,u,p for n,e tn London. I have sent a messen
to England to make the proper arrangements
jor that purpcie." .1
HOME.-- J I pain which" is felt whpn we arc
u,ii.spIuntefUMm our native soilwhen the liv-
mK Inaneh ucfronr the pyrentj one of
' " " c nave to enuurc -thro
neic are rnlc .r.t-u i-.L i.Ir -
f.)cni srs never io uhidl bruise the
"4? " ' sml,i,;akil,c heart tutver
, ,m icaie in-n4Vcif of 1
U are, as it werc,pubci-olf on tUt
stream ol)ile
1.GfvflcVnl r.ibscphy fecslthe
; l:chc mr.;,-. Natural VUiUv he hCZ
.nur.-Hir.orv, the man of cxmience-hC
U.cmMto! v.i-Khetoiic, the eloquent n
yJite -karmng, ihtcis a 'in'usive grace and
Ipr.tdp:in ad fchuls of .literature The' k
V'J' KhetOflC. th ltt,n.,..., ,r.l
ora a-
fge cf the woiId,eonsimiteHihe "intelligent man
H he -study ot il.t SAcrrt s,
. ..,.iijmiiv,s iui hit im
I'Cui.diahd ft ClK fourth
ihf.ii-v ivildiM-ness. urn nlivciie:! hhon:s:)Ct
of verdure. t 1 .;
Sti.'l, however, in traveling the dencit, a' won
derful object arrests our attention, and our feci
' . f , . . . ... . I .... ,4
ins oi irioiKiiauon unu coinpassiuu arc su icim
cd by astonishment, r. hen' wc contemplate the
"bush burning with fire, and not consumed;'-' a
helpless race of men, whom ail nations have en
deavored to exterminate, kubsistinft during ages
of unrelenting persecution; and though dispersed
11 t..'.. .. ..I...!. I. -A
in an nations, never in ;orpora;cu wun any ,t um
in all countries tho remnants of Israel still nre-
serve their Own custoins and rcligipuTiTtes, and
are connected with each other, by a community
of sentiments, of antipathies and-pursuits, and
separated , by a wonderful destination from the
general mass of mankind.
The preservation of the Jews as a distind peo
pic, is an event unparalleled in the .annajs, of lit;
tory.' I o use the animated language'of a modern
writer! of ihcir own nation, Uraving nlMfir.ds
of torments, the p ings of death, she still more
terrible paiigs of life, wc alone have"withstoo1
the impetuous torrent r f time,' swcepmi; niuis
criminatcly in its course, nations, religions, and
countries. is become of those celebrated
empires, whose very name still excises ouOd
miration by the ideas ojf splendid fjreatncnat
tached to them, and whose power embraced the
whole surface cf the known globe? They arc
oniy rcincmoercu as uie nionumcnis oi inc van
ity of human greatness. Home and Greece arc
no more ; their descendants, mixed with other
nations have lost even the traces of their origin ;
while a population of a few millions of men, so
often subjugated, stands the lest of thirty icvolv
ing centuries, and the fiery ordeal of fifteen cen
tunes of persecution. yc still preserve laws
which were given to us in the. first days of the
world, in the Infancy of nature. 'The Lst follow
crs of a religion which had cmbiaccd the uni
verse have disappeared these fifteen centuries,
and our temples are still standing .Wc alone
have been spared by the undiscriminating hand
of time, like a column left standing amidst the
wreck of worlds, and the ruins of nature. 1 he
hisloi ypf this people connects present times with
the first ages of the world, by the testimony it
bears of the existence of those early periods. It
begins at the cradle of mankind, tmd its rem
nants arc l.ko y to be preserved to the very day
of universal destruction."
44 The Jews," says a late Christian author, 44 are
a living and continual miracle, continuing to sub
sist as a distinct and peculiar race, tor upwards
of three thousand years, and even in the midst
of other nations ; flowing forward in a full nd
continued stream, like the waters of the It hone,
without mixing with the waves of the expanshe
lake through which the passage lies to the ocean
of eternity."
j hough, from the destruction of Jerusalem to
tho sixteenth century, there are few countries in
which they have not been successively banished,
recalled nnd again expelled ; yet they have never
been banished from one country without finding
an asylum in another.
1 he exemption of the Jews from the common
fate of nations, affords a striking proof of the
truth of the sacred scriptures. They are, as was
foretold, dispersed; over the habitable globe, being
themselves the tjepositaries of those oracles in
which their own n'nlclief, and consequent suffer
ings, are clearly -'predicted 4 Had the Jews,"
says Pascal, 44 been all convertedwe should have
bad none but suspected witnesses ; had they
been all destroyed, we should have had no wit
nesses at aH." The--exact accomplishment of
our Saviour s prediction respecting the destruc
tion of their city and temple, and the ralamities
they have endured since their dispersion, have
iwi uc uuui vi uic v,mibuan reirgion. une oi
the great designs of their being preserved and
continued a distinct people, appears to be, that
their singular destiny might confirm the divine
authority of the gospel, which they reject; and
that they might strengthen the faith ol others in
those sacred truths, to which they refuse to yield
their own assent.
- , '"
Such has been the state of the Jews for a scries cf
ages. But in the last and present century their condi
tion has been greatly ameliorated in "different parts of
Europe. " C hristiana," says Dr. Buchanan, " in all coun
tries bejrin to consider that the ituliq-nation (igaimt the
hulif people is nearly accomplished. Many events declare
.mv mv.ifcii.iuuu ,a i;u, is rtiaxinir. i lie nromecies
. (j ii -
Extractor a letter to a gentleman i in 1
more, date J St. Thomas, April 22.
" With regard to the speedy and complete
..imii if t'ie indenci.dents of Caila l'irt:a,
there can now be but little ddubt ; for the na
live of the South American revolution benri fl
very disiinct'charactcr, at this moment, from
wh it it evc'r' ba done since the memorable
10th of April, 1810, when Venezuela entered
upon the glorioui career of asserting her
rights, iind in the year ensuing, disavowing
all allegiunce to the government of Spain, thcu
writhing under ail the distracting evils of ta
vasion, revolution and 'carnage; and vrhiclv
could no longer give protection lo her 6wn
population, much l;ss to those in her colonic
of South A merica. ;
If 1 were to-ife ypu a history of pnst
events oti said continent, since that importmt
epochj'until the present day, my letter would
he -lengthened to a volume suffice to say,
that the occiiMtion cf St. l'e the"capital off
Cundinamarca, (late ew Grenada) m Au
gust lasi, by.tliedstinguished Bolivar and
his brave companions in arms, put the pat
riots in possessioi of more than g3,000,(XX)
found in the royal chest, including that ol res
ident and private individuals inimical to the
cause, who fled with their teiror-smitten vi
,jl-laor CmK!i:,.,-Mri,'ia tlu- I,;,,.... ,f .
c:my,nor n S?,r.,ara kh in ,lc ;nt 0'
more ttie idoodv ba.inf rt tl .1
ra,ic.;:Yr ,vi1, readily,,;; n::,ai'L--
propcc Or.- South America,; niohJt
M !.c crW,,froro v;l,. . 7 ! -, ,
at cvrry other f noch n ,v. -.. ' .l' tre '
(,1T ihe .omipiota yokofVS ,:-V,10''!-'
n'iri trr n nil' inrii rm m a. . .1 .
y-r-:-o-,- -lure.xnan thre
a,, Ktjrop, HCtfe"
t ce ol her cause, and admit '.2. V.V -
cradc 0! n Iree and indent!..;.. v.' .
MFCiallvfopn accQuntof tliL. JuJ-Z't
5r.rsaU?mnjot,on in Spain, which render, fi
tne 1u1g.11 mauness- to suppose hP r, Lill
1 1
na,c m:vn iiimiicu n -ffarcilliir it. The orrnt rr tfw.
C'aiyJm-bctiv jMiiiiftd 4y-n natk)nrranrl wcrnow
iieuruie wonisoni.e proiet addressing us, "Comfort
ye, comfort )e my people, saith your God; speak ye
rnuitortably to JefuaaLm, and cry unto her,-that her
warfare in accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned,"
Lutali xl. 1 . 't his is tlie divine cominand. And hchuU,
Christian beR-in now, fijjrlhc first 1inu "to speak coin!
lovably to Tuaupuchdn.Jtinjriha in Jfl,
pa$ 210. ' -'II .
f rxecptuig of late, )J tlic dominions of the'Prcnch
cn5ior. 'j V
I ..t. Michael Ikrv'a 'Mpptal to the Justice of
and .Vitions," written aifljpublislied at Stnis!)ur in lKul,
atul .titedin the l runsitoiwcof the Parisian r.anhediim'
This learned author j nscllor at law, member of seveC
fat ae:uie inies, aniidapit for the department oi'la StSine
U stdl continues to tijp all his talents in Uefcnec oi"
tne ngms ana mteivs's of M;e Jews, whom he pireri, in
Of ttll 30ViTUgtW.
entitljd to die ba',
vgcbttnannufALt tTiesc must ,ro imthtr t , Mm
. . ' I . . I . ,i t : - - L W HIV U1I a 1. .
Vw a4 u rp,''H, .: .i
sroRhe Lmented
that Capt. Charles'
WASiiixcTov. :iAy 25. Charles' Sjewart,
Esq.; a Captain in Hie Navy, has been appointed
by the president of the United States, with the
Vconscnt of the Senate, to be a Commissioner nf
Navy j Board, in the place "oH he Lmented
iVV-wypape'rs inform us,
v. Ki( : . rvv..l" , . .. ;-i
"ry " a iwjiuicd 10 ne tommanr n! ihi
". .. , '
tbat she is. destined o the
eeroy, and kit every thing at the disposition
of the heroes oi Uayaca,when the native vaN
or of freemen humbled their prcuJ foe, who
were compelled to surrender the iron sceptre
of despotism, into the generous hands ol lib-
erty, which was soon iornc Victorious to the
very centre ol the kingdom.
A general and simultaneous reaction took
place throughout all the provinces of Grena
da, as if bv electricity and even before anv
of the liberating armies that immediatly mar
ched from St. Fe, could reach the points
again: t which they were destined, these en
thusiastic inhabitants.had effected their eman-
cipation, and hurled to destruction the au
thors of their vile oppression and servitude.
AH the interior of that country is now en
tirely free only the city of ( 'arthagena, nd
a part of its province, together with Kio ilo
che and Sr. Martha are in possession of the
royalists, and perhaps the tri-colorcd Hag oil
Columbia ere now, is planted on the ramparts
of the latter place, and I have strong reasons
to believe, that the expedition which sailed
from Margaritta, on fie 8lh of last month,
has gone agairst it ; in fact, Commodore Staf
ford writes me to that effect, three days pre
vious to their departure from that heroic isl
and, who undoubtedly must have well known i
the point, where the troops would disembark,
being the 2d in command of the naval forces
of the republic of Columbia. !
The resources, which the independents win'
derive from the conquest of Cundinamarca,
comprising upwards of 1,600,000 souls, and
abounding with precious gold and silver mines
and the still more inestimable and rich pro
ductions of her fertile soil, are almost incal
culable both in men and the first elements of
war, which will enable them, not only to drive
the remnant of the- Spanish forces "in Vcne-
Antilles, and force the cnemv to abandon the
whole Coast of Cundinamarca on the Allan
tic, but likewise you may soon expect to learn
that the enterprising military chief of the af
foresaid republic, is on his march to give lib' ,
erty to the capital of the kingdom of Pen
in the Pacific, unless his compatriots of Bue
nos Ayres and Chili, should have already civ
cn 1 that last fatal blow to tyranny in America,
which, when accomplished, (whether the
ionquero.1 and liberator of Dbgota, or Arti
gas the tated champion of fiberty in the lhn-
i2T v nW rBuCn3 A-vris in
him l"ivrn- 0fChili) y"iviU behold
nnfawnrtttrin army of 50,
000 Columbians, relieve from bondage more
the grand family of independent freemen r
hnally assemble on the Isthmus of Darien
thj reresgitartve. of more than.21,000,X)o
men and thus, establish the toloWedfc
Sx''- in)m to uber.
tyj; ana-independence, hose grandeur 1nd
magnificence wi Id th, re
miration oi everV natio'n bn th- Xk- r
puringthe yar1 ratdil, 12,'and
mtriots were nt m pos ession of
elated UronocA, qnd alftlie interio? rrovin
4 o Venezuela, and I may saV, K of S '
, l. ewise through that channe
the Patriots ol Caracca. J;;. . i, VTd
. . Y,:""Vrw't,COJ mil.
?Car F R ?f the
assumeahat:fluthority over her traniutlHi
'-'"rVL inJ"yeu during the
Illt.lvtM.. ... r invasion by Wapolean, nor
" V raion that -possibly1'
ake aiy permament nwritr.T
of fm-menrrcsolved T St7;. .k. ,1
1' 1 -1 1 ... " - lilt UI It
ol their c.v , I nndjiolitical salvation, or per
ish in the ccfl:ct." T . 7
ever sena
can in
stur.roifKy Mir Zir
Wc' stop Wc 'press, to announce the destrue
fonof our J hcalicby fire, which broke out about
half past 2 0 dock, ' -nearly, two hours after the
liOUse closedThe building ii, reduced to ashes.
bgetV with the four story Commerical Build
inir adjoining. All the property belonging to tbo
Iheatrc ts consumed, public and private
About 50 othe soldiers uud sailois.who had
been cn.ploycU in the play ttnd farce during the
evening s rt presentation, were lodging in the
T heatre at the Ctoe the fire broke ouUwborere
all saved. fWl ttjier the fire happened fromUe'
carelessness cf,jneie men.frein some hidden -spark
from the tmd Arches Which had been
used in the new play cf ihc"Sicgt of Tripoli, is
not known. -f-f -r r ifv r
The flame spread with the rapidity of light
ning the whole city -was illuminated, and the
i:ul carried the burning embers a mile from tho
Theatre. The building belongs principally to
John Jacob Aster," Esq. and is insured. The
managers had ulso renewed their insurauce a few
weeks since No lives lt that we could hear.
Three or fotu hnildings in tho rear or the
riicaitc are destroyed. ".
The actors lost all their property.
The Home during ihe cveninff was crowded,
and it is a most foitunate circumstance'that the
tire had not broken out during the play.
f AIJSltUttY, (X. C.) ' LESDAV, JUNE 13; 1830.
After several unexpected delays, the first number of
the WESTERN CAROLINIAN U now presented to the
pubSc. 1 ;ie Hpecimcn of paper and type before our
redder jv such as will be continued j but wc flatter our
selves that, in a short time, we !iall be enabled to nuke,,
S&J'iiff of the p"apcV.r i
t he common experience of life must convince our
subscribers, that no work of fhW nature can at once start
into operationomplete in all its parts, and perfect in ali
us arrangements, it requires time to mature every plai:.
n.l lo kccomplish erery und.rUking'rV
In our prospectus wc stated th principles upon whio a
thli paper would be conducted i it b unnecessary hcfJ
sSain tw detail tliem. it sulTicient to My. that no la
bor shall he spared, to render both the matter. sad ty
pognphy of the Carolinian worthy of the patronage of
an t-r.hghtcncd public. To this end, wa hare prondea
m-a:is of intelligence from diJIerent partof the Union 5 ;
ani we s!ia!l form such a svstem of cfcirtbndcrca ia
the splu j of our section, as to insure) a resrular supply
. - r 1 . -.
: of coaiiinHMcatioavihann-Jt Ml Xrovinxsaolant;
ntarcjdna; to our readers. ! v r
'1'hcrc is one subject, however. Hon 1 .which wc mus-
here repeat some of the icotimt cootained h our
pwjspcelus. Wemenn -OeecaJtifjfJ Vvivemiixy. .
the fret ipeoph ff AV(A tr. j To the accomplish
ment of this great object Fe'shall devote 'no kjoiiera
Me portion of our CQlur 4. The ipolitieal grievance of
theAVestern peojfle cf :ta Carolina arc biibmint'
ttmtuw tiny longer. Our, w
i of .Irtftrtnani Orange, with a jrca
l 3 - I . JM
10) of 32,230 sbul Ivc no
't iVt ihlWtantafl;,mof veVncnt thanitae-
river Anurn un,. .1
' flswoat i -bur. nWiWii---
opteiiivc1 quiet
Lobeniincnt i a
n9l;. The cou
population (in
r' I
YUite jiopulatibn
the Igi'aturef
s,.tn .mtirl in til c Eas vi
b( 17.700 souls, lend; 21 mcraut.
k-hila Ro.ran. viti a Lte popiuw -
lr6 sjul3, Wunly three membirs. : ' . I'
'i hls state of t ngs ought ndt aid cannot contiaui-'Ih-
great womlf is, that the peolc have bo t .
The tnttliL the gi-at mai of the people of w
U'eu h;ttiL ........ .' .w r hcir crte-
vi,j, c jioi seen me fi-w11 .
cr 1 1... 1' . . , 'I. r...l l,rn 'toO."
ncM- ThcbVjJin now i6 BCe, and to fr el dcm too.
rotidthemiJn the exan:lriaiioni Jc invite viAj
rfc"rr";-!'! i' the. West nit oii receive ta-S

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