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' .vou Tins i)KiaiirMEX'r7r"cttuc
Hear, Waik-r,' dost Umm cast a curious tyry, :
HomcTU'u, or Ulc, Ebklinoua to'ipyi ' .
An Anecdote, or Ingram, profane i . "
A A immodest, or joke obscene !
lr Wlit tint might Youth's fervid feelings fluh,
Or kinU m a Wrn check a blush
. ' '1 hcni lookiat in win-for, 8ACUED TO .THE F.
Exclude whateVrfortlHiw unmeet may ecnv
hocVr ; the author, and whatccr Uio theme,
.Lj"Tjl) genius writ,'.
Teeming w ith luunor, and replete with wit.
- -'"Not one hnmonVone coruptcd thought,"
One Kri0 hirh, dying; wc would w'mh to blot,"
:1Ictc m&tn -nor ever shall our page
-Open or rmcit war with virtne wajrrv
jilting.' Ths pill was Mipp'ntcd by ytiuuj; - '
.lrcitd In white, and another, about ths age o!
seventeen, walked before, hcuriiij; a chaplct ol
white dowers ( it token that the deceased was a
young and unmarried female The corpse was
follaacd ly the parent. - They were a vtnerab.e
cotipleof the better order of peasantry. The fa
ther accrued to repress his feelings i but his fixed
eye, contracted brow and deeply-furrowed counte
nance, showed the struggle1 that was patting
-T Jaws:
. . . i ...i i;ir-arv. their num-
rh' r "fnrral r.aracier, mn
: . ..... .4 . a Bl I j
The Jews, notwithitandinj? thccalamiucs they
i lie ci ., , . t, iiuon till
have so long endured, ui . ,;, ,
I their taecncumt .7"" .,m
lioin wliicii the U t i"ver nowt" -- .
.(notars, or on other, v.ho dt serve them.
appear to have tw, deuces tn.lo;;cu,t ,',,
probably luktn from tl. u,,Ke, ul Ul(iver&C
ftnil .... ... St
wltaiii. His 'wife hunj; on his arm, and
aloud "with tUe.convulsivO'buraU of a mother' their tliap
sir I - ' a L ii,5isnrestor$. than htm
by the calamities which they lave endured since
hcr their dispersion: , -I :. " '
thcr Morcnu H.b, lo
appear to uc o modern institution, and tVbt , '
commenced ubout the year m. r,rtxtJ?
whic) the latter term is U four. 1 ffi , l
tinctlon h supjwsed to;havC become ncte,." ' -
Wc may number jrnons u
1 bier was piacea in tno centre awe, ana uic cusp ',nnueiicccl the actions 01 tnis eir-wv""'i"'-
W let of white flowers, with a pair of white cloves, pje through the :.coure oljio . manj jh.s. s
. . .. t . i i it . ( . l r ik hum ni mn mnmi in
-I were iiunK orcr uio acav which uio uctcaicui
tjccupied.. - 1 . 1 u..k?, . iraiiaia- no relicioa esta
Kverr RSSllM blishes uch an uniformity in doctrine as the M
the funeral service ; (tor who has been w lortunaic :a :Ci which, pined to the irucmions ui iw uuw.v.
as not to follow some one he has loved
tnmh hut when nerfnrmed over the remains
-. . .. v . - - .-" . 1 . " I rfianraT.
innocence and beauty, thua laid low in the bloom j .. Ma hafeb4ndon?OQnc
01 exisience wnai cii uc muio luyniui, leustoms but tpose -WHICH uicy. "1 l":
rtunate iajCt whicli, joined to the trudmons ol the doctors,
to the rcKuTates with th.- utmosmlnutcAessemy Xhtng
uinsof which respects lUe; Tpeo, wherever
T. '(lisDersedave Carriedttlth them their lanKya?e
r-V--" ' that simple; but most solemu consignment of the scrvc. Fven climate has had scarcely any eueci
It. Indepcndcnrc, tonat.u.uon. Uwa, 1 o l0 upon lhcnl, beCau.e their manner oflifc counter-
3U wn, I jbcrty, Wealth, Power, kt! I -ame.; , ' w, 8 , , , f . lkf , -ru and weakens ts influence.- DiflTerenco of
t),r ardent love, and utmost cfToru claim , ashes-dust to dust 1" the tears of. the youthful acX Jd nlriel has, therefore,) strength-
And, as out tiuty i, onr pride ahall be, companions of the deceased flowed unrestrained. p cj,aractc. f instead of altcrinsits origi-
eHilltoprtcrvcTHE I'ltHSS CHASTE, VIGILANT, ye father still seemed to struggle with his feel- naj iraits. ' '
r anailtEE.
Tntat a language bv the virgin made,
Not read, ,hut felt j not uttered, but bi traj ed j
A mute communion, yet ao wond'roua sweet,
tyea must impart what .tongie can ne'er repeat.
7T1 writtenlm her checKyalidlncaning hroua
In one ahbrt fanec, wholit volumes it avowa ;
In one aliort moment teli of many days,
In one short apcaking nilencc a conveys.
-Joy, aotTavvlwyerccoint)iope, pity,Jv
And look a nigh, and weeps without a tear.
Oh, Via so chabte, ao touching, ao refined j
So aoft, ao wistful, ao sincere, ao kiwT,
AVerc eyes melodious, and could munic shower
From orient rays new striking on a flower,
fjttch hcareiily music from that glance might rise,
, And angels own the language of the akiea. J
May no wolf howlc i no screech owlc stir
A a ing about Uy M-pukhre !
No boystcrous winds or atormes come hither.
To atane or wither
Thy soft awect earthl but like a spring
Love 'keep it ever flourishing. IIbbicc.
In the course of an excursion in one of the re-
i.trK ,ut,rnatfl ths Jcwuli character, the
iohowcu uw.iuiierai' inio mo ciiuicu. . -nAl.rrlt un forniitf ol Views mat appcariui.-.v. lh - oIi,ce j nc orI Qr ----
y.. , ,.n.. .4 Mn. . .-. .. . .." . " .viivuii wii tH.'
W , V , ' . templet by uhoim
tlSrwclirsiitultonr tvercTcduteJ to mkuii:
and practice. rhe TohiiTi '..5
ncr of all ceremonies and observances irera ill
Ihenf erabUsUfed,-ahd handed down t lleJ? f?
a . . - sj
a4nucuiwii,.-iwiiicaie etroimstinces nuT
lueatlon arose, gradually enlarged the code, ami .1
uaiions. ' ' ; V :
An fljnioHf wtlwrinrho irwU 16'H or JewTT
ish oriin,t has,-lioweverr obicrvcdrihaT thaT?
entire system of Hebrew education is inimicld to
the progress ol tlio human mind. Dark. &n.l .
tionaty in ignorance, or bewildered with' Intricate--
supersmiuii, uicir moacs Ol me are little favora
ble lo forming a taste for the productions AC .-
m . "
ture and art ana the sole Ofcupauons permitteil xi
them, the art of -acquiring wealth extinp-uiih- :
their bolder and prominent passions v Men of
learning among the Jews are obliged ta en:oun
ter numerous obstacles j and their most malig.
alnt and powerful enemies are found amonir their
uomcaiiu associates, ir a ittcrar? Uliriitian u
matured at thirty, a litem Jew can scarcely ha
matured at forty. They have, therefore, addict.
ed themietves to those studies which have Uttb '
connexiofttvith the manners or men7Tfier hava
a ..t f ' ' ' ' v a
nati severe metapnysicians, and industrious natu
ralists ; arid have excelled in the practice of med.
icine. Uut,in polite letters they have had few
literary characters ol eminence, bensiblc that
they do not t present bear cnaios under tyrants,
they feel grateful that thev exist under men ; but?
the energies or glory die in exertion, and honor
is strangled by the silken cord of commerce.
The HebTcvution are, at prcseht, acattcfed
over thefacc of t!,3 habluble globe. , They ate
numerous in some parts of Asia, particularly the
Turkish dominicr.J Various countrictia Africa
contain a large r. . ber, -as Egypt and Ethiopia ;
and it is compute that there arc four hundred
thousand in MoroccoTVIgiers and Fex.v They
are saiiT to be more numerous in Poland than any
part of Europe ; and have been estimated at seven
hundred thousand. It is calculated that there
form. She appeareoMikc some tender plant of Pl" .and .morals Wf fi.nd a;nn,btr ff and Italy. Their number in' Westphalia Uestl
tne traraen, oioomintr acciacmauy araw uic ,, r , , 1T ,, , r raaieu i cikiucch uiumauuv,
.. ... I uvv, auo auove an, iiouanu wnerc. lor t -pt Ttii.Vr
naraier natives 01 tnc news. two centuries, not one of them has been condem-
The superiority of her charms was felt andlned'to death; amone the JewsTof Germany.
acknowledged by her companions, but without Amsterdam, Berlin, and even in Lorratn among
in and to comfort himself with the eilef. that The Jews, since their final expulsion Ifom
iihe dead are blessed which die in the Urd : but Palestine, have universally attached themselves
. . , . . ft ., . n to trafiic for a subsistence. Bctn generallF
the thought of her h,U.noer JJ" . culu"HliB lanfi
ui mc uciu, i.mwii emu nimwvu ... hv """"ra!Ui interdicted Irom loliowing traucs ar.u pru
of its sweetness : she was like Rachel, " mourning fesions, the obiects of their industry have been
nvr hr rhilflren. and would not be comforted." limited, and thev compelled to confine themselves
w ' - . .... ... ..
. . .. . .a , to commerce. The political stale 01 the lu
On returnintr to the mn, I learnt the whole sto- w w c vc . . . 1 f..-:.k-.i
- ironenii nowera in me miuuic i;c, iuuiwivm
r . I .1 I f . . J. ..J 1 ' . . ' a . f
ryoi mc uctcascu. w w oiwy.o vc, lnem with many and even lawiui means oi en
such as has often been told. She had been the richinar themselves. Buying and selling were
limitt And nrid of t hi. Ula-c.' Her father had occupations confined exclusively to them j and
j r 0-. . . .,
once been an opulent farmer; but was reduced In mey- conouctea-tne wno.o rcr-
I .ana X ah at Wat a. a M If (n f,Am4nir I ti V I IT1 nFA VaF f I
T1.U ..ri AtvU 5M. .nH l,url WJ ""r;.
' v the oriOLrtunit ea afforded them 01 aCQUinnz
brought up entirely at home, in the simplicity of wcailn an(i tj,ejr opulence having awakened
rural life. She had been the pupil of the village tbe avarice and jealousy cf their enemies, interest
nastnr. the favourite lamb of hia little flock. conspireu wun SU persuuyn w cuucaur uicir us-
, I n II - I ,
Tl. I .k- k... nnl tn urif h HirUCUOU. UClHe COniinUBIiy pcrSCtUW il, UU V I l(it
Int thfir rirh.a ik.u fniinrl it rtential to their
paternal care ; it was Umited, and suitable to the , t ''xtXoxi by fraud. These
sphere in which she was to move, for he only acquired habits were continued from age to age,
fiousrht to make her an ornament to her station and all the energy cf their minds directed to the
I !. .. t -f I L .t--t
b life, not to raise he- above it The tender- pursuit or gain in consequence
... iWnM nf W nnt.. nd the m. usunous praniCM increascu uie.puouc iwreu
I v. b r lamf1 .vrW.rl f-.k n-r-Mit rn.
LmniiMt (mm all nrl! niinttna. ' Ttnrt fnc I . " i . .
u.irv ..vm ,u.u.., uuruu"a' it would, however, (says a celebrated au
l . j . i i .,.i! r l .i 4-. i! n . .. ..
terea a naiurai grato anu ucutucy ui tnurat-ici , mori oe nigniy unjust to imagine, mat tne wnoie
that accorded with the fragile loveliness of her Hebrew nation are a people destitute of princi
. t a w t r t a
r rin ii 1
..r.. i' , . V,A,Clio:iNi
I as iui iiiLii iimirr n tu, . r .i -
-.1.1.'. a. al T . v- I m a, .
ill orucr. w p.rve, tno u rcf uUr conduciin-r If
inarrtiget and divorces, wtaicla every onenn f'
iumed to do,in consequence of the title ol rffi '
althoueh not sufliciently informed . .. , T
J . ' , In. . a SlUilljr I
mote counties of England, I had struck into one of I for were $urpaS8C(i b the unassuming lhose n the Engfiah colonies, where many of
. 1 ': I. .1 I 1 . 1 .
inosc cross roaus iuai icaa.inrougn inc mmc 8C a t:a.. nn,..m,nn.N w,v.'"' Hwu vuuviuv.., .iaB mcicu
eluded parts of the counVr, and stopped one after- f . . . f . ,,. h nollce of S7e",ment i n r we. aMnd to
' . -n .u ,: r l-k k It might be truly said of her, general prejudice entertained against them,
noon at n village, the situation of which was beau- . - ... n t.: .n J.k. .k. t u b. .V '
them, by their good conduct, have attracted the
M'Th& w'tlie prettiest IowJkwpti iajn, that ever niust allow that the Jews who meet with esteem
Ran on the green-award : nothing ahe does or seems, re undoubtedly worthy pf .it.' , Ji .
But smacks of something greater than herself; Another late author remarks, that the Jews,
Too noble for this place." oh many accounts, are entitled to a very hi'h
ring taken an early dinner, stroUed which sUII retain some vestiges of old English their own communion are immense - ndXS
'tifully rural and retired. There was an air of
- . primitive simpficity about its inhabitants, not to
' be found in the villages which lie on the great
. coach roads.
uterv, nu nuviug
out tcenjoy -the neirtbinjn-
iVjfn"- "IT U..- .1 . ,
my ramo;eT-as is usuauy nc case wun travel
lers, soon lad me to the churcU, which stood at a
little distance from the village. Indeed, it was an
object of some curiosity, hs old tower being com
pletely overrun with ivy, so that only here and
. there a jutting buttress, an angle of grey wall, or
y a fantastically carved ornament, peered through
the verdant covering. It was a lovely evening.
The early part of the day had been dark and
showery , but in the afternoon it had cleared up,
and though sullen clouds hung over. head,. vet
7thewtf-i broad tract of goTdenly m thewesti
i from whith t Kf &ltiii rhii fripamrl lhrrtitK iK
l-F.4 ...... - " " - W V . W. . t.V
' dripping leaves, and lit up all natureinto;onel
B . ! . - a . a . . .. ,.-- ....
( ancooiy smue. it seemeo- like tne parting hour
of . gcdjcJuan,jmlH jnd, aor
rows of the world, and giving, in the serenity of
his decline, an assurance that he will rise again
jo giory, . - . ' .
,1 badljseated myself on a.half.sunken tomb
stone, and was musirig, as one is apt to do at this
sober-thoughtedlibui, on past scenes, and early
. uic ui?u LUiosa wno were oiatanr. nnrt thnu
,nc .ch?ly faocying7ucii has in it something
eweeter even than pleasure. Every now and
then, the strokc of a bell from the neighbouring
wer fell on my ear; iu tones "were in unison
w hh the scene , and instead of jarring, chimed ih
AvitfVmy leehns, and it was some time before 1
VcilhtftecT, that it must be tolling the knell o
tostf i)w tenant of the jlojjiU.
fOTj1' ajieral train moving acros
the yuyreel , ft WOUU(j Kwy
"V ."7?,ittappcrcd throuuh tbe
situation tnrouth the world, iri
j - - -
a1 . . . .A.. .4. JJ.Billt."- t&.-tt "
.v3Cowi :a"K' vuiTit - leauvaiv nu noiyoay
I. a m .
pastimes, and kept up some faint observance of m.,Usl o strangers, . has drawn the bonds of
the once popular rites of May.- On one of thesi w one anouier more close. Their
u- .k -it - i . care to adjust their differences in civil concerns
occasions, when the villagers had reared the May amicaby imon, themselves is edifying and kt
pole on the green, and she, as queen of May, and it not be forgotten, that if on any account th-
crowned with flowers, was presiding at their I are justly censurable, our unworthy' treatment of
' . . I ll.n I. .... P , .1 . .'
sports, she attracted tbe notice of a young ofli- ,,IVC Iorcca inem I,ll the very acts
: the Vidst of their calamities ancl denres
ui inc nc.guuou.Hoou. ne reauuy munu means sion, the Jews have all alone- naid anm. a.:
to make her acquaintance, and'paid his court to to their language and religion ; but dispersed as
her in that unthinking wav in whirl, vnimo nffirar they are, and Avithout a countrv nf th;M
r- - i w . i - - viu,ii,
" There was nothing in his advances to startle or U V SSMMtMh
alarm. r Ilelnleverven talked of ioveTbuth we t iutnor o
- -J . . . T- .Mi-4l..-ail..-t J r -f - i. .
ortuguee Jew
ir i - - iaaauri!i. iuai uijaaw.iw im it hkm.,,. i-n'
are moaes ot raaKtmrJtrmorc elocfuenRhan Ian. ! : .:, .i." M,T"" uncrcnt na.
- . i """ usnuniL'u meir cnamctcr. AI
o"' " M.v.i vuhi; ."""in uu mcsisiiuiy o j " "''"".'ai uct viuwi a vertnan Je
the heart. -The beam of tjie cyei the tone ofthe LS! T - tly the kanied
.t--,...., - Y r . .' ' -1, IrZ"' Wfrom-hosc work on the Reformation of the Jc
rhe Jewishpopuhtion in the world is com
puted to b three millions ; one of which reside
in the Turkish empire, In Europe and "Asia r
three hundred thousand in Persia, China, Irjdia
and Tartary; and cue million seven hundred .
thousand in the rest of Europe, Africa, and Ame-
rica.$ . f
The history of the Jews exhibits t melancholy
picture of human wictchcdness andMepravityr
On one hand we contcmplatetbe; lineal dtscen
dans of the chosen people of God. forfeiting
their inestimable privileges.PtreJCCUng tbe glory ....
of Israel, and involving themselvesjn the most .
terrible calamities ; condemned to behold the dc
native country j dispersed jngh the world ;
by turns persecuted br Pagans by Christians,
and Mahometans ; conunuaiiy oupea oy
tors, yet still pcrsistios in rtjeciing the true
oicssian. . . -,
On the other hand, wc see the Christian world
enveloped in darkness tr.d ignorance ; and the
pixifesscd disciples of the benevolent Redeemer .
violating tbe fundamental precepts of the gospel;
assuming the Bhew of piety ail mask Tor ava
rice, and a pretence for pilkj$i,.an unhappy
people. If from he west we turrkto lelfiat,
shudder over similar cenetpfhcw;wlKrefr-
the Mahometaa banner is erectcp, contempt m:
misery, await the Jew3n ihotu their wmM
cruelty of avarice a. successwn of massacres;
h JR without Ibrht r
VftlfC th. Miftiii.nH ank.k 1 Ik. .I..... ...
'wiM iviiuyiiiMssj viiiauaic ",w iviimi!) ixrc exTracted, observes, "I alloVth"
i. .. . b . ii v i i in rnnn in v u j . i . . .
irem. every wore,, ana iook, ana action these of disnar tv of rT' V10 lwonwilucncc'
ways filt and understood,, but never described. 5" that, unless m the above-respects, the Jcwisli Nation
IsiVawonderthattheyihdily winaheart, fe,? aU times, both in
young, guileless, and susceptible? Fother, she , .jk-&v" y our. autl,or; have
loved almost uncbnsciously
. ---iwsrSTi f?s';v"" . ..... .
tttmsi was. the gixiwingpassion that was abso
bine every thought and feelinp. or what rrW
', ! - v. v wj otium lu UH inan. 1.1 m .,.;.- II r . ..
be its consequences; She, indeed, looked not to ,l,lctl1 a .nwkable change in 't3,cir xxmSt0'
iiVJiwKeiMi iQQkaindwoH. iiS
occupied her whole attenUoir; when absent, she prcssion on.thLe of LrISS. my
inurview. JSbc would wander with him through theS
the green lanes. and rural scenes of the vicinity V ; J Me m lajestine tl .ver was
Uc taught her to see nCv boautics in nature :he toiycaka of the trWfleSk
1 - " V . I... Ill ..
i- i. . :
lIleTformeriv establiHliMthe celebrated acailcmics
f Tibcrua, Sora, Nahcrd PundebiW, Uifiel, se.
and at a later period, tl cofr Saphctay iliessatonic, -l'rapie,
and, Fcxr: In rurprtscnt erntitry, wnee--condition
- is meh'oratt'd,- wc find them tabUIiing
wjuoois m iicrmany, ( au ouier pupva, o o-
miprovements in hteAturc. . ,
bratod literary JCT, "
lctter.adareed i Hiia brethren 1791, obscnes SJ.
hav been in tint .Mer eoriipelkd to abandon w r (i
i't rf n'1 r Ltjfd physical sciences ot all ncienct-,
;ctf Tvnd to the improvement ot me n.. h
m I onler.totlevote oiu-seUca entirely to comhcrcc, io
enabled to tpitlier as much monev aa would ensure
ciion, and satisfy the rapacity V our pcracewwi.-.
f talked in the lanjruaire of oolite and rulitva'rwl f.PPtedf the Lrenius t.fTwW.t .JL"
cdotig i lane, life and breathed into ber car thwife
breaks olwce and ubetrv. V 'r -n; vcry.lit--
a I SttoakWia w"""- - tr
Tlie MfimiiU 1a Halvo. in bia trivcli in 1806, oft-
that without the Iartbtcs the atranr
tWaiaXwouM find it almost impoasSble to tra "
exist; it seemed as if the government itself
pPotlucUohhpUaes, all, in sTioit were n wur Iu
HTliis is the calculation msuU 'liyBasiiage,
c6ncluik d hia history. Hut Gr-oiro htu "
uice that -noch they lave experienced f?f"
twn by var, and c niay mck-MthlMWiJi
'hifiSttsSs,-'" mzi&'twi& m&'2w

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