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BAlASlMJin, TVESB.Vi, 3L 1820.
. . . - ... '
Vol. I...M.o. X
Hl WtlTtll Rl BALI at A tl tMlfiKnlirfl T... I C 1 ' .1 . . .. ' . . .' '
i u.vii Mum vunjciwia rrcmuucj na
rcry, and personal virtue, were the three grand
1 r " ""0' J - . . ... . "1 . . fc M IU
i dmL unlets at the diactrtio of the edltrniH Krcnccnow mat mc bedsought tfcl ''wciipoaJihom thaiecutirca4-rd in
mi : . kl fniip fii M nnU tk. .it. i- I una vi need, tno
, nnoncrwu occomv rcsponaiDic, iot
tune papers, hll metre a tenth rratii
-rAiT)niiiiiim will be inserted on
term. y.
.No KlvcrtlwiDent iMcrteJ until
' cr Its payment assumed by aome person
, CCAll letter to the editors must be pott-pdi, or they
will not be attended to. .
' " ' er-rf ah.,t .n Jn.u " l i , . . " cnriu"a?c tne enthusiasm which the writer cf thia piece
tu:U yT t, tereabout an Inch spart-half an Jnch of line eymcci hut when Uer Ure recurve to that
tt frli mould i Sufficient for, their corerlnir. The PwKMardUieundertaUn
penon in thutotror pu m.pDe.r in.'fewda. if thB .Li f
- - - wu w m mm
1 m.M
.I.M,. .Ml. '
favorable. It It acarceU neceswry "to add. Uiat
to produce tuch fine plants at I hare had the
pleaiure to transmit to your address, clean and
careful weeding Is Indispensable. It trill save a
whole year's trouble time afterwards.
" Vft hare accompli died our object,
MThat paragona tleacription,
" And exccedi the quirks of blazoning pern."
I hare lately wen the Declaration of Amerkan Irulc-
Ecndcnce, aa executed under the auperintendence rf Mr.
III. tO H'hOMe indefati (Tallin lnlnlrv fmr'x.i
the atrong etklence of tarte, and an wloptcd amor u
iAtr tiJnt mtrtok hint it her r
-Tfm Jtitt mnJ uiajt and buttnni free,
Kith kit twn team -mkt plough tht fit,
Ifhich grateful met fnfetted kit faihcrt toil.
"JlalaUig of lletlgea. (
T9 tis iMToa or Tt awaaxeav riaxii.
I "7 iuciM.c ui iic, ana an atiopieu amor u
i tie process may be summed ud In one short tri lhc American people ifiould alwavn nv a tributa of
untencc, iz-CU.n ,h., from Ih. bcr- i&SffigSti&Z
nes, and keep them damp through the winter. expended to other countries U'e hare congcnUl njirits
" XVRSERT FOR TUR PI ivrv ffouAroerica, who bare consecrated it to the dedi-
TK- ji f ; t r,I rUVrrS- cauon of their country, by placing it In their Cor.jcre"
1 he soil most fit lor a nursery to the young Hall hoping it will operate as an incentive, to the riori.
plants of the hawthorn, is a free, rich, deep 0Ui purpwo ffcctinff universal emancipation,
black loam, that ha. preriously been in a cnlti. He Declaration rf Knee. a. ofTcrcd bv Mr.
rated state, rather inclined to moist than drti J.effertt" d adopted by Congress forma the bJdv of
.htr.U.t. .h. bMMiib. ,h. top of.
bClUrbt. rather On the flat minmit than nn lh r1. At the head of the cmnr.nlat - K nmKI...
c... u j r.-,.L,. ... . I Clivitr of a hill a and whrre ,,rh . .t lm.. Ml.P0" ncK m Jeftcraon, an engraving of the coat
"TC ,CBU ct crw usciui puoiicauona in - - - . ot anna of the original thirteen states, form, united with
your paper on the subject of hedges, and wlshine Uon cannot h lhtt which com" nearest to wreaths of myrtle, theaidei and base. .What gives n
America W for wJStiSte
r r.. ...Mt..i. !. J j; .i e mat would suit for caboaees. and in a similar of aur awn 1
i v a tsuu iwr puuuwiiiuu IUC UllCbllUIIS Oil ' I
i m at. I. 3 . -i I StatB of nrnaratSnn vniilrl ini wll tnm I
anornas xuain, garaencr, in me district 01 , r r " -w -"v. i .w.
. . . ' ...... I that tvlll iIm f .U. . i
wmwa, lor germinating the seed of the hedtre v, .u.-u mc mosi pan i wf wcstcu casouu.
thorn, the first spring after the berries are path- u uto n ,rc U5ca " neaglng- r rimer i am naturally taciturn,
ered. " S howeTer 06 of K11 adranUge to have the piece tn habit has raad me more so. 1 say little,
. Mr. Main iris tpracdcal man, and it is Jf "nd PPprlited for Usis purpose, digged tefe b 1 som"imeir
, Ho that he raised Urge qu.nUtie.of the thorn fr?m fift"n f dP i if the soil " cZZt 'T f
He offered propoul. for publi.hing a 'Vd T f "
' book, which was to contain the cret of raising dh' il bu would be too lle wilh com n an(J of con$
.l . f . i... . shallow to Droduce fine thrivino nlanta. If thi .n ...I. ...i n
uw piui we nni year iroia me ucrncaj out u ( - r - iy wcu vcrscu in me manners anu Customs
is much to be regretted that hd.did not obtain iule of lhc 8011 hou,d render il cessary, it of the world j and for that reason, probably,
subscriptions sufficient to induce' him to publish. must turned UP "UKh or trenched by the the remarks I have made on the prevailing
te times, uie dissnist I have lmbi-
and my great dislike to nearly
a - w-.w -rwvw aw w I .ii Mr -i
fim r. tJthein,DlMhinn!on. no, lo ek from Ui. timiln, of former produc ' ulcm.' P""" wholly
penntt .top, ,obc ..ken... h, then Intended to 'io fr "d "V -W. it come. . $35 TU'Zt
puMUhhUboolc. HeUn.w.ndn.ber. .? dred in ,h. glS Sejflt
it no nrnhahilitw that h! tinntr will K m.k. spring. k n... i .
! j wv v.w. xui w, iuwr-i . uvvuuiuii . lltlUIV CUUliUCU. Dil naUlt HIS
. ........ ... I A mr nf rrrnnn.l .Knur I.I w . ...
mnea, I think mysell at liberty to.aendyou a r . v 5 ... Wuv mviuuc y.rua now Decome too inveterate to admit of change:
copy for your paper, believing that the directions slurc' wil1 06 sufficient for the transplantation of nature and education have made mc an odd
he gives will
The seed are to be extricated from the berries,
cither by hand rubbing, or any other means 1 (I
our paper, believing that the directions sIre. will be sufficient for the transpUntadon of nature and education have made mc an odd
rill be of great use in promoting hedges. .tD lhoimn1 Planls rows about fourteen being ; and I have not the inclination,' had I
s, &c kc. J E HOWARD incht wid one row from another, and three lhc power, to alter in the least. This brief
:d.retobeextrictedfr.mUbm, i"he, .parffrom pl, .o plan, b .he row. V CJ""'. fe1"'"""
commonly put them in a trough, and mash them
vith a wooden pestle, taking care to proportion
the strokes thereof, so as not to break the stones :
C and turning over the mass reDeatedlr durine the
operation, until all the berries are broken ;) after
raox tbc axxaicax raaxia.
To AesiToy "Fly in 'Turnips.
a0CK84LLf yunE 5, 1820.
the oddity of many, and the crudeness of alL
01 my remarks, ana tne unlavorable opinions
I may entertain of some, merely on account
of, what I have judged, their impropriety of
I am ignorant, sirs, of every rule of polite-
Ukar bia : Observing in vour last trcDer. that In. -ut 1 1 1
" suwi, a wtMta. a nave, inuccu.
m il. ..... r. . . ! IT' " !. . I ill f . - . '
I which, the stones are to be washed (nm ihc? Po-
. 5 maucea vou to treat more larcelv on the subicct liteness' and I once tlim lirht nl niirrhleinn
pumice-put a gallon or twoofthe mass into iLr.u.:. r u. . r . 1....' .. rS'ClZr:,"'
, . . . , 1 . U1 mf wunurc, a ucg icuvc iu suggest a speciuci uy idiucr oiiuuk 111s neau, ana emm-
gashing tub, filled with wter Jet it be well bro- aguinst the fly? or lMe back flca whkh are - tiatcdi vcrv emphatically, " principles of hv-
uoy . they'll ruin you ! They H
kenandrubbed by the hand therein; pour off i.... .1... nocrisv!
thrnter genii, . the. and hgh. tone.L.athe. Drovid.d tou ,.. hld , ' teach you to smile, and .mile, and be a vil
Wl lio off along Itblt.fnd h good ed will m.Uon before, which i. simpl,, lo tee. he ed 'a,n ' MV"$- wis ,ufficien '
remain ai me Douom. it wui be necessary to t : . c u m j 1 u r iiavc ever amcc icu me. uimo'st nntipainvto
. .i . " - . . r' w in train or fish oil and sulphur, for i 5or20hours v.w tu!n , J . , , K 1 u
km, 1 r . l , V 111 assists the vegetation of the seed, and impreg- my manner.
hold them W11A7 of seed nates the ,am w , no fl wi trouWc j frcquently leave my seclusion in the W
may not reach whhiuwme inches of the brim. u m u u ,eaved Thh , haye try, t0 8pend several days in town. J tis what
1 ne dox ought to be loosely made, or a few eim. ... j . . : . ... .. . - . ! have Ion tr been accustnmprl tn , ka..k
... r. -..-. . f h tw n a t a nn sm ine s sr is w wis s a w iai w w ab a swaavrs ii'ii
f-lAg-g-'e sow, vincU and found unocr in often attended w..h iconvenncc, and
wateModram fronv ,h. .ced,v ?, ., then to be t0 m. ..ouW be fciis,,- fc'?!Sr?t,tt0 i'
T)laccd m some rnr tiSriiatinn nnt nf rfni j . - . V . become so Strom? a habit, that I cannot hreat
'aeed in th w i,u- .r. t.k . Wl 'uur Kcricuccu wrreapniacgsAa. i take no notice ot any one, arid hardly sneak.
Ct&S ? public'wlureu. antido.. .gains, the eep, to Wy landloll, and Jn my mS
i'X" oCgreen mosSrthev arc to remain - - a-.-.. ..f jLUi- ;iti Z . . b
mc sine-
the cve-
with books, than with men and thing " I ha'd
read a great deal about the Grecian and Ital
ian sculptors ; had often admired, in imagi-
M.i.uti, M4t luvuinp.iraoic worki ot fhiuias
hisrMtncrvi and Jupiter. Olvmpuswand had
several iimes almost fallen in lovwith -lhe "
Venus of Pvmalion. which
qui9icey9 that the atatuary became enamored
of the work of his own . hanrft ' terA tV..
resolution he had made never to mirrylnd
begged of Venus to chanw it into a woman
the aucen of love tTantert HI. rm,.
gav him a wife possessed of all the beauty
anu probably all the fraihvnf Kw. aa..
Bonaparte had transported to the Louvre the
productions of the chisel and the pencil,
vynicu auorncu itaiy, and excited the admira
tion of all men of taste. 1 form-, I th mm...
tic resolution to visit Paris, for the sole pur
pose of. viewing the " mimic worlca f rt
or, perhaps, more properly, the real copies of
..M.u.v, ii.u luwiwg canvass ana tne breath
ing marble, collected in the Louvre. It was
while preparing for this vovatre. anA wV.U
mind was Boltly occupied with the thoughts
of it, that I visited SJiibur)-, as above men
tioned. As I was saunterim alonp-nn f
your sidc-walk, in the most profound cogt.
tation, I found my way, all at once, com
pletely obstructed bcforcT "Lrge" "dwelling,
house I ycry leisurely raised my head to
discover what was the cause, when, heavens '.
I exclaimed, in utter amazement I I thought
I beheld the Venus dc Mcdicis before me,
surrounded by the Graces j and mv first con
elusion was, that some antiquary in Salislm
ry, or some lover of the fine arts, had trans
ported Irom Europe, and placed them before
his door, to gratify the public taste and curi
osity. J approached them with that tnM..
and reverential feeling which we experience
vu uvuuiuiug uic immortal works oi depar
ted genius, and was Proceeding to exammr
them with the eye of an enthusiast, when a
succession ot acatemng cachinnations diinel
i.ri .v. .i j . r
.v iuuiium, uu convincea me mat my
Venus de Medicis and her attendant Graces,
were only an assemblage of polite young la
dies I Uecatcs and Ates ! 1 exclaimed, and
dashed from them in all the bitterness nf re
appointment. You need not be summer! at
my being so deceived; for I came upon them
so unexpectedly, and thev stood
able, with a fixed and intent gaze, that hav-
nig my iuiuu cmpioyca as u was, on Urecian
and Italian artists, it is not at all surnrisinrr I
should conceive I beheld their very works be-
iorc mc.
It is now CUStOmary for me to enrnnnter
the gazers : I take it as a matter of rmirae.
and always place my hat onone side, when
about to pass in review before them. But
my aunt Dorothy tells me it was not o hm
she was young j then, if the gentlemen wished
10 see me young ladies, they hd to enter the
house, where thev found them
ther in reading or sewing j and k thinks I to
myself," ffor I seldom sneak.", thev were hot
ter employed, than in giggling and gazing on
I aft s4 aa Mat 0m la
vufc siut'n ua.
Youri till death,
ClonmsviUC) June 20, 1820.
P. S... .After I tret mv wheat harvested. T
i will write you again.
ther is it material how often or seldom they arc
irozen durmg the wmter,; ..IZ jErcf
At' the approach of spring, the seed are to be
inspected every two or three days, sav about the
middle of March and so soon as they feel slimy
ori being handled, it indicates that the shells of
the stones are about to open. The weather be
ing favorablethe ground is then to be digged
na prepared tor the reception of the seed. The
soil mobi fit for this purpose, being described in
v - toa Ta wasTsaJi cAiioMjrnw.
Oh liberty ! thou goddess heavenljj ; bright,
JKProfose of bliss, and fragTant with dcligiit j
"Eternal Dleasuaes in thv nresence reien.
"Andamilina; plenty leads her wanton train
cat xsr uaiBTA, eai est patbu.
struct the path of those who choose to wa
oui mc point wayviam mtormed, is, to place
your cnair in the middle ot the side-walk, and
not to move for any thing, except a mad dog.
This, I suppose, is taught in the school of
Chesterfield I my country pedagogue taught
me different ; but he was an old-fashioned,
unpolished clown, and formed me on his own
model. j.- --""' '
I. recollect a very curious and singular ot
L!.L L.'L.: .L- r .
1ST liCaCllLieU 111 I' . I .v.. r ... ..wv.' huu .IUKUI.I V."
the pamphlet, it Js needless to repeat liere 1 Fy c the mind iinrer orer the scenes at which currencc which happened the first time I vis
. .-. f"f. . ,v , '' the association produces pleasant sensations, whether of k,rl soi;cK.t. v.. .i
"iroa tax wasriaa- cjaoniriur.
. jshine to rive th ui,nu rmnKi T I TT X' r , 1 . . ucu uausuury. ton rousi Know, mat when "-v '
iiitrffL ' e- --110' Pamphlet wh ppportu- & locat,-ilomestic or national nature. But when the gen. ,l t j . . V "
the amhorfs description oflius pr the ecstacy .of eelip ean,rtlike tHamiagJwn, ,,n .cr) Pcr4 ufr.UmK m which
, WLcimKiv 1'n diffutfi m s 4hca the jreneroua iaul -tms pt hi mYiy 4 .tHrrcUttrr ?rftamted ! but titer
. Messrs. F.ditort ; About 12 o'clock, one night
last week, I was awakened from sleep by a sere
nading party of young gentlemen belonging to
our town. I listened to the muskwiauh that sol
emn yet pleasing sensation, ihich it nerer faiisr
to excite in mo at that gloomy hour when all
nature seems hushed into aimosf a breathless si.
lence. It Moved sTowly from' me, its i everbera-
ling echo growing fainter and faintefunuTit bts
camo entirely exhausted ; and left, if possible.
a more death-like silence than that which reigned
before ita approach. I then invoked old Somnu
again to shroud my faculiics withnlsmantlTor
drowsiness but I invoked him in vain. I lay
musing upon pasacencs and upon future troub
les ,aiidt expectations my imagination some
times Dittmg over Wistful regions of worldlv
njoymcnt then startling with horror at fancied
mi. cry and wretchedness until the dawn of day.
A a'' ' - '
1 liave since tried to embody some of the ideas
which mrc revoked in my mind .at thaVthrie i
versi abstract and'taguei 'hat 1 hav
' "-,mve '
f ..." -

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