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    The Mi-pi i ulu'rYr the iiiiir s
ly sd ti"? !!' f ' 'rit liiiirr....-iitT,
AT morn,' beside on summer ica," - 1
Young Hope and Love reclined
Bat scarce had roon4lIc come when ha
Into hi barque leap' J smilingly,
-And left poor llme benim ,
1 go, laid Love," to sail awhile
.Acro lLimuinjrjiuJa
And theo so su t tu parting smile,
That Hop?, who i..jevrf dreara'd of culle,
IklicvM heMfccomc ajfain
B-eliev'd he'd come again.
Bbe lingerM there till evenings learn
Along t be watr rs lay ;
And oVr the land, in thoughtful dnv.v,
OA tnie'd hi nunc, which tiU ti c iUeain
Ai often wanhed away
- As often wuhed awsy.
At k-ngtii a sail appears in sigU, -.,-"! . .-,
And tow'rd the Maiden moves j
Tis Wealth that comet, and, gay and btht,
Ills golden barque reflects the liht
Hut ah ! it i not lire's
But ah ! it is not Ixves.
Another sail 'twas Friendship bhiVd
Her night lamp o'tr the sea:
And calm the fight that Limp bestow J s
Dut Love liad lights that warmer gi j a J
Amt where, atu! was Je ? " "
And w here, alas ! was he
Now fast, around the sea awl -.'tore,
Night threw her darkling eli-tin ;
The sunny sails were seen nr iron-:
Hope's morning dreams of Love w cro o'er
Love never came again
Love never came again.
rno the iruriii.
O ' loi tly is the morning ralm,
I.v fragrance, and it spotli t iiir,
U'hen every thing around is b:!w,
'I he sky in smiles the flowers in dew.
But softer, fiircrfar than these,
Or any thing beneath the sky,
Is the fond look the lover we a
tiiance from his maiden' nidnng rye.
And O ! 'tis sweet at even tide,
To list the wild bird's mingled Ly,
Vhere happy, guiltless side by side,
They sing of joy on even spray ;
But sweeter, dearer than tnis song
Of harmony within the grove,
Is melody tltat melts along .. .
The virgin lips of her we love.
tr, to embody a larger quantity of the eUcffrom her indiUip,., ftc thruu.f ucd u fcvv
uic fluid, and pm it I'lT harmless. The kin air, o:i her fiuitar, and cyed to he
Variety's the very apkc ut life,
That gives it all its flavor.
. i tit
was pleased with the thought, ana .nau Burnt
if the conductors of his palace'a'tercd agree-
,blv to the turrrestion of the projector.
3ome lime lifter, in a thunder storm, not only
he ktner and the protector, but many others
in the palace to which the Hunt conductors
were affixed, had a melancholy proof of their
inftufficiencv. hi the crcat iniury.Voch.tht
part of the palace sustained Irom a doii oi
mediately thanrcd ox American Point, . The
ivhs of thc day did iMrt faaaovwohrt)y-tftc
event; ana we wciirccowcn wiwvt it,au,i
the Morning Herald, the follow lag epigram
on it": ' t -
. 14 While you, gr at Oorg", for IriiU luint, - -AimI
iharp comluetors rliangc for Hunt,
""""'" "The nation's ixit tf Joint i
rrniAGn wiwr M.hcn;- pursues, .
; And aTIVotTr niu'ikTorliiuiiuews views"."" T"""
' " It tXfy Kite THitl. ' ' ' T'"
I'rom " Sketchm of I rene It Manncn and Customs."
The women do not, ao in Knghtnd, employ
ih?miclvcs solely in household and nursery
affairs, hut they mix themselves in all the
cares of their hushands, and assist them in
their trade and business, whatever it maybe.
. mi ... - - i r i . t -
thus they are constantly found in tnc coun
ling houses and shops, and they know as
much, and often more, of the details oi
trade than their husbands. In Dieppe, every
variety of shop and trade had a woman assu
ting in it; who, from her appearance, migh
generally be considered as the mistress c
the tumilv. At a blacksmith's shop, for in
stance, I saw a neatly dressed woman, with a
very clean cap, shoeing a horse ; and, passing
a second time, ; I saw her filing ara vice;
expressed my astonishment to the neighbors
but they seemed rather disposed to laugh at
me, thar. to join in my laugh at the woman
1 L :u nt that site was a widow, and thus kept
tip her hu'.hand s trade, to rear a large family,
In Pans I complimented the pretty wife o
an eminent bookseller, for her knowledge o
thf prices of paper, printing, and engraving
in which she several times corrected errors
cl her husband, remarked, that the French
ladies must have great talents thus to learn a in the honey-moon, which had employed
their husbands during an apprenticeship o
seven years; and that I supposed she would
he equally expert at any other trade, if, on
becoming a widow, she married a husband in
sonic other line. " Ah, Monsieur, (she said,)
we endeavor to assist our spouses in every
way 1:1 our power it is our onlv pleasure
their cares are our cares, and. their interests
are ours ; and, if it is our calamity to become
widows, and we meet with another good hus
band, we do the best we can for him also."
This was the exact sentiment ; I heard the
same-from other f nd 1-csn -affirm,' that," ttti
though there are not so many handsome
French women es English, no women in the
world are more generally interesting, are so
industrious and thrifty, or more attached
wives, or altectionate mothers.
r.Lwr riw'iunr.n.
One fcficifioon, when Dr. Darwin huj a tfti
, , . , .
.,1, ,t vtv. A little event which occurrcu. company i ica, ins scrrsni unnoungcq a
served to illustrate, very forcibly. the different udy pnd gentleman. The female wisaeomplc.
traits of national character :. The Marquis uoul figure, ruddy, corpulent, and tall. She held
one day! when vc were all assembled, desired lhc ftrm a jhtlc,. meek-looking, efTcmlnate
to know oi wnai age iuc ji4sei.i man, who, from his close adherence to the side
his wife to be; and which to ascertain with- ixuthttmil to consider himself as under
out debate or confederacy, he solicited each , '. . . ,
The paprr Pcnci1 werc fir,t handed 10 lhe - " P of
Dutchman i he casting a hasty glance at the rnlne,M and she looked down with a sldegltnce
ladyrinU -feeling-nolisposttion-to-flaUerJ the itrdma!,u
wrote uown uuny ucjug, iour mrougn one oi me unum ccunues, to
faox-THS SALTixoaa cnr tvi. ik.
somewhat near the mark, .lhe paper ocing eJporc vhateter it contains worth the attenUotr
folded, was passed to the Austrian, who.'with ,of .j 'lol opic Onarrlrlng at the set. rr.
a cold look, and a di.pos.tionot more U, -1 alw.y. arch out the ,
vorable. wrote Uvcntu-teoen. Jhe hnglish '. r .a
man oldc vicuutf mou.mtuflguisnea lor ttts
vm-w n.'iTf mIImI mrrrr ? her looked YCTV I '
. . t. u - lt. I fvtiiiia anH t.iff knrt lntrrwiiirn mvtrir. th K.
rmn1nrfntlv. and lelt UlSDOieU lO VIC1U a in I b' V ' - "
thron the scorr-of-poritenes8,-and act downumsydireetrlrttjbjcctJ of irarexamlnailon,"
hcr affe at twent g-foun'-Tht -paper, - stUlMwhateTer Is carton lo narare,art or Science. "
folded,pa8sedtotherrencnman,iuuoi gaiciy uchheia willlie our head-quarters during w
and fashion, who; widi a significant nod, wrote Merijajt. Come, Doctor, whither must we go,
twenty. It was finally handed to trfy Amcr- a: . . . investigate to-morrow, and tha
ican friend, who had read, in the couMcnance ; ; 'A:MZTiTTZZ r iki.u
of each, what idea was passing, and tr'LmnAtw 'um ' -'i.
minedto be unique and pleasing, wrote eighA rncH; V'r7'"
1 . I t I Ynn arrive, madam, mi m lortimafn innrtn
teen. I he paper was returned to tne mar-
cpiis, who unfolded, and read the sum and M To-morrow yoti will have an opportunity of.
measure of each man'a gallantry. The first surtcj ing an annu exhibition perfectly worth
from the Dutchman6f thirty, seemed to star- your attention. To-morrow, madam, you will
tie the Marchisa, who gave him a cold, dis- go to Tutbury bull-running.w
dainful glance, accompanied with a shake of
the head, which seemeU to say, "Dir, you
may go to the devil." The next, twenty-
seven, irom tne Auurian, was reccivru win-
The satiric laugh with which he stammered
out the last word, more keenly pointed this sir,
yet broad rebuke to the vanity and arrogance of
.ii v v "' ' - w a a- fi a it .1 t i
' ... I hai truiAn h hiH Kn ir ta inAni lha hAHAhf
wKa mnrn crrar onslv. thoutrh Still W th a "-, " uvuHu
coldness which appeared to think he was not d little expected they would break under ber
much more polite tlnn his neighbor. Twenty- suddenly, and with so little mercy. Her large
four, from the EngliihmanvitL greeted with features swelled, and her eyea flashed with- an---a
smile, and a kind of nod of the head. ger....M I was recommended to a man of genius,
Twenty, from the Frenchman, met with a an(j j fij ,im insolent anJ t!l-brcd.M...Thenf
most gracious reception: but, when the eigh-' g,lher-ing up i,'Cr meek and tlarmed husband,
teen of the American was developed, in con- whom she had looscd when $hc firl
elusion, the appeared del, ghte.d; m
and, with a smile illumining her countenance, . .
she made a handsome return to my friend, of the room. . , ,
he Senhr American: and no doubt, in her After Uie departure of this curious couple, his
estimation, we were the most gallant people guests told their host he had been very unmtrci
in the world. ful. I chose, replied he, to avenge the cause of
" Oh ! flattf ry, how prateful art thou lnc liu'c ,nan whose nothingness was so osten-
" To the j ar of men"....fmrf vomen too. tatiously displayed by his lady-wife. Her vanity
"Truth might lie between" the Marchiaa has had a smart emetic. If it abates the symp
might have been about twenty-seven; .and toms, she will have reason to thank her physician
was still pieaaca at oeing consiacrcu cign-1 wno auminutereu wunoui nope oi ice.
- - X
Mr. Pitt and the Duke of Newcastle frequently
differed in opinion ; but Mr. Pitt always carried
his point, in spite of the duke. A curious scene
occurred on one of these occasions It had bee
proposed to send Admiral Hawke to sea, in pur
suit of de Condans. The season was unfa
'Hie following anecdote of the Ltc l? Kinp, (ex
;-:if!.ul from the manuscript journal of an American trav-
1U -,)ijas never appeared in print.
"In a morning stroll, in the autumn of
1 30, through the streets of Weymouth, (the
well known summer residence of the King,)
j.hance brought me within a few paces of his
.Majesty, who, on his return from a ride with
two of his Court, met Sir James Crawford,
who had been detained, a prisoner in France
many months, and who had recently escaped
-rom thence. The king greeted him most
ordially, and went on, in his usual rapid
inanner, to converse on various subjects.
that the first news he had of it was on read
ing in a newspaper that the treaty wjas signed ;
and that, dropping the paper, he exclaimed,
Good God, h it bomblel But ' he added.
. I always thought it was in experimental
peace ; ana now we are at war a tram, wc
should not have so many objects in view at
once. us, bir James, imitate the nbhev
of Washington and Franklin, who always
"ytuck at onc)point. On saying which, he
; raised his right hand, in which lie held his
; vhip. seized it with his lelt. and made a for
rvv ard thrust with it, suiting the action to -the
This anecdote, so honorable to our two
illustrious couhtn men, may be relied on a:
laiuthentic. The kincr. we doubt not. had at
'"'iLw . vi f ' d .1
iuc muc some recollection Qt an important
nient oTthe American i evolution, an Enirlrsh
' - O J
projector, in order to disparage the celebrity
cf FraukliaV LightmngjConductef publish :d;
an elaborate work to prove that the invention
AuJSluJbc fcdtlcJ. 4v tw ':." iN C''uf- !l)iir Sniri";'! 7 ' tt M th
From Mr. vVeoA's Travelt in England, (Jc.
, " Our packet was an American built ves
sel, commodiously fitted, and the captain a
rough but capable seaman. We had an En-
gush, a Dutch, an Austrian, a trench, and an
American passenger; who constituted an
agreeable medley of national character. On
the morning of the third day, We made the
harbor - oi Lorunna, into which we passed
with a pleasant breeze.
Our captain brought on
board a Spanish Marquis and Marchioness,
witn tneir uaggage, bound to Cadiz, lhe
Marquis had been an officer in the armv.and
had fought against the French ; though by
nis conversation, ne am not appeatLto enter
tain an unfavorable opinion of his enemy.
ner taaysnip naa an agreeable countenance,
and was somewhat reserved ; she carried a
small lap-dog under her arm,' and a guitar in
her hand: and, probably in anticipation of
sea-sicxnes$,8he lost no time in sewing a long
ribbon" to the collar of her little favorite - and
then, very composedly, laid herself in her
birth in the) front cabin, where for three days
she was confined by" illness ; and we saw
notning oi ner or her dog. Un the, fourth
weysailed calmly ialonthe coast of Portugal
and came in full view of the convent of Maffa
This Is an extensive and elegant building,
once a residence qt the- Spanish and Porta
guese merchants ; but now used as a monas
tery. It js situated in a plain, surrounded
with cottages and gardens in high cultivation ;
it has a choice library, and is. represented as
iieW a very 1awi eeable retreat. ' We aD-
proachd the rock of Lisbon, and saw, under
the, projecting: masses, theS picturesque town
of Clntra. famous for n.-'nlrnrriltv-reirr-i ort
..w. 4 pnnx uuti me mvcntipni in moatrn nines lor a vtrv tool ih rrmvpn
I ' . J . . I . .... W .
fttid TlElilOIOYS.
The I3rief Rkmarkkr, in describing those
who arc ever brooding over "earth's melancholy ;
vcble, nd eTendangertl and who ever sak 'mparingly of the
being the month of November. Mr. Pitt was at worjd they live in," thus sums up the causcs for
this time confined to his bed by the gout ; and gratitude thereby showing, that though tlio
was obliged to receive all visitors in his chamber, moral world may be unamiable and deformed, yet
in which he could not bear to have a fire. The that
duke of Newcastle waited upon him in this sit
uation, to discuss the affairs of this fleet, which
he was of opinion ought not to sail in such a stormy
season, scarcely had he entered the chamber
when, shivering with cold, he said, " What ! have
you no fire ?' 11 No," replied Mr. Pitt ; " I can
u Xatiirt doth send her bounties forth
" With a full and unwithdrawing hand.
The truth is, though fallen man is weak, and
blind, and ninful ; yet his earthly condition, to
far from being calamitous beyond that of all other
creatures, is attended with a great many circum
stances of comfort and delight
1 be earth, even in its present state, is filled
never bear a fire when I have the trout " The
'If. a. t -'
duke sat down by the ide of the invalid wrap- Vlln !nc fncs oi the benehcent peator j and
ped up in his cloak, and bean to enter on the " .RinvL . ? caro a3?'DOW;'
' I la ii nflfnirin- trial. n!intA an1 'inminl Iin.lir
subject of his visit. There was a second bed in ana coiors, withahcir. cot responding ihadeare
the room ; and the duke bein unable to endure infinitely "diversified, to soothe and gr jify tho
the cold, at length said, " With vour leave, I'll eye: that we are turnisned with such sweet ana
warm myself in this other bed;" and without ta- ne.ouious sounas to cnai the ear that tne
.. ... . . . ... . ... ,, earth affords such a variety to delight the palate ?
king off his cloak, he actually stepped into lady that u is deckcd wilh ihmeUf inumerabla
Lsther ntts bed, and then resumsd the debate, flowers, of various colors and delicious frarrance?
to hazard in the month of November, and Mr. air inc aimoapnero is so exactly jitteu ior res-
Pitt waits positively determined it should put P"'atl0"? that the silk-worm spins to adorn, the
to seo. Tlie fleet must absolutely sail," said itsejf.yields the rudiments of fine linen to array,
jr.- rm, . accompanying nis woras witn the most our trail l)odiesr that, in of the workit
animated gestures, 4t It1 is impossible' said the there is furnished a supply of medicaments fpi;
duke, making a thousand contortions "it will 1 ? Ia!"lcular diseases of the 'climate I that firc
certainly be lost." Sir CharleTFrederick, oT the waterjalwgTtti great variety .of min-.
... . , v,tv,ku u,c crals, arc made m so many ways to minister to
ordinance depart mcnt. arrifing just at that time, the convenience, and adornment, as well to
found Ihem both, iirtbis laughable posture ; and the 'subsistence' ofouf race ?.7..".fs all this " aggrer
had 4hc gtieatest lifliculty in the worldolbre- gate of earthly benefits and blessings to ba ac-
serve1. his ravralseing tministeo-of state "-
Z'S,L ' - M . . . with , so many unmerited temporal blessing
deliberating ( upon .-an object so unimportant, in complain aad fret because thev are mixed with
such a ludicrous situation. tiatural evil X Especially, shall he do it, when a
The fleet, however, did put to sea! and Mr. full moicty of the calamities he suffers are brought
Pitt was justified by the eventxJbc-adroiral upon him, nbt by the direct hand of Providence,
Ifawke defeated M. tie ConGans; and the victory hut byhi.own folHes and c.imes ? . ,
, ., . ' w.tvWJJK love the world more than Him who macit
was "t-cdccave ..n f.vor of the English than it,HlAinorehanH
any ether That was obtained over France during worldlv'mindedncss which ia.base and criminal.
the war. 'nuiMiB Mr, 1 But a moderated subordinate ;love of"the.w
of lite, mil all 4ts innocent enjoyments, ticnj,
comes our raiifinal and. moral natures Whereas,
rill. L" N' J I
tliwc staiM.W i!C!l Ssi- t i.Mi- tl,.; 1 .:,rl I..... .i...
fcK.tsrcft.iH:-Tr?.j:f.r,i' ' . IktnsattlVcfhumtva'-i-cf-thaiikfch.ess.

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