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,4. ill i ill III
Forjftt not the fold her they pcrUhcd,
'I he truest, the last oFtlte lre
All one...and the bright hope we clierwlied
Gone with them, and quenclied in their gwe.
O! could wc from dcth but recover
lukrti l they bounded before, -
In the free ofliigh heaven Ur fight over -
That combat for freedom once more r
Could the chain for an instant be riven,
Which tyranny flung round ut then,
0 1 'tit not in man nor in heaven,
To let tyranny bind it again !
But 'ti past-.and tlio blazoned in rrton ,
The name of our victor may be,
Accurst i the march of that glory ' w,--
Which tread o'er the heart of the free.
Far dearer the grave or the prison,
Illumined by one patrit flame,
Than the trophic of all who liavc risen
On liberty' ruin to kmc.
The battle of Aughrim, or Kilcommoden, Si conwd-
erru ov tne painm insnmcn in mc wui.c mrih
tie cf Hastinir is hv the Enelinh, AustcrliU or Wajrram
hv the Austrian, Jena by the I'rui
the l'rcnch.
rusiiana, and Waterloo by
raoi rnt mrMop to,nEi.
Written after reading' iVoon'i " They may nulat (hit He
The fickle mav boast of the world they inherit,
" here : change is the gwddew that heighten their blis ;
Its pleasures I h ave to the doom that they merit,
And hope for a world that is fairer than this :
Do j;s for existence depend on a glance,
Or the smile tliat can dimple the fairest 1 see ?
Lo! Truth shall awaken thy soul from its trance,
And cheated existence be sorrow to thee !
Go boast of afrtction, and scorn the cold hearted
The dregs of thy cup may be wormw ood and gall,
To mourn o'er the wreck of iutics nhcn departed
To weep for the moments thou canst not recall :
The bliss that has nought but the falsehood of love
To nudce it eternal, hath wings and may flee ;
A bosom the wiles of deception aborc
May beat but it never cristed for me.
Co waken thy harping to pr.wm'i wihr mearg -
As thee have I done it, and mocked at despair;
Delusion hath fled me ah ! where are its pleasures f
The echo of lonclines answers ah! where ?
Co lung1 on the accent of falsehood.and guile,
And live in a look that may wander from thee j
The hopes of existence entrust to a smile
The dream may be bitter when slumbers shall flee.
If the fair worlds that float in yon ocean of ether,
And hang out their banners of glory and light
O'er the march of our moments departing, arc neither,
As Fancy would tell u, eternal or bright
If Heaven hath nothing of hli to bestow
' But such as this mortal endurance can give,
Take life and its pleasures; w ith all that can flow
From love and affection I ask not to live !
" s , or THS ROrTIT.
) Taste and Cuus are two word fucjuenUy
joined together, and therefore by inaccurate thin-
. ' ' a a. .... . .
ikrs coniounclca. I hey signify, however, twti
Jc:ni:iU!lc much m mounta.a c!. alnk shh a Wn.honie income f i.ooi ciaic-uon, ia
I r untefiiif nt
plains ft .inu, iiKnous jntbauwn, wv
'I lii lulnrr tn rirA fr ftliuf I h lima?. I klifnrlttl.rC.
lnj r.ntnc of Uie DMinof lx!k winch ihx nctr- Who wa$ W ilham I'mkney f A poor oor in
eithikMComjun.lca. I.OUI, fl.en reduce., to Annuoui. .K "T . ' ' nuite different thin,.. ,tiff. - t...
.k. C,nu, Ir-.r. t rriuin ihnti tniTrii ttiiirh I firtit Ijwvcri the most CCICDritCU auvocmc oi our it o - ""'vivmvv """"ii
rise fiont the modificiiilon of It narti. Mi- country. "He is th cfTuljicnt centre of our or.- them can bo clearly pointed out ; and it li of Im-
. - ' . .n.i ' -. a S)
crocoi)tc aLlnulcula arc, without UouU, oriiii- tors the urcami or n tioriuence arc me noouiiporttnce to remember it. Taite conshu In tho
trd bodies, and the clobulc
poneued of specific tiui
of liKht arc compoundrd
of Partlf lcs, which, whe
- - - r -
power of exciting the idem of colors.
of llitir tl-ioU arc of light, Mpia nouijnt, na irrcmuuio powcr of judging geniui, In the power of exc "
huci.: l.un the ry tiinK. lie comu.nei tne . tunau u iw cuw QnCrnar have it contiderabla Am .f-
or an lndchnite variety I en oi tlio two greatest orator oi auuquiiy , i t , . ' ,p
n senaraled, have the er risinir, but he is either the impetuous ana oyer- iii or .uy ui me une am,
whelming torrent
i of Demosthenes, or tho splen-1 who has little or hardly any genius for comnoai-
did confhirratlon of Tttlly. ' . I tlori or execution in anr of these rta i hut in-
Here ng-in follow the conjn
h.,M5r: hftfinra. nd th nowr ulrnost of mTntlntf Cfiilui, therefoic, descrires to be considered at a
mone. The net annual income of the exertions higher power of the mind than taste. Genius'
a ' 1 . lilt .. . a I f I . . a a . . " . " . . I " - " . a . . . '
A wmer in me r.aion mar, V',u-J upon c ciiibij
of Icarningj-Tjuotcf
power of education.
- And "whf should to larccuporrion of the imle hundred 'ibo'iilaiWl flolliiraT iin proved by
. i . .1.. i i:.... r . ; i. i...n...r..tiu 1 1 i . r i....wi-..i. t .i.y..
iriiist li 1 1. luituoL uuuaui.kititiiuu. ut auiuiiviuiiii uuunauu iwtui ui huiiuilw w 1 . ,
iicdccted nunyH who under the nuid influence W ho was Jmes Monroe f 1 he sonoi auticic- la manner as strongly to impress tne minds of
of inlclhijent and moral discipline, would noon layer in the town of Cambridge, in Dorset. W ho others. Refined taste forms a good writer t tut '
'L?ai25i.?n9J??.:M!J2l .5051 )s Jamei Monroe i J nc l7csuienv.0UACLVn.ucu
of this sinttle bruin is hltle. if anr. lfes laan tne lalwars Imnorts sometbtntr invenUtre orereatlre
. - m ..... . . a . - - u - i
tlnrfonowint; at example thetfigoTrthelarMSt estate on the Lastern .-hichdoei not rest in men Mnaihilittr
:.VrtrMm. ibh6re,w M.,At, .... '
IIIC ! I , , , ..... . .
produce new bcautie, and exhibit tbcm la tucU -.
vie with the rose o
vaifcy, trc auflcred to run up liko rile weed, to States and what has placed him above kings,
become pct .instead of the sweetest blessings and crowned heads, and principalities; nay, -in
of life. The Lnncuhtcrian method ii more ad- the most exalted station on this ball of cahh?
mirably adapted to the education and improve ftlucatioo is the solid granite pedestal column cf I
mcut of little uirh, than ol children of the other his tamer supporting t shaft of the most tower-
sex. You sometimes hear poor parents rbject ing attitude, whose Corinthian capital Is high
to sending their girls to school becau o thev will above the clouds,' How emphatically, in this in.
learn nothing but to read and write rand that, stance, has wisdom, founded on good education,
the? say, will be of very little use to them Un- and matured by intense stud fund application,
dcr the Lancastcrian system for ii K this objee- proved herself to be power, with station, and hon
genius is farther necessary to form tho poet, cr
the oralor." " ' Jtiiirv
Prom Iter. D. A. Clark' 8ermoo. ' ; ''' , '
Religion in -a female secures all her inter
ests. It graces her character, promotes her '.
tion ' entirely done away. In a properly organ- ors, and wealth, following in her train. Why then peace, endears her friendship, secures esteem,
ized female Lancasterian school one half the day should not son of one of our bricklayers, or and adds a dignity,' and a worth indescribable, 1
isiicvuicu iu writing, spelling, rcauiu. wiiu auiu-i nailer, or lauon, or cauuici-nMUCi, uccuuic i (q au nCr OCCUS X10W SWeei, WnC2 Hit r.U',,
metic; and dunng the other half, plain needle- future President of the United States f The same tress of afamilv is the handmaid of the Lord ,
t . a . .. . t . t .1 I ... . .. . a I . . ..... I W
worx, anu mamua-maaing arc laugni Dy tne mc pain is open w mem ; true it winus up tne siuc wh n thc molhcr Df the children IS an ekam
admirable system. I he youngest cla U cal ed of a steep and rugged mountain ; and the eleva- . of . whcn wifc of . -
the turning down class and is furnished with lit- ted pinnacle is not to be gained without setting ' n-,U.w.i un
tie slips of common waste paper, and made to out aright, with the earliest and best discipline "Pusc 10 lc "caeemcr . now aestraole , ,
turn down the edge, till they are perfect in turn- of good schools, and the severest and most in- l !La?8eLH )
I well wortn l v Vu win miv uwkttM i
VUcuftYy Extracts, &c.
'uriety's the very pice of life,
That gives it all it flavor.
In the present state of knowledge, it is impos
sible to determine how far the division of matter
can be actually carried,- or whether there be any
indivKible atoms by the arrangement and combi
nation of which all sensible bodies are formed.
We are, however furnishe(
ture with many astonishing instances of minute
fiivision. If a pound rsUyer and a grain of gold
be incite J together, thegoldvvillbe equiilly diffu
sed through the whole: Silver ; and 11 a grain of
the maSj containing only the 5761th vpart of a
f rain of gold, be dissolved in aqua forth,, the gold
will subside., '
A grain of gold may be spread by the gold
heater into a leaf containing 50 square inches,
-.Udalosjeaf may be divided into 500,000 parts ;
and by a microscope, magnifying the diameter
oi an onjeci io nines, rnu us area too time, the
100th partof each of. these, that is, the 50 mill
ionth part of a grain -of gold, will be visible
' I he potural divisions of matter are stitl more
wonderful. In-odoriferous bodies -a surprising
suu'.ilty 'of parts is perceived : .several bodies
Uarcely lose any sensible part of their .weight in
a great length of time, and yet continually fill a
very large space with odoriferous particles. Ur
Keiil has computed the magnitude of a particle of
pait oi a cuuic inch. Again, Air. Leewenhock
Di forms us there arc more animals in (he milt of
a cod-fish than there are men pn the whole earth,
an. I a single gram. - of sand Js hrgef.-than 'four.
millions ot trcse animals. Moreover, a particle
i i ' I a' ... ' "
ot tiiei.joci oi one oi these animaku la has been
Iouik!, 1) calculation, to he as much smaller thai
inc all th rarietv oi nems.-.NeKt ts tne: nem-1 irntf mental lhnnr. lint the nnw
n V . . . . I I . I .t . .
mmg class, thcknitung class, Sec Sec. And by the boldest, the highest exertion. closer man a Droinerj tnai tne songster oi
this means they are soon taught to' snake, with Will it be said that, nature made these men the temple belong to the heavenly choir! How
perfect facility, most of the useful garments of her best materials? No such thing Provl-I pleasant, when the absent husband can think
and might assist in defraying the expenses of the dence was bountiful to them ; but providence is as of home, and reflect that angels watch tho
school, by working for a haberdasher. Thus the bountiful to others Nature left these diamonds DUCC that thev may guard the interest and
'-la. I ... . I a. J .! . I . a- . . f . L ... ! I ' . . 'O. a - '
K nm"B" ruuu i BuucBuoii, in icmi as rougn, as many oi mc peomcs now m our i tnc stealth of his heaven-born companion, and 1
short a time as they would in any other school, streets. Instruction mined tUem ; and education Uc children of the covenant ! When aSbutto.
aiKiuunuK smile muc ucluuic c.Leiicm scam- gave mc nign pousn anu mc poinif wnicn iuu- . . . i k-- -v.f
.irsir..t ir;.,.M .r, i i,; .n,..,J.: a j.i a ' .i .i. .k.:- leave her a widow, and commit to her xclu-
makcrs-and what is of vastly more importance radiance far into other countries. And have wo Iu9 he,P CM Jng PW consoling.
than anr thine else, intelligent moral airents not atthU mnment irenlut and talents in orAcad- ner character is such, that she can lean up-
Our town is in the fortunate possession of all emr equal to Wirt's, and Pinknev's, and Mon- on the widow's God, and put her children un-
the talents requisite to afford every child in it. and roe's I Yes, without doubt, and among the sons Ider the guardianship of Him, who is a Father
a great many more, the best means of education of our mechanics too and would to Heaven 1 of the fatherless! Then he quits the world
The Miss Harnsses, are most deserving young could fire their young bosoms with the noblest calm and happy, supported by the hope, that
ladies under the directions of Mr. Emmons, or ambition They can never reach what they nev- he shall meet them .all. in' heavehaT.SII HTH
perhaps better, under ladyin Philadelphia, in ef aim ot. - - ' Religion Has a peculfar sweetnessl when It J
tbree or tour vreeks. eitfterol them, wuh the as- With such singularlr exalted examples full ,n',nceS with the modest softness of the ft
sistance of two or three little volumes, might b our view, the native growth of our own soil :, maiJ .characle. So the dew-dron borrows
quality nerseii lor auoing a department ot tnis can we hesitate another moment to combine and , , nn frfM k.;..
..u civjm. v.uiuu.iiiiH,u.t w wg untie uur uesi cxcniuui iv suoru IIIC UlCSSIIIt,! u 1 I f 1 J
great increase of their own emoluments, and to of irood education, not onlv to eve rv child in our Females need the comforts, the hopes,ana --
the very great benefit of the community They town j but to as many more, as will please tolseek tne Prospects of religion, more, ; if possible.
liiaii lllb UkllVI qva,; wuujvvvvu J .. w.
disobedience, and the weakness of a feebler
constitution, their state, when raised by im
provement, and propped with Christian con-
r1nf 5nn till a tatr (if Riihifriion ahrl nain..
-ktS rrit ImiI Kam liUia A1.aA.tiI...& I - s . v
p,uWu wv .,tr cuuwuuiircicTu. exertions, ana immediately prepare two otners Suppose one of your number yoked to a hus
ted her character as a teacher, till high estima- for the plants of promise, in their earliest stage, u J 0f A temner and the nrev of disao-
una 1:111c iuc iiiicuiircm innaoiunis . oi . ipcK I nroner. dimensions and .canacitv.. where.tlie JMisa 1 1- . ' -"
HridM (VireiriiaVeneatred her services, erected I f..ruP, 9n,i Mr R,mnr, m.v. m, h.fc. n loeyllicre dawn upon her one oeana w
an academy for her, and called it after her. This effect, exert all their talents and anergics in cul- nSiU ,Dut " 6 "f1 I upwara ana ucs
!ady,by her zealous and persevering individual tivating, and watering, Snd nurturing the scions of C1T a Placc of rest.vhenthe toils of life are
thousand i
dies, emulate
that you
accomplished in all knowledge ; in all that is to be
taught ; and in all methods of teaching it.
I sincerely, wish my pen could do more justice
are ladies of too much promise to setde down, it amonn- n. -V
, . , -. i r . r.l . a.. . . . . . a. . . "fr1
ana oe comeni wun orainary iame anu useiui- i he Academy is justly hrst m importance, and
m T I a as
ncss xseea l attempt to hre their enterprue and ct it stand first m our thoughts and hearts ; but
cr.ertionsby reminding them of Miss Ann Smith; it is the fertile bed for second transplantation,
a girl of this our state of Maryland, who, with no Let us not forget the first bed : let us unite our
nas, u is saw, reauzcu a lonune oi nity. our warmest affections and fondest hopcsThen nnisneu ; a nome wncre sne may Dcjiappy,
dollars. And I would say to these la-1 indeed iniirht we iustlv sav. we have done ourl friend who will ever be kind, and a nature r
this noble example of high female I Dart : and with the best-founded expectation I miner! above fatirtie. snrl nain. hnd death-
Study night and day, and never think might pray to Almighty God to bless us with the then, while the painsoMiving are
know half enough, till you arc perfectly rich increase. .; - MACENAS. i. f ,Lu Siu- UUtA r.i
i . ' l"T miw nvwv. uiiiik. uiuvmm v-v m
-Ua. -i .. . j . !.: j s ue m-swceincs
aoic piabv iui ua.iri9- ttuq will so rauiuiv Ul-l
crease our. uonulation, as holdintr out instlv thai "
. .la i-'. J. I i is sweet, when viewme
niiriipvi waiiAT-MMimw inp i nai unviinrn nta o rw AfiitAiitiAit - n
TAn nnt t kJ see, through Us dilapidaUons, the splendor of the
1 . vw ssav viimua saiivs iiivviiau I l . i . a . .
KumibLfntei i)etteunveStmentahan4ibuild 55.""! or ro "avc.c?
r The human mind in ruins is an awful and inel-
Its ablwsr ratio! is the
t I .J a I. II.
(rmont'.rxf n I Lvt W k- K- I u cYineco, ana me nooier
the fashion to decry education; but it was ther , , a7 ei ,Tr" .n2- ne rouSnncss'
bv the hoDe of dvincr
by the glories of heavcn,she can exercise
no thi viiiAo co.. patience and submission, till the time appoint
The following piece is from the pen of one ed for her release. Thus religlgn fills .the cup
leasure, that was full o I gait, converts
veriest hovel into a palace, Vnd, adapting
to this most interesting topic. The subject most . 1 ne ""S Pc. t " Po ed tor h
deeply concerns the prosperity of our toVn. No ose unhappmcM it has bee n to suffer tempo- with pU
mk,f th;nrrn M,,ri, iJta w , ,.... rary,derangement. lo much originality is ad- tk(. r:
waaf WW IIIMVH SVIIU IV IIIHIXW AS ttUVUl - I ' A ' . 1 , t" I . V. aw- w 'miivIiI
WgoodSchoolrooms,capableofcontainingeach H ,anlscaPc' b"chH
rom 100 to 120 children Beside the personal t fi?,"g by .PJ5181 of these lines.
benefit to their own children, they would receive "? ' T n"7 ,n r,,uins. 1
a handsome interestby the increased custom from ancholy object ; but when in
an augmenung population. I know it has been S00!"68 of thtt. hrr '.s eT
cry of ignorance and its constant companion, self- aDf. "lmS thc ruffled fecllnK$ of thosc wbo s'm
ishhJs3r ahd, thank God, their cries arebecoTn nv Dt-nnr- ' -
iK cxc.y uay lau.ier anu winier. ignorance is And artthou 0h! miihtv Chief! and tlio,,
ht -xnfy tor the tyranny and disposition of monar- gone, Qh! Chief of Erie!
lilies. Jlfl a iT;public,.e very. Stat ion is open .for - TeryiWe a the whirlwind m the fbrcst,wast thou lit
every man every man ought to be enlightened the y of battle; But calm and gentle. atsthe still lake
by all the powers of education and study, Jn on8um,er eve, wast thou in the day of peace. -&
corrupt old.despoU,m. ind n.oi,l!ie, of ZSZSS!1'''
fcuropc, money is power but in a republic, wis- A the tall oak that is-felled in midsummer, men in
dom is cmphaticiilly power J and stalion, and hon- leaves, and rich in foliage, w fell the Chief of Erie, in the
fors, aifd wealth, are. in her train. Need I turn wnung of lus glory;.
I hack the nai nf nnritt hictnra in dim. tl. f I Serenely bright, calmly BTeat. an thc last beams of the.
in the rCDobnCif:Grec:a?-v
, , - T p C"- T - w vy- v.vir ia v
a dream , smooths her: passage, to 1 v : totnly .
and renders religion essential to
bosom ofbur mother earth.
our own times, ounown country ,-nay, our little . And art thou gone, Oh ! mighty Chief ! my
stale of 'Maryland affords the happiest, the most mourn in anguish, and the dewf sorrow fills m
etfi...-,a. ill.. , -I" .1 ! lV- 1 t. , 1 I ....Walt I .Kl.,!. i ' l a.l - a... . V. t
iiiuan aiiiiiis ui ihis jaei. i nave aircatty I ""u ,uuna. uiuu un. no more, un : i;nici oi :
given you a glimpse ot Miss Ani) Smith ; with
out pretension, without beauty, without natron
age, stilrising by the forcrof mind and educa- Our life, said a tlisciole of Plato, is at r
lion, and intense study and consequent hiirh mer- comedv and a trii-rrlv - , kL r
-- a a .. W k. . --,vr , . , iv VI1IIV1 UUllll III
lV. "?eWctiitl wwljs:,. 4vitCaiUwe'WplaUunourioirv, not,'
-tUtt;WH5iifcilhfriliMiUiewholefttti;;Ne. "Whu asl1rVrt,,htoe,,, pTe'sVm Attornev in he latter mi rltfcViJfTT
'Si -J ,,U:Jc-0f ,,-M) thtJ' H,:I 5 u :t0 cxtCU : bim one of the toUytojtejn Sntcrcvi uithplcLm
Vf I
K5fu Hint.t who trcatsincrcd things, ,
with any degree of levity and scorn, is acting ,
part, perhaps without his seeingJor knowing tt
of a public enemy to socictf.Tile is preciself -
the mad-man described in the Ebok of Proverbs,
who, arrowand death, and
saith, am I not in sport rrFqri
times, complain loudly of the findutifulness of
thildrfenrof the'dtshonestf of $eivatitof the t(i
fnults and insolence of the lower ranks, while he
himself is, irr a gieat measuie, responsible iQr
,, ..... r .... l n.f ihH
tne cisoraers oi wmcn neicompiaiiis.
example which he. sets of contempt for religion
i. . .'.V. -.t!VM rrimeS
which that contempt occasions among others.
By,.hisofflngt saxred-institutions, he is ed.
cou ragin g the-rabbia u proa r anil violence i
is emboldening the false witness to take the name
of God ill vain ; he iC in effect, putting arms in
to the hands of the Ijighway-man, and letting
loose the lobber in the' streets by night.
The greatest object in the uni verse, say s a cer
tain piiilosopher, is a good-man struggUnff
adversity ;.et th$reri still a greater,- which i
the good man whv comes Is relieve it.

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