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,M'.m.!rf cf Ici'.ULtiutt rv.s;!e a report in favo
nbrlliitn of 1I t i.ti'llir t nli id im! rst.Ctr-.
I'Utst arc cr.rtaitdy ir.oct impoium changes in
;lic k!utc (-f 3(T.ilr in sr.r fi a monarchy as the Span
uh, withe IcgLhuure thai begins so boldly will
cm I c l.kcry toon to licniute.
" ; jjwMsvjivrjximESTiXG. :
" ?itm thi MfiK ariua.
A friend La favored us witj the following ex
tract of letter from on observant and intelligent
Vorrcspondent In Cadiz, in tlx correctness pi
vhase In feriiuUoa implicit reliance nlay be pla-
" CADIZ. AUG. 26.
I hare never uehcld create r inquietude and
juore painful apprehension fur the lute of a rev
olution than U exhibited by the people of this
jlacevTThej have lost almost all confidence in
she measures of the Cortet, who, they say, have
yet dono nothing ; . meantime, thi". king and hi
mini iter si ssrie orders that create the strongest
tloubts of the integrity of their intentions. Micgo
ban been ordered to move his army from M to
another station, and other troops have been or
dered to replace; him. Twice he has refused to
oley the order, and the people here itqjdorc him
to persist iu the resolution. The troop ordered
in his stead are known to le com mantled bv ojfi'
er inimical to the new sytcm, and pjrtiians of
rreyrc. Campana, and the other IcviU incarnate
of the fatal 10th of March, who have yet suffered
nothing, for their hellish .barbarity, and for which
the people cry aloud to justice and to vengeance
Even the women of Cadiz swear they will defend
the gates against the entrance of the troops des
tined to garrison it, and every day placards ap
pear in all public places, intubating a correspon
ding feeling in all classes. Hiego is surrounded
when he appears in public, ith the filial cry of
" Don t leave us, lor (jod s sake. f lis own feel
ing, and those of his compatriots and soldiers,
are in unison with the people's; nor docs he
think patriotism forbids the course he has taken,
though it would appear to be in hostility to the
sovereignty of the government. ' Hut the assas
sins of the 10th of March yet lis c with impunity.
Cadiz tries aloud for protectionthe Cortes has
yet fulfilled none of the engagements with the
liberating army ; the order of the Minister of
AV'ar have a most suspicious feature of the coun
ter revolutionary project, and the army of the
I & j, conscious of their strength in the .1 flection
of the people, have dared lo resist the official
inundate. A painful interregnum is thus trea
ted in the afT.iisof Spain; and who will yield,
the government or Kiego, is a question of difli
cult solution.
" In Malaga a similar feeling exists in conse
quence of an order for a change of the garrison
there, and the people threaten to interpose to
prevent its execution In this dilemma, (he Min
ister of War has resigned.
" Although the monopoly of tobacco is still
declared to exist, there is no article more public
ly exposed for sale in this place, and the author
ities find it impossible to prevent it. It is one of
the many melancholy proofs, every day visible in
Spain since the adoption of the constitution, that
the interpretation given to it by ntnc-tcnfiis of the
lutton, is
eery man doing as,he pleases. Out of this
anarchy, it is too much feared the horrors of a
revolution are yet to come Be assured, it is very
-fr from Joeing complete ; ond that Spain, at thin
moment, is ss much in the enjoyment of the old
system as the new. Such is the deplorable state
of the parties in the couniry. But a little time
must determine.
" The deputies for Venezuela have sailed ; the
others are here."
:ii! or tli c mV.tV'n r.f Lord I'rsiine to wjrf V
he propoMii ' i if the Ic.mud counvrl, the otc
9-H.T,fenti, iion-ccutc-nts., 17U....inaj't.
ity, 121.
Count' I hcim strain called ti Informed that
the request of Mr. IlroaglMin had lrcu nfnicd
Mr. Ilrotigham begged to have until next day to
consider of Mi final dderminatiim. Tim Lords
thru adjourned. On jhc m-xtday, Sept, 9tk. the
Lord Chancellor atrd to Mr. Urouv.bam,
the house were desirous of knowing ut what time,
it would be most convenient for him to go Kilo
the cute of her majesty. r , .
Mr. Dcoughain then proceeded as follows! '".
u My Ixirdsi -IIcr majesty's cotit.scl being
more willing to give the house a full and satis
factory answer to that mictuon, thought it their
duty to on Lcr mdvfyIal'TijTili'l&n'drift
concurrence with the opinion of my learned
friend, Mr. Williams, who. iii consequence of his
own profeiotial duty has been obliged to leave
town for York, we have come to rg determination
1 1, fcujee-1, w lIch wc t rMni ill meet your
lordships' convenience. . Tho decision which
your lordships came 10 yesterday, namely, :not tn
allow, any commentary, In thii stage of the pro'
reeding, on the evidence adduced in support of
the bill, was communicated to her majesty. We
then received her. majesty's commands to inform
your loidships, that we shall be able to proceed
as speedily as possible to answer the case made
put for the bill, and to tender evidence in defence
of her majesty 1 but. as they will require few
duys preparation, and as that task wil devolve on
one of her majesty's advisers, in , diflercnt
branch of the pro(esNonv probably your lordships
will grant a thort delay; lor that purpose." Her
majesty's anxiety lo proceed in her defence con
tinues not only unabated, but is rather more than
increased by some of the proofs against her, and
looking to that very natural, and I shall take leave
to add, that praise-worthy feeling, my learned
friend and myself are desirous that the delay
should be as short as possible. I rather exceed
thn full short of the wishes her majesty has
born pleased to assign lo our request, when I ask
your lordships to allow us to about Monday fort
night for that purpose." .
Lord Liverpool said that he could not suppose
that any difference of opinion could arise in the
houic as to the nature of the application made by
the learned counsel at the bar, betcuse. in his
judgment, the time for beginning her majesty's
defence ought to be entirely left lo the discretion
of her majesty's counsel. No personal incon
venience lo the members of the house, individu
ally or collectively, ought to influence their lord
ships upon the question now proposed, and he
trusted that it would be received with unanimity.
Lord Darnley concurred with Lord Liverpool.
Iord (irey considered that a much later day
should be granted. A desultory debate of some
length took place, when the Lord Chancellor put
the following question : Is it your lordships
pleasure that this house adjourn to Tuesday the
3d day of October next?" which was carried with
out a division, and their lordships adjourned to
l uesday the 3d otUct. at 10 o'clock in the mom
tnz. 1 nus enus tne urst act 01 the uoyal f arce.
Addresses continue to be sent to the Queen ;
among them was the White Chapel address, pre
sentcd by the church, wardens, attended by the
parish otUcers, &c. The address of the females
" . . nf VKftfTinlfl. ll'irh Ifl Drift clfrnattiroe h I m.l
frrcct Ubrrty that is, the liberty oi r," ' " " -
Several bf the Queen's witnesses had arrived
in town : amon? them arc persons of the highest
respectability in Italy. The Iondon Observer
s'ates, that, among others who will be called in
her majesty s defence, are Sir William Cell, the
honorable K. Craven, captain Ilownam, captain
rlynn, Uoct. Holland, Count Schiavini, Hicrony-
mus Carlo, (a courier,) and several other of her
majesty s domestics. These are all persons in
timately acquainted with the domestic arrange
ments 01 her majesty during her travels, and will
be enabled to account for what, at present, has
ihe appearance of mystery. Independent or these
witnesses, nowever, are a great number ot others
jn their way to Lngland, some of high rank.
others in more humble situations in life.' The
testimony of the latter will throw Jome light on
hir- ' f t ffi ''' '.'1 1
ilill ( f i';rin, I lit (,f t'i"i:
reined MflrotdJ only bo nfxiimaily Quren for no la.
I'ul r'irlit eAn bf eonrcved bv an il!cjrl ct ,l(V b the
. . m . I .... f ... .1 '.. . "
hf grri mnjurii 01 111c ciuuit, ivhuhijj rii
till of pains and peiuHlc itli any Irgalchms
, , ; NEW-TOMR. OCT. 13.
Last evening our boat returned from the ship
Cortes, Captain He Cost, arrived at the Quararr
tine ground, in 34 days passage from Liverpool
By this arrival we are furnished with London
papers of Sunday the .I0th,and Liverpool papers tnc character and motives of the witnesses who
of the 1 1 th bepten ber, .inclusive. haVc been examlfted in surinort of the hill of nalns
The papers arc filled with the testimony in re- anH n-nalttes
:::::1auoiOo oubilc meeting hacloeen held a th Crown
'extended to the 2 1 st day, being Saturday, St pt. and Anchor in jyu
9th. On the 8th, Mr. brouirnam stated that it r Mo,;.. 1, n,,!......! ' r
ss-hisshtnjrocceofortbwitrrvvith thtrde niat.. sir fi7X in thr, rhaip rh r
. - .Sf .. II . . , . . - " ......
lence ot tne , vjueen ; and on tne uru inanceiior cenlerncn proposed fortrustees were as follows :
inquiring ,f the counsel mant, by proceeding sir (; Nt)ej? Duke of Leinster, Earl of Oxford,
..wHuiu open uw case, in, niiajo ioiiow h rM Wood Esq. Hon. D. Knnard, P. Moore,
up: by "producing evidence, oi did they mean v Aifman Thnrnr'sir FrnrU iw,Ut;Sr
merelr tfl "qpn the case, and afterwards pi-ay time J . Newport, Sir II. Parrall, Lord W. Fitzgerald.
1: rr;v cn.Titt r t!.f
u ts I'M ru !i and
piir, ni'l f.vo.l cr; lr,:nr.t tW'Ac r,tt.
M Afi r ra'Ai Htan.t W.rU ninny the nut t
t!nuiM: ainon ? tH IV, u h1 nMdnit tb'. pfn'.ifi-.
hnulill, an( tie total snt cf ar.r euffnto ta jutif
!l niMftiiNMit, it rajm'jt ! csj.tctctf Ut it v ill I'am hut,
(fit uli'HiM pai vro rrtJt untr 't thefts!)",
hility that hU niaj5ty may inrry 1 the ktuc of that
manias tvmd.1, in all likelihood, rm8 roiitsrd sue
i t uUn. The part of tho iuin lich will not allow the
hill cf p-dnl ftnd pcnaltii to bi a eoNM'jtntfonal ad, tnntf
ml mi'Lly tabmit t th jfpring f amaniHa vLch iU
iur fawrulp ht itrmeil tfgttiimit?.' j , '
If my Inarriujfc be annulled. It nut annwllod In
tb-fianre tn all UW. . 1 110 Wlict ierrirr, wno wic
opinion oft!
'niio lliii hi
v&Mi.hMHtla.xi:KArd:A.i aoyJUun more
titan an act of Uire tyranny, atul as such tt will excite
Ua itttreti of tne prrarm re, anu experience m c
cration of poatenty.'' : ' ' " -
There are 7r.000 AosTrlans on their march lo
wards Italyrand many more rcjtiments arc or-
dcied tfj )c .lO.rtauwe.iij. .j:., I.,. ..J,
1 he Sicilies have 60,000 men armed, under
the "orderrof" the"Junt4bf Palermor;Menina,
Augusta, and Trcpina, are all the towns which
have declared for Naples. Cantaniucita.has been
burnt for not taking part with the patriots, who
were withiu 40 miles of Messina, which must
Harveit appears well in England.. .
Iettei s had been received ut Augsburg, staling
that a great victory had been gained by the troops
of Ali Pacha over the army of the Porte, tbo. com
mander of which .was killed. . .
Accounts from Iierlin state, that 20,000 Prus
sian troops were ordered to march Cor IlalyiT :
The British ship Mars arrived at this port yes
terday morning, in the remarkable short Dassatre
of 22 days from Liverpool, which place she left
on the 20th tilt. "Capt. Mitchell has politelf fa
vored. Ihc editors. of Jbe Mercantile Advertiser
with a hie of London papers to the .26th of last
month. He brought no letter bag.- Some few
letters, however, are received. The following is
an extract from one of the 28lliJepterubr
" There is no improvement In the CQttou mar
ket. The advertisement of 64CO bags for public
sale, so soon after the large sale of the, l5tK, gives
great ollence to the trade, and the prices in the
mean time are rather uncertain. Upland, 10 to
I2d; N Orleans, 10 to 14d ; Sea Island, 17J to
2s. 3d. I lour is dull at 24 a 24s 6d per barrel
Hicc dull at 16 to 20s. per cwt. In ashes, tobac
co, or n.ival stores, nothing doing."
The private sales of the week preceding the
18th, comprised 1050 bags Upland, at 1 1 to 12
1-4-1. and 210 Orleans, at 12 1-2 to 12 5-8d.
The papers contain no intelligence of great
importance. The popularity of the Queen ap
pears to be undiminished, and addres&es con
tinue to be presented to her from all parts of the
- We do not find that there are any later advices
from Portugal than have been received here via
St. Lbcs..
Some disturbances had taken place at Copen
hagen, but all was quiet on the 9ih,
On the 1 2th Sept. the cAptains, mates, and sea
men, of the British merchant vessels at London,
went in a body with an address to the Queen i he
procession amounted to about 5000. T he first flag
was inscribed " Heaven protect the innocent.
1 he second, ' (od save the Queen, "and the
third, " Non Mi Ricordi
From the intelligence of the last whaHngshtps
arrived in Lngland, some of which had proceed
ed above bit 80, an opinion prevails that the dis
covery ships have found a passage into the Paci
fic 1
A distinct view of the great -eclipse of the Sun
on the 7th was obtained at a place near lidinburg
for a few minutes, through some flvmg clouds.
but was not visible in the cify ; and the astrono
mers who were prepared to observe were disap-
to procure evidence...
andrseveral other distinguished characters. It
..... f.-;--.-' "'v ,xyitS watea, at tne meeting, that the Queen s plate
wiV inp ,..iww.iuj( suucri wnien uy IfmtmimMm: Editor the Courier, and,
toight suseqiiently sw eause
ience.: i nc:nrsi was, wnetner rthey-would call had been made in that paper upon her majesty
any evidence whatever , the second, tbcy might conduct. .
M aoie imroeciiateiy to produce a part ef their T Th fnllnwino. n, w r,.,v.t k- l$2
evidence, butyet they mighty
oyer oiner wunesses i e-eiureaieu ne m.iuw white Chapel. It breathes rebellion and. cm
gence oi tne notise artet navmg peen tnrown by I war n every line :
u i, . u. i. i I 1 am happy to Jim that my manv suffering's, and my.
V r. -t'"" i .. w r . v? - V . accumumea wrongs, nave so powcrtutir interesteti the
icnce.jamt not-rjeusRecinny qucstlor'as no niKi sam
upici iiiiiiMuuii vi unriging eviuenccor conunuing
the dcfencC'tO its Conctusirm hi t K it liri nf t
' orocecdintrs. Counsel ', were .,ArA . with: If-Rhberty; No measure since the revolution-
draw A considerable debate then took
,.., .-..-...w, ,.rr.. ... "("ivsiiyn vi .-i.jj Hum, iiitr uuaiit-wTvrsuieci aspsci ana witw all ita jren
J icld sto his '. reciuust J ;attd..-.-&Wowetl on the taru'ns.ttre ptrsptfeuve of tlie future Vjth a 1
tmc side bv Earl Gwy, Lord Lansdown. Urd lul
, Cb(thitm, mi Lord-JJtv
appiratfCfiiof. eij-a.K-ar.; Jt eshibits a clod ortthe
rr.ciiiHt bit ii.tcr.tiun In propose that the HWe
s1iotfl be rullrd over cutly in N'ui ember. This
he Mated now, in (Jn!er llut members ttilbt bo
in rca!inc!.a to attend within the pctlod of ihtec
weeks after the day to which his present motion
referred. In Ihe course of tho iltbitc upon it,
Lord Castlcrcagh denied that her Majesty wit
nesses met with any obMructlons that were r.u
common to both sides. How ne we to reconcile
this assertion with the evidence of the wltncswrf
against the Queen, stating that they apprehended
force on the part of their government, to compel
them to come to England f An account of t.o"
expense of the proceedings, and of the sums I-'
sued for her Majesty's defence, was ordered tote
laid otiore the house. ". .
Lord Castlercogh, in answer to a aaeitlon from s
Mr.iIam'itatcdrlarirnMe'ri fwerc vet 'In
pojjculon of no authentic Information at lotU '
recent proceedings In PortugaL'aml were there.'
fore unaWcao ilcllrer any opmloTnipoirihe iub"
ject. This answer has dissipntetl one of the Tit
'' .'TOCKIIOtM, tttr, 9. .
MaioFCraanef, who embarkedTast year, to
open a new commercial communication between
Lhlli and. India, Jbroujjh the Tacllic ocean, dis
covered on the voyage a groVipp bf Islands not
hitherto noticcU. 1 he largest he named Qku'i
Island. r, i ' ' - f
important rnoii BnAzTJLr;;1
Fxtract if a 'tetter from Salem, to a gentleman in
ISotton. : ; .
,(ALfM,OCT. 13.
lt gives me pleasure lo comply with tle re
quest conveyed In your letter of yesterday, and I
uupc me iinurmaiHin nay oe gratiiying to , ,
whom I remember with pleasure. My friend
left Pernambuco Auc. 31. About eieht or nino
days previous to his sailing, It was whispered tbat
u irTuiuuuii jiou uruncn out in province 10 me
southward, near Minas The covcrnor.1rho is
very despotic tried hard to repress the report A
body of about 200 troops were marched south.
ward, with orders to unite with other bodies dur
n .V. JJ? Tc 9?? the? revolted province.
The troops at , ParVlba were also directed to pro
ceed to the Same destination.
My friend represents the people as In a state
of great discontent, and ripe for a revolution and
ives it as his own and the opinion generally pf
those with whom he communicated; that a revo
lution must enue. A fleet of 10 sail, under con
voy of a 20 gun ship, which be says Is called the
Sam Gtialler, sailed for Lisbon, on the 13th Au-, '
gust. When under way, ihe' governor sent or
ders to the commodore, that,' in case he should
find a revolution had taken place in Portugal, US
proceed to England with tlie fleet The governor
had issued an order forbidding, under severe pen
alties, Ihe circulation of a report," that- Marshal"
Heresfoi d hud taken in his ship the kirrgVtTew-
sure to England. - tireat jeulousies exist between
the native iirazilian troops and those from Por- -tugab
and hence the revolutionists thought the
troops could not be brought to act." -
Z)rw. Prest.
AUnURT;' (N; C.) TUfDAT, NOV. 7, lp).
-s-londok, srr 23.
An account from Rome mentions an attempt
that was made on the night of the 4th, at Civita
Vecchia, by a desperate body of malefactors, to
seize upon the city, and establish a republic
I hey amoun'ed to 1 600. Their project, however,
was discovered and frustrated. -
By a Flanders mail, we learn that the Portu
guese minuter at the .Netherlands has address
ed a arcular to the Portuguese Consuls in that
lnguom, siaung mat, in consequence oi tne re
cent events in Portugal, they must eease deliv
ering and countersigning passports for that king
PAms, sf p. 2 1 . The committee of the court of
Peers continue without ceasing, the examination
of the 'prisoners." A mong them is M . .ocornbe,
of the LifeJ&uards. . ...... L,r-.
Tlie Neapolitan General Pepe has addressed
circular "IetterlJto all the generals comiiiandmg
divisions in Naples, directing them lo proceed
without delay to a levy of men for augmenting
the army. . J, ; ' ;
Several Couriers, French, English, Austrian,
and Italian, have parsed thrcnigh' Calais within a
few days, some for London, and some fur Parts.
Lord Ellenborough, and Sir Win. Curtis, have
passed through for the, Netherlands. ,
Tlie House of Commons met on the t'8th Sep
tenbei and adjourrjed to the 1 7th of Octpber, b
which day Lord CaNtleregh calculates the House
would be able to fjiul its way, and to determine
from 4he proceedings of the otbeHjousei io.what
iartber period it might be expedient to adjoUru
If the bill of pains and penalties should, come
down from the other house, Jt would be o1)vio(ivl
fl4estraltM )ie caljcdiover J
The month of October, it) the northern States, is a bu
sy and Interesting month, more so than any other in the
vear. In that month are celebrated the anniversaries of
t . r... .
the numerous Agricultural Societies which exUt in that
section of the Union, and whichctter knowledge and
Improvement in every direction, ' The accbVtnts which
we have received, through the papers f the varioa
celebrations during the lst month, are. of Very interes
ting nature, ami disclose facts worthy of remembrance,
and evidence a spirit worthy of imitation, ; Wc shall eiv
dcarbr, in our ncxf,Tb lay hciij'rc our 'readers accounts of
several of these agricultural festivals : We shall place be
fore. tbcni(ff, and leave it to their own good senso t!
draw practical andnsrfiil nclwont. V -; - -
It lsncv hut little more than ttn yMrssjnee.theirst- -Aerxultunil
Si-ictv, (i. c. a Society crgued m"tlc
manuur tin v "now - arc,) was calliicd-ln,,&
tatr'liarsoyrfofmcd1iTllahifie antt
In a part of the state naturally fertile,, but.which hatl,
from having yearly dmughtH made on its strength , for
nearly a century, witlnery little care being bestowed to
replenish it, become nearly cxhaustedSvThe farmers,
at the tiniv this society was organized, hd concluded
their lands would not ' 'SwV'an,!l with," compar-.alkicw-
exreptionit, had ceaseoto euvftte-it 'fbA
greater part 'of the wheat used in the d?iin , was pr ,
ehasexl, Teadvmanufactinvd, from t! farmers ot cew-
York, whoHc. nto lands piwhieed it i.ibundance. Tl
eoiuNly, abiijxlauily able.
its own consumption, from., mistaken nr Jons, and Ahrmign
the iitllunce of prejudice, waS-swnally impoliticly en-
foaiTshlv imnoverwliing itseu.
riching its neighbors, and
Hut the establishment of this
clcty was thecommenct-
mcnt of an entire new order 01 thinjrs. The old ian-
m.H KH oi prejiiuivc wyre wiumcii uuimj. . .
taught the folly of pettlsUnpft any nicasure, of adhering
to any system of huibrpmiTetif boicausc tlieir fathers
find graiid-falbers hatl douelo bctbrc thc.m They wcr
taught to tiuttk aiklreraonf
was valuable, knd4U3Tode what was useless, rtd worse
than useless, pcViciou in tlie old systems. They were;
exotcu, ty con 4 ftiuoTi, to nfli',yuv" .
ty 'xhe , Urd'VhWsl
.-.-...l-w,;.-;.......... ,

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